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Sep 28 2016

Young Drivers Insurance

#cheap car insurance for young drivers

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Cheaper car insurance for young drivers

You’re a young driver, you’ve passed your test, you can’t wait to get out on the road. But you need to get young drivers car insurance first – and how much is it going to cost? As a young driver you must be wondering where the best place is to get cheaper car insurance for first time drivers.

It is an unfortunate fact that younger drivers have considerably more accidents – especially serious ones – than more experienced drivers. In fact 20% of serious accidents on the road involve young drivers (source ). This means that car insurance quotes for young drivers tend to be much higher – because the probability of having to pay out lots of money following an accident is higher.

So where can you find cheaper car insurance policies? Where can you get a great price for young drivers insurance? Well insurethebox is a good place to start.

With insurethebox, you are given the chance to prove that you are a safe driver. We’re a better value option for many young drivers, with customers aged 25 and under saving an average £517* when they choose insurethebox.

17 year-old Kyle from Glasgow was shocked that car insurance could be so expensive for young drivers. The highest quote he received by searching online was £4,400 – almost £3000 more expensive than the policy he decided to buy from insurethebox.

“When I first started driving I was a bit nervous about the black box, but I quickly got used to it. It’s not fair that so many young people set a bad reputation for other young drivers by driving badly. But black box car insurance from companies like insurethebox helps bring the cost right down, making it cheaper for us to be on the road, while keeping an eye on our driving”.

With telematics technology, you are rewarded for good driving. You can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles a month, and could get a great value car insurance price at renewal.

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