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Aug 25 2017

Why Buy Costco Tires and Tips for Prolonging Tire – s Life #does #costco #do #tire #alignment


Why Buy Costco Tires And Tips For Prolonging Tire s Life

My tires were getting bald so this past Sunday, I went to purchase Costco tires. It was the last day of the $60 coupon and I did not want to miss it; I ve been busy the whole month from work and procrastinated on this errand. This is what I like about my Costco membership. taking advantage of the low cost and additional savings through the use of coupons and rebates.

Anyways, I was there thirty minutes before they open thinking that I would be the very first one. To my amazement, I found myself being the tenth person in line!!

It s been more than three years since I purchase tires and Costco no longer carry the previous brand that I bought- Bridgestone. So I ended up purchasing BF Goodrich. Michelin tires cost $20 more than BF Goodrich so I settle for the cheaper one. BF Goodrich is a very good brand so I figure, I m only sacrificing a few features (if there are any).

Why is buying Costco tires a very excellent deal?

1.) Wholesale price You are buying Costco tires at a wholesale price so you are already saving money on this.

2.) Additional Savings Via Coupon or Rebate offers At certain times of the year, Costco offers coupons or instant rebates if you purchase a set of 4 tires. The coupon offer for Michelin tires is $70 if you buy all four tires and BF Goodrich offers $10 instant manufacturer s rebate.

3.) You can have your flat-tire fixed for free coincidentally, I ran into my co-worker that Sunday but she wasn t buying the tires, she was actually there to have her flat tire fixed. Unfortunately, she did not purchase the tires at Costco so she went to the only open car shop in the city that day. Since, it was Sunday and a lot of shops are normally close, the shop charged her $25 for a service that would normally cost $7 during the week!!

4.) Excellent Costco Tires Road Hazard Warranty.

5.) They use nitrogen air for your tires According to the Get Nitrogen institute. with nitrogen tire inflation, improvements can be noted in a vehicle s handling, fuel efficiency and tire life through better tire pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tire temperatures.

6.) They do tire rotation and balancing for free and you need this to prolong the life of your tire. They would probably make you wait that s why it is wise to have these done when you re shopping at the same time.

Other tips to prolong the life of the tires:

1.) Have a wheel alignment on your tires Proper wheel alignment gives you better handling and control. It will also save you money by increasing gas mileage and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your tires, steering system and suspension.

Note: The frequently asked question by a lot of Costco tires shopper is Does Costco perform wheel alignment? and How much does it cost? Well, Costco do not perform wheel alignment. This is something that you have to inquire on outside tire centers. Even then, not all mechanics perform wheel alignment and they require special tools to do so. Some tire centers who sells tires exclusively probably have this kind of service.

2.) Rotate tires periodically Rotating your tires will prolong their life by reducing uneven tread wear. Also, it reduces your risk of getting into an accident due to sudden tire failure. Check your car manual for the recommended period.

3.) Make sure that your tires are not under inflated Having proper air pressure provides the following benefits:

  • reduces the risk of getting into an accident by providing better handling and control
  • reduces uneven tire wear
  • reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

You should purchase the air pressure gauge, which cost less than $5 at any car parts retail store, so you can check the air pressure once a month.

4.) Proper wheel balancing maintaining your wheel assembly in balance ensures a comfortable ride and prolong the life of your tires and suspension.

What about you? What are the things that you like or don t like with Costco Tires ?

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