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Which car insurance comparison site is best? #japanese #car #imports

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Which car insurance comparison site is the best?

Published: 18 December 2008 Topic: News,Insurance,Motoring,Car,Car Insurance

Comparison sites are a great way of getting a better deal on all your finances. Independent consumer champion and and freelance journalist, Mike Naylor, reviews six of the biggest car insurance comparison websites and shares his opinion.

Comparison sites are a great way of getting a better deal on all your finances. Car insurance comparison sites save you the hassle of entering your details over and over again on numerous insurance company sites and can quickly help you save money on your insurance. However, no single site covers the whole market and some are better than others. Here we review six of the biggest car insurance comparison sites.

We reviewed beatthatquote, comparethemarket, confused, Gocompare, moneysupermarket and Tescocompare to assess how good they are, taking into account ease of use; appearance; the number of providers included in searches; accuracy of quotes; cheapest premium; the usefulness of the results and their comparison tools.

The best site overall was Along with comparethemarket, and Gocompare it compares prices from more than 80 providers. Moneysupermarket’s car insurance search is not the best looking, but the results were accurate and it is very easy to compare policies. You can also re-quote without having to enter all your details again. Its price promise means that you won’t get a cheaper quote by going direct to any of the companies it get quotes from. It also includes customer ratings and you can opt out of being contacted by third parties, unlike some other comparison sites.

Gocompare and Tescocompare came second overall. Gocompare searches the highest number of providers – 90 in total – looks good and is easy to use. It lets you opt-out of contact from third parties and came second on price with Tescocompare. Gocompare uses star ratings which enable you to specify any particular features you need, such as a courtesy car. It also shows you how closely each policy matches your requirements. Tescocompare compares quotes from the fewest providers, although it asks the most questions to get to the results. That said the site looks good and is very easy to use. Like moneysupermarket, it has a price promise and as with Gocompare and you can compare policies easily.

We used all the sites to compare prices for a single scenario (see below for details). was the cheapest, marginally, with a quote of 208 from Lloyds TSB, followed by Confused, Gocompare and Tesco all of which came back with quotes of 209, also from Lloyds TSB. The cheapest premium available through beatthatquote and Comparethemarket was from Ibuyeco at 217.

Once you get your results all but Beatthatquote let you compare 4 or 5 policies side by side. This can be a good way of comparing policy excesses and features. Comparethemarket and also let you re-quote without entering your details again.

Comparison sites receive a commission from the insurance company or broker you buy your insurance from. None of the sites were very clear about this. Also not all insurers are included on comparison sites, so you may need to go direct to some insurers to get quotes.

Sites compared – scores

Beatthatquote – 1 star

Beatthatquote was let down by its lack of comparison tools. It also automatically sends on your details to third parties and does not let you opt-out of this. It’s coverage is less than average with 50 companies included in searches. It also gave the most expensive quote initially of the six we looked at.

Comparethemarket – 2 stars

Comparethemarket looks good and was easy to use. However it’s not clear how many companies it includes in the search as it states it includes,’400 car insurance prices from the top providers’. Its search results are limited initially – only showing the price, but this can be expanded to show more details of what the policy covers. Like it lets you re-quote without entering all your details again. However the price it quoted in the results was cheaper than on the insurer’s site. You can opt-out of contact from third parties, but this isn’t as easy to find as it could be.

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