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Aug 7 2017

What is SaaS? #what #is #software #as #a #service #in #cloud #computing


What is SaaS?

What is SaaS?

In today’s digital world, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) generally refers to a new and alternative way of accessing software, as opposed to more traditional methods of access.

Whereas in the past software would generally be purchased outright and loaded onto a device, SaaS normally refers to a subscription based model where the software is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet. There are a number of benefits of this to consumers, whether that is individuals using software for private purposes, or businesses.

There are many well-known examples of SaaS, including Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx and Netflix.

Examples of where SaaS can be used by enterprises:

  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Tracking sales
  • Planning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Communications (including webmail and messaging)

Traditional software vs. Software as a Service

  • Users purchase the software upfront as a package and then install it onto their computer
  • Licences may be limited to the number of users and/or devices where the software can be deployed

Software as a Service

  • Users subscribe to the software, usually on a monthly basis, rather than purchase it, meaning no upfront costs
  • Users can usually end their subscription when they no longer require it
  • Applications are updated and used online with files saved in the cloud rather than on individual computers

Benefits of SaaS

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