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Vehicle Kill Switches , being custom installed, will stop most amateur thieves and the punk kid on your block from stealing your vehicle better than most standard-installation alarms.

The reason it is more effective than a standard-install car alarm is two-fold:

1) A kill switch is useless unless hidden. The thief will try to start your vehicle, wasting time, before he realizes something is wrong. Most amateurs will give up at this point.

The disadvantage to this, and why it won’t stop a professional thief, is that it is typically hidden in a easy-to-reach place in order to be convenient for the driver of the vehicle.

The wiring is often easy to trace splice back together.

2) The installation is custom. Unlike factory-installed antitheft systems out-of-the-box car alarms slammed in to your vehicle by an $8 per hour technician, this alone makes it tougher for a thief to beat because he doesn’t know right where to go. A weakness of most alarm systems is that in addition to being installed in one of the few standard locations, the wires are color-coded to make it easy for the installer. Obviously this also provides a road map for the thief — anything that goes in fast, comes out faster.

A kill switch is a simple form of an engine disabler. The more advanced forms of engine disablers, as you may know, are determined by the antitheft institute to be the most effective type of antitheft device on the market. A kill switch’s main disadvantage is that it typically interrupts only a single circuit.

More advanced engine disablers — effective in stopping even professional thieves — interrupt more than 1 circuit make their connections in the engine compartment.

For example, Ravelco is a dual-circuit engine disabler with a 16-pin dongle-style plug with thousands of combinations and no master key. Circuits are interrupted only inside the engine compartment, not under the dashboard or in the cab of the vehicle.

To learn more about price installation of Ravelco, please fill out the Ravelco info request form below. There are also several videos articles from mainstream media reviewing this antitheft device that is UNDEFEATED across a 32-year, 4 million sold track record

Car thieves have NEVER beaten the Ravelco anti-theft device.

. but don’t take our word for it. See what POLICE OFFICERS , automotive professionals, the media our customers have to say . The Ravelco anti-theft device has been featured on ABC News, in GM High Tech Performance Car and Driver Magazines, and many more media outlets. Below are links to video and articles.

coverage of Ravelco

I’ve just retired with 30 years of experience as a police officer. I’m familiar with your product, having seen many attempted motor vehicle thefts foiled when they couldn’t get the car started. After exploring many types of systems, I chose the Ravelco system for my personal vehicle .

Bill Abbatematteo, retired Police Captain , North Providence, Rhode Island

Vehicle worth

Vehicle worth

Car Driver Magazine lists Ravelco as #2 in the Top 5 ways to avoid auto theft. (#1 is remove your keys!)

Vehicle worth

GM High-tech Performance

this system is for real

makes theft very tough for

affordable and effective

solution to vehicle theft

Over 90% of stolen vehicles are hot-wired.

With over 4 million sales since 1976, Ravelco has an undefeated track record .Thieves have never stolen a vehicle by defeating Ravelco.

Vehicle worth

Vehicle worth

I appreciate the efforts you and your company have made to control the auto theft problem in our city. The letters from your customers indicate that they are completely satisfied.

Sam Nuchia, Chief of Police, City of Houston, Texas

I am not trying to boast but I have a car that is worth over $227,000 US Dollars. It is a 2006 Red Ferrari 430. I keep it in our garage but I am so scared on having it stolen. After searching the web, I decided to go with your Ravelco Theft product for my car. I had one installed in Montreal, Canada. I paid extra to have the Ravelco installed completely underneath my dashboard. In December 2006, we went back to New York for the holidays and returned to Montreal in January of this year (2007). We were shocked to find out that while we were gone someone had broke into our home and stole every firearm that I had collected since I was 13 years old! They even stole my tools and a floor jack that I had in my garage. The Ferrari’s ignition assembly was destroyed and the battery was dead. The thieves actually tried to run wires from the battery to the ignition to try to HOT WIRE and steal the Ferrari! BUT NO WAY!! Thank God for the Ravelco that my car was still there. Pierre T, Montreal, Canada

As a retired police chief, I can attest to the many reports that came to my attention over the years of stolen vehicles and of those attempts that failed. All of the latter categories were protected by Ravelco .

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