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Nov 12 2017

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Used Jeep

The best place to find resources for used jeeps.

2009-2010 Used Jeep Comparisons

I remember when I first got my Jeep, other Jeep drivers would randomly honk at me and wave. I always wondered what the heck they were doing. Well, apparently owning a Jeep is like being in a huge club. It does not seem to happen anymore much, but i. Read more.

Used Jeep – Jeep Owners

The Jeep brand is a peculiar one. At times loved yet at other times hated, this brand and its entire range are often vilified by anyone who thinks they know all there is to know about green cars. Because of their big size and imposing figure, it is a. Read more.

How To Buy the Right Used Jeep

The economy doesn’t seem to be improving much and a lot of people need vehicles to get around in. A person looking to buy a car may not want to buy a new one because it is too expensive. In order to be able to drive to where a person needs to go, the. Read more.

The Beginning for Jeep

What people know today as the fun, off road, versatile vehicle we call the jeep, had its beginnings in far different circumstances. American Bantam built the first Jeeps as Prototypes for the Department of the Army. While the Army was impressed with. Read more.

Used Jeep Alternators

The headlights, air conditioner, ignition coils, engine cooling fans, radio and all those other things you have become accustom to, you may take for granted. The functioning of all these is possible due to your electrical system, that is powered by t. Read more.

How to Buy a Used Budget Jeep – Engine Drivetrain Choices

First thing you need to decide is the intended use of your Jeep. With today’s gas prices every bit counts. If you’re looking for a little freedom drive and small commutes in town, the 4cyl engine will do you fine. If you travel frequently on the high. Read more.

How to Buy a Used Budget Jeep – Frame Check

If the Jeep body was in real rough shape, then you can just imagine what the frame will look like. Not all is lost though. If this discussion was more towards older Jeeps such as CJ’s and older then we would have to worry about thin, C-channel frames. Read more.

How to Buy a Used Budget Jeep – Body Check

First you need to decide on your budget as this will play a big part in the make and model Used Jeep you will be able to afford. For this article I’m working on a budget of $5,000. You think that’s not a lot of money, however you can pick up a nice b. Read more.

A Used Jeep – Are You Thinking of Purchasing One?

There are many resources available when looking for a use vehicle. It’s in your best interest to do as much research as possible and take your time. Purchasing a car is an important decision and care should be taken to not rush into it. If you decid. Read more.

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Used 2008 Jeep Commander Tamarac South FL – YouTube

Call 866.578.9175 for more info. Year: 2008 Make: Jeep Model: Commander Trim: Sport Engine: 8 Cyl. Transmission: Automatic Color: Dk. Red Mileage: 32924 Address: Arrigo DCJ . View Video

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