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Mar 7 2018

Used Car Valuation Calculator, used car valuation.#Used #car #valuation

Used Car Valuation Calculator. Self Valuation of Used Car Price

Used car valuation

Buying or Selling a Used Car. Know how to Self Evaluate the Valuation Price of Used Car Online in India without any Dealer or Broker Assistance

Used Car Valuation

Important factors for both Buyer and Sellers which determines the valuation price of the vehicle.

» Physical Condition of Vehicle: Check and Inspect Interiors, Exteriors, Dents, Paint Peel Off, Rusts

» Drive-ability Condition: Any Noise from Engine, Suspension, Underneath, Cornering, Speed Lag, Glitches in Drive-ability and car value erodes substantially.

» Car Functions: AC, Power Window, Central Lock, Steering, Lights, Indicators, Door Locks etc

» Service History: Are all Scheduled Servicing done on time. Is Authorized Workshop Bills documented

» Accidental History: Insurance Claims – check NCB, Accidental History of Vehicle, Door Panels, Gaps on Body

» Mileage: How many Kms Driven. If less than 200 Kms a month then its a concern too

» Vehicle Model in Production: If vehicle Model is discontinued, then the Spare Parts are slight costlier. Even in case of Maruti or Hyundai – for Esteem or Accent – Spares are slight costlier than the existing similar range. Same for other Manufacturer Models too

» RC Details: 1st Original Owner or 2nd Owner. Do not miss to tally on ID Proof of Buyer with RC. Also check Bank Hypothecation, tally on Insurance Chassis number and RC Chassis number with Imprint of Car Chassis number

Self Valuation of Used Car

Valuation Grid is dependent on Net On road Price, after Discounts of New Car Model (or existing comparable similar Model)

Below Valuation Grid is Updated for Used Car Purchase and Sale in 2017 – after NGT Recommendation of Ban on Plying of 10yr Old Diesel 15 yr Old Petrol Cars

RTO Offices in Most of Cities are now denying Re-registration of 15 yr Old Cars. Also 10yr Old Diesel Cars are been imposed a ban

Petrol Car Valuation Grid

Note: Scrap Value is of Rs 15K – 25K in most of Hatch, Premium Hatch, Compact Sedan. While Rs 50K for Mid SUV, Mid Sedan, Executive Segment

How to Get Better Valuation Price

First Impression: The First and Foremost. First Impression is Last Impression. Get the Car Cleaned from Interiors, Exteriors Washed with Minor Dents removed, Paint touch up, Add on Perfume, Floor Carpets Cleaned. These Small things can help in jacking up Price to as high as 10K – 15K on Hatch and even 20K – 25K on Sedan Cars.

Remember – No Individual would be much inclined to give you the fair price of the car, what so ever – less driven or highly fuel efficient if the body condition, interiors and exteriors are not good.

Tyre Condition: Tyre Condition matters a lot. If replaced tyres less than 20K Kms or less than 2 yrs – have the bill documented. You can jack up the price by Rs 10K

Vehicle Service History: If Entire Service History is documented with all previous Services were Scheduled on time, you can jack up the resale price to reasonable levels of as high as

5% over and above the Fair resale value. (4 to 7 yr OId Petrol, 3 to 5 yr Old Diesel)

10% over and above the Fair resale Value (8 to 12 yr Old Petrol, 6 to 8 yr Old Diesel)

Wear Tear Items : Matters highly especially to Individual Buyers – if Clutch Overhaul, Brake Pads, AC Servicing, Suspension related Work, Drive Belts, Battery etc were replaced in last 10K – 15K Kms or less than 2 yr whichever earlier – do highlight. Highlight the niggle free work for buyer.

It would help in negotiating the price value with an edge to Seller

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