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Nov 10 2017

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New & Used Trucks For Sale

Whether you’re a concrete contractor, a plumber, or a homebuilder, you need the capability of a truck to ensure you’re working as efficiently as possible.

Construction Trucks Are Available Today – At Rock & Dirt

Those who work in the construction industry need their trucks. Whether you’re a concrete contractor, a plumber, or a homebuilder, you need the capability of a truck to ensure you’re working as efficiently as possible. At Rock & Dirt, we have the assortment of trucks and truck accessories to keep you working effectively, and our sellers have the depth of products to make sure that you have a level of choice that is unheard of in the heavy equipment field.

What Type Of Construction Trucks Are Available Today?

Construction trucks come in all shapes and sizes. If you are a contractor who owns or operates a concrete pumping business, a new or used concrete truck may be just what you need. Take the Mack RD690S, for example. These trucks offer either 275 horsepower or 300 horsepower diesel motors and heavy-duty 7-speed transmissions. Most come equipped with airlift 3rd and 4th axles and 11 cubic yard mixers. These trucks are available in a variety of model years and can be tailored to meet any budget.

If you need a smaller truck for construction work, look no further than the heavy-duty Ford and Chevy pickup trucks. The Ford F250 to F-650 line offer serious diesel power, incredible towing and hauling capacity, and some of the most useful and inviting interiors in the business. For those who prefer the “bowtie” versus the “blue oval,” several variations on the Chevrolet Silverado and Heavy-Duty HD2500 and HD3500 trucks are available. These trucks combine Duramax diesel motors and rugged Allison transmissions to create a powertrain that is designed for hard work. Many construction crews need a heavy-duty pickup to tow equipment trailers, haul supplies to and from jobsites, and transport workers around town. These trucks are ideally suited to these tasks, and are even refined enough to drive around town on personal business.

Other types of construction trucks include flatbed trucks, highway repair crew vehicles, and pole trucks. Flatbed trucks make transportation of heavy or bulky objects a breeze by taking advantage of the large, flat deck surface located behind the cab of the truck. This configuration combines the ease of loading of a trailer, with the simplicity of an integrated platform. Maneuvering around town is an easier task when a trailer isn’t involved, and a flatbed truck makes backing up or driving down narrow residential areas a less stressful activity.

If you are involved in either highway repair work or the installation or removal of public utility poles, a highway repair truck or pole rig may be the perfect choice. Highway repair trucks are designed to carry all of the necessary tools and equipment you’ll need to complete any type of repair project. Pole trucks utilize auger systems and pole grappling implements to make quick work of installing and removing utility poles.

Rock & Dirt Has The Construction Truck Selection You Need – Today!

At Rock & Dirt, you’ll find a huge selection of construction truck offerings through our network of sellers and advertisers. By utilizing our intuitive search tool, you’ll be able to narrow down your search using fields such as manufacturer, model of truck, model year, and location. If you can’t find the exact construction truck you need, simply post a Want-To-Buy listing and you’ll likely find a seller who has the model you need. Rock & Dirt – The Equipment Marketplace.

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