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Oct 27 2016

Top 10 In-Car DVD Players – Car Maintenance and Car Repairs #smart #car #price

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Top 10 In-Car DVD Players

The Clarion VT1500B

Long trips with the kids have never been easier thanks to a vast array of affordable in-car DVD players available. Options range from complex multi-screen units with stereo integration to simple ceiling-mount versions. Either way, choosing to go with a professional install is your best bet for quality fit and finish and long-lasting entertainment for your kids not to mention some much needed peace and quiet behind the wheel. But before you can figure out who s going to handle your install you ll need to pick a DVD player that fits you and your family s needs. Here s a look at DriverSide s top 10 in-car DVD players.

Though the Power Acoustik PMD-121CM has a sizeable 12.1-inch screen, its resolution maxes out at 800×600, which may not hang with some of the pricier models out there. It makes up for it in a unique iPod dock, which allows you to play your iPod-bound movies over the player, as well as DVDs. This model also has a built in FM transmitter, so getting sound to everyone involved is no problem, either. The Power Acoustik PMD-121CM can be had for around $400.

Unlike other units on this list, the Audiovox Movies 2 Go MMD7HRPKG is a dual-replacement headrest system with two seven-inch screens. The DVD player is tucked behind the screen in one of the headrests. While this is a great option for sedans or SUVs with just one backseat, it s not such a great idea for larger minivans, three-row SUVs or crossovers. Installation of a headrest system is a snap and doesn t require professional assistance. This unit only offers wired headphones and doesn t offer an FM modulator, either. This Audiovox system can be had for around $400.

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