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The Used Car Value Calculator

A used car value calculator is something that can be used to determine how much a certain used car may be worth. A used car value calculator can come in the form of a classic car values guide, a collectible vehicle value guide or a free car value guide. Classic and collectible guides concern themselves strictly with special types of cars, and free car value guides (such as can give you a free, basic estimate of any used vehicle s value.

When getting an accurate estimated price for a used vehicle, there are 3 basic things that are considered. First, the type of car is considered, which is its year, make, model, color and any options (CD player, sunroof, etc.) that it may have. Next, the cosmetic condition of the car is evaluated. Things such as the car s paint and interior will be observed, and their condition will be determined to be anywhere from excellent to poor. Finally, the vehicle s mechanical condition is considered. Cars that run well, have low mileage and are not in need of any repairs will be worth more than cars that run poorly and require maintenance.

Used car value calculators will generally give you 3 types of estimates of a vehicle s worth: a retail sale value, a private sale value and an estimate trade value. Once you gather all of the required information and provide it to the used car value calculator, you should gain an idea of the vehicle s worth and be able to make better used car buying and selling decisions.

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