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Oct 30 2016

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Welcome to “My Ten Favorite Cars”

I love cars! It doesn’t get any more simple than that. All cars interest me, but what really gets me percolating is exotic cars. You know the kind. supercars. Cars with gusto, machines that demonstrate a man is a man. I love speed, elegance and expense. So, I thought about it, and I see these lists everywhere for the “best this” and the “top five that”, and then it hit me. Why not compose my own top ten list for the coolest cars in the world. I am sure others would love to read about these fantastic models, most of which are icons in the racing and automotive worlds. In fact, you are here now reading this introduction, consequently, I have to assume that you are interested in hearing about my ten favorite cars.

Well, I won’t keep you waiting. I will unveil the list right away, but be sure to read each individual article on these supercars, because you won’t feel the full exuberance and exhilaration unless you do. You must envelope yourself in the world of exotic vehicles. To be sure, you must want to know about these cars, as much as I want to show you the list. So before we move on, I welcome you to my site, and hope you enjoy my ten favorite cars.

Just to let you know, the cars on the following list are not placed in any particular order. That means that the first car is not necessarily my coolest pick. On the contrary, I am not sure if I can really choose my absolute favorite out of the ten. Anyway, here we go, my list of:

The Ten Coolest Cars

As you can probably surmise, these are the vehicles that we all dream of owning. Never mind even owning any of these magnificent vehicles, just having the opportunity to drive one would be a lifetime experience for most people. Moreover, most of these cars, if not all, are considered street legal race cars. That means that several like Bugatti and Ferrari have serious racing experience such as Formula One, and want to appeal to customers who desire both the speed and the luxury. The McLaren F1 deserves a special mention, as it goes down in history as the first road-supercar, the fastest, and the most expensive of its time.

Driving any one of these cars is not for the faint of heart, though. Total control is a must. So is a hefty pocketbook, both for the price of the cars, and for the ensuing fines, if you expect to drive any of these to maximum speeds. Street legal, of course, does mean that the law accepts these speeds. And, think about the insurance!

I read a quote from Top Gear Magazine about the Ultimate Aero, on the official Shelby SuperCars website. It read, “It’s violent, bonkers, near malicious”. I think that sums up my thoughts exactly on the car’s speed and performance.

More Car Stuff Online

Obviously, this site is about the ten cars I love the most, and I discuss them in. real detail. However, there’s loads more great car stuff on the web; and this list of links below is to get you started on your route to find all of it!

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