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Aug 19 2017

Take Over your Payment #car #registration

#take over car payments

Take Over your Payment

Let us help you help us.

We offer a 6 months program for people who can’t make car payments. Instead of losing your car or damage your credit, we give you the opportunity to save your car, or we will just keep it until it is paid in full and then returned it to you.

How it works?

We do an agreement with you for six months, during which time; we make your car payments;

If you want your car back we will returned it, with a prior 30 day written notice. If you want to extend the term for another six months you will be allowed to do so.

You can change your mind any time during the period of the term of payments on your original agreement with your lender; just submit a writing notice thirty days before to get your car back.

We will rent your car to third parties during the six months time contract. We will take care of maintenance, insurance and any needs that the car has under our management.

Peace of mind.

For our security and yours, we’ll install a GPS Tracking device on the car that will let us know its where about and disable the car from our office, if it becomes necessary at any given time. We will give you access to following up your car when you so desire.

Your best investment.

After the car is paid in full the car is yours, since it has been under your name.

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