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If you’ve come here looking for a used or certified pre-owned car, truck, SUV, crossover, hatchback, hybrid or convertible, then you’re in the right place. Edmunds has everything you need to know about buying or selling a used vehicle, including Carfax vehicle history reports, dealership listings and pricing information, expert car reviews, consumer car reviews, car dealership reviews, car price comparisons, car appraisal calculators, images and videos, technical features and specs, user forums and more.

At Edmunds, you’ll be able to browse thousands of used cars, trucks and SUVs for sale with special offers, appraise your current car, and research the car, SUV or truck of your dreams. You can limit your search to certified pre-owned (or CPO) vehicles for sale and be a click away from articles by our experts that will give you the best car shopping and buying tips and advice. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aids to easier used-car shopping.

The INVENTORY tab at the top of the page allows you to browse used cars for sale from popular makes such as Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Infiniti, Acura and Subaru. The inventory tool allows you to cast a much wider net than simply visiting your local dealership’s website. Start with the make and model of the vehicle that you’re interested in. You’ll have the option to refine your search by price, distance, model year and mileage. If you’re looking for specific options or features, a certain trim level or a specific color, there are more advanced search filters available, including engine type, fuel type, drivetrain, powertrain, airbags, air-conditioning and much more. After you find the car, SUV, truck or hybrid that you’re interested in, select the listing to check out the VIN details page for that vehicle and get more information. There you’ll find a description of the vehicle from the dealer, vehicle features and options, contact information for that dealership, dealer reviews, a ballpark insurance estimate, and a link to see a Carfax vehicle history report.

The APPRAISE tab at the top of the page lets you enter your car’s basic information, odometer reading, trim level, and overall condition. Then Edmunds provides you with the True Market Value (TMV) for your used car or vehicle. Edmunds’s True Market Value or used car value is is a great starting point for negotiation of a used-car sale between a private buyer and seller. This is an “as is” value that does not include any warranties. The final sales price depends on the car’s actual condition and local market factors. You can use this used car value estimate to price your car for sale or to negotiate a trade-in for a new, CPO, or previously owned car for sale from a local dealer. The used car value estimate is also useful for assessing retail pricing at a car dealer. You can try it out by clicking the “APPRAISE” tab, above. Once you enter your vehicle details, you will receive three estimates for your used car’s value: “Trade-in” is what you can expect a dealer to offer you for your used car; “Private Party” is what you might expect to earn if you sold the pre-owned vehicle yourself; and “Dealer Retail” is what you might expect to pay if you were buying this used model used at a dealership. If the vehicle is new enough, you’ll also see a price that says “Certified Used Price.” This price estimates what the dealership might sell it for as a certified pre-owned vehicle.

The RESEARCH tab points you to our expert analysis of the make and model of the car you select. You can read our editors’ reviews and learn about each generation of the vehicle you’re interested in. From there, you can narrow the focus of your car buying research by selecting a particular model year and learning more by checking out photos of the cars, researching local dealership listings, car valuation, consumer reviews, editors’ reviews, pros & cons, features & specs, and safety information. That’s a world of information. And we’ve put it all right at your fingertips.

Are you thinking about trading in your vehicle at the dealership or selling it yourself? Find out what your used car is worth with our True Market Value appraisal tool. Enter the year, make and model to get started. Make sure you know the options on your vehicle and the current odometer reading. Be honest about the condition level. Most cars will fall in the “average” to “clean” range.

The appraisal tool will give you three prices: “Trade-in” is what you can expect a dealer to offer you. “Private Party” is what you might expect to earn if you sold the vehicle yourself. “Dealer Retail” is what you might expect to pay if you were buying this model used at a dealership. If the vehicle is new enough, you’ll also see a price that says “Certified Used Price.” This price estimates what the dealer might sell it for as a CPO vehicle.

If you are hesitant about buying a traditional used car, you may want to consider a certified pre-owned vehicle. These vehicles tend to be newer, have gone through a more detailed inspection process and come with a limited warranty. The Edmunds inventory tool will have an option to sort the list to show only CPO vehicles. You can also go directly to the CPO cars page.

Explore Car-Buying Articles: If you’re unsure about the next steps in buying a used car — or car buying in general — Edmunds has research articles that can help. Take a look at those we’ve linked to on this page, or visit our research main page for a full list of articles that have been written by Edmunds car-shopping experts.

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What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

What is my car worth

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How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

items by Consignor

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

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  • How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

How much is my car worth

Ken Porter Auction

Bi-Monthly Consignment Auction Vehicles, Heavy Duty Trucks, Construction Equipment, machinery, Surplus Items & Equipment Inspection Thurs. & Friday November 16th & November 17th 9am to 5pm Day of sale from 7am auction starts at 9am!

What is my Sears Craftsman yard tractor worth, whats my car worth.#Whats #my #car #worth

What is my Sears Craftsman yard tractor worth

Whats my car worth

I have a lightly used Sears YS-4500 42 , 6 spd, with 20 hp Kohler pro. I purchased this in 2009 for $1200. It is in perfect running and cosmetic condition. I just do not use it enough to warrant keeping it. I prefer to keep my lawn mowed with my Honda push mower. I want to list it for sale on craigslist. I do not want to ask too much, or too less.

Whats my car worth

Oops meant to post above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sears Yard Tractor

Whats my car worth

Gee, i bought one just like it, last summer, for fifty bucks! Same color, too. But, it had a bad transmission. Former owner didn’t know he should stop to shift gears. With the result the pinion gear is stripped!

Whats my car worth

I would think $900.00 would be a fair asking price for a two yr old tractor / mower . Not less than $750.00 unless you know something we don’t lol .

Whats my car worth

Clean it up so it looks like showroom. Park it on the corner with a for sale . sign. Ask a premium price ($875)and see what happens. You can always lower the price. Now is the prime time to offer this.

I purchased about a dozen mowers that were about 7 – 8 years old. I paid $100 – $150 for MTD and had difficulty selling for $300.00. I paid up to $300 for Craftsman and usually sold them for about $500.00. All were serviced and cleaned up like showroom. One craftsman had the 46 cubic inch opposed twin and was real clean – $700.00.

Most people who have premium dollars will simply buy a new mower. Our friends who look for a used mower are usually on a very limited budget. About 50% of the original price is what they are willing to pay.

Whats my car worth

Thanks for the solid advice everyone. I was thinking no less than $700.00. I can afford to wait for a good offer. The mower is in brand new condition.

Whats my car worth

Well there you go Haste makes Waste , Good Decision !

Whats my car worth

How much is an LT400 craftsman riding mower worth?

Whats my car worth

I have a ’05 Craftsman LT1000 tractor I bought slightly used from my local Sears outlet in 2006. Apparently someone bought it and after a couple months decided they didn’t want it. Weird. But I made an offer on the tractor (it had a flat tire) and I saved about $200 off the cost of a comparable new one. Plus this tractor came with grass catching bins and rear bin rack and spare mulching blades. I recently moved and my brother-in-law gave me his Craftsman garden tractor (one-year-newer than mine). So my question is what should I list my tractor for? It features 42 deck, B S 18 hp, auto trans and can mow in forward or reverse. It’s been a great tractor with few issues; arguably it’s better than the one I got from my brother-in-law. Thoughts?

Whats my car worth

Most likely $500 – $600 bucks since you have some xtras !

Whats my car worth

I’m looking at a 2005 GT5000 Craftsman mower and it has had the engine rebuilt. How much do you think it’s worth?

Whats my car worth

no more than $500.00

Whats my car worth

I am selling a Sears Craftsman LT1000 42 mulching mower (2004) in very good condition. I just had it tuned up(as sat awhile during my husband’s illness) put on a new battery, blade, air filter oil change filter; ran out the old gas. The 50% off original is about $650 plus I just spent over $100 in tuning it up. I WANT to SELL it! Is $650 to $750 too much to ask? It is all paid for – just don’t want it to sit. Want to move it at my lawn garden, etc. sale.

Whats my car worth

Ok My YT 2007 3000 has a bad engine and I need to get rid of it what should I ask for it?

Whats my car worth

$150 OBO for Parts .

Whats my car worth

bluemower – $300ish. In a Chicago suburb there was\is a business where when i stopped by for a part, i inquired whats up with the row of Sears riders. The owner says they are to be scrapped cuz only mowers painted green sell used. I got 2 for $50 each and both ran just that the last owner screwed with them and reassembled them wrong.

Whats my car worth

up up what are you smoking a 10 yr old mower with a bad engine ? Good luck with that lol .

Whats my car worth

I’m saying that bluemower may have been able to get them for less, not what the seller can get. The ones I bought back in 2000ish had no major problem that’s why i bought them – 1 last owner fiddled with and did not reassemble the overhead lifter rods properly so the valves didn’t open, the other one valve just needed to be reground. So neither ones i looked at had bad motors and just needed small repairs.

Like i said- when u compare apples to apples, green paint will get u more when selling leaving people like me who get (and still own\use) 80’s sears riders for the $50 i paid 16 years ago. So people who pay 300 for a used sears are not up to speed with what they could get it for if u know where to look or are patient.

So like i said, similar JD’s that have the same grade of construction and use the same motors thus similar problems but because they are green, certain market will pay more for them so that dealer only sells used JD’s just like i get Stihl stuff for $20 and typically can get $100- 99% of the time a dirty carb problem. Good luck doing the same with a sears trimmer.

Whats my car worth

How Much is My Car Worth – How Much is My Car Worth #car #facts #free

#what is my used car worth

How Much is My Car Worth

How Much is My Car Worth?

A car is worth as much as you can get someone to pay for it.

How much is that?

Used cars can vary in price depending on when you sell a car, how you sell it, and who you sell it to.

Which car price guide has the right price for my car?

The price that you will be able to sell your vehicle for is mostly determined by what price guide the buyer may be using. Price guides are targeted at specific markets. There are four guides that dominate the market:

  • Kelly Blue Book: This is the best known guide for consumers, mostly because they were the first to offer their guide online. They primarily list used car values, with both retail and private sale prices.
  • Edmunds: They mainly target new car buyers, focusing on prices for new cars and trade-in values.
  • NADA: Published by National Automotive Dealers Association, this is commonly used by new dealers and banks. They also publish a classic car guide, as well as RV, boat, and motorcycle guides. Their books are blue and gold, which sometimes gets them confused with the Kelly Blue Book.
  • Black Book: This book is mostly used by used car dealers. Unlike the other guides, this one is quite pricey because it is published several times a year using data gathered for regional auction prices.

Why are prices different between private and retail sales?

Car lots are staffed with professionals that have to build their reputation to stay in business. Hopefully this means that the cars they are offering have had any problems fixed.

Private owners often don’t have the expertise or don’t want to put forth the effort to make sure the car they’re selling is in good running order. Also, since this is the only vehicle they’re selling, they can get away with selling a bad car more easily than a lot. Privately sold cars trade for lower prices because there is more risk involved.

What about the value of antique cars?

Pricing of classic cars is far more difficult because some models may not come up for sale often and their quality can be all over the map. These cars can be separated into four broad categories, with each one attracting a different market.

  • Survivor: This is a car that is basically as it left the factory. There may be some wear and tear, but it shows what a “real” car is like. While some high performance cars are bought new specifically for resale later, others are so rare that it’s hard to predict their value before a sale. These types of vehicles mostly go to museums and serious collectors, making them an ideal candidate for antique car auctions and national sales like eBay.
  • Restored: Major work has been done to these cars, but they’ve been kept in a form close to how they would have been equipped when they came off the line. In most cases, the closer the vehicle is kept to its original form, the higher its value is. A “numbers matching” engine has the same VIN stamped on it as the firewall, which means it’s the one the car came with from the factory.

Generally, the nicer a vehicle looks, the higher its value will be. This holds true even if the quality is better than it would have been from the factory, and there has been much debate whether it’s better for a vehicle to have original-style paint or shinier, better wearing clearcoat paint. Classic car guides like NADA’s will give you a general idea of a price, but the actual sale price will deviate more than a newer car due to differences in condition.

  • Resto-mod: This is a car that has been updated with modern components to make it a daily driver. This can be as simple as switching to a different engine, or can be a ground-up build with a modern car covered in a vintage body. Even the best resto-mod will only sell for the equivalent cost of a new vehicle with similar equipment.
  • Hot rods: These vehicle are affected more by fads than any other car because they’re all about style. Reproduction parts have become so popular you can build a ’32 Ford Roadster hot rod entirely from things found in a catalog, so being able to show what parts of the car are original can improve its value.

There is another subset of cars that strives to use period-correct hot rod parts. In the case of the ’32 Ford, this type of car would be powered by a flathead Ford with Offenhauser heads rather than the ubiquitous Chevy small block. These cars always have a high value because they can be very difficult to create. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a “stock” hot rod, so parts choices are much broader than on a restored car. Sometimes hot rods cross into resto-mod territory, with the addition of modern conveniences like air conditioning making a car more desirable to buyers wanting to go to cruise nights.

How much are these cars worth?

Nostalgia plays a major role in a car’s value. Today muscle cars are trading for large amounts of money because the people who are looking for antiques remember these vehicles from their childhood. Meanwhile, pre-WWII car values have plummeted, as few drivers are old enough to remember them while newer drives see them as impractical.

Rare doesn’t necessarily mean desirable. While a few missing trim pieces on a Mustang can be ordered from any number of catalogs, they may be all but impossible to get for a similar vintage AMX. Completeness plays a bigger part in a car’s price as you

Drivability has a major impact on sales. Unless you’re dealing in something super-rare, most people want something they can drive in club meets or take to shows. Minor improvements like an air conditioner converted to R-134 or a modernized ignition system can make your car much more appealing.

How can I improve the value of my car?

  • Cleanliness: No matter what you’re selling, a professional detail will make your car look far newer and better cared for.
  • Documentation: This is particularly true of special models that can be recreated with spare parts, like Hemi Chryslers or the Integra Type R. There are services available for getting a reproduction window sticker for classic cars, allowing prospective buyers to compare the car’s current state with its equipment from the factory. Any receipts or manuals you have for other parts show the car has been taken care of.
  • Professional upgrades: Equipment added to a car by well known shops like Saleen or Steeda add a great deal to the value of a car.Buyers know that these improvements have been tested and are backed by a reputable company. Again, documentation is crucial. Most of these cars come with a separate window sticker detailing these modifications. Some of these cars will also come with the signature by the builder or licensing partner, often in some obscure place like the inside of the trunk lid.
  • Fads: Car values can be affected by things that move too fast to be charted by price guides. For example, during gas price hikes a couple years ago fuel efficient vehicles were in high demand. Geo Metros, which used to trade for $500-$1,000 shot up to $3,000 almost overnight. Now that gas is inexpensive again, they’ve returned to their previous sale value.

There are also some things that people think add value to a vehicle, but don’t.

  • Options: Rare and desirable options can add value, but only if it’s something that can’t be removed from the car. For example, M Edition wheels are highly sought after by Miata enthusiasts because they’re the lightest stock wheels available. However, since they’re easy to switch between vehicles, they don’t increase the value of the car. On the other hand, Mazda has released British Racing Green Miatas in very small numbers, increasing the value of these vehicles over Miatas in other colors. Some “special editions” are either so common or little known as to have no effect on price while something familiar like the Indianapolis Pace Car Edition often trade for at least 20% more than regular models.
  • Amateur upgrades: No matter how well your additions may work, buyers will see them as possible problems. This includes everything from boost controllers to lift kits. Often the best way to get your money out of these parts is to sell them separately from the car. However, you may be able to recover some of this if your car has a proven race history: time slips and trophies show your modifications work, and buyers may be encouraged to purchase your car if it can meet race series requirements.

For another perspective on the value of your car, take a look at: How Much is My Car Worth. We also recommend this site by the same name: How much is my car worth?

How Much Is My Junk Car Worth? Junk Car Prices #car #rental #montreal

#scrap car prices

What Is The Going Rate For Junk Cars in 2014?

What Is The Going Rate For Junk Cars in 2014?

What is the going rate of junk cars in 2014?

What is the going rate for junk cars and what can you expect to get in terms of cash for junk cars. Good question. Getting rid of your junk car isn t a complicated process, but determining how much it is worth can be a little confusing. Unfortunately, there is no one-shot formula for appraising a vehicle s value, but all appraisals, at least from many salvage companies, have these factors in common:

It s with these factors that appraisers will estimate the value of your vehicle, which ultimately determines what they can pay you for your junk car. Generally, the price range for junk vehicles is anywhere from $200 to $400, but amounts vary depending on the factors listed about above.

Keep reading to see why and how prices are determined!

Determining the true value of your junk car

Any junk car, even those that have one or more components that make them unsuitable for driving, is worth something. That s why you need to figure out its true value before proceeding to, well, the selling part.

The sales value of a junk car is more or less based off of its current market value for that same vehicle in used condition, with a catch. The amount you will receive for a junk vehicle is based loosely off its diminished value, which is based off the total cost of repairs that may make the vehicle a working vehicle again, along with the market value for the same car.

One of the most important things you need to do before selling your junk car is finding how much that junk car costs. The true value of your junk car essentially determines how much you can get out of the vehicle. After all, you don t want to sell your junk car and later discover you didn t get as much as you could out of the car.

After you determine the value of you vehicle, you can start shopping around for appropriate junk car salvaging companies — and we re glad to help anyone who is interested in using our service.

So, how do you get the most for your car?

According to Kelley Blue Book, most salvage cars cost as much as 20 to 40 percent of a car s used value, but again, certain factors also play a role in determining the going rate. Where the vehicle is located, the condition of the car, what year/make/model it is, and the current price of scrap all play a major role in creating an accurate appraisal.

Here s a breakdown of how these factors play a role in your determining your car s junk value:

  • Location Where you live plays a huge role in what you re able to receive for a junk car. Your proximity to a salvage yard and regional price of scrap play a role in how much you can receive for your vehicle. The popularity of certain vehicles in an area may also affect how much money you are able to make, as certain junkyards will pay more for specific models.
  • Year/Make/Model While there are still many older vehicles on the road today, the demand for parts is not always consistent. For example, hundreds of people still drive Dodge Neons. but the demand for those parts is relatively low, because most of the Neons that are taken off the road are truly at the end of their life. Another thing to consider is how cars change from year to year, and as vehicles become more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, more plastic may be integrated into the bodies, which decreases the metal weight.
  • Condition This is pretty simple to understand, but it s worth mentioning. If you are driving a pristine, clean, and smooth running junk car, you re more likely to get a little more cash for it. If you re really driving a rusty clunker, then it s going to be bought for its scrap value, rather than the value of its parts.
  • Current Price of Scrap This is probably the most important factor in how much you receive for your junk car, if only because most salvage companies are buying vehicles for the metal value, rather than the parts. If the price of scrap is down, generally you will not be able to receive a high payout for your vehicle, even if it is in generally good condition.

These factors are not the end-all for determining your junk vehicle s value. With some vehicles, you can potentially get even more depending on the individual components. What we mean is that sometimes the components of a working vehicle can make you more cash than an equivalent junk car that isn t working. Keeping all of this in mind, it s important to do your research before selling your junk car, so you can receive the best price possible.

Looking to get cash for your junk car? Get a free quote today!

How to Sell Your Car What – s It Worth? #want #to #buy #a #car

#used car worth

How to Sell Your Car What s It Worth?

Blue book is a term that car dealerships use to determine the value of a vehicle. When a used vehicle is traded in for a new car the salesperson or manager gets out the blue book to determine what the car is worth. When the dealer puts the trade-in on the lot, the price the dealer sells it for is also determined by the bluebook. The blue book also shows the private party value, which is the most important value when selling a car from person to person.

How to Find the Value for Selling Your Car

There are a few companies that determine car values that can be accessed on the Internet. One of the popular car value companies is Kelley Blue Book. Before determining the value of a vehicle there’s certain vehicle information that must be known before proceeding.

  • Year of the Vehicle
  • Make of the Vehicle (Ford, Chevy, Toyota etc.)
  • Vehicle Model (Taurus, Impala, Camry etc.)
  • Vehicle Trim (XL, SE, CE, etc.)
  • Current Mileage
  • Engine Size
  • Transmission Type (automatic or manual)

This is some of the basic information that’s needed. If there is any other optional equipment on the vehicle, this also needs to be inputted because it will add to the value of the vehicle. With Kelley Blue Book, there is a checklist where optional equipment can be clicked. The next step is to understand what the different values represent.

Used Car Trade-In Values

If a quick sale is needed, many car dealers will buy a used car from a private party. The dealer will use the trade-in value from the blue book. This is also the value that a dealer will use for a used car when it is traded in for a new car. Most dealers will start at this value when deciding on how much money is given to the customer. Once the book value is determined, the dealer will usually start deducting money from the trade-in value for any repairs that need to be made.

Used Car Private Party Value

If a used car is sold from one person to another person, the private party value is what’s used to determine how much the vehicle is worth. For a fast sale it’s a good idea to list the selling price at a value less than the private party value. Show the potential buyer the actual value as it’s listed in the blue book and let them know the selling price is less than what’s recommended. If leasing or buying a new car, selling the old car close to private party value could result in a larger down payment versus a trade-in.

Used Car Suggest Retail Value

This is the value that a new or used car dealer will use for the selling price of the vehicle to a retail customer. Even though this is the highest value that’s listed in a blue book, purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer can have some advantages versus buying from a private party.

Now that the value of the vehicle is determined, the next step is to find potential buyers. There’s the old fashion method of putting a for-sale sign in the window or using print ads. With today’s technology, one of the best methods is to sell your car on-line. With websites like Craig’s List, the car can be listed for free with good results.

What – s my Trade Worth? #car #tracker

#what is my used car worth

What’s my car worth at Greenlight Autos?

It’s time to trade up your truck and cash in your old clunker! The Greenlight Autos truck car trade-in program will give you a competitive price on your used car, truck or SUV and make it easy to get in your next vehicle! If you’re asking “what’s my car worth?” there’s only one way to find out for sure.

Contact Greenlight Auto Truck for a no-commitment appraisal and find out exactly what your used car is worth and determine whether a car trade in is the right route for you. There are a variety of reasons that a car swap at Greenlight Autos can be a great choice for you, and we accept all sorts of trades:

  • Swap a car for a newer model that offers lower emissions and improved fuel economy.
  • Trade a small car for a truck with the capability and space they need for your business.
  • Trade a truck for a car, SUV or Van that offers enough room for the whole family.
  • Trade a classic car for a newer vehicle that suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking to trade up to an extended cab truck, or would prefer to trade a van for an SUV, it doesn’t matter. Our flexible car trade-in program means that we can help arrange a trade that makes sense for your needs and your budget. In terms of finding out what your car is worth, we use a number of factors to determine your vehicles trade in value. That includes interior and exterior condition, kilometers traveled, and the model of your vehicle. For more information, feel free to ask any one of our service representatives.

If you have a car for trade in Saskatoon, North Battleford, Regina, Prince Albert or anywhere in Saskatchewan, bring it over to Greenlight Truck Auto and we’ll put it to work for you! With our guaranteed competitive trade in value, you can be confident that you are getting the most out of your used car trade.

What Is a Used Golf Cart Worth? #auto #for #sale

#what is my used car worth

What Is a Used Golf Cart Worth?

The process of buying or selling a used golf cart is very similar to what you might go through with an automobile. Today, there is a huge market for used golf carts among dealers who take them in trade for new ones. You can also check newspaper classifieds to find carts being sold by individuals. Either way, you can expect to pay from $2,000 to $4,000 for a relatively new golf cart in good condition.


If you have a golf cart, you might think it would have little resale value–somewhat like a suit of clothes that you have already worn. Actually, a used cart can be worth quite a lot, because the market for them is much larger than you may imagine. In fact, depending on its age and condition, a used golf cart could sell for $4,000 or more.


There are three reasons why the market for used golf carts has grown. First, there is prestige associated with owning one. Then there is the economy of owning a golf cart rather than renting one each time you play golf. Finally, a golf cart is a very convenient mode of transportation when you have to run errands and do other activities.

What is my car worth? How WeWantAnyCar value your car #minivans

#how much is my car worth free

How We Value Your Car

Step 1: We ask you to confirm that the car we have found is indeed your car.

Step 2: If you have any additional specification, e.g. Leather, Satellite Navigation etc. fitted to your car then we ask you to tick the appropriate boxes.

If this is fully up to date and completed by a VAT registered dealer than it is fair to assume the value of your car will be higher than a car with only a partial service history.


A vehicle with full MOT is more valuable than a vehicle with no MOT. If your vehicle has failed an MOT then it will require some work to make the car road worthy again; the level of work required to convert this to a pass will affect your final valuation.

Colour & Condition

Some colours are more popular and desirable than others. This can have a slight impact on the valuation we provide.

Insurance Write Off

If your vehicle has been involved in a vehicle collision you may be informed by the insurance company that the car is a write off. Essentially this terms means that the vehicle is beyond economical repair. This most certainly will affect the value we provide. Please note that we perform a HPI on every vehicle we purchase and this report clearly indicates to us whether the vehicle has been involved in any insurance claims.

Step 4: If the vehicle has any damage then you are able to use this form to select the damaged area and type of area.

How much is my car worth? #antique #cars

#how much is my car worth free

How much is my car worth? How to get a free valuation of your car

How much is my car worth?

If you’re thinking of selling your car, it’s important to know its value so you can ensure you get a good deal when negotiating with a dealer or a private buyer. Here’s how to quickly get an estimate of what your car is worth

Plus: how to sell your car and get the best price

How much is your car worth? Here’s how to find out

Whether you re looking to part-exchange your current car, sell it privately or find out what a used car you re considering purchasing is worth, here are the best ways to find out quickly, for free.

For years, Glass s guide has been the go-to reference for used and new car prices, with Parkers being the one you d pick up at your local newsagent as a punter. These days both services are available online. You simply enter a car s registration to get a free valuation.

You need to register on both sites, but after entering your details, an email address and a password you ll instantly find out the price ranges for a trade-in, a private sale and what a dealer would sell the car for.

A free valuation won t take into account very high or low mileage – just the average – nor any options the car may have in addition to standard, but you can pay 3.95 (Glass s) or 3.49 (Parkers) to adjust the valuation and get a more specific price.

In the free valuation, the lowest price in the range will represent a car in fair or poor condition, while the highest will be for a car in excellent condition inside and out.

Here s what a bespoke report looks like:

Another place to get a second opinion is Autotrader. Again, you need to register for a free account, but it will take into account mileage and give you one price (based on good condition) for both a private sale and a part-exchange.

What Car? also offers a free valuation service which takes into account the condition of the car and the mileage to give a more accurate figure for the dealer, private and part exchange prices. You have to register, and you can t opt out of handing over your details to third parties but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Which factors affect a car s value?

Many things affect how much someone will be prepared to pay for a car, such as the mileage, optional extras, paperwork and service history.

Condition is obviously important, so it s well worth getting it valeted or cleaning it yourself before a prospective buyer sees it. A valet can cost from around 30-50, so it s worth tackling yourself if you can. Gleaming paintwork and a tidy interior can add several hundred pounds to the sale price.

Kerbed wheels can be fixed for around 50 per wheel, and that s worth doing if your car is worth more than a few thousand pounds.

People care about a car s history, and will appreciate a stack of receipts and a stamped logbook that shows it has been properly maintained.

How to sell your car

If you are planning on part exchanging your car, it s best not to let the dealer know about this until you have negotiated down the price of the new car as they will otherwise use your old car as their negotiating tool, offering a higher price for it if you re willing to pay more for the new one.

In most cases, it s best to sell your car privately and use the extra money you get selling this way to put towards the new car. It can be a hassle, and there s the potential to get ripped off, but it will net you the highest price. For instance, never accept a bank or building society check and hand over the keys go with the buyer to the bank to confirm it s genuine. And similarly, know how to identify fake bank notes before accepting cash.

Bank transfers are generally the safest way these days: the buyer can make a payment via an app on their phone and you can check if it has arrived in your account within minutes most UK banks support Faster Payments now.

The best way to sell privately is on Autotrader or even Gumtree. Both have large audiences, so you won t have to wait long until the phone rings. Just make sure you take clear pictures of all sides of the car and the interior, highlighting any damage: there’s no point in trying to hide it as you waste your own time as well as the buyer’s as they’ll just be disappointed when they see it in the flesh.

If you have an unusual, specialist or modified car, you may get the best price by advertising it on the relevant forums or Facebook groups where people will better understand its worth and should be willing to pay extra for its specialist nature, or its modifications. The same goes for classic cars.