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From the Cisco Business Edition 6000, to the Communication
Manager Express telephone system, our line of communications solutions
can be engineered for any midsize or enterprise business.

  • From the Avaya Aura, to the Avaya Cloud, and even Avaya Phone Systems,
    we have the right VoIP solution to fit your company’s needs and increase
    productivity and collaboration within the workplace.
    Browse our Avaya Phone System offerings to learn more.

  • With ShoreTel Connect users have one single platform to host
    ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, ShoreTel Connect ONSITE,
    ShoreTel Connect HYBRID and ShoreTel Advanced Apps.
    Upgrade your company’s communications and receive a new
    collaboration experience with one of the ShoreTel Connect lines.

    Houston VoIP Phone Systems

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    Securing Voice in the Cloud

    We hear of breaches in data security on a daily basis, with existing organisational network security often leaving much to be desired. It’s a complex issue and too easily left on the ‘to do’ list. IT managers seeking higher levels of security can be hamstrung by existing legacy infrastructure.

    Decades of experience designing and delivering hosted telecoms systems has given X-on insight into how to address these issues and deliver innovative, reliable and, above all, secure communications to customers where data security is paramount.

    For information on securing your business communications call Sales on 0333 332 0000 .

    Where it Counts

    Our customers include those in critical healthcare environments and those taking thousands of credit card payments daily. Holding patient data and credit card data is a responsibility we take seriously, through compliance, encryption and the design of our UK data centres.

    Our services are crafted and constantly reviewed to meet our customers’ communication needs, delivering simplicity of operation and integration with desktop systems. Select your industry or service requirement or chat with one of our consultants.


    What Affects Voice Quality in VoIP Calls? #voip #sound #quality


    What Affects Voice Quality in VoIP Calls

    Updated February 23, 2017

    Quality and reliability were the two darkest spots on VoIP s reputation for the past years. Now, in many cases, gone are the days when using VoIP was like testing walkie-talkies! There has been much improvement. But still, people are very finicky about voice quality in VoIP because they are used for years to the impeccable quality of landline phones. Here are the main things that affect voice quality in VoIP and what can be done to maximize quality.


    Your Internet connection always tops the list of factors affecting voice quality in VoIP conversations. The bandwidth you have for VoIP is the key for voice quality. For instance, if you have a dial-up connection, don’t expect great quality. A broadband connection will work right, as long as it is not spotty, and not shared with too many other communication applications. Bandwidth dependency one of the main drawbacks of VoIP.


    The VoIP hardware equipment you use can greatly impact on your quality. Poor quality equipment are normally the cheapest ones (but not always!). It is therefore always good to have as much information as possible on an ATA, router or IP phone before investing on it and starting to use it. Read reviews and discuss it in forums. It might also be that the hardware you choose is the best in the world, but still, you get problems – because you are not using hardware that suits your needs.

    For an ATA/Router, you need to think of the following:

    • Compression technologies ( codecs ) supported
    • Echo cancellation, which is a mechanism for decreasing echo
    • Firewall and security support

    Phone frequencies

    The frequency of your IP phone may cause interference with other VoIP equipment. There are many cases where people using 5.8 GHz phones have been getting voice quality problems.

    When all troubleshooting tricks failed, changing the phone to one with a lower frequency (e.g. 2.4 GHz) solved the problem.

    Weather Conditions

    At times, the voice is terribly distorted by something called static. which is a small dirty-weed static electricity generated on broadband lines due to thunderstorms, heavy rain, strong gusts, electrical impulses etc. This static is not very much noticeable when you surf the net or download files, which is why we don’t complain about it when we use the Internet for data despite it be here; but when you are listening to voice, it becomes disturbing. It is easy to get rid of static: unplug your hardware (ATA, router or phone) and plug it back again. The static will be brought to naught.

    The effect of weather conditions on your connection is not something you can change. You can have some short-term relief in some cases, but most of the time, it is up to your service provider to do something. At times, changing the cables solves the problem completely, but this can be costly.

    Location of your hardware

    Interference is a poison for voice quality during voice communication. Often, VoIP equipment interferes with each other thus producing noise and other problems.

    For example, if your ATA is too close to your broadband router. you might experience voice quality problems. This is caused by electrical feedback. Try moving them away from each other to get rid of the garbled calls, echoes, dropped calls etc.

    Compression: the codec used

    VoIP transmits voice data packets in a compressed form so that the load to be transmitted is lighter. The compression software used for this are called codec’s. Some codecs are good while others are less good. Put simply, each codec is designed for a specific use. If a codec is used for a communication need other than that for which it is meant, quality will suffer.

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    Disaster Recovery

    IT Service Solutions

    Voice VOIP Solutions

    Cloud Services

    When it comes to outstanding technology services, you don’t need to be the biggest to get the best.

    For over 35 years, CTS has helped emerging companies leverage technology to achieve outstanding business results. We began by providing premium-quality business phone products and services to companies throughout Michigan. As technology changed, we did too.

    We made it our job to anticipate technology trends and changing business needs—and to help companies meet those needs head on by providing outstanding service, unmatched expertise, and quality products at highly competitive prices.

    Of course, we still offer best-of-breed voice and VOIP solutions – but we deliver much more. Cloud-based computing and backup services. Outstanding data protection and disaster recovery. Versatile, reliable, and stable networking. Expert managed and cosourced IT services. Most importantly, we deliver knowledge.

    We understand our business, and we make it a point to thoroughly understand yours. The way we see it, it’s not our job to sell technology – it’s to deliver measurable value. To provide solutions that make your company faster, more nimble, more stable, and more profitable. To take the hassle out of voice, data, and IT management, letting you concentrate on running your company and serving your customers. To be your trusted ally as you move through tomorrow’s changing technology landscape.

    CTS: We’re more than just a technology solutions provider. We’re your competitive edge.

    Enterprise-Grade Voice and IT Service
    for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

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    Business VoIP Providers in Colorado

    What is Business VoIP?

    Business VoIP stands for Business Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a type of phone system that was designed in order to cater to all business calling needs, regardless what they are. Using your high-speed internet connection, VoIP for business in Colorado allows your business to receive and make different types of phone calls with a number of different features that your particular company needs.

    Although there are VoIP service options available for residential and business customers in Colorado, there are a few major differences in these options. Residential plans generally focus on standard outbound and inbound calling basic features.

    Business VoIP is able to provide a lot of advanced features for both advanced productivity and call management. Some of these solutions include more advanced phone systems like PBX phone systems, and they all work directly over your broadband internet connection, instead of a regular phone line.

    One thing that makes business VoIP more appealing for businesses is the fact that with traditional phone companies, PBX systems and advanced productivity features are almost always considered to be mere add-ons. With Business VoIP, these features are included as part of your package. It is important to compare all of the different broadband phone providers, because there will be a number of different price points and services that are offered.

    What is the Best Way to Compare Business VoIP Providers in Colorado?

    The easiest way to compare providers and plans is to check monthly pricing, features and highlights, and user ratings. You may take advantage of the comparison tool we provide here at VoipReview to help you compare the various providers in Colorado. Use our tool to compare features, pricing, user reviews and more to come up with a plan that is right for you.

    The stars you see on the table represent composite ratings from user-submitted reviews. To read reviews for a particular provider, simply click on ‘reviews’ and you will be taken to that company’s page, where you will find an abundance of information available.

    If you are looking for a quote that is tailored to your individual needs, you can also take advantage of our service. Simply answer a few basic questions using the form you see above, and we will then provide you with a list of business VoIP companies in Colorado that meet your needs.

    We do our best to keep the information on our website current; however, rates and features can change without warning. As such, we recommend you visiting the provider’s website for specific details and to verify coverage.

    What Features Does a Business VoIP Plan Include?

    Business owners in Colorado are pleasantly surprised to learn that business VoIP offers many more features than a traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). A few of these calling features are:

    • Conference calling
    • Caller ID
    • Call waiting
    • Voicemail
    • Auto attendant
    • Call notification
    • Virtual extensions
    • Do not disturb
    • E911
    • Number portability
    • Hold music
    • Hunt group
    • Dial by name
    • Group paging
    • Simultaneous ring
    • Find me/follow me

    One of the best things about business VoIP plans is that they come with a host of free features that you would normally have to pay extra for. The number of free features varies from one provider to the next. As such, it is always a good idea to check with each provider individually to see which features are available. By visiting individual provider pages, consumers can also see what add-on features are being offered.

    Is There Any Difference Between Business VoIP and Landline Phone Service to the User?

    Landlines have long been the reliable standard; however, the advantages of VoIP over traditional phone systems are numerous. Improvements in VoIP technology have led to better call quality, more available features and a more flexible phone system compared to a conventional land line.

    If you are considering a VoIP service in Colorado, the problems formerly associated with VoIP should no longer concern you. Many of these issues were due to unreliable internet connections, which have improved exponentially since the early days of VoIP. A reputable VoIP service will provide the same, if not superior call quality than a landline.

    Facilitated by improvements in broadband internet reliability, VoIP is destined to replace landlines as the new standard. Businesses continue to embrace VoIP as a superior technology better equipped to serve them. VoIP may not be the right solution for every business, but those that use VoIP enjoy lower costs, excellent call quality, increased production, simple incorporation of remote users, scalability and business specific features that improve efficiency.

    Choosing a Residential VoIP Provider

    VoIP providers in the Colorado area also provide services to residential and small office/ home office clients. Some companies offer both residential and business services, while others focus on one specific market. If you’re looking for a VoIP provider to use at home or have a small home-based business, there are a few things you should consider before making a decision, such as:

    1. The included calling features. Just like with a business service, residential VoIP plans come with a set of included features. Depending on the specific plan, this could include caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and more. To get the best value, you should choose a provider offering plans that include all of the calling features you need.
    2. Any promotions and discounts applicable. Some providers have special deals available for new subscribers, as well as plans that they don’t promote too heavily. Take a look at their website to see what their latest deals are and check out their list of plans. There might be a service plan that suits your needs a lot better than the most popular ones featured in the company’s advertisements.
    3. Additional fees or charges. Before selecting a provider, be sure that you’re aware of the full details of their pricing. Some have all-inclusive plans with no extra fees, while some may charge extras, such as 911 service fees, taxes, etc. Plans that include international calling tend to be limited to a specific set of countries. If a country you may need to call often isn’t included, you should always find out what the per-minute rate charged by the provider is beforehand.
    4. Provided equipment and devices. It is common for providers to offer a free IP phone or ATA adapter to new subscribers that sign up for a 1 or 2-year term. Other providers may give you the option of buying the hardware from them or using your own. If you don’t already have your own IP phones, be sure to factor in the costs of the hardware in your decision.

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    #VoIPVoIP is a division of Kosmaz Technologies LLC.
    Copyright 2006-2016 Kosmaz Technologies LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Kosmaz is a VoIP service provider enabling pay as you go prepaid Internet phone service and International Virtual Phone Numbers. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD voip option allow customers to connect their own voice over IP systems, SIP devices, including IP phones, softphones, and IP PBX. This single account access solution enables service to be used as home phone service, small business voip service, mobile VoIP phone, pc to phone or as calling card with need of only one account.

    The question to What is VoIP is simple; VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technical way of saying using the Internet for making telephone calls. VoIP service technology converts regular (or analog) phone calls into data (or digital) and zips them through your high-speed Internet connection.

    The main benefit of VoIP service is very non-technical and simple to understand – it is cheaper than traditional phone services and has more features than you probably currently know about or use. With VoIP service you can call anywhere at anytime for less money. And it’s better than your traditional line because it expands the power of your phone.

    Placing a call with VoIP service is exactly the same as with any other regular phone. Just pick up the handset and dial the regular telephone number. It’s that simple. You don’t have to be technical or computer savvy to use VoIP service. Receiving calls also works the same. The phone will ring just like a regular phone. With VoIP service, just pick up the phone and start talking!

    In more technical terms, your VoIP adapter splits your high-speed broadband connection and converts your analog signal to digital. The digital signal is sent through your modem and across the Internet. Your Internet connection will work as it did before you installed the VoIP adapter, sending emails and other Web data to your personal computer as normal. When someone calls you, they dial your regular telephone number. Behind the scenes, your number looks similar to an e-mail address. This number instructs the call to travel over the Internet to the VoIP adapter, your phone rings, and all you have to do is pick up and answer it.

    VoIP service offers a number of advantages over current telephone services. Although it relies on different technology and communications that does not travel over traditional phone lines, it provides features similar to your current telephone service. This includes Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Caller ID.

    VoIP services also provide additional features that provide control and connectedness, such as the ability for callers to find you wherever you are, the ability to see all inbound and outbound calls over months, and the ability to listen to and manage voicemail.

    A VoIP service will not work without household power or without broadband or high-speed Internet connection

    Along with low domestic and international phone rates, an impressive array of special phone features are available with VoIP services. Typical service plans allow you to choose your own preferred free local dialing US area code, regardless of where you live. You can add a Virtual Phone Number in any area code, forwarded to your phone.

    Some of the other advanced features included;

    Voice Mail and eFeatures – See and hear messages via the Web or through your phone and forward voice messages to your e-mail account. E-mail tells you when you have a message. Forward voicemail as an e-mail attachment.

    Call Logs – View a list of calls you placed and received and click on any number to automatically dial, just like on your wireless phone.

    Call Forwarding – Set your service so callers can find you at other numbers when you’re not at your phone.

    Speed Dial – Set up single-digit shortcuts for the numbers you call the most – just like on your cell phone.

    Personal Conferencing – Set up a meeting room with up to ten callers on the same line. Personal Conferencing is provided free of charge.

    Do Not Disturb – Receive calls only when you want to. Forward calls to voicemail but allow urgent calls to ring through.

    While most VoIP services insist on supplying VoIP device, which usually is locked so it only works with one service provider, with VoIPVoIP, you have the freedom to use virtually any softphone, VoIP adapter, gateway, IP phone, or IP PBX system you choose, as long as it supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

    You can use our VoIP service in many different ways.

    The easiest way to start using VoIP Serive is using PC to phone software from your computer. Simply download free softphone to your laptop, pc and within 5 minutes you will be able to place and receive telephone calls from any high-speed / WiFi location on the planet with the lowest rates and free to other VoIP service users.

    You can use your existing high-speed Internet connection at home and your existing touch-tone phone to make all your calls at a fraction of the cost of analog phone service with Home Internet Phone Service .

    With Business VoIP you can use the power of VoIP and the Internet for big business telephony features on a small business budget.

    With IP PBX systems, you get big business features like auto-attendant, music or message on hold, and much more for a less then ever possible and use the VoIP service network to save you money on calls and monthly service with your local telecommunications provider.

    With International Toll Free Number from any 24 countries of your choice enables international customers to reach your business phone number dialing a local toll free number.

    Phone Card as known as Calling Card is an affordable way to make international calls, just by dialing our access number.

    Virtual Phone Number is real phone number from any 50+ country in the world enabling users to receive calls in any other country in the world with any phone with call forwarding.

    VoIP Provider VoIPVoIP.com you can save 60% or more on VoIP services with no commitments, no contracts, no monthly fees.

    SIP Trunk providers enable VoIP service for any opne source IP PBX system supporting SIP such asAsterisk. Freeswitch, Trixbox, Elastix, FreePBX, PBX in a Flash, PBXtra. VoIPVoIP.com as a SIP provider also supports commercial IP PBX systems such as Allworx, Fonality, Switchvox, Grandstream UCM6104, UCM6108, 3CX, Linksys SPA9000, Epygi, PBXnSIP, Aastra, Talkswitch, Cisco UC unified communications, MS Response Point, VoIPTel. SIP Trunk service is also avaialble for RenegadePBX, Barracude Phone Systems, Xorcom IP PBX, Rhino Ceros, Patton SNBX, Edgewater EdgeMarc, Sangoma FreePBX, Yeastar MyPBX.

    VoIPVoIP.com SIP account provides pay as you go VoIP service for any SIP phone with no contracts.

    Mobile VoIP service enables cheap international calls with mobile phones and smart phones using iPhone VoIP. Android VoIP as well as Windows Mobile VoIP SIP apps and software.

    Call Recording Solutions #call #recording, #voice #recording, #voip #recording, #pci #dss #compliant


    Quick Quotation

    Call Recording Overview

    Smartcall Voice-Net is a call recording solution for 5 to 5,000 users and is available as software only or as a complete solution including server hardware. Designed and built using Microsoft technology, Voice-Net recorders operate in standard network environments and run on standard server platforms including VMware.

    Voice-Net recorders have connectivity with the widest range of telephony and UC platforms and provide call recording for VoIP and TDM based systems. The choice of leading organisations, Smartcall Voice-Net recorders are secure (all recording are 256bt encrypted) and are FCA compliant and PCI DSS compliant. Smartcall Voice-Net recorders are used by SME’s with a basic recording requirement through to multi-site enterprises requiring CRM integration and centralised storage.

    FCA Compliance

    Smartcall Voice-Net recorders provide all of the features required by organisations whose businesses are regulated by the FCA, including those mandated by the latest European standard MiFID II.

    Recordings made using Smartcall Voice-Net systems are 256bt encrypted, user access is restricted through roles based security and all replay activities are logged to an Audit trail. Recordings can be archived to multiple locations to ensure they are available for 5 years as specified by the latest FCA compliance regulations.

    Search Replay Call Recordings

    Finding and playing recordings is quick and efficient using the intuitive Smartcall OneView browser interface. Users are provided with a wide range of criteria to allow specific recordings to be located and played. Easy to use, Smartcall OneView has a host of features designed to enable users to manage large volumes of recordings and through role based security and an audit trail of user activity, control access to recordings.

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    Call for One. Call for All.

    Why DOTVOX?

    DOTVOX provides enterprise-grade communication tools to those who want to leverage cloud-based VoIP technology for their ultimate gain. With a business VoIP provider like DOTVOX, organizations of any size, industry, or need have complete access to VoIP solutions that propel their workforce past the competition. So the question is, why not DOTVOX?

    Unified Comm

    Unified Communications (UC) leverages VoIP technology to empower your team with tools for workforce mobility, successful collaboration, and universal access to contacts and phone functionalities using the same business phone number. DOTVOX delivers the best business solutions to compete effectively in your market.

    VoIP Phones

    DOTVOX offers a full range of industry-leading Polycom devices to provide the best business VoIP system possible. Our portfolio includes handsets and conference phones with accessories available to fit your business needs. Supplying single users to complex call centers, we’ve got the VoIP equipment you re searching for!


    We’re proud to offer 24/7/365
    U.S.-based support for our DOTVOX clients. Oddly enough, most of our competitors can’t say the same. Our DOTVOX Rescue Team is dedicated to providing users with self-help tools, in addition to live and remote support when needed—so you can refocus efforts and resources back to business growth and success!

    Have Questions? Ask an Expert.

    Or Call: 888.534.4955

    DOTVOX VoIP Plans

    Searching for a small business VoIP system with advanced features or a hosted PBX environment to mobilize your growing business? You ve found the right business VoIP provider! DOTVOX offers VoIP plans based on your unique needs, regardless of your organizational size, budget, or user experience level.


    A full suite of advanced features, functions, and capabilities on both VoIP desktop and mobile platforms. Our Enterprise plan is the most versatile and equipped VoIP business plan for workforces of all sizes.



    Find Your DOTVOX.

    Compare Residential VoIP Providers #residential #voip, #residential, #voip, #voip #provider #reviews, #digital #phone #service, #voip #phone #system, #home #voip


    Compare Residential VoIP Providers

    How Do I Know If My Internet is VoIP Capable?

    Run a speed test to see if your broadband connection is qualified for a residential VoIP service.

    The most important factor when it comes to the quality of your residential VoIP is your Internet speed. Your broadband speed is important because it will determine whether or not you are qualified for a VoIP service. A poor broadband connection will result in a low-quality call. With a bad connection, you will be affected by things like jitter. packet loss. and bad voice quality. It is important that you test your broadband connection ahead of time. You can test your connection with our Speed Test to see whether or not your setup is VoIP-capable.

    Typically, a broadband connection will show 600 kbps for the upload stream and 5000 kbps on the download stream. It is standard for your upload speed to be less than your download speed. The upload speed is also the limiting factor and determines if you are capable of making VoIP phone calls.

    Test your internet speed with our innovative Speed Test. Be sure to use this test while you are hardwired, and not while using a WiFi connection, in order to get a more accurate reading.

    Unfortunately, if your connection isn’t strong enough, you will need to sign up for a faster internet service before you can begin shopping and comparing VoIP providers.

    How Much Do I Pay for My Residential Phone Service?

    By switching to VoIP from a traditional phone service, you can save on your monthly phone bill.

    After finding out your connection speed, find out how much you pay each month for your current phone service. This will give you a good basis with which to compare VoIP provider’s prices.

    When looking at how much you pay for phone service, you should also consider how much you get for what you are paying .

    There are a number of questions to ask yourself about your current phone plan:

    1. How much do I pay for phone service?
    2. What is included with my service?
    3. What features does my phone provider offer?
    4. How many minutes do I get a month?
    5. What am I charged for long distance and international calls?

    VoIP can give you all of this (and more!) for a fraction of the price.

    How Often Do I Make Long Distance Calls?

    The number of long distance calls you make will determine the type of residential VoIP calling plan you choose.

    Residential VoIP customers can save a lot of money on long distance calls. VoIP makes long distance calling cheaper because the data doesn’t move through as many networks as a standard call.

    Most VoIP providers offer unlimited long distance minutes. Some providers charge a low per-minute rate for all calls for both local and long distance calls (normally with a Metered or Pay As You Go plan).

    And still yet, select providers offer free on-network calling regardless of location. This helps customers save big on long distance and international calling. Check with your provider to see their long distance calling charges.

    How Often Do I Make International Calls?

    When compared to traditional phone services, residential VoIP providers offer competitive international calling rates.

    International calls work similarly to long distance calling with a VoIP service. Instead of calling local-to-local within one country, you call local-to-local between countries. Residential VoIP can save you a lot of money on your international calling bill .

    One thing to compare between residential VoIP providers is how they offer international calling. Most providers offer a certain rate per area per country. You can find these international rates listed on the provider websites. Other residential VoIP providers will offer a certain number of minutes free per month to specific countries. And VoIP providers like ITP will also offer a global or international plan, too, for unlimited international calling to select countries.

    Softphone services are also a great way to save money on international calls.

    Usually, VoIP providers do not charge for you to use their network for internal calls. So if you and your friends or family use the same VoIP provider/network, then you won’t have to pay for those calls.

    What Kind of Payment Am I Comfortable With?

    Residential VoIP offers pay as you go, metered, month to month, and long term contract payment options.

    When it comes to Residential VoIP. it can be difficult to know which payment type you are most comfortable with. Compare these options that most VoIP providers offer:

    Pay As You Go plans allow you to use only what you pay for. If you use your phone infrequently, this is a good option for you. Add features, extensions and more for additional charges.

    Metered plans are very similar to Pay As You Go, in that you pay a per-minute charge for your calls. However, Metered Plans come with all of the call management features that business VoIP providers offer.

    Month-to-month plans are more expensive but much more flexible than either Pay As You Go or Metered plans and are offered by top-rated providers like ITP and Vonage. With month-to-month, you will not be tied into a long-term contract, and can cancel anytime. Depending on the provider, cancelation fees may apply. You also receive a full feature set with your month-to-month plan.

    Contract plans can be less expensive per month, but you have to pay up front for your service. Oftentimes, you can negotiate for a lower price, free hardware, or more when you sign a long-term contract with a VoIP provider.

    The VoIP providers listed in our comparison tables have different plan options, which can be viewed either through the information tool tip or on a provider’s details page. However, please make sure you check on the provider’s website before you sign up. While we try and give you the most current information, VoIP providers can change their prices or fees at any time.

    Do I have the Equipment that Residential VoIP Requires?

    Residential VoIP needs an existing Internet connection and a VoIP-capable phone to properly function.

    In addition to making sure that you have the proper internet speed. you need to check the equipment your VoIP provider requires. Compare providers based on the equipment they provide and require: you can find these details (which change frequently) on their websites.

    The common pieces of equipment that a VoIP service requires includes one of the following:

    A softphone is a type of software provided by the VoIP company that is used to make calls. An ATA enables your current phone to be used with VOIP and is most commonly used when you BYOD (if your provider offers it). An IP phone is a phone that you can directly plug into the internet to make phone calls.

    Additionally, some residential VoIP providers offer either free equipment or a BYOD option. Check with your provider for specifics.

    Now that you have a basic understanding of Residential VoIP, browse through some of our select providers in the table above. Click on the individual logos of one of the VoIP providers listed above to be redirected to their website, or click the number of reviews in order to read specific reviews about that provider.

    Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G #ip #voip #phone


    Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G

    Cisco Unified Communications is a comprehensive IP communications system of voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications. It enables more effective, more secure, and more personal communications that directly affect both sales and profitability. It brings people together by enabling a new way of communicating in which your business moves with you, security is everywhere, and information is always available whenever and wherever it is needed. Cisco Unified Communications is part of an integrated solution that includes network infrastructure, security, mobility, network management products, lifecycle services, flexible deployment and outsourced management options, end-user and partner financing packages, and third-party communications applications.

    The power of Cisco Unified Communications extends throughout the enterprise with a powerful, converged wireless solution with intelligent wireless infrastructure and an innovative product: the new Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G (Figure 1). The device delivers on-campus mobility to users using the voice-over-wireless LAN.

    Figure 1. Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G

    The Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G supports a host of calling features and voice-quality enhancements. The device is an advanced media IP phone, delivering wideband audio capabilities. In addition to wideband audio, Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G supports presence, which enables users in a mobile Wi-Fi environment to view the current status of other users. Because the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G is designed to grow with system capabilities, features will keep pace with new system enhancements. Table 1 provides a list of the features, Table 2 summarizes wireless characteristics, Table 3 lists specifications, Table 4 lists accessories, and Table 5 provides certification and compliance information.

    Table 1. Features

    Cisco Unified IP Phones are covered by a Cisco standard 1-year replacement warranty. A Cisco SMARTnet optional service agreement is available for the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G hardware, Desktop Charger, and Multi-Charger only, not for other accessories, such as batteries.

    Note: This product is not a medical device and may use an unlicensed frequency band that is susceptible to interference from other devices or equipment.

    Cisco Unified Communications Services and Support

    Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and its partners offer a broad portfolio of end-to-end services to support the Cisco Unified Communications system. These services are based on proven methodologies for deploying, operating, and optimizing IP communications solutions. Initial planning and design services, for example, can help you meet aggressive deployment schedules and reduce network disruption during implementation. Operate services reduce the risk of communications downtime with expert technical support, and optimize services enhance solution performance for operational excellence. Cisco and its partners offer a system-level service and support approach that can help you create and maintain a resilient, converged network that meets your business needs.