Vintage Cars for sale, vintage cars for sale.#Vintage #cars #for #sale

vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

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Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for sale

American Orient Express, vintage cars.#Vintage #cars

vintage cars

Vintage cars

The Vintage Cars

The great streamliner trains – the Twentieth Century Limited, Capitol Limited and Santa Fe Super Chief – consisted of a series of specialized cars, designed and engineered to meet the needs of the passenger. The cars epitomized the sleek architectural style of the era and created functional intimate places where rail travelers could socialize, view the landscape, dine with others and relax in private. The American Orient Express keeps this tradition alive.

All our rail cars are authentic, restored both to preserve history and to incorporate contemporary convenience and comfort. Unified by the dark mahogany walls and adorned with delicate marquetry, they reflect the aesthetics and attention to detail established by George Pullman, the first builder of luxury rail cars.

Dome Cars

Vintage cars

Soak up the sun’s rays or the starry velvet night in the dome car. The glass-enclosed dome car offers 360-degree viewing. Plush upholstered couches, chairs, booths and tables are ideal for board games, conversation, or time alone. In the 1950s, the dome was advertised in National Geographic as state-of-the-art in rail innovation. Today, its practical construction makes it a classic. Built by the Budd Company in 1953 for the Southern Pacific’s Daylight, this car seats 72 people in an upper-level glass enclosure that affords a 360° view of the surrounding countryside and is equipped with a bar, library, a through passage on the lower level and the Passenger Services Office.

Lounge Cars

Vintage cars

The 1940s-era lounge car, originally built for the Union Pacific Railroad, is decidedly sophisticated, with lavish fresh floral arrangements, comfortable seating, and a full, professionally tended bar. In the early evening, cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres are served here. After dinner, gather around the baby grand, where our pianist plays your favorites by Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael and Cab Calloway. The lounge car has been redesigned to accommodate a baby grand piano, a full service bar, comfortable couches and lounge chairs.

Observation Cars

Vintage cars

Lustrous mahogany panels, gleaming brass fixtures, sleek lines, and plush upholstered chairs and couches — welcome to our legendary New York observation car. Relax in its spectacular viewing salon. Sit back and savor a cocktail, marvel at the scenery, converse with fellow travelers . you’re reliving the past. The observation car features plush swivel rockers, with slender tables for writing, playing cards, reading, or sipping refreshments. The car itself evokes a time of romantic and adventurous rail travel. With its bow-tailed window seats, it has earned the nickname, the Lookout Lounge. The observation car has been appointed with a circular bay window which makes this an elegant place to watch the rails and passing scenery from the end of the train — bringing up the “markers” — as trainmen might say of the last car on the GrandLuxe Rail Journeys.

Dining Cars

Vintage cars

Savor outstanding cuisine at elegant tables with an ever-changing view. A visit to the dining car has been, from its introduction in 1868, the high point of any train trip. When you step into the dining room, you enter an intimate atmosphere. The dining cars seat up to 88 passengers; they were reconfigured from their original state to give passengers a more comfortable dining experience. A banquet, decorated with fresh cut flowers, divides the room and tables for two or four invite conversation. An attendant in formal attire beckons you. You are seated, ready to partake in epicurean pleasures of the highest order, prepared by chefs d’ cuisine who have carefully planned a menu of recognized favorites and regional specialties.

Vintage cars

Classic Cars For Sale, Classic Cars Review, Vintage Cars For Sales, vintage cars for sale.#Vintage #cars #for #sale

Classic Cars For Sale

Even with motoring costs at an all time high and Gatso cameras on every corner, there’s still a lot of fun to be had when out and about on the road – if you drive a classic that is.

If you like cars but are becoming increasingly tired of the pace and pressure of modern motoring, then nothing can compare to the relaxing pleasure of driving a classic along a favourite road with the sun shining, the radio belting out an equally memorable golden oldie and feeling good about yourself. As alternative medicine goes, it simply can’t be bettered.

Of course, you can’t talk about old cars without starting off the age-old debate of just what is a classic car? There’s no definite answer to this.. But rest assured you don’t need to buy a Ferrari to say you own a classic!

At Classic Cars For Sale magazine we like all types: family cars, sports cars, vintage cars, British classic cars and even vans – because we define a classic as a vehicle that has stood the test of time and is now fondly remembered for putting fun into driving and ownership. In a word it’s down to character – lots of it!

And the good news is that ‘Classic Cars UK’ is doing very well even in these depressed times and this is because canny motorists have realised that apart from providing enormous fun, owning a classic car can also be a shrewd investment for the future or even an heirloom to pass down the family line, as many have done so.

Classic Cars

The beauty of our hobby is that you don’t need to be a lottery winner to join in and feel welcome. It’s fantastic to own a Ferrari, of course, but you can have just as much fun and fulfilment by looking at cheap classic cars that can be bought for perhaps just hundreds of pounds. Classic car sales are to be found everywhere – private sales, auctions and even specialist classic car dealers who both sell and buy classics along with repairing and restoring them. By and large they are a friendly helpful bunch and a world away from your usual motor dealer because they love classics as much as we do!

It’s important to remember that one the hidden joys of owning a classic car is the friendly new world that is unlocked as soon as you turn the ignition key, care of a superb social scene that comes free with every classic. Special car shows, driving events and tours, motorsport or simply a get together down the local along with fellow enthusiasts… Once you own a classic car, it’s down to you just how much you want to become engrossed in this new enjoyable pastime. Be warned however, it’s contagious but you’ll enjoy every minute of it – even when toiling under the bonnet!

If this has whetted your appetite for a classic car then make sure you buy Classic Cars For Sale each month – or do it the easy way and take out a subscription. Every issue is packed with hundreds of classic cars for sale, backed by dedicated buying guides and road tests on every make and model, plus all the latest news and views on the burgeoning and brilliant British classic car scene.

Vintage cars for sale

Replica Vintage Trolley Cars by John Smatlak, vintage cars.#Vintage #cars

vintage cars

Vintage cars

Since 2007, sales of new replica cars have fallen off noticeably, as market attention has turned to modern streetcar vehicles. However, replica cars are still being offered today by Gomaco Trolley and other suppliers. While they demand a higher price tag, new vehicles also come with the advantage of lower maintenance costs, higher reliability, a more predictable price and delivery schedule, as well as the ability to incorporate modern features such as air conditioning and ADA accommodations.

As an alternative to replica cars, some systems have acquired cars from overseas or restored vintage cars from their local area. Unfortunately, the pool of original equipment surviving intact from America’s trolley era is relatively small, and those that remain in the wild are typically without running gear and other vital operational components. Although there are still a good many unrestored PCC cars out there, conventional trolleys in complete form are largely in the collections of railway museums around the country. Depending on the car’s condition, museums may be unwilling to expose these rare pieces to the potentially consumptive use of daily service on a busy transit operation. Maintenance of vintage vehicles can also be a problem, owing to evolving safety standards, lack of spare parts and difficulty in finding the necessary expertise to maintain the older technology.

The largest sources of overseas cars have been Australia, Portugal and Italy. Large scale exports of Australian trams ended in about 1990 when the government decided it was better to retain its retired trams, and the export of Portuguese cars also ended as the supply of cars was exhausted. Throughout the 1990’s, cars have been available from Milan, (and remain so) although the fact that they are single-ended limits their utility.

Today, opportunities to import trams from Australia are once again available; Newstead Tramcars and Bendigo Tramways offer vintage parts, as well as entire trolleys, for sale. The Bendigo website includes a page detailing the latest offerings. Additional cars may also become available again in Australia , see our Australian Trams page for more information.

In the US, the Gomaco Trolley Company offers complete trolleys and refurbishment services. The Brookville Equipment Corporation manufactures new running gear, refurbishes trolleys (including major rebuilds of PCC cars) and is also pursuing the replica trolley market. TIG/m is also offering battery powered replica trolleys.

It should also be noted that the majority of the new replica cars built to date have used some percentage of refurbished vintage components, typically trucks, motors, controllers, and some air brake system components. The extent to which refurbished components are used on future orders will depend on the requirements of the individual customer, and the types of parts the car builder has access to. A number of cars have used parts from retired Melbourne trams, although the export ban has effectively dried up this source. Additionally, Milan has also proven to be an excellent resource, and a great many parts have been acquired from this city as their older trams are gradually phased out. New Orleans is notable as being an exception to the use of refurbished parts, opting instead to purchase everything new for its 23 Canal St. replica cars, including the trucks and motors. The New Orleans cars use newly built PCC-derivative running gear and modern chopper control.

Other factors influencing the development of replica cars includes the 2005 introduction of the APTA Standard for Vintage / Heritage Trolley Vehicle Equipment , which provides important new guidelines for vehicle manufacturers and operators. The table below details all of the replica vehicles built or on order in North America since 1984. Corrections, updates, and additional information would, of course, be welcome.

Replica VT cars built since 1984, compiled by John Smatlak

Vintage-cars-for-sale-uk – Vintage Cars. #sell #car #online

#vintage cars for sale

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Used Vintage Car Sale Uk For Sale #car #sales #perth

#car sale uk

Used Vintage Car Sale Uk For Sale

2008 Harley-Davidson FXCWC Softail Rocker

Harley-Davidson Softail ROCKER (not Breakout) Full Custom AIRFORCE Hallo all real bikers! I’m proud to present another fully modified motorcycle under the sign of HD.

2008 Harley-Davidson FXCWC Softail Rocker for sale in Accrington, Lancashire, UK

2009 Harley-Davidson FXCWC Softail Rocker

1942 Harley Davidson

1997 Honda CBR

HONDA CBR 1100 XX, BLACKBIRD, 16,541 MILES, 97, FSH, BEAUTIFUL Overview Vehicle Details Features/Specification About Us Showroom Vehicle Print Out £2,850.00 HONDA

1966 BMW R50/2

1966 BMW R50/2 BLACK 500cc flat twin post war classic only 1 owner on v5 BMW R50/2 1966,flat twin 500cc, only 24246 miles. This rare post war classic comes with vintage mot

1974 Ducati 1974 DUCATI GT

1974 DUCATI GT (aka Raider Motorsport) specialize in rare, unique, custom and antique motorcycles. W

2008 Peugeot 207

2008 PEUGEOT 207 MPLAY 1.4 3 DOOR HATCHBACK PETROL Overview Vehicle Details About Us Showroom Vehicle Print Out £3,280.00 2008 PEUGEOT 207 MPLAY 1.4 3

1964 Ducati 1964 Ducati Elite 200

How to Price an Antique, Vintage or Classic Car or Truck #dollar #rent #a #car

#used car pricing guide

How to Price a Used Vehicle

Last Reviewed: December 01, 2015

If you are selling an antique, vintage or classic vehicle you will need to know how to calculate an “asking” price. Most vehicle buyers will expect you to be willing to negotiate the price which means you will start by asking for an amount above what you are willing to accept. If you are one of the many people who dislike bartering like a used car salesman this may prove difficult, but it is necessary. If you advertise that price if “firm” you are likely to lose potential buyers and of those who do respond, many will try to negotiate anyway. Everyone wants to feel like they made a good deal and to some negotiating is how they meet the need. And some see it as a sign of respect; a give-and-take that demonstrates an appreciation for the other person s situation. The asking price is typically about 10 percent above the actual value of the vehicle.

1932 Lincoln Victoria *

The actual value of a vehicle can be easy or difficult to determine, based on the age, make and model of the vehicle. The older and rarer the vehicle is the harder it will be to determine the actual value because it is based on the current market value, its condition, how unique it is and the seller s emotional attachment. Newer vehicles are therefore relatively easy to evaluate because they are not rare, the condition is usually a simple factor of appearance and mileage and the seller is not likely to be emotionally attached. However older cars are a different story. Value guides such as NADA or Kelly Blue Book are good places to start – but do not stop there.

The next step is to look at the current market value. Search the Internet for the specific year, make and model of your vehicle and see what others are asking. Call other sellers to compare the condition of their vehicles to yours and determine how long their vehicles have been on the market at their asking prices. Look for used car dealers who are selling similar vehicles because they will have already researched the best asking price, watch the automobile auction shows on television, and study the classified ads in your local newspaper.

The next consideration is the uniqueness which is more subjective and while we have an How To Appraise a Vehicle reference guide you may require the help of a professional appraiser. Just like fine wines, there are specific years, makes and models of vehicles that have a unique appeal and/or are particularly rare. Limited edition vehicles such as the Shelby Cobra and one-of-a-kind vehicles such as the Tucker or a past president s limousine will require a knowledge of their sales history and current public interest.

And finally there is the emotional value. If you really do not want to sell the vehicle but must, or just finished an expensive restoration, you are likely to want more that it is worth. However if you are selling one of Elvis Presley s Cadillacs prior to a significant anniversary when there is a lot of publicity you may be able to ask more than it is worth. Here again a professional appraiser may be of some help.

Classic Cars For Sale, Car Wanted in Northern Ireland. Vintage #national #car #rental

#cars for sale in northern ireland

Latest Classic Cars and Bikes

Listing 305 adverts

Hi I have for sale my rare datsun 120y b310 one of only two 1979 120y b310 on how many left UK the other one is sorted this is moted until August the 14th 2016 drives great needs small bodywork done

VW Beetle 1200 RHD – 68000 miles -excelent condition,matching numbers. Any inspection welcome.

June 1975 low mileage MG Midget in Pageant Blue. Full history file and MOT until 3rd August 2016 and taxed until 31 January 2016. Full weather equipment in very good condition. This car will be tax exempt

This Ford Anglia 107E has covered a genuine 41,518 miles from new. The car still retains its original registration mark 428 JNN. The underside of the car is excellent and the engine bay and boot beautifully

For Sale. 2005 Benelli Tornado TRE 900 RS top of the range, in immaculate condition. Less than 7,000 miles. Comes with V5, Workshop manual on CD, Owners instruction manual, Spare keys and brochure. Brand

1999 Mercedes-Benz E430 Avantgarde Auto An extremely rare car, not just with that huge V8, but also because it s had every possible option box ticked. BRC LPG system with tank in boot. The

Outstanding condition inside and out 87,000 documented miles Full service history MOTed to Oct 2016 Genuine reason for sale… Give me a call for further details on 07469875707 £7,750 o.n.o

1989 Mercedes 190E 4Dr 2.0 Petrol Manual. car is driving well no obvious problems with car / no warning lights on / engine sounds fine

Ford Escort Mk2 1300 December 1975 build date Left Hand Drive 2 Door 1297cc Olympic Blue Black vinyl interior 64,472 Kms (40,061 miles) MOT until 16th July 2016 On SORN certificate This

As seen in photos and with an MOT until the 25th July 2016. The car has wanted for nothing in my ownership and has a fully stamped service book with main dealers and a local specialist as well as my own

First to see will buy 348 TS 1993 53,000 Miles Rosso Corsa Red Original Nero Splitters and Skirts Nero Hide interior 8 months MOT HPI Clear Originally sold by Bremer Autohaus for the German

2001 BMW Z3 1.9 wide-body manual. This car was built in July 2001, just a year before Z3 production ceased, so it has all the later features and none of the early Z3 niggles. Being one of the last ones,

1988 BMW M535i manual Silver £3495 MOT up on 07 November 15 144k Dungannon, Northern Ireland This is an E28 M535i in Lachs Silver with shadowline trim and cloth sport interior. The 3430cc M30 runs

CLASSIC CHROME 500 – Official Royal Enfield Franchise – EVOLUTION MOTORWORKS – Oxford Island, Kinnego Marina, Lurgan, Co.Armagh, BT66 6NJ. – Tel – 028 38 327402 – ROI – 00 44 28 38 327

Royal Enfield – Continental GT – Official Ireland Royal Enfield Franchise – Largest collection of new Royal Enfield s in Ireland – EVOLUTION MOTORWORKS LTD – Oxford Island, Kinnego Marina, Lurgan,

Royal Enfield – Bullet 500 Official Ireland Royal Enfield Franchise – Largest collection of new Royal Enfield s in Ireland EVOLUTION MOTORWORKS LTD Oxford Island, Kinnego Marina, Lurgan, Co.Armagh,N.Ireland

Peugeot 106 Rally Car Maxi Bodykit Citroen C2 engine 1600 twin cam with 190bhp 165 torque – Completely rebuilt by Willie McDowell All fabrication completed by Taggert Motorsport I have

1973 manta sr1900 full restoration,full respray, Good example of a rare and rising in value classic. Runs good.interior good. Rostyle wheels. Was uk reg UTV462L. Now is a Zv Republic of Ireland reg

For sale 1996 MK3 VW Golf 5DR 1.9d SE. 1st Reg. 23/07/1996 Mileage: 169,668 Colour: Storm Grey Metallic Power Steering Original Mud flaps, mats, alloy wheels and detachable radio 1 previous owner 19 years

Cf2 Bedford for sale it has only 22thousand miles on it and is in very good has 3.3 Holden in it and 3 speed automatic gearbox it has been converted to lpg it s a chassis and cab with box