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Buying a used car

There are steps you can take to help you avoid buying a car that’s been badly damaged, stolen or illegally altered. They’ll also simply help you get a car that doesn’t break down.

Doing the proper checks can help save you distress and money down the line.

It’s worth knowing that you’ll still have legal rights even if you don’t do the proper checks. If there’s something wrong with your used car (eg it’s got a false mileage reading or it keeps breaking down), you may have a legal right to a repair, the cost of a repair, or some or all of your money back.

Make sure a trader is trustworthy

If you’re buying from a trader (ie a business that sells cars) you should:

  • look for an established firm with a good reputation
  • look for a trade association sign (eg the Retail Motor Industry Federation or the Scottish Motor Trade Association) or a sign that says they follow the Motor Codes code of practice – this means you can act through a trade association if something goes wrong
  • look for a trader whose cars have been inspected by an independent engineer or motoring organisation

Buying from an auction

Auctions are probably the riskiest way of buying a used car. You probably won’t have the legal protection that you have if you buy through a trader (eg the right to returns and refunds).

Make sure you read the auction house’s terms and conditions of business carefully before making a bid.

Check a car’s history

Doing some simple checks will reduce your chances of buying a car that’s being sold illegally or has had major repairs. You can also find out if the current owner still owes money on the car.

It doesn’t take long or cost much. You should consider doing this no matter who you buy from.

1. Check the car’s details with the DVLA

Ask the seller for the car’s:

  • registration number (on the number plate)
  • MOT test number
  • mileage
  • make and model

Use the DVLA’s free online vehicle information checker to make sure what the seller tells you matches the DVLA’s records.

If some of the minor details don’t match, you can ask the seller to clarify – it might be a simple mistake. But if you’re suspicious that the seller gave you fake details then you shouldn’t buy the car.

You should report the seller to the police if the log book (V5C registration certificate) doesn’t match the car on the DVLA records.

2. Check the MOT and history

Vehicles need regular MOT tests to make sure they’re safe for the road. You should check that MOT tests have been done regularly throughout the car’s history (most cars over 3 years old need an MOT test every year).

Ask the seller about any gaps in MOT – don’t continue with the deal if you’re suspicious of the MOT history. A car might not have needed an MOT if it was unused for a period of time and was registered as SORN (a Statutory Off Road Notification).

3. Get a private history check

It’s a good idea to get a private history check (sometimes called a ‘data check’) on the car – this will give you valuable information about serious problems the car might have. It will cost up to £20.

It will tell you if:

  • the car has been reported stolen
  • the seller still owes money on the car
  • the car has previously been in a serious accident
  • the car is showing the correct mileage

You can get a car history check from any of these websites that check vehicle details:

Inspect the car and take a test drive

You should arrange to view the car in daylight, preferably when it’s dry – it’s harder to spot damage to the car if it’s wet. It’s a good idea to meet at a private seller’s house so that if something goes wrong after you’ve bought the car you’ll have a record of their address.

The AA has a useful checklist for what to look out for when inspecting a used car and its paperwork. Make sure you ask about the car’s service history.

You should definitely take the car for a test drive. You’ll need to make sure you’re insured to do this. If you have your own car insurance, check with your insurance company to see if you can drive someone else’s car. If you don’t have insurance, a trader or private seller’s insurance might cover you – you’ll need to ask them.

Don’t test drive a car if you’re not insured. You’ll be liable for any damage you cause and you could lose points on your licence.

Drive for at least 15 minutes on different types of road. The AA has a checklist for what to look out for when taking a test drive.

If you’re still not sure – get an independent report

If you’re still not sure at this stage, it’s probably a good idea to look for another car.

However, you can go a step further and get an independent report on the car. This will give you detailed information about the car’s condition, but will cost around £100 to £200.

Independent reports are done by motoring organisations and specialist companies – call Motor Codes for advice on where to get an independent report in your area. Motor Codes is a government backed self-regulatory body for the motoring industry.

Motor Codes

Telephone: 020 7344 1651

When you buy the car – the transaction

Don’t be afraid to haggle on the price – start low and let the seller work the price up. Stay calm and only pay what you can afford. Remember you can simply stop the deal if you feel like you’re being pressured into paying too much or buying additional features.

The Money Advice Service has useful guidance on how to negotiate when buying a car .

Make sure you get the original (not a photocopy) of:

  • the log book (the V5C registration certificate)
  • the valid MOT test document

The seller can’t legally transfer any car tax that they’ve already paid over to you (the rules around this changed recently). You’ll need to pay vehicle tax as soon as you buy the car. The seller will get a refund for any tax left on the car when it’s sold.

Ways to pay

There are things to consider when deciding how to pay for a used car.

Consider all your options before getting finance or a loan for a car. It can be an expensive way to pay, and you’ll need to make sure you can realistically afford the repayments. Read advice on getting a finance from the Money Advice Service .

If you pay by cash

Consider that:

  • there are no extra fees or interest
  • sometimes you can get a discount for paying cash
  • if something goes wrong with the car you won’t have the protection that some credit arrangements offer
  • you might not feel comfortable or safe carrying cash, especially if it’s not a cheap car

If you use a debit card

You might have protection from problems if your card provider has a ‘chargeback’ scheme – contact your bank for more information.

If you use a credit card

Consider that:

  • you can be flexible with making larger payments when you can afford them
  • you’ll get protection for goods costing between £100 and £30,000, even if you only paid for a small part of the cost on credit card (this is called ‘section 75’ protection – contact your bank for more information)
  • the interest rates on credit cards are often much higher than a finance arrangement

If you pay using an electronic transfer

Consider that:

  • your bank will have an upper limit on the amount you can transfer directly to someone else’s account
  • you can pay with a CHAPS payment but there will be a charge – check with your bank
  • if you’re buying from a private seller they may not feel comfortable giving you their bank account details

If you pay using finance arranged by a trader

Consider that:

  • you’ll have to pay extra for interest, so this will be more expensive
  • this can help you get a car if you don’t have all the money up front
  • you might have extra protection if there’s a problem later, because you can take action against the finance company as well as the trader (or instead of the trader)

If you pay using finance you’ve arranged yourself

Consider that:

  • you’ll have to pay extra for interest, so this will be more expensive
  • this can help you get a car if you don’t have all the money up front
  • once you have the money from the finance company, you can pay by debit or credit card to get extra protection
  • if there’s a problem with the car, the finance company won’t have any responsibility for helping you solve the problem

Buying a car through hire purchase

Consider that:

  • you don’t own the car until the last payment is made
  • you’ll have to pay a deposit – usually about 10% of the value of the car
  • there will be a fixed monthly cost – so it’s easier to budget
  • the car can be repossessed if you can’t keep up the payments

For more advice on whether a hire purchase arrangement would suit you read buying a car through hire purchase by the Money Advice Service.

Further help

Contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06 if you need more help – a trained adviser can give you advice over the phone. You can also use an online form or write to them.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, contact Consumerline .

Buying A Used Car: Negotiating Tips – Tricks – The Car Connection

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Buying A Used Car: Negotiating Tips & Tricks

Whether you shop a dealer or private party, buying a used car is going to take negotiating. Not everyone relishes the idea, but with a few tips and tricks you can make it through unscathed.

Know the car you want. Wandering aimlessly around a car lot can lead to an imperfect vehicle match. Find specific cars online before you head out to dealers. If it s a considerable distance away, consider calling ahead to verify the car is still in stock. Dealers tend to keep their websites updated, but it doesn t happen in real time.

Consider high-volume cars. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that regularly sells in the thousands, you have far more purchasing power. You’ll be able to find one equipped closer to your specs–and you’ll have the confidence to walk away, knowing there’s another listing on AutoTrader or Craigslist ad with a nearly identical product.

Know what it s worth. When you have a car in mind, research its value online. Several sites give dealer retail and private party numbers alike, adjusted for your region. Try a few to develop a better average price range.

Ask for records. Service records and a vehicle history report may not be ironclad proof of a car s past, but they do shed light on the life it led. Confirmation of important maintenance like a timing belt, clutch or other expensive work can be a bargaining tool and help you anticipate future operating costs.

Be prepared to walk. Or, at least take time to let your offer simmer. You don t have to get intense with negotiating, but stick within the range you re willing to spend. If that s not going to your satisfaction, stay cool and acknowledge the impasse. Make sure the seller has your contact information and thank him or her for their time. If they don t call your bluff and open negotiations again, so be it. At least you won t have been pressured into accepting a disagreeable offer.

Shop at the right time. There s some truth to better deals at the end of the month, but there are other times when dealers can be more flexible. The holidays are generally slower times as consumers are preoccupied with other shopping. For dealers in cold and snowy regions, slowness continues through the winter months.

Get more for your money. If price is a sticky point and you d rather not walk away from the deal altogether, try negotiating the seller to include more for the price. With a private party, that could be a full tank of gas, oil change and professional detailing. A dealer can do the same and more. All you have to do is ask, and the worst they can say is no.

Buying a Used Car

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Buying a Used Car

If you re in the market for a used car, consider the following tips.

Shop around to get the best deal. Check these sources:

  • A franchised dealer that sells both new and used cars is a good source for customers willing to pay top dollar. The dealer saves the late-model trade-ins for resale, while the less desirable vehicles are auctioned or sent to wholesalers. Franchised dealers have repair facilities and often provide warranties.
  • Used car dealers are a good source for older, higher mileage used cars. Some used car dealers do their own financing. While most used car dealers sell their cars as is, some are willing to provide limited warranties. If a warranty is offered, see if it is guaranteed by the dealer or by an outside party. (The dealer may be less likely to sell a problem vehicle if he is directly obligated under a warranty.)
  • A contract is binding. Unless the contract specifically says otherwise, you can t cancel it once you and the dealer have signed it. There is no three-day right to cancel nor any other cooling off period. Make sure the contract states that you can void the agreement and get back your down payment if the dealer does not meet any part of the agreement.

Buy little used small automatic cars for sale in Exeter, Devon

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Established in 1995, Exeter Small Automatics are the largest specialist retailers of high quality previously owned small automatic cars in the UK.

Our customers now come from across the South and West of England, including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Hampshire, plus an increasing number from as far afield as Wales, London, the South East and the Midlands. Situated as we are, close to the M5 junction with the A30, we are easily accessible via good direct road connections from the Plymouth, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Yeovil and Bournemouth areas.

So as to give our customers the widest possible choice we endeavour to keep on-site at least one example of almost every make and model sold in the UK within the last eight years.

With our comprehensive specialist stock we can usually satisfy our customers particular requirements without delay. In the event that we cannot, then we will locate and secure that car for you via Autosearch .

Most makes and models of small automatic cars are usually available immediately, many with detailed service history and low mileage. Our stock changes daily. Please see our car finder stock list for current details. If you cannot find the car you are seeking, please telephone, write or email with your request. Many of our cars are suitable for adaptation to the special requirements of those drivers who have disability needs. These modifications are undertaken by qualified specialists.

Our very special Parts Labour Warranties are, we believe, the best in the business as they cover almost everything, excluding driver abuse and accidental damage. For further details see under Buying .

Good allowances are offered for part exchange vehicles, particularly for auto models similar to those which we sell. Please see Makes and Models. and also Selling .

All usual dealer facilities are available including competitive finance plans, details of which are available upon request (more. ). We are happy to arrange vehicle modifications for customers with special needs. All cars are sold with a twelve month MOT certificate and extended warranty, and for your peace of mind are checked and cleared on the HPI Identity, Outstanding Finance, Condition Alert Stolen Vehicle Registers.

At all times we endeavour to meet our customers individual requirements, offer free, helpful advice and provide a professional, courteous service.

We are situated in an easy to find and reach, central West Country location, just off the new A30 near Exeter Airport in Devon. For directions and a map please see How To Find Us .

Our usual opening hours are 9.30 am until 5 pm Monday to Saturday. We will be closed on some bank holidays. We are of course happy to meet customers at other times by prior appointment.

Buy a Used Car-Buy Used Cars Online

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Buying Used Car

Not everyone can afford a new car. At times getting a used car can be much smarter. A new car may have higher taxes and as soon as one buys a new car its price is depreciated simply because it automatically becomes used . This is the reason some people prefer to buy used cars at a more reasonable price. It helps save money obviously and it can also save money on insurance.

To buy a used car the most important part is to get as much information as possible to ensure one gets the money s worth. It is an important transaction and must not be handled without proper knowledge or you may end up wasting money.

The foremost factor influencing the choice of car is the budget that a person has. It limits the choices available to a buyer. The next step is to explore and select the car that is within the budget and best suits the motor vehicle needs that the individual has. The potential cost of the car can be estimated by searching thoroughly online and comparing prices of cars of the same model.

The information is easily available online. There are many car shopping sites that help both the buyers and the sellers and make the whole process much simpler. The many advantages that come when you buy used cars online have made this a popular way of purchasing cars. At car shopping site an individual can check the inside and outside of the car from the photographs, find out the features of the car and compare the costs as well. All the information equips the buyer with useful knowledge about the car so when the actual car deal is made one is more prepared to handle the purchase.

Given below are some tips for buying a used car that can guide a buyer:

  • Search for information on make and model
  • Check consumer reports and go through comparison guides
  • Check insurance rates. The insurance rates depend on the model of the car, body style and the year of the model.
  • Ask seller for Vehicle Registration Number (VRN). Each car is issued its unique VRN number. With this number a person can verify the vehicle history report. There are people who charge a small amount to search for such records, but with it the buyer can reduce the risks.
  • Check for used car fees and taxes. These taxes vary from state to state.
  • Check frequency of car repairs
  • Check gas mileage
  • Have car inspection done by experts. The car can be taken to a repair shop or the car inspectors can be brought to the location to check it. The standard fee can be roughly around $100 or more, but this can save a lot of hassle and make the buying process a lot safer.
  • Take a test drive. It is important to get behind the wheel and check if the car is easy to start and the gears shift smoothly. Check the brakes and the turn signals. Some sellers might be reluctant to allow test drive. Dealers or private seller can ask for a driver s license or information on insurance provider before they allow the car to be taken for a test drive. Therefore, it is best to have them at hand when a test drive has to be taken.
  • If there is any sign that the car purchased has some problems or manufacturer defects there is Lemon Law claim that can be made. It such a case, the state checks the complaint against the automaker and can have the vehicle repaired or returned or can also get the money compensation. The Lemon Law can vary in different states.
  • Buying car from a dealer or private party both options have its own pros and cons. Dealers provide warrantees and offer certified cars while with private parties they might not be any additional cost and the prices are negotiable.
  • When a car is purchased, bill of sale is required. It is the document needed to have the car registered in the new buyer s name. The specific requirements of the bill of sale vary in different states.

The above mentioned tips can prepare you to be more informed so that when the purchase takes place you are not clueless but know what to check and how to do it.

Select a State:

Brandon Auto Salvage – Used Car and Truck Parts

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Since 1971, Steve Holland and Ken Anderson have taken pride in building Brandon Auto Salvage into one of the most progressive and organized salvage operations in the world. Brandon Auto Salvage has been presented the Improvement and Beautification Award by the Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers Association . The company is an active community supporter, participating in numerous civic organizations and sponsoring youth activities.


Additionally, Brandon Auto Salvage is an authorized Barely Used Auto Parts Dealer. They maintain a large inventory of late model used parts for both foreign and domestic cars SUV’s, and light trucks. Parts such as motors, transmissions, transfer cases, rear-end assemblies, doors, computers, bumpers, starters, alternators, radios, and much more.


New Aftermarket Auto Parts can be purchased on this website and be shipped directly to you at major savings. Parts such as

radiators, condensers, headlamps, tail lamps, door handles, window motors, mirrors, flywheel, and much more. Compare our

prices to NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, and Carquest for parts quality and price. Featuring Vehicles from GM, Chevrolet, Buick,

Cadillac, Ford, Mercury, Grand Marquis, Thunderbird, Toyota, Honda, Explorer, Mazda, Dodge, Ram, Plymouth, Caravan, Chrysler, Grand Voyager, Astrovan, and much more.

BMW Mercedes Audi Porsche Used Cars Dealer Washington DC Baltimore MD

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Welcome to the Premier Dealer for Used Luxury Cars in Alexandria, VA

Prepare to change the way you think about buying luxury cars. We ve dedicated ourselves to providing a truly enjoyable car buying experience unique to luxury cars. We ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the number one source of used luxury cars in Alexandria, and we continue to push ourselves in order to exceed your expectations.

We aim to meet our customers demand of having the highest quality luxury used cars and impeccable customer service to match. Buying a luxury car is unique from buying any other vehicle. We truly believe that if you re buying a luxury car, you should receive a luxury car-buying experience as well. Our hand-picked expert sales staff is dedicated to showing every customer just how different the Select Auto Imports experience can be. You ll never want to buy from another dealership again.

Our Meticulously Selected Inventory

Our vast network of buyers hand-pick the best selection of previously-owned high end automobiles, such as BMW and Mercedes, from all over the East Coast. Every single vehicle we sell is put through the most scrutinizing reconditioning process in the D.C. area, and includes our exclusive Select Certification. We ve partnered with trusted, reputable lenders so that we re able to offer flexible, affordable financing to all of our customers. We also service customers all over the country, so we ve partnered with the most reputable auto shipping companies to help make the entire process simple and painless.

Our inventory changes daily, so please call us at 703-971-9100 to inquire about availability, new inventory and special sale prices. Come by today and discover for yourself why Select Auto Imports is the top used luxury import dealers in Alexandria.

Select Auto Imports is a pre-owned luxury import car dealer that specializes in a wide range of imports including the sale of Mercedes Benz (C GLS E GL GLK M ML S SL SLK Class 250 300 350 400 450 550 63 AMG 4Matic Bluetec Coupe Sport Convertible Roadster), BMW (X Z 3 4 5 6 7 Series 28 35 50 128 135 328 335 351 528 535 550 640 650 750 I S D L M Drive Line Package Premium Gran Turismo CPO Edition Competition), Porsche (911 S E 4 Carrera Boxster Cayenne Cayman Panamera Cabriolet Hybrid), Audi (A Q T 5 6 7 8 2.0 3.0 Quattro Prestige Premium Allroad), Jaguar, Range Rover and Maserati cars. Most models are from the years 2011 2012 2013 2014 and 2015. Our showroom is conveniently located in Alexandria but serves Northern Virginia and Maryland including the cities of Arlington, Tyson s Corner, Vienna, Fairfax, Falls Church, McLean, Great Falls, Chantilly, Manassas, Leesburg, and Woodbridge Richmond in VA; Washington DC; and Frederick, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Baltimore, Annapolis, Bowie, College Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville and Laurel Columbia in MD and the surrounding areas by offering the highest quality automobile. Before you buy anywhere, drop by and experience the knowledgeable sales presentation and discover for yourself why Select Auto Imports is one of the top used luxury highline import dealers in the National Capital area.


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Kelley Blue Book Value Information – This is the book most people go for when they want to learn a vehicle’s market value, both financed and cash.


It’s the vehicle’s present value, which is the cost minus the accrued devaluation (devaluation meaning the drop in a vehicle’s useful life because of its use. Companies will use the book value to come up with a price that recovers the cost of the vehicle.

Many people who shop on the Internet for their vehicles feel they are better deals to be had. For the most part, they are right. It’s much easier to apply and get an auto loan through the Internet. However, reality in this thinking is that Internet vehicle shoppers can get lots of information about the vehicle blue book values and hard to find invoice prices from years before. Oftentimes, these shoppers can get a better deal because of the knowledge they possess especially when they’re trying to get an auto loan.

It doesn’t have to be a stressful time – buying a vehicle. All you need to do is some your research and go to the dealership prepared to make the whole experience much better for you. When you do this, you save yourself a lot of time and grief. Plus, most dealers who have been in business for many years will know when someone is telling them the truth about knowing a vehicle’s book value. +

You might be wondering which book you need to look at when determining what a vehicle’s actual value is. Well, the best idea is to use both. The KBB book will list vehicle’s makes and models a little higher than what you see in the NADA book. So, using both means you can get a less biased and better feeling for the present market trends.

It’s important to note that the book value is only a tool to determine what your present vehicle’s value is. It’s not set completely in stone. Your car is only worth what somebody wants to pay for it right now or how much you want to finance the vehicle for. Both books are just guidelines to help you accurately figure out the price of your vehicle; it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is.

Billings Auto Finder – Used Cars – Billings MT Dealer

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Billings Auto Finder – Billings MT, 59101

Welcome to Billings Used Cars Lot – Billings Auto Finder

Billings Auto Finder of Billings is a Billings Used Cars lot serving nearby cities including Billings area in MT. Billings Auto Finder Used Cars of Billings is proud to be your Billings Used Cars inventory dealer.

Visit us today and view our inventory of used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars! At Billings Auto Finder Used Cars of Billings, your Acton, MT Used Cars and Ballantine, MT Used Cars lot, we believe in the value of our Used Cars inventory. We’re dedicated to making sure your Used Cars shopping experience is both hassle-free and enjoyable. Our commitment to quality, our experience in the Used Cars industry, and the friendly way we do business is important to us; see the difference here at Billings Auto Finder of Billings, serving Billings drivers as well as Acton, MT Used Cars, Acton, MT Used Cars and Ballantine, MT Used Cars customers in the Billings area.

View our large selection of Billings Used Cars inventory in the Billings area like the used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars or view our extensive inventory of Used Cars inventory. If looking for Billings Used Cars, Used Cars, used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars in Billings and Billings then Billings Auto Finder of Billings is the dealer for you! Thanks again for stopping by your Billings Used Cars, Acton, MT Used Cars, Ballantine, MT Used Cars lot. Give us a call at (406) 671-3142.

Get a well-maintained, competitively-priced, Used Cars in Billings at Billings Auto Finder. While we are the premier location to buy a Used Cars, we also serve customers from Billings. Browse our Billings Used Cars inventory to view details about our low priced, high-quality Used Cars and used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars. Having problems locating a Used Cars in Billings? Complete our Used Cars Finder form and we will alert you when your dream vehicle arrives at our dealership.

Billings Auto Finder – Used Cars Billings, MT