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Go into your next vendor meeting with these secret weapons!

We’re excited to share with you some exciting news that will supercharge the presentation of your listings on Trade Me Property.


Launched at the beginning of August, InsideView transforms your vendor’s property listing in to an interactive 3D viewing experience. This offers prospective buyers the opportunity to virtually walk around, feel and experience the property in a way they’ve never been able to before. Have a peak at how it looks l ive on a listing .

Want to hear more about this great feature? Get in touch with your account manager.

Not to be outdone with introducing just one source of rich media to complement your listings, we’ve also launched the ability for YouTube Video to loaded and displayed on your listings.

Introducing: Boosted

We’ve recently released Boosted. a promotional extra which can increase the visibility of your listings. Boosted will refresh the sort order of your listing by returning it to the top of search results.

If you have any questions, get in touch with your Account Manager or check out the FAQs.

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Property Price Index

Check out one of our new products- the Property Price Index , and find out how property prices across New Zealand both for sale and to rent are tracking from month to month.


Car Trade In Value

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Used Car Trade In Value vs. Retail Value

Car Trade in value VS. wholesale value, what s the best way to find out your car’s trade in value, learn the secret to sell your car to dealer for top dollars!

Car trade in value and wholesale value are essentially the same. The only difference would be the car s trade in value CAN BE higher than the wholesale value. To better understand the scenario. We will use a case study to illustrate both terms.

This page is fairly long as I’m trying to explaining the subject matter as precise as possible, so please be patient and read it from the top to the bottom. Then you will have a good understanding of Used Car Values as well as Used Truck Value .

Let s say you own a year 2003 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder base model and you are in the market of buying another vehicle, you went to this dealer and you like to buy the year 2008 Toyota 4Runner Sports Edition that they have on the used car lot.

The term trade in normally implied that you are selling your current vehicle back to the dealership as a TRADE, for whatever the value this dealer appraised for and you intend to purchase another vehicle at the same dealership.

Since you intend to purchase another inventory vehicle of the dealer you visit, meaning the dealership has financial interest on you (as a customer) and your vehicle (as a trade in vehicle and another used vehicle inventory to sell for profit). Therefore, your car s trade in value will vary based on:

  • Profit margin of the used car that you are interested in buying (2008 Toyota 4Runner)
  • Trade in vehicle condition, marketability, potential (2003 Toyota Camry)

To make the transaction happen, the dealer would either offer higher car trade in value for your 2003 Toyota Camry which is common practice, or lowered the retail price of the 2008 Toyota 4Runner that you would like to own. Or they will do both to earn your business.

The dealer will say it out loud that they pay you above the Black Book Car Values for your trade. Now you know their secret agenda about trade in value PERIOD! Well of course, if you are from Canada deals will go with Canadian Black Book .

Wholesale Value Is Book Value

Now let s define the term wholesale value. If you decided just to sell your car straight to the dealer without buying another one, the dealer will pay your car with itswholesale value.

Unlike car trade in value, a car s wholesale value is how much the car is sold on auctions (auction price), or the value that wholesalers would pay for.

Since this is a single vehicle transaction and less avenue for dealer to make profit. Sometimes a dealer would just print out an auction report to show you exactly how much was the car sold in recently auctions.

Depends on the mechanical and physical condition of your car, the wholesale value can be even lower than the auction report print out. Because there are reconditioning cost, repairs and safety inspections etc.

Should I Trade In or Sell On My Own

Obviously selling it on your own will get you the most money out of your car. If you are not comfortable dealing with private parties, or just not interested in selling by yourself.

Sell the car back to dealer would be your second choice, sure you leave some money on the table, but that s a quick and easy transaction. Especially for people don t have lots of time and need to sell the car fast.

If you own an older model cars like 15 years old or older, the car trade in value can be as little as $500 to $1,000.

If the car is still in reasonable driving condition, it s better for you to sell it privately than trade it in.

If on the other hand you own a late model car less than 5 years old, trade it in for a new car would much easier for you.

I personally recommend fast free new car quote services, it takes a few seconds and you will get response within 24 hrs, just enter your name address and contact information, perspective dealers will contact you for the quotes of your desired vehicles. Give it a try and I think you will like it 🙂 Click the link below to begin:

How Much Should I Get

The author of this site always suggests you take your car to a reputable dealership with the same manufacture brand name of your car FIRST. If you own a Honda, take it to a Honda store first. Let theused car manager do the full appraisal, depends on the situation. They might even call a few fellow dealers to get their quote and offer you the final BEST they can ever get.

Then take your car to other dealers and shop around for BETTER price. Check your local newspaper, some dealers advertise they will buy your car regardless whether you buy their car or not. If there’s a Carmax Used Cars store near to where you live, go there and let them Appraise Your Car.

Here’s another tip – Check out the classified ad section of your local newspaper. Look for ad says: “We buy any used car under any condition, running or NOT”.

Give them a call and let them know if they can offer higher than the one you got, we can do the business. This way you just bump up a few hundred dollars of your trade-in by making a few phone calls.

Do you have any specific questions in regards to used car price guide? Enter the key phrase below and do a custom search within my site 🙂

Get a Free Quote on a New Car

Go to Used Cars Advice home page

Car Trade In Value, Value Your Trade

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SUV Meets Convertible

Looking for a new car? Having a hard time with all the options? Car, SUV, Truck, Convertible, Sports Car, or Hybrid? Sometimes there are just too many options. Nissan now makes it easier by combining an SUV with a convertible in the new Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet. This crossover, which seats four, is a breakthrough for the convertible.

The Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet is the first of its kind. Some argue it is competition with the Jeep Wrangler. This 3.5 liter V6 engine gets 17 mpg city and 22 mpg highway. With 265 horsepower and 248 lb-ft torque, this crossover has a lot to offer. The Murano is the definition of luxury on wheels. With options for both the interior as well as exterior, there are many ways to customize this crossover.

It is evident that each aspect of this crossover was created with safety in mind. The automatic headlights, fog lights and LED taillights along with the heated outside windows are designed to make driving in any condition that much easier. The interior takes comfort and style to a new level. Complete with Bluetooth phone system, rearview monitor and USB-iPod connection, technology is not lacking with the Murano Cross Cabriolet. There are also 7 Bose speakers with a speed sensitive volume system to enjoy the free 3-month Sirius-XM subscription.

The Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet also has driver’s seat, steering wheel and mirror memory making switching from driver to driver more convenient. Convenience also takes on new meaning with the Nissan Intelligent Key and the push button ignition.

The Murano Cross Cabriolet combines the best of worlds offering both SUV and convertible qualities. The Murano is a great SUV all around, with the added bonus of a soft-top convertible, this vehicle is hard to deny.

Written by Fort Wayne Nissan

Fort Wayne Nissan is a premier Nissan dealer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Offering the best selection of new and used Nissan vehicles. This includes a large selection of new, certified pre-owned, and used vehicles.

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Get the best car loan for you!

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So you’re in the market for a vehicle from Trade In Cars? Great we’re happy you’re here! When you’re shopping for a pre-owned automobile, Trade In Cars has the loan experts to assist you.

Feel free to use our easy loan calculator to the right to estimate your traditional finance payments.

You can apply online for a car loan with our online finance application form. It’s secure, and when we receive the application, our staff will look it over and contact you as soon as possible.

And whether you are shopping for an automobile or you already have one, don’t forget to protect your investment with a Trade In Cars vehicle service contract.

Buying vs. Leasing (A Brief Overview)

In making the decision on whether to buy or lease your new car, it is helpful to understand the primary differences between the two options. As follows is a brief overview for your consideration.

When you buy a car, you pay for the whole vehicle. You will usually make a down payment, pay the sales tax in cash or roll them into your auto loan and pay an interest rate on the balance of the loan. Generally, your first payment is due a month after you sign your contract. This option may fit those who plan to keep their car for a long period of time and have a need to put unlimited miles on the vehicle.

When you lease, you are paying for only what you use of the vehicle. You do not have to put money down and sales tax will be included as part of your monthly lease payment. Your lease payment is determined in part on a money factor that is similar to the interest rate on a loan. You make your first lease payment at the time you sign your contract.

We hope this is helpful to determine which option best fits your situation. Our trained finance staff is available to give you further information about leasing or financing your next vehicle.

Auto Payment Calculator

Auto Payment Calculator

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Get Started Here

DISCLAIMER: The value you see, is often the very MINIMUM that we can offer for your trade. In MOST cases, we are able to offer UP TO THOUSANDS more. For maximum dollars, let our expert appraisers personally evaluate your trade-in at our dealership.

Your Free Used Car Trade in Value Report

World Hyundai Matteson will help get you the most money for your used car trade in. We want you to see what the market for your used car trade in value is. Please use our used car estimates tool to better understand what your used car trade in may be worth. At World Hyundai we know that getting the most money for your trade in will help get you into your next vehicle so we utilize several buying sources for all of our used car trade-ins. This ensures that we do not miss an opportunity to help you upgrade into a new Hyundai!

Are you planning to buy a new Hyundai? Find out your future used car trade-in value!

Ever wonder what your Hyundai or other vehicle trade in value is? Our trained and certified Hyundai team is qualified to give you a complete and accurate used car trade in estimate. We appraise all car makes and models! We go through an extensive checklist when we appraise your vehicle so that we can give you the most accurate vehicle appraisal possible. Getting you the most money for your used vehicle is what we do. We realize that there are many appraisal tools and we use real time market data in order to get you the right money for your vehicle each and every time. World Hyundai rarely misses a deal over a trade in so rest assured that when you come in to the dealership with your trade, Hyundai or other, we’ll be ready to do business!

World Hyundai Matteson guarantees the future trade-in value of its new cars. When you buy a new car or SUV from us, we assure precisely what the trade-in value of that automobile would be following the 2nd full year of ownership through the fourth year. This value is based off of a used car estimates forecast of the vehicle by the Automotive Lease Guide. [Click here] for more information.

Car dealer s Trade Me ad indefensible – Business – NZ Herald News

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Car dealer’s Trade Me ad ‘indefensible’

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The car was advertised as being a 2005 model, when it was in fact a year older than that.

An Auckland car dealership has been rapped over the knuckles and ordered to pay compensation for trimming a year off the age of a car it sold through Trade Me.

Glenfield Wholesale Limited, trading as Real Wholesale Cars, sold Bo Zhang a Toyota Alphard for $14,450 in May this year.

The vehicle was advertised on Trade Me as being a 2005 model but when Zhang received the certificate of registration a week after purchase, he found his car was a 2004 model.

He contacted Real Wholesale Cars, who denied the vehicle was a 2005 model and continued to do so for a month.

Zhang went to the Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal claiming a remedy under the Fair Trading Act.

A hearing was held in Auckland on September 2 and the tribunal has now released its decision, in which it said Zhang was “most certainly misled into believing he was being sold a 2005 model vehicle”.

Real Wholesale Cars’ conduct was “indefensible” and “deliberately misleading”, the tribunal said in its decision .

The trader’s TradeMe advertising, Vehicle Offer and Sale Agreement, and Consumer Information Notice all described the vehicle as a 2005 model.

When asked, the trader produced to the tribunal the Japanese Export Certificate and Import Certificate which showed the vehicle arrived on April 3, 2013 and was described in both documents as a 2004 model.

“The trader could very easily have established the correct year of the vehicle as soon as the purchaser first raised the issue by referring to those documents but for reasons which were not explained to the tribunal, the trader continued to deny the vehicle was a 2004 model and insisted it was a 2005 model,” the tribunal said.

“Its conduct in that regard is indefensible and was deliberately misleading. The trader’s conduct was certainly the effective cause of the purchaser’s loss or damage.”

Real Wholesale Cars admitted its mistake and offered Zhang $500 as compensation, which Zhang said was unacceptable.

The tribunal instead ordered Real Wholesale Cars to pay $1,050 as compensation for misleading Zhang.

Zhang also claimed the vehicle was not of acceptable quality at the time of sale, with problems relating to the right hand rear wheel, windscreen wiper blades, drive belt transmission fluid, and air conditioning.

Real Wholesale Cars was also told to pay Zhang $711.54 for repair costs.

Trade In Value Used Cars Phoenix Toyota Dealer

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Structure My Deal Recent Activity

Trade-in Estimate

Est. Payment

What’s the difference between Prequalifying and Applying for Credit?

If you have credit concerns, we can help! Prequalify first to determine if there are financing options that work for you.

Get An Edmunds Quote | Trade In Value

In just a few minutes, you can receive an online appraisal of your vehicle! Using Value Your Trade Appraisal Tool, Camelback Toyota is making it easy for you to find the true trade in value of your car right from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you fill out this simple online form, you will be contacted shortly with a great trade in price on your vehicle!

Complete a tradein value form now – we know you’re dying to see what we can offer! The process is simple: accurately fill out the online form, receive your tradein price and bring your vehicle into Camelback Toyota to have one of our specialists verify your vehicle’s condition. Then, trade it in for cold hard cash or a new or used car!

Not happy with the tradein price that other dealers have quoted you? Use Camelback Toyota’s online trade in form to get a used car value assessment that may offer you hundreds or even thousands more!

Trade in Value

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Trade in Value

Last modified 3/27/2013 9:10:28 PM

Price valuation, car make and model and prevailing market conditions are what answer the eternal question “how much is my car valued at”. The Car Buyers understands that a quick car valuation seldom suffices because it’s by definition inaccurate. There’s a whole lot to more to selling a used car than just that. Cutting the sale of a car online for a great cash price is in fact a complex matter.

Some years ago I was unhappily selling used cars from lots in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Unhappily because I was tired of seeing sellers ripped off by the competition when I was trying to make an honest dollar selling a used car now and then. A young fellow wandered in and eyed a Chevy tagged at $14,699 for a quick cash sale.

“How’s it possible,” he drawled in his outback twang, “that I saled my car online tother day for just half and it was in better nick with no rust at all? How much is my car really worth? It’s standing over there. The bastard traded it right in.”

I didn’t have the heart to answer the young fellow because I was burning up inside with anger. I knew that greedy forecourt 2nd hand car dealers were driving the public into the hands of disreputable websites. But I hadn’t realised until then that there was hardly an online second hand car valuation free of some or other problem. It was then and there that I decided that Australian motorists deserved a better deal.

Birth of The Car Buyers

The first thing I figured out was that I needed more stock than I had in my showroom days. I realised that “sell car” and “best valuation” went hand in hand because it was all about the money. I needed to make sure that any Australian selling a used car for cash in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide came to me first, because they knew in their heart of hearts there was no better way to sell my car online fast for the best price possible

The idea caught on really fast. On city streets whenever a fellow asked his mate “how much is my car worth?” the answer came back speedily “best to be sure – find out what The Car Buyers thinks”. A few years later and I’m buying and selling hundreds of cars every month in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville, Mackay, Cairns, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Mildura, Horsham, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong and loving every moment.

I’d Like to Help You Too

Assuming you’d like to sell your car online there are several different ways to do this. If you need a price valuation for car insurance (as opposed to selling a used car) then click here and I’ll be delighted to oblige. On the other hand if you need an honest quick car valuation then click here instead.

While both of these will cost you a token each, should you want to sell a car online to me then here’s even more good news. Ask how much is my car worth for cash and I’ll make you an offer I guarantee you’ll find extremely difficult to refuse. What’s more you also get:

  • No need to stand in queues for a tiresome roadworthy certificate
  • A price that holds good if the car is in average condition and strictly legal
  • My personal guarantee in exchange for your keys and papers
  • The money deposited in the bank the instant I’ve confirmed ownership

And that’s how The Car Buyers operates, and why it’s growing so exponentially.