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U. S. car sales soar as VW – s plunge – LA Times #cheapest #car #insurance #for #young #drivers

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U.S. car sales soar as VW’s plunge

Charles Fleming Contact Reporter

Volkswagen ‘s U.S. sales dropped sharply in November while many other automakers saw strong gains.

The 25% drop came largely because of suspended sales of diesel vehicles, which are ensnared in the global scandal over VW’s use of software to cheat on government emissions tests.

The losses look even bigger against the backdrop of a booming industry, which is projected to set a sales record this year.

Fiat-Chrysler sales were up 3% for the month, with its Jeep brand leading the leap, while GM sales rose 1.5% and Ford sales were flat, though F-Series truck sales rose 10%.

Nissan was up 3.8%, while Toyota climbed 3.4%. Honda sales fell 5.2%.

VW sold 23,882 cars in November, compared with 31,725 over the same period last year.

The fall-off is largely due to absent diesel sales, according to Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer.

Diesel figures in the U.S. were 22% to 25% of their total U.S. sales in any given month, Brauer said. Now they have 25% fewer cars that they’re allowed to sell.

VW has admitted installing defeat devices in an estimated 11 million vehicles worldwide, allowing the diesel cars to deliver a unique combination of power and good fuel economy at an affordable price.

The software could detect emissions testing conditions and adjust engine performance to reduce pollution but only temporarily. On the road, the cars emitted up to 40 times more than legally allowed levels of smog-creating nitrogen oxides.

The devices were installed in 482,000 model year 2009 to 2015 vehicles fitted with four-cylinder 2.0-liter TDI diesel engines and about 89,000 cars powered by 3.0-liter six-cylinder engines. The engines are used in some VW, Audi and Porsche vehicles.

The company now faces government investigation, public censure and multiple class-action lawsuits, and has set aside almost $8 billion to offset diesel-related losses. VW may also face as much as $18 billion in U.S. federal agency fines.

In response to the sinking sales numbers, VW of America Chief Operating Officer Mark McNabb said, Volkswagen is working on an approved remedy for the affected TDI vehicles. During this time we would like to thank our dealers and customers for their continued patience and loyalty.

While the company works on the fix, the Environmental Protection Agency has declined to certify VW’s 2016 diesel vehicles. Dealers have been told to stop selling all new and certified used VW diesel cars.

It wasn’t only diesel sales that fell, though. Total numbers of Jetta units sold dropped almost 30%, and numbers on Passats fell 60%. Sales of Beetles were off nearly 40%, while vehicles in the Golf line showed slight increases. Sales of the Tiguan small SUV also increased.

Analyst Brauer said the diesel scandal, whatever its current impact at dealerships, will not have a long-lasting effect on overall sales but that VW will have to increase its efforts to become a strong player in the U.S. market.

The company is the No. 2 automaker in the world, by volume, and for a brief period even surpassed Toyota to become No. 1 before the diesel scandal.

VW’s market share was slipping before the diesel story broke, and has continued to slip, Brauer said.

Online Chicago & Cook County Death Indexes & Records (Illinois) #illinois, #cook, #chicago, #death, #index, #database, #indexes, #vital, #obituary, #obituaries, #records, #cemetery, #cemeteries, #genealogy, #burial, #databases, #county, #probate, #tribune, #sun #times


Online Chicago & Cook County, Illinois Death Records & Indexes

A Genealogy Guide for Finding Death Certificates, Obituaries & Other Records

Cook County and Chicago Vital Records and Indexes

  • Historical Cook County Vital Records – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates includes birth certificates 75 years or older, marriage licenses 50 years or older and death certificates 20 years or older — begins circa 1872; searches are free — requires payment to download copies of the records (some records may not yet be available online)
  • You can also search the death index at Ancestry if you have a subscription:
    • Cook County, Illinois Death Index, 1908-1988 2.7 million entries (requires subscription fee)
  • Cook County Death Index 1878-1939 and 1955-1994 at FamilySearch (free; 1910-1915 is missing for Cook County, excluding Chicago; 1955-1994 is for Chicago only)

Obituaries and Death Notices in Chicago Newspapers

  • Chicago and Illinois Newspapers Obituaries Archive (you can obtain copies of individual obituaries online for a fee) includes.
    • Chicago Sun-Times Obituaries (1986-Current)
    • Chicago Tribune Obituaries (1985-Current)
    • Obituaries from several local newspapers in other Cook County cities (coverage varies by newspaper)
  • Chicago Tribune Obituaries, and Birth and Marriage Announcements 1850-1985 (at Ancestry/requires payment) also includes the Chicago Defender, 1921-1975
  • Sam Fink’s Chicago Death Notices Index 1856-1889 and Marriage Notices Index 1833-1871 (at Ancestry/requires payment) extracted from 10 Chicago newspapers
  • Vital Records Index from Chicago Newspapers 1833-1851 index includes deaths, marriages and other items (index is free to search/copies of the newspaper articles can be ordered for a fee from the Chicago Genealogical Society)
  • Chicago Sun-Times Obituaries Index 1988-1995 (requires payment – part of an Ancestry subscription)
  • Chicago Tribune Obituary Index 1988-1997 (requires payment – part of an Ancestry subscription)
  • Chicago Tribune 1849-1923 at Fold3 includes searchable digitized newspaper images – searches are free, requires payment to view the images (includes coverage of the Chicago fire of 1871)
  • Chicago Jewish Obituary Database 1994-1998 from
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America’s Chicago Death Notices for 1890-1971 from Chicago’s Polish language newspaper
  • Archdiocese of Chicago: Obituaries of Catholic Priests – Recent

Obituaries and Death Notices in Cook County Newspapers (outside of Chicago)

  • Cook County: Barrington Courier-Review Deaths 1890-2006 (also has births & marriages; some entries may be missing)
  • Cook County: Glenview Public Library Obituary Index
  • Cook County: Maywood Herald Obituary Card Index, 1885-2002 from FamilySearch
  • Cook County: Oak Lawn – Obituaries from Local Oak Lawn Newspapers 1985-present
  • Cook County: Skokie Obituary Index 1960-present
  • Cook County: Wilmette Newspaper Index (includes obituaries & death notices for various years)

Chicago and Cook County Probate Records and Indexes

  • Illinois Wills and Probate Records, 1772-1999 (at Ancestry/requires payment) coverage varies by county; includes indexed and digitized probate records for Cook County and Chicago c.1871-c.1923
  • Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court Probate Case Search 1980s-present

Cook County Cemeteries with Burial Indexes

  • Catholic Cemeteries in the Chicago Area: Archdiocese of Chicago Cemetery Records, 1864-1989 from FamilySearch
  • Military Burials: The Roll of Honor, Containing the Names of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of All the Wars of Our Country Who Are Buried in the Cemeteries of Cook County scanned searchable book by Eli Robert Lewis, from 1922
  • Jewish Burials: JGSI Online Death Index Project – includes some Jewish Cemeteries in the Chicago Area from the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois (look for the “resources” category when you get there)
  • Barrington Area Cemeteries with transcriptions; also has Barrington Courier-Review newspaper indexes for births, deaths, and marriages 1890-2006
  • Wunders Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois – Burials Index (requires payment – part of an Ancestry subscription) Wunders is a German Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
  • Cook County Cemetery at Dunning Database (Chicago) database of 7800 Cook County potters field (poor and indigent) burials

Chicago and Cook County Miscellaneous Death Indexes

  • Homicide in Chicago Database 1870-1930 11,000 entries with more details than the database listed next
  • Chicago Police Department Homicide Record Index 1870-1930
  • Cook County Coroner’s Inquest Record Index 1872-1911
  • Cook County: Wilmette Vital Records Indexes includes a Wilmette Death Certificate Index 1913-Oct. 1953 and and index for St. Joseph’s Cemetery burials

Illinois Full State Death Indexes

  • Illinois Death Index 1916-1950
  • Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947 from FamilySearch
  • Illinois Death Index Before 1916 (partial) includes a Cook County death index for 1871-1915

Ordering Chicago and Illinois Vital Records

  • Where to Write for Vital Records – Illinois (fees and restrictions may apply)

Also See.

  • Illinois Genealogy Databases at Ancestry (requires payment) includes census records, WWI draft cards, vital records, historical newspapers and city directories
  • Online Illinois Naturalization Records and Indexes
  • Chicago Genealogy Records and Sources on the Internet

Return To.

  • Online Illinois Death Indexes and Records

To Find More Online Death Indexes Choose a State.


Best and Worst Times to Buy a New Car #used #autos

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Best and Worst Times


  • Mondays and Tuesdays are ideal
  • Shop at the end of the month
  • Make an offer late in the day
  • Consider last year’s model

You’re ready to buy a new car.

Even if you’ve done your research, examined your budget and gotten preapproval, it can still be tricky to get the best deal.

So, it pays to focus your efforts on negotiating areas where you can have some influence. Among those is picking the best time to get a deal on your car and avoiding the worst.

Best Time to Buy

Automotive pricing and information website TrueCar’s statistics show the winter months offer the greatest potential discounts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should wait until then to buy a new car. Remember, as the year wanes, inventories become more limited, so even though great discounts may be available, they might not necessarily be on the exact model you’re shopping for.

So if you have your heart set on something, think about whether the extra savings is worth potentially missing out on the car you really want.

Worst Time to Buy

Historical statistics show springtime probably isn’t the ideal time to buy a new car. More people are out and about as winter weather clears, and tax refund checks are warming consumers’ pockets.

With summer days ahead, more shoppers with a little extra cash in hand are looking for their next new car which means dealers don’t need to offer quite as many discounts to entice those eager shoppers to buy.

More Considerations

Steve Harrison, executive director of USAA’s Auto Circle . also suggests these four time tips to sway the buying process in your favor:

  • Shop early in the week. On weekends, salespeople typically have their hands full with a large number of shoppers. Shopping on Monday or Tuesday can get you more personal attention.

USAA Car Buying Service

Get member-only savings on your next car.

TrueCar also has studied the trends and found certain types of cars are better to buy in different months and worse in others. Consumers tend to get better deals on midsize cars in June, for example, while they may grab a better deal on a subcompact in December.

Review: Bikes vs Cars – shows how L. A, Copenhagen and other cities stack up – LA Times #car #rental #houston

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‘Bikes vs Cars’ shows how L.A. Copenhagen and other cities stack up

‘Bikes vs Cars’

Rodrigo Marcondes

Cyclist navigates traffic in S o Paolo, Brazil, in the documentary, Bikes vs. Cars.

The Swedish documentary Bikes vs Cars surveys Los Angeles, Toronto, S o Paulo, Brazil and Copenhagen to see how these modes of transportation compare. Each city in the case study presents a different dynamic in the oft-contemptuous relationship between drivers and cyclists.

Its primer on our local transportation history is nothing short of comprehensive, encompassing the California Cycleway that opened in 1900, General Motors’ conspiracy to dismantle the local trolley system in the 1940s and 1950s, the Carmageddon of 2011, and recent efforts to implement bike lanes in Highland Park.

To give us an idea of how we measure up, we see how Torontonians lost hard-fought bike lanes along with proposed public transit extensions under the notorious mayorship of Rob Ford, how cyclists in S o Paulo tirelessly campaigned for and won about 250 miles of bike lanes, and how 80% of Copenhageners own bicycles.

Although the film qualifies as an advocacy documentary, director Fredrik Gertten has put in the time to capture how these cities’ unique scenarios unfold to mount a compelling case against the powerful automotive, oil and construction lobbies. Florencia Di Concilio’s lush orchestral score is icing on the cake.

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Isuzu quitting U. S. car market – LA Times #car #value

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Isuzu quitting U.S. car market

Ken Bensinger Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

No lie, Isuzu is outta here.

The Japanese automaker, famous for its commercials featuring a less-than-honest salesman, said Wednesday that it would stop selling passenger vehicles in the U.S. as sales declined to almost nothing in recent years.

The move, effective one year from today, marks the end of a 27-year run here and makes Isuzu the first Asian car company to abandon the world’s largest market since South Korea’s financially troubled Daewoo stopped selling here in 2002.

Although Isuzu’s U.S. sales were paltry of late — it made just 7,098 of the 16.1 million new vehicles sold in the country last year — the company’s influence on the industry, as innovator and promoter of sport utility vehicles such as the Trooper and the Rodeo in the 1980s and ’90s, was huge.

It’s a shame, said Rebecca Lindland, director of automotive research at Global Insight. From a historical perspective, they were quite significant. Isuzu was almost ahead of its time.

News of the decision surprised many at the company’s U.S. headquarters arm in Cerritos, as well as its network of 199 American dealers, including 18 in California.

I’m still digesting all the information, said Isuzu Motors America spokesman Chip Letzgus, who said the company’s U.S. president, Terry Maloney, spent Wednesday talking with employees and dealers about the news.

The decision to cease distribution was based in part on the fact that the two models Isuzu currently sells here, the Ascender SUV and the i-series pickup (both manufactured by General Motors for Isuzu), will no longer be made, and the company has no plans to design a new vehicle.

Isuzu will instead focus on its commercial trucks, a much larger business in the U.S. and abroad. In the fiscal year that ended last March, Isuzu earned $910 million on $14.2 billion in worldwide sales. The company said that quitting the U.S. passenger vehicle market would cost about $37 million over two years, including fees to franchised dealers.

Isuzu has a tendency to keep everything to their chest, said Paul Bluntzer, general manager of All Star Isuzu in Corpus Christi, Texas, which led the nation with 351 Isuzus sold last year. Bluntzer said he and other dealers would participate in a conference call with Isuzu executives today. We hold out hope that a surprise new product will come.

One individual who wasn’t surprised to hear the news was Joe Isuzu himself.

David Leisure, who portrayed the salesman in a series of Isuzu ads in the late 1980s and early ’90s, said he hadn’t seen an Isuzu on the road for years. I thought they already had stopped selling here.

Leisure, an unknown actor before landing the role, gained fame for smarmy lines such as If I’m lying, may lightning hit my mother, in goofy commercials that promised vehicles that could drive faster than a speeding bullet. The commercials, he said, landed him acting jobs on several comedy series, and in 2001, he made a brief return to Isuzu ads, where he pitched the Axiom. Isuzu gave me an actual career, said Leisure, who has owned two Troopers over the years.

Joe Isuzu, meanwhile, made Isuzu a very popular brand. After building pickups for GM in the 1970s, Isuzu began selling its own vehicles in the U.S. in 1981, with low-cost vehicles such as the Pup pickup and the Trooper. Aside from the Jeep Cherokee, the Trooper was the only four-door SUV available for years, and it helped build a market for what would become a hugely successful category.

Isuzu’s U.S. sales peaked at 127,630 vehicles in 1986, according to AutoData. But as other carmakers entered the SUV market, Isuzu lost its position as an SUV innovator, instead focusing on producing sedans, favoring joint-venture deals with Subaru and other carmakers, and selling Rodeo SUVs to Honda, which re-badged them as Passports.

By 1997, sales were down to 91,483 units, and introductions of new models such as the Axiom and Ascender did little to halt the slide. Isuzu’s 2007 volume was the smallest of any Asian carmaker in the U.S.

The cost of maintaining an Isuzu consumer brand simply didn’t justify the volume sold, said Jesse Toprak, industry analyst at

While some felt a wave of nostalgia over the brand’s departure, others were equivocal. I’m not devastated, said Leslie Thurman, an entertainment executive in Westwood who drives a 10-year-old Rodeo. I’ve been wanting to buy a hybrid anyway.

Top Five Cooking Classes in Miami #miami #news, #florida #news, #miami #events, #miami #music, #miami #restaurants, #miami #things #to #do, #miami #new #times


Connect. Discover. Share.

Top Five Cooking Classes in Miami

Listen up, gourmands: Favorite restaurants no longer indicate status. Sure, you may have a special table at Michy’s. You can list past James Beard winners by heart, schmooze with top chefs, and toady up to sommeliers. But, really, no one cares anymore.

Today’s epicureans must exit restaurant dining rooms and step into the kitchen. They must cook with ghee, debone a chicken, and fire up a wok.

What follows is a list of Miami’s top five cooking classes. Enroll in these lessons. Fillet a fish, make gnocchi, churn your own ice cream. Build your street cred as a legit bon vivant.

These kids sure know how to have fun.

Cooking With Kids Miami

Kids love coloring on freshly-painted walls with Sharpies. They love macaroni necklaces and eating glue. But Maria T. Cummins, a Venezuelan-native who launched Cooking With Kids Miami, also wants kids to love sun-dried tomato hummus and freshly-made flat breads. In her cooking classes, Miami’s youth learns about grilled vegetable skewers and turkey burgers. They can even attend a four-week summer camp program entitled “Etiquette for Boys and Girls” ($125) where they master full course table manners and proper party behavior. Consider it a “Preemptive Pata Sucia Intervention” program. Enough said.

Price per Summer Favorites class: $35

Eleanor Hoh and two Wok pupils at a cooking class.

Wok Star Eleanor Hoh via Facebook

If you have Twitter or Instagram, then you probably already know about Eleanor Hoh’s Wok Star classes. The Canton-native is serious about healthy eating. (It’s all over her social media.) She also wants you to know two things: Teflon is evil and cast-iron is best. Her wok-centric, no-recipe technique workshops are conducted at Pepe Calderin Design on the last Saturday of the month, or occasionally at the Lab Miami in Wynwood.

Price per person per class: $65

Prot g s huddle about chef Aaron Brooks of Edge Steak Bar.

Edge Steak Bar via Facebook

3. Edge Steak and Bar’s popup cooking class series with chef Aaron Brooks

Welcome cocktails? Yes. Unlimited wine and beer? Yes. A take-home gift bag? Si! These monthly interactive cooking classes with executive chef Aaron Brooks and his culinary team begin with walk-throughs of the Four Seasons’ herb garden. Then there’s cooking and eating. Classes are intimate affairs — only 12 pupils per session. Lessons feature collaborations with local breweries and surprise guest chefs such as Eating House’s Giorgio Rapicavoli Bubbles and Brunch on June 22. That one is sold out. (Miami’s a sucker for bubbles.) But there’s always July!

Price per person per class: $75

Unadulterated food fun at the Biltmore.

Biltmore Culinary Academy

This recreational cooking school is serious. It has the word “academy” in its name. The program is spearheaded by Lourdes Castro, an instructor at New York University’s food studies department. There’s a Fundamental camp for basics and an Advanced Technique camp for pros. Then there’s the Biltmore Culinary Boot Camp, an intensive three-day course where there are repercussions. Improperly julienned carrots = thirty push-ups and twenty jumping-jacks. Just kidding. Maybe.

Price per regular class: $110; baking two-class course $200; culinary boot camp three-class course $450.

Learn to make assorted Indian bread and condiments at Ayesha’s Kitchen.

Ayesha’s Kitchen via Facebook

Stop complaining that Miami has subpar Indian food. Instead, be proactive! Take one of Ayesha D’Mello’s cooking classes which take place in her Kendall home. Lessons are imparted on Saturday or Sunday and culminate with a family-style meal under a tiki hut in her backyard. Face the stunning greenness of a palak paneer. Sip on chai tea. And, really, stop with the whining already.

Price per person per class: $75 for one; $140 for two; $195 for three


Отель TRYP by Wyndham Times Square South, Нью-Йорк, США – 3406 Отзывы гостей #tryp #by #wyndham #times #square #south, #нью-йорк, #сша, #d:мидтаун-уэст, #r:штат #нью-йорк, #отель, #отели


TRYP by Wyndham Times Square South

Этот современный отель на Манхэттене расположен всего в 5 минутах ходьбы от вокзала Пенн. К услугам гостей бесплатный Wi-Fi и современный ресторан. Гости могут проверить электронную почту и распечатать документы с планшетов. Номера отеля TRYP Подробнее

Этот современный отель на Манхэттене расположен всего в 5 минутах ходьбы от вокзала Пенн. К услугам гостей бесплатный Wi-Fi и современный ресторан. Гости могут проверить электронную почту и распечатать документы с планшетов.

Номера отеля TRYP Times Square South стильно оформлены в ярких тонах. В них установлен телевизор с плоским экраном и док-станция для iPod. Полы сделаны из дерева. Предоставляется кофеварка.

В баре The Gastro Bar на 35 улице подают обильный европейской завтрак. В течение всего дня здесь готовят испанские тапас и интернациональные блюда, а также предлагается большой выбор вин и пива.

Остановившись в отеле TRYP Times Square, вы сможете посещать фитнес-центр в любое время суток или посидеть с бокалом в библиотеке. Предоставляются услуги консьержа.

До Эмпайр Стейт Билдинг от отеля менее 1,6 км, а до музея мадам Тюссо можно дойти за 11 минут.

Здесь лучшее соотношение цены и качества в Нью-Йорке! По сравнению с другими вариантами в этом городе, гости получают больше за те же деньги.

Гостям нравится великолепное расположение

(Оценка по 3406 отзывам)

Отличное место расположения – рядом метро, вокзал, остановка megabus, 5 авеню, бродвей, много магазинов и мест, где можно понсть. В пешей доступности центральный парк, intrepid. Большой просторный номер подходит для семьи с детьми. Вежливый персонал. Хороший wifi

Все по последнему веянию техники! Отличное местоположение. Хороший персонал. Понравилось все!

В пешей доступности основные достопримечательности города: Empire State Building, Times Square. До всего 15 минут пешком. Рядом с отелем полицейский участок и метро. Чего еще желать) в отеле чисто, приятный и приветливый персонал.

Очень не помешала кофемашина в номере и возможность распечатать посадочные талоны в холле ресепшена, местоположение.

Расположение довольно удачное, рядом метро, Бродвей, Эмпайр Стейт Билдинг и другие достопримечательности. Цена была очень приятной по сравнению с аналогичными предложениями в этом районе на мои даты. Комната просторная, очень хорошая кровать, чистота.

Стильный отель, просторные комнаты, хороший ремонт, быстрый интернет. Понравился вид из окна на город, уютное лобби с баром. Порадовала бесплатная вода, чай, кофе в номере.

Чистый, уютный, современный отель. Берите номер на верхних этажах. Близость к большинству достопримечательностей и к театральному кварталу.

Месторасположение – в самом центре, все под рукой, в т.ч. станция метро. Комфортнейшая кровать. Приятный интерьер. Улыбчивый персонал.

Хороший завтрак за 19$, удобные кровати, чистое белье, кофеварка в номере

Отличное местоположение, 50 метров до метро, рядом старбак, эмпайр и мейсис. Просторный номер, в холле спорт бар. Депозит за 2 ночи $250 согласились взять наличкой.

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