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How It Works?

We will ask a few general questions about the vehicle (model, age etc). We can usually provide a quote straight away.

A convenient time will be arranged for collection of your scrap vehicle. Upon collection of unwanted vehicles, the DVLA paperwork will be completed.

(the registration document V5C, the vehicle s log book) We will provide you with a Waste Transfer

Note if applicable and of course cash payment for the unwanted vehicle.

Alternatively, complete the form above and we will contact you to quote and collect your scrapcar.

At any stage of the process we will happily answer any queries you may have to help you scrap my car .

Take over payments on Craigslist cars – A great way to save money on Craigslist used cars #student #car #insurance

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Take over payments on Craigslist cars A great way to save money on Craigslist used cars

by Craig Miller on June 9, 2011

While browsing through the Craigslist cars website, you may have noticed a few advertisements asking car buyers to take over car payments. In most cases the vehicle is being sold in an effort to salvage ones credit. Those who are selling their vehicle to anyone interested in taking over payment are generally in a tight financial situation due to loss of income or overspending. When purchasing a car in this manner, you can really land a great deal on a fairly new car. One of the first questions that you should ask a car seller who is using this method to sell their vehicle is how many more payments are left on the vehicle and what is the total payoff amount. A seller who has only owned the vehicle for a few months is generally less appealing than one who has owned it for at least 2 to 3 years. With only a year left in payments, you can own a car for just a fraction of the amount that you would pay anywhere else.

There are of course a few things that you should watch out for when taking over someone s payments. Some may choose to sell their car because they are upside down on their car loan. Being upside down on a loan simply means that you owe more money on the vehicle than it is worth. In this case, you would be purchasing a vehicle above its retail value which is certainly not a good deal. Do your homework before making the decision to purchase a car. Understand the vehicles book value and determine whether or not it may be a good deal for you. Another thing that you should be aware of is that the vehicle may have a lien against the title. It is not uncommon for someone who is in a difficult financial situation to take out a loan against their vehicle. Check to make sure that there are no existing liens against their vehicle or you may get caught in a difficult situation. There are a number of other issues that you may encounter when purchasing a car using this method. Be sure to proceed with caution and ask the seller a lot of questions before making a decision. If something does not seem right that it is best to walk away quickly and check out the next deal.

As you can see, there are some ups and downs associated with buying a car in which you take over payment. As always, you will first want to do your research and know exactly what you are buying. By making an informed buying decision, you will be sure to get a great deal almost every time. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is a car, truck, recreational vehicle, or even a delivery truck, there is no other website around that offers such a large selection of used cars as Craigslist cars. More information will follow on buying a take over payment vehicle. Whether you are buying or selling a used car. Craigslist is a great place when it comes to cars.

Taking Over Payments on a Car Loan: Learn to Take Over Payments on a Car Loan the Right Way #car #seat #cushions

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Taking Over Payments on a Car Loan

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The Wrong Way

There is a wrong way to take over payments on another person’s car loan. If a person asks you to make the payments on their behalf while the car loan remains in their name, a few situations may occur. Here is the downside if considering taking over payments on a car loan:

    You make the payments until the vehicle is paid in full while the title remains in your friend’s name and shows the lender as the lien holder. These payments will include the loan balance, fees, and add-on such as GAP Insurance. Once the vehicle is paid off, the lender will release the title to your friend or relative and you have no legal rights to the vehicle, no matter what was promised.
    You give the monthly payment to your friend each month with the understanding they will use it to make car payments and in turn, they are only using your money for other expenses and no payments are made toward the balance on the vehicle. In this case, most likely the lender will repossess the vehicle and you still have no legal rights to the vehicle.
    The car owner does use your money to make the monthly payments, however, once paid off, because neither the loan or the title are in your name, even if they give you the car, you can’t register or insure it if they don’t turn the title over to you.

All of these examples are the wrong way and don’t consider your legal rights to the car and should be avoided.

Image Credit: Bad Credit Car Loan by Kerembeu21/Flickr Creative Commons

Can Anyone Take Over Payments on a Car Loan? #suv

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Can Anyone Take Over Payments on a Car Loan?

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Modify or Get a New Car Loan

As personal finance website Financial Web notes, you can take two different paths in handing over your car — and the loan payments that go with it — to a different party. One path may be more beneficial than another for you or the new borrower.

Modified loan. With this route, you contact your lender and say you are selling your car to someone else. Subject to the lender’s approval of the new person’s creditworthiness, the loan is rewritten with the new person as the borrower. You might have to pay additional processing fees and an early payoff charge, so go over the figures with your lender and, if necessary, consult with your attorney about the legal ramifications.

Tip recommends requesting that the lender confirm in writing that the obligation of the loan has been transferred.

Private party or person-to-person auto loan. To obtain this type of loan, you must follow a similar loan process as for a dealership loan, except you are dealing with lenders who specialize in private loans to finance the purchase of used cars from private owners. Websites such as CarLoan2 offer a centralized service where you can compare quotes from different private party lenders. Loan rates tend to be higher for this type of loan than conventional loans; however, interest rates also depend on the borrower’s credit.

Meet Car Loan Requirements

While the logistics of the new borrower acquiring a new loan may not seem to be your responsibility, the ability of the new owner to obtain a loan impacts how quickly you can get out of your own loan. Furthermore, if the new owner is a family member who may not be financially ready to pay down a large debt, the new car loan could impose undue hardship on him. So the new borrower must have financial means and equal or better credit than you do.

The new borrower should be able to meet these standard car loan requirements by furnishing the following documents:

  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of insurance

Additionally, the new borrower needs:

  • Credit rating — preferably a good one, to obtain the lowest interest rates
  • Down payment

Once you secure a new or modified loan, you and the new owner must appear at a Department of Motor Vehicles office with your drivers’ licenses to change the title on the car to reflect the new ownership. Write up a bill of sale to facilitate this process.


Once you’ve transferred ownership, cancel your existing car insurance policy with your insurance company. The new owner should obtain his own insurance for the car. If you will continue to drive the car, the new owner should add you to his policy.

Pay Off Loan Calculator – Find out how long it will take to pay off your loan #car #auctions

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Determine How Quickly You Can Pay Off Your Loan

How long until my loan is paid off?

Additional Information

If you feel that you have too much debt, you are not alone. Most people have substantial debt; many have more than they can handle. However, debt is not all bad. Sometimes it makes sense to use borrowed money for investments. However, most folks are not using debt in that way; they are using it to make ordinary purchases of things they would probably be better off without, anyway. In our competitive society, spending has become a status symbol. This encourages people to spend more than they should — more than they have. Consequently, they run up tremendous debt.

While some debt is okay, too much debt is not. So, how do you know whether you have too much debt or not? First let’s look at the different kinds of debt we might incur.

Credit and the Consumer

While credit stimulates the economy, it does have to be used judiciously. Credit is not money. Derived from the Latin word for “trustworthiness,” credit is based on faith that the borrower will repay the debt with real money. One should not use credit in place of money when there is little or no likelihood that payment in real money will be made using credit without the intent or ability to pay is theft.

Today, credit has become a business in its own right. Credit is issued by banks, savings and loans, credit unions, public utilities, and even merchants. According to the Federal Reserve, there was more than $2.5 trillion of consumer debt outstanding by late 2009 this is more than double the amount outstanding in 1994. This represents hundreds of billions of dollars in interest earnings to lenders. This is why credit card companies aggressively compete to get you to use their credit cards and services. The marketing is so aggressive that consumers may lose sight of the fact that this is not free money and make excessive purchases to the point where they find themselves in financial difficulty.

Finding Help In Managing Debt

There are many reasons why people find themselves in financial difficulty. The key to resolving financial woes is understanding why the problems arose, making a plan to resolve the problems, and taking action to get back on track.

In the past, you may have managed your debt well until you lost your job or had a financial setback due to large medical or legal expenses, or investment losses. You may have incurred large debt due to poor spending habits, overuse of credit cards, poor budgeting, or even gambling. Before you can resolve your debt issues, you need to deal with their causes or the problems will recur. Some of these issues you can resolve on your own, while others will require professional help.

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Full Answer

Similar Questions

How many car payments can be missed before repossession?

In some states, the loan company can seize a car as soon as a payment is missed according to the Federal Trade Commission. The number of car payments that can be missed depends on the purchaser’s credit history and the loan company’s policy on repossession.

How do I make payments on a home equity loan online?

Many banks and financial services companies allow consumers to make payments on home equity loans online. Bank of America customers can log in online to use the Bill Pay service to pay home equity loans, states Bank of America.

How do you make bi-weekly mortgage payments?

To make bi-weekly mortgage payments, a borrower pays half of his monthly mortgage payment every 14 days instead of the full mortgage payment once per month. Borrowers can pay their mortgages this way by mail, online or through automatic bill-payment systems. Because there are 52 weeks in a year, bi-weekly payments result in 26 half-mortgage payments, the equivalent to 13 monthly mortgage payments.

How do you make credit card payments to JCPenney?

Websites Can Take the Haggle Out of Buying a New Car Before Arriving at an Auto Dealership #toronto #car #rental

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The new car purchase is easily one of the most painful and confusing of all shopping experiences. Most business relationships are built on trust, yet there s good reason to distrust nearly everything seen or heard at a car dealership, from complex financing terms, to claims that a certain figure is their absolute best price, to the original, fairly meaningless sticker price on each vehicle s driver-side window. But what if you could eliminate much of the distasteful back-and-forth and just get the car you want, at a price you know is fair?

Do car dealerships lie? Of course! Check out a recent post. naming five ways car dealership ads fib. One of the most common ways they stretch the truth—or, to be more precise, mislead—is by showing a vehicle with top-of-the-line trim and features, but listing a much-less expensive price for the base model. Even worse, the base price quoted probably doesn t include any fees, the post reads. Fees, of course, add thousands of dollars to the cost of a car.

That s the sort of distortion of the truth one can expect before ever entering a dealership. Once inside, the games really start being played. For example, when a car salesman states a price that s at invoice or even below invoice, the figures being quoted probably have no relationship to what the dealer actually paid for the car. nor to what kind of profit the dealership stands to make. a free web service that gives car buyers trustworthy estimates for a dealer s actual costs and rounds up guaranteed price offers from several dealerships, aims to put an end to some of the games. The New York Times recently reported that car dealerships have felt threatened by TrueCar, and that some have even complained that the site is breaking the law. Both of these can be read as signs that the site is doing its job well.

Dealerships either pay TrueCar a monthly subscription fee, or a flat fee of $299 for each new car it sells as a result of a TrueCar customer lead. The consumer doesn t pay anything upfront to use TrueCar. The site gathers data and states various price estimates, including good and great prices for the vehicle in question, and invites dealerships to deliver guaranteed price quotes (that don t include taxes, title fees, and some other charges) directly to the consumer.

The site doesn t eliminate every hassle and potential trickery in the car-buying experience. The Times notes:

The site may be able to ensure a fair, haggle-free price, but if that drives dealers to compete too fiercely with one another, they will be forced to find other places to turn a profit. So they may lure you into the dealership with a low price, but then make up for it by giving you a poor deal on your trade-in or on the financing.

Even so, making one major headache—haggling—disappear is a terrific service. Any way to make buying a car less stressful, less confusing, and less distasteful will be welcomed by consumers .

And, in all likelihood, more and more consumers will be using TrueCar rather than simply showing up at the dealership itching for an unseemly haggle-fest. One reason this is so is that the TrueCar logo will be flashed in front of the eyeballs of more drivers. Last month, the New York Post reported that TrueCar inked a contract making it Yahoo s exclusive partner for car shoppers:

TrueCar has agreed to pay a minimum of $50 million annually to Yahoo! for the first three years, which [TrueCar CEO Scott] Painter believes will guarantee 10 million unique visitors a month — a deal he thinks will triple the $100 million in annual revenue TrueCar now generates.

The average TrueCar customer reported pays 9.7% less than the sticker price. Under normal circumstances, paying anywhere close to 8% or 9% under sticker price is considered a pretty good deal.

How will car dealerships cope if and when most customers start demanding a standard 10% off the sticker price? It s guaranteed that they re cooking up strategies right now. One that s been tried, and will probably be tried again: Last summer, GM raised sticker prices on many vehicles, and it supposedly did so mainly so that it could later be able to offer bigger, more impressive-seeming discounts at the dealership .

Brad Tuttle covers business and personal finance for TIME. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four sons, and also teaches journalism at UMass-Amherst.

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Take Over your Payment

Let us help you help us.

We offer a 6 months program for people who can’t make car payments. Instead of losing your car or damage your credit, we give you the opportunity to save your car, or we will just keep it until it is paid in full and then returned it to you.

How it works?

We do an agreement with you for six months, during which time; we make your car payments;

If you want your car back we will returned it, with a prior 30 day written notice. If you want to extend the term for another six months you will be allowed to do so.

You can change your mind any time during the period of the term of payments on your original agreement with your lender; just submit a writing notice thirty days before to get your car back.

We will rent your car to third parties during the six months time contract. We will take care of maintenance, insurance and any needs that the car has under our management.

Peace of mind.

For our security and yours, we’ll install a GPS Tracking device on the car that will let us know its where about and disable the car from our office, if it becomes necessary at any given time. We will give you access to following up your car when you so desire.

Your best investment.

After the car is paid in full the car is yours, since it has been under your name.

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How to Take Over Car Payments When Buying a Used Car

One can take over car payments or assume a car loan. It is a good idea for an individual who doesn’t have the upfront cash or money for a car. This article will show you how you can take over the loan.

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Car Title
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residence
  • ID/Drivers License

Step 1: Contact Loan Company

Contact your loan company and find out what will be required for the process before you go and begin it. In many instances, you will be required a down payment. So be prepared for that as a requirement and find out how much it should be before you pay it. This way you can be sure you have the money ahead a time.

Check your credit and FICO score before you go in. They will likely run a credit check on you, and you want to make sure it is in good standing. Otherwise, your interest rate may change than want the previous owner held. So be sure to find out what it is and know what to expect when you sign over the car payments.

Much like a regular loan, you will need to be “approved” before you can sign the paperwork and make a payment schedule. So that can take up to a week or two, though some do have instant results. That will depend on the credit company and how they work.

Swap a Lease: How to Take Over Car Lease Payments

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Swap a Lease: How to Take Over Car Lease Payments

October 14, 2013

If you are looking to swap a lease. then you may be wondering how to go about it. It can be a very daunting process for those who have never done it before, so take the time to be prepared and learn the steps you will have to complete in order to take over car lease agreements from someone else. This option is a pain-free process where you can assume the payments of an existing lease for the period of time left on the lease. This is commonly referred to as a short term lease. The length of time can be for 6 to 18 months.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to take over the lease, the process will be very similar, so don’t think that just because you want to take over someone’s car lease for a different reasons than those of others that you will not have to go through the same steps.

Take Over a Car Lease: A Step by Step Walkthrough

A take-over of a car lease could be beneficial to both you and the dealer who is looking to move inventory off their lots. Their desire to deal may prove to be a tremendous opportunity for you to reach terms that are mutually beneficial. Here are some steps to follow:

Review the Lease Terms

Before entering into the lease arrangement, you should review the terms of the lease with the dealer. Understanding any mileage caps and other usage limitations up front are important in determining whether the car will meet your driving needs.

Any details in the lease or terms that are unclear to you should be reviewed and clarified with the dealer. If necessary, consult a trusted advisor or other third party to clear up any lease terms.

Have the Seller Contact the Company

It is always better to have the seller of the lease contact the lease company themselves and notify them of your intent to take over the lease.

Inspect the Car

You should conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle after you have read the lease terms. Look for any hidden damage or cover-up that may have been done to any part of the car. Ask for a vehicle inspection report. If the dealer is unable to provide this, take the vehicle identification number or VIN and request a free car history report online.

The VIN appears either on the back taillight or in the front dash and is 17 characters. The VIN does not include the letter I, O or Q; if you encounter these characters or less than 17 characters, the VIN has been altered and you should not take possession of the vehicle.

Negotiate the Remaining Lease Terms

A take-over of a lease for a car can be a good opportunity to get the vehicle you want. Be cautious in your selection process to ensure that you are getting what you want and that there are no hidden problems that could create an adverse situation for you.