Used Police Cars, We sell Police Government Vehicles and Used Cars Reconditioned such as Police Crown Victoria Interceptors and are for sale to the public, not a government vehicle or police car auction #italy #car #rental

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We’re the only company in the country dedicated to designing and building a Crown Vic Interceptor to your desired look and taste. Mild to wild, just tell us what you want and we’ll make your dream come true.

We only sell the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor as no other used police vehicle comes anywhere close to the performance,safety, longevity and comfort that Ford builds into these impressive vehicles.

It’s no wonder that used policecars are highly sought after by security firms, detective agencies, bounty hunters and even police agencies when their budget does not allow for a new vehicle and they need a few more units. And yes, anyone can purchase a used P71 Interceptor for their personal use.

I am extremely proud of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors that we offer here at Rich Troppoli Automotive Center. I have over 38 years of pleasing customers with unparalleled experience in the automotive industry.I have now directed all my efforts to the reconditioning and refurbishment of previously owned Police Interceptors. Every car we work on is a custom build.We don’t mass produce, but concentrate on each car, one at a time. Every car is different with different needs and all of those items,and then some,are dealt with by top ASE certified mechanics. Our bodymen are second to none in restoring the body back to new condition.The upholstery shop does undetectable work.We sweat the details like no other company, making sure the tiniest hole or slightest rip is repaired or replaced. Our bodies are straight and free of antenna holes and defects.We always replace all the lights to give the vehicle a new look. Everything on the exterior (and interior as needed) gets refinished, including the wheels and engine bay. The cars look new when we finish them.We’ve been told we look like a new Ford dealership! I personally get involved in each car before, during and after the process. All cars are given a 75 mile road test at all speeds when completed to make sure there are no defects.

I can say with confidence that no one on the web is putting as much into their used police cars as we are.

You can buy a used police car from us with the peace of mind that you are getting a road ready Interceptor that will give you 100 to 200 thousand more miles of service. We have delighted customers from all over the US who have ordered our vehicles over the phone only to call me on delivery to praise our work.

We work on a zero fail basis with each and every car.Nothing leaves here until it’s right and I’m 100% happy with it.

All of our Interceptors are sold on a custom order basis.We prefer not to keep an inventory as evryone wants their car to reflect their personal taste in color, options and overall look.

It starts with you picking out the year and miles and basic interior color. Then we discuss what color you want the vehicle and other options you may like to have. Once we have designed a car for you, we have the car brought into our facility fromВ  state or municipalВ auctions that we attend daily. Almost all cars come from theВ South or Mid West.В Then the car is reconditioned to your specs down to the last detail.Our way of doing business is gettingВ very popular with our customers who don’t want to “settle” for “car lot”, as is Interceptors

We are located in Central New Jersey and ship to all states at a discounted rate. All vehicle transport companiesВ are bonded and insured and seleccted by Rich Troppoli personally.

So if you are looking for a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor reconditioned by people with a passion for the car, look no further and call today!

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