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The Mindful Living Programs Team

Steve Flowers, MS, MFT

Steve is the founder and director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Clinic at the Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California. Steve is a long time practitioner of meditation and has been teaching MBSR since 1997. He has provided training in mindfulness to thousands of people. He pioneered MBSR online programs that make full 8-week MBSR programs available to persons all over the world. As a licensed psychotherapist in private practice Steve specializes in the treatment of stress related conditions, anxiety and depressive disorders and couples therapy.

Steve provides training in mindfulness-based psychotherapy for mental health professionals and provides fully accredited mindfulness retreats for physicians and other health professionals in workshops, seminars and retreat settings with his dear friend and partner Bob Stahl, Ph.D. through Mindful Living Programs.

Through his corporate programs, Steve provides workshops and seminars for diverse corporations such as Genentech, Johns Manville, Blue Shield and Sierra Nevada Brewery and also provides these same resources to hospitals, businesses, universities, colleges and city, state and the federal government employee’s onsite at their places of employment as well as on retreat settings.

Steve is also sought out as a public speaker where he has offered numerous workshops and presentations for nationally and internationally acclaimed organizations such as Center for Mindfulness’ Annual International Scientific Conference on Mindfulness and the American Academy of Pain Management.

Steve invites you to explore the question: What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver in The Summer Day

Bob Stahl, Ph.D

Bob directs Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs at El Camino Hospital and O’Connor Hospital in Santa Clara County, and Dominican Hospital and the Santa Cruz Medical Foundation in Santa Cruz County. Bob has conducted numerous mindfulness programs for physicians and health care professionals. A long time practitioner of mindfulness meditation, Bob is the author of multiple well received books such as A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook and Calming the Rush of Panic. Bob spent over eight years living in a Buddhist monastery.

Both of our presenters have completed training with Jon-Kabat Zinn and are Certified MBSR teachers.

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This Security Certificate Revocation Awareness Test was born from the revelation of the worrisome Heartbleed vulnerability that had existed in plain sight for two years without public awareness in the industry standard open source OpenSSL security suite. However, these pages are about more than that:

The security of connections between devices through the Internet depends upon authentication (being certain to whom we are connecting in an environment where we have no direct means of verifying) and privacy (being certain that our communications cannot be eavesdropped upon despite the fact that our data traffic may be travelling great distances outside our direct control). Those two security properties are assured only through the integrity of the Internet’s security certificate infrastructure.

Certificates provide a means for web servers at
the far end of remote connections to verifiably
assert their identity across the Internet.

The security certificates that routinely assure the security of our Internet connections are among the most closely guarded and protected secrets any organization maintains. Because secrets are notoriously difficult to keep, and certificates are just a small file of binary data, the certificates used to assert a web server’s identity routinely expire every two or three years. So even if a certificate were to somehow escape, it would die OSes .

  • For a detailed and in depth treatment of the history and evolution of web certificate revocation, please see our companion OCSP Must-Staple page.
  • Certificate Revocation Pages:

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    byCoco Jaenicke

    Customized App Extends CRM System to Field Reps With Highly Specific Capabilities That Boost Overall Productivity of Sales Staff WALTHAM, MA (Marketwired Apr 7, 2015) Verivo Software, the industry s only open enterprise mobile application platform provider, today announced that Allianz Global Investors, a provider of global investment and research capabilities with consultative local delivery asset management, has deployed a Read more

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    Is your field organization fully mobilized? Gone are the days where it is sufficient to have your mobile workers taking notes during the day, then synching with systems that evening or even days later. Field reps, customers, and business operations have all come to expect immediate access to information. The expectation today is that field organizations be fully mobilized . Read more

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    Will Googlebot the search engine s ranking algorithm start prioritizing sites that provide a positive user experience? The short answer is yes. In fact the process is already underway! Although Google have been penalizing sites that generate errors since July 2013, they only began adding their mobile-friendly label to users mobile search results back in November. More are coming, Read more

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    PhoneGap (or Codova) is an easy choice for many development teams it is a great tool for cross-platform development. But, as you have probably already discovered, it does not cover everything you need. How will you support working off-line? Authentication? Data transformations? Back-end connectivity? Yes, all the plumbing that is so much fun to develop and test. Come to Read more

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    I recently wrote about how mobile infrastructure is essential to the successful development and deployment of enterprise mobile apps. It is worth taking a moment to look inside the proverbial box and considering what functionality is included in a mobile app server. Mobile devices throw three new challenges into the mix: Battery and bandwidth limitations the rate-limiting resources on Read more

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    Whenever there is a new hot technology, another paradigm shift, or a different delivery vehicle, there is a recurring pattern: development teams jump ahead and build whatever they can to meet demand, which is followed by an effort from IT to reign things in, and then followed by a standardized approach supported by infrastructure. This pattern has given us the Read more

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    MOBILE APP SERVERS: THE NEW BLACK This is the third and final blog in the series on the optimal framework for enterprise mobile app development. The first two blogs discusses the pluses and minuses of traditional SOA platforms. In this blog we ll explain why a mobile app server is essential to enterprise mobile app development. Because of the complications that Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    This is the second in our series of blogs comparing the frameworks for traditional and mobile app development. In our first blog, Is Your SOA Enough for Building Mobile Apps, we examined some of the benefits of the SOA approach. In this blog, we ll discuss the limits of an SOA framework for mobile app development. SOA is not enough because Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    If you plan on building mobile apps, you probably want a pluggable framework that allows you to easily use and reuse mobile services. You can then effortlessly access back-end systems, rapidly assemble new apps, and easily update individual services. In this series of blogs, we ll explore at the similarities and differences in the processes of building traditional and mobile enterprise Read more