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Do you smell that? Septic system fumes are wafting through your house again and you know that this is not a normal thing for you and your family to experience. To wake up smelling like you’re inside the toilet or your drain is not a healthy way to live. First of all, your house is supposed to be a sanctuary where you could have all the rest and stress release that you can get. But when you breathe in septic system fumes everyday, all you’ll live to know about are stress and aggravation.

So far, all the frequent sniffing of septic system fumes hasn’t struck your family’s health evidently. This makes you wonder if septic system fumes are indeed hazardous. There is only one obvious answer to that—YES.

Septic system fumes are wicked blends of various gases that really pose as detriments to your health and safety. First, there’s methane, which can cause an explosion when ignited and even asphyxiation when inhaled in excessive amounts. Sulfide gas is one of the septic system fumes that irritate your nasal passages because it does smell like rotten eggs. Airborne bacteria is also present in the septic system fumes that you inhale. This causes detrimental respiratory infections like sinus infections. Spores of mold could also be carried by septic system fumes that could cause harm to your home and to your respiration as well.

But how could you possibly know where these odors come from? Here are some of the common places in your house where septic system odors spew out:

1. Leaks in sewer piping joints
Of course, it is a given that if the sewer pipe joints have leaks or are not even attached to the floor, ceiling, or wall, you will have septic odors floating about. This can be determined by pressure testing.

2. Leaks in electrical conduits
The electrical conduits in your home may be pathways for the septic gases into your very own home straight from the pumping station.

3. Heaters and ACs
Your own heaters and air conditioners can be sources of foul septic odors because of the blowers and air ducts. These features tend to pick up the smells and move them throughout the house. If your sewer pipes have leaks or if your house has defective toilets, surely, you will experience the unwanted septic system odors everyday.

4. Leaks in toilet seals
When your toilet has a bad seal (not properly installed on the floor)then it can be leaking smelly gases or sewage at its base.

5. Leaks in septic pipes
If there are leaks in the septic pipes, then you will definitely get septic system odors for breakfast until dinner. The leaks are caused by rust, mechanical damage, improperly installed vents, missing vents, and pipe corrosion.

6. Failures in septic system
If your septic system fails, the sewer gases leak outside and the wastewater backs up. This could be anywhere in or out of your house and it could be very embarrassing and off-putting if it reeks at the front yard.

7. Punctures in sewer piping
Sewer pipes should be properly sealed but there are times when a stray nail from unplanned or unplanned constructions or installations can puncture them, giving way for the septic odors to crawl out.

8. Marsh or swamp gas
As you know, marsh or swamp gases are very detrimental because of the methane. It is very toxic and flammable. But there are some buildings and houses that have sewage lines that divert the gases from the marshes or swamps. This has to be attended to immediately.

9. Odors in drains
When the water traps in the drains are not installed correctly or if there is a blockage somewhere, then the septic fumes will waft through your house like there’s no tomorrow.

It can be very upsetting to have all these in your home without you even knowing about it. But calm down. You could very well find a cure to the septic system fumes that bother and harm you once you look at the root cause.

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Installing a plumbing vent code system for waste and septic lines #sewer #pipes,plumbing #diagram,drain #waste #vent,plumbing #septic


Installing plumbing vent code for waste lines

Installing a proper plumbing vent code system is a requirement. Now, let’s move on to Drain, Waste, and Vent systems. Most plumbers now use ABS for these systems because it’s so east to use. ABS and PVC is much lighter, less expensive, and more flexible than iron. If your local plumbing code prevents the use of ABS, then you’ll have to use cast iron pipes. Usually though, ABS is an acceptable product to use.

Two types of plastic pipe are ABS and PVC. Both are available anywhere and really inexpensive, but the better of the two is probably the PVC plastic pipe. It is slightly more durable than ABS.

Many plumbers still use ABS because it was the first plastic product for DWV systems and they used it for years. I think that both are great to use.

Plastic pipes are very easy to cut. You can use a saw, or a plastic pipe cutter. An important thing to remember is that when you cut plastic pipes, they leave behind burrs that need to be removed with a utility knife or sand paper on both the outside and inside of the pipe. If you don’t do this, junk will catch on the inside of the pipes and the lines will plug up a lot. When you make the DWV layout, you’ll use several different pipe fittings for corners, branches, cleanouts, and traps. You should do a dry run with the fittings and pipes before gluing them.

Once you’ve made sure that everything fits correctly, you will use the compound and cement them together. PVC and ABS cement is a one-time try. It cements the fittings and pipes together instantly. If you have to get them apart after cementing, you’re probably better off cutting the pipes apart with a saw and putting a coupler in place.

When you put the pipes and fittings together, make sure they are connected completely and in all the way. This gets kind of difficult when the pipe goes through joists and studs and is fairly hard to reach. A good seal is completely important though. Let’s cover the most common fittings that we use in the DWV system.

There are several other kinds of connectors and fittings in addition to these, but we’ll just focus on a few of these for now. You don’t want to mix and match ABS and PVC. They are made of different materials and they both use a different type of solvent cement. There’s a lot of different variations of fittings because they do specialized things.

An elbow is either a waste water elbow or a vent elbow. The difference is that the vent elbow fitting has a shorter turn radius and the water elbow fitting has a longer turn radius. Air goes around corners a lot easier than water does. Vent pipes can be 1 1/2 inches, but pipes carrying waste water (washing machine, dishwashers, sinks, and baths/showers), have to be 2-inch lines.

Soil pipes carry solids so they have to be at least 3-inch lines. That is the a few of the differences in the sizes and the turn radius of pipes and fittings. Now let’s combine it all to see how they form a good plumbing-vent-code system.

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Home – Inland Empire and Riverside County, Hesperia, CA – Cisneros Brothers Plumbing #plumbing, #plumbing #services, #drain #cleaning, #septic #service, #riverside, #rancho #cucamonga, #eastvale, #redlands, #upland, #ontario, #ca


If your plumbing is flooding like the narrows, call Cisneros!

Cisneros Brothers Plumbing, Inc. has been serving the plumbing needs of the Southern California area for nearly 20 years. The CEO of Cisneros Brothers Plumbing has basically been a plumber his whole life. He grew up going out to jobs with his father, who was the local plumber. He basically learned his skills at his father’s knee, and saw how much his father loved his work and the people he was able to help. He watched as his dad treated his customers with honesty and respect and always worked hard to accomplish the task at hand. The business has stayed in the family and we are proud to continue to serve our customers with the same consideration and care that he provided his customers.

Our Mission

Cisneros Brothers Plumbing, Inc.’s goal is “To be the leader in customer service, growth and success in our industry by displaying trust, quality, team work and a “can do” spirit in all of our actions. Our company will provide a fulfilling work environment for our employees, an enhanced level of service for our customers and continually improve everything we do.”


All of our employees are clean cut and wear clean uniforms. We run background checks on each employee for our customers’ peace of mind. We provide free estimates and guarantee low prices. We provide free leak detection services and we do insurance work. We not only take pride in our work but also in our customers. We have a 90 minute response time, and in addition, se habla Español.


  • Best of the Desert. Best of the Best as Chosen by Peers- Daily Press 2017
  • 2007 – Nominated for Small Business of the Year by Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • 2009 Vendor of the Year – by Blue Star Properties
  • 2010 Vendor of the Year – by Blue Star Properties
  • 2011 Certificate of Appreciation – by Hesperia High School Football Cheer Team
  • Safety Award- Southern California Builders Association 2007
  • Best of the Desert. Best of the Best as Chosen by Peers- Daily Press 2014
  • Best of the Desert. Readers Choice- Daily Press 2016
  • Proud Sponsor of the California Fight League
  • Proud Sponsor of the Victor Valley Outlaws
  • Certificate of Recognition- California Legislature Assembly

Customer Service

As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of customer service. This is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. If you are not happy, we are not happy. Our employees work hard to meet our customers’ needs. Our dispatch team is friendly and professional and our plumbing technicians are experienced and trustworthy. Together we are working to provide our customers with the ultimate plumbing experience. We are honest and straightforward in our dealings and work to build good relations with all of our customers.

For all of your plumbing needs, Cisneros Brothers Plumbing, Inc. is at your service. Call us today 1-855-GOT-CLOG

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