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Your Day Is About To Be Wasted By This Classic Car Search Engine

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​Your Day Is About To Be Wasted By This Classic Car Search Engine

If you spend inordinate amounts of time trolling through the interwebs to find that perfect car you’ll never own (hi!), life just got simpler. It’s called Tailpipe. and your HR person will not be pleased.

Unlike the scads of shoddy, ugly solutions that scan multiple sites for classified ads (looking at you SearchTempest), Tailpipe gets right to what you want, and manages to make it attractive in the process.

It’s strictly for classics, so if you’re looking for, say, a vintage Range Rover. it scans through Craigslist, eBay Motors, Hemmings, and others to find what you’re after. You can narrow things down by year and price, but location-based searches aren’t baked in yet. However, if you’re regularly searching for one particular unicorn, you can get email updates when a new listing posts. Now if you’ll excuse me.


Used Cars for sale at: FREE used car classifieds Search for the For Sale By Owner.

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Used Cars For Sale – 2BuyCars

Car For Sale By Owner Classifieds.

For Sale By Owner saves you money! Use our Cars For Sale By Owner classifieds to more conveniently Buy or Sell Used Cars. Buyers services are always Free and Sellers can Sell Used Cars FAST! For a LIMITED TIME, all Standard PHOTO Ad orders are being upgraded to the Deluxe PHOTO Ad which includes up to FIVE Photos and an expanded comment section.

Buyers can use the FREE Fast Search to browse the used cars for sale by area, make, and price or use our Advanced Search to review only those used cars for sale which match up to 17 different search criteria. Register for our FREE New Ad Notification service to save more of your time searching for a specific used car. You can then conveniently review all the used cars for sale posted here after you register which match your interest with just one mouse click.

For Sale By Owner is easy! Sellers can use our Used Car classifieds as a Powerful Marketing Tool to make selling a used car both easier and more affordable. Enable Buyers to See your used car and obtain complete details anytime at their convenience. Save a Lot of Your Time providing those details repetitively and showing the car to dozens of buyers who are not really interested.

Used Car Search Engines – Best Used Truck – Auto Search Online

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Search by Major USA City

Best Used Vehicle Search

Use the local used car search engine to view photos, compare prices, mileage, color and basic options on used trucks used cars for sale. Once you have narrowed down your pre-owned used vehicle search choices, you can contact the used car dealer directly.

We make it easy to compare used car values using one of the best used car search sites and car-related search engines. If your searching for used pickups, SUVs, hybrids, or whatever ride you need, our automobile search engines will find what your looking for.

Find The Best Car Financing

Las Vegas, NV

2014 Nissan Altima


2012 Honda Civic Sdn

$14,999 | 15,281 mi


Reno, NV

2002 Toyota Corolla

$4,995 | 132,417 mi

Super White

Reno, NV

2014 Volkswagen Passat

$18,999 | 12,341 mi

Tungsten Silver Metallic

2015 Ford Focus

$15,889 | 25,999 mi

Used Car Search, UK Used Cars, Second Hand Cars, Car Dealers, car sales for Used

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Used Car Dealers – Perrys Motor Sales Ltd – We represent many of the UKs leading brands. Search through over 2000 used cars, all our new cars and special offers. Finance, Service and Parts are also available on the website. Visit us for all your motoring needs!

New Car Dealers – Windrush Volkswagen – Slough & Maidenhead. New and used Volkswagen cars. Service, repairs, parts, accessories and finance.

Used Car Search

With thousands of searchable used cars available used car showroom is a must visit to search for a used car. With most major brands like ford, vauxhall, volkwagen and many more. Dealer directory is also available.

Arrange Car Insurance

Arranging car insurance can be intimidating with so many different types of cover and so many policy options available. more

Ultimate alloys offers Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex together with powder coat finishes to make your car stand out at low prices.

Trucks – Search Used Trucks For Sale.

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2012 Scania R480 Tipper

Browse or post your truck for sale online at

Find new or used trucks for sale near you or anywhere in Australia at We have a large selection or truck sales specific for many applications to suit your transport needs.

You will find all the big brands of truck makes including Isuzu. Fuso. Hino. Iveco and more.

We have trucks for every job including Agitators, concrete trucks, Prime movers, table tops, tippers, crew cabs, crane trucks, horse floats, hook lifts, tow trucks, pantech’s, furniture removal trucks, skip trucks, tautliners, water trucks and loads more.

We offer competitive packages if you would like to advertise your truck online with us. You can list any truck, for any application to suit any truck drivers licence around Australia. is a national website specialising in truck sales, commercial van sales, bus sales and more. We have a great database of dealers and private sellers so why not become a member today and start saving you favourite truck ads and create email alerts to be notified first of a truck that suits your needs?

Sell your trucks on

In Search of the Real Dealer Cost

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In Search of the Real Dealer Cost

By Jessica L. Anderson | May 2010

Knowledge will give you the power to drive a good deal.

Most new-car shoppers know that invoice price is a bargain. But does that mean the dealer makes no money? And how can dealers sell cars below invoice?

SEE ALSO: How to Score the Best Deals on New Wheels

The true dealer cost is decidedly less than the invoice price, although exactly how much a dealer pays a carmaker for a vehicle is an elusive figure. We set out to determine the true dealer cost.


Elusive numbers. “The auto industry is the only business in which the term invoice doesn’t actually define cost,” says Jesse Toprak, of an automotive-data company. For example, the invoice price does not reflect the holdback, a discount the dealer gets from the manufacturer that the dealer uses to help pay the cost of financing its cars. Dealers may also get cash from the manufacturer to move certain models. The thinking is that dealers know the best way to close a sale, and they can use any or all of the cash to help get the deal done. But, says Toprak, “if you know the incentive exists, you’ll likely get 100% of it.” lists the holdback and dealer incentives in its price report for each vehicle. The report, which is free, also shows the site’s best estimate of the actual dealer cost, the higher, factory-invoice price and the average price that buyers are paying. Say you’re shopping for a 2010 Volvo V70 wagon. The sticker price is $34,400 and the invoice price is $32,887. But the site’s TrueCost is $4,000 below invoice, after subtracting $1,000 for the holdback and $3,000 for dealer incentives.

Dealers may also benefit from other carmaker-to-dealer kickbacks, such as carryover (for selling last year’s models to make room for new inventory), volume bonuses (for moving a lot of cars) and customer-satisfaction bonuses (for high scores on customer surveys).

Knowing the dealer’s actual cost and potential profit can help you drive home a bargain. But to get the best deal, make dealers compete for your business. “You don’t need to be an expert,” says Robert Ellis, of CarBargains, the car-buying service of the nonprofit Consumers’ Checkbook organization. Pit dealers against each other — all the dealers in your area will be working with the same holdback and dealer cash incentives.

You can follow Car-Bargains’ strategy yourself: Approach several dealers, but ask to speak with one of the managers — they know the bottom line better than the salespeople and care more about volume than commission. Solicit bids from them over the phone or via e-mail. Use the invoice price of both the vehicle and options to compare deals. Or for $200, CarBargains ( ) will get bids from five dealers in your area on the car you specify.

Good fees, bad fees. Legitimate fees are listed on the factory invoice, which the dealer should share with you. These are fees that the dealer has to pay to the manufacturer and is passing along to you, including the destination fee (the cost to transport the vehicle to the dealer) and the carmaker’s regional advertising fee. includes this in its invoice and TrueCost figures. You may also be stuck with administrative fees and fuel charges if they’re listed.

A few fees inhabit a gray area — you’ll likely have to pay them, but you might be able to negotiate. The document fee is one example. Some states regulate it; others don’t. California does and sets the fee at $55. But dealers in Florida may charge several hundred dollars. Find out what other dealers charge — the dealer may reduce its fee to match the local competition.

Some fees you should never pay because they are part of the cost of doing business. They include floor-plan fees (the cost to hold inventory at the dealership) and vehicle-preparation fees (for cleaning, removing plastic and checking fluids). Any fee listed only as an acronym should raise a red flag. If it doesn’t show up on the factory invoice, don’t pay it.

Cheapest Car Hire Prices Found With One Search

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Search for car hire Our mission is simple. “Be the best”

  • Have the best prices
  • Have the best suppliers
  • Have the best booking engine
  • Have the best customer support
  • Have the best information

We’ve been delivering the cheapest car hire prices for over 12 years. Since launching in 2003 we’ve been nominated for numerous awards and in 2008 and 2013 were declared the “Best Car Hire Website” at the Travolution Awards.

We believe we have the best car hire comparison site on the internet and with over 1 Million rentals to date, we continue to innovate and improve. In 2011 we launched the mobile version of our site and our iPhone and Android applications. Plus we now compare even more car hire brands than ever before, such as Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Sixt, Alamo, and RentalCars.

But we don’t stop there, to help give the best customer support we also have our very own car hire and travel forum and continue to receive great feedback from our users. Over 91% of our customers said they would book again through us; based on our low prices, range of suppliers, easy to use website, advice and support.

Cheap Used Cars For Sale Search.

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Best Featured Weekly Deals

Browse Vehicles By Body Style

Low Budget Cars Finder

Free Classified Ads

Automotive News

  • New 2016 Volkswagen Jetta GLI (Brief Intro)

Meet the sedan version of the Golf GTI which comes full of improvements.

  • 2016 Honda Civic: Photos Brief Intro
  • Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro among them.

    Find Cheap Cars Near You Live

    Save time! Select the state where you live to see automatically which are the cheapest used cars posted for sale near you.

    Cheapest New Cars Reviews

    • Cheapest New 2015 SUVs For $20,000 or Less Top5

    List of 2015 new brand SUVs you can buy at a price of a car.

  • Most Popular Pickup Trucks in USA – Top 5
  • Vehicle sales are experiencing one of best moments so far this year.

  • 2015 Coolest New Cars For Under $18000
  • KBB published its annual list of the 10 coolest cars under $18k.

    • Cheapest New 2015 Trucks Starting Under $20,000 – Top 5

    Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Toyota Dodge renewed their models.

  • Most Economical Efficient New 2015 Cars
  • Buy for less than $13000, one of the most efficient new cars in USA.

  • 2015 Honda CR-V: New SUV Under $25000 (Review)
  • The CR-V is one of the most efficient SUVs on the market

Car Search Engines – Top 10 Car Search Sites 2014

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Best Car Search Engines

This is a comprehensive list of search engines that allow car buyers to find cars, trucks, SUVs, and other types of vehicles online.

Some of the web sites listed here only return automobiles that were posted specifically to each respective site, while others aggregate listings for sale from various other places and display them in one central location. Dealers can also use some of these resources to submit their available inventory for sale or lease.

Top 10 Car Search Engines

*Alexa Traffic Rank (global). **Monthly Unique Visitor estimates from (U.S. only). Updated for 2015.

Summaries Established in 1997, it s the leading online vehicle marketplace and information website. Auto dealers and private sellers can list cars and trucks for sale. Consumers can read reviews, connect with lenders and insurance companies, and research deals on all types of vehicles. Created in 1998, this is a top search engine for online car shoppers, offering information from consumers and experts to help buyers determine which vehicles to buy. The site allows people to search millions of used listings, get pricing details, dealer quotes, read expert reviews, and sell their own. It provides a side-by-side comparison tool, photo galleries, videos, editorial content and has a large selection of new and used inventory. Launched in 1995, Edmonds claims to be the first automotive information Web site. It s a car buying guide that lists new and used prices, comparisons, buyer s advice, ratings and values. Consumers can also get price quotes and find vehicles in their area. Created in 2000, this website provides over 750,000 vehicle reviews with photos and opinions from real people. It offers the DealFinder search engine that analyzes millions of active listings to give purchasers instant access to the best promotions in their area. It also creates records for private-sellers and dealers. Launched in 1996, MotorTrend is the Official Motor Trend magazine web site. It features new and used vehicles, concept cars, road tests, auto shows, and a ton of additional buying info. also provides a news blog, events, videos, forum, classifieds, price comparison and shopping tools. Launched in 1996, it s the front-end website to the CarMax automotive dealer chain. Users can research all types of models, view detailed specifications, compare ratings, or sell their vehicle to the dealership. It offers payment calculators, financial tools and allows users provide feedback. Started in 1998, this is one of the best online car buying services. It provides used and new automobile info, plus extremely helpful financial-related content. People can search vehicles by make and model, sell a used vehicle, and get help with financing. Auto classifieds that allows you to view thousands of classic cars, parts and service available for sale. It has an online auction, provides helpful content, and is a huge community of automotive enthusiasts. Since 1995 Autobytel has been providing innovative products and services to help consumers buy, and auto dealers and manufacturers sell, more used and new cars. Shoppers can browse hundreds of thousands of cars for sale, and read their car buying cuide with vehicle reviews, videos and pictures. Started in 1996, it s one of the Internet s leading auto buying portals. You can locate autos in the classifieds, find trade-in values, and insurance quotes. Consumers can receive information on recalls, safety-ratings, resale valuations, and use the available tools to help during the buying process.

Keep in mind this top ten list of car search engines is based on Alexa Traffic Rank only; not necessarily which ones are best from a user s perspective. If you d like us to review another search engine missing from our one of lists don’t hesitate to send us the web site information via our contact form.

3 thoughts on Best Car Search Engines

    John March 27, 2015 at 3:00 pm is one of the newer car search sites. It is an ACTUAL search engine, in that it goes out and gets vehicle information from dealer websites, so it has a lot more available cars to search through than the other search sites (like or whatever). You should check it out and maybe include it in your list.

Great to hear, Wes, thanks for the feedback. Definitely understand why you can t list it yet. We re working on the traffic part. Really appreciate you bending the rule here for the comment. If you have any further feedback for us, we d love to hear it, as we are always looking to improve.