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Auto Window Replacement in Charlotte NC

Auto window replacement may seem like a complicated process, but not for the professionals at Wilson and Tucker. Our experienced technicians provide quick and efficient service. We can also come straight to you. Our mobile windshield replacement will allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home while we replace your auto glass right there. Our services are not just limited to windshields, but extend to mirror replacement and auto glass on any part of your vehicle. Owners of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and 18-wheelers are all welcome at Wilson and Tucker. We can take care of all your auto glass needs no matter what you are driving. Not only is our top-notch service done quickly, but we also provide cheap auto glass replacement so that you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets when it’s time to pay the bill. Don’t wait until a cracked or broken windshield puts you off the road or endangers the ones you love. The experts at Wilson and Tucker can get you back driving safely in no time. Auto window replacement has never been easier in the city of Charlotte. Quality workmanship, integrity and fair prices are only a phone call away.

Since 1934, Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass Inc. has developed a remarkable reputation for providing affordable, competitive prices, unmatchable services, and quality workmanship. Specializing in truck and auto glass repair and replacement, we have the best prices in Charlotte, N.C., – 80 percent off!

Our mission is to provide quick, reliable auto glass repair, replacement and installation services to our customers while maintaining the highest level of quality workmanship in the industry. Whatever your glass needs, we will be happy to serve you with the attention and consideration you deserve. Insurance claims are welcomed.

When you are looking for professional glass repairs, call on Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass Inc., a company you can trust. We provide auto glass installations and auto window repair while you wait or we can come to you with our mobile service! Contact us today for more information on all of our glass and windshield repair and installation services.

Car window repair

Car window repair

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Tires, Auto Repair, Maintenance More Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Tires Plus Total Car Care

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Car repair

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Save money and take care of your car, all at the same time. Provide your email address and be the first to know about the latest tire coupons, service offers, and sales.

Tire Coupons

Don t wait on a new set of tires. They re more than four chunks of rubber: your tires are your car or truck s most important safety feature! Check out our latest tire promotions for a selection of coupons on Bridgestone, Firestone, and other leading tire brands. These discount tire offers are sure to save you money!

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$50 Off A Set of 4 Turanza Serenity Plus, Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia or Ecopia EP422 Plus

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Get $60 By Mail On A Set Of 4 Select Firestone Tires

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10% Off Firestone FR710

Auto Repair Coupons

Save on important auto services and repairs with these limited time deals. From oil change coupons to discounts on batteries, air filters, windshield wipers and more–you can save on almost any service. Take care of your car with these great discounts and your car will take care of you!

Car repair

Interstate Batteries

Car repair

$19.99 Standard Oil Change

Get More At Tires Plus

Auto Repair Service

It’s one of the big reasons for the “Plus” in our name. We offer a wide variety of auto repair services for your car, truck, or SUV, all done quickly and affordably. Whether you need a new battery, new brake pads, an engine repair, flat tire repair, or regular wheel alignment, our auto repair specialists will fix your car right the first time. Life never stops, and neither should your car!

Car Maintenance

When you take care of your vehicle, you also end up saving money. Preventative maintenance like regular oil changes, safety inspections, battery tests, tune-ups, and important fluid flushes can all help your vehicle stay in tip-top shape. Whatever the driving conditions, make sure you can beat them. View your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to get started!

Car repair

Why Tires Plus?

At Tires Plus, there’s a lot behind each word in our name. When it comes to tires, we have thousands of them for all vehicle types, and we’ll give you a quick, free quote. And with our Best Tire Prices Guarantee, we’ll match any locally advertised price. Find a better price within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll give you twice the amount of the difference.

On-Time Guarantee

Your time is valuable. So we guarantee your car will be ready when we say it will, or we’ll give you 10% OFF your next purchase.*

Car repair

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Paintless Dent Removal

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Auto Repair – Where Do I start? #auto #sales

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Auto Repair

Auto Repair – How to approach a problem

Where Do I Start?

  1. Start off by determining what it is you need to repair
  • Noise. what does it sound like to you and where is it coming from
  • Electrical. Something electrical has quit working (ex. Windows, lights, radio)
  • Light on Dash. Check engine light, brake light, low coolant light, battery light
  • No Start. just clicks, cranks over but won’t start, no dash lights, repeated clicks
  • No Power. when you press the gas the engine revs high but won’t move or slow
  • Brakes. The car doesn’t seem to stop as normal, brake pedal feels spongy
  • Air Conditioning. Blows hot, doesn’t blow at all, blows cold out one side only
  • Tires. Flat tire, worn uneven, alignment, leaking air slowly
  • Parts. where can I get auto repair parts online for my car or truck
  • Smell. Sweet smell, fuel smell, burning smell, rotten egg smell

2. Now that you have figured out what the issue is you need to repair, you can continue to simplify that area. Lets take Noise for example. The car makes noise. Ask yourself questions, Say Self.

  • What kind of noise? a roaring noise.
  • When does this roaring noise occur? Stopped? When you hit a bump? driving? Driving
  • What are you doing while driving? braking? accelerating? Turning? Turning and Straight
  • Does the noise Change? the roaring gets louder when I turn and quiet when I go Straight
  • Does it change when applying brake or not? No
  • What side of car does the roaring occur? Left
  • Front or Back? Front

3. Tap yourself on the head a few times and think for a moment. You have a Roaring Noise that occurs while driving that gets louder and quieter when turning and is coming from the left front of the vehicle and has nothing to do with the brakes.

  • Investigate by jacking up the front end and looking at the rotating components.
  • Does the CV Shaft show any signs of damage? No
  • When you grab the tire at the top and bottom and wiggle it does it have free play? Yes
  • When you spin the wheel do you here anything? Yes, a slight metallic rubbing

Congratulations! You have now discovered the Left Front Hub Bearing Assembly needs to be replaced.

If you need auto repair manual procedure to perform the repair right now you can purchase an online repair manual and have access now for just $16.99. Includes your vehicles wiring diagrams, TSB’s, Auto Repair Procedures, Maintenance schedules and more. You can also ask an auto repair question Now

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Professional Chicago Auto Glass Replacement

If you are looking for auto glass repair or replacement, you’ve come to the right place. Aaron Auto Glass has been servicing the Chicago region for well over three decades. Our primary objective is helping clients replace and repair their vehicle windshield or windows. We perform top quality auto glass repair and auto glass replacement at highly affordable prices from our five locations serving North Chicagoland. South Chicagoland. Rockford. Joliet and Northwest Indiana !

Chicago Windshield Replacement

Our certified technicians are highly trained in the art of windshield chip repair and auto window replacement. Whether it’s at our location or through our mobile auto glass service, come to us first for your auto glass replacement quote. You’ll find our mobile auto glass repair service to be highly convenient if you have small chips and cracks. In fact we strive to make your auto glass replacement and repair experience second to none.

Affordable Auto Glass Replacement

Aaron Auto Glass windshield installation is efficient due to our enhanced level of service, along with the fact we have a large stock of replacement auto glass available. Come by and talk to us for an auto glass quote so we can make your vehicle like brand-new again. At our auto glass shop, clients quickly discover why our auto glass service is consistently rated near the top.

Windshield Chip Repair

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Educational Programs

I-CAR offers a variety of educational and training recognition programs for the collision repair industry.



I-CAR® Professional Development Program™ (PDP)

  • Welding Training & Certification

  • OEM Training Requirements

  • Intro to Collision Repair

  • Career & Technical School Programs

  • Industry Training Alliance

  • Continuing


  • Maximize Your Return on Training Investment

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    See the Potential in Your Car

    With our attention to detail, you’ll fall in love with your car all over again.

    #MAACOVER Auto Painting

    When’s the last time you gave your car a second look? Or ran your fingers along the hood? It’s time you fell back in love with your car again. Let us transform your weathered wagon with a new coat of paint, and soon you’ll be driving the car you always wanted, again.

    UH OH! Better Get Maaco! Cosmetic Car Repairs

    Insurance Claims/DRP

    Whether it’s minor damage or large repairs, Maaco has been a trusted body shop for more than 18 million drivers. We work with all major insurance companies to schedule, inspect and repair your vehicles seamlessly. Trust the body shop that makes it easy, affordable and reliable to repair your vehicle.

    Fleet Industrial Services

    Car Care E-Store

    Check out our E-Store to find keepsakes, gear and car care products that are exclusively available online. The perfect gifts for the car-enthusiast in your life.

    Customer Support FAQs

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    Auto Repair Services




    Maintaining your vehicle s health is always in your best interest. Cars that are well taken care of outperform and outlast those that are not. When something feels off with your vehicle, don t hesitate to bring it to Firestone Complete Auto Care. Our expert Firestone auto technicians will assess your car and provide anything it needs, from routine maintenance to major auto repair services. With a Firestone ASE-certified technician, you know your car is in good hands after all, Firestone auto repair experts have been doing this for more than 100 years. How many other auto shops can say that?

    Got Questions About Auto Care? We ve Got Answers

    Looking for the ultimate resource on car repair services and maintenance battery replacement? Look no further than Completely Firestone we ve got your answers.

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    How to Repair Your Car Scratch

    The bad news: Your car has been keyed by some psychopath. The good? Our step-by-step DIY guide walks you through diagnosing and repairing the dreaded car scratch.

    Anatomy of a Scratch

    All scratches are not the same. Some “scratches” may not even be scratches at all. You find these when a painted car bumper or wooden post, or the rubber bumper on a shopping cart, rubs up against the body. The object doing the rubbing may be softer than the paint. Instead of scratching the car, it deposits material on the paint surface — a mark that is actually raised above the paint, not gouged into it.

    If the object is harder than the paint, guess where the material gets transferred? From your car to the shopping cart, leaving paint missing. Some scratches can be rescued, while others can’t.

    But many marks simply “scratch the surface,” as it were. The offending object gouges the clearcoat and even some of the base color, while leaving the primer and metal unscathed. When there’s still color at the bottom of the scratch it may be possible to remove it with some careful sanding, buffing and waxing.

    Fixing Scratches

    You don’t need fancy tools to distinguish a scratch from a mark. A fingernail drawn over the surface at 90 degrees to the defect will tell you if it’s gouged into the paint or sitting on top of it. If it’s a mark that appears to be from rubber, plastic or even other paint, it may come off easily with an aerosol tar or adhesive remover. Stubborn marks often can be removed with acetone or lacquer thinner on a soft rag. If the mark is still there after using one of these solvents, try hand rubbing or polishing compound. First, clean the area with soap and water, then spread rubbing compound on the mark and rub the area in a circular motion until the mark disappears. Once it’s gone, switch to a back-and-forth motion to remove circular buffing marks. Buff the area with a clean cloth to remove rubbing compound. Then, using a fresh pad, clean the area with polishing compound to remove the fine scratches left by the rubbing compound. Finish by sealing the surface with a good car wax.

    If the defect is a scratch, determine if it extends below the surface of the paint and into the primer. Sometimes one end of the scratch looks fine but the other end gets deeper and deeper until it breaks through into the primer and the metal underneath. How much of that scratch is below the color? If it’s a small portion of the entire scratch, you may want to repair what you can, and just try to ignore the rest until you’re prepared to repaint the panel.

    Modern cars are almost always clearcoated over the color layer of the paint. This is done to provide a shinier finish, as well as to prevent ultraviolet light from fading the pigment underneath it.

    Scratches in clearcoat can similarly be sanded out. However, if you sand completely through the clear into the color underneath, you have to respray the clear on that panel. That’s still easier than trying to match the color of the original paint, spraying the panel and then clear coating over it. If the scratch goes into the primer, you’ll be forced do exactly that.

    Nitty-Gritty Time

    To repair a scratch, start by washing the panel with soapy water and then drying it thoroughly. To fix the scratch you won’t really be removing it at all. Rather, you’ll be sanding down the paint surrounding the damaged area until they are both at the same level. As you might guess, the goal is to sand down to the level of the scratch without sanding through to the next layer.

    To make sure you don’t go too far, rub a material into the scratch that contrasts with the paint color. In the case of our red Porsche photo car, we used black shoe polish. If the car is a dark color, white shoe polish, Wite-Out or another light-colored material will work. Once the contrasting color is in the scratch, sand remaining material from the paint surface.

    The key to sanding safely is to use an ultrafine 2000- to 3000-grit wet/dry sandpaper, which is available at auto parts stores where body shop supplies are sold. Place the paper on a rubber sanding block or a wood block, then dip it in a bowl of cold water. Add two or three drops of liquid dish detergent to make the water more slippery and to improve cutting action. Sand the scratch area using light, short strokes at alternating 60-degree angles to the scratch. Move up and down the length of the scratch, stopping frequently to rinse the paper in the water. The goal is to work slowly and lightly until you see the contrasting mark disappear.

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    Water Damaged iPhone Repair

    All prices include parts, labour and VAT

    We specialise in water damage iPhones. There is a good chance that we can get your iPhone back to life even in the worst case of water damage.

    Some of the iPhone we have bought back to life include the following:

    • Dropped into the toilet
    • Dipped in the Sea
    • Babys sucking on the end of an iPhone
    • iPhones that have been through a full wash cycle
    • iPhones in beer glasses (best to use cocktail umbrella to brighten up your pint!)

    Usually water damaged iPhone just need a new battery but sometimes it can be more sinister. If you have a water damaged iPhone, walk in or post it to us for further evaluation.

    We will not charge you if we cannot repair your iPhone and we will always let you know how much the repair will cost before go ahead and do the work.

    Water damaged phones usually take between 2-3 days to test due to the nature of the damage.

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