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Save up to 10% on your car rental!

“The MIA Rental Car Center really does make things quite easy to pick-up and drop-off, especially after an initial visit to gain some familiarity with the set-up.” in 7 reviews

“if you re not careful you could end up with a huge penalty relating to tolls .” in 6 reviews

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I do not understand why so many people give so many poor reviews.

I just rented from them and would like to clear up some false information other people have stated.

Debit Cards – IT CLEARLY STATES in their rental guidelines what cards they do and do not accept. How do I know this? Because I actually read the terms and condition! *Shocker*

Type of Cars – I don t know what car rental company some of these people rent at but you never book ONE specific car! On their website, even on Priceline, it states which cars you may get. They never give you just ONE car *Common Sense*

Toll Pass – One person said that you don t need to pay to use the turnpike. That person CLEARLY never jumped on the Turnpike. I drove from Miami to Orlando, for Disney of course, and what do you know. YOU HAVE TO PAY TOLLS! And a lot of tolls in South Florida is now pay by plate where you can t pay with money. The toll pass is definitely worth it.

My experience was great with them. I got to the counter, waited a little bit for my car to be ready, and then went down the elevators and got my car.

I booked a Premium Car category and was given an Audi A3. Wow what an amazing car!

The return was very quick as well.

I ll be returning and telling all my family and friends to overlook the negative comments and rent with Sixt

Rent a car in Qatar – Leading Doha Car Rental Company – AL Muftah

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Welcome to Al Muftah Rent a Car

Operational since 1971, Al Muftah is recognised as one of the leading car rental companies in Doha. While delivering the highest standards of car rental services, we take care of the small things that most car rental companies let go. This is why, we have been voted as one of the ‘Best Local Brand’ in Qatar and across the GCC at the MENA Travel Awards. Al Muftah Rent A Car also holds the distinction of being the first car rental company in Qatar.

If you are looking to rent a car in Qatar, then Al Muftah Rent a Car Doha is a one stop solution for all sorts of customers – be it a business traveller seeking a budget car rental on Doha Airport, a travel agent looking for group transportation or companies looking to lease cars in Qatar. We assure you of our best cooperation and guidance while selecting and hiring the right vehicle.

Why choose Al Muftah Car Rentals?

• Easy to access, select and book!

Offering the world-class car rental services has been our forte. We value your needs by delivering value for money car rental services with a full length vehicle fleet of supercars, sports cars and luxury cars with excellent workmanship and best prices. Call us now for a free, no obligation consultation.

Rental Cars

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Car Rentals

The Airport was obligated to build the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC) in response to runway safety area requirements. The Federal Aviation Administration required that the previous Ready Return Lot next to Terminal B had to be relocated because it encroached into the runway safety zone. The Airport was given until December 2015 to clear this area and move the rental cars.

We are aware of the impact this relocation has had on the rental car experience and have endeavored to minimize the impact of the relocation and to retain a high level of overall convenience for the customer. The RITC contains 11 car rental companies as well as a ground-level transit center for regional bus lines, and is located across the street from the Bob Hope Airport Train Station .

In addition to providing additional transportation options, the RITC is designed to resist large earthquakes and has the potential to serve as an emergency response center, when rail and aviation access to the region would play vital roles.

RITC Accessibility Customer Drop-Off

The distance from the Airport Terminal to the RITC rental car facilities is 1,100 feet, a walk of approximately seven minutes.

Elevated Moving Walkway: Access to the RITC from the Airport Terminal area is provided by an elevated moving walkway that conveys rental car customers to the rental car counters. Passengers who are new to the RITC can view this instructional video. which, in addition to providing directions to the Bob Hope Airport Train Station, also showcases the pedestrian passage between the terminals and the rental car facility. An escalator and elevator offer convenient access for all to the walkway, and the covered moving walkway keeps actual walking distance and time to a minimum.

Transit Center, Bus Stops, Bob Hope Airport Train Station: The transit center is located on the ground level of the RITC and is accessible from the second-level rental car counter facilities via elevator and escalator. Rail passengers can access the Bob Hope Airport Train Station by walking across the Empire Avenue crosswalk that connects the south side ground level of the RITC to the Train Station.

Wheelchair Services: Free wheelchair service between the RITC and the Airport Terminal area is available at the main Terminal entrance skycap station, and rental car personnel can summon skycap wheelchair service to the car rental counters as well. Please call (818) 795-6087 for assistance.

Smarte Cartes: Smarte Carte kiosks have been installed at both ends of the walkway to allow for easy transport of larger pieces of luggage.

Customer Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Drivers who wish to drop off or pick up a customer from the Consolidated Rental Car Facility must park in the Airport’s Short Term Parking Structure. located across from the Airport Terminal. The adjacent elevated moving walkway connects the Terminal area to the RITC.

Rental Car Companies

The RITC consolidates 11 rental car brands and over 1,000 rental car parking spaces in one building. Contact information for the rental car companies at Burbank Bob Hope Airport is as follows:

Rental Car Deals

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11 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off On Your Next Car Rental

REUTERS/Jason Redmond Travelers walk past rental car companies at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in SeaTac, Washington

As arduous as air travel might be, getting around town after landing can be even worse. Many travelers turn to public transit, others hop in cabs, but most rely on a good old-fashioned rental cars. In fact, the car rental business become a $25 billion industry in 2013 .

Unfortunately, there’s a bewildering array of rental companies, locations, cars, and optional features that can affect the price of a rental.  As a result, the actual cost of a rental can end up much higher than advertised.

In response, some travelers have turned to the simplified user experience of car sharing programs, such as Zipcar. However, unless you’re renting for less than day, car sharing programs are far more expensive than major car rental agencies, Consumer Reports Senior Editor  Jeff Blyskal told Business Insider.

Luckily, there are some valuable tips that can help you snare the best deal the next time you are in the market for a rental car (via Consumer Reports ).

Shop around online

Like airplane tickets or hotel rooms, it helps to do some shopping at the various online travel agencies. Websites like Kayak, Hotwire, or Priceline offer a variety of prices and deals that can save you a bundle. According to Consumer Reports, online quotes for a four-day rental of a Toyota Corolla at O’Hare Airport in Chicago varied by as much as $60 per day.

Avoid renting at the airport

Renting from the counter at the airport can be a great convenience, but it’s a convenience that can cost you. According to Consumer Reports, renting from an airport location often includes tacked-on fees and taxes aimed at tourists by local governments seeking to raise funds. As a result, significant savings can be had by taking public transportation and renting from an urban or suburban location.

The publication noted that Enterprise quoted a four-day Corolla rental from O’Hare for $386, while the same car can be had for just $157 at an in-town Enterprise location.

Don’t book at the counter

When possible, it’s best to have reservation. Booking at the counter could end up costing you more money to get the car you want. It could also put you at risk of getting stuck with a more expensive model. This is especially the case on Mondays, when business travelers flock to a city.

Reserve a smaller car

REUTERS/Rebecca Cook Hertz rental cars are seen in a rental lot near Detroit Metropolitan airport in Romulus, Michigan.

Another way to get a good deal is to book a smaller or more affordable car ahead of time. Sometimes, the model or vehicle type you booked isn’t available, so the rental agency will upgrade you to a more expensive car for free.

Rent for longer periods

Renting by the week or even longer can result in cheaper per-day costs. For example, a two-day rental of a Hyundai Accent from Avis at Newark Liberty Airport was quoted at $106 per day. However, a nine-day rental went for just $41 per day. This is because rentals that last a week or more have the benefit of a lower weekly rate instead of a daily rate.

Timing Matters

The cheapest fares at the rental counter tend to be in the form of weekend rates. Consumer Reports also recommends that you avoid changing reservation details mid-trip. In fact, returning your rental car a couple of days early can result in your weekly rate being changed to a daily rate. Returning the car and hour late can lead you to being charged for an extra day. Return at a different location than the one your rented, and you’ll be in for a hefty relocation charge.

Use alternative rental insurance

Instead of opting for the rental company’s insurance, use your own insurance — but only after making sure your insurance has collision coverage that includes rentals.

In addition, American Express and certain Visa and MasterCard holders can get rental-car insurance as membership perk.

Take a look at smaller rental companies

AP Car Renters wait in line at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

While the prices and service at the agencies like Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz don’t vary a great deal, it may be worthwhile to explore small local rental companies. But smaller companies tend to have fewer locations located further away from the airport and have fewer vehicles,  Blyskal warned.

Avoid optional extras

Rental car companies will offer customers a variety of optional extras, like a navigation system or a baby seat. For what they charge, it is usually much cheaper to simply buy your own baby seat or simply use Google Maps on your smartphone (safely, of course).

Fill up your own gas

One scheme to watch out for are the “full-tank” deals that rental companies offer, Blyskal said. These seem like a good deal to consumers because they no longer have to shop for their own gas and can return the cars on empty. But Blyskal warns that these offers come with expensive charges for the service. You’ll pay for a whole tank even if you return the car half full.

Another simple way to get a good deal on a rental car is to join an automotive club, like AAA or AARP. Auto clubs usually offer special deals on rental cars for their members, along with roadside assistance should anything go wrong. In addition, warehouse stores with membership fees and credit cards may also offer discount deals on rentals.

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Rent a Car: Find Cheap Car Rental Dubai – Car Hire Deals

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Rent a Car Dubai

If you are looking for to rent car dubai, you are at the right place. offers you the best variety of car rental choices to choose from, which gets you upto 60% savings on your car rental cost in Dubai when compared with the rest of the car rental suppliers in Dubai. If you wanted a luxury car rental dubai or budget car rental dubai, search and find rental cars online from us that suits your needs.

How to Rent a Car in Dubai

Car Rentals in Dubai International Airport would be time-consuming, as the there are thousands of visitors in Dubai. you need to stand in the queue to hire a vehicle from any of the rent a car companies at the airport. To have a hassle-free trip, you can pre-book your car rentals at cheap rates by comparing prices in Travelauto which serves customers with reliable car rental service providers from UAE to hire their cheap car rental in Dubai .

Travelauto has major international car rental providers for Dubai, who offer reliable and quality car hire vehicles ranging from mini, economy, SUV, 4X4 to luxury car rentals at affordable discounted rates. For the best prices and a great car hire in Dubai don t forget to compare the car hire prices online from the list of car rental supplier available in UAE.

To avail your rental car in dubai, you need to provide the photocopy of valid international driving license, Passport Visa Page Copy and should possess a valid credit card. However few car rental service providers who accept cash payments as well, but still a Credit Card is required, and you may to inform prior not to charge the credit card stating you would pay by cash. The pre-auth for credit card is taken by the car rental dubai by filling the form above.

Visa Requirements Dubai

Tourist visa allows the holder to stay in Dubai for 30 days; the same can be extended to another 30 days. It requires tour operators and hotels sponsorship, or that of airlines, friends and relatives, organizations, etc. who are responsible for bringing in tourists to the city. You need to have at least three months valid passport from the date of arrival in the city as a tourist. Once you are there, all you need to do is rent a car Dubai, and you are good to go.

If you are in a Residence Visa in Dubai, then you may need to get a local driving license to rent a car in Dubai.

Driving License Requirements

If you want to rent a car Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you will need to have an international driving license from your own country, without which you cannot get the right to rent a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. These car rental rules is applicable in entire UAE.

With this license, you can not just travel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but also across borders, provided the car rental company allows / give approval for you to take the rental car outside the UAE, to other neighbouring countries like Oman or Saudi Arabia.

The other Dubai car rental requirements include:

  • Drivers will need to produce their original passports for identification.
  • He or she must hold a valid national driving license for at least a year.
  • Drivers on transit visa or visit visa need to produce original national and international license.
  • People visiting from Japan; Korea, Greece and Turkey should have a translation of their license that has been approved by the Embassy or Council.
  • If a driver has GCC passport, then GCC national licenses can be acceptable. The various GCC countries are U.A.E, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
  • The driver needs to have a major credit card in his or her name, which needs to be produced at time of rental, along with the original passport. A copy of the credit card will be taken at the beginning of the rental in order to include rental and other charges like fuel, damage, traffic fines, rental extensions, salik, etc.
  • Rentals are subject to certain terms and conditions that need to be duly signed by the person renting a vehicle.

Car Rental Insurance

Having a travel insurance is a great idea when you are a frequent traveler. It offers medical cover, luggage and flight delay and cancellations.

The terms of insurance cover are as follows:

  • The cover is applicable in the United Arab Emirates only.
  • Vehicles meant to be rented are fully covered in keeping with the laws of UAE. Nonetheless, a police report is needed in case of damage or accident involving the vehicle rented. In case the renter fails to produce a police report, all the charges have to be borne by him, irrespective of the CDW being taken. Until and unless the police report is produced, no vehicle replacement shall be provided, and the charges shall continue.
  • In case the CDW is not taken, the renter has to pay extra liability in case any damage or accident takes place.
  • If the police is not notified in case of vehicle theft, the cover shall stand void.

Hire Car Payment Methods

Like in any other country, you can pay the car rentals both offline and online. Offline you can pay in cash, international credit and debit cards. Online you can pay via bank account, payment gateway and processor.

Dubai Road-side Assistance

Dubai is flooded with quality roadside assistance companies. Besides, cheap car rentals to provide you with the same services. So, you need not worry about a car break down when car hire Dubai.

While picking up the rental car in Dubai, don t forget to ask your car rental supplier, the phone number of the Road-Side Assistance. Most of the car rental companies in Dubai, have a tie-up with Road-side Emergency Service, who would be contacted in case there is a necessacity.

Accident Claims

If you are in Dubai and god forbid, you meet with an accident, in which your health or the car you are in gets affected; you can be covered if you have an Accident insurance. This is the reason, the PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is important.

Visiting Places with a Cheap Rental Car in Dubai

Want to travel in Dubai to visit most attractions? Then it s recommended to rent a car in Dubai. Exploring the city of Dubai with Budget Car Rental would be a great idea, cost-effective and convenient way for its well-developed road infrastructure. The United Arab Emirates is rich for its cultural heritage, and still followed by the Emiratis (the citizen of UAE) during special occasions.

A couple of hours drive from Dubai, you can reach to Abu Dhabi, which has also got its charm for beautiful palaces, Muslim art and architecture. If you wish to not to make a round-trip then you can rent a car in Dubai and drop it off in Abu Dhabi, if the car rental suppliers have a branch there, generally termed as One Way Car Rental .

There are lot of attractions that keeps you busy in Dubai. So a cheap car hire in Dubai, UAE would help you quickly visit places as well as explore the wider region.

A cheap car rental in Dubai, UAE is easy to book when you use Travelauto to compare the prices of the leading international car hire companies.

Places of Interest in Dubai, UAE:

Burj Khalifa: This is the world s tallest tower and a masterpiece of engineering, the story of which can be seen on a trip to At The Top , the world s highest viewing platform.

Palm Jumeirah: This real-estate development can be seen from the space and is often heralded as the 8th wonder of the world. It features hotels, beaches, restaurants, marinas, apartments, etc.

Burj Al Arab: With a height of 321 m, this is the fourth-tallest and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is recognized as the emblem of Dubai and one of the most photographed monuments in the world.

Ski Dubai: A part of the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai, is an indoor ski resort covering an area of 22, 500 sq meters. It has 5 runs that vary in levels of difficulty, gradient and height.

Dubai Mall: It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, with 1200 retail outlets, 160 food outlets and 2 anchor department stores.

Climate in Dubai:

The city primarily has an arid climate. The summers are humid with the maximum rising up to 42 degrees and a minimum going down to 28 degrees. The winters are dry and pleasant, with the maximum rising up to 25 degrees and minimum going down to 10 degrees.

Important Phone Numbers – Dubai, UAE:

Rental Cars – Downey Nissan – Downey, CA.

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Contact Information

Nissan Rent a Car Policies

All drivers must be 21 years old and must have a valid driver s license in their possession to rent a vehicle. No copies or faxed licenses will be accepted at any time. The original license must be presented at time of rental. The renter s driver s license must be valid for the entire rental period. Downey Nissan will not rent to a holder of a license that restricts them to daytime driving only or to business driving only. A learner s permit is not accepted.

Customers must provide proof of full coverage insurance.

Customers must provide a major credit card or debit card.

Rates may change without notice.

Only 1 additional driver is permitted with minimum age of 21

Rental cars are PROHIBITED from being driven out of the country.

Driving is permitted in California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

Customers are responsible for any vehicle damage or other costs while the rental vehicle is in their possession, and expected to return rental vehicles in the same condition they received them.

Rental vehicles being paid for by Nissan Warranty, Service Department, Sales Department or another entity DOES NOT INCLUDE FUEL used by the customer.

A charge of $6.99 per gallon will be assessed to customers returning vehicles with less fuel plus a $25 refueling fee.

SMOKING in rental vehicles is PROHIBITED and a $250 cleaning fee will be charged.

We DO NOT OFFER any additional insurance coverage on any of our rental vehicles.

The amount of the rental will be charged plus a deposit of $200 will be authorized at the time of rental.

Tenerife car rental from 13 EUR or 14 USD

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Get Your Instant Quote

The Tenerife Car Rental Guide is a one stop car hire specialist for Tenerife.

We display the rates from most leading Tenerife car rental agencies and let you choose your car and book in real-time. Decide yourself who to book with after comparing the rates and fleet options of the local car rentals.

Tenerife is a breathtaking Island with two airports. One airport is in the South, and it is known as Reina Sofia Airport, or Tenerife Sur. The other airport is in the north, and it is known as Tenerife North Los Rodeos Airport, but it is smaller and handles less flight traffic.

What means of ground transport are available?

Tenerife South Reina Airport has a huge variety of reliable ground transportation means. This means you should not worry about transfers, to whatever destination you are headed to. They include;

Buses- Public buses run from the airport to several destinations. They can be boarded outside the airport s Arrivals hall.

Shuttle buses- Private companies have shuttle buses that ferry travelers from the airport to popular resorts. They can be booked online or via a travel agent.

Hotel Shuttles- Plenty of hotels on the Island provide shuttles to pick their clients. It is advisable that you inquire about these when booking a hotel room.

Car rental- Tenerife has countless cheap car hire companies where you can rent a car and tour the Island in style. This remains the best travel option to a tourist, because it gives you the chance to explore the splendid Island at your own pace and convenience.

Can I speak English in Tenerife?

Tenerife is an Island in Spanish territory; therefore, the native language used is Spanish. However, it is a tourist destination that gets frequented by British tourists and English is spoken widely. If you need to seek for some help at the airport, for instance car rental, the service providers can speak in English.

What about currency exchange?

There are plenty of spots where you can exchange your currency in Tenerife. Again, Tenerife is in Spain, and the currency used in Spain is the Euro. There are both notes and coins of the same, and the exchange rates fluctuate from time to time.

Can I drive in Tenerife?

You can rent a car and drive in Tenerife, provided you are 25 years and above. You should not be afraid of hiring a car, because there are plenty of car parks on the Island. Some of the driving rules on the Island include;

  • Using cell phones while driving is against the law
  • Drunk driving is prohibited, the limit is 0.01%
  • Always use your headlights
  • Wearing safety belts is mandatory
  • In case you are traveling with your kids, always use child car seats

What are the most popular tourist attractions?

Being an Island, Tenerife has plenty of tourist attractions, most of which are associated with water. If you are a fanatic of water sports, you will find plenty of them like surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving.

The Island has stunning sights of marine landscapes around its shorelines. Another thrilling thing is the most popular and unique underwater submarine trips for tourists. If you have children, consider taking them to one of the splendid theme parks like Aqualand Costa Adeje, Loro Parque along with Aguilas del Teide Ecological Park. Rent a car and let them enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The Tenerife Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Tenerife to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Tenerife. This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Tenerife. In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Tenerife while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

So make a quote and save up to 50% on car rental in Tenerife

Portugal Car Rental: Cheap deals with Sixt rent a car

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Car Rental Regions

Car Rental in Portugal is quick and convenient with Sixt. With locations near most major airports and travel destinations in Portugal, Sixt is an exceptionally accommodating option for car rentals.

Rent a car in Portugal with Sixt

Sixt boasts excellent customer service as well as incredible deals on a wide variety of vehicles, including convertibles, vans, luxury cars, sports cars, and 4x4s. Options such as car seats, LDW insurance and adding additional drivers are also available. Rent a car in Portugal with Sixt on your next trip and see the country comfortably at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Rules to keep in mind when driving in Portugal

Headlights must be used when entering tunnels or other dark places

  • If you are not a citizen of an EU country, you must have an International Driving Permit on hand along with your driver’s license.
  • In Portugal, it is also mandatory to have insurance documents present at all times, even with a car rental.
  • Children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat unless their height exceeds 4 ft. 11 in.
  • The speed limit on motorways in Portugal is generally 75 miles per hour (30 miles per hour in residential areas).

These are only a few of the rules that you need to keep in mind before you rent a car in Portugal and get behind the wheel. To ensure your safety, please take the time to thoroughly understand the traffic regulations of Portugal.

Sights to see after your car rental in Portugal

With a car rental in portugal, you can explore the many breathtaking views of the country at your own leisure. One particularly popular tourist destination is the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. You can bask in the exciting night life of Lisbon by walking through the shopping district of Chiado. If you prefer a more peaceful experience, you can take in the incredible beach of Algarve, one of Portugal’s most beautiful destinations. The scenic view and pristine beaches will not disappoint. With a car rental, you can take in all the sights and experiences that the country of Portugal has to offer. Rent a car and create an unforgettable vacation full of exciting adventures, with no worries and no hassle.

Picture Vehicles, Picture Cars – Rental, Fabrication, Car Prep, Sourcing, Wrecked Vehicles, Rent Vehicles for Film

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Cars for Movies

For over 30 years, Cinema Vehicle Services has been the leader in providing on camera vehicles to the film industry. We are the oldest and only full service picture car company in the US. You have seen our work in movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, The Italian Job, Terminator 3, Die Hard IV, Austin Powers, Starsky Hutch, Herbie Fully Loaded, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Walk Hard. We also fully support television and commercial companies of all types putting our vehicles on your TV set nightly.

Cinema Vehicles Services is the #1 supplier of Hollywood Picture Cars. We are the largest picture car rental company in the business who own all of our inventory. We offer a wide variety of picture cars to choose from: everything from rent-to-wreck and non descript vehicles, to standard police cars, custom muscle cars and vehicle doubles.

Besides vehicles, we offer a wide array of services. We have a full fabrication shop that can modify almost vehicle for your production.

Our body and paint shop is big enough to paint semis and trailers as well as the quickly scuff and shoot paint changes needed at the last minute film and television jobs. We also offer full restoration services for that show car look in your TV commercial.

Once the outside is taken car of, the inside is next with our upholstery shop technicians. We can fix a rip or change the entire interior to suit the requests of the script or director.

Glass is also no problem as we can handle all your glass needs as well as on film set installs and removal. We can fix almost any mechanical issue in our full service vehicle repair shop.

Need a motor rebuilt, tires changed, or an engine swap for a stunt or live action shoot in your production, we can do it! We can even provide a mechanic on the film set

We also have a full graphics shop with the latest technology to make an eye popping vinyl graphic for the side of your picture vehicle rentals. Any signage you need, we can make it here further simplifying your picture car requirements.

Once the vehicles are ready, our carriers are available 24/7 to transport the studio vehicle rental wherever you want. Whether it is across town with a single car, or a load of 9 across the country, we can handle it all with our modern fleet of Peterbilt and Volvo tractors and trailers.

Time is always a concern, and with all these services provided in house, we are truly a one-stop shop.

If you’re an individual with a vehicle that you’d like to be in the movies, give us a call and sent us a picture of the vehicle. It could be a star waiting to be born.

Below is a list of how we service the film/production industry:

* Classic cars for rent / sale / rental

* Movie cars for rent / sale / rental

* Military vehicles for rent / sale / rental

* Luxury vehicles for rent / rental

* Humvees for rent / sale / rental

* Special event cars / rental

* Props / rental

* Props cars / rental

* Police cars for rent / sale / rental

* Taxi cabs for rent / sale / rental

* Motorcycles for rent / sale / rental

* Boats for rent / rental

* Airplanes for rent / rental

* Armored cars for rent / rental

* Presidential limos for rent / rental

* Hovercraft for rent / rental

* Limousine for rent / rental

* Commercial vehicles for rent / rental

* Special transportation / rental

Classic car rentals and picture car rental featuring custom and period correct background cars for film, photography, print ads and music videos.

Production companies are dynamic and ever changing in theirs needs and time constraints. Due to the complexities involved in producing a top quality program, vendors must be able to react in a timely manner without shallow promises. CVS prides itself in always having the right result on time to meet those demands. We typically do not broker private party s vehicles because of the many problems that can arise. Instead, we own an inventory of over 1000 classics, nondescript, specialty, police, fire, commercial and recreational vehicles to meet customer s needs. If you don t find it here, let us know what you need and we will get it.

Picture cars are great for cutaways in film and sequences that need background for point of view shots, drive bys and pull ups. Cinema Vehicle Picture Cars interfaces with film studios, production companies, photographers and businesses that are looking to rent classic cars, hard to find vehciles and more.

Last Minute Car Rental Specials – Alamo Rent A Car

#best car rental deals

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Rates shown apply to time and unlimited mileage charges only. Taxes, other governmentally-authorized or imposed surcharges of up to 24%, license recoupment fees (of up to $2 per day or up to 6%), airport and airport facility fees (of up to US $4.50 per day or US $15 per rental), refueling, additional driver fee, one-way rental charge and optional items (such as CDW Waiver Savers® up to $29.99 per day) are extra. Concession recoupment fees of up to 12% may be added to the rental rate at some on-airport locations. Up to 11.11% may be added to the rental rate if you rent at an off-airport location and exit on our shuttle bus. Other surcharges and recoupment fees may apply. Renter must meet standard age, drive and credit requirements. Check your insurance policy and/or credit card for rental vehicle coverage. Rates may be higher for drivers under age 25. May not be combined with other discounts. Availability is limited. Subject to change without notice. Blackout dates may apply. Offer valid at participating locations. Different rates apply in NY Metro Area. Offers not valid for one-way rentals. Cancellation, early return and rental extension fees may apply.

To determine the total amount of all charges applicable to your rental, follow the reservation process. You may choose to stop the process or cancel your reservation at any time.

Weekly rates require a 5-day minimum rental with an overnight Saturday keep or daily rates apply. 14-day maximum rental for weekly rates. Weekend rentals must begin after 9:00 AM Thursday and before 11:59 PM Saturday with an overnight Saturday keep required. Vehicle must be returned by Monday at same time as pick-up, or higher extra charges may apply. One hour advance reservation required.