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European Centre for Offshore Development

The European Centre for Offshore Development are independent outsourcing consultants headquartered in the UK with a sales office in North America and representative offices in many of the emerging economies. eCODE advises customers on the appropriateness of both onshore and offshore outsourcing for their business, and helps them formulate and implement appropriate outsourcing strategies.

First time outsourcers with minimal exposure to the outsourcing market generally find it more effective to utilise the services of sourcing advisory firms such as eCODE to structure the deal, help in the vendor selection process and set up outsourcing governance and an active vendor management office.

eCODE brings added value and can help your company:

  • Determine if it is ready to outsource
  • Prepare to outsource, by reviewing and advising on amendments and additions to internal processes
  • Select an appropriate outsourcing model
  • Select an appropriate country and supplier
  • Project Manage your outsourced projects and outsourcing suppliers
  • Convert a difficult offshore project into a successful one
  • By accepting full onshore accountability for the delivery process.

This web site provides information on our services to potential and existing Outsourcing Users. It also provides access to a range of outsourcing resources from around the world, including regularly updated outsourcing news. and details of outsourcing exhibitions, conferences, seminars and events.


Call Center Poland – Warsaw

eCODE enables its customers, partners and affiliates to capitalise on the many years’ outsourcing experience of its staff and consultants. We advise businesses based in the UK, Western Europe and North America on outsourcing both onshore and offshore and we assess if they’re ready to outsource.

  • If an organisation is not ready to outsource, and it’s appropriate, we’ll help them define and implement the steps and processes needed to select and work with an appropriate supplier
  • If an organisation is ready to outsource, we assess their short term and long term goals, and help them select and implement the most suitable outsourcing model.

Infotech – Hyderabad, India

We advise our customers on selecting the most appropriate on- or offshore partners for their needs by evaluating their requirements and cross matching these with over 2600 suppliers either in their own country or world-wide. You can also submit details to search our supplier database online. We manage the delivery of the entire range of outsourcing services including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Offshore Development Centres (ODC), Call and contact centres, project based offshore software development and remote system maintenance and support.

By establishing and constantly refining a broad base of outsourcing suppliers located throughout the UK and across the world, we can provide access to and optionally project manage high quality, economic resources.

eCODE typically employs a four phase approach to help businesses enter into outsourcing:


  1. Analysis: research the customer’s requirements and readiness for outsourcing.
  2. Strategy: determine the best overall outsourcing strategy for the customer’s business.
  3. Transition: vendor selection. costing, contract negotiation and initiation.
  4. Implementation: project management. review and monitoring, where appropriate with a phased hand-over of control to the customer.
  5. Outsourcing Resources: Continually audit, update and augment our list of outsourcing suppliers world-wide.

Our management team is fully experienced in various forms of outsourcing projects, enabling both customers and suppliers to maximise the benefits outsourcing affords, while ensuring the pitfalls are avoided. Based in UK, with working hours overlapping with Eastern Europe, Asia and the US, our project managers are ideally placed to co-ordinate and manage outsourcing projects for customers based in Europe and America.

Want to know more?

Europe: call us on +44 (0) 23 9248 3700 or e-mail us.


Contech – Gandhinagar, India

For vendors we provide experienced European based project management for customers in Western Europe and North America. We ensure the projects are professionally managed by a local team, reducing the number and cost of onshore resources the supplier requires to support their projects. We also provide assistance for offshore service suppliers wanting to operate in the UK and Europe through a series of initiatives helping them to set up a local business centre. Our services to offshore outsourcing vendors include:

  • The promotion of offshore outsourcing to the UK and Western Europe via our web site, newsletters and by attending and speaking at seminars and conferences
  • Hosting a list of offshore outsourcing providers on our web site, for our participating partners and affiliates
  • Including our partners and affiliates in the vendor selection process for our customers’ offshore outsourcing requirements
  • The provision of project management services. Because we are well versed in dealing with offshore contracts, we help both our customers and suppliers avoid the problems that beset many offshore projects, ensuring their ventures are a success
  • The provision of a local presence for vendors in the UK and Europe
  • Finally, we undertake sales calls and provide local support to vendors’ existing teams in the UK and Europe.

Before offshore outsourcing vendors can be considered for our customers’ projects, they must be registered on our vendor database. There are no charges for registration or for participation in our Affiliate partner schemes. Once registered, providers are appraised and considered in response to requests to tender and for proposals.

Completing the registration form will take around 45 minutes. You will need to supply extensive financial and project information so that we can perform an initial assessment of your company’s suitability for up and coming projects.

We also recommend that you register for our Vendor e-mail updates if you haven’t already done so.

Want to know more? Visit our Vendor Area.

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Call Back Request Form !

WHY e-Solutions ?

About e-Solutions

e-Solutions is leading Company in India to provide all type of Digital Signature Certificates, USB Tokens, Document Signing Certificate, Code Signing Certificate, e-Sign & PKI Solutions since 2006. e-Solutions is a Licensed Registration Authority of (n) Code Solutions and e-Mudhra. e-Solutions has a wide experience of more than 10 Years to issue Digital Signature Certificates. e-Solutions has a dedicated team of professionals to provide the quick and effective pre and post sales solutions to our customers. e-Solutions has issued more than 4 Lacs Digital Signature Certificates since 2006. e-Solutions has a wide network of Partners/Dealers/Resellers/LRA/RA/ RAA/Associates all over India

e-Solutions provides online & Walk-in Aadhaar eKYC based Paperless Digital Signature Certificate to Aadhaar Holders. e-Solutions provides Class-2 Digital Signature for Income Tax Return filing, online TDS Return filing, Form 15CA & 15CB e-filing, VAT Return e-filing, PF & ESI e-filing, MCA21 or ROC e-filing, online IEC Code Registration & to apply online paperless PAN & TAN. e-Solutions provides Class-3 Digital Signature for e-Tendering, e-Bidding, e-Auction, e-Procurement, e-filing of Trademark, Copy Right & Patent, IRCTC Agents for e-Ticketing, Custom House Agents(CHA) & ICEGATE e-filing. e-Solutions provides DGFT Digital signature for online filing with DGFT Department.

e-Solutions is serving in major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Deharadun, Jaipur, Firozabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Nasik, Lucknow, Vadodra etc. e-Solutions is also providing Digital Signature in all states of India like, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jamu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana, Uttrakhand, Jharkhand, Eastern States etc.

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10B, Big Jo’s Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi-34

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If you come across a word you don’t understand try looking it up using They offer a great selection of computer/Internet related definitions, complete with links and articles pertaining to each term. Also, you can use these glossaries if you are unable to find any particular word:

For most basic shared hosting; the operating system should not make a big difference. UNIX and Linux are stable and more affordable than Windows. Microsoft FrontPage is supported on the Windows OS, UNIX, and Linux. To find out which OS best suites your needs read these articles:

Also, here are the official definitions of the different operating systems:

What to Expect From a Good Web Host:

Keep in mind budget web hosts cannot always provide all of this, but at minimum all web hosting providers should supply some kind of money-back guarantee and responsive support. Even pure email support can sometimes be quick and responsive.

24 Hour Support (preferably telephone)

Money-Back Guarantee (at least a 14 day minimum)

If you choose a free web host such as Geocities you won’t even need a web publishing tool. They let you make your web site online by using easy to use templates, and interactive online tools provided by their web site. For more free web hosts see our free web hosting guide. For those of us, however, looking to create a professional web site, a visual web publishing tool is a quite a valuable investment, unless you prefer working only in simple raw HTML, in which case Notepad should be sufficient. Listed below are some major WYSIWYG web publishing tools. WYSIWYG simply stands for “What You See is What You Get”. I’m not sure why the industry calls it that, should just be called visual web editor or publishing tool.

WYSIWYG Web Publishing Tools:

Dreamweaver(Street price:$399) In advanced web publishing, Dreamweaver is the industry standard, hands down. Sometimes knowing very basic HTML will help in developing pages using dreamweaver. The tool is far more professional, however the steepest learning curve of the visual editors.

FrontPage(Street price: $149) With FrontPage you don’t need to know a bit of html to design a professional quality web site, however it seems that FrontPage has complications with browsers other than Internet Explorer. Click here to look for web hosts offering FrontPage support.

Free Web Publishing FTP Tools: – HTML Editors
Contains many free trials of web publishing tools; some are fully free. – FTP
A useful selection of free FTP tools.

Graphics Design Tools:

Paint Shop Pro has a variety of different versions, demos, and free versions. All of them are extremely easy to use, and extremely powerful. We highly recommend you take the time to look around their web site. The majority of the graphics used on have been designed using Paint Shop Pro. It is an incredibly affordable and easy alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

From Flash, to Fireworks, the people at Macromedia know how to make incredible graphics design software. Be sure to visit their web site, and take a look at the many products they have to offer.

Adobe provides industry standard software for creating visually attractive pictures and illustrations.

Also visit – Design Tools for a selection of free trials, and free tools.

Useful Beginner Resources:

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Day Support for Children
Center based supportive children s programs after school and during summer months. (DTT DTS)
Vocational Services
Vocational training services for adults with developmental disabilities while being supported by job coaches and sheltered workshops.
In-Home Support Services
Home and Community Based Supports provided by trained compassionate direct support professionals.

Many new employees come to Tungland to satisfy their need for a JOB. Some, however, soon realize the potential for advancement and begin their journey to a career.

Applications are accepted on-line or at any of the following office locations.

  • Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Fallon, Nevada
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Winnemucca, Nevada
  • Farmington, New Mexico
  • Fort Collins, Colorado

You can search our on-line database for the latest available position.

Remember to check back daily for new job postings

and advancement opportunities!

Updates about the tungland corporation


Did you know that The Tungland Corporation is now serving individuals with cognitive and mental disabilities in the Nevada and New Mexico areas?

Read more about our Nevada or New Mexico locations and the service that are provided in those areas by clicking on the links below!

The Tungland Corporation (TTC) offers support services for children, adolescents, adults and elders, ranging from residential community-based services, day treatment programs, in-home respite, habilitation and attendant care, to specialized living arrangements, foster or host homes, counseling, consulting, and employment/vocational support services.

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How to send encrypted emails the easy way

If you need to sent a password, bank details or other sensitive information, you should really use an encrypted service. Here’s how to send encrypted emails to anyone on any email service, including Gmail.

Hackers and government agencies are reading your email, so protect yourself by using encryption

Sending an unencrypted email is often likened to a postcard, in that anyone who wants to read it only has to take a look to see the contents. Obviously this isn t good, especially when you need to send personal information to someone else, such as your bank details. The way to get total privacy is to encrypt your email, and there are a number of ways to do that. We’ll explain them, and we’ll show you a supremely easy way to send an encrypted message that wills self-destruct after 30 seconds, just like in Mission Impossible .

How to send encrypted emails: Using Gmail and Outlook settings

Most of us use email because it s convenient and easy to retrieve from almost any electronic device we own. The thought then of up upping sticks and moving to a brand new, high-security service isn t exactly appealing. So it s good to know that there are some less drastic options open to users of Gmail and Outlook.

Back in 2014 Google announced that it was making encryption in Gmail the default setting for all users. This means that so long as you are using the official Gmail apps or accessing Gmail through the Chrome browser then your email is already encrypted.

But, and this is a big but, this only holds true if the person you re sending your messages to is also using Google apps. Once the email leaves the Google servers, say when you send it to your friend who uses Yahoo Mail, then the encryption is no longer applied, as otherwise the receiver wouldn t be able to read it. So while this is certainly a big step towards security, it does leave some rather large holes that could compromise your privacy.

Then of course there is the issue that Google itself, or at least software created by the company, scans your emails for keywords so that it can serve ads that will be applicable to your interests. In many ways it s the price you pay for the free service. Google of course maintains that the content is never actually read by anyone, but if you are worried about the sanctity of the data it might be better to use a plugin such as which we explore below.

With the business world always in the mind of Microsoft, it s not surprising to find built-in features for encryption in Outlook for those with an Office365 subscription. Setting it up is a little more challenging though, but then that is often the trade off with any security feature. The first thing you ll need to do is exchange digital signatures with your recipient so that both of you will be able to unencrypt the messages. To create these you ll need to follow the Secure email messages by using a digital signature guide on the Microsoft site.

With this accomplished you can write your email, then when you re ready to send it select Options More Options Message Options Security Settings Encrypt message contents and attachments .

Sadly these features are not available on or in the new Mail app for Windows 10, as they are retricted to paid subscribers.

How to send encrypted emails: Using a secure email provider

If you want to ensure that your missives remain private then it s probably best to use a secure service rather than the normal mainstream offerings. There are a number of decent alternatives out there, with Tutanota. Ghostmail. and Protonmail all proving excellent options. At the moment you can have free accounts on these, although they do come with restrictions on usage in regards to the size of emails you can send and the storage available. Protonmail also has a waiting list for the free account, although when we joined recently the delay was only a couple of days.

Secure services either require the recipient to also be a member of the platform, or to possess a password you give them to unlock each email. This might seem cumbersome when compared to the likes of Gmail, but is a necessary level of security that is very effective against hackers and government agencies.

If you re happy to use an IM style of communication then Mega offer a secure chat feature as part of its free cloud storage package. Again your recipient would need to be a member, but as it doesn t cost anything and also affords you 50GB of storage, this might actually be quite enticing.

How to send encrypted emails: Using temporary services such as

Another method is to use software that deletes the messages shortly after they ve been read. As an example for how one of these secure message service works we signed up to Snapmail, which allows users to send self-destructing text emails for Gmail . It all feels very James Bond, but is actually quite easy to get to grips with and involves almost no international villainy.

The first thing to do, assuming of course you use Gmail, is to visit the Chrome web store and search for Snapmail. When you ve found it click the Add to Chrome button and the extension will be installed.

Now click the three lines in the top right of the screen and from the drop down menu that appear select More tools Extensions. then scroll down until you find Snapmail and ensure that it is enabled.

To send an encrypted email you ll need to launch Gmail, compose your message, then you ll notice that there is now a Snapmail next to the Send button at the bottom of the window. This means you can choose to only encrypt certain emails rather than every one, but remember that any sent by Snapmail will automatically be deleted. Click the Snapmail button to encrypt your message.

When the email arrives in your recipient s inbox it s accompanied by the warning that it will self-destruct 60 seconds after they open it. Sadly there are no voice messages or puffs of smoke to add to the drama.

It s worth contacting the recipient before you send the email, as the Snapmail one does look a little suspicious, requiring you to click on a link. Usually we d advise strongly against this as it s how most phishing attacks take place, fooling the user into clicking on a link to a false version of a website where you unwittingly enter your account details. But in this case it s actually helping you instead.

Just remember to read quickly.

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Low Cost Florida HighSpeed Internet

Cheap Florida Broadband Service: Cable DSL

Whether you live in a small Florida town or a big city like Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando or Tampa, ISP 1 ‘s Florida Internet service special discount prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere online. Every month ISP 1 compares the DSL and cable high speed Internet providers in Florida. We review evaluate user feedback, price, speed, customer support, ease of use, Broadband availability, and more. After reviewing the May data Florida’s recommended top picks for June, 2017 are:

High Speed Florida Internet Access?

Anyone who has surfed the net in Florida using a traditional dial up Internet connection is aware of how painfully slow web pages seem to load. Florida Broadband High Speed Internet access is extremely fast and increasingly becoming a virtual necessity in today’s high tech society.

ISP 1 suggests that you try one of our low cost Florida’s recommended top picks that meets your specific needs and expectations. You’ll receive blazing fast. reliable high speed Internet service for a reasonable monthly cost.

Most Florida high speed services are available in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando or Tampa. In smaller Florida towns availability is more limited. Please check the links below for more information about hi speed broadband Internet access in your area of Florida.

June’s Top Florida High Speed Providers


Get Ready to Do More, See More, and Enjoy More! Get Acquainted with At t DSL High-Speed Internet in Florida at a Price Comparable to Dial-Up, and Up to 10 Times as Fast.

Florida At t DSL Features:
  • Includes Nationwide Dial-Up Access
  • Be Online and Use Your Phone at the Same Time
  • Surf Safely With Our All-In-One Security Suite
  • At t Photos With Virtually Unlimited Online Storage
  • 10 Additional 2GB Email Accounts


Verizon High Speed Internet fires up your existing phone line and turns it into a super fast Internet connection. With speeds up to 15 Mbps, leave the dial-up barrier behind and fly at high speed. Surf Talk at the Same Time, browse the Internet while talking on the phone. Only Florida dial-up users worry about busy signals.

All packages include:
  • Special Florida Member Discounts
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 9 e-mail accounts – 10 MB of Web space
  • Three-step Self-Installation Kit


Florida CenturyLink DSL High-Speed Internet delivers high speed Internet service to your FL home with the speed you need to do just about anything online. With connection speeds up to 12 Mbps, you can handle virtually any Internet application — and more than one at a time. Save More with CenturyLink Bundles and Get All Your CenturyLink Services on One Convenient Bill.

FL CenturyLink Internet Internet includes:

FL Cable ISP

Comcast’s blazing-fast 100% Pure Broadband in Florida brings you scorching speeds, up to 100 times faster than dial-up, through a connection that’s always on. Over 8.5 million, Americans love the free bonuses included with Comcast including a Comprehensive Security Suite .

Full range of Comcast extras:
  • Blazing Speeds Up To 2 Gbps
  • FREE Comprehensive Security Suite
  • Surf Even Faster With PowerBoost
  • Comcast Photo Center
  • Games Galore

FL Cable ISP

Florida Time Warner Cable Broadband Internet runs on an Advanced Fiber Network, so it knocks the socks off DSL and leaves dial-up in the dust. Faster surfing. Faster downloads. Just plain fast. And that’s just the beginning. Photos, games, videos, whatever you want – it’s there. It’s not just fast. It’s Broadband fast.

Time Warner Cable Broadband Features:
  • Broadband is fast. With PowerBoost it can burst up to twice as fast.
  • 100 times faster than dial-up
  • Free Internet Security Suite keeps your computer safe from online threats
  • Includes 10 Email Accounts
  • Service is simple to install and customer service is local

FL Cable ISP

Essential – Speeds up to 5 Mbps, ideal for email and simple web surfing.
Preferred – Speeds up to 25 Mbps, great for music and photos.
Premier – Speeds up to 50 Mbps, perfect for gaming and movies.
Ultimate – Our best: Breathtaking speeds that make everything you do online fly.
Try Cox high speed Internet in Florida and see what fast is.

FL Cox High Speed Internet provides:
  • Spam protection and home networking
  • Over 100 times faster than dial-up
  • FREE Motorola Cable Modem*
  • Free Fast Connect Kit*

*Terms and Conditions Apply. See site for details.

Learn which Florida High Speed Internet Service Provider is right for you. Compare Before You Buy When you’re looking for Cable, DSL, or Satellite High Speed Internet you’ll find offers from all the providers in your area of Florida. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference when you switch to a FL High Speed Internet Service.

Why Search Here?
  • Compare Before You Buy
  • Personalized Search
  • Save Money
  • Shop With Confidence
  • Find Offers From Providers In Florida

More Florida High Speed Internet Service Providers?

The fast ISP’s listed above were the Best ISP 1 recommended Florida Broadband Internet service providers for the month of June. You can also view the entire list of Florida High Speed Internet Providers that we review.

FREE Dial Up Internet Access in Florida?

Most high speed Internet providers don’t provide dial up service. If you travel or just need to access your email from a dial up connection on your laptop try NetZero Free Dial Up FL Internet access. NetZero currently offers 10 hours per month of Florida Free Internet Access.

Florida’s Cheapest Unlimited Dial Up Service?

The cheapest unlimited Florida dial up Internet service that ISP 1 recommends is only $8.95 per month. If you act now you can get your first month of Basic ISP Internet access FREE .

Florida Broadband Services In Large Cities:

Cheap Alternatives to High-Speed Service:

  • Florida Dial-Up Internet High-Speed Accelerated Dialup
    • If you don’t live in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando or Tampa and high-speed cable or broadband DSL Internet service isn’t available in your local area of Florida, or perhaps you’re just searching for a cheaper connection to the Internet, then please search our list of ISP 1 recommended dial up HighSpeed Accelerated dialup Internet Providers.

NTIA’s Florida State Broadband Initiative:

NTIA awarded $8,877,028 to the state of Florida in federal Broadband grants. The recipient of the grant was Florida Department of Management Services.

Florida Public Service Commission Contact Information:

2540 Shumard Oak Blvd. Gerald Gunter Building, Tallahassee, FL 32399, Tel: 850-413-6344, Fax: 800-511-0809

Help! I Don’t Know What ISP Services I Need.

If you need help deciding what type of Internet provider services you need, then check out our ISP help sections. We’ll help you find a Florida Internet Service Provider that you will be satisfied with and fits your budget! If you know what you want, then compare Cheap Dial-Up Internet Plans. or browse the ISP 1 Hi Speed ISP comparison list for bargains on Florida Broadband DSL. High Speed Cable. Satellite Internet. or FL Wireless Mobile Broadband Internet options.

Return to top of Florida Broadband Internet page

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with exceptional protective services that grant them peace of mind, and the confidence that the safety and security of their family, business and assets are ensured. To provide our employees with the highest level of training, compensation and respect, allowing them to consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

security guard company in minneapolis

security guard company in minneapolis

Welcome to EPG Security Group

EPG Security Group provides Protective Agent Services in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida and Washington DC.

We specialize in protection to executives, high-profile individuals, and organizations from businesses to places of worship to the hospitality industry.

We earn the continued trust of our clients through superior customer service, highly trained and loyal security personnel, and a thorough assessment of risk followed by astute counsel on a strategic security program.

It’s Time To Expect More From Your Security.

Posted: December 15, 2016

Away from it all, out in the open air… the green pastures… the blue sky above… Who would ever think that you would need security? Just take a look at history and you’ll think again. What plan do you have in place to protect your farm or ranch against everyday crime? Or what about agroterrorism? If Continue reading Protect Your Farm and Ranch with this Security Checklist!

EPG Security Group was formed in 2007.

Why should I hire EPG and not another company?

Truth be told, if you are simply looking for a Officer in a uniform there are many vendors that can provide that service. However, if you are looking for a true partnership that delivers customer service, excellent communication and highly trained officers, then look no further. EPG Security Group has the global network in place to tackle the toughest assignments. Furthermore, when you contract with EPG you are not simply a number. Each client has direct excess to CEO Erik Bergling, something the bigger vendors simply don’t allow.

Aren’t all security services the same?

Unfortunately they are not. Too many companies simply throw a solution together without truly understanding the clients issues. To truly call yourself a Security Provider, you need to approach each and every job in a holistic manner. Taking the time to understand our clients needs is what separates us from the other vendors.

What questions should I be asking a potential security company?

When you are shopping for a security vendor it is vital that you ask the following questions. If they can’t answer or are unwilling to answer any of these questions, I would look somewhere else; A. How Long have you been in business? B. Are you licensed and Insured? C. Do you background all of your personnel? D. Would you recommend a service if you felt it wasn’t required? E. Can I speak with a few of your longest served clients?

Will my guests be scared if I hire a security officer for my wedding?

Prior to your event we will sit down and discuss your overall concerns for the event. In some instances, our clients prefer a more overt approach, meaning our Special Event Agents are branded as Security. However, we do have clients that prefer a more low key approach, meaning our Agents blend in with the crowd. We have even gone as far as wearing the same color as the wedding party. With either approach, our services are always welcomed by the attending guests and the venue itself.

What are some of the top reason to hire a security officer?

There is no blanket answer for this question, however, after sitting down with you and discussing your concerns your individual issues will be determined. With that said, no matter what the reason, a well designed security solution should always deliver the following; Peace of Mind for the client and a customer friendly and approachable environment for guest and employees.

Armed or Unarmed Officers?

This question can not be answered until a thorough examination of your current situation is completed. There are numerous factors that need to be considered when using armed Security Officers. Cost, overall feel of the security program and liability are chief among them.

If you need to send us a quick message please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like a quote or like to submit a resume please check out our contact page.

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jedi knights: jedi academy servers

from 37p per slot
instant setup!

JKJA clan server hosting

Being the UK’s number one game server provider of jedi knights: jedi academy servers, and as an affordable game server host that’s been around for 5 years and counting our levels of service and support are clearly unparalled. Before you rent a clanserver, you’re likely to need a little more convincing though.

Looking to host multiple game servers? Check out our dedicated servers .

Here are a few reasons why our instant-setup Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy game servers are lightyears ahead of our competitors:

Host your gameservers with’ll love our freebies!

Game server hosting without gifts wouldn’t be much fun. So we don’t just provide you a gameserver! All of this with every Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy standard game server package rented. And if you are on a budget, we offer a low cost, cheap ‘basic’ game server package. The best of both worlds!

Amazing Gameserver Control Panel

Designed for running clan servers only, we developed our very own linux-based custom game control panel and designed it around what our customers asked for. Instant powerful control makes hosting jedi knights: jedi academy servers easy!

Ventrilo/TS2 Server

We know as well as you do that team communication is essential, which is why we’ve bundled in a free voice server! Ventrilo or TS2, you decide.

Breathtaking Bullet Registry

Just like our network, we spend even more on our hardware, hosting you on a business class dedicated server. Boasting top-of-the-range Quadcore processors, our machines won’t let you down.

Perfect Pings

We’ve invested thousands of pounds in our network to ensure super-low pings on your Jediknights clanserver, even when things get busy!

Public As Standard

Our JKA servers are un-passworded by default, allowing anyone to join! You can, however, add a password, should you want to run a jedi knights: jedi academy war server.

Web Hosting

To join any JKJA gaming league or ladder you’ll need a website, which is why we’ve bundled in web hosting with a massive amount of disk space with our standard package!

JKA test servers we host

You can test your ping on one of our public jedi knights: jedi academy game servers we host below:

None yet available!

One-click Mods/Addons

Install all the following mods/addons on your JK server with a click on our control panel:

  • JA:PLus v2.3

Included with every JKJA server.

The following are standard with every gaming server:

Full Admin Access

Naturally, the JKJA gameserver is all yours. You can do anything you like with it, as you get full admin. You can give out restricted admin access to your clan members too!

  • Mod/Addon/Plugin Support

    Our support team are real keen beans. You’re welcome to install any mod you like, and if you get stuck our technicians are at the ready. Most plugins are available under one-click install on the Control Panel!

  • Full Unlimited FTP Access

    Essential for allowing you to change configs and upload new maps. We provide full, unlimited FTP access for you to upload as many custom maps as you wish. If you aren’t familiar with FTP, do not fear, super fast INX Tech Support is here!

  • Excellence as Standard

    We’re a very established dedicated server host that has been around for over 5 years now, and as long as there are gamers, there will be INX providing jedi knights: jedi academy servers. We have a top-notch team of support technicians and network managers working around the clock to make sure everything stays peachy.

  • Our JKJA game servers provide perfect pings across Europe

    All our servers UK based, ensuring super low-latency across Europe to the following countries, amongst others:

    You should find our game servers offer the best low pings to the majority of European countries.

    Popular clanservers

    A full list of the game servers we host


    Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some comments from clans that rent our JKJA servers and have rented in the past:

    Don’t be put off by the marginally higher price because the quality of service is unbeatable. For as long as I want to rent a game server of any kind, it will be with INX-Gaming. Many thanks to INX for top drawer support and service.

    I would firstly like to say thanks for all the support that you have given us with our games server. It is fast, reliable and the whole setup (billing, server control, problem reporting, etc) is first class. If anyones in 2 minds about renting from these guys – dont hesitate, just do it!

    I’d just like to take a min and say well done INX-Gaming I have had my server for about 4 weeks all is great nice ping, no lag, and no problems at all. Keep up the great work guys.

    I just want to take this oppertunity to say a big thankyou to the people at INX-Gaming for amazing customer service.

    INX-Gaming is simply the best server providers around. The support is excellent, I haven’t needed much yet but what I have needed has been answered straight away. The servers are extremely fast, and the gaming control panel makes life so much easier! Thankyou so much!

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    Compare Residential VoIP Providers

    How Do I Know If My Internet is VoIP Capable?

    Run a speed test to see if your broadband connection is qualified for a residential VoIP service.

    The most important factor when it comes to the quality of your residential VoIP is your Internet speed. Your broadband speed is important because it will determine whether or not you are qualified for a VoIP service. A poor broadband connection will result in a low-quality call. With a bad connection, you will be affected by things like jitter. packet loss. and bad voice quality. It is important that you test your broadband connection ahead of time. You can test your connection with our Speed Test to see whether or not your setup is VoIP-capable.

    Typically, a broadband connection will show 600 kbps for the upload stream and 5000 kbps on the download stream. It is standard for your upload speed to be less than your download speed. The upload speed is also the limiting factor and determines if you are capable of making VoIP phone calls.

    Test your internet speed with our innovative Speed Test. Be sure to use this test while you are hardwired, and not while using a WiFi connection, in order to get a more accurate reading.

    Unfortunately, if your connection isn’t strong enough, you will need to sign up for a faster internet service before you can begin shopping and comparing VoIP providers.

    How Much Do I Pay for My Residential Phone Service?

    By switching to VoIP from a traditional phone service, you can save on your monthly phone bill.

    After finding out your connection speed, find out how much you pay each month for your current phone service. This will give you a good basis with which to compare VoIP provider’s prices.

    When looking at how much you pay for phone service, you should also consider how much you get for what you are paying .

    There are a number of questions to ask yourself about your current phone plan:

    1. How much do I pay for phone service?
    2. What is included with my service?
    3. What features does my phone provider offer?
    4. How many minutes do I get a month?
    5. What am I charged for long distance and international calls?

    VoIP can give you all of this (and more!) for a fraction of the price.

    How Often Do I Make Long Distance Calls?

    The number of long distance calls you make will determine the type of residential VoIP calling plan you choose.

    Residential VoIP customers can save a lot of money on long distance calls. VoIP makes long distance calling cheaper because the data doesn’t move through as many networks as a standard call.

    Most VoIP providers offer unlimited long distance minutes. Some providers charge a low per-minute rate for all calls for both local and long distance calls (normally with a Metered or Pay As You Go plan).

    And still yet, select providers offer free on-network calling regardless of location. This helps customers save big on long distance and international calling. Check with your provider to see their long distance calling charges.

    How Often Do I Make International Calls?

    When compared to traditional phone services, residential VoIP providers offer competitive international calling rates.

    International calls work similarly to long distance calling with a VoIP service. Instead of calling local-to-local within one country, you call local-to-local between countries. Residential VoIP can save you a lot of money on your international calling bill .

    One thing to compare between residential VoIP providers is how they offer international calling. Most providers offer a certain rate per area per country. You can find these international rates listed on the provider websites. Other residential VoIP providers will offer a certain number of minutes free per month to specific countries. And VoIP providers like ITP will also offer a global or international plan, too, for unlimited international calling to select countries.

    Softphone services are also a great way to save money on international calls.

    Usually, VoIP providers do not charge for you to use their network for internal calls. So if you and your friends or family use the same VoIP provider/network, then you won’t have to pay for those calls.

    What Kind of Payment Am I Comfortable With?

    Residential VoIP offers pay as you go, metered, month to month, and long term contract payment options.

    When it comes to Residential VoIP. it can be difficult to know which payment type you are most comfortable with. Compare these options that most VoIP providers offer:

    Pay As You Go plans allow you to use only what you pay for. If you use your phone infrequently, this is a good option for you. Add features, extensions and more for additional charges.

    Metered plans are very similar to Pay As You Go, in that you pay a per-minute charge for your calls. However, Metered Plans come with all of the call management features that business VoIP providers offer.

    Month-to-month plans are more expensive but much more flexible than either Pay As You Go or Metered plans and are offered by top-rated providers like ITP and Vonage. With month-to-month, you will not be tied into a long-term contract, and can cancel anytime. Depending on the provider, cancelation fees may apply. You also receive a full feature set with your month-to-month plan.

    Contract plans can be less expensive per month, but you have to pay up front for your service. Oftentimes, you can negotiate for a lower price, free hardware, or more when you sign a long-term contract with a VoIP provider.

    The VoIP providers listed in our comparison tables have different plan options, which can be viewed either through the information tool tip or on a provider’s details page. However, please make sure you check on the provider’s website before you sign up. While we try and give you the most current information, VoIP providers can change their prices or fees at any time.

    Do I have the Equipment that Residential VoIP Requires?

    Residential VoIP needs an existing Internet connection and a VoIP-capable phone to properly function.

    In addition to making sure that you have the proper internet speed. you need to check the equipment your VoIP provider requires. Compare providers based on the equipment they provide and require: you can find these details (which change frequently) on their websites.

    The common pieces of equipment that a VoIP service requires includes one of the following:

    A softphone is a type of software provided by the VoIP company that is used to make calls. An ATA enables your current phone to be used with VOIP and is most commonly used when you BYOD (if your provider offers it). An IP phone is a phone that you can directly plug into the internet to make phone calls.

    Additionally, some residential VoIP providers offer either free equipment or a BYOD option. Check with your provider for specifics.

    Now that you have a basic understanding of Residential VoIP, browse through some of our select providers in the table above. Click on the individual logos of one of the VoIP providers listed above to be redirected to their website, or click the number of reviews in order to read specific reviews about that provider.