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“When I hired Veronica, the high priced attorney who hadn’t done a thing for me in eighteen months but stall and ring up unnecessary drama and legal fees had left my case because of my ex’s termination. Stuck in the midst of a chaotic custody drama where domestic violence played a major role and with an upcoming motion, I didn’t want to go to court pro se.”

Seattle Divorce Attorney V. Freitas

“Family Law with a Conscience”

V. Freitas Law, PLLC, is a litigation firm with a focus on Family Law. Because this is our exclusive area of practice, we understand what our clients are going through and are there to help and advise them every step of the way.

The team at V. Freitas Law is skilled and experienced in all aspects of family law including high asset divorce cases, valuations of property and business interests, complex child custody disputes, and relocation actions. Whether your case is complicated or straightforward, it is critical to get the right advice as soon in the process as possible.

Amicable Divorce Lawyer in Seattle

Most people want to avoid an ugly legal fight. At V. Freitas Law, we will work collaboratively to try and reach a settlement with the other side. Unfortunately, there are certain cases that no amount of reasonable compromise will settle. Sometimes a court appearance is necessary at the very beginning of an action to determine who will live in the family home, how expenses will be paid, and where the children will reside. Other cases are very contentious throughout the entire process. In those situations you can be confident knowing that your case will be handled by an experienced trial attorney with more than 20 years of courtroom practice.

Our Seattle Divorce Attorney understands your situation and is here to help

At V. Freitas Law we listen to our clients. Their concerns and desires inform all of the actions we take on their behalf. Above all, at V. Freitas Law, we will not create unnecessary conflict in your case and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to resolve your matter as expeditiously as possible.

Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

Property Management Software by Spectra #property #management #software, #real #estate #management #software, #rental #management #software, #property #management, #accounting #software


Since 1983, Spectra Property Management Software has helped thousands of real estate management professionals achieve their growth objectives. become more competitive and increase their productivity and profits .

Our solutions are suited to all types of portfolios including single family homes, apartments, commercial buildings, offices, industrial strips, shopping centers, condominiums and H.O.A.’s.

Latest Spectra News:

  • NEW! Integrated Background Screening for SPECTRA Property Management Software

  • Spectra software gets great review in CPA magazine

    “You have the best service of any software company I’ve ever been involved with.”

    Danny Levy
    Viewsign Investment
    Los Angeles, CA

    Click Here for More Client Comments

    Why evaluate Spectra? Simply put, our Property Management Software is the product of over 20 years of development and fine tuning, tailored to the needs of your industry.

    Our seasoned team has been designing, marketing and supporting our software for more than 20 years. We continue to work with our clients daily to refine our property management software into an even more comprehensive, flexible and powerful application.

    The experience of our support staff is unparalleled. They have all been front line Real Estate accountants or property managers and can uniquely relate to your situation. They can help you implement our software to increase your productivity and return on investment.

    We focus on leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft systems platforms and office technologies. Our solutions can be adopted quickly and easily. Our solutions are also seamlessly integrated to the Microsoft Office Suite. For example, you can export reports to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel with a single click. We also have an interface from our database to Microsoft Outlook so you can schedule events and appointments in both products simultaneously. Finally, you can even create letters or faxes in Spectra which automatically access Microsoft Word templates.

    We strive to add real value for our clients. If this is the kind of property management software solutions company you want working for you, we invite you to explore our site.

    Microsoft is trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Meet the politicians getting rich off Chicago’s property-tax scheme #cook #county #property #tax #appeal #attorney


    Meet the politicians getting rich off Chicago’s property-tax scheme

    Flawed property valuations and the process required to fix them are a cash cow for law firms, including those of House Speaker Mike Madigan, Chicago Alderman Ed Burke and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton.

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Sept. 22 announced plans to enact the largest property-tax hike in modern Chicago history. which will raise nearly $1.8 billion in new property-tax revenues over the next four years.

    But as the tax hikes hit Chicago families and businesses, a who’s who of the state’s political elite will continue to line their pockets off of a property-tax game in which their connections are priced at a premium.

    Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and Chicago Alderman Ed Burke both run law firms specializing in the lucrative field of Cook County property-tax appeals. one of the most inefficient, corrupt systems in urban politics. Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is a member of a large law firm that handles a range of issues, including property-tax law. The three have held political office in Illinois for a combined 126 years.

    The property-tax-assessment process in Cook County is convoluted by design. But here’s how it works in simple terms:

    First, the Cook County Assessor’s Office assesses the value of every property in the county. The value of any given property is reassessed once every three years. This “assessed value” is then used to calculate the property taxes owed by each property owner.

    Property owners can then appeal that assessed value in a number of ways. They can file a request with the assessor asking for a reduction, appeal the valuation to the Cook County Board of Review, file a lawsuit in which a judge will decide the value, or the property owner and the Cook County State s Attorney will enter into a settlement agreement over the value.

    Flawed property valuations and the process required to fix them are a cash cow for law firms, including those of Madigan, Burke and Cullerton, which know what strings to pull. These law firms handle the ways in which the assessed value of a property is appealed: the request with the assessor, the appeal to the Cook County Board of Review, and lawsuits.

    The Cook County Board of Review – which exists solely to field appeals for assessments by the Cook County Assessor’s Office – processed appeals for more than 400,000 properties in 2013.

    What doesn’t add up is nearly two-thirds of those appeals were successful: an astonishing number that reveals a faulty assessment process ripe for savvy attorneys.

    Any way you slice it, taxpayers lose.

    Choose not to appeal your assessment and the government pockets the extra money. Choose to hire a politically connected law firm and that law firm typically pockets anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of the “winnings.” And each reduction for a politically connected business means an increase in property taxes for those lacking the right political connections.

    Investigative reporting from the Illinois News Network revealed Madigan’s six-person firm, Madigan Getzendanner. earned close to $10 million in tax refunds for its clients from April 2013 through April 2014. Madigan’s spokesperson Steve Brown has said that the House speakers’ law firm, which services mainly commercial clients, charges a flat fee for its services. The Chicago Sun-Times’ Tim Novak broke the story in 2014 that Madigan’s firm had saved Mesirow Financial Services $1.7 million dollars by slashing the valuation of its River North headquarters by 60 percent. Mesirow manages $300 million in state pension funds and employs Madigan’s son, Andrew.

    Every year from 2010 to 2014, Cook County Assessor and Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Berrios declared the building that housed Mesirow was worth at least $330 million. In each of those years, Madigan’s law firm successfully contested that valuation to the tune of $5 million in tax breaks annually, according to Novak’s research.

    That’s the game in a nutshell.

    Unsurprisingly, the attorneys making millions on property-tax appeals donate heavily to the candidates for Cook County Assessor, the Board of Review commissioners, Cook County judges and the state’s attorney. That means at each level of the appeals process, law firms are likely to interact with someone they’ve helped get elected.

    A 2014 Illinois News Network analysis of campaign donations found the bulk of top contributors to the campaigns of sitting Board of Review commissioners were either attorneys or property developers with cases before the board.

    Cook is one of only six Illinois counties where the Board of Review is elected rather than appointed by the county board. Most Illinois counties don’t elect their assessor, either.

    One major reason for the high number of property-tax appeals in Cook County is the fact that the assessor assesses a property’s value once every three years. This means swings in the market aren’t mirrored by changes in a property’s assessed value, leading to incorrect valuations. Chicago should assess property values annually, as is done in New York City. The increased costs of conducting valuations more frequently at the Cook County Assessor’s office should be offset with a right-sizing of government employees at the Cook County Board of Appeals as the number of successful appeals falls.

    There are nearly 1.8 million parcels of property in Chicago, according to the Cook County Assessor’s website, while the New York City Department of Finance assesses the value of more than 1 million properties. While the number of individuals filing for an assessment reduction in Cook County and New York City are similar, a mere 16 percent of New York City appeals actually resulted in an assessment reduction in 2013, versus 66 percent in Chicago.

    That said, annualized assessments would not solve the mass inefficiencies within the Cook County system.

    Take the process that an average homeowner must go through to file an appeal, for example. This requires submitting to the county assessments of five similar neighboring properties, or getting an estimate from an outside appraiser who will look at the same information available to Cook County. This is a bizarre system, as this homeowner is simply giving the county information it already has on file.

    The Cook County Assessor’s Office already has the appraisals of every neighboring property, and hundreds of thousands more, on record. The Board of Review should have access to this information as well. In other words, it seems the entire appeals process could easily be replaced with a computerized system that sweeps assessments of similar properties in microseconds.

    Ideally, assessments would be calculated solely through a computer, confirmed solely by a computer and continuously updated with complete accuracy through the use of websites such as RedFin. Zillow and Trulia. along with the county’s own records.

    These websites track every change and every sale every minute of every day, and if used properly could practically eliminate the entire appeals racket.

    Furthermore, elected officials should not be permitted to sell their services in property-tax law. To anyone outside Illinois’ political machine, this is a clear conflict of interest that has gone untouched for too long.

    Virginia Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales #delinquent #property #tax #help


    Welcome to Our Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collection Practice

    Sands Anderson’s Virginia lawyers serve as legal counsel to many localities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to aid in collecting delinquent real estate taxes. This process many times results in the sale of properties at public auction.

    Check our News page for information on auctions or tax sales. You may find answers to some of your questions on the pages we have posted.

    Sands Anderson’s Virginia lawyers serve as legal counsel to many localities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to aid in collecting delinquent real estate taxes. This process many times results in the sale of properties at public auction.

    Check our News page for information on auctions or tax sales. You may find answers to some of your questions on the pages we have posted.

    You can learn more about our services to localities in addition to the collection of delinquent real estate taxes by browsing our firm Web site. and about upcoming auctions by calling our Fredericksburg office or our New River Valley office in Blacksburg.




    Thursday, June 21st, 2012


    Welcome to Our Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collection Practice

    Sands Anderson s Virginia delinquent real estate tax lawyers serve as legal counsel to many localities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to aid in collecting delinquent real estate taxes. This process many times results in the sale of properties at public auction.

    Check our News page for information on auctions or tax sales. You may find answers to some of your questions on the pages we have posted.

    You can learn more about our services to localities in addition to the collection of delinquent real estate taxes by browsing our firm Web site. and about upcoming auctions by calling our Fredericksburg office or our New River Valley office in Christiansburg.

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    Need info on Carroll County VA tax deliquent property auction thanks:)

    I would like to be notified of any tax sales that you sponsor in the state of VA. Thanks

    Please sign me up for all delinquent tax sales of Virginia and North Carolina.
    Thank you,

    Thanks, Sarah. If you click on the “Subscribe” widgit on the upper right of the “News” page, and choose the “Email” tab at the top, you can set up a free account at FeedBlitz that will send you a message every time we post something new on the page. Hope that helps.

    Thanks, Amanda. If you click on the “Subscribe” widgit on the upper right of the “News” page, and choose the “Email” tab at the top, you can set up a free account at FeedBlitz that will send you a message every time we post something new on the page. Hope that helps.

    Please let me know of any land tax sales in King George. Thank you.

    I would like to be notified of any real estate tax sales for fairfax County.

    Please send me copy of any tax sales notices. Thank you

    Thanks for your interest. If you click on the “Subscribe” widgit on the upper right of the “News” page, and choose the “Email” tab at the top, you can set up a free account at FeedBlitz that will send you a message every time we post something new on the page. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for your interest. If you click on the Subscribe widgit on the upper right of the News page, and choose the Email tab at the top, you can set up a free account at FeedBlitz that will send you a message every time we post something new on the page. Hope that helps.

    I tried to subscribe to get the lates delinquent tax sale info, but My Yahoo is saying that the URL is invalid. I tried two ways, typing in the URL and clicking the subscribe button.

    Please let me know what to do. Thanks

    I d like to notified of delinquit real estate sales for Culpeper county and Culpeper city. Thank you

    I would like to subscribe. I am interested in the tax sale auctions. Also, what is happening with the culpeper delinquent taxes, I see there are a lot of outstanding taxes. Will these be auction off or can I by purchase OTC?

    Thanks for your interest. You can subscribe to our News page where we post all sales and flyers by clicking on the Subscribe button at the top of the right column.

    I would like to be notified of any real estate tax sales for Caroline County.

    You can subscribe by RSS or email to our News page and get all notices we post delivered directly.

    Our October 7 sale was for Spotyslvania, not Culpeper. Apologies for the late response.

    Please let me know of any tax sales.
    Thank you

    I need info on the tax sale for culpeper va on Oct 7Th how do I get it?

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    Conservatory roof: remove glazing and fit a proper roof #property #advice,property,finance


    Conservatory roof: remove glazing and fit a proper roof

    QI would like your opinion on my conservatory roof. Various companies are offering to fit multilayer foil insulation to the underside of the polycarbonate roof and then battens, plasterboard and plaster skim to finish. They claim this will allow me to use the conservatory all year round 75 per cent cooler in summer, 75 per cent warmer in winter. What do you think?

    A As I first warned readers 10 years ago, a conservatory is not a habitable room, being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Research at Cranfield University has shown that the average south-facing conservatory reaches a comfortable temperature for only two hours a day, unless energy is expended on artificial heating or cooling. The glass or polycarbonate roof and walls have minimal insulation value, and a conservatory is little more than a greenhouse tacked onto the side of a house.

    Unfortunately, instead of paying just a few hundred pounds for a lean-to greenhouse, many people have been persuaded by glossy advertising to pay £20,000 or £30,000, or more, for a conservatory. The conservatory industry has relied for its huge profits on a few slick sales points that a conservatory is a cheaper way of providing space than a proper extension; that it will be erected with little disruption in a week or so; and that conservatories do not require planning permission or Building Regulations approval.

    The planning permission argument has always been suspect. Like any building addition, a conservatory fell under permitted development rights only so long as it was not too big no more than 10 per cent of the existing volume (or 50 cubic metres) for a terraced house, or 15 per cent (or 70 cubic metres) for any other house.

    Related Articles

    The Building Regulations situation is more complex. There are in fact several aspects of the Building Regulations that conservatories have always had to comply with such as those governing structural stability and fire safety. But the one that was stressed by the salesmen was Part L the conservation of fuel and power.

    A conservatory was exempt from Part L as long as it was separated from the house by a closing door, and had a roof area at least 75 per cent glazed and a wall area at least 50 per cent glazed. It was this fact that was promoted as a loophole by the salesmen, and resulted in thousands of shoddy glazed boxes being sold, with no oversight from local authority Building Control officers.

    For what it s worth, the percentage glazed area requirement was dropped for the 2010 edition of Part L, so there is no longer any difference between a conservatory and a more solidly built extension. But people continue to be sold the false dream of a habitable room in the garden .

    The firms that fit insulation and plasterboard beneath conservatory roofs are clearly hoping to cash-in on householders disappointment, but I would urge caution. The figures claimed for the expected improvements in thermal performance sound highly theoretical, and I am not aware of any independent evidence to support these claims in practice.

    Furthermore, fitting insulation and plasterboard inside an existing glass or polycarbonate roof entails some risks. Condensation forming on the underside of the glazing on winter nights might drip onto the insulation and damage the plasterboard ceiling. The companies claim that cross-ventilation will prevent this happening but as we have seen with loft insulation in normal house roofs some degree of condensation is inevitable.

    My main reservation, however, concerns the long-term watertightness of the existing conservatory roof. Polycarbonate roofs have a life expectancy of 10 years or less, and even the most expensive glass roofs can suffer rubber gasket deterioration within a similar time frame. Then what happens when the roof leaks onto the new plasterboard ceiling below?

    I might be wrong, and this system might yet turn out to be a good way of dealing with a widespread problem. But my instinct is to treat it with suspicion, and advise that if you want to make your conservatory truly habitable, then put your money towards removing the glazing altogether and fitting a proper roof.

    Property Management #software #for #property #management #companies


    Property Management

    What is ‘Property Management’

    Property management is the administration of residential, commercial and industrial real estate including apartments, detached houses, condominium units and shopping centers. Property management typically involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity. The property manager acts on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of the property while generating income.

    BREAKING DOWN ‘Property Management’

    Some real estate brokers also operate as property managers. For example, a broker in a resort town may provide buyer and seller agent services, as well as property management services. When this is the case, the real estate broker also lists, shows and leases vacation rentals. Property managers help owners create budgets, advertise rental properties, qualify tenants, collect rent, comply with local landlord-tenant and real estate board laws, and maintain properties. Preventive maintenance, interior and exterior cleaning, and construction all fall under the scope of a property management company’s responsibilities. Owners pay property managers a fee or a percentage of the rent generated by a property while under management.

    Reasons for Hiring Property Managers

    Property owners hire property managers for various reasons. Some owners may have many rental properties in their portfolios but lack the time or expertise to maintain the properties and deal with tenants. Some owners have an interest in owning rental properties and earning profits from them only. When this is the case, they hire professional property managers. Absentee landlords also make use of property management services.

    Property owners who participate in affordable housing programs sometimes make use of property management services. This is because participating in such programs requires knowledge of federal guidelines that some owners do not have, even though they wish to reap the benefits of affordable housing programs. When this is the case, such owners hire property management companies with the appropriate expertise.

    Property Management Credentials

    Property management licensing requirements vary among the states. Most states require property management companies to be licensed by the local real estate board. Holding a real estate broker’s license allows property managers to list rental properties in the multiple listing service (MLS) and to market the properties by standard real estate marketing methods. Holding a real estate broker’s license also allows the property management company to place a real estate board lockbox on a property’s door so that other licensed agents can show the property. States such as Delaware, Florida and Illinois require property management companies that provide on-site management services to condominium communities to hold community management licenses.

    Create a Property Flyer – Help Center #property #flyer

    # – Help Center

    Create a Property Flyer

    Homes Helper September 10, 2015 21:07

    Flyers are only one page and single-sided.

    Creating a Flyer with your Homes Connect Design Center is the easiest of all of the property marketing options.

    Just like with the other selections, there is a Quick Action link as well as an Application link where you can upload a file from your MLS:

    Select the Property from your uploaded file to create a flyer with and then hit the Customize Button:

    Already have the listing in the Listings Application of your Homes Connect Dashboard?

    You can pull the listing information into the Design Center directly from the Listings Menu and the Actions Drop Down list to skip the Import and Properties steps.

    The following sections are available for customization by clicking the edit icon in the top right portion of the section header:

    You can upload or change the property photo from what is populated from your listing. Write your own custom headlines, choose the features to highlight, and add custom remarks about the property. For multi-photo themes, please see Article: Adjusting Property Photo Order for a helpful how-to on displaying only the photos that you want.

    On the publish page you can make the following selections/customizations:

    Style Group. Premium styles are pre-designed and do not allow font or color customizations. Customizable flyers allow you to choose your font and flyer accent color.

    Design Theme: There are many designs to choose from within each style group. You can select one from either the drop down menu, or scroll through the previews.

    Font Color: To make your very own flyers instead of choosing a pre-designed style, select the Style Group: Customizable Flyers, then you can choose the font and colors you would like your media printed with.

    Print Report: Choose to print your media, email it, or post a link to it on your website.

    PDF Type: Standard PDF will render a ready-to-distribute piece of material. Professional PDF will render with print guidelines if you plan to submit your marketing material to a professional printer.

    On the Publish Tab you also have the option to begin a new Design Center project, which will clear the data from your previous project, open a saved project, or save the project you just published for future use.

    All projects are saved to your account and will be accessible from any computer when you log into your Homes Connect account.

    Have Questions? Just Ask!

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    Register for Professional Property Management Certification courses #rental #property #management, #rental #property, #landlords, #landlord #software, #realtor #training


    Property Management Certification In-class Courses

    Register for our Professional Property Management Certification courses – single or group registrations

    Do your agents work with investors? Are you or your agents investors yourself? Property management is the key. Knowing the ins and outs of property management and having the right tools create more profit for you and your clients. Join coach Bryan M. Chavis, the sought-after speaker and author of the book of BUY IT. RENT IT PROFIT! During this online course, he ll share his two decades of experience with you. Bryan will take you in the classroom on location at some of his properties during move in s move outs and yes even evictions! Join Bryan while he deals with day to day issues experience this all from the comfort of your home. By the end of the program, you ll possess the full procedures manual and the knowledge to keep money coming your way throughout your career!

    PPMC: Professional Property Management Certification Courses:

    This course designation was designed to give the student skills and systems that they could use right away. The course material is developed from real life scenarios that go on day to day at our subject properties.

    What makes this designation different from others?

    What makes The Landlord Academy s designations different is our course curriculum, it s created from real life experiences that take place on an actual subject property. This enables the Academy to provide the most complete and up to date training. What makes this course truly unique is its operational manuals. The Landlord Academy replaced text books with operations manuals, giving the student not only education but the tools and systems to create a profitable business Turn Key Business

    How to conduct comprehensive market study s

    How to conduct proper investment analysis

    How to reduce high vacancies by selecting the proper tenants.

    How to handle day to day issues while managing rental property.

    How to deal with move in process move out process as well as everything in between.

    How to use all landlord tenant forms including basic understanding of the lease contract.

    You will learn the most common ways to create a property management company as well as obtain a basic understanding of the management agreement.

    How to work with owners.

    How to use the latest in property management software, as well as other useful tools of the trade.

    How to successfully master the five phases of property management, including:

    5. Exit Strategy

    ***Print your registration to attend any one of our courses. Click on a course at the bottom of the page for specific course details.***

    Short Term Insurance South Africa #short #term #insurance, #south #africa, #insurance #brokers, #cape #town, #risk #management, #insurance #solutions, #property #insurance, #liability #insurance, #business #insurance, #theft #insurance, #motor #insurance, #corporate #insurance, #insurance #policies, #insurance #market, #insurance #premiums, #insurance #claims, #financial #service #providers


    Short Term Insurance South Africa

    Chadwicks Risk Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town are independent South African short term insurance intermediaries who specialise in risk treatment and insurance solutions. We guide our clients in analysing their risk exposures, highlighting both the insured and uninsured risks. The result? Clients purchase insurance with total peace of mind, which in turn enables them to concentrate on what they do best – their business.

    Mission Statement

    Chadwicks aim to position themselves, in the minds of South African business, as a professional short term broker of exceptional quality. To be achieved through sustained operational excellence, underpinned by expert risk analysis, top class personalised service, motivated staff, solid insurer partnerships and an ongoing quest to master insurance processes.

    Short Term Insurance Available

    The short term Insurance Risk Management Division of Chadwicks specialises in all insurable financial losses, particularly:

    Access to the whole South African Insurance Market

    We have access to the entire South African short term insurance market, including Lloyds. With the full insurance market available to you, Chadwicks Risk Insurance Brokers place insurance policies designed specifically for you with insurers who understand the risks associated with your business. This ultimately leads to optimum insurance premiums and, even more importantly, no unpleasant surprises at claim stage.

    Long-term Insurance Partnerships

    At Chadwicks Risk Insurance, we strive to build long-term client partnerships based on professionalism and integrity. We believe that a successful insurance transaction is underpinned by excellent personal client relationships and, in the final analysis, is about the prompt and fair settlement of insurance claims.

    Contact Us for Quality Insurance

    Please take a moment to view the Chadwicks Risk Insurance Brokers’ website for short term insurance in South Africa. We hope to have the opportunity of presenting our full array of products and services to you (should you not already be a Chadwicks client).

    Trade Me Property #antique #cars

    #trademe cars

    Go into your next vendor meeting with these secret weapons!

    We’re excited to share with you some exciting news that will supercharge the presentation of your listings on Trade Me Property.


    Launched at the beginning of August, InsideView transforms your vendor’s property listing in to an interactive 3D viewing experience. This offers prospective buyers the opportunity to virtually walk around, feel and experience the property in a way they’ve never been able to before. Have a peak at how it looks l ive on a listing .

    Want to hear more about this great feature? Get in touch with your account manager.

    Not to be outdone with introducing just one source of rich media to complement your listings, we’ve also launched the ability for YouTube Video to loaded and displayed on your listings.

    Introducing: Boosted

    We’ve recently released Boosted. a promotional extra which can increase the visibility of your listings. Boosted will refresh the sort order of your listing by returning it to the top of search results.

    If you have any questions, get in touch with your Account Manager or check out the FAQs.

    Trade Me Property for Mobile


    Property Price Index

    Check out one of our new products- the Property Price Index , and find out how property prices across New Zealand both for sale and to rent are tracking from month to month.