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Balmain Batteries Sydney

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GS Yuasa offer the Power Series batteries designed and built tough in Australia for our conditions.

Car batteries prices

sealed DEEP CYCLE AGM Batteries

AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology is the next step in the evolution of starting deep cycling batteries for all types of applications including Deep-cycle Marine, House boat, 4WD, Caravan, Motorhome, Solar, Camping recreation. SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) ‘next generation’ technology delivers increased safety, higher performance, longer shelf service life over flooded lead acid batteries. For more info click links below!


‘NEW’ CTEK D250S DUAL DC-DC CHARGER: Charge @ 14.4V while on the move! Ideal Solar, Caravan, Motorhome, Boat 4WD Dual battery system solution. Eliminating expensive wiring, relays isolators. Read more | User guide

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries prices

Car batteries pricesCar batteries pricesCar batteries prices

Battery replacement in most late model Euro vehicles may require control unit adaption reprogramming, we are fully equipped with the latest scanners and provide this service for most European vehicles, including diagnostics and software updating.

We also stock the DIN series Century batteries, a high quality European-specification battery, maintenance free, and backed by a 24-month nationwide warranty.

Car batteries prices

MAACO Paint Prices, car painting prices.#Car #painting #prices

MAACO Paint Prices

Maaco paint prices typically stay at around $300 dollars for a full paint job. The Maaco Paint Prices are very reasonable and affordable, but the $300 dollars is just for the paint, they do not remove old trim or paint anything extra on the vehicle. Maaco Paint Prices are very inexpensive. When you think about it, a really nice can of paint is Car painting pricesabout $300 dollars and they use the paint and perform labor all for under $300 dollars, which is a great deal. Maaco Paint Prices do get a little pricier, but they are certainly way cheaper than some of the competitor’s prices that exceed $1,000 dollars. You can search the internet for the best Maaco prices and depending on what type of vehicle you have the Maaco paint prices will differ. Maaco prices for paint remain the same for each color of paint they carry as well.

Macco paint does not hold up as long lasting as competitor prices, because of the cheap quality Macco paint is. I would not recommend getting a Macco paint job if you plan on keeping the car for a long time, but if you are getting ready to sell your car or if you only plan on keeping your car for a short period of time, then a Macco paint job is completely fine. Some people have complained that Macco paint is just a step above spray paint, but I would like to remind you that if you have already have a junky car it, it doesn’t make much sense to repaint it with really nice and expensive paint.

Maaco Auto Paint Prices

Maaco auto paint prices are cheap and that is a fact, but just because Maaco paint prices are low, it is still a nice deal consumers are getting. Plus, Maaco auto paint prices, could go up, if they purchased a higher quality of paint, but why mess up a good deal? I mean consumers go to McDonalds for the fast and convenient service, not the healthy and delicious food with a romantic atmosphere. You pay for what you get and people go and enjoy paying Maaco auto paint prices as opposed to not paying Maaco auto paint prices when they need a fast job for a cheap price.

Maaco Paint

You can search the internet for days trying to find the best quotes for a paint job on your vehicle, but if you want to save yourself the time, just listen to me and take my advice. If you have a car 10 years old or newer and it is pretty reasonable shape I would suggest going to a place where you may have to pay a little extra to ensure the fact that your paint job will stick. However, if you own a car that is 10 years old or older, for instance if you are a high school student getting that first car at a bargain price, or if you are into mud bogging and really do not care what happened to the car, go with Maaco. The paint after a while has been known by consumers to peel and fall off after a period of time, but when you think about the money you’re spending, which is only a few hundred bucks verses a few thousand bucks, don’t you think it’s worth a shot to see how it turns out. I mean I have a car that is in pretty good condition and it is only 7 years old and I would probably go with the cheaper one first, because if it doesn’t look right and it doesn’t hold up I can always splurge on the expensive paint job. The problem with getting the expensive paint job first, is the fact that you will never know if the cheaper one would have worked just as good and only cost 1/10 of the price you paid. I would definitely talk to your friends, neighbors, family members, and anyone else you trust about important decisions. If you cannot find anyone with experience in getting a paint job then look to the internet, because so many people write blogs, and post comments along with concerns and or questions pertaining to every product sold to man and every service available. You obviously have to take into consideration that you will not find everyone with the same views. Some people may enjoy a product where as others may totally despise the same product. So after a few hours of investigating you should be able to sense what the majority of the public feels on a certain service and or product. Then you can take what you know and apply it to your own life, because even if you do go with the cheaper paint job, I mean $300 dollars is $300 dollars, and that is quite a bit but you can save some bucks from Maaco paint prices.

How to reduce MAACO paint prices

Yes it s possible to reduce MAACO paint prices. Like many big franchise company Maaco produce MAACO coupons. Coupons can be found on coupon websites or local news paper. If you using Maaco coupons can save hundred of dollars when visit Maaco paint shop. Some coupons are reduce total price other is for fixed discount. Than look carefully which one is better for your need.

Cost of a Car Window – Cars and Prices Paid, car painting prices.#Car #painting #prices

Car Window Cost

Car painting prices

Car painting prices

Car painting prices

A vehicle’s windshield is typically made of laminated safety glass, which is designed to keep the driver and passengers inside the vehicle in a head-on collision, and to provide extra strength to prevent the roof caving in during a roll-over. The side and back windows are usually made of tempered glass; when broken, this glass shatters into small, dull pieces. HowStuffWorks provides an overview of automotive glass[1] .

  • A front windshield typically costs $10-$150 to repair a chip or crack, and $100-$400 for a replacement, although it can cost $500-$1,500 for a rare windshield. The repair or replacement can be done in a shop or by a mobile service (mobile service typically costs slightly more). Auto insurance often covers the full cost of windshield repair or replacement, although some policies have a deductible charge of $100-$300 for replacement.
  • Replacing a rear windshield can cost $100-$1,200 or more, depending on the year, make and model of vehicle, and whether the glass is from the original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket (made by another company), as well as whether it’s a simple glass window, has built-in defrost strips, has a built-in windshield wiper, is in a hatchback or has other features that affect rear window installation. For example, the instant quote tool at[2] estimates that a rear windshield for a 2008 Toyota Corolla will cost $128 uninstalled or $238 with mobile installation; a 2008 Scion xB hatchback is $277 uninstalled or $387 installed; and on a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette it’s $443 uninstalled and $553 installed.
  • Expect to pay about $100-$350 to have someone replace a standard side door car window, depending on location and the year, make and model of vehicle; windows on rare, exotic or luxury vehicles can cost more. According to[3] , a front, passenger-side window for a 2008 Toyota Corolla sedan costs $102 uninstalled or $212 with mobile installation, while the same door on a Chevrolet Corvette is $220 uninstalled or $330 installed.
  • Replacing a small, triangular side window (also called a quarter glass window or, if it moves, a vent glass window) can cost $100-$500 or more, depending on the year, make and model of vehicle, as well as the difficulty of installation. Because these windows are not common, they can be more expensive than standard-size door windows on the same vehicle.[4] estimates that a right rear triangular window on a 2008 Honda Civic sedan costs $139 uninstalled or $249 installed.

What should be included:

  • Replacing a car door window typically involves opening up the door to access the window hardware. When handling the glass the installer should wear gloves for safety, but also because with a windshield, grease from the installer’s hands can prevent the adhesives from bonding correctly. Car and Driver magazine has a video demonstrating car window replacement[5] .

Related Costs: Window Tinting, Car Alarm Installation, Auto Detailing, Auto Painting, Windshield Replacement and Repair, Windshield Wipers

  • Comprehensive auto insurance often covers glass replacement, either with a $100-$300 deductible or with no deductible amount due, according to the Insurance Information Institute[6] .
  • Some auto glass shops periodically offer discount coupons for $5-$25 or 5%-10% off. For example, Auto Glass Guys[7] mobile service in the greater Denver area in Colorado has a $10 off online coupon.
  • Popular Mechanics explains do-it-yourself car window replacement[8] , noting that for a 2001 Ford F-150 pickup, replacement glass cost $18 from a junk yard or $160 from a retailer.

Shopping for a car window:

  • Car window replacement is typically done at a car dealership, an auto body shop, car repair shop, or a shop or mobile service that specializes in auto glass work. The National Glass Association has a searchable directory of auto glass businesses[9] .
  • Check whether the business has any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau[10] .

What People Are Paying – Recent Comments

From: Akron, OH Posted On: April 29th, 2017 05:04PM Which Window: Driver front

Installed By: Need advice

I live in Akron oh need a new driver front window put in for under $200 on a 09 Saturn arua could anyone point me in right direction Thanks side window Amount: $0.00 Posted by: Big Ed

From: Bangor, MA Posted On: October 3rd, 2015 09:10AM Car Make: ford

Car Model: freestar

Which Window: passenger front

Anyone know what it will cost to replace passenger side front window on a 2004 freestar sport? thousands of little chips on windshield Amount: $0.00 Posted by: Chris Grover

From: Douglasville, GA Posted On: January 11th, 2015 10:01AM Car Make: scion

Which Window: windshield

As the years go by I have more little chips on the windshield that make it hard to see especially when the sun is hitting it. I have never had this on any other vehicle and I’ve owned about 15 or 20 Rear window replaced Amount: $150.00 Posted by: Sunny Grey

From: Chicago, IL Posted On: December 3rd, 2014 03:12PM Which Window: Rear

Installed By: Fernandez Auto Glass

I had my rear window replaced with a used one today.

Public Car Auction – Every Saturday 10: 30 AM Interstate Auto Auction, new car prices.#New #car #prices

new car prices

New car prices New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

WOW!! 2014 Audi Q7 Only 49,000 Miles!! Retails For $34,000 Save Thousands like the Dealers at Auction!!

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

New car prices

SUPER!! AMAZING 2013 INFINITI JX35 Great Running, Highway Miles! Retails for Nearly $15,000!!

Check Out Our Auction Video See Examples of Cars Selling to Customers

Need You Car Transported Home Nationally

New car prices

New car prices

Public Auto Auctions

Interstate Auto Auction is an auto auction open to the public located in Salem, NH. Our public car auctions sell vehicles from dealer trade-ins, repossessions, lease ends, donated cars and more. At Interstate Auto Auction we want you to buy with confidence. You can TEST DRIVE any of the vehicles before the auction!! Feel Free to review our cars online. We also encourage you to read our about us page and our very helpful and transparent FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS GUIDE which answers over 20 questions that you may have about how we operate.

Interstate Auto Auction now offers you the option to pay for your auction online.

New car prices

Scrap Metal Prices – Copper Steel Recycling Metal Prices, scrap car prices.#Scrap #car #prices

Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap Metal Prices

We have provided current scrap metal prices for the United States as well as other countries for scrap copper, steel, aluminum and other metals as well as news on the recycling market, LME, iron ore prices, and other related markets. Please explore the pages of this site for specific scrap metal pricing and information.

Here are the current reference scrap metal prices in the United States. Go here for prices in Canada

#1 Busheling $220 gt to $170 gt

#1 Baling $160 gt to $110 gt

#2 Baling $140 gt to $90 gt

Plate and Struct 2 x 5 $160 gt to $110 gt

Plate and Struct scrap (unprep) $100 gt to $80 gt

Heavy Melt 2 x 5 $130 gt to $100 gt

Heavy Melt scrap (unprep) $110 gt to $70 gt

Junk Cars $90 gt to $70 gt

Auto Cast $210 gt to $170 gt

Scrap Yard Cast(breakable) $100 gt to $60 gt

Sheet Iron $100 gt to $70 gt

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices Copper Scrap, Aluminum, Etc.

Prices are per pound

Copper Scrap Prices

Bare Bright Copper $1.70/LB to $1.90/lb

#1 Copper $1.80/LB to $1.85 per lb

#2 Copper $1.60/LB to $1.67/lb

#2 Communications Wire (Cat 5) .50/LB to .55 per lb

Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices

Aluminum Extrusions $0.40/LB to .42/lb

Aluminum cans $0.33/LB to .35/lb

Aluminum Siding $0.36/LB to .38/lb

Aluminum Wheels $0.48/LB to $.50 /lb

Recycling Info and Scrapping Tips

Scrap metal prices vary in the United States, Canada, India, China as well as in other countries on a daily basis depending on numerous factors including economics, supply and demand, LME and COMEX. There are non ferrous metals which include copper, aluminum, brass, bronze and then there are ferrous metals which include iron, HMS, steel. There are also nickel alloys which include stainless steels, inconel, titanium and other exotic metals.

To ensure you get the best pricing on your scrap metals you can utilize our site as a reference. Other recycling tips include:

* Always sort your metals keep non ferrous metals separated from ferrous metals

* Keep your scrap metals clean and free of debris and garbage

* Strip your copper cable use a copper stripping machine to get the best price for your copper scrap

To get the best pricing on your junk car call (866) 827-1222 TOP DOLLAR PAID!

Steel Scrap Metal Weight per SF

Scrap Steel Plate weight per sf | 1 lb/ft2 = 4.88 kg/m2

RV Sales, RV Wholesalers – #1 RV Dealers (Used – New RVs for Sale), Pedata RV Center, used vehicle prices.#Used #vehicle #prices

RV Sales Specializing in Nationwide Online RV Sales New and Used RVs For Sale Pedata RV Center

Used vehicle prices

Used vehicle prices

Used vehicle prices

Used vehicle prices

Pedata RV Inventory

Used vehicle prices

Low Interest Rates

We currently have rates as low as 3.99% on selected unites. O.A.C.


Now offering Good Sam

warranties on our inventory.

Roadside Assistance

Ask about our FREE 24/7 roadside and technical assistance

Fly Buy Program

Get between $300 – $500 towards travel expenses.

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Pedata RV Center

Used vehicle prices

Used vehicle prices

RV Sales Don t Make a $10,000 Mistake Shopping Elsewhere on Your Next Recreational Vehicle

  • Online RV sales from a #1 RV wholesaler RV Dealers means you save thousands. Purchase motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels directly from America s foremost recreational vehicle wholesaler and save as much as $10,000 or more.
  • Enjoy the inherent ease of buying from a specialist in nationwide internet recreational vehicle sales. Our online RV sales on used RVs can’t be beat!
  • Pay the lowest prices anywhere, whether online or on the lot. Pedata RV is the place to get the best price on used recreational vehicles.
  • Feel relaxed and be comforted knowing that Pedata is not a high pressure recreational vehicle dealer. Our prices speak for themselves.
  • Search our extensive online inventory of used RVs catered to every budget. That means GREAT RV sales deals for you!
  • Select from a collection of Pedata s hand-picked, quality used recreational vehicles from manufacturers, dealers, and private parties from all over the country. These high-quality recreational vehicles are online and searchable.
  • Compare major brands of pre-owned recreational vehicles including: Holiday Rambler, Damon, Monaco, National, Newmar, Beaver, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Safari and many more.

Used vehicle pricesPedata RV Sales Center, America s foremost RV wholesaler, now sells used RVs, fifth wheels, and travel trailers direct to you! You can now purchase all major brands of pre-owned motorhomes like Holiday Rambler, Damon, Monaco, National, Newmar, Beaver, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Safari and more! Check out our online inventory for a variety of RVs catered to every budget. See all types of motorhomes from late model diesel pusher slide-outs to slightly older gas-powered non-slide-out coaches. You are sure to find the perfect recreational vehicle among Pedata s collection of hand-picked, quality used recreational vehicles selected from dealers, manufacturers, and private party sellers all over the country you re sure to find the perfect recreational vehicle for you. Also, don t forget to contact our RV Experts if you are thinking I need to sell my RV or I wonder what my RV is worth? Pedata is committed to providing valuable recreational vehicle sales and maintenance that will guarantee that you become a lifetime customer!

But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say

Recreational Vehicle Maintenance and Rentals

Used vehicle prices

Pedata RV Sales is a locally owned, full-service recreational vehicle dealer offering recreational vehicle sales, maintenance, rentals, financing and extended warranties. In addition, Pedata is conveniently located just 5 minutes from Tucson International Airport in Arizona, making its fly and buy recreational vehicle sales program a quick and easy way to purchase a wide selection of new and used diesel pushers and other recreational vehicles even if you are out-of-state (outside of Arizona).

Pedata offers you many RV Rentals. We have new and used recreational vehicles: motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers for weekly or monthly rental. You can rent a comfortable and convenient recreational vehicle for a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or more. Whether for business or pleasure, Pedata has a recreational vehicle rentals to meet whatever your needs may be.

Recreational Vehicle Financing

Pedata RV Sales has over 20 years of rv financing experience working for you and some of the best interest rates available. Whether you have perfect credit or less than perfect credit, Pedata will negotiate with every major recreational vehicle lender to find you the best possible rate and term on your recreational vehicle purchase. Even if you buy your recreational vehicle from another dealer, Pedata will carefully manage your rv financing and offer you the same valuable extended maintenance agreements offered to customers who buy their recreational vehicles at the Pedata dealership. For more information please check RV Financing.

Don’t Make a $10,000 Mistake Shopping Elsewhere on Your Next RV

If you let Pedata take care of your RV sale, you’ll save as much as $10,000 or more. Whether you’re new to RV sales or you’re ready to buy and are just looking for the best used motorhome you can find, you can stop your search here. Pedata RV Center is ready to assist you. When it comes to an RV for sale, we are the experts and we want you to walk away satisfied with your purchase and your experience!

Sixt Rent a Car, Rental Cars at Affordable Prices, rental car prices.#Rental #car #prices

50+ US car rental locations. 105+ countries worldwide.

Rental car prices

Find a location

Rental car prices

Rental car prices

Prepay Save up to 25%

About Sixt rent a car

Sixt rent a car was founded in 1912 in Munich, Germany, and started out with a fleet of just three vehicles. As one of the first and most important international car rental companies in the world – with over 100 years in the business – we have earned a trusted reputation as a global leading car rental provider. Always at the forefront of the industry, we were the first car rental company with a website and the first to accept mobile reservations. Today we are present in over 105 countries with branches in over 4,000 locations. You will be able to find our Sixt car rental services internationally, in almost every major city and tourist destination worldwide and at convenient locations such as airports, train stations, cruise ports, and hotels.

The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation

The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation is committed to the most vulnerable in society, although they are the least responsible for the world as it is. We are committed and do our best for children whose fate we want for the better and where we can personally make a difference. For more information, please click here.

Rental car prices

Sixt Websites Around the World

Expanding to the US in 2011, Sixt rent a car is continually growing and broadening its services and fleet throughout the country. We look forward to offering affordable, premium car rental to more and more US locations, so keep checking back to see if we have arrived at your desired destination. Whether on business or pleasure, our top quality fleet features vehicles for just about every occasion. From 15-seater passenger vans to compact cars, luxury models and SUVs, we can meet your mobility needs.

Sixt rent a car services are available in the following cities:

Sixt rent a car locations in the USA:

Car Rental Services in Europe

Sixt is one of the biggest international car rental companies, with over 1,500 locations in Europe, strategically located nearby all the most popular European travel destinations. If you need a rental car at a European airport or train station Sixt will be there with an affordable solution to your mobility needs. At all our European car rental locations you will be able to choose from a wide range of premium vehicles and services. Whether you need a GPS, child seat, an additional driver or insurance coverage, we can help you upgrade your rent a car with the right add-ons to cover your requirements. Sixt is looking forward to giving you the means to move independently about Europe in a vehicle that is perfect for your trip. Check out some of the most popular car rental locations Sixt has in Europe below.

Sixt Car Rental Fleet

Each Sixt rent a car location around the globe stands by our Drive First Class and Pay Economy motto offering premium car rental at attractive rates. We have over 222,000 rental vehicles in our fleet, which hosts models from some of the best car manufacturers in the world. Our rental cars are regularly replaced so you can feel confident that with Sixt you will be behind the wheel of a well-maintained and up-to-date vehicle. As the largest BMW, Audi Mercedes-Benz car rental provider, we are also known for our affordable luxury car rental. Drive a prestige rent a car for less with Sixt luxury cars.

New Cars, Used Cars – Cars for Sale, used cars prices.#Used #cars #prices

Search New Used Cars for Sale

Sell Your Car


Better Than Book

Recent Price Drops

New Car Specials

Search by Price

Used cars prices

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Reviews Previews

2017 Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD

Used cars pricesIf I were purchasing a full-size luxury sedan the XJ would be top priority, and I d take it exactly as my most recent tester was optioned. It looks stately in Fuji White, a name that would probably be more apropos for a Japanese luxury sedan rather than something from Britain. Of course, Cumbria s Scafell Pike . read more read more

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport AWD

Used cars pricesI was about to start this story by saying there has never been a more successful luxury SUV created than the Lexus RX, but after a little research I m finding out that s an old, outdated statistic. The RX, which was the first car-based luxury crossover SUV ever produced, has been amazingly successful here in North . read more read more

Tips Advice

Used cars prices

There s no better way to get an argument started among a bunch of automotive guys. read more

Used cars prices

Depreciation. It happens the moment you drive a new cars off the dealer s lot. In. read more

Used cars prices

Getting a driver s license is a big event in a teen s life, but it can. read more

Car Rental – Car Hire – Chile, Chilean Rent-A-Car, rent a car prices.#Rent #a #car #prices

Rent a car prices

All inclusive prices, no surprises

At Chilean the quoted prices include all mandatory charges. No unpleasant surprises when you pick up your car–guaranteed!

Rent a car prices

Reserve your car securely online

Find our best rates and reserve securely online. We can deliver your car at the Santiago Airport at any time, day or night.

Rent a car prices

The best price and service

Travelers on a budget will appreciate our all-inclusive prices and personalized service. At Chilean Rent A Car, there are no hidden charges and no surprises.

Rent a car prices

The best rental fleet in Chile

Chilean Rent A Car has a late-model vehicle to suit every need–cars of all sizes, SUV’s, minivans, pickup trucks and cargo vans.

Rent a car prices


Rent a car prices

Contact Information

Rent a car pricesTelephone

Rent a car pricesSantiago Airport SCL

Arturo Merino Benítez Airport

Arrival Hall · 1st Floor · Door #2

Rent a car pricesSantiago Bellavista

Bellavista 0183 · Providencia

Metro Station Baquedano

Rent a car pricesSantiago Downtown

Curicó 360 · Santiago

Metro Station Universidad Católica

Rent a car pricesPuerto Montt

Puerto Montt Airport (PMC)

Featured Vehicles

  • Rent a car prices Full Elite Automatic

Toyota Corolla

  • Rent a car prices Compact

    Suzuki Swift

  • Rent a car prices Economy

    Renault Symbol

  • Rent a car prices City Car

    Suzuki Alto

  • Rent a car prices City Van

    Mazda 5 Van

  • Rent a car prices Medium Elite

    Suzuki Ciaz

  • Rent a car prices SUV Elite 4×2 & 4×4

    Suzuki Grand Nomade

  • Rent a car prices Minivan

    Dodge Grand Caravan

  • Rent a car prices Cargo Van

    Renault Kangoo

  • Rent a car prices Pickup Truck 4×4

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a car prices Rent a car prices

  • Rent A Car Vancouver, Rent a Car in Vancouver, BC or Richmond, rent a car prices.#Rent #a #car #prices

    Welcome to Rent a Car Vancouver

    Rent a Car Vancouver, with convenient locations in the Heart of Downtown Vancouver on Robson St., and on Beatty St., as well as in Richmond, British Columbia, offers new quality car rentals and impeccable service at affordable prices. We provide attractive, reliable, and safe vehicles to our customers at lower prices than other car rental companies in Downtown Vancouver and Richmond.

    Car Rental Vancouver

    Our goal is to be the best car rental company in Vancouver and we take pride in treating every customer to stellar service with a smile and an unbeatable deal. We are known for cheap car rental deals on Robson St. Downtown Vancouver that still give you quality vehicles and service. You don’t have to sacrifice a comfortable, safe ride to save money!

    Our customers have come to count on Rent a Car Vancouver Downtown on Robson St. and Beatty St., and our Rent a Car Richmond location Vancouver Airport (YVR) offsite for quick, honest service, cheap prices, and safe, attractive, well-maintained vehicles.

    Three Convenient Locations

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver, Robson Street

    On bustling Robson Street, in the center of downtown Vancouver, we offer our customers the best prices and outstanding service when they rent a car in Vancouver. We have a well-earned reputation for great deals on high quality rental cars, so you can count on safety and comfort for a reasonable price with your Vancouver car rental.

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver Hampton Inn, Beatty Street @ Robson

    Close to several popular downtown hotels, including the Hampton Inn Suites, Hotel Blu, the Georgian Court Hotel, and the YWCA Hotel Vancouver, our Beatty Street location, at Robson, offers downtown convenience, low prices, and quality vehicles.

    Rent a car prices

    Rent a Car in Richmond – Vancouver Airport Off-site

    At our Rent a Car Richmond location, just off-site from Vancouver International Airport, we provide the same outstanding service and affordable Richmond Car Rentals as we do at our Vancouver Car Rental locations. With new, quality vehicles that are impeccably maintained, cheap car rental prices, and our available pick-up and drop-off service, we are your best choice for car rental in Richmond.

    Why Choose Rent a Car Vancouver Downtown?

    • Free Customer Pick-up and Drop-off – we will come to you!
    • New, quality vehicles, of all types and sizes
    • We rent cars for 18 years and above; young and new drivers are welcome
    • We offer car rentals without a credit card. Rent a car with cash, debit or prepaid card.
    • We rent cars for road tests and for class 7 (N) Novice driver s license holders
    • Car rental Downtown Vancouver to Vancouver Airport (YVR) – we offer the best airport pick up and drop off facilities
    • Three convenient locations, in Downtown Vancouver on Robson St, on Beatty St., and in Richmond, British Columbia
    • We offer the best value and quality combined
    • We rent cars to the film industry

    Quality Rental Cars in Vancouver Richmond

    We offer a comprehensive selection of vehicles. From basic economy cars to high-end, luxury vehicles, we have the car you are looking for. Our selection includes compact, mid-size and large vehicles, sedans, SUVs, trucks, convertibles, hybrids and sports cars. You name it, we have it!

    All of our quality vehicles are well-maintained and managed by our professional, trained technicians and they are subject to regular service and safety checks before being rented.

    Whether you need an economy car for personal use, or a luxury vehicle for a special event, or for driving an important client, our special offers and discount prices will provide you with the best, cheap car rentals in Vancouver and Richmond.

    Choose the best car for you from the largest selection of vehicles at Rent A Car Vancouver!

    Rent a Car in Richmond or Robson St. Downtown Vancouver today from Rent a Car Vancouver. You’ll save time and money and you will know you got a great deal!

    Business Customers

    1. Large Corporations
    2. Small and Mid-Size Businesses
    3. Government Rentals
    4. Film Production Companies
    5. Large Groups


    Rent a car prices