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Business reply services

We supply envelopes for reply-paid purposes in three sizes (all self-seal):

  • DL (white) – 110x220mm
  • C5 (Manila) – 162x229mm (suitable for A5 unfolded)
  • C4 (Manila) – 324x229mm (suitable for A4 unfolded)

The following charges apply for each unused envelope we supply:

  • DL – 4p each or £4 per 100
  • C5 – 5p each or £5 per 100
  • C4 – 7p each or £7 per 100

These prices are subject to change (up or down) depending on the size of orders we make, which will vary as demand and space permit. Prices include VAT.

We also charge the Royal Mail standard Business Reply postage on any envelopes that come back.

Using the service

  • Exciting Research Project 99
  • Utterly Reliable Survey 2008

Once you have the envelopes you must put this reference wholly within the box with the dashed outline near the left edge of the envelope. You must do this on every envelope you send out. You can write it in ink, use a small label or use a printer if you can be sure of accurate alignment. You could ask your respondents to do this if you can rely on them to do it properly. This is to avoid surcharges on the return items. If any marks appear in Royal Mail defined ‘clear zones’ on the envelope the item may not be treated as reply-paid and at best may be delayed because it is no longer machine readable.

Setting up your own service

If you would prefer to have the return envelopes delivered to your own building with your own address details and envelope design, you will have to apply for your own Response Service Licence from Royal Mail. Royal Mail offer Business Reply and Freepost services, in both ‘standard’ and ‘plus’ versions.

We do not recommend you use the Standard versions of the services where you regularly expect to receive very large or heavy items. These will be expensive and Postal Services can arrange collection from the senders address using cheaper trackable services.

Envelope design

The Royal Mail specifications for fonts, spacing and layout are very strict. As such, they have developed an artworking tool to help you get it right. You should submit completed designs in PDF format to Royal Mail for approval before placing orders with printers.

You should also read the specifications given by Royal Mail for the envelopes themselves (weight, colour, opacity etc.).

Once you have received your licence details from Royal Mail and the designs have been approved please visit the Design and Print Studio website to arrange printing the design on envelopes.

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A Bank Account With No Overdraft Fees – Consumer Reports #overdrafts, #prepaid #cards, #chase, #bank #of #america, #wells #fargo, #citi, #overdraft #penalty, #penalty, #direct #deposit, #mobile #check #deposit, #cashless #society, #person-to-person #payments, #p2p


A Bank Account With No Overdraft Fees

If you’re bedeviled by overdraft fees that can cost $25 to $35 a pop, try this: Get a bank or credit union account that is designed to prevent overdrafts. If your balance does go into the red, the financial institution won’t charge you a penalty.

The nation’s five largest banks—Bank of America, Chase, Citi, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo—now offer these so-called lower-risk accounts, which offer just about all the same services a regular checking account provides but do not charge overdraft fees.

Citi’s Access account, for example, provides a debit card for retail store and online purchases, free cash withdrawals at thousands of Citi ATMs, direct paycheck deposit and mobile check deposit. and online and mobile banking and bill-payment.

The monthly fee for this account at Citi is $10, but it’s easily waived if you have one direct deposit per month of your paycheck, pension, or Social Security or other government benefit, or make one online bill payment per month. At the other banks the monthly fee is around $5.

The main difference between these bank accounts and regular checking: You can’t write paper checks. That’s how the bank prevents overdraft fees; all of your banking is done electronically via the debit card, which allows the bank to disburse funds only up to the amount you have on deposit.

Not offering paper checks is less of a problem than it may seem, because America is well on its way to becoming a cashless society. With online bill-pay, for instance, you make payments electronically, and if the biller hasn’t yet gone digital, your bank or credit union will print and mail a paper check for you free—no checks, envelopes, or postage stamps to buy. With person-to-person (P2P) payments. you can send money digitally to virtually anyone.

How much did you spend last year on overdraft fees?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Hidden Advantage

If these lower-risk accounts sound a lot like prepaid cards, you’re right. They are prepaid cards. That’s exactly what Chase calls its Liquid card and what Wells Fargo calls its EasyPay card. The other three use names that don’t quite sound like either checking or prepaid: Citi Access. Bank of America SafeBalance Banking. and U.S. Bank Safe Debit Account .

In recent years, prepaid cards issued by American Express, Walmart, Green Dot, and other brands that you might not think of as banks have evolved to become more like checking accounts. With the exception of Chase, whose Liquid card ranked highly in our ratings of prepaid cards. these major banks are playing catch-up.

“Those leading the prepaid card bandwagon are credit unions, Walmart, Amex, and Chase,” says Mike Moebs, economist and CEO of Moebs Services, a Chicago-based consulting firm that tracks bank and credit union pricing and products. About 30 percent of credit unions offer prepaid cards vs. 18 percent of banks, according to Moebs’ latest survey of 3,800 financial institutions.

Banks offer one big advantage that makes their prepaid cards even more like checking: They maintain networks of branches and ATMs, where cash deposits can be made. Non-bank prepaid cards usually have no branches, so their cardholders have a harder time depositing cash to their accounts. Non-bank prepaid cards do have ATM networks, but cardholders usually cannot make cash deposits via those ATMs. Instead, they must rely on participating retailers, where they can load cash onto the cards.

Benefits for Low-Income Consumers

Lower-risk accounts might be a little hard to find because banks don’t always prominently promote them.

Banks offer these accounts to help low-income consumers, who often get snagged by overdraft fees that they can’t afford. That can push them away from traditional banks and into the arms of overpriced alternative financial service providers, such as check-cashing storefronts and car title lenders .

The lower-risk accounts can help re-open the doors to essential banking services for these underserved consumers. Last February, Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, urged the nation’s top 25 retail banks to offer and promote lower-risk accounts by featuring them prominently on their online checking account web pages and in their other marketing efforts.

The lack of marketing for these products has lessened their visibility, Cordray said, and the concern is that the consumers who need these accounts most don’t know they exist.

But when we looked at the five biggest banks’ checking account web pages in late September, using a California ZIP code to let the bank know our location, their lower-risk accounts were still hard to find. On Wells Fargo’s checking account web page, for example, the bank’s regular, interest, and rewards checking accounts were easy to find on the first page of the site. But we had to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a link to EasyPay.

It was a similar situation when looking for Bank of America SafeBalance Banking and the U.S. BankSafe Debit Account. Chase Liquid was not even on the checking account menu. Citi, however, had the most prominent positioning. Its Access account was included in a comparison of all Citi checking accounts.

Shopping links are provided by eBay Commerce Network and Amazon, which makes it easy to find the right product from a variety of online retailers. Clicking any of the links will take you to the retailer’s website to shop for this product. Please note that Consumer Reports collects fees from both eBay Commerce Network and Amazon for referring users. We use 100% of these fees to fund our testing programs.

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04.05.12 Neues Zahlungsmodul BILL 4 NET – Micropayment über die Telefon- oder Mobilfunkrechnung. mehr

01.08.11 Produktneuheit L4N
Der Wireless-N Gigabit Hotspot-L4N/L4Net für TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND ist der Nachfolger unseres Erfolgsmodells Hotspot-L4 mit Ticketdrucker, UMTS-Router uvm. mehr

24.09.10 SMSAuth-L4 – Sichere Benutzeridentifikation und Anmeldung per Mobilfunk-SMS mehr

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Hotspot Komplettlösung L6HA Premium (Dualband Wireless-N Gigabit Hotspot-L6)
Die All-in-One Komplettlösung
Gateway, Server, AP, SSL, PayPal, VPN, Web-Filter uvm.

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06.08.09 Betrieb aller Online-Systeme auf einem ausfallsicheren Hochleistungs/Hochverfügbarkeits- Cluster

04.08.09 L4/L5HA: Proaktiver Betreiberschutz durch VPN-Routing verfügbar

04.03.09 L5HA: UMTS- Option verfügbar mehr .

22.01.09 Neues Zahlungsmodul sofortü mehr

16.12.08 L5HA: Ticketdrucker- Option verfügbar mehr .

12.06.08 Produktneuheit L5HA
Hotspot Komplettlösung L5HA
Die All-in-One Komplettlösung
Gateway, Server, AP, SSL, PayPal, VPN, Web-Filter uvm.

14.03.08 ‘Hotspot-L4’-Firmware: Version 7.8.4 verfügbar: Verbesserte PayPal-Unterstützung durch automatische Anpassung an wechselnde PayPal-IP’s.

05.02.08 Vouchergenerierung: OIDs und EAN13-Barcodedruck

04.02.08 Codeverwaltung: Umfangreiche Such-, Filter-, Sortier- und Aktionsmöglichkeiten

19.11.07 L4CC-SO(Portable) Version 3.4 verfügar mehr

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28.06.07 Verbessertes Portalsystem

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Der WIMONDO Hotspot-L4N ist speziell für den Einsatz im Hotel- und Gastronomiebereich kleinerer bis mittlerer Größe entwickelt worden. Mit der anschlussfertigen Hotspot-Lösung Hotspot-L4N lässt sich so problemlos, schnell und mit minimalem Kostenaufwand ein kostenfreier oder kostenpflichtiger Hotspot-Dienst für Hotels, Pensionen, Cafes, Campingplätze, usw. einrichten und die Servicequalität erhöhen. Sie benötigen lediglich einen handelsüblichen WLAN-Router TPLINK TL-WR1043ND oder Linksys WRT54GL und die Hotspot-L4N – Firmware. Es ist nicht notwendig eigene Administrationssoftware zu installieren oder einen eigenen Server zu betreiben. Hotspot-L4N bietet:

  • eine unbegrenzte Anzahl Benutzerkonten
  • freie Preisgestaltung ohne Betreiber- oder Provisionsmodell
  • flexible Konfiguration und Branding
  • ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit
  • sichere Benutzerauthentifizierung und rechtssichere Protokollierung
  • uvm. Details

    Dank der intuitiven webbasierten Administration gestaltet sich die Verwaltung auch für den Laien von Anfang an problemlos. Ganz gleich, ob Standardaufgaben wie die Erzeugung von Zugangstickets als PDF-Voucher oder über den Ticketdrucker, die Integration eigener Preise, Logos oder Zahlmethoden wie PayPal oder Kreditkarte – Hotspot-L4N passt sich flexibel Ihren Anforderungen an. Sie kümmern sich um Ihr Kerngeschäft – Hotspot-L4N erledigt den Rest.

    Eröffnen Sie jetzt kostenlos Ihren ‘ L4Net . Free’-Account und laden die Hotspot-L4N Firmware herunter.

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    Franchise und ausfallsicherer 24×7 Hotspot-Betrieb – Auch für Telefon-Unternehmen oder Hotspot-Betreiber bietet der Hotspot-L4N einen praktischen und ökonomischen Weg, um einen umfassenden Hotspot-Service anzubieten. Die zentrale serverbasierte Verwaltung auf unseren ausfallsicheren Hochleistungs/Hochverfügbarkeits -Clusterservern unterstützt die individuelle Konfiguration beliebig vieler Franchise-Hotspots gleichzeitig und gewährleistet einen störungsfreien 24×7 Hotspot-Betrieb.

    Sichere Benutzeridentifikation und Anmeldung per Mobilfunk-SMS

    ‘SMSAuth-L4’ bietet die Möglichkeit zur automatischen Anmeldung und sicheren Identifikation von Nutzern anhand einer zu sendenden Mobilfunk-SMS. Grundlage dafür ist die seit Jahren in vielen Ländern (u.a. Deutschland, Schweiz) gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Verpflichtung der Mobilfunkbetreiber zur Identitätsfeststellung auch beim Verkauf von Prepaid-Mobilfunkkarten. SMSAuth-L4

    Proaktiver Betreiberschutz durch VPN-Routing

    Hotspot-L4(N) ist dazu in der Lage, den gesamten ein- und ausgehenden Datentransfer über einen verschlüsselten VPN-Tunnel zu einem sicheren VPN-Gateway umzuleiten. VPN-Routing

  • Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-Use 4G Prepaid Cell Phone Silver 4043SJ6GRY – Best Buy #4043sj6gry,cell #phones,flip #easy-to-use #4g #prepaid #cell #phone,jitterbug




    TV Home Theater

    Computers Tablets

    Cameras Camcorders

    Cell Phones


    Video Games

    Movies Music

    Car Electronics GPS

    Wearable Technology

    Health, Fitness Beauty

    Home, Garage Office

    Smart Home

    Drones, Toys Collectibles



    Jitterbug – Flip Easy-to-Use 4G Prepaid Cell Phone – Graphite (GreatCall)

    Delivers good overall performance for opening and running applications, flipping through menus, running home screens and more.

  • Bigger screen and larger buttons

    Large, legible numbers and backlit keypad make dialing effortless.

  • Dual screens with exterior and interior color displays

    View text messages, photos and videos in full color on the interior display with the dual-screen flip design.

    5Star app immediately connects you to a highly-trained Agent, who can help in any emergency.

    Powerfully loud speaker and hearing aid compatible. M4/T4 rated.

    Large buttons with easy navigation.

    No contracts, no cancellation fees with plans as low as $14.99/month and a 30-day money back guarantee. 100% U.S.-based customer service and dependable nationwide coverage.

    * Phone activation required before use.

    Show all Features

    Updated Jitterbug Flip Phone covers all my bases Posted by: cari565 from: Sparks NV on I purchased this phone as an upgrade to the previous basic Jitterbug that I’d ordered through their company three years ago. The old one stopped working with my vehicle Blue Tooth because of outdated software. The new one works great. The Best Buy sales associate helped me to ensure it would pair with my vehicle model. I mainly use Jitterbug because I wear hearing aids and the sound is amplified more than some other phones. Also the screen is easier to read. If you don’t need a Smart Phone this is good workhorse phone. It also takes good photos which you can send via text message.

    24 out of 25 found this review helpful.

    Good for Aging Parents Posted by: MRdL from: USA on Helpful big buttons, easy to add names and phone numbers into the address book and simple to use for the electronically challenged.

    22 out of 25 found this review helpful.

    Great phone! Posted by: Bill1776 from: on Needed a cell-phone with the largest number pad possible for an elderly relative with failing eyesight and poor manual dexterity. The Jitterbug worked perfectly.

    17 out of 18 found this review helpful.

    It’s okay. Posted by: BRProd from: on Customer service is lacking and signal strength is just okay, not as good as Verizon, even thought Jitterbug uses Verizon’s network. Strange.

    14 out of 14 found this review helpful.

    Very good for senior citizens Posted by: BassGuy from: on I bought the phone as a safety item for my Mom who is in her 90s. She can read the screen and she can dial it. It is what I was looking for.

    14 out of 14 found this review helpful.

    Best phone for seniors Posted by: DXMN90 from: on I purchased the Jitterbug Flip for my dad who is 95 and had never owned a cell phone. I was impressed right away with the easy to ready screen, buttons and interface. 600 minutes for $20 plus fees is a great deal and calls to Canada are included! We were able to port his land line so he even kept the phone number he’s had since 1970. He loves his Jitterbug and I only wish we had done it sooner.

    13 out of 14 found this review helpful.

    Good for seniors Posted by: PDrew from: on Picked this up for my 93yo Pops. BIG letters and numbers, easily laid out menu items. Activation was smooth, and they ported over his old number in hours! Couple of things I could like better: the volume buttons are positioned close to the middle of the phone, and are a little too easy to hit when holding it. Also, the charging cradle is a little wanky to position the phone in. Otherwise, happy camper.

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Great Simple Phone Posted by: Pat1 from: on If you are looking for a simple uncomplicated phone this is the one you want. I left our original carrier of many years just to get this phone. I’m not sorry for doing that. The buttons are very large and easy to see and use. You can also get an add on service for an additional charge for an emergency button. No not just medical any type- get locked out of car, have car trouble,they will locate you by GPS and send help. For what the needs were this was a great choice.

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Great camera Posted by: Sassy from: on Granny loves it. She says it’s the best phone ever.

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    like the big numbers and ease of use Posted by: Dancinfool from: on I bought the Jitterbug to replace and old flip phone. It is the right size for me and it does what I need a cell phone to do at a reasonable rate.

    7 out of 9 found this review helpful.