Remote monitoring services tERA

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Remote monitoring services tERA


plug play: complete solution, immediately available. In a few steps, each system is reachable and all its information is available for analysis.scalable solution: the infrastructure can be simply scalable to suit your needs thus modulating investments according to the real businessCarel system integration: The proposed service is seamlessly integrated into the system of Carel controls for simple and immediate management of the machines.

  • General characteristics

    tERA is the new platform ready to quickly bring the business to the sale of services. Now you can create a centralized remote management system forHVAC applications to access quickly and easily all the necessary information and optimize the work of the technical team and internal service. To be more competitive and offer its customers aproposal at the forefront, tERA offers a platform based on new technologies that, combined with the expertise of each company, will offer an unique and innovative proposal on the market
    tERA proposal is complete and in only few steps the plant is ready for any analysis. Use everything you want from our solution, the rest is up to us.

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  • Консалтинговые отчёты: Использование формата вычисляемых документов (CDF), examples of platform as a service.#Examples #of #platform #as #a #service


    Формат вычисляемых документов

    Использование и примеры формата

    вычисляемых документов (CDF)

    включающий примеры, видео и пр.

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  • Examples of platform as a service Инфографика

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  • Examples of platform as a service Учебники
  • Examples of platform as a service Журнальные


  • Examples of platform as a service Информационные


  • Examples of platform as a service Приложения по

    Консалтинговые отчеты

    Позвольте вашим клиентам самостоятельно изучать возможные сценарии и заинтересоваться результатами с помощью интерактивных диаграмм на базе вычислений, осуществляемых в реальном времени.

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    After eight amazing years, our beloved music platform is shutting down.

    When we launched in 2009, the online music industry was still in its infancy. Trying to stay afloat as a free expert driven music discovery service in this evolving market has been a beautiful struggle. We were often faced with tough decisions and changed to a leaner version of our platform six months ago. Now it seems the time has come to move on to new projects completely.

    Over the years we were proud to work with an incredible roster of curators, win multiple awards, host numerous events and even our own festival (which might still return next year). Our website and apps gave millions of music lovers in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, and the rest of the world a chance to hear the best new music. It has always been a labor of love and we were humbled by all the people sending us personal thank you notes after discovering artists, songs, and entire genres they had otherwise never heard of.

    A sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts goes out to everyone involved with 22tracks over the years. Our team and partners always went above and beyond. We are grateful for every DJ, agency, brand, venue and festival that has ever worked with us. Most of all, we are thankful for all the beautiful people that used, loved, and promoted our little music discovery paradise.

    We think there’s only one fitting way to say goodbye. Here’s a playlist of 22 gems that many of you probably heard first on 22tracks. Our other playlists on Spotify and Apple Music will also remain available for now.

    Thanks for listening

    Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Red Hat Customer Portal #enterprise #mobile #application #platform


    Red Hat Customer Portal

    Introducing Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

    Red Hat Mobile Application Platform speeds up the development, integration, deployment, and management of mobile apps for businesses. The platform offers a suite of features that embrace collaborative app development, centralized control of security and back-end integration, and deployment in the cloud or on-premise. Enterprise mobile developers and DevOps teams can build mobile apps and services that can be used and reused across multiple organization-wide mobile projects. Developers can use the client-side tools of their choice while still accessing platform functionality for integration, collaboration, deployment and management.





    Mobile Blog


    App Development Tools

    Red Hat Mobile Application Platform gives developers the tools and approaches of their choice. Whether it’s native or hybrid apps, the platform allows developers work in their preferred environments (GUI or CLI), and integrate apps into the platform using SDKs for native or hybrid apps. The platform offers 5 different SDKs for 8 types of apps:

    • Javascript SDK (Cordova light, Cordova, Form apps and Web apps)
    • iOS SDK (Native iOS apps)
    • Android SDK (Native Android apps)
    • C#/.NET Native SDK (Xamarin and Native Windows apps)
    • Appcelerator SDK (Appcelerator Hybrid apps)

    The Build Farm enables automation of the build process, maintain a history of previous builds and creating builds for platforms without requiring the associated infrastructure and tools (e.g. building iOS binaries from a Linux OS).


    The platform offers a suite of features to ensure that data remains within a corporate domain and is only accessed by those who are authorized. On the device, apps can be secured with AES/RSA encryption APIs, followed by HTTPS from the app to the MBaaS. Backend endpoints can also be secured. In addition to that, the use of Node.js gives access to a wide range of cryptographic functionality and provides a layer between backend systems and mobile devices. Access from the MBaaS to backend systems can be secured including the use of VPNs, firewalls and DMZs. User security and authentication can be managed using platform credentials or enterprise LDAP/Active Directory system. OAuth integration is also available for third-party services that provide this. The hosted product is protected by a combination of hardware and software based firewalls at all access points to the network.

    Team collaboration

    Team-based development allows separate client-side development and backend integrations with additional DevOps-enabled functionality for cloud deployment. Coordination is enabled and code is shared using Git repositories – both online and local, as a powerful version control and collaboration tool. The platform also introduces project-based app creation and management. By giving every app and cloud backend within a project its own Git repository, coordinated workflow is a reality.

    MBaaS and API Management

    Using Node.js, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform provides out-of-the-box functionality and reusable connectors for simplified backend integration to legacy systems including SalesForce, SAP, Oracle, and more. Mobile Backend-end-as-a-Service (MBaaS) is based on Node.js which provides the server runtime environment for high-performance server-side apps (cloud apps) and secure integrations with back-end systems. Key MBaaS features include a NoSQL database for cloud persistence with flexible data browser for developers and administrators. a caching service, a data synchronization framework, and other mobile-specific features exposed via RESTful APIs.

    Unified Push Server

    To add push notifications to mobile apps, the platform features an integrated Unified Push Server, with an administration console that makes it easy for developers to create and manage push-related aspects of their app for any mobile development environment. It also includes client SDKs (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Cordova), REST-based sender service (API) and analytics.

    Deployment Cloud On-premise

    Red Hat Mobile Application Platform version 3.x is offered as a Hosted platform in the public cloud. Version 4.0 is delivered with the MBaaS component installed on-premise. Development and management of apps occurs in the multi-tenant installation in the cloud, whilst the MBaaS with application data, functionality, and integrations is deployed to an OpenShift Enterprise 3.x installation.

    Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD)

    The Forms Builder allows mobile forms to be quickly and easily created using drag and drop components. This speeds time to market for forms-based apps without the need for coding skills.


    Enterprise Ready Support

    Shipping Software for Ecommerce Fulfillment #ecommerce #software #platform


    Shipping software for wherever you sell, however you ship.

    ShipStation Mobile

    If you have internet connectivity, you have access to ShipStation and its ecommerce fulfillment software. But you’re not always at work or near a computer. For all those moments when you can’t be at work but still need to be at work ShipStation Mobile is with you.

    • See all orders and get new order alerts (to your Apple Watch, too)
    • Create and print shipping labels
    • Add tags and notes to orders
    • Edit and verify shipping addresses
    • View and track shipments
    • Resend confirmation e-mails
    • Available free for iOS and Android on smartphone and tablet

    API, Inventory, and hundreds more customized features integrations

    From building your own connections to keeping an eye on inventory. ShipStation gives your business all the tools you need to find Shipping Nirvana™. ShipStation gives you the freedom to customize your packing slips. shipment confirmation emails. Branded Tracking Page. Returns Portal. and more with your own branding. Give the entire order experience your personal touch.

    ShipStation Mobile

    The efficiency of ShipStation inside your pocket. Use our powerful shipping software wherever you are.

  • Display product photos

    Include your product photos on packing slips and emails to your customer.

  • Keep your customers informed

    Add instructions, care guides, or an FAQ to your emails and packing slips.

  • Barcodes

    Scan a barcode, ship an order. Scan a barcode, print a label. Scan a barcode, save time. Easy, right?

  • Coupons

    Entice customers with coupons and promotional offers.

  • Empowered Returns

    Customer-initiated returns? Check. Reports that show you why products are returned? Check. Be in the know about returns.

  • Inventory

    See inventory counts right on your order, get low inventory notifications, and build an allocation strategy.

  • Accounting

    From Quickbooks Online & On-Premise to Xero, ShipStation has the connections you need.

  • Integration Tools

    Tools like Mailchimp and Zapier will help your business build lists and find efficiency everywhere you work.

  • ShipEngine API

    Build on the shipping API powering thousands of retailers and over a billion shipments.

  • Workflow API

    Need to interact with your ShipStation account in new and different ways? Check out the Workflow API.

  • Custom Store Integrations

    Looking for a more 1-to-1 relationship with ShipStation and your chosen selling platform? The Custom Store Integration is the ticket.

  • The Best Ecommerce Platforms – Best Ecommerce Platforms #ecommerce #platform



    The Best Ecommerce Platforms

    These days, to subscribe to e-commerce platforms that are boring can work like a death sentence. To illustrate, one of the top five e-commerce platforms, 3dcart had to eat the dust of Shopify for sporting clunky store front themes for its customers. Recently, the company in question has done some modifications in order to stay relevant to the dynamic requirements of e-commerce platforms.

    Unfortunately, the efforts of 3dcart are yet to give the firm an edge to re-emerge out of the dust of competition. This only demonstrates the world of the best e-commerce platforms as a classic dog-eat-dog realm. There are no sacred cows in this industry.

    The best e-commerce platforms wait for no one. They are under pressure to constantly improve even as they must stay open on a 24/7 basis with even a one-second timeout being frowned upon. For example, the onus is on Amazon to keep its vast storefront open at all times or else loyal customers might end up buying online elsewhere in a blink of an eye.

    And who knows, the success of Shopify might as well be temporary, as e-commerce platforms such as Volusion, Magento, Big Cartel, Wix, WooCommerce, and Ecwid are constantly testing their limits. Surely, the best e-commerce platforms are leaving no stones un-turned in the fight to the finish line punctuated by the now ubiquitous online shopping cart.

    From a pure consumer point of view, the best e-commerce platforms must be easy to operate just like a VCR or a microwave open. For consumers almost always expect the image of a shopping cart to guide them in navigating this or that store. Thus, they crave uniformity and ease of use more often than not.

    From the viewpoint of online store owners, however, ideal e-commerce platforms must blaze the trail and create excitement for the buying public at all times. From the two opposing viewpoints, it s easy to understand why sometimes it s quite easy for even the best e-commerce platforms to miss the point. Accordingly, a platform like 3dcart had tried to oversimplify things in order to make the process of storefront creation so much easier for store owners. As a result, the company would get a backlash from the same owners for what was considered a gross oversimplification.

    With the competition going steadily at the speed of light, it becomes increasingly hard to find the sweet spot or a balance among opposing objectives that need to be satisfied at the same time. The conundrum can certainly be perplexing and yet the best e-commerce platforms neither have the right nor the time to complain.

    Immediate compliance has become key to staying afloat or blazing the trail in the field of e-commerce platforms. This will explain why a company that has been in the game from the pioneer days of the online store concept is in the best position to grasp the concept of simultaneous obstacles reminiscent of Japanese battle games on TV. With this knowledge and wisdom come the understanding that causes one entity to throw the rest of the competition the proverbial monkey wrench.

    All of a sudden, it s no longer a question of price points. For if it were, the cheapest e-commerce platforms would have the advantage which is unfortunately not the case anymore. Nevertheless, such a development is a double-edged sword with both the good news as well as the bad news.

    The good news is, the price is right has ceased to be the dictator as far as the choice of e-commerce platforms is concerned. More and more, the driving factors have emerged to be ease of use and design fascination. Users entrepreneurs and end consumers alike must find the task of using an online store easy and yet it must never cause ennui or tedium or else.

    Such are the core concerns for the best e-commerce platforms to-date. As for the secondary factors, these are primarily 24/7 technical as well as customer support, and the option to do coding if need be. For example, some owners of e-commerce platforms would want the ability to inject their own HTML or JavaScript code into the store layout. A vast majority, however, does not.

    Complete White Labeling Social Media Management Software #white #label #social #media #platform, #social #media #tool #for #agencies, #social #media #dashboard, #social #media #management, #social #media #monitoring, #social #media #analytics, #social #media #marketing, #send #social #media


    White Label Social Media Management Software

    We offer agencies a white labeled version of Send Social Media. You can completely customize it for your brand! Just add your logo, business name, and some simple CSS and HTML code for your complete custom look and feel. Resell the monthly services to your clients, set your own prices and receive a constant stream of income.

    Resell Accounts
    Buy accounts from us at a reduced price and resell to your clients.

    Reskinned Site
    Completely rebrand the site – use your own logo and CSS.

    Hosted by us
    We host your white-label site for you on our servers.

    Running on your domain
    Your white-label can run on your own web domain, so it looks like your own site.

    Dedicated support from the Send Social Media team.

    Make Money
    Charge your clients what you like. All revenue belongs to you.

    1. Can we can have full control of what our users/clients do with the platform?
    Yes. You can manage permissions for each client. You can also hide/show certain tabs and services. You can easily create new client accounts and disable or delete old ones.

    2. How long does it take to get the white label ready for use after we give you the final OK?
    It takes 7-15 days to setup the white label site once we’ve received the setup fee.

    3. Can we use your servers but with our domain name?
    Yes, you simply set the A-record for your domain (or preferably, subdomain) to point to our servers and we host the site for you. We don’t provide any public-facing pages besides the login page, so we recommend setting up a subdomain e.g. and you can then manage the main domain.

    4. Is there going to be a training program or something like this for the use of the platform?
    We provide a 1-hour training session once the site is live. (Additional training sessions can be purchased at $100/hour)

    5. Is there a contract we have to sign for the white label? What’s the support for the white label?
    The initial term is 12 months. You would handle the first-line support and can forward any support requests to us. We aim to respond within 48 hours for our white label partners.

    6. Optional Extras and Add Ons
    Branded Mobile Web App Additional $5 per user
    Marketing Pack Includes Quick Start Guide, Powerpoint presentation and Competitor Comparison $99
    Dedicated Server Hosting $330 per month (add this option for improved performance)
    Hosting on https (SSL) $99 per month

    Mobility Solutions, Mobility Services – Happiest Minds #enterprise #mobility #solutions, #mobility #solutions,enterprise #mobility #services, #media #and #entertainment #mobility #services, #enterprise #mobility #testing, #mobility #commercial #services,field #mobility #solutions, #enterprise #mobile #solution, #business #mobility #solutions, #end #to #end #mobility #services, #it #mobility #solutions, #advanced #enterprise #mobility #solutions,cross #platform #mobility #solutions.


    Mobility Solutions

    Mobility is at the core of digital transformation. Mobile devices have transformed from just enabling business emails and data on the move to mobilizing enterprise applications, driving innovation and changing the way companies do business. Today, mobility solutions and services help companies leverage contextual, real-time data to reach out to customers, employees and partners anytime, anywhere.

    Our mobility services and mobility solutions make locations irrelevant, extract more value from point solutions, and augment innovative solutions to help businesses grow. The key areas of a business that are impacted by mobility solutions include:

    Consumer Applications for:

    Enterprise Applications for:

    • Field-force productivity
    • Workforce automation
    • Collaboration
    • Dashboards for insights and action
    • Single sign on (SSO)and security


    Mobility Advisory Services

    The rapid change in the mobile technologies has led to increased challenges in development and management of applications. And yet, superior experience has to be delivered glitch-free. Therefore, to insulate users from technological challenges, we offer mobility services and mobility solutions to build a range of applications related to:

    • Personalization, information/content
    • User experience (UX)/Engagement
    • Community, engagement, marketing loyalty
    • Transactions/Commerce
    • Deeply integrated with enterprise Systems
    • Vertical focused
    • Productivity and workflow

    Mobility Quality Assurance (QA) Services

    Application quality and user experience are complex elements in mobility eco-system, which include content, user segments, smartphones, tablets, form factors, network, bandwidth and more. Our mobility quality assurance services ensure high standards of applications quality through UX Design, UI, functional, performance, A/B and security testing specific to types of these applications. Our mobility quality assurance services include:

    • Devices Platforms
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Automation
    • Certification

    Mobile Application Development Services

    The ever-changing landscape of mobile technologies poses challenges in developing, enhancing and managing applications. However, user must be insulated from these challenges to provide superior experience. We offer these services to build a range of applications related to:

    • Personalization, information/content
    • User Experience (UX)/Engagement
    • Community, engagement, marketing loyalty
    • Transactions/Commerce
    • Deeply integrated with enterprise systems
    • Vertical focused
    • Productivity and workflow

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

    Enterprises deploying mobility services invariably have to manage users, devices, information, security, updates and support. To do so, they need to have an army of experts. This, however, takes the focus off their core business. Happiest Minds specializes in providing EMM services through customized operating models, email/telephone support, business hours and 24*365*7 availability.

    • Devices management
    • Application and information management
    • Security management

    Mobile devices are becoming gateways for data collection, information dissemination, tracking and controlling. With the proliferation of internet enabled devices and smart sensors, mobile applications are becoming the most preferred tool for controlling smart devices and ensuring real-time information tracking.

    Happiest Minds helps enterprises leverage the power of sensors, beacons, internet-enabled devices in creating great customer experiences and improving business efficiency through mobility services and mobility solutions

    • Edge computing
    • Asset tracking
    • Smart home control
    • Connected cars
    • Physical access control and building security

    Happiest Minds enables organizations to transform their data and make information readily available to users to enable real-time decision making. This enables organization to visualize the health of their business and take actions anytime, anywhere, leading to improved business efficiency and increased customer satisfaction

    • Real-time trends
    • Dashboards
    • Visualization – graphs, heat maps
    • Contextual computing

    ServiceNow Integration Platform #what #is #a #cloud #platform, #servicenow #connector #servicenow #data #integration #servicenow #data #synchronization #servicenow #integration #servicenow #and #jira #integration #servicenow #and #salesforce #integration #servicenow #and #sharepoint #integration #servicenow #and #workday #integration #servicenow #and #tfs #integration #servicenow #and #solarwinds #integration #servicenow #and #database #integration #servicenow #and #sap #integration #servicenow #and #oracle #ebs #integration #servicenow #and #peoplesoft #integration #servicenow #and #jdedwards #integration #servicenow #and #netsuite #integration


    Syn Q ServiceNow Integration Platform

    Unify Your Enterprise Data

    Unify your enterprise data by integrating ServiceNow with hundreds of cloud and on-premise applications. Improve collaboration and streamline operations across your organization.

    SynQ (pronounced sync Q) is a data integration platform that lets you integrate ServiceNow with any enterprise app using prebuilt connectors for systems such as Salesforce, Workday, SAP, Oracle ERP, Netsuite, Solarwinds, MS Dynamics, Jira, TFS, Sharepoint, data warehouses, and more. SynQ is powered by Informatica, the leading cloud data integration platform.

    Trusted by Large Enterprises

    Syn Q Business Solutions

    ServiceNow Incident Management Integration

    Integrate business-critical systems with ServiceNow to better identify, and respond to issues. Get automated alerts for issues, equip IT staff with relevant information, and automate the entire process.

    ServiceNow Customer Service Management Integration

    Equip support teams with information from other teams like engineering and operations. SynQ enables Support to respond to users with real solutions, much faster.

    ServiceNow HR Services Integration

    Streamline and automate the most common HR processes like onboarding, offboarding, transfers, and promotions. Integrate ServiceNow with your HRMS platform and reap the benefits of a happier HR team.

    Syn Q Technology Solutions

    SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow Integration

    SAP Solution Manager is an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that used to build, test, document, and monitor software applications. It is used by development and IT teams to build and deliver both SAP and non-SAP applications. As ServiceNow brings modern ITSM benefits to ALM, integrating SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow will yield closer collaboration, and greater efficiencies across the software development lifecycle.

    Salesforce and ServiceNow Integration

    Salesforce is the leading CRM platform today. It is indispensable for any modern sales team. However, ServiceNow has become a tool that’s used in parallel by other teams like Support, Marketing, and IT. In this case, you need to integrate Salesforce with ServiceNow for Sales to enjoy the benefits of ITSM.

    Jira Software and ServiceNow Integration

    Technical support and Dev teams can now talk to each other to enhance the product, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

    Thought Leadership

    Adopting ServiceNow is just the first step.Learn how Syn Q can help integrate your enterprise systems with ServiceNow.

    Thought Leadership

    Find out five common integration problems that
    Syn Q ServiceNow Integration Platform helps
    enterprises solve

    Syn Q Resources

    Jira and ServiceNow Integration Integrated Service Operations with Customer Service Management

    Servicenow Knowledgebase Sharepoint Integration Demo Video

    SynQ ServiceNow Integration Platform Intro Video

    Enterprise Mobile Applications – App Development Software #html5, #build #native #apps, #build #hybrid #apps, #mobile #app, #verivo, #verivo #software, #pyxis, #pyxis #mobile, #verivo #apps, #mobile #application #service #provider, #enterprise #mobility #platform, #enterprise #mobility, #mobile #enterprise #application #platform, #meap, #steve #levy, #steven #levy, #chris #willis, #christopher #willis, #build #mobile #application, #build #mobile #apps, #build #mobile #app, #pyxismobile, #mobile #app #development, #mobile #software #development, #android #software #development, #ipad #apps, #blackberry #apps, #cross-platform #mobile #apps, #cross-platform #apps, #build #mobile #applications, #mobile #platform, #phonegap, #cordova, #offline #mobile #apps, #cordova #offline, #phonegap #offline, #phonegap #for #enterprise


    Everything you need to develop, secure and govern enterprise mobile apps

    Verivo Akula not only simplifies the problematic issues of building, securing, and controlling mobile apps, but also features an appealing pricing model. Venture Fizz

    But none offer anywhere near the degree of enterprise grade functionality and yet vendor independence and flexibility as Verivo has with Akula. PandoDaily

    it is a platform that does not simply continue to build on yesterday’s enterprise marketplace needs, but represents entirely new mobile development technology and strategy. Mobility Techzone

    Developers can choose between a number of different integrated development environments (IDEs), including Xcode, Eclipse and Dreamweaver. The platform is also compatible with PhoneGap and Accelerator. Computerworld

    Company reinvents its software to specifically target problems in creating enterprise-grade applications for devices. Software Development Times

    Verivo to Help Developers Make Mobile Apps Enterprise-Ready. International Data Group

    Get Started with the Akula Jump Start Program !

    byCoco Jaenicke

    Customized App Extends CRM System to Field Reps With Highly Specific Capabilities That Boost Overall Productivity of Sales Staff WALTHAM, MA (Marketwired Apr 7, 2015) Verivo Software, the industry s only open enterprise mobile application platform provider, today announced that Allianz Global Investors, a provider of global investment and research capabilities with consultative local delivery asset management, has deployed a Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    Is your field organization fully mobilized? Gone are the days where it is sufficient to have your mobile workers taking notes during the day, then synching with systems that evening or even days later. Field reps, customers, and business operations have all come to expect immediate access to information. The expectation today is that field organizations be fully mobilized . Read more

    byGuest Blogger

    Will Googlebot the search engine s ranking algorithm start prioritizing sites that provide a positive user experience? The short answer is yes. In fact the process is already underway! Although Google have been penalizing sites that generate errors since July 2013, they only began adding their mobile-friendly label to users mobile search results back in November. More are coming, Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    PhoneGap (or Codova) is an easy choice for many development teams it is a great tool for cross-platform development. But, as you have probably already discovered, it does not cover everything you need. How will you support working off-line? Authentication? Data transformations? Back-end connectivity? Yes, all the plumbing that is so much fun to develop and test. Come to Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    I recently wrote about how mobile infrastructure is essential to the successful development and deployment of enterprise mobile apps. It is worth taking a moment to look inside the proverbial box and considering what functionality is included in a mobile app server. Mobile devices throw three new challenges into the mix: Battery and bandwidth limitations the rate-limiting resources on Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    Whenever there is a new hot technology, another paradigm shift, or a different delivery vehicle, there is a recurring pattern: development teams jump ahead and build whatever they can to meet demand, which is followed by an effort from IT to reign things in, and then followed by a standardized approach supported by infrastructure. This pattern has given us the Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    MOBILE APP SERVERS: THE NEW BLACK This is the third and final blog in the series on the optimal framework for enterprise mobile app development. The first two blogs discusses the pluses and minuses of traditional SOA platforms. In this blog we ll explain why a mobile app server is essential to enterprise mobile app development. Because of the complications that Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    This is the second in our series of blogs comparing the frameworks for traditional and mobile app development. In our first blog, Is Your SOA Enough for Building Mobile Apps, we examined some of the benefits of the SOA approach. In this blog, we ll discuss the limits of an SOA framework for mobile app development. SOA is not enough because Read more

    byCoco Jaenicke

    If you plan on building mobile apps, you probably want a pluggable framework that allows you to easily use and reuse mobile services. You can then effortlessly access back-end systems, rapidly assemble new apps, and easily update individual services. In this series of blogs, we ll explore at the similarities and differences in the processes of building traditional and mobile enterprise Read more

    Top Mobile App Development Company India, USA #best #mobile #app #development #platform


    Innovative and Customer-centric Mobile Web Solutions

    We make sure everything we do is through the lens of customers. The goal for customers is to not only have a visually attractive product but also make sure it has superb functionality. We accomplish this by building feature-rich, engaging, and user-friendly mobile app and web solutions consisting of intuitive UX, present-day technologies and tools and best-in-class interfaces.

    Happy Clients

    Top-rated web and mobile app development company

    Developing apps that delight millions of people

    Mobile apps and websites are the enabling centerpieces of digital convergence for every business, every industry. We are here to create future-ready solutions to deliver the right business outcomes 5X faster than our competitors -just the way you want it. We’re into the business of high-performing, feature-packed and digitally transformative mobile application development. Our strategies are focused and result-driven yet flexible and adaptive to the changing business requirements. Ranked as a top web and mobile app development company across the globe, we are known for creating bespoke enterprise and real-time web and mobile app technology solutions. We are the mobile application development company you’ve been looking for. Talk to us for an expert mobile and web solution.

    Web Development

    While we focus on your development needs, we create cutting-edge, highly potential websites for startups and enterprises to set them apart from the rest.

    As a full-service development agency, our process begins with an in-depth, comprehensive research and planning on the idea the clients share, which lay the groundwork for every project we develop. To understand the concept thoroughly, we start asking questions to clients that help us align ourselves with their team and thus, recognize their business goal. The first step is all about setting the stage for a big, innovative solution.

    Never settling for less, we refine each designing detail with a sharp eye. We understand that UX/UI are the reasons for user’s delight and disappointment. So, the very next step is to craft pleasing and engaging mobile app designs to produce resourceful interfaces that make sense to businesses and users alike. Look for nothing less than a super-impressive feel wrapped in uber-stunning looks.

    With an extensive experience of 14 years, we are motivated to cater to the requirements and scope of companies of all sizes and all types. Because we understand that every business has different priorities, resources and timeframes, we generate a plan to deliver on-time, on-budget for each of them. Our release plan says it all- we are upfront with our costs, our time estimates and our value propositions.

    Our development process includes pairing up the right technology with a profitable solution. Upon finalization of release plan, wireframes, diagrams and other documents, we put up with immunized and clean coding. Swift, Objective-C, Java, WordPress, HTML5, Magento, PHP, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Sencha are some of our pioneer services – we offer under one roof.

    For each project, we try to maintain a balance between technical and business approaches as both are equally important for the project’s success. Before the final deployment on App Stores, our quality assurance team performs a meticulous and out-and-out quality check so that the final product is error-free. A real-time, meaningful user acceptance testing is performed making sure that the app victoriously handles all required tasks in real-world scenarios.

    Diverse experiences across several industries

    A Multi-Asset Team of Innovators

    For your app to succeed, you need a team of smart business strategists, creative UI/UX designers, and proficient mobile developers. And you’ve come to the right source. In the glut of ho-hum mobile apps, we don’t settle for good but shoot for amazing, and that’s where we can take you.

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