Five Costly Car Dealer Options to Skip #car #payment

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Five Costly Car Dealer Options to Skip

Dealer Options are Part of Car Sales Pitch

Let’s face it, when you buy a new car. you deal with experienced sales professionals who use a variety of time-tested methods to sell you add-on products and services. With profit margins on new car sales tighter than ever, these adept pitchmen have plenty of incentive to sell us whatever car dealer options they can.

Although some of those dealer options. upgrades and extras can be worth the investment by making life with your new car more enjoyable and adding value to it at trade-in time, the following five dealer options and upgrades are best avoided.

Although new cars no longer need it and some automakers will void the factory corrosion-perforation warranty if the car is undercoated by a third-party, this hasn’t stopped some dealerships from promoting undercoating as a dealer option, says Mike Quincy, auto content specialist at the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center in East Haddam, Conn.

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Cars leaving the factories today all have excellent rust-proofing, Quincy says.

(Dealers) have an incentive to do it because there’s a fair amount of markup they can get on these services, he says.

Dealer-applied undercoating can range from $200 to $1,200, depending on the car, the type of treatment package (basic or premium), and whether it includes an extra option. such as sound-deadening. Moreover, rust-proofing can be sold to the new car buyer as a separate dealer option or be included in a pricey bundle called an environmental protection package that also can include paint sealant and fabric protection.

Fabric Protection

A lot of dealers will also eagerly pitch you fabric protection, which is basically a spray that they will put on — a spray that costs them almost nothing and that’s applied by a person who’s making minimum wage — but for which they might then charge you $100 or more, Quincy says of this dealer option. Again, it’s something your car doesn’t need — and it’s certainly something your body doesn’t need either, because it’s just more chemicals for you to be in contact with inside the car .

John Nielsen, national director of auto repair and buying at AAA, in Heathrow. Fla. adds that automakers now provide cars with high-quality interiors that incorporate materials and fabrics that shouldn’t have stain-related issues if consumers exercise a modicum of care. If you have a spill and wipe it up right away, you’re really not going to have a problem, he says. If you really need additional fabric protection, all you have to do is buy a bottle of Scotchgard.

Paint Protection

This dealer option is often promoted by showroom salespeople as a product used in the aerospace industry that offers a new car a superior, year-round, no-wax shine that provides a long-lasting barrier against the environment. Protective paint sealant can cost the new car buyer well over $200.

However, most automotive paints today are durable finishes that benefit much more from regular washing and waxing. says Nielsen. Quincy adds that carmakers also generally advise against waxing or sealing the paint on a new car for a period of weeks or months.

VIN Etching

VIN etching is a procedure that allows you to make an adhesive plastic stencil containing the vehicle identification number, or VIN, of your car. You then place that stencil on a window and apply a special acid solution that chemically burns, or etches, the number onto the glass.

According to Allstate Insurance Co.. VIN etching can be a deterrent to thieves because it not only makes it nearly impossible for them to profit from selling windows and windshields, but it also makes it more difficult to find a way to dispose of a car once it has been stolen. Consequently, VIN etching is recommended by police and auto insurance agencies to protect against auto theft, and a number of car insurance agencies will even offer a discount to the comprehensive portion of your car insurance, or waive your insurance deductibles,if your car is protected by VIN etching.

Unfortunately, despite being a relatively simple process, VIN etching as a dealer option can cost the car buyer from $150 to $300. It’s cheaper to use a do-it-yourself kit, which runs from $20 to $40 online.

Extended Warranties

As a dealer option, basic extended warranty policies for cars can start at $1,000 and easily climb to several thousand dollars for luxury and high-performance cars.

Extended warranties offer bumper-to-bumper protection covering everything on your car except components commonly replaced in routine maintenance. Plan prices vary by mileage, the term of coverage and by deductible level.

But if you do your homework and you choose a car based on the reliability reports found in Consumer Reports, for example, paying extra for the cost of an extended warranty just isn’t worth it, says Quincy. Generally, we don’t recommend that people buy extended warranties, and especially not from third-party, nonfactory sources.

A much better alternative is to spend the money you might have otherwise applied toward the purchase of an extended warranty on the recommended maintenance that your car requires. That’s actually the best insurance you have against years of motoring troubles.

Trade-In Options for Your Used Car #car #sales #ireland

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Trade-In Options for Your Used Car

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Trading in an old car was once the Achilles’ heel of car buying, exposing owners to lowball offers and complicated negotiations. But happily, the process now can be more lucrative and user-friendly. From up-front price quotes to guaranteed trade-in values to car-buying consultants who handle the entire transaction via the Web, dealers are providing smoother transitions between your old car and your new one.

Shoppers love the convenience of trading in, since it completes all auto-related chores in one dealership visit. They avoid the headache of selling their old car and, as a bonus, the dealer handles all the DMV paperwork. And in some states, trading in can provide a break in sales tax. Our article, “What New Car Fees Should You Pay?” explains this in more detail.

But what if you were offered less than you expected for your car? Your best bet is to sell it yourself, but that takes time and perhaps more effort than you had in mind. Here are a few alternatives to trading in your used car at the dealership.

Before you begin exploring trade-in alternatives, you should have a baseline figure on what your car is worth. A good starting point to assess that worth is to use the Edmunds used-car appraisal tool. Also, check online classified ads and find cars comparable to the one you want to trade in. This helps establish your car’s current value. Remember that trade-in prices are lower than private-party and dealer retail prices.

Here’s a round-up of trade-in alternatives for consumers. We ranked them in alphabetical order:

AutoTrader’s Instant Trade-In Offer: Long known for used-car classifieds, the AutoTrader Web site now offers to appraise your trade-in. give you an up-front price and connect you with dealers. Input a few details about the car and then a few minutes later, you’ll get an e-mail with an estimated value. The site lists dealers who will either give you a check for your car or a value for trading it in on a new car. Restrictions apply, but it does present a stated price that might give you a greater sense of confidence before you go to a dealership.

Make sure you honestly answer the questions about the car’s condition level, because the offer is subject to change when the participating dealership sees the car. While it is nice to get an instant offer, the “instant” part only applies to the e-mail you get: It actually takes longer at the dealership than a typical trade-in appraisal. This is because the dealership will conduct its usual inspection and then has to input its findings in the AutoTrader tool to verify the figures.

AutoNation Direct: AutoNation Direct is the online arm of AutoNation, the country’s largest auto dealership chain. One of its car-buying consultants will appraise your car based on your description of its condition and other factors, such as mileage, and give you an up-front price. This removes the negotiating that car buyers dread. The entire transaction can be concluded at the car buyer’s home or office, including the trade-in. Here’s more about AutoNation Direct’s pricing system .

It’s important to understand that AutoNation Direct isn’t trying to distinguish itself by offering the best trade-in prices, says Simon Smith, its national sales director. The main benefit is what Smith calls a “protected buying experience” that is free from negotiating pressure. While hasn’t itself used the AutoNation Direct trade-in process, many car shoppers give the service high marks.

CarMax: This used-car superstore has more than 100 outlets in 27 states and promises, “We’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy ours.” Edmunds has used this service many times when selling long-term test cars and we’ve often been pleasantly surprised at the high prices CarMax has offered. Sometimes the used-car chain offers us less than we expected, but it at least gives us a guaranteed back-up plan and we can decide whether it is worth our time to try and improve on the offer. As one CarMax salesman once told us, “Our checks don’t bounce.”

Inspection takes about 30 minutes and the trade-in offer is good for seven days. Some customers have found that the best way to dispose of their old cars is to negotiate a deal for a new car elsewhere, then sell their old one to CarMax, where the prices are typically better than at a traditional dealership. Another effective strategy is to get the CarMax estimate and list the vehicle for about $1,000 over the CarMax offer in a free online classified. If the vehicle doesn’t sell in six days, you can take it back to CarMax and sell it there before the offer expires.

Factory Trade-In Programs: These alternatives are really for a future trade-in, not the current one. If you buy a new Subaru or Tesla, the car comes with a guaranteed trade-in price. For example, Subaru’s Guaranteed Trade-In Program states how much a Subaru dealer will give you for the car when you bring it back later as a trade-in. For some, this removes the doubt about the impact of depreciation. The buyers can, in a sense, see into the future and know what their new car will be worth as a trade-in. This trade-in price is available for six years.

If you finance your Model S electric vehicle purchase with Tesla (admittedly, a small pool of people), the company guarantees that the car will have “the top residual value of any high-volume premium sedan brand (Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Lexus)” after three years of ownership. Buyers will get a “resale value guarantee” letter shortly after they purchase the vehicle, according to Tesla. The method to calculate the value and to cash in the offer is somewhat complicated and is outlined on the Tesla Web site.

FHA Refinance Options #fha #mortgage #refinance #options


When to Refinance FHA Loan

If you’ve been faithfully paying off your mortgage and making improvements to your home year after year, the additional equity might come in handy one day when you need to do Federal Housing Administration (FHA) refinancing.

If you have an FHA loan, you should be eligible for a FHA refinance. The benefits of applying for this type of new mortgage is you can pay off your existing loan, and replace it with a new one which has better terms and lower interest rates. See, all that hard work put into fixing up your house came in handy after all.

As long as the property in question is your primary residence, all you have to do is figure out what type of refinancing is best for you and to find an FHA approved expert in your area.

FHA Streamline and FHA Cash-Out Loans

The FHA refinance program is categorized into two: streamline refinance and cash out refinance. Knowing the main differences between the two might help you determine which one is best for you.

The FHA Streamline refinance

Under this option, your mortgage loan will be refinanced to a lower interest rate quickly, but you won’t get any cash during, or after, the process. The main benefit of choosing this type of refinance is that the approval time is quicker and it has more relaxed qualifications. Usually, you do not have to verify your income, fill out tons of paperwork, and it does not always require an appraisal.

Are FHA streamline refinance a good idea?

With streamline refinancing, you will be able to lower your interest rate and re-negotiate your terms at the same time. Do keep in mind though that there are closing costs associated with the new mortgage.

Make sure you work with a trusted FHA-approved lender, like HomeRate Mortgage, that is able to offer you the best deals so that your savings outweigh your cost.

The FHA Cash Out Refinance

The other alternative to a streamline refinance is a FHA cash out refinance. Under this type of refi, you will get a new mortgage loan that, is bigger than your current one. You will first use this new loan to pay off your outstanding mortgage balance and then spend the extra cash on whatever you want.

One drawback of the cash out refinance is that it comes with more paperwork.

Can FHA Loans Be Refinanced Under HARP?

In the unpredictable real estate world, you never know when the market might underperform and devalue your home. If that happens, you should consider the Home Affordable Refinance Program (popularly known as HARP) to refinance your current mortgage without having to pay for new mortgage insurance.

This allows you to change your higher interest rates to lower, more favorable ones.

It is possible to refinance your FHA loan under HARP, but there are two main conditions that you must meet.

  • First of all, your FHA loan must be an underwater mortgage, meaning that your loan is more than the market value of your home. This means, if you were to sell your home now, you would lose money.
    • Rather than paying the loss from your pocket, you can refinance under HARP and reduce the value of the loan.
  • Secondly, you must have taken your loan out after May 31st, 2009. This is the date the HARP program started. Unfortunately, any mortgage loan taken before this date is not eligible to be refinanced under this program.

When to Refinance FHA Mortgage

So we have established that FHA refinancing is a good idea, but when should you do it? Just like other loans, timing is very important with a FHA refinancing because you want to make sure you’re getting the best interest rate and lowest mortgage payment.

Do you think it is the right time to do an FHA mortgage refinancing? Here are some key pointers:

  1. When interest rates are low: you should always borrow when rates are low. The Federal Reserve regulates financial institutions, thus influencing the country’s interest rates. If you keep an eye on trends and follow experts’ opinions, you can predict when mortgage interest rates are likely to fall.
  2. When your home’s value has increased: while an appraisal is not a necessity, the lender you work with might decide to do it anyway before granting you a refinance. If you have made significant repairs and improvements, they might increase the value of your home, which puts you in a position to get a bigger loan. This is especially good if you’re planning to apply for the cash out option.
  3. When mortgage insurance is low: the Federal Housing Administration sets mortgage insurance premium rates depending on the state of the market and economy. If you want to refinance, wait until the FHA decreases mortgage insurance rates. That will not only lower your monthly payments but might also decrease the burden on the overall loan.

If you time your FHA refinancing well, you will save a lot of money both in the short (monthly payments) and long terms (overall loan amount). If you’re not sure what to look for or how to track interest rates, take to a mortgage specialist who will be able to help you determine when the best time for your refinance will be.

FHA Streamline Refinance vs. Conventional Loans

When compared to conventional loans, FHA refinance rules are not usually very strict, particularly if you are dealing with FHA Streamline refinance. For instance, it doesn’t have stringent down payment requirements, which makes its perfect for first time home buyers. On the downside, the FHA usually requires that borrowers pay a one-time upfront insurance premium that is 1.75% of the total loan value. That is a necessity that doesn’t come with conventional loans.

Another difference is that while both types of loans have costs, conventional loans fees are generally higher. It is important to keep in mind that if a lender offers FHA streamline refinance at ‘no cost, they might compensate in offering increased interest rates.

Which is right for you?

In summary, an FHA streamline refinance has better terms than a conventional loan, but you should also consider other factors like repayment period and your amount of equity. These factors can reduce your total repayment amount of a conventional loan dramatically, possibly making it a good choice.

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Binary Options Trading in South Africa #forex #options #trading


Binary Options Trading in South Africa

Binary Options Trading in South Africa

Binary options trading is an alternative way to trade stock indices, commodities, and currencies. These are all or nothing trades where you don t take any ownership of the traded asset and instead, you are predicting if the asset will increase or decrease in value.

What makes binary trading attractive is that you will be able to see exactly how much you stand to lose at the time you make the trade, it is very fast paced, and there are trading opportunities in just about any market regardless of volatility.

If you are interested to read a little more about the strategies involved in trading options, here are our top 5 options trading strategies professional traders use. If you feel like you are ready to jump in and get your training from broker webinars and from your account manager, below are the binary options brokers we recommend you look into.

Binary Options Trading Brokers

The Best Binary Options Brokers For South African Traders

Binary Options Trading in South Africa?

The South African market continues to open up, both to domestic and international investors. One of the reasons South Africa is becoming a more attractive market is the development of higher-level financial instruments trading and over the counter (OTC) markets that is being led by banks and brokerages.

How Binary Options work

Imagine you think the price of gold is going to rise higher than $1000 by noon the next day. You would simply buy a binary option that would pay out to you at noon the next day if the cost of gold did, in fact, rise above $1000. On the other hand, if you didn’t think the price was going to rise you could sell it before noon.

What sets binary trading apart from other types of trading is that you are not buying, for example, a gold futures contract at all, instead, you are making a prediction on the trading price level of gold futures at expiration.

The price range of binary trading is anywhere between $0 and $100. A price creeping up on the $100 mark would be a high probability trade for the person making the buy and a low probability one for the seller.

Taking our gold example one step further, if you assumed there was a 30% shot gold would indeed rise above $1000 you could buy options for $30. The counter-party would be buying the $70/70% worth of the contract. This means that in your $30 trade your maximum loss is $30 and your maximum profit would be $70.

If you look at the binary price as a probability, trade prices over 50 would mean that the buyer has a statistical advantage over the seller. But to gain this advantage the buyer has to put up more collateral compared to the seller.

The true risk/reward ration of each trade is dependent on this advantage/disadvantage at the time of trade execution.

How To Trade Binary Options Successfully

Whether you are learning about binary trading options in order to earn a little extra pocket money or you are looking for a full-time career, the first thing you need to do is learn the ropes.

Now that you have learned what binary trading options are, you are ready to learn some great tips to help you make the most out of every penny you invest.

Here are 5 essential tips that will change the way you trade for the better:

1. Make use of online/offline resources

There is no point to wasting time and money learning what not to do when others have already failed before you. Be smart and learn from others mistakes. If you are just getting into binary options trading you should read our article covering the top 5 strategies used by professional traders. These are essential points that everyone should know before they start. Another good place to start is making yourself familiar with the common terms in binary options trading so you can better understand signals and analysis.

We have also put together a great list of reputable brokers that you can invest with.

2. Read reviews of any broker you are considering

Sites like ours put a lot of effort into making sure you get the info you need in the simplest format possible. Our reviews tell you everything you need to know about the various trading platforms available to you in South Africa, and we try hard to identify the difference in the brokers so that you can easier make a choice on where you want to open a trading account.

3. Don’t overinvest

This can be a very tempting thing to do but resist! Controlling yourself and being happy with the smaller wins are how you are going to really end up ahead of the game. Binary trading is all about thinking and investing rationally, so don’t let your excitement run away with your wallet.

4. Understand the types of accounts offered

Different brokers offer different types of accounts and bonuses. Make sure you learn what these are to maximise your investment capabilities.

5. Take your time

The best way to make the wise investments is to do your homework. Take the time to study the markets and all the graphs you can get your hands on so you have a clear sense of which direction the market is going in, if the market is soft. and which asset to trade .

Use these top tips to help you invest in binary options trading the right way the first time.

Binary trading risks

Binary trading options have very precise profit and loss points. The value of these options are determined down to several decimal points and any one of those points could mean the difference between you seeing a profit or a loss.

Then there is the fact that these are not considered to be liquid types of investments. You cannot pull out whenever you want to with this type of trading. Instead, you have to wait for the expiration date to take your profits or losses.

Last but not least it should be pointed out that there is not a lot of regulation when it comes to this type of trading. While the majority of these trading platforms are on the up and up, with so little regulation you should be careful. On that note, always research your broker, and use the list above as a good starting place for your own research.

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#interest free cars

Car Finance Information from Motorparks

If you are looking to buy a car on finance from a Motorparks dealership you can be assured that we will always try to deliver you the best motoring experience possible. Whether you re looking for a stylish, yet practical family MPV or a sleek and sporty saloon, we will provide competitive and hassle-free car finance tailored to your individual circumstances.

Whether you are looking for a used or new vehicle you will be safe in the knowledge that you re taking advantage of a car finance plan that is as well designed and carefully put together as the vehicle you re driving.

Our team at Motorparks will provide a car finance quote that is easy to understand and free from the usual jargon.

Which car finance option best suits your needs?

There are a number of options available to help you finance your car. One option and perhaps the most popular that may be right for you is the Personal Contract Purchase called the Guaranteed Future Value which is the minimum value that we can guarantee your vehicle will be worth. At the end of your agreement, you will be presented with three options: part-exchange the vehicle for a new car, pay the optional final payment

Options Trading Vs #trading #futures #vs #options


Options Trading Vs. Futures Trading

Futures and options trading have many similarities.

Gambling money in casinos or at the stands has a bit of a seedy connotation, but investing money has a certain cachet that distinguishes it from gambling. In reality, depending on how you invest your money, it can be a solid form of creating wealth or patent speculation that could dissolve your entire savings. If you are interested in options or futures trading, know the difference between the two, and be one with the fact that they are speculative and very risky markets.


Options are rights to buy or sell a specified security at a specified price by a specified time. Traders can buy call options, which are the rights to buy, or put options, which are the rights to sell. These rights must be used, or exercised, before the agreed upon date or they expire and become useless. Futures are contracts to buy or sell commodities at an agreed upon future date at a predetermined price.


Both options and futures are future-based speculative trading instruments traded on open markets. You can buy both call and put options, which are guarantees of set prices in the future, which is the same thing as negotiating futures prices for the rights to buy and sell commodities at a certain date. They are both considered derivatives, as they are securities that are only derived from actual products. You are not trading anything real, you are trading rights, a theoretical concept. They both have a lot of inherent risk, since they are rarely based on anything other than speculation.


Options are the rights to buy or sell stocks, while futures are derived from the commodities markets. While options expire, futures never do and must be traded if you don t want to end up taking truckloads of pork bellies. Even if the options don t expire, you have no obligation to use them if your strategy has changed or if a better opportunity came up for your money, while futures contracts must be met. Options can be exercised at any time prior to their expiration date, while contracts are created with a specified date.


There are two main purposes for both options and futures. The first is purely speculative — it s a means for investors to make money from a trading market. Most investors have no need for commodities, they are piggybacking on a market that benefits farmers and other businesspeople. The other, more essential purpose, is to hedge your bets. Since options and future prices are both locked in, investors can integrate their potential returns into an overall investment strategy. For example, If you don t know which way a market will go, you can invest in a gold mining company and hedge your bets by buying gold contracts, since these two markets often move in opposite directions.


Online Foreign Language Degree Program Options #online #masters #degree #in #english #literature, #online #foreign #language #degree #program #options


Online Foreign Language Degree Program Options

Essential Information

Online foreign language degree programs are available at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels, although they are uncommon. Master’s degree programs in a foreign language are rare. Programs may require students to attend campus for certain components of the curriculum or for testing. Potential students need to make sure they can meet the online platform technological requirements. Some programs are fully online, though others are hybrid.

Bachelor’s degree programs in a foreign language may offer a teaching certification track. Bachelor’s students must have an associate’s degree in a foreign language. Students aspiring to become teachers would have additional requirements, including a student teaching internship that requires in-person presence. Prospective foreign language teachers should check with their program to find out if it pairs them with an internship and prepares them for the state certification examination.

Associate’s Degrees in Foreign Language

Students in online foreign language programs learn to speak a new language, a skill that’s beneficial in many industries and occupations. A large majority of online foreign language degree programs focus on a particular language, such as German, French, Korean, Spanish, or Chinese. These Associate of Arts degree programs also offer foundational coursework for students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language or a teaching degree.

Program Requirements

The number of credit hours needed to earn an associate’s degree in a foreign language is usually around 60 and full-time students could complete one of these programs in two years. Because of the interactive nature of learning a foreign language, a limited number of fully online associate’s degree programs exist; some online programs require some in-person instruction or testing. Class lectures and the dissemination of assignments typically occur through podcasts, chat rooms, and discussion boards that a student can access with a computer and an Internet connection. Some courses may require a student to purchase textbooks, and this can be accomplished online or at the campus bookstore.

Common Coursework

Students pursuing an online associate’s degree in a foreign language typically need to complete general education requirements as a part of their degree program. English, the arts, history, math, and humanities are some of the courses that may be necessary to fulfill the degree requirements. Foreign language courses include instruction in speaking, reading, and writing the selected language. Common course topics include:

Conversational Speaking

Through progressive levels of courses, students become proficient in speaking and understanding others who speak the foreign language of their choice. Skills in expression and proper pronunciation are emphasized.

Composition and Reading

Class work focuses on grammar, spelling and sentence structure in the writing process. Students also analyze fiction and non-fiction literature and gain insights about the culture.

Foreign Language for Professionals

Students gain professional interaction skills in their foreign language. Language and cultural issues in the industries of business, education, health and legal environments are discussed.

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  • African Languages
  • American Indian Languages
  • Arabic Language
  • Biblical Languages
  • Celtic Languages and Literature
  • Chinese Language
  • Czech Language
  • Danish Language
  • Dutch and Flemish Language
  • Filipino and Tagalog Language
  • French Language
  • German Language
  • Greek Language – Classical
  • Greek Language – Modern
  • Hebrew Language
  • Indian Languages – Classical
  • Iranian and Persian Languages
  • Italian Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Korean Language
  • Latin Language
  • Norwegian Language
  • Polish Language
  • Portuguese Language
  • Romanian Language
  • Russian Language
  • Scandinavian Languages
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Swedish Language

Bachelor’s Degrees in Foreign Language

Online Bachelor of Arts degree programs in a foreign language provide students with bilingual skills that can be utilized in many occupations in business and in the public sector. Some programs can also be combined with teaching certification programs if that is the career path a student wants to follow. As with the associate’s degrees, students typically focus their studies on a particular foreign language. For example, programs are available in French or Spanish. Many bachelor’s degree programs require or recommend that a student be proficient in the language, and this can be accomplished by earning a foreign language associate’s degree or taking several years of a foreign language in high school.

Degree Program Requirements

Students can earn bachelor’s degrees in a foreign language by completing about 120 credit hours, and about a quarter of those involve the foreign language chosen. Students may log onto an online portal and participate in class discussions, take exams and turn in assignments. A computer with Internet access and word processing software are basic requirements. If a proctored exam is required, students may find a testing location in their area.

Common Classes

General education requirements are similar to those in the associate’s degree program, but additional electives are usually required. While some curriculum in the major includes speaking and writing skills, extra instruction in understanding cultural and historical details of the country of origin is often offered as well. Course topics may include:


Students read and analyze the works of authors well known in the country of study. The use of the language in expressing ideas and emotions in these pieces of literature are examined.

Translation Skills

The techniques of translating are taught and students learn how to use these skills in business and public sector environments. Both written and spoken translations are covered in the curriculum.

Cultural Studies

Students learn about the way of life and cultural traditions of people who speak the language of study. Coursework includes the study of the influence of the arts, history, cinema, written works and geography.

Career Information for Graduates

A graduate of an online foreign language degree program may qualify for a job as an interpreter or translator. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for interpreters and translators was predicted to grow by 29% from 2014-2024 ( ). Based on May 2015 data from the BLS, the 49,650 translators and interpreters employed in the U.S. earned an average annual salary of $48,360.

Some foreign language graduates pursue a secondary teaching degree and become high school foreign language teachers. The BLS projected a 6% increase in the employment of high school teachers from 2014-2024. In May 2015, the BLS reported 962,820 secondary teachers working in the U.S. and the average yearly wage earned by these teachers was $60,440.

Continuing Education

All teachers who work in public schools are required to be licensed, including foreign language teachers. Licensure, which is referred to as certification in some states, typically requires one to complete at least a bachelor’s degree and teacher training programs, participate in a student teaching experience and pass an exam, according to the BLS.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in a foreign language, professionals may desire to obtain advanced skills and pursue a master’s degree in foreign language studies or foreign language teaching. Some institutions offer these programs online in addition to on-campus programs.

Foreign language degree programs are available fully online, but are not very common and many have on-campus requirements. Programs generally focus on a specific language and train students in reading, writing, and conversation.

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Due to significant budgetary shortfalls, more and more universities are announcing plans to cut foreign language departments.

Learning a foreign language is a major achievement that requires hours of study and hard work. All too often, though, people.

You’ve probably heard before that studying a foreign language is good for you. It may have even have been required for you to.

Learning a language on your own can be a very daunting task. Luckily, there are tons of resources available on the Web to help.

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Important things to consider

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What about tax?

Tax-free lump sum

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