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Clavell Capital Limited

David Belcher AFInstD


David was elected a member of the Auckland Stock Exchange in 1981, initially as a partner of Bidwill Wakeman and Paine which became Paine Belcher Limited in 1984. On 4 June 2003 David became a foundation NZX broker after the corporatisation of the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

David is widely experienced in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, sharemarket listing and corporate restructuring, both in New Zealand and overseas markets, having led transactions from approx. $10 million to over $750 million dollars. He has also acted as lead manager in over 25 IPOs on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

David has also had experience in monitoring both listed and unlisted companies and was Executive Chairman of The New Zealand Wine Fund Limited and Vavasour Wines Limited from formation in 2002 until 2007. He is currently Chairman of RocPac Limited and a Director of Parents Inc. David has been a Director of numerous other listed and private companies. He is an Accredited Fellow of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.

John Brabazon BCom, AFInstD, FFin, ACA


John’s professional qualifications include: a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Auckland; an Accredited Fellow of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand; a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia; and an Associate Chartered Accountant of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

His background includes investment banking at Banque Indosuez, Brierley Investments and Bancorp. Currently he is a director of Auckland International Airport Limited (New Zealand s fourth largest listed public company) and Chairman of Kern River Oil Corporation in the United States. He has been a director of numerous private and listed companies.

He has had involvement in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings and Due Diligence over a broad range of industries, leading Due Diligence assignments in New Zealand and internationally for over 25 years.

Charles Belcher BCom, BProp


Charles joined Clavell in late 2007 after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Property from The University of Auckland. In 2008 he completed an internship at the Maxim Institute’s Centre for Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Charles has worked on wide range of transactions including as lead and co-lead on a number of significant projects.

In June 2014 Charles accepted the role of Chief Financial Officer for a large hospitality group, The Better Bar Company, which has subsequently been acquired by the listed company, Veritas Group.

Charles rejoined Clavell in late 2015.

Trevor Kerr B Com, ACA, ACIS, AFInstD


Trevor was an Executive Director of Clavell Capital Limited from 1994 to 2007. Trevor has significant transactional, operational, restructuring and corporate monitoring experience.

Prior to joining Clavell Trevor had wide executive experience, including a period as an operations executive with Brierley Investments Limited and as Managing Director and CEO of Skellerup Industries Limited.

Trevor was formerly a director of Ng i Tahu Holdings and Taylors Dry Cleaning and Lane Walker Industries and maintains strong links to his South Island heritage.

Trevor is currently Chairman of Cerebos Australia Pty Limited, Cerebos-Gregg s New Zealand Limited and Dominion Salt Limited. Trevor is also a director of AMI Insurance Limited and a number of other New Zealand companies.

Nick Houghton BCom


Nick completed his qualification with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and a Diploma in Languages majoring in Spanish at the University of Otago. Nick also graduated from the Venn Foundation Internship program in early 2014.

Nick manages his own property portfolio, and has work experience in commercial property at CBRE, and in the construction sector for Hawkins Construction.

Nick is involved in all aspects of the investment process, including due diligence, financial analysis and deal execution.

Zac Wu BBus


Zac holds Bachelor of Business with Honours majoring in Finance at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Being fluent in English and Mandarin, he has strong insight into both New Zealand and Chinese business culture.

Zac is a winner of numerous awards including: Chartered Financial Analyst Global Research; Competition (2012 NZ Final); CFA University Examination Scholarship; and Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership. In 2013 he represented New Zealand in financial modeling at the CFA Global Research Competition held in Malaysia.

Zac has work experience in private equity and chartered accounting.

Joanne Davidson


Prior to joining Clavell Capital in 1996 Joanne had previously worked with the New Zealand Development Finance Corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers in New Zealand and Citicorp Investment in the USA, in both administration and analytical/research roles.

Joanne undertakes a project management and analytical role for Clavell Capital mandates as well as overseeing the administration and corporate compliance/governance of the company.

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Stolen cars may be sold for $50 to buy ice as unlicensed scrap metal merchant numbers grow #car #toys

#scrap car

Tammy Mills

Mike Third in his massive wrecking yard full of old cars in Dandenong. Mike agrees with police that cash for scrap should be banned due to the number of cars stolen for cash. Photo: Simon_O’Dwyer

Police have asked the government to ban cash for scrap metal that they say is providing a lucrative outlet for stolen cars.

Crime figures set to be released will show Melbourne has become the stolen car capital of Australia.

Police intelligence investigations have found many older model cars are being sold by ice addicts for between $50 and $300 to unlicensed scrap metal merchants on a no-questions-asked basis.

Cars are stolen, sold for scrap and then shipped to China and Africa. Photo: Craig Abraham

The metal is then shipped to China in containers while salvageable spare parts are being sent to Africa and Asia, a police report by Taskforce Discover says.


One long-time scrap metal dealer said he was forced to close his business as he could no longer compete with the rogues , while another says legitimate traders are forced to deal in cash to compete in a dead rotten system .

The government is waiting on a report by the Victorian Law Reform Committee.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill says the trend in car theft in Victoria is disturbing. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

The committee, headed by former Supreme Court judge Philip Cummins, is considering a number of recommendations including the cash for scrap ban and one to close loopholes that allow the re-birthing of wrecked cars.

The report, due to be handed to the Attorney General in February, will ask for a number of legislative changes to stop organised crime from infiltrating lawful industries.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill said the force have made recommendations to the committee to regulate the scrap metal industry in response to a disturbing trend of car theft.

Mike Third says the current system is ‘dead rotten’. Photo: Simon O’Dwyer

Figures published by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council on car theft last week put Victoria ahead of New South Wales for the first time.

It showed a 5.6 per cent increase in car theft in Victoria in the year to October, from 13,620 to 14,381.

The surge is expected to be reflected in soon-to-be-published Crime Statistic Agency numbers.

Mr Hill said while 80 per cent of stolen cars were recovered, 20 per cent disappeared and many of these went into the scrap market.

He said 15-25-year-old men were largely behind the surge in car theft, often taking keys from inside homes to steal cars because modern technology prevented old-school hot-wiring.

They’re stealing these cars predominantly to commit other crimes and crimes of violence, Mr Hill said.

National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council executive officer Ray Carroll said up to 6000 stolen cars enter the Australian scrap market every year and legitimate businesses are having to make cash payments simply to keep up with backyard operations.

If they don’t pay cash then they’re restricting their supply chain as well, he said.

Mike Third, managing director of Total Auto Recyclers in Dandenong, said rogue operators are the industry and legitimate businesses like his, which are slowly disappearing , have to trade in cash.

It’s a dead rotten system, Mr Third said.

There’s a lot of disincentive for compliance.

He said if they run checks on every car sold to them, it would cost $20,000 a year to access the database available to traders.

We get identification from people, we take pictures, but we often still get caught with a car that’s under finance or is stolen and we pay cash before we have the opportunity to check the car’s credentials or before it is reported stolen, he said.

He said a cash for scrap ban would level the playing field .

The theft reduction council is also pushing for a cash for scrap ban among a raft of measures to regulate the industry.

Mr Carroll said similar legislation introduced in the United Kingdom in 2013 – largely in response to copper theft – has worked.

That has, anecdotally if nothing else, had a major impact on illegitimate operators, he said.

Taskforce Discover completed a major audit of the scrap metal industry last year and it discovered Australia had fallen way behind the world’s best practice.

In the absence of a responsible management scheme, conduct around vehicle disposal here has developed into a free-for-all open market, hosting a range of unacceptable practices and illicit activities, it reported.

This includes environmental pollution, unsafe workplaces, vehicle theft, illegal exports and a flourishing chasing economy that facilitates tax evasion, welfare fraud and money laundering.