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Market Value Of My Car

When you want to sell your car it is not easy to determine the exact market value of your car.

To help you calculate the market value of your car, We Buy Car Your Way has the ideal solution for you. We Buy Cars Your offers you an online valuation of your vehicle fast, safe and immediate within two minutes.  Even if you don’t want to sell your car, your online valuation is valid for 7 days. And just to make sure you got everything you need from us, one of our qualified valuation specialist will call you within 30 minutes (8am – 6pm AEST, 7 days) after you have received your online valuation.

And this is how it works: All you need is your  make, model and build year. Once you enter these details along with your postcode and a few other details. You will then receive our online value of your car.

We Buy Cars Your Way is a professional online car buying service.

Determine the possible market value of your car with We Buy Cars Your Way and it doesn’t mean you’re obliged to sell your car to us – but there are many benefits if you choose to do so:

  • No complicated advertisements to place
  • Easy to navigate website
  • No dubious enquiries or numerous phone calls
  • No cancelled appointments from prospective buyers
  • Prompt payment
  • No fees or charges

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15 Electric Cars Hitting The Market In 2015

December 30th, 2014 by Zach

The new year is upon us, and it s time to run down another list of the new electric vehicles that should be arriving in the US and Europe in the coming 365 days. Without much knowledge of the EV markets outside of North America and Europe, I m sorry to say that this list of new electric cars is limited to those two continents*. In no particular order (other than the order my memory and Google skills have chosen), here are the new electric cars, SUVs, and crossovers that should be available to consumers in 2015.

Tesla Model X

BMW X5 eDrive

VW Passat GTE Plug-in

Audi A3 e-Tron

Rimac Concept_One

2016 Chevy Volt

An updated version of the popular Chevy Volt is supposed to be sportier and should benefit from advancements in battery technology. Reportedly taking design cues from the C7 Corvette Stingray  and adding a fifth seat, my guess is that an even broader portion of the market will find this version of the Volt fits their needs and desires. With the tremendous satisfaction of first-generation Volt buyers, the 2016 Chevy Volt (Volt 2.0, as many are calling it) could see great sales. I hope so!

Volvo XC90 T8

The Volvo XC90 T8  is yet another plug-in hybrid electric SUV expected to hit the market in 2015. (Are you noticing a trend?) As we reported previously. Volvo claims that the new T8 Twin Engine setup is good for 25 miles of pure electric driving, and delivers a total output of 400 HP with more than 470 lb-ft of torque while producing just 60 g/km of C02, and Volvo claims that the 2015 Volvo XC90 T8 will offer the best performance and fuel economy in its class.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Plug-in, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Plug-in,  Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in

It s expected that a plug-in hybrid version of the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class SUV (formerly called the Mercedes-Benz M-Class or ML-Class) will hit European and US showrooms in 2015. Not much is known about the vehicle so far, but it has been spied lapping the Nurburgring.

Word on the street is that Mercedes will also be releasing an E-Class plug-in hybrid and a C-Class plug-in hybrid. The E-Class plug-in was recently spied in snowy weather. and the C-Class plug-in was spotted earlier this year in Germany. Clearly, not a lot is known about these vehicles yet, but keep an eye on our Mercedes category  for all of the latest Mercedes plug-in car news (we re going to be obsessive this coming year).

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in

The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in has been on the market in Japan (its birthplace) and Europe for a couple of years now. However, it should finally (after a couple of delays ) come to the US in the second half of 2015. Furthermore, it is supposed to come with some notable changes. so it won t really be the same vehicle as is found (and very, very popular ) in Europe and Japan. If the price is right, this electric SUV/crossover could certainly steal buyers away from the Model X, BMW X5 eDrive, and plenty of other electric vehicles.

BYD Tang

*OK, I lied: this one is just going to be available in China, but it s such an attractive and promising plug-in that I thought it had to be mentioned. BYD was an unchallenged leader in the plug-in car market when it brought the e6 to town. After unveiling the BYD Qin plug-in hybrid about a year ago, that vehicle has really taken Chinese EV sales to another level. The Tang looks even more attractive and I think will help to mainstream electric vehicles in China. It is another plug-in hybrid, and accelerates to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. BYD is hoping to sell thousands of Tangs a month, a feat few electric vehicles have reached.

As a fun side note: The Qin beat 19 other cars in a race when it was launched, including the Porsche 911 and Golf GTI. The Tang will be launched in a similar fashion, and BYD writes: If any challenger of any standard-stock luxury class Car beats Tang, BYD will provide a reward of 10,000 RMB per challenger.

Volvo S60 Plug-In

A diesel-electric plug-in hybrid version of the Volvo S60 has been on the market in Europe for awhile, but the US and China don t really do diesel, so it has been off limits in the world s biggest auto markets. Volvo is reportedly working on a gasoline-electric plug-in version of the S60, which is aimed at China but could very well end up in the US we hope!

BMW 3 Series Plug-in

Note that I just updated my full list of electric cars on the US EU markets. and will do so throughout the year as more information is made available.

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Safest cars

The safety of the car you drive is always going to be important, and for many people, especially those with children, it’s a key consideration when looking at a new car. If you want to know about the safest cars currently available, then take a look our top 10 list to see the best the market has to offer.

We’ve ranked cars in order of the scores they received from the independent body Euro NCAP after they had been crash tested.

Euro NCAP assesses cars in four categories: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and safety assistance systems. The tests regularly get more stringent as safety standards get higher thanks to improvements in safety technology and construction techniques.

The first three categories assess the car’s structure combined with safety equipment such as airbags to see how much protection is offered to occupants and pedestrians in the event of a crash.

The safety assistance category looks at the level and efficiency of safety technology that’s fitted to the car to help prevent a crash from happening in the first place. This includes electronic stability control, lane-departure warning systems and systems that can automatically apply the brakes if they sense you’re going to hit a car in front. For more information on the tests, check out Carbuyer’s Euro NCAP: How safe is my car? article.

Every car that’s tested is given a percentage for each category and then an overall star rating out of five. All the cars on our list achieved a five-star rating in the last two years, apart from the Volvo V40. which scored a never-beaten set of scores back in 2012.

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The Best Cheap Car Speakers on the Market

Shopping for name-brand speakers can empty your wallet pretty quickly, but there are some great cheap car speakers available if you look for them. A lot of the time cheaper speakers aren’t built by the most well-known brand; other times a more upscale audio brand may offer a bargain-basement line of car speakers for those on a budget. Just like anything else, there are some brands and models that outshine the rest; even when it comes to penny-pinching on your car audio. Here are three cheap options when it comes to low cost car audio.

Dual Electronics Corporation

Dual is an up-and-comer in the car audio industry. Because of this, their products are often cheaper than competing products offered by competitors like Pioneer or Jensen. Dual offers an impressive product line of dozens of different options including amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and head units. Dual also produces a lot of video-capable head units and in-vehicle video screens and related products. Combine the wide range of products with sharp-looking design and competitive features, and this bargain line is a great choice if you’re on a budget. You have to hand it to the designers at Dual for making great looking products at affordable prices; some Dual products have outclassed their more expensive competitors when it comes to presentation. Dual products usually get decent reviews as well, which is comforting. A recent Dual customer remarked: “ Overall, a very nice product. Sounds great, lets me connect my iPod and makes me a happy driver! … I m very happy with all of its features.” Dual may be a good option for the audiophile on a budget.

Pyle Audio Corporation

Pyle is another newcomer in the car audio industry, although not as well established as Dual. They also offer attractively styled products at a low price, originally speakers, but now expanding to include head units, amplifiers and video, too. Oddly enough, they also produce a variety of DJ equipment as well. Pyle brand products generally beat Duals in price, but that may come at a cost. In customer reviews the two most common positively reviewed aspects of Pyle Audio products were appearance and price, but sound quality tends to be reviewed as less than average. A Pyle Audio customer recently said “I bought this CD player mainly for the looks, and because I thought for $55 it would at least sound ok. I wasn t expecting pioneer sound quality by any means, but this thing made portable CD-players plugged in with a cassette adapter sound nice.” Yikes. It looks like Pyle Audio may be an acceptable option if you’re on an ultra-low budget, but if you can afford it you may want to look elsewhere.

If you’re not willing to take the risk of buying an off brand product, you might be surprised at the prices available on some of the basic line products by more established companies like Pioneer. Of course you’re not going to get something with as many options for the same price, but you will have the comfort of knowing that you’re buying from a company with a strong reputation.

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HOME Press Releases Marketing Automation Software Market worth $5.5 Billion by 2019

Marketing Automation Software Market worth $5.5 Billion by 2019

The report “Marketing Automation Software Market by Application (Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Mobile Application, Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring, Reporting and Analytics, Social Media Marketing) – Global Forecast to 2019” defines and segments the global marketing automation software market into various sub-segments with an in-depth analysis and forecasting of market sizes. The report also identifies the factors driving this market, various restraints and opportunities impacting it along with the adoption trends.

Browse 70 market data tables and 98 figures spread through 162 pages and in-depth TOC on “Marketing Automation Software Market by Application (Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Mobile Application, Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring, Reporting and Analytics, Social Media Marketing) – Global Forecast to 2019”
Early buyers will receive 10% customization on reports

The marketing automation software makes the complex marketing campaign run successfully even with the limited resources. The software helps the marketing department to market efficiently over multiple online channels and automates the repetitive task. Marketing Automation Software market has seen significant growth during coming year as the need for the digital marketing has increased. The market landscape is shaped by the factors like mergers and acquisition by the key players, growth in third-party application ecosystems, enhancing the platform beyond e-mails.

MarketsandMarkets broadly segments the global marketing automation softwaremarketby regions: North America (NA), Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America (LA); by application types:Campaign Management, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Application, Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring, Reporting and Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Other applications; by vertical types: Academic and Education, Advertising and Design, BFSI, Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing and Distribution, Media and Entertainment, Retail, and Others by deployment model: On-Premises and Cloud Hosted: byend users:Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Enterprises.

MarketsandMarkets forecasts the Global Marketing Automation Software market to grow from $3.65 billion in 2014 to $5.5 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 8.55%. In terms of regions, North America is expected to be the biggest market in terms of market size, while Latin America (LA)is expected to experience increased market traction, during the forecast period.

MarketsandMarkets is world�s No. 2 firm in terms of annually published premium market research reports. Serving 1700 global fortune enterprises with more than 1200 premium studies in a year, M ?>

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Puerto Rico governor signs pension reform law

Puerto Rico has passed pension reforms that include making payments to the depleted DB system from general revenues, and creating a DC plan.

Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy protection
Puerto Rico pension participants sue to stop cuts
Puerto Rico oversight board approves fiscal plan with pension changes

How money market accounts work

Louisiana State Employees posts 15.8% fiscal-year return

Yellen issues broad defense of post-crisis financial rules

NCR Corp. offers lump sum to vested former employees in latest derisking action

How money market accounts work

Texas pension funds prepare for Hurricane Harvey

How money market accounts work

2 Societe Generale bankers indicted by U.S. Justice Department for LIBOR actions

How money market accounts work

S capture the upside with downside protection

Small DC plans see big drops in fees

Small defined contribution plans, those with fewer than 1,000 participants, decreased the median per-participant fee $13 in 2017 from 2016’s median, according to NEPC’s 2017 DC plan survey. Larger plans, those with more than 10,000 participants, have seemed to squeeze their providers to their limits as median fees were unchanged.

Commentary: Toward simplicity in asset valuation models

How money market accounts work

Sears transfers $512 million in pension liabilities in second annuity buyout with MetLife

How money market accounts work

4 members of New Mexico State Investment Council sanctioned

How money market accounts work

Texas Employees ramps up alts in new asset allocation, reduces assumed rate of return

How money market accounts work


Puerto Rico governor signs pension reform law
Louisiana State Employees posts 15.8% fiscal-year return

Best Banks with the Highest Interest Rate for Savings Account, highest money market rate.#Highest #money #market #rate


Best Banks with the Highest Interest Rate for Savings Account

Are you earning the most from your savings and money market deposit accounts? Deposit accounts are the pillars of a strong financial foundation, providing you with financial stability as you work to achieve your financial goals. Many banks and credit unions offer a variety of savings and money market accounts, and this article aims to help you find the highest interest rate for this type of deposit account.

Of course, a high-interest rate is not the only factor to consider when selecting an account. This article will help you choose the best deposit account for your specific needs.

How to Find the Best Money Market and Savings Interest Rates

Finding the best savings account rate is a simple matter at first glance: Just look in the right place for what you want. Looking at individual bank site or visiting physical branches is time-consuming, so skip the individual search and look online for sites that aggregate the best deposit account rates.

  1. Bankrate – Bankrate is a major player in this space. For your convenience, we’ve partnered with Bankrate to provide you with their live data feed. You can see their rate table below.
  2. Top Lists – You can check out various “top lists” by searching online. Top lists typically include online banks that provide higher interest rates than their brick and mortar counterparts for example, Discover Bank and EverBank pay about 1% for your money.
  3. Alternative Options – Last but not least, there are alternatives to traditional savings and money market accounts that could provide competitive interest rates. Just remember that these options are not your typical savings accounts; you have to understand how they work before you decide to commit your money.

Remember that the best interest rate is not the only factor to consider; you should also consider the fees and make sure that you maximize your earnings and convenience with your savings.

In case, it is not obvious, this page does not include all available savings account offers from all banks.

Top High Yield Savings Accounts

The following table lists banks and credit unions that offer the highest yield savings account and money market rates as of today. To get more information, you can follow the link to the bank website.

Alternative Options to Savings and Money Market Accounts

In addition to high yield savings accounts and money market accounts, here are some alternatives that may work for you:

Highest money market rate

Highest money market rate

Highest money market rate

Highest money market rate

If you know a bank that offers a higher rate than the ones above, we’d love your insight in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the best way to choose a savings account?

When selecting a savings account, determine the features that are most important to you. For example, you may order the features as follows: high-interest rates, good customer service, low fees, and good reputation.

Are online savings accounts better than a traditional one?

Online savings accounts are more popular each day. Typically, you have to complete most of your transactions online or using the ATM, since there may not be brick and mortar locations in the “real” world. In exchange, you enjoy a higher interest rate than normal and pay lower fees.

How does FDIC insurance protect savings accounts?

When selecting a bank, make sure that it is FDIC insured. The federal government offers this insurance to participating banks and it protects your money (up to $250,000 per depositor at each banking institution) against loss in the event that the bank goes out of business.

What does FDIC deposit insurance cover?

FDIC insurance covers all deposit accounts, including savings accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), and checking accounts.

Please review information associated with each offer before you sign up. Rates and conditions change constantly and I have reported what I believe to be the most accurate information at the time the article was updated.

Determining the Market Value of Your Classic #car #rental #florida

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Inspect and Rate the Exterior

By Tony and Michele Hamer. Classic Cars Expert


  • Stand 3 feet in front of each headlight and taillight so that you can view the side panels at an angle to inspect for waves or bulges or any signs of poorly done body repair.
  • Check for paint blisters for signs of rust, especially over wheel wells, along rocker panels and around headlights.
  • Use a magnet over various parts of the body to check for body filler, signs of previous damage and those typically known for rust.
  • Check for uniform gaps between the body and the doors, trunk and hood.


  • Check to see if the doors sag when they are open, as this will be a sign of worn hinges.
  • Look for signs of aging and cracking in the weather seals around the doors and windows.
  • Check for paint blisters that would indicate rust, especially along the bottom edges.


  • Check for dents on vehicles with metal tops.
  • On vinyl covered metal-topped cars, inspect its condition and assure it s sealed tightly without rips or other damage.


  • Does the engine, transmission or rear axle appear to leak oil?
  • Check for rust around the chassis, shocks and suspension.


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7 Steps to Defining Your Niche Market

December 30, 2014

In their book, Start Your Own Business , the staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. guides you through the critical steps to starting a business, then supports you in surviving the first three years as a business owner. In this edited excerpt, the authors explain how you can find the right niche for your entrepreneurial needs.

You ve come up with a great idea for a business, but you re not ready to roll yet. Before you go any further, the next step is figuring out just who your market is.

There are two basic markets you can sell to: consumer and business. These divisions are fairly obvious. For example, if you re selling women s clothing from a retail store, your target market is consumers; if you re selling office supplies, your target market is businesses (this is referred to as B2B sales). In some cases for example, if you run a printing business you may be marketing to both businesses and individuals.

No business particularly a small one can be all things to all people. The more narrowly you can define your target market, the better. This process is known as creating a niche and is key to success for even the biggest companies. Walmart and Tiffany are both retailers, but they have very different niches: Walmart caters to bargain-minded shoppers, while Tiffany appeals to upscale jewelry consumers.

Many people talk about finding a niche as if it were something under a rock or at the end of the rainbow, ready-made. That s nonsense, says Lynda Falkenstein, author of Nichecraft: Using Your Specialness to Focus Your Business, Corner Your Market and Make Customers Seek You Out. Good niches don t just fall into your lap; they must be carefully crafted.

Rather than creating a niche, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of falling into the all over the map trap, claiming they can do many things and be good at all of them. These people quickly learn a tough lesson, Falkenstein warns: Smaller is bigger in business, and smaller is not all over the map; it s highly focused.

Creating a good niche, Falkenstein advises, involves following a seven-step process:

1.Make a wish list.

With whom do you want to do business? Be as specific as you can. Identify the geographic range and the types of businesses or customers you want your business to target. If you don t know whom you want to do business with, you can t make contact. You must recognize that you can t do business with everybody, Falkenstein cautions. Otherwise, you risk exhausting yourself and confusing your customers.

These days, the trend is toward smaller niches. Targeting teenagers isn t specific enough; targeting male, African American teenagers with family incomes of $40,000 and up is. Aiming at companies that sell software is too broad; aiming at Northern California-based companies that provide internet software sales and training and have sales of $15 million or more is a better goal.


Clarify what you want to sell, remembering that a) you can t be all things to all people and b) smaller is bigger. Your niche isn t the same as the field in which you work. For example, a retail clothing business is not a niche but a field. A more specific niche may be maternity clothes for executive women.

To begin this focusing process, Falkenstein suggests using these techniques to help you:

  • Make a list of things you do best and the skills implicit in each of them.
  • List your achievements.
  • Identify the most important lessons you ve learned in life.
  • Look for patterns that reveal your style or approach to resolving problems.

Your niche should arise naturally from your interests and experience. For example, if you spent 10 years working in a consulting firm but also spent 10 years working for a small, family-owned business, you may decide to start a consulting business that specializes in small, family-owned companies.

3.Describe the customer s worldview.

A successful business uses what Falkenstein calls the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would do unto themselves. When you look at the world from your prospective customers perspective, you can identify their needs or wants. The best way to do this is to talk to prospective customers and identify their main concerns.


At this stage, your niche should begin to take shape as your ideas and the client s needs and wants coalesce to create something new. A good niche has five qualities:

  • It takes you where you want to go in other words, it conforms to your long-term vision.
  • Somebody else wants it namely, customers.
  • It s carefully planned.
  • It s one-of-a-kind, the only game in town.
  • It evolves, allowing you to develop different profit centers and still retain the core business, thus ensuring long-term success.


Now it s time to evaluate your proposed product or service against the five criteria in Step 4. Perhaps you ll find that the niche you had in mind requires more business travel than you re ready for. That means it doesn t fulfill one of the above criteria it won t take you where you want to go. So scrap it, and move on to the next idea.


Once you have a match between niche and product, test-market it. Give people an opportunity to buy your product or service not just theoretically but actually putting it out there, Falkenstein suggests. This can be done by offering samples, such as a free mini-seminar or a sample copy of your newsletter. The test shouldn t cost you a lot of money: If you spend huge amounts of money on the initial market test, you re probably doing it wrong, she says.

7.Go for it!

It s time to implement your idea. For many entrepreneurs, this is the most difficult stage. But fear not: If you did your homework, entering the market will be a calculated risk, not just a gamble.

The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

STARTING UP? START HERE. For more than 30 years, Entrepreneur has set the course for success for millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners. We ll teach you the secrets of the winners and give you exactly what you need to lay t.

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RV Pricing Information

RV Pricing – How to Determine Fair Market Value

Whether you’re planning to sell your diesel pusher, motor home, 5th wheel or travel trailer, or you’re in the market for a used RV, you want to know you’re getting the best price you can. Use the information below to make this an easier process.

Factors to Consider

Factors that determine a recreational vehicle’s value:

  • Overall condition: Water leaks, discoloration, dents, paint chips or other structural imperfections? Regular and effective maintenance? In need of repairs or other service? Do all of the appliances work?
  • Mileage: If it is a Motorized unit, does it run as expected for a vehicle of its age and mileage? Is the mileage on the Motorhome above or below the average mileage for a Motorhome of its age?
  • Accessories: Consider everything that came with and has been added to the unit – awnings, satellite dishes, solar panels, A/C unit, antennas, special mirrors, etc. – and how valuable those items might be.

Valuable Tools to Help You Determine the Fair Market Value

Compare with Actual Selling Prices: PPL believes the best indication of the Fair Market Value of your RV is the actual selling prices of sold vehicles. With over 4,386 RVs sold in the last two years alone, the chances are very good that we have sold several RVs just like yours.

The simplest and fastest way to determine the Fair Market Value for your RV is give PPL a call at 1-800-755-4775 and talk with one of our RV appraisal experts today. There is absolutely no obligation or cost to appraise your RV. We’re confident that you will be so impressed with our knowledge and expertise that you will want PPL to sell your RV for you!

To look at selling prices and other information on some of the vehicles recently sold at PPL, click on the links below to find this presented in separate tables for each type of vehicle:

When considering RV pricing, remember one thing: The true market value is the price at which your RV sells.

If you are not yet in the market to sell or buy an RV and want to look at some other sources of RV pricing on the Internet, reviewing published values and advertising for comparable units is one way of doing this. For your convenience, additional sources are provided in the list below. You can check these sites to compare. Keep in mind that published values and the asking prices shown in advertisements may be above or below the fair market value of a particular vehicle.

  • Used RVs Currently For Sale at PPL – Look at pricing, features, and photographs of the large selection of consigned RVs currently for sale by individual owners.
  • – Large selection of used vehicles for sale. Advertises for both individuals and dealers. Can search using a number of criteria.
  • – Has units for sale by dealers and individuals throughout the country.
  • – NADA Guides provide an extensive list of New and Used RV Prices and Values based on RV manufacturer and dealer pricing data

You’re only a simple, quick phone call away from the RV selling experts. Call PPL TODAY at 1-800-755-4775 for your free, no-obligation appraisal!

PPL Motor Homes will send you a free booklet Learn These 9 Lessons. Avoid Common Mistakes in Selling Your RV . Simply sign up for our free e-mail service by clicking on the button to the left.

Sell Your Vehicle Quickly and for a Fair Price