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Opera 3 Payroll & HR

  • Multi-user, with Company and Group password control and menu level access restriction
  • Full integration with Opera 3 Document Management
  • Links to the Nominal Ledger, Cashbook and Costing Financial modules of Opera 3
  • Definable cheque and payslip designs to suit Company stationery requirements
  • Create unlimited Companies with unlimited employees per Company
  • Weekly, fortnightly, four weekly and monthly paid employees can be maintained all in one company
  • Employee profiles for efficient employee record creation
  • Employee payment details and payslip images can be retained for up to 999 pay periods
  • Payslips from past periods can be reprinted at any time
  • Employees can be paid via BACS, reducing the time and costs required to process payments
  • Submit Year-End Returns via the Government Gateway using the Pegasus Online Filing Manager
  • In-Year P45(1), P45(3) and P46 file generation for online submission using the Online Filing Manager
  • Filtered Historical employee record processing to current legislative bandwidths
  • Automated Director’s National Insurance calculations
  • Multiple Pension Scheme management
  • Track report on key field changes for the Payroll year using the Audit Log
  • Backup and Restore facility
  • Fully automated SSP, SMP and SPP (Birth) processing and reporting, with complex legislation built in
  • Automated Attachment Orders processing and reporting
  • Retrospective NI code changes with automatic adjustment value calculation and processing
  • Caters for Holiday pay across year-end

Employee Records

  • Address, bank details and holidays
  • Tax and National Insurance To-Date details
  • Payments and deductions – permanent and temporary values, retained units and rates, zero this period facility
  • Quick calculation – showing net pay, total deductions and NI’able earnings
  • Retained History with payslip image drill down
  • Employee photograph attachment
  • Ability to embed documents, spreadsheets etc, via OLE technology


  • Departmental reporting
  • Payslip, cheque and BACS list generation
  • P35, P14 and P60 End-of-Year reports
  • P45(1), P45(3) and P46 In-Year reports
  • P11 Deductions Working Sheet
  • P32 employer’s Payment Record, with payment and funding recording and multi-company consolidation
  • This Period and To Date summaries
  • Comprehensive statutory payments, Attachment Orders and pension contribution reports
  • Additional Reporter module available, for the creation of your own reports


  • Mixed Pension schemes per company
  • Stakeholder Pensions
  • Fixed amount
  • Percentage of definable figure
  • Group Personal Pension
  • COMP
  • COSR
  • Freestanding AVC
  • Up to three different LEL/UEL criteria
  • Employee diary showing sickness, holidays, maternity and compassionate leave, and training
  • Variable employee working patterns reflected within the diary
  • Accurate days, hours and minutes event recording and analysis
  • Keep records for up to 99 years, including job changes and salary updates
  • Pro-rata holiday entitlement and holiday carry-over


  • Comprehensive, context senstive help

Extended Information Sources

  • Export information to Microsoft products such as Word and Excel
  • Send reports via e-mail
  • Payroll administrator and management reports delivered via e-mail
  • Regularly notify staff of remaining holiday entitlement automatically by e-mail
  • Automatically notify managers of Payroll requirement by e-mail

Graduate Certificate Programs Online – Classroom, Keller, project management graduate certificate.#Project #management #graduate #certificate


graduate certificates

Keller Graduate School of Management offers you the opportunity to earn a graduate certificate in a variety of disciplines — either in person or online. Put your hard-earned knowledge and skills to work for you, using them to earn a certificate from an accredited university! Graduate certificates are perfect for students who wish to develop their expertise, but may not have the time or freedom to complete an entire degree program. We give you the flexibility to attend classes on your schedule — days, nights or weekends — at any of our 55+ campus locations.

Online Graduate Certificates

We offer the option to pursue online certificates with even greater flexibility, from the comfort of wherever you are, whenever you like, through the convenience of your laptop. Even when you are taking classes amidst a busy work schedule and home life, Keller makes it possible for you to adapt learning to your needs.

Through our online certificate programs, you have a way to build management skills with a distinct focus, while also adding an advanced credential to your resume. Whether you are interested in Accounting, Health Services Management, Human Resources Management or another field, we have a wide variety of options to suit you. Explore our various graduate certificate program options below — or get in touch with us to learn more!

Graduate Certificates Programs


By increasing your practical knowledge and abilities in the field of accounting, you can learn auditing, taxes and budgeting from a business perspective.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Management

With our Business Intelligence and Analytics Management certificate, you can increase your proficiency in the methods and technologies you need to help companies gather, store, report and analyze important data that ultimately drives strategic business decisions. Your coursework will explore topics such as business analytics, database management, Internet analytic strategies and predictive analysis.

CPA Preparation

This unique 30 credit hour CPA exam preparation program addresses advanced accounting competencies and specialties such as international accounting, ethics and forensic accounting, taxation, and accounting and information systems. You can earn a graduate certificate and prepare for the CPA exam at the same time.


Our Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate courses explore such topics as finance, business law, management and new product development. This graduate certificate program is designed to provide the fundamentals necessary to help you launch a business or develop a growing team.

Global Supply Chain Management

Our Global Supply Chain Management Certificate courses cover topics such as logistics, operations research, and supply chain efficiency. The Global Supply Chain Management Certificate can help you gain the knowledge you need to create and maintain lean and efficient operations systems in diverse, international environments.

Health Services Management

Our Health Services Management course offerings address such foundational topics as healthcare systems administration, patient rights and responsibilities, healthcare policy and healthcare finance.

Human Resource Management

Keller’s Human Resource Management program can help you learn the basic theory and practice behind business management techniques, with a focus on human resources. You can also enhance your abilities in key foundational areas of human resources such as training and development, employment law and strategic staffing.

Information Security

The Information Security Certificate helps you develop information security competencies in basic cryptography, intrusion detection and the legal issues surrounding data protection. By addressing industry standards and the inherent risks of computer networking, our Information Security certificate program can heighten your ability to preserve and recover diverse business operations.

Project Management

By earning a Certificate in Project Management from Keller, you can learn how to develop effective project plans that incorporate risk analysis, cost control and performance objectives. In addition, you can gain an understanding of how to plan, budget and control multi-project programs that may involve legal and ethical issues, conflict resolution and the application of project software.

If you’re interested in pursuing graduate work, why not consider Keller’s online graduate certificate programs?

Offering experienced professors, individualized attention, impactful feedback and resume-building experiences, Keller’s certificates can give you just the career-enhancing skills you need. What’s more, going to Keller means joining a rich alumni community of students with strong leadership skills and connections in the workplace. Learn more about the Specialized Master’s Degree Programs offered at Keller.

Project management graduate certificate

Project management graduate certificate Project management graduate certificate Project management graduate certificate Project management graduate certificate

Project Management Professional (PMP)® – Project Management Course, project management professional course.#Project #management #professional #course


Project Management Professional (PMP) ® exam prep project management course

10 day class spread over 10-11 weeks

Classic Seminars backs this project management class with a first time pass guarantee (or we pay for your exam retake).*

Project management professional course

Benefits: According to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey, Seventh Edition (USA), PMP professionals earned 16% more than their colleagues who did not have PMP certification

Pre-requisites for PMP certification:

Each exam candidate must be able to demonstrate 35 contact hours of project management education in the year before the writing of the PMP exam. This project management class exceeds the requirement.

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, you will need to be able to prove a minimum of 3 years’ worth of project management experience or 4500 hours.

If you DO NOT hold a Bachelor’s degree, you will need to demonstrate a minimum of 7500 hours of experience over 5 years.

Your experience should cover Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring Controlling, and Closing out a project.

More information regarding pre-requisites for the PMP certification can be obtained

This Classic Seminars project management course prepares the learner for PMP certification:

  • It satisfies the 35 contact training hours that are necessary in order to write the exam
  • It includes a 2-day Project Management alignment class with an integrated case study.
  • Comprehensive academic material covering each area of the exam are given to each delegate.
  • The formulae and maths (required in the exam) are covered in depth, with worked examples for each.
  • Each area is tested after training. An identical simulated trial exam is administered at the end of this class. This exam is marked and a comprehensive assessment on areas to improve is issued, prior to taking the actual exam.
  • Personal one-on-one coaching and assistance is available for all exam related issues right up to taking the exam.*

* Provided all exams are concluded within 60 days of the completion date of PMP training.

Shipping automation, multi-channel inventory automation And Order Management Software #ebay #shipping, #amazon #shipping, #shipping #management #software, #order #management #software, #ship #management #software, #integrated #shipping #software, #package #tracking #software, #multi-channel #inventory #management #software, #ecommerce #inventory #management, #ebay #inventory #management, #ebay #inventory #management #software, #amazon #inventory #management, #amazon #inventory #management #software, #inventory #automation, #inventory #and #order #management, #ebay #quickbook, #amazon #quickbook, #ebay #accounting, #amazon #accounting


Beyond Simple Shipping! Built-in Multi-Channel Inventory Management, Order Management, Shipping Automation QuickBooks Integration. Best Possible USPS Discounts. Do not pick software that you will outgrow in a year.

Teapplix automation software provides the most sophisticated and flexible shipping software, inventory management and QuickBooks integration functions for online sellers. Highly rated by thousands of customers!

Remember Weights Dimensions
Rules/Filters Bulk Label Printing
SmartMethod® Rate Shops for You
Scan Based Label Printing Workflow
USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, Freight
Amazon Buy Shipping API
DropShips FBA, DropShip Cost Accounting
Returns RMA

Products, SKU, UPC, Location, Images Custom References
Item Mapping Quantity Tracking
Support Combo (Kits), Support Multiple Warehouses
Automatic Listings DownloadSync quantities to Multiple-Channels
QuickBooks or Teapplix as Inventory Master
Profit Loss Tracking
Inventory Alerts, Purchasing Support

Automatic bi-directional sync with QuickBooks
Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Invoices
Customers, Items Taxes Management
Track Postage Marketplace Fees
Refunds Credit Memos
Build Inventory Assemblies
Multi Currency, Multi Site
Desktop, Online POS Support

“Processing and printing orders used to be a daily, five hour nightmare, but now with Teapplix it is a breeze! Teapplix has taken the headache out of our shipping process and allowed us to reduce our order fulfillment, processing and printing time by 83%. Teapplix Customer Support is outstanding and they have always found timely, well thought out, creative. “

Teapplix is your total scalable solution.

You can save time and money using Teapplix multi-channel order and inventory management software.

With Teapplix’s complete solution for shipping automation, accounting management and inventory tracking, your life will be much easier. With our multi-user, web based application, you can work anywhere with internet access. You can scale your business by consolidating orders from all market places into one place, getting the best price shipping method and bulk printing labels. You can track your inventory product quantities more efficiently and avoid over sell. You can better manage your profit loss in your QuickBooks. Teapplix has been contributing to the success of thousands of online sellers, including many of the largest sellers on eBay and Amazon. Let it power yours: Click here for a free trial .

30 days no obligation
No install, free support
Automate your online selling today!

Teapplix Inc.
2225 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 200 Palo Alto CA 94303
Phone: (650) 516-6058
Teapplix®, ActionShip®, InventoryAdvisor® and ActionConnect® are registered trademarks of Teapplix Inc.
Copyright © 2007-2017 Teapplix Inc. All rights reserved.

Teapplix Inc.
2225 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 200 Palo Alto CA 94303 Phone: (650) 516-6058
Teapplix®, ActionShip®, InventoryAdvisor® and ActionConnect® are registered trademarks of Teapplix Inc.
Copyright © 2007-2017 Teapplix Inc. All rights reserved.

Great Leadership: The Performance and Potential Matrix (9 Box Model) – an Update #performance #management #matrix


Note: this is an update to one of the very first posts I wrote in November 2007 and continues to be one of my most popular. I thought it was time for an update.

The performance and potential matrix (9 box model) is one of the most widely used tools in succession planning and development. It can be a valuable tool for anyone who works in talent management, or for any manager.

For some reason, however, it seems to be covered in a veil of secrecy, leaving those that want to learn how to use it with little guidance. You ve probably found this post from an internet search I hope it helps answer your questions and you ll find Great Leadership to be a valuable resource for all things leadership development.

What is it and where did it come from?

The performance and potential matrix, commonly referred to as the nine box , is a simple yet effective tool used to assess talent in organizations. It assesses individuals on two dimensions their past performance and their future potential.

The X axis (horizontal line) of 3 boxes assesses leadership performance and the Y axis of 3 boxes (vertical line) assesses leadership potential. A combination of Y and X axis makes up the box within the grid that the leader is placed. 1A – High Performance/High Potential, 3C – Low Performance/Low Potential, etc.

The Performance and Potential Matrix (9 Box )

No one seems to know for sure who invented it, although I ve heard Al Gore once took credit for it. Others say it may have been first used at GE, under Jack Welch s leadership. I first started using it in 1997, and have since used it to facilitate hundreds of talent review meetings (and lived to tell about it). I ve also used it as a manager as a way to assess and develop my own team.

Thanks to the power of Google, I ve been invited to give presentations at HR conferences on the 9 box, was interviewed in SHRM s HR Magazine (8/2011 issue, On the Grid ), and walked a lot of anxious beginners through the process, including a very grateful HR team from India and a few non-profits that couldn t afford to hire a consultant.

I m thinking it might be time for a bestselling book? Something catchy like Let s Get Rid of the Nine-box , or 2B or not 2B, that is The Question .

What are the benefits? Why s it so popular?

1. It s simple and it works (95% of the time).
The beauty of the tool is in its simplicity and ease of use. With a little explanation and initial facilitation, managers usually can catch on pretty quickly. It helps overcome many of the common pitfalls when it comes to talent assessment, including:
– Overemphasis on current performance
– Overreliance on a single opinion
– A lack of assessment criteria, or inconsistent criteria
I ve had teams (often engineers) try to overcomplicate it, by adding more boxes, definitions for each box, and all kinds of bells and whistles. It hardly ever improves the process and often distracts from the overall purpose.
When I say it works 95% of the time, it s from my own experience. I ve only had one senior team where it just blew up, and that s because there was such a lack of trust and dysfunction.

2. It s cost-effective.
Actually, other than people s time, or a paid facilitator, it s free. There are other ways to assess potential instruments and assessment centers are great yet they are also expensive. If you can afford to send every manager through a $10,000 assessment center, then good for you. For the rest, this is the next best thing.

3. A catalyst for robust dialog.
It s not about filling out the grid it s all about the discussion. It s critical to keep that in front of you. Managers, in general, are not very skilled when it comes to assessing talent, and are very hesitant to discuss other manager s employees, or hear feedback about their own. This tool helps provide a structured way to have those conversations in a professional, productive way.

4. Helps calibrate criteria and expectations.
Even if you don t have clear, consistent, definitions of performance and potential going into a talent review, by using this tool, you will by the time you are done. If fact, for a lot of managers in the room, it s the first time they ve heard their own bosses expectations, so you ll see them discreetly jotting down notes and assessing themselves.

5. It s more accurate than one person s opinion.
The accuracy of assessing performance and potential improves with multiple data points. Manager s often have blind spots with their own employees, and are unaware of how they are perceived by others. These discussions can help shine a light on superstars and poor performers.

6. Facilitates shared ownership, teamwork.
This is a ground rule for any talent management meeting and discussion: We all, as a team, are collectively are responsible for building a stronger organization. We need to be candid, listen to each other, and help develop each other s employees.
In a functional or segmented organization, talent development is often one of the few things a management team can actually work on together.

7. A diagnostic tool for development.
A talent review meeting uncovers both individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses. The grid serves as a needs assessment for development actions that need to be taken.

1. Don t do it alone for the first time.
The tool is best if used by a team and facilitated by someone who has experience with the process. This could be an HR person, OD consultant, or someone responsible for leadership development or succession planning. Once a team has used a couple times, they can usually do it themselves, but it still helps to have someone facilitate the dialog, take notes, etc . If you are a talent management practitioner, try to shadow someone with expertise, hire someone to guide you through your first one, or at least work with someone to prepare you.

2. Have a pre-meeting.
You should present the tool and process to the team to make sure they all understand and buy in to the purpose and process. Don t underestimate the amount of anxiety if a team has never done anything like this before (a ranking exercise). It s best to decide ahead of time how performance will be assessed (use a leadership competency model if you have one) and how potential will be assessed (again, best to decide ahead of time I use specific potential criteria ). This is the time to establish ground rules as well, especially around meeting behaviors and confidentiality.

3. Preparation.
Have each manager fill in a grid for their own employees and have the facilitator collect and consolidate them. You could also ask for any other relevant information, such as years in current position, diversity status, retention risk, or relocatability. I usually have each manager plot their direct report managers (one level at a time, so we re comparing apples to apples). I then consolidate all of the names, by level, on an organizational grid.
You can start with a 2-4 hour meeting, but it will usually take 1-2 follow-up meetings to finish. Bring copies of the consolidated grid for each participant.

5. Getting started.
It s easier picking someone in the 1A box (highest performance and potential) where you think there may be little disagreement. Ask the sponsor manager to explain the rationale for the assessment. Ask lots of why s, then invite all others to comment. Don t rush it, the benefit of this process is in the discussion.

6. Establish your benchmarks .
After all have been heard from, if there is agreement, then you have a 1A benchmark, or poster child, for all others to compare against. If disagreement in perception, ask the sponsor manager if they want to change their mind based on the feedback usually they do but if not, leave it. Pick another name until you establish the benchmark.

7. Discuss as many names as time allows.
You can then discuss rest of the names in the 1A box, then move to the bordering boxes (1B and 2A). Then move to the 3C box, and again, facilitate a dialog to establish another benchmark. Continue the discussion for each person, or as many as time permits.

8. Move to development.
If time, or most likely at a follow-up meeting, the team can then discuss development plans for each leader. For succession planning, the focus should be on the upper right hand corner boxes (1A, 1B, and 2A) this is your high potential pool.

9. Follow-up on a quarterly basis to monitor development plans. Repeat the assessment process at least once a year.

More posts on the using the performance and potential matrix:

Marin Headlands, raptor visitor management.#Raptor #visitor #management


raptor visitor management

Raptor visitor management

Marin Headlands

948 Fort Barry, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mill Valley, CA 94941

It s hard to believe such a vast, beautiful, and diverse wilderness is so close to a major metropolitan area. The Marin Headlands is a crown jewel of the Golden Gate National Parks abounding with places of natural wonder and beauty (Rodeo Lagoon/Valley, Gerbode Valley, Hawk Hill, Tennessee Valley) and remarkable historic sites (Point Bonita Lighthouse, Fort Cronkhite, Nike Missile Site, Battery Townsley).

See specific web pages for more information on each individual site.

In addition to a vast network of multi-use trails, amenities for visitors include the Marin Headlands Visitor Center and four unique campgrounds.

Tips and Highlights

  • Ride the Marin Headlands Shuttle: This free shuttle operates each weekend through September. The shuttle picks up every thirty minutes from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. along Bunker Road, Field Road and Fort Baker. Stops include: Bay Area Discovery Museum, Smith Road trail head, Marine Mammal Center, Rodeo Beach, Visitor Center, Nike Missile Site, Battery Alexander and Point Bonita Lighthouse.
  • Begin your explorations at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center, open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • The SF-88 Nike Missile Site is open the first Saturday of every month from 12:30 3:30 pm featuring an open house, with docents and Nike veterans sharing their stories (check online calendar). For more information, visit the NPS site.
  • Battery Townsley, considered the zenith of military technology in the 1940s, is open the first Sunday of every month from 12 4:00 pm. For more information, visit the NPS site.
  • Point Bonita Lighthouse is open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 12:30-3:30 pm.
  • Accessible restroom facilities are available at the Fort Cronkhite parking lot by Rodeo Beach, and also at the visitor center.
  • Bring your own snacks; there are no food vendors in the Headlands.
  • Picnic at Battery Wallace, near the Point Bonita trailhead. This is one of the parks most scenic picnic spots, complete with tables and grills (no water on site).
  • Take a drive along Conzelman Road from the northern foot of the Golden Gate Bridge to Point Bonita. This five-mile road offers breathtaking views of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Don t plan on swimming (the ocean water is cold and dangerous).
  • Survey the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge from Kirby Cove.
  • Visit park-partner organizations located in the Headlands, such as the Marine Mammal Center and the Headlands Center for the Arts.
  • In the fall, watch Golden Gate Raptor Observatory volunteers monitor the autumn migration of birds of prey. Each year, more than 20,000 raptors fly over the Headlands.


The sea cliffs and road cuts of the Headlands have exposed some of the finest examples of pillow basalt and radiolarian chert.

Millions of years ago, these rocks formed at the bottom of the sea, several thousand miles from the coast. The black pillow basalt was created from lava spewing from vents, while the red-brown radiolarian chert formed as the remains of radiolarians (microscopic protozoans) collected in layers.

As the seafloor moves slowly east, it slides under the North American continent and leaves behind scrapings of radiolarian chert and pillow basalt.

Raptor visitor management

Lead Management – Automated Lead Distribution, Tracking and Reporting with BrokerOffice #lead #management, #lead #management #software, #increase #lead #conversions, #lead #follow-up, #lead #system


BrokerOffice will increase the number of sales you make by automating the way you distribute and track your lead sources.

Send leads to sub-agent and CSRs with the click of a button.

Customize distribution by territory, seniority, lead source, and daily/monthly maximums.

Track leads by source through your entire sales cycle – from quote to close to renewal.

Easy-to-read reports show you which lead sources are bringing in the most commissions – and which ones you need to cut loose.

Streamline your sales process with one-click quoting, online proposal generation, and automatic email follow-up.

BrokerOffice provides the #1 lead management system in the health insurance industry. With this powerful lead management system, agents and brokers can easily monitor, track and guide all their health leads. Whether you’re dealing with 30 or 3,000 leads, quality leads from ProspectZone or most third-party providers, the BrokerOffice lead management system is the ideal tool to help your lead nurturing campaign. Top producers know from experience that many tools and features are required to effectively manage lead pipelines. The BrokerOffice lead management system puts all these tools at your fingertips with its convenient online dashboard to manage all your insurance leads. You can communicate with leads and email proposals and forms to prospects with a click of the mouse. It’ll also be easier to manage your lead pipeline with the handy account tracker and appointment scheduler. And these are just a few of the features included with your BrokerOffice lead manager.

The BrokerOffice lead management system is also designed to integrate with other Norvax tools, so you can manage your prospects across a variety of platforms. With the multi-carrier Norvax Quote Engine, you can use your automated lead manager to send up-to-date and customized proposals to all the leads in your database. You can even automate this drip marketing by adding the LeadMiner email autoresponder to your lead management solution. Finally, BrokerOffice can automatically receive the medicare leads generated by your Norvax agency website and add them to your BrokerOffice lead management pipeline. With the BrokerOffice lead management system, you’ll have an all-in-one automation solution to manage all your health leads.

If you are a consumer looking for more quotes on your health insurance. GoHealth can be a one stop shop for comparing plans and researching benefit options. The site can connect you to local insurance agents or give you instant pricing on all the carriers that offer plans in your state. If you are turning 65 or are already on Medicare, you can use GoMedicare to see all your Medicare Quotes. The site will help you choose between Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D. We know that everyone is different, so using a site that gives you a comprehensive overview of all your Medicare options will be key for you to make the right decision.

PRINCE2 Training, PRINCE2 Courses, ITIL Training and MSP Training #prince2 #training #courses, #the #knowledge #academy, #prince2 #training, #itil, #itil #courses, #itil #foundation, #prince2, #prince2, #msp, #msp, #it #service #management, #project #management #training #courses, #training #courses, #prince2 #examination


PRINCE2 Training, PRINCE2 Courses, ITIL Training, Six Sigma, MSP Training, Agile Training, Project Management Professional (PMP) TOGAF

Copyright 2017 – The Knowledge Academy Ltd – All rights reserved.

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Registered England and Wales: 6865896 VAT Number: GB 970 6674 87

All quoted prices are VAT- Exclusive for consumers who pay no VAT or can recover VAT. The current rate of VAT is 20% for consumers that are required to pay VAT

* * All course bookings are subject to availability, the website is updated periodically due to the dynamic nature of our business. Course availability can only be confirmed when you have received a course confirmation email containing your joining instructions and once payment has been authorised and collected. To check on latest availability real time please call 01344 203999

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Cloud ERP Software, Financial Management Software #accounting #software, #cloud #accounting #software, #cloud #accounting, #business #accounting #software, #financial #management #software


The first and last cloud Financial Management Solution your business will ever need.

Move from the ordinary to the extraordinary with best-in-class Intacct cloud ERP software. Intacct—the only AICPA-preferred accounting management solution —generates immediate value through extensive real-time automation and a multi-tenant-architecture to eliminate manual work and simplify complex financial processes. Tap the power of cloud accounting software for core financial management that saves you significant time and money.

Gain strategic insight into business performance and take advantage of cloud ERP software that runs your business better. Intacct transforms inflexible, outmoded accounting processes using reporting and dashboards that streamline operations and turbo-charge financial reporting. presenting you with consolidated financial statements. Manage complex, multi-entity or multinational operations in real time with smarter consolidation accounting software. Only Intacct empowers your team with greater visibility into real-time business performance.

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Bachelor of Science
Human Resource Management

The B.S. program in Social Science, with a concentration in Human Resource Management, centers on a developed understanding of multi-focal personnel matters within varied professional settings: recruitment, training and evaluation of employees; effective communication in workplace environments; conflict resolution; development and/or dissemination of regulations and standards of performance. Studied, too, are organizational structures as they relate to payroll, benefits and other HR matters of priority. Throughout the learning experience, students analyze and apply the tools of effective problem-solving, as related to Human Resource Management, while developing a fundamental understanding of business-related procedures and processes, all of which are ultimately essential to adept leadership and, notably, to adept HR management.

  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify problems and to develop problem-solving abilities within the business context.
  • Develop potential, enabling them to face the future with confidence and determination.
  • Prepare for leadership and service within a broad spectrum of business and business-related arenas.
  • Acquire the tools specific to business processes and procedures and the capacity to understand the principal theory, significance and practical applications related thereto.
  • Develop a solid understanding of the functional components of business – economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, management, thus enabling the graduate to assume managerial trainee and like positions, in which they will have the occasion to grow and develop further.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to the solution of real-life (field related) problems both individually and through teamwork within the context of a variety of active learning environments.
  • Develop strong communication skills with due emphasis on the tools of effective writing.

Graduates in Administration will be suitably prepared to assume management trainee positions in the corporate sector, in industry, in government, in other professional arenas – or, alternatively, to assume enhanced responsibilities within the context of a currently-held position. Those who so elect will be academically prepared to pursue graduate studies in business or in a wide array of related disciplines.

Improve your Career standing

  • UOFA students gets professional knowledge that is distinguished and renowned accepted across the world.
  • Students of UOFA are offered handsome salary packages by reputed companies across the world

Study and Discover

  • Our courses give a great exposure to students to a great number of researches and latest technological advancement.
  • Studying at UOFA encourages innovative and self-governing thinking of students and professionals.

Graduates in Administration will be suitably prepared to assume management trainee positions in the corporate sector, in industry, in government, in other professional arenas – or, alternatively, to assume enhanced responsibilities within the context of a currently-held position. Those who so elect will be academically prepared to pursue graduate studies in business or in a wide array of related disciplines.

Study and Discover

  • Our courses give a great exposure to students to a great number of researches and latest technological advancement.
  • Studying at UOFA encourages innovative and self-governing thinking of students and professionals.

UOFA offers accredited degree programs to working adults globally. Our programs are accredited to ensure that our students are accepted and recognized globally through their academics.

  • UofA faculty comprises some of the brightest minds in academics as well as industry. These leaders have devoted their time and expertise to the university to design a curriculum that supports the busy life styles of today’s working adults.

  • Our intensive focused programs provide the opportunity for you to explore specific topics in-depth on a daily basis. We provide you the flexibility to design your own academic schedule.