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Florida Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Does Florida Require Bodily Injury Liability Insurance?

Unfortunately, Florida is a state that does not require bodily injury liability coverage in most instances. Bodily injury liability coverage is that coverage found on automobile insurance policies that will cover the at-fault vehicle’s owner or driver for damages caused to others as a result of a car accident. Many states outside of Florida require that its drivers carry bodily injury coverage. For example, every driver in New York must carry a minimum of $25,000 per injured person, up to $50,000 maximum per accident.

As a New Port Richey auto accident attorney with nearly 20 years experience, I can tell you that having bodily injury liability coverage is vitally important. If you or anyone using your car causes an auto accident that results in personal injuries to third persons, then without sufficient bodily injury liability coverage you could be personally liable for compensating the injured persons. Florida bodily injury liability coverage not only provides a source of revenue to cover damages caused by automobile negligence, it also requires the insurance company to pay for your legal defense if you are sued as a result of injuring others.

Equally important is the need to carry Florida uninsured motorist coverage. As I’ve told countless people whom have come to my New Port Richey office, “It is more important to have uninsured motorist coverage in Florida than most other states.” The reason for this advice is that persons injured in a New Port Richey, Florida accident may not be able to collect from the negligent party because, as stated above, liability coverage is not required. Florida uninsured motorist coverage will protect you and your loved ones if you are injured by the automobile negligence of a third person without the optional Florida bodily injury liability coverage.

The amount of bodily injury coverage you should carry depends on several things. While some might advise you that you should only carry higher limits of Florida bodily injury coverage if you have significant assets to protect, I must disagree with this logic. The amount of Florida bodily injury coverage you purchase is also tied to the issue of how much you want to protect your ability to collect through an uninsured motorist claim. In Florida, you cannot purchase greater uninsured motorist coverage than bodily injury liability coverage. Therefore, if you want to assure yourself that you will be able to potentially collect at least $100,000.00 from an uninsured or underinsured motorist, then you must purchase at least $100,000.00 in bodily injury liability coverage.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a New Port Richey, Florida auto accident, my law firm is in Downtown New Port Richey and I offer free consultations. My promise is this: Your consultation will be with me, and you will receive personal service. I am also available by phone, or to come to your location in New Port Richey and the entire Tampa Bay area.

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Contractor Insurance

Insurance for Contractors

The majority of limited company contractors will hold some form of indemnity or liability insurance. These will differ depending on the type of work you are doing and the specific client you are working for.

We have put the following FAQ guide together, which should be of assistance when considering which policies you should purchase.

Which policies should I consider?

The three most common insurances held by freelancers and contractors are Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public Liability and Employers Liability. Broadly speaking, these cover you against negligence in various circumstances.

You may also wish to consider policies such as Business Interruption, Jury Service Cover, Income Protection and Office Contents (if you have a business premises).

Is insurance required by law?

Generally the only insurance required by law is Employers Liability. However, there is a specific exclusion to this rule if you are the only director/employee of your company. If there is more than one worker in your business (i.e. if you employ your spouse), you will probably be legally required to carry Employers Liability insurance.

So why should I buy them?

There are a number of reasons and benefits to having business insurance in place:

  • The majority of recruitment agencies and end clients demand that you hold insurance as part of your contract.
  • Although the likelihood of claims will be undoubtedly slim, it is still a good idea to have insurance for peace of mind.
  • If you are operating outside IR35. purchasing insurance is a key indicator of being in business on your own account.

What level of cover do I need?

This will depend on your contract and nature of business. However, most contractors hold Professional Indemnity Insurance at £1m, Public Liability at £1m and Employers Liability at £10m. Your agency will generally stipulate the minimum levels required contractually.

How much does insurance cost?

The premiums for business insurance have reduced over the years with numerous insurers competing. Obviously the exact prices will depend on what you do, your turnover and the level of cover you select. However, if you are a fairly standard IT contractor with turnover of less than £150k you should be able to purchase all three key policies for less than £300 combined.

Many brokers and insurers accept monthly payments for these policies and it is classed as a business expense for tax purposes.

Where should I get them from?

A quick internet search will through up countless providers and it’s fairly easy to compare prices. Our friends at Qdos Contractor offer particularly competitive policies, with a package for IT contractors comprising of Professional Indemnity Insurance (£1m), Public Liability (£1m) and Employers Liability (£10m) all for under £236 per year. Simply visit the Contractor Insurance shop to purchase any of the products listed within this guide.

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Compare Public Liability Insurance – MoneySuperMarket, business liability insurance cost.#Business #liability #insurance #cost


Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance provides protection for small

businesses and the self-employed. Compare quotes

today from leading insurers and buy online in minutes

What is public liability insurance?

If you are running a business, public liability insurance protects you if a member of the public suffers an injury or if any of their property is damaged because of your business. It will cover legal costs and any compensation claims if your business is found to be at fault.

What does public liability insurance cover?

For injuries to a third party or damage to their property, whether an incident takes place on your business premises, a customer’s premises or elsewhere.

Should a claim be made against you, cover will be provided to help you cover the cost of any legal proceedings.

The cost of repairing damage (for example, to a client’s carpets if you are a plumber and do something in the course of your work which causes a flood).

The cost of hospital treatment (including the cost of calling out an ambulance), if the NHS chooses to claim against you.

Read our public liability FAQs page for information on what’s not covered.

Business liability insurance cost

Business liability insurance cost

Do I need public liability insurance?

Unlike employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. However, it is considered an essential among business owners, and in some professions you may find it impossible to trade without it.

Compare public liability insurance quotes from UK insurers such as:

Business liability insurance cost

Business Insurance Guides

What does public liability cover

Our guide to what public liability insurance covers

What is public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is one of the main types of business insurance

How much public liability cover do I need

How much public liability cover you need will depend on the work you do

Who needs public liability insurance

Finding the right cover for a self employed business

Business Insurance Options

Public liability FAQs

We ve answered some of your frequently asked questions

Public liability glossary

Commonly used terms acronyms explained

How much is public liability insurance

How much your public liability insurance costs

Business insurance

Get cheap business insurance quotes today

Professional indemnity insurance

Find the right professional indemnity cover

Business building insurance

Compare business building insurance cover

What do our customers think of us?

Customer satisfaction rating

**Based on 12196 reviews in the last 12 months – Read all reviews

Public liability insurance will not cover:

  • Accidents that happen to you.
  • Damage to your own property or accidents that affect your employees or their possessions.
  • Incidents like these should be covered under your generalbusiness insurancepolicy and / or your employers’ liability insurance policy, which is a legal requirement.

What else do I need to know about public liability insurance?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the complete cost of any claim you need to make under public liability cover is unlikely to be met by your insurer. You are likely to have to pay an excess at a level agreed when you first set up your policy – for example, the first £250 or £500 of any claim.

As a general rule of thumb, if you opt for a higher excess the price of your public liability insurance premium may come down – but it’s important to be sure you could genuinely afford to pay the excess in the event of a crisis.

How can I compare public liability insurance deals?

As with any form of insurance, it’s important to compare a variety of public liability insurance policies from different providers before buying. Check the levels of protection on offer as well as the annual premiums, and consider carefully where you should set your excess.

MoneySuperMarket’s public liability insurance comparison channel will help you gather a selection of quotes within minutes, to help you find the best deal for you.

Do I need public liability insurance?

We’ve teamed up with Simply Business to help you compare a range of quotes from leading insurers. It’s quick and easy to complete a quote and you can buy a policy online in minutes.

Offshore companies set up and financial services #limited #liability #company #financial #statements


Offshore companies

Recent orders

Avia and Slogold Group S.A. (ASG) is company providing off-shore business consultancy and offshore services. From 2001 ASG is specializing in Offshore Companies registration, Off Shore Private Interest Foundation formation and Off-shore Trust set up. Incorporation of Off-shore Company either as Offshore LLC (Limited Liability Company) or IBC (International Business Company) is important tool of doing business on international level while Offshore Foundations and Off-shore Trusts are important vehicles for assets protection.


Special Offers

Beside Offshore Companies, ASG also specialize in formation of onshore companies, on-shore companies denote business structures in locations where the entities must pay tax. As such we can register on shore companies in most European jurisdictions like UK (UK LLP and UK Limited), Ireland (Irish Limited), Cyprus, Bulgaria, Malta, Latvia, Estonia etc. These Onshore entities must in contrast to offshore companies prepare and file accounts, like financial statements, assets etc.

ASG has good contacts and experience with banks in offshore and onshore jurisdictions and assist and introduce clients to offshore and onshore banks which we represent. ASG assists with bank accounts for day to day banking as well as saving account. For international businesses ASG help with solutions for accepting payments by credit and debit cards on web pages, called merchant accounts, which are required by offshore companies.

ASG also assist with complex offshore entities like offshore bank licenses, gambling licenses, captive insurance and reinsurance companies and offshore mutual funds. ASG can help also with economic second passport programs and residency permits for tax purposes.

Do you need help?

© 2001 – 2017 Avia and Slogold Group S.A. All rights reserved. The information included in this site is for information purposes only and must not be taken as legal, accounting or other professional advice. Any one seeking to establish any offshore legal entity or bank account should first seek professional legal, accounting or other professional advice.

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Truck Liability Primary Liability Insurance coverage protects the Trucking Company from damage or injuries to other parties as a result of a truck accident. Truck Liability Insurance coverage is designed to protect the public and in order to be compliant with State and The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, proof of this coverage in forms of State and Federal Filings are required.

Workers Comp Bye Insurance provides Workers compensation insurance to protect your business’ most valuable asset – your employees. Bye Insurance is committed to workplace safety and protecting businesses from the financial consequences of workplace injuries.

Physical Damage and Trailer Interchange Trucking Physical Damage Insurance is coverage for your truck and trailer. This insurance coverage is for repair or replacement for damage resulting from things such as collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism to your owned vehicles.

Cargo Insurance Truckers are in the business of hauling other business’ goods from one place to another for a fee. Motor Truck Cargo insurance is needed to protect the carrier in case of damaged freight. Motor Truck Cargo insurance coverage limits can range from $25,000 to $500,000 depending on what is being hauled.

Trucking Insurance

Thank you for choosing Bye Insurance. We offer a wide variety of Trucking Insurance Services in North South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. We also provide Commercial truck insurance. Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance. We are more than just a team of agents; we are counselors and advisers who represent only the most highly rated insurance companies and work with you to formulate customized commercial trucking insurance services and solutions. With all the options out there it’s difficult to make an informed decision on the trucking insurance that’s right for you. If you have trucking insurance questions we have answers.

Other truck insurance services we offer are:

Call the trucking insurance experts today at Bye Insurance

Cheap Liability Car Insurance Quotes – Titan Insurance #auto #liability #insurance, #auto #liability #insurance #coverage, #liability #insurance #quotes, #affordable #liability #insurance


1-800-TITAN-UP (1-800-848-2687)

Liability Car Insurance

No matter how careful you may be behind the wheel, accidents can happen. Even minor fender benders can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Without insurance, you pay for damages both to your vehicle and any vehicles or property you damage. That’s why auto liability insurance coverage is so essential. Not only is auto liability insurance required by state law, it also places financial responsibility for damage caused by your vehicle on the insurance provider (once your deductible has been met).

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance is usually comprised of 3 basic components:

  1. Bodily injury per person
  2. Bodily injury per accident
  3. Property damage

Each coverage has an upper-limit that your insurance provider is legally responsible to pay. For example, an auto liability insurance policy may cover up to $25,000 per person, with a per accident upper-limit of $50,000 in bodily injury protection. The bodily injury coverage will pay for medical expenses that result from an accident. Check with your local bureau of motor vehicles to find out how much coverage is required in your state.

The third component — property damage — covers damage to vehicles or property; it also has a coverage upper-limit. Your specific auto liability insurance coverage will vary depending on the state you live in, the make and model of your vehicle, and other factors.

Liability insurance quotes

Affordable liability insurance is easy to find if you know where to look. Titan offers exceptional discounts and flexible payment plans so you can get the coverage you need for as little as $1 a day.

Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Product, coverage, discounts, insurance terms, definitions, and other descriptions are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in your individual insurance contracts, policies, and/or declaration pages from Titan-affiliated underwriting companies, which are controlling. Such products, coverage, terms, and discounts may vary by state and exclusions may apply.

Minimum car insurance requirements #liability #insurance, #minimum #car #insurance #requirements


Minimum car insurance requirements

Most states require you have car insurance and have laws that outline the minimum level of coverage you must buy.

The minimum limits your state requires, however, may not necessarily be adequate. A car accident can cost far more than the limits mandated by most states. The Insurance Information Institute recommends you carry at least $100,000 of bodily injury protection per person and $300,000 per accident (known as 100/300).

How to read auto insurance liability limits

  1. First number: Bodily injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident.
  2. Second number: Bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident.
  3. Third number: Property damage liability maximum for one accident.

For example, if you live in New York, the minimum liability limits are $25,000 for injury liability for one person, $50,000 for all injuries and $10,000 for property damage in an accident (written as 25/50/10). Plus, New York requires you to have personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage (UM).

UM, what?

Here’s your guide to the car insurance acronyms in the chart below.

  • UM = Uninsured motorist coverage.
  • UIM = Underinsured motorist coverage.
  • UM BI: Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.
  • UMPD: Uninsured motorist property damage coverage.
  • PIP: Personal injury protection.
  • PPI: Property protection insurance (Michigan).
  • BI liability: Bodily injury liability.

Car insurance requirements by state

* New Hampshire doesn’t require car insurance, but you must be able to show proof of financial responsibility if you’re in an accident.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

A total of 21 states, plus the District of Columbia, require either uninsured motorist (UM) bodily injury coverage by itself or both UM coverage and underinsured motorist bodily injury (UIM) coverage.

Uninsured motorist bodily injury covers medical expenses if you or your passengers are injured by an uninsured driver. Underinsured motorist is triggered when the at-fault party is insured but his insurance limits are too low to pay all of your medical bills.

Uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD) covers damage your car received from an accident with an at-fault uninsured driver. UMPD is required in only eight states.

What is no-fault car insurance?

If your state has a “no-fault” auto insurance law, your auto insurance policy must pay medical bills for you and your passengers regardless of who caused the accident.

Your no-fault coverage — which is your personal injury protection (PIP) — may come with a copayment and/or deductible. No-fault coverage applies only to bodily injury claims. If you also have car damage, you would make a claim for the damage against the at-fault party s property damage liability coverage.

No-fault laws are intended to keep insurance fraud down.

Deciphering auto insurance liability across state lines

If you hold the minimum automobile insurance required in your state and are involved in an accident in another state that requires higher minimum coverages or other coverage (such as personal injury protection), typically your policy will automatically increase to meet that state’s minimum coverage requirements.

For example, if you’re a Connecticut driver (where minimum liability coverage is $20,000 of bodily injury protection per person, $40,000 of bodily injury protection per accident and $10,000 of property damage per accident, referred to as 20/40/10) and are involved in an accident in New York (which requires 25/50/10 of liability coverage), your auto insurance will automatically extend to meet New York’s requirements. This boost can be helpful, especially when you cause a large amount of property damage.

Some states restrict the ability of their citizens to sue one another for pain and suffering after a car accident. Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory) and 12 states have “no-fault” laws:

These laws mean that your car insurance must pay for bodily injury damages no matter who’s at fault in an accident. However, these same states allow their citizens to litigate against folks from other states after a car accident.

For example, you are limited in your ability to sue for damages if you live in Pennsylvania. When buying your auto coverage you have two choices of liability: “full tort” or “limited tort.” If you choose “limited tort,” you will pay less in premiums but you won’t be able to sue another Pennsylvanian for pain and suffering unless you’re seriously injured and your medical bills exceed a specified minimum amount. What constitutes a serious injury is outlined in your car insurance policy. If you choose full tort, your premiums will be more but you will be able to sue no matter the amount of your damages.

Throw out the rulebook if someone from another state crashes into you. Even if you have Pennsylvania “limited tort,” you’ll be able seek compensation for pain and suffering in the court system if someone from outside Pennsylvania crashes into you.

Visit Insure.com’s annual ranking of the best car insurance companies to shop for the best pricing on your required insurance coverage.

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General Liability Insurance, General Liability Coverage for Nonprofit, general liability insurance for nonprofits.#General #liability #insurance #for #nonprofits


General Liability Coverage

Commercial General Liability coverage for nonprofits provide protection for alleged negligent acts which result in Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury and Advertising Injury

These injuries might include a child who is injured while playing at school, a senior citizen who becomes ill from eating food at a senior meal site, or a program participant who slips on a wet floor and breaks a bone. Coverage for Special Events and Fund-raisers should be part of the policy as well.

Improper Sexual Conduct can be covered to defend against allegations of sexual abuse and molestation. The policy can include client v. client coverage. Any organization that provides services to youth, developmentally disabled of any age, or senior citizens should consider this type of coverage.

An important benefit of the Commercial General Liability policy is that it typically provides unlimited legal defense for covered lawsuits.

The policy excludes such things as lawsuits brought against board members for bad management decisions, lawsuits alleging unfair employment practices or actions of an unprofessional nature such as sexual harassment.

Who’s Covered

The Named Insured and any Wholly Owned or Financially Controlled Subsidiaries listed on the policy are the primary recipients of coverage. Employees and volunteers while performing work for your organization are also included as insureds. Other Stakeholders such as Landlords, Mortgagees, Lessors of Equipment and Government Funding Sources can be included as Additional Insureds.

Your organization, depending on your mission, may want to add the following provisions to your Commercial General Liability policy.

Lamb Financial Group will work with your Human Service Organization to arrange the most comprehensive and appropriate coverage at the best price.

Value to the Client

No organization can operate with the uncertainty caused by risk from lawsuits. Commercial General Liability Insurance transfers that risk from the organization to an insurer providing peace of mind. Lenders and other Funding Sources will demand proof there is insurance by the organization before loans, grants or other funds are pledged.

Certification Courses for Finance #cornerstone #professional #liability #consultants


About IMCA

Investment Management Consultants Association ® was established in 1985 to deliver premier investment consulting and wealth management credentials and world-class educational offerings through membership, conferences, research, and publications. IMCA sets the global standards and practices for the investment management consulting profession and provides investment consultants and wealth managers with the credentials and tools required to best serve their clients anywhere in the world.

IMCA is proud to serve more than 11,000 members and certificants in 37 countries worldwide, including 7,403 CIMA certificants and 1,184 CPWA professionals, as of November 30, 2016. Each member must subscribe to and each designee must adhere to IMCA’s Code of Professional Responsibility. In addition, IMCA’s Standards of Practice and Performance Reporting Standards provide practical guidance to investment management consultants in the course of conducting their practices and providing services to clients.

Certified Investment Management Analyst®
The cornerstone of IMCA is the Certified Investment Management Analyst ® certification. The CIMA ® certification reflects experience, education, examination, and ethical standards. Those who have earned the CIMA certification have at least three years of experience in financial services, have passed an extensive background check, have completed a demanding two-step, graduate-level program of study, and have passed a comprehensive examination.

Certified Private Wealth Advisor ®
IMCA’s Certified Private Wealth Advisor ® (CPWA ® ) certification was launched in 2007 and facilitates an advanced expertise in the life cycle of wealth: accumulation, preservation and protection, and distribution. Those who earn this designation learn to identify and analyze challenges facing high-net-worth clients and how to develop specific strategies to minimize taxes, monetize and protect assets, maximize growth, and transfer wealth.

IMCA’s certifications are offered in conjunction with three of the top business schools in the United States, as well as one leading business school in Australia: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business; The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; the Yale School of Management; and Investment Management Research Centre of University of Technology Sydney. Click here to learn more about these Registered Education Providers.

Advanced Education
To further distinguish its members, IMCA is dedicated to the advanced education of investment and wealth management professionals. IMCA conferences hosted more than 4,000 attendees in 2013. The IMCA Annual Conference offers headline general sessions and leading-edge workshops covering topics such as practice management, technology, international investments, and wealth management. The 2013 specialty conference calendar delivers four in-depth events with agendas focused on relevant topics like advanced wealth management, alternative investments, and investment theory. In addition to its Annual Conference and four specialty conferences, IMCA hosted six Best of IMCA seminars in 2013.

In addition to onsite offerings, IMCA provides interactive audio broadcasts that concentrate on current industry hot topics. IMCA also offers an entry-level certificate program, Essentials of Investment Consulting. The association’s publications include Investments Wealth Monitor. a bi-monthly educational magazine featuring professional contributors addressing everyday issues; the Journal of Investment Consulting. which delves into the research and theory of investments; and IMCA Research Quarterly. which provides proprietary, in-depth research for IMCA members, by IMCA members.

Governance Structure
A thirteen-member board of directors, including four officers, governs IMCA. The past chair serves one additional term of office, and the executive director serves on the board ex-officio. Volunteer committees, such as certification, conferences, membership, and wealth management, provide input to the board and assist in directing the activities of the association.

For the advanced investment and wealth management professional, IMCA is an ethical and trustworthy conduit to cutting-edge investment strategies that maximize wealth potential.

Impartiality Statement
IMCA and its management are committed to ensuring that its certification and other activities are undertaken impartially, objectively, and fairly. To this end, IMCA’s policies, procedures, and actions are applied evenly to all persons. IMCA also manages conflicts of interest, and ensures that its activities and decisions are not adversely influenced by irrelevant factors. IMCA further is committed to ensuring that its certification activities are independent of its other activities, and that its decisions at all phases of certification are made without bias or prejudice and based entirely upon the criteria for certification.

Motorhome hire excess insurance #campervan #hire #insurance,excess #liability #cover, #insurance4motorhomerental, #motorhome #excess #insurance, #motor #home, #camper #van, #motorhome #campervan, #questor #motorhome #insurance, #worldwideinsure #motorhome #excess #insurance,excess #insurance, #collision #damage #waiver, #auto #insurance, #car #rental #excess, #rental #car #insurance, #car #hire #excess #insurance, #auto #insurance, #european #car #rental #insurance, #super #cdw, #cdw, #ldw, #annual #excess #insurance, #collision #damage #waiver, #daily #excess, #loss #damage #waiver, #supplementary #liability #insurance #for #car #hire, #insurance4carhire, #questor #insurance, #questor #car #hire #excess #insurance, #available #worldwide, #insurance4carrental, #holiday #autos, #towergate #underwriting #group #ltd, #travel #insurance


Have you thought about taking out motorhome | campervan hire excess insurance?

Insure the excess on your motorhome hire with a daily insurance policy

The excess liability motorhome insurance if bought directly from a motorhome hire company is often very expensive. This is ideal for renting a motorhome for a holiday abroad or in the UK.

When you rent a motorhome / campervan are you aware that the Excess can cost more than the vehicle? Motorhome hire excess insurance is a great way to save money and have peace of mind when you rent a motorhome / campervan.

Do you know that it could cost you a lot of money for any damage to your motorhome rental vehicle? EVEN IF IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

For a low daily premium a motorhome hire excess insurance company can provide excess insurance protecting the customer against excess charges whenever he / she rents a motorhome.

When you rent a motorhome, you will find that your motorhome rental agreement normally includes cover for Collision Damage Waiver – CDW (damage to the rental vehicle) and Theft. There is almost always an excess on the Collision Damage Waiver and Theft.

You are however still liable for the Excess on CDW and Theft.

When a motorhome / camper van is damaged or stolen, the driver is asked to pay the first portion of the repair or replacement costs. This is known as the Excess.

Motorhome hire excess insurance policies can be purchased by people resident anywhere in the world (however you should check with individual insurance providers for their terms and condition s)

Click on a logo below for more information from providers below advertising motorhome hire excess insurance on this site

Excess is also known as, non-waiver, the deductible or super CDW . Excess is a voluntary insurance and is sold by car rental companies at the counter when the customer collects the car (or when the booking is made). It is usually charged on a Daily basis and applies to Car hire . Van hireand Motorhome hire

The customer has the right to accept or decline the car rental company’s Excess. If they do decline, they will be responsible for the excess charges if they have any damage to the vehicle. In some cases the car hire company will not let the hirer take delivery of the car unless they take out the excess.

The cost of the Excess will vary according to:

  • The rental company
  • Size of the rental vehicle
  • The country in which the car is picked-up

You can take out a daily policy, annual policy, a family policy and customers up to the age of 84 can be covered.

When you buy your car hire insurance from a specialist you will save �’s – �’s – $’s compared to the cost of buying the cover when you pick up your motorhome or book the motorhome hire from a mototorhome rental company.

Remove your motorhome hire excess now

Motor home excess Insurance Providers below

Questor insurance services Car Hire Excess – Motorhome – Minibus Hire Excess – Car club Van Hire Excess Insurance

They also offer

Car hire excess insurance

Van hire excess insurance

Minibus hire excess insurance

Car Club hire excess insurance

Motorcycle hire excess insurance

Please note that none of the insurance companies currently advertising on this site appear to offer motorcycle hire excess insurance either in the UK or overseas. If you are looking for Motorcyle or Scooter insurance find out more Here

If you are in the Self Drive Motorhome Hire business and are looking for insurance for your hire vehicle fleet – find out more about INSURE CARHIRE .co.uk HERE – Also Van Hire and Car Hire

Looking for Motorhome / Campervan/ Caravan insurance for your own personal vehicle?

Click on the logo below

Tips for motorhome users

Know the height of your vehicle. There low bridges, car park entrances that a 4X4 would fit under, but the extra height on the motorhome means these ar no go areas.You will find yourself looking for large open carparks that will allow you to enter and exit easily.

Secure all your belongings in the vehicle. You don’t want some of your belongings joining you at the front of the vehicle whilst you are speeding along the motorway.

Don’t take too much with you. The more you carry in the way of food, drink and belongings (including large containers of dog food if you are taking your dog) the heavier the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Do not to belt along -50/65 mph (80/105 km/h) appears to be both economic on the fuel and easier for emergency braking (remember there is 3.0/3.5 tonnes to stop!).

Keep the external dimensions of your vehicle to hand (such as behind the sun visor). Remember the extra length of the vehicle when turning.

One advantage of driving a motorhome is that you have very good visibility over most other traffic.

Reversing – Many motoromes have a camera to assist reversing, some drivers find that even with a camera to assist it is still tricky but the more you do it the more experienced you should become.

If you go and put your bike/s in a cover on the back of the motorhome, you might find that view from the camera is blocked.

Wedges – when you park on a slope, make sure that wedges are put behind the vehicle’s rear wheels. If there are none provided, use some brick or large stones.

If you have any tips, please contact us with them Here

Apollo Motorhome Holidays has joined forces with Hertz – February 2011

Questor for motorhome hire insurance – February 2011

Camper Van Hire Camper Van Hire Classics – September 2010

insurance4carrental.com website is marketing motorhome excess insurance – July 10

Media / Press Releases HERE

Motorhome hire excess insurance policies can be purchased by people resident anywhere in the world?

So if you live in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, USA, South Africa, Cyprus,Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, New Zealand or Canada and other countries, you should be able to buy car hire insurance from one the insurance companies advertising on this site.

You should of course check with individual insurance providers for their terms and conditions. Find out more Here

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Guides on driving abroadClick on an area below