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Start Your Law Training in 2012

Discover and compare the top UK global providers of legal training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) law courses. Whether you are looking for a full-time degree or the flexibility of studying online, we will help you compare pricing, facilities and courses from our network of leading law schools.

Are you looking to become a solicitor? There is no better time to receive your law degree. The LPC, LLB, BPTC and LLM are just a few popular qualifications that will help you start your legal career.

If you are a current lawyer aiming to strengthen your legal knowledge, then CPD law courses in the UK will help you to improve your CV and skills. This includes a range of seminars, events, podcasts, conferences and webinars where you can stay ahead of legislation with current knowledge. Agricultural Law, Charity Law and Family Law are just a few CPD courses offered around the UK. Begin your legal training in 2012 and make sure your are in control of your career prospects.

Top 10 Most Popular Law Courses In 2012

  1. 1.LPC (Legal Practice Course) | The Legal Practice Course (LPC) is intended to provide you with the crucial knowledge and practice skills to enable you to confidently enter into Training Contracts on your final step to becoming a solicitor. The LPC is designed as the crossing from academia into the professional legal world within a law firm.
  2. 2.LLB Courses | The LLB qualification is an undergraduate honours degree in law and meets SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) and BSB (Bar Standards Boards) requirements as the academic stage of training towards becoming a solicitor or a barrister.
  3. 3.GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) Courses | The Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) was designed to reroute candidates with a non-law degree into the path to become a barrister or solicitor. Once you have completed the GDL, you will be qualified to undertake the Legal Practice Course (LPC).
  4. 4.LLM Degree Courses | An LLM degree is a Master of Laws and would be the designation used when you have successfully completed the course. It is an internationally recognized postgraduate degree in law normally achieved by a one-year full-time programme.
  5. 5.BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) | The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is the first postgraduate course in the route towards becoming a barrister in England and Wales. The BPTC is intended to develop the necessary skills for you to engage in case analysis, court room and advisory activities, and are taught by experienced practitioners.
  6. 6.CPE (Common Professional Exam) Courses | The Common Professional Examination or CPE is the route taken by those without a law degree as their first degree, to allow them entry onto the LPC or BPTC programmes.
  7. 7.BVC (Bar Vocational Course) | The Bar Vocational Course (BVC) is the graduate course that you need to successfully pass in order to be called to the Bar to practise as a Barrister within England and Wales. The BVC is the second and vocational stage of the route to becoming a barrister.
  8. 8.Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice | The Postgraduate Diploma in Legal practice is designed to prepare you for the final stage of becoming a fully qualified solicitor; the Training Contract. The year-long intensive course will equip you, as a future solicitor, with all of the practical skills and knowledge. The course is intended to ensure you are sought after by law firms deciding on which candidate to accept into their trainee Training Contracts.
  9. 9.Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT) Courses | The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test or QLTT is a course which provides the route for solicitors from other countries and jurisdictions to become recognised solicitors in England and Wales. As it is a conversion course, it is also used by barristers in the UK to qualify as solicitors in the same jurisdiction.
  10. 10.Bar Transfer Test (BTT) | The Bar Transfer Test (BTT) is the route that qualified solicitors and lawyers from other jurisdictions take to enable them to practice at the Bar in England and Wales. Also known as the Bar Aptitude Test, the BTT is the solicitor equivalent to the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT)


Law CPD gives you the opportunity to advance yourself through professional development as a qualified lawyer and to maintain and improve your standards of advocacy in the legal profession.

CPD for lawyers refers to the range of courses available to you as a solicitor or barrister, to help move your career to another level in terms of professional advancement and the associated financial remuneration increases. Continuing professional education is also a requirement under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Bar Standards Board for all practising solicitors and barristers within the UK.

Studying Law

Studying law is not only the route for you to have a prestigious and potentially high paying career, but also offers a high degree of intellectual development benefits in areas such as research, analysis and debate. Studying law can lead to you to becoming a lawyer or a barrister. It can also lead to many other exciting careers, where a legal appreciation would be of tremendous benefit or even prerequisite, such as in senior positions within business, commerce and the public sector.

Director of legal clinic for Black Canadians charged diamond ring to company credit card, Metro Toronto, legal funding company.#Legal #funding #company


Director of legal clinic for Black Canadians charged diamond ring to company credit card

  • Legal funding company
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    Legal funding company

    Torstar News Service File

    Margaret Parsons is the executive director of the African Canadian Legal Clinic.

    Legal funding company

    Legal funding company

    A Toronto legal clinic that has advocated for the Black community for over two decades is in jeopardy of having its funding cut amid allegations of financial mismanagement, Metro has learned.

    The African Canadian Legal Clinic has failed to address a number of issues, including misuse of public funds, since they first surfaced in 2009, according to a June 2016 decision from a committee of Legal Aid Ontario’s board of directors. The decision, obtained this summer by Metro, found the clinic was in fundamental breach of its obligations under its funding agreement with Legal Aid Ontario.

    The decision specifically cites an audit by independent auditors PwC, which names Margaret Parsons, the clinic’s executive director, and found she charged $754 for a diamond ring to a company credit card in 2007. Auditors found no evidence the money had been paid back.

    The decision also alleges the clinic used money from undisclosed staff vacancies to pay out $170,000 in bonuses, including $121,000 that went to Parsons.

    In an interview with Metro, Parsons denied any wrongdoing and said no public funds were ever misused. She did not deny that she bought the ring with the card but says she paid it back twice and provided auditors with a receipt. She also said the clinic was transparent about staff vacancies and she never gave or received the bonuses.


    We’ve always been treated as a pariah of the clinic system, she said, adding the African Canadian Legal Clinic has been held to a higher standard than other community legal clinics.

    They have never given us a fair shake, she said about Legal Aid.

    Parsons said the non-profit clinic has 26 employees, with a budget of about $1.7 million a year that’s for the most part public funding.

    The clinic committee of Legal Aid’s board of directors is expected to decide in the next few weeks if it will suspend the funding it provides.

    The money makes up 35 per cent of the clinic’s total annual income, according to Legal Aid, which Parsons confirmed. In 2016/2017, Legal Aid gave $669,730 to the clinic, Legal Aid spokesman Graeme Burk told Metro.

    Since 1994, the African Canadian Legal Clinic has advocated for the Black community on issues ranging from school board discrimination to carding.

    “Before Black Lives Matter was around, this clinic was talking about anti-Black racism when no one wanted to say the word,” Parsons said.

    Legal Aid’s concerns date back several years.

    A 2003 forensic audit by Legal Aid Ontario identified several problems with management at the African Canadian Legal Clinic, the Toronto Star reported. Later that year, Legal Aid and the clinic’s board of directors announced a plan to address concerns, including accounting problems, according to the Star.

    Legal Aid staff became concerned again in 2009 following the resignation of two clinic board members over concerns of “financial irregularities” and “gross misconduct and illegalities,” the June 2016 decision states, referencing emails from the board members. Legal Aid hired PwC to complete a forensic audit that was finalized in 2013.

    Parsons disputes that the board members resigned because of financial concerns and said it was the clinic that requested the PwC audit.

    The PwC audit also found that a clinic credit card was used to buy alcohol from the LCBO for on-site “Bacardi Friday” events.

    A separate 2014 report from Legal Aid found $6,650 in unexplained cash advances using the African Canadian Legal Clinic’s credit card and flagged $39,007 spent on taxis in Toronto.

    Parsons said in the interview that the taxis were legitimate travel expenses for clinic employees. She said the unexplained cash advances and alcohol purchases are due to a few employees who were immediately fired when she found out. She also said that the money was paid back to the clinic.

    Based on that report, the clinic was found in “fundamental breach” of its statutory obligations under the Legal Aid funding agreement and was instructed to meet eight conditions to avoid losing funding, ranging from training for board members to submitting a financial restructuring plan.

    The June 2016 decision found that the clinic had met only one of them: to cooperate with an audit of overtime. A second internal document from Legal Aid Ontario references a decision from early 2017 that found the African Canadian Legal Clinic had made some progress but had not fulfilled the eight conditions. It declared funding would be suspended March 31, 2017 unless there was full compliance from the board and management.

    Parsons and Rawle Elliott, the chair of the clinic’s board, told Metro that all conditions have since been met.

    “It’s challenging for a volunteer board, but we’ve met the challenge,” Elliott said.

    Burk, the Legal Aid spokesperson, wrote in an email to Metro that “whether or not (the clinic) has complied with the conditions is the very question before the Clinic Committee. We cannot comment beyond that.”

    Julian Falconer, a lawyer hired to handle the issue for Legal Aid, said the agency has convened an advisory committee of African Canadian leaders who are helping to assess what the needs are in the community and how to meet them “regardless of what direction the clinic committee takes.”

    “It’s essential that at the end of the day the folks that were ultimately intended to be helped by legal services are not lost in what has been a difficult process,” he added.

    Falconer said the findings of the clinic committee in the 2016 decision obtained by Metro “speak for themselves.”

    “No one is happy with the nature of the allegations involved here. Everyone is concerned,” he added.

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    If you need assistance with a bankruptcy or other legal matter, contact our Guam bankruptcy attorney. Our lawyer has over 23 years of experience as a trial lawyer. He is a Guam bankruptcy lawyer that can help you overcome the challenges you face during a particularly difficult time. He is the Guam bankruptcy attorney you can trust.

    Areas of Practice related to Bankruptcy

    Our Guam bankruptcy attorney focuses his practice in a variety of legal areas, including:

    • Personal Injury. If you have been injured in an accident, you will need the assistance of counsel to represent your rights against opposing parties and uncooperative insurance companies.
    • Bankruptcy. Those going through financial difficulties may be faced with overbearing creditors and banks. A Guam bankruptcy lawyer can advocate for your rights and protect your assets.
    • Immigration. Immigration laws can be extremely confusing and complex. Given the high stakes of many immigration cases, you may want professional assistance.
    • Criminal. You may have been falsely accused of a crime. Our attorney is a former federal prosecutor and understands how unfair the criminal justice system may be.
    • Employment. If you have been discriminated against at work, wrongly terminated, or not paid the salary you are owed, you will want to contact an attorney.
    • Estate Planning. Prepare for the distribution of your assets with a trust, will, or other estate planning instrument.
    • Small Business Law. Small businesses may be particularly vulnerable to personal liability claims. Depending upon your business, you may also face unique challenges such as those relating to contracts, compliance, and other issues.

    Our attorney is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality legal services. He works hard to ensure that his clients receive the representation they need and fairest chance. To learn more about the particular legal issue you are facing, contact a Guam bankruptcy attorney.

    Contact a Guam bankruptcy attorney. You may be at a severe disadvantage in your legal matter. That is why it is important to work with a Guam bankruptcy lawyer. The legal issues related to bankruptcy or other legal matters can be extremely complicated and a Guam bankruptcy attorney can help explain to you options and strategies to overcome the problem.

    Experience. Knowledge. Commitment.

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    Thank you for visiting Westchase Law, P.A. experienced Tampa lawyers. who recognize the importance of having an attorney in Tampa, Florida who will advise, assist and advocate for you through bureaucratic processes and court proceedings.

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    C. Todd Marks is an attorney who believes in an environment that shows respect and professionalism not only to our clients, but also to our adversaries and their counsel. By doing so we establish goodwill that ultimately benefits our clients.

    Tampa Lawyer providing personal attention to your legal concerns in Florida

    Westchase Law, P.A. offers individualized attention in a range of civil law matters:

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    Westchase Law, P.A. provides legal assistance throughout Florida—many legal matters can be handled by telephone to save expenses for our clients. We are capable of representing clients from Duval to Dade counties. Primarily, we represent clients in Hillsborough, Hernando, Manatee, Pasco, and Pinellas counties.

    You need an experienced Tampa Lawyer to litigate your case

    Through training and practice our attorneys are comfortable in the court room and familiar with the appropriate pleadings and legal tactics to move a case through the litigation process if litigation is absolutely necessary. Our firm employs a common sense approach to dispute resolution.

    We have represented partners and shareholders in corporate disputes over corporate assets, including disputes over real estate, and aggressively work to obtain a satisfactory resolution of complicated commercial disputes for our clients.

    We guide our Florida clients through all legal challenges

    Our attorneys employ a common sense approach to dispute resolution and pursues litigation when absolutely necessary. Our lawyers understand Tampa Law. We are comfortable in the courtroom, and we are familiar with the appropriate negotiation strategies and legal tactics to move a case through the litigation process.

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    • An End to Collection Harassment
    • An End to Crippling Debt
    • An End to Wage Garnishment
    • An End to Repossession
    • Ad End to Financial Uncertainty

    $0.00 Down Emergency Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13* Delivers a fresh start at a new financial future.

    Call Now for details of this special program and to schedule your FREE initial Consultation.

  • How do I rebuild my credit score to 720
    If I file Bankruptcy?

    See how Redman Ludwig provides the guidance
    to help you get back to a 720 at NO CHARGE.

    • An End to Collection Harassment
    • An End to Crippling Debt
    • An End to Wage Garnishment
    • An End to Repossession
    • Ad End to Financial Uncertainty

    $0.00 Down Emergency Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13* Delivers a fresh start at a new financial future.

    Call Now for details of this special program and to schedule your FREE initial Consultation.

    Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorneys

    Personal and Business Bankruptcy Lawyers in Marion County

    If you are one of many millions of people struggling with debt problems, your life is full of uncertainty and pressure. Every working day, we help people facing urgent concerns such as home foreclosure, creditor lawsuits and wage garnishment. Many others who come to us feel crippled by debts and poor credit that impact nearly every aspect of their lives.

    At Redman Ludwig, P.C.. we have over 60 years of collective experience helping Indiana individuals, families and businesses find the best solutions to financial problems. Although bankruptcy is not the answer in every situation, when handled properly it is the most powerful tool for eliminating debt. Whether you believe you need to file bankruptcy or are searching for alternatives, you can turn to us.

    To speak to an Attorney Free of Charge Call 317-800-6181

    Honest, Experienced Guidance, Whatever Your Financial Problems and Goals

    People get in financial trouble for a vast array of reasons beyond their control: job loss and business downturns, divorce, unexpected medical bills, and simply trying to keep up with family needs, to name a few. Our Indianapolis bankruptcy attorneys genuinely understand and want to help you find the best path back to stability. We are a proven resource for:

    • Basic bankruptcy information to determine whether you should file and what your life can look like if you do
    • Informed legal guidance on a full range of debt problems and solutions as well as the specific benefits of bankruptcy
    • In-depth knowledge of the requirements and processes for filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. Chapter 11 business bankruptcy or other solutions
    • Options and answers for people whose primary concerns involve saving and protecting property — including those facing Indiana home foreclosure

    Take a Positive Step: Learn Your Real Debt Relief Options

    Bankruptcy is not about giving up or walking away from responsibilities. It is about making a positive change. It is also a longstanding legal and financial necessity in our country — offering people a way to get through hard times, start fresh and be productive again.

    If you want to talk with a lawyer who will take your situation as it stands and work with you toward an affordable, life-changing solution, please contact us today. We offer payment plans and will deduct initial consultation costs from our fees if you retain us.

    We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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    Academic Programs Health Information Management

    Visit the Health Information Management Academic Program page on MC’s online catalog

    The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Midland College is committed to creating an educated workforce by offering occupational programs that lead to gainful employment.

    Medical Coding Specialist
    Health Data Coordinator
    Health Data Specialist – Physician Practice

    The Health Information Management online associate degree program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health information management jobs are expected to increase by 15% from 2014-2024. The median income is $37,110, (2015 statistic), but additional credentials do add to the marketability of professionals.

    The HIM program was established in 1998 as a traditional face-to-face program. In 2007-2008, the HIM program transitioned to an “online only” program to meet the needs of working students and professionals. The exception to online courses are the requirement for clinical courses completed onsite at a facility (HITT 2261 for the associate degree and HITT 1167 for Medical Coding Specialist certificate).

    Program Statistics for years 2011- 2016 :
    Registered Health Information Technologist: 91 % pass rate for graduates t aking RHIT exam.
    Employer Satisfaction Rate: 100%
    Student Graduate Survey, Satisfaction Rate: 100%

    Many students admitted into the program have already completed one degree, and some have bachelors or masters degrees. The reason they pursue the associate degree training is to be eligible for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) upon graduation. The RHIT credential, and the RHIA credential for the bachelor’s degree, continue to be a preferred credential that healthcare employers seek when hiring Health Information Management candidates.

    Online Technology Requirements

    Students meet the minimum requirements listed on Canvas to complete the courses. See for details.

    Students must be self-motivated, able to comprehend information in written form, and have the ability to communicate effectively both in written and verbal forms. Students should also be able to research websites, upload and download documents, post discussions, and access email. The courses are not self-paced, but have scheduled weekly due dates for assignments, discussions, and tests. Students should expect to spend 6 9 hours per 3 hour credit course to complete assignments, readings, and tests. Instructors are available to answer questions online or by phone related to course topics.

    Skills Needed for Health Information Profession:

    ability to analyze patient data for payment or registry information,
    able to sit for long periods to complete work at work station
    research and review patient information for regulatory compliance,
    code and categorize patient information using standard coding systems.
    communicate effectively with patients, physicians, and other customers
    ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
    keyboarding skills and ability to use software systems, patient portals, etc.

    Students may apply to the program in the semester they are completing the prerequisites. Final grades will be verified before admittance. Students are accepted prior to each semester (Summer, Fall, and Spring). Most of the students in the programs are considered part-time; taking 2 to 3 classes each semester since most have part-time or full-time jobs. There are approximately 70-80 students taking HIM classes or prerequisite courses to gain admission to the program.

    Clinical Requirement Onsite:

    Students that live outside the local Midland area are able to locate clinical sites in their area with the assistance of the HIM program. More information and directions are given to students upon acceptance into the program (courses related to associate degree and Medical Coding Specialist certificate). Prior to the clinical course, students are required to meet certain facility requirements to attend clinical practice. These include a background check, drug screen, immunizations, and other requirements based of the facility. More information provided prior to clinicals.

    See Frequently Asked Questions for more information and application.

    Click on the links below for the suggested sequence of courses for Midland College’s Health Information Management associate of applied science degree and for the various Health Information Management certificates.

    Click on the links below for the suggested sequence of courses for Midland College’s Health Information Management associate of applied science degree and for the various Health Information Management certificates.

    Associate of Applied Science Degree for Health Information Management

    Medical Coding Specialist Certificate

    Health Data Coordinator Certificate

    Student Support Coordinator, Raquel Valenzuela, RHIT
    2 1 8 DFHS, 432-685- 6893

    Midland College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award certificates and associate and baccalaureate degrees Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Midland College.

    Notice of Non-discrimination (Title IX)

    Defense Strategy in Criminal Cases #defense #strategy #in #criminal #cases, #defense #strategy #criminal,criminal #cases #lawyers,strategy #criminal #cases,defense #strategy,criminal #law,criminal #cases,version #events,law,lawyer,criminal,defense,lawyers,strategy,legal,case,defendant,evidence,version,script,truth,private


    Defense Strategy in Criminal Cases

    You and your criminal defense lawyer work together when you create your defense strategy. This strategy usually emerges when the lawyer finds out what evidence the prosecution has along with your version of the event.

    How is a Defense Strategy Formed?

    You should always tell your lawyer the whole true story so he/she can help you adequately. A defense strategy is formed when you and your lawyer fit together the version of events that is more likely to produce a satisfactory outcome for you. For example, you are not guilty because you acted in self-defense. It is up to the attorney and you to develop the most legally helpful, accurate version of events that is relevant to the case and is consistent with physical evidence.

    Are there Other Reasons to Tell the Truth to my Lawyer?

    Yes, the truth might reveal that you are guilty, but only of a less-serious offense. If the defendant lies and insists on complete innocence and the evidence is against him/her, the lawyer can’t arrive at a realistic plea bargain, or ask the jury to convict on the lesser offense. A defendant’s truthful story might reveal facts that suggest such a result. The defense attorney can also use such facts to argue for minimum punishments if you are convicted. For example, the defendant was duped into committing the crime.

    What Kind of Defense Strategies are there?

    Every defense will be different based upon the details of the case. However, most defenses will fall into one of three categories:

    • Denial the defendant will claim that he or she is completely innocent. Such defenses utilize alibis and the fact that a jury must be beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a defendant.
    • Admission the defendant will admit that some facts cited by the prosecution are true, but that the outcome is different then what the prosecution believes. For example, if fingerprints are present at the scene of a robbery, then an admission defense would say that the defendant was indeed at the scene, but that the defendant was a customer, not a criminal.
    • Confession the defendant admits to guilt, but there may be mitigating factors which might lessen the sentence. Insanity is an example of such defenses.
      Remember that the defense attorney cannot lie nor can the defense attorney encourage others to lie. The type of defense strategy will rely on the type of evidence that the prosecution can bring to the case.

    What If I Prefer A Different Defense Strategy To The One My Attorney Wants To Use?

    The attorney, via fiduciary duty. is suppose to gather the client s support as much as possible. During the trial the attorney is the one in charge, as ruled by the Federal Supreme Court. Prior to the trial though, the client should raise his or her concerns about the case. If the client is truly unhappy with the way the attorney is directing the case, the client may ask for another attorney if the current attorney is a public defender or hire a new attorney.

    Keep in mind, however, that circumstances must be very bad for a court to assign a new public defender to a criminal defendant who cannot afford to hire a new lawyer. Although the attorney is expected to make all the tactical decisions, the client is one whose fate is being decided and as such has the right to voice his or her concerns.

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    The prospect of an IRS audit, tax collection dispute with the government or business and employment tax problem is never a welcome one for a hard-working, law-abiding private individual, family or corporation. When a tax controversy arises, the guidance and negotiation skills of a skilled tax attorney are essential.

    In Washington, DC, across the state of Maryland and throughout Northern Virginia, the experienced tax lawyer who can help you is Glen Frost, founder of Frost Associates, Attorneys at Law.

    Mr. Frost represents clients nationwide in collection, examination and appeals matters pending before the IRS and state taxing authorities. Additionally, Mr. Frost represents clients in criminal and civil matters pending in the United States District Court and the United States Tax Court. Mr. Frost also provides tax planning advice on a wide range of issues.

    As an active Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Frost has testified as an expert witness in a criminal tax sentencing in United States District Court. He has provided forensic accounting services, reconstructing income, preparing back tax returns and assisting clients for compliance with the IRS’s Voluntary Disclosure Program. Mr. Frost has also assisted clients with complying with FBAR reporting requirements.

    Contact us. To speak with an experienced Washington, DC, tax law attorney today, free of charge, call 202-618-1873.

    In many instances, it is not necessary to meet with clients in person. Communication by phone, fax or e-mail may be more than sufficient and can spare you unnecessary travel expense. At Frost Associates, Attorneys at Law, we place special focus on convenience for you at all times.

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