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Acronis Backup Restore Solutions

Acronis is a leading backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access provider to consumers, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis products provide easy, complete, and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile devices. When it comes to new generation data protection, Acronis is the undisputed leader.

Backup everything

Your world is no longer limited to your PC. Use a single backup solution for complete backup of your Windows® PC, Mac®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android® devices, and even your Facebook® feed.


Faster than the competition! Proprietary technology provides the fastest backup to local drives. Cloud backups, archives, and synchronization take advantage of your entire broadband capability.


Full image backup. Local and cloud backup. Multi-platform mobile backup to PC and cloud. Modern disk drive and NAS device support. Full computer recovery to dissimilar hardware. Social backup. Remote backup plans. Cloud and local archive. File synchronization.

Acronis Products for Home and Business

Acronis True Image 2017

Your world is no longer limited to your PC. Use Acronis True Image 2017 as your single backup solution for complete backup of your Windows® PC, Mac®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android® devices, and even your Facebook® feed.

Acronis Disk Director 12

Acronis Disk Director 12 is the essential toolkit to manage your data and hard drives. Easily create hard disk partitions;
resize, move or merge partitions without risk of data loss. Recovery also becomes easier with Acronis Recovery Expert.

Acronis Backup 12

With the solution’s unified web console, Acronis Backup 12 gives you the easiest and fastest backup of Microsoft Windows® and Linux® servers; virtual VMware® and Microsoft Hyper-V®; cloud Microsoft Azure® VMs and Amazon® EC2 instances; Microsoft Exchange®, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and Active Directory® applications; local and remote Microsoft Windows and Mac® workstations and laptops; as well as iPhone®, iPad® and Android® devices.

Acronis Backup Advanced

Acronis Backup Advanced delivers complete data protection for your entire environment – on-premise systems and cloud workloads. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, the solution provides a single pane of glass management console for complete backup and recovery of your physical Windows® / Linux servers and PCs; virtual VMware® vSphere ESX(i), Microsoft® Hyper-V, Citrix® XenServer, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, Oracle® VM Server systems; Microsoft Exchange®, SQL Server®, SharePoint®, Active Directory®.


L3 Security and Detection Systems – leading global supplier of aviation threat detection systems, advanced explosives detection systems for checked baggage, image free people and passenger security scanners, and security screening for cabin bags # #body #scanner #airport, #xray #body #scanner, #image #free #people #screener, #airport #security #scanner, #airport #security #screening #machine, #airline #passenger #security #screening, #cabin #baggage #screener, #carry-on #bag #scanner, #hand #baggage #screening, #explosives #detection #system, #liquid #explosives #detection #system, #ct #technology, #aviation #threat #detection


Advanced Personnel Screening

Deployed at security checkpoints in airports, courthouses, correctional institutions and other facilities, our security systems quickly screen subjects using safe active millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency technology to detect concealed objects made of any material.

Air Cargo Screening

With today’s evolving air cargo security challenges, you need reliable, high-throughput equipment that is cost effective, tuned to your demanding environment and backed by an experienced team of trainers and support engineers.

Ports & Borders Security Solutions

L-3’s ports and borders solutions offer customs and security officers a portfolio of configurable high-energy X-ray screening systems, integration and support services that keep commerce flowing smoothly—everywhere cargo travels.

Checked Baggage Screening

Our comprehensive portfolio of hold baggage scanners includes Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) for every throughput class including the new ultra high-speed, dual-energy MV3D . Solutions you can count on to keep bags moving to planeside.

Aviation Checkpoint Screening

Designed to detect explosives, firearms, drugs and other contraband our checkpoint screening products incorporate a variety of proven technologies such as automated, conventional, and X-ray; image-free safe active millimeter wave; metal detection; and energetic materials detection for trace explosives.

High Quality, Experienced Support

Globally recognized for our commitment to customer care, L-3 leverages the strength and experience of one of the industry’s largest service organizations to provide unrivaled support of our systems and products.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure, such as a nuclear power generation facility, needs to place a heavy emphasis on security because of the potentially huge economic and social impact of an intrusion. We deliver a range of checkpoint security solutions designed to detect explosives, firearms, radioactive materials and other banned items.

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Free Backup Software

Feature Highlights

We created FBackup with the purpose of giving users a way to easily protect their data by backing it up. By downloading FBackup, you will be able to create a backup and set it to run automatically whenever you consider it would be ok to do so. Here’s why you have to use FBackup:

Truly freeware FBackup is free for personal and commercial use and it doesn’t have any 3rd party programs bundled with it or other annoyances. This means that when you install FBackup only it will be installed and you can start creating backups as soon as you click the Backup button from the main interface. Backups in the Cloud With FBackup you can back-up your files and folders in the Cloud to your Google Drive account. Simply connect your account with FBackup and you’ll be able to use it as a Cloud destination. Standard zip compression FBackup uses the standard type of compression, ZIP, for storing your data. Unlike other programs that create their own format, with FBackup you can always rest assure that the saved data can be restored with any ZIP utility. Of course, it provides a way to password-protect your data, so that only you can have access to it. Set it and forget about it Using the backup wizard you have to configure what data to back-up, where to save it but also when to save it. This means that once you defined a backup job, you can schedule it to run automatically so that you won’t have to worry about backing up manually. You will receive reports if a backup had errors or warnings, so that if something went wrong you can act to fix it. Free backup plugins FBackup is the only freeware backup software that supports backup plugins for specific program settings and other custom data, from a list of over 100 different plugins. Once loaded in FBackup, these plugins will list the sources needed to be backed up for that particular program in “Predefined Backups.” You can see a list of all the available backup plugins here (external link): Free Backup Plugins Reliable FBackup is developed by the same team (Softland) and on the same platform as Backup4all. We’re very proud to announce that as of May 31, 2017, Backup4all started its service on the International Space Station. Backup4all was deployed on the ISS crewmembers’ laptops to back up their research data and have a fail-proof restore available. This just speaks by itself in terms of reliability, so you can use FBackup knowing that your data is in right hands.

Download Mirrors

You can download FBackup by using the main download location above, however if for some reason the download isn’t working you can use one of these alternate download locations:

Previous Versions

We always recommend downloading and installing the latest version of FBackup, but if for some reason you want to install the previous versions, you can find it here:

End-user license agreement

FBackup has an End-User License Agreement (EULA) that you have to agree to during the installation in order to be able to start using it. You are advised to read it before continuing the installation. If you want to print and/or read the agreement before starting the installation, use one of the links below to download the EULA for the latest version of FBackup:

FBackup (the product) and are the property of Softland.
All rights reserved. Softland 2006-2017.

Install from Binary Distribution @ ImageMagick #install, #from, #binary, #distribution, #imagemagick, #perlmagick, #image #processing, #image, #photo, #software, #magick++, #openmp, #convert


ImageMagick RPM’s are self-installing. Simply type the following command and you’re ready to start using ImageMagick:

You’ll need the libraries as well:

For other systems, create (or choose) a directory to install the package into and change to that directory, for example:

Next, extract the contents of the package. For example:

Set the MAGICK_HOME environment variable to the path where you extracted the ImageMagick files. For example:

If the bin subdirectory of the extracted package is not already in your executable search path, add it to your PATH environment variable. For example:

On Linux and Solaris machines add $MAGICK_HOME/lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable:

Finally, to verify ImageMagick is working properly, type the following on the command line:

Congratulations, you have a working ImageMagick distribution under Unix or Linux and you are ready to use ImageMagick to convert, compose, or edit your images or perhaps you’ll want to use one of the Application Program Interfaces for C, C++, Perl, and others.

Mac OS X Binary Release

We recommend MacPorts which custom builds ImageMagick in your environment (some users prefer Homebrew ). Download MacPorts and type:

The port command downloads ImageMagick and many of its delegate libraries (e.g. JPEG, PNG, Freetype, etc.) and configures, builds, and installs ImageMagick automagically. Alternatively, you can download the ImageMagick Mac OS X distribution we provide:

Mac OS X El Capitan

Create (or choose) a directory to install the package into and change to that directory, for example:

Next, extract the contents of the package. For example:

Set the MAGICK_HOME environment variable to the path where you extracted the ImageMagick files. For example:

If the bin subdirectory of the extracted package is not already in your executable search path, add it to your PATH environment variable. For example:

Set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable:

Finally, to verify ImageMagick is working properly, type the following on the command line:

Note. the display program requires the X11 server available on your Mac OS X installation DVD. Once that is installed, you will also need to export DISPLAY=:0 .

The best way to deal with all the exports is to put them at the end of your .profile file

Congratulations, you have a working ImageMagick distribution under Mac OS X and you are ready to use ImageMagick to convert, compose, or edit your images or perhaps you’ll want to use one of the Application Program Interfaces for C, C++, Perl, and others.

iOS Binary Release

Claudio provides iOS builds of ImageMagick.

Download iOS Distribution

You can download the iOS distribution directly from ImageMagick’s repository .

There are always 2 packages for the compiled ImageMagick:

The first one includes headers and compiled libraries that have been used to compile ImageMagick. Most users would need this one.

ImageMagick compiling script for iOS OS and iOS Simulator

To run the script:

where VERSION is the version of ImageMagick you want to compile (i.e. 7.0.6-0, svn. )

This script compiles ImageMagick as a static library to be included in iOS projects and adds support for

Upon successful compilation a folder called IMPORT_ME is created on your

/Desktop. You can import it into your XCode project.

XCode project settings

After including everything into XCode please also make sure to have these settings (Build tab of the project information):

  • Other Linker Flags: -lMagickCore-Q16 -lMagickWand-Q16 -ljpeg -lpng -lbz2 -lz
  • Header Search Paths: $(SRCROOT) – make it Recursive
  • Library Search Paths: $(SRCROOT) – make it Recursive

On the lower left click on the small-wheel and select: Add User-Defined Setting

  • Value: -Dmacintosh=1
Sample project

A sample project is available for download. It is not updated too often, but it does give an idea of all the settings and some ways to play around with ImageMagick in an iOS application.

Windows Binary Release

ImageMagick runs on Windows 10 (x86 x64), Windows 8 (x86 x64), Windows 7 (x86 x64), Windows Server 2012, Windows XP (x86) with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista (x86 x64) with Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003 (x86 x64) with Service Pack 2 (verify MSXML6 is present), Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86 x64), Windows Server 2008 (x86 x64) with Service Pack 2, and Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64).

The amount of memory can be an important factor, especially if you intend to work on large images. A minimum of 512 MB of RAM is recommended, but the more RAM the better. Although ImageMagick runs well on a single core computer, it automagically runs in parallel on multi-core systems reducing run times considerably.

The Windows version of ImageMagick is self-installing. Simply click on the appropriate version below and it will launch itself and ask you a few installation questions. Versions with Q8 in the name are 8 bits-per-pixel component (e.g. 8-bit red, 8-bit green, etc.), whereas, Q16 in the filename are 16 bits-per-pixel component. A Q16 version permits you to read or write 16-bit images without losing precision but requires twice as much resources as the Q8 version. Versions with dll in the filename include ImageMagick libraries as dynamic link libraries. Unless you have a Windows 32-bit OS, we recommend this version of ImageMagick for 64-bit Windows:

The Truth About – Before and After – Weight Loss Photos #women #weight #loss,relationships,dating,body #image,before #and #after #photo,weight #loss,weight #loss #before #and #after #body #image,women #before #after #photo


The Truth About ‘Before and After’ Weight Loss Photos

I am the girl on the billboard, the amazing transformation you see on the cover of People magazine, the “before and after” ad for the new diet pill with an asterisk next to my name, the small print reading: *Results not typical. It’s pictures like mine that had a high school version of me spending all of her allowance on Metabolife because if the girl in the magazine could do it, then surely I could, too. And I knew back then that everything in my life would be better, easier, perfect even. if I could just not be fat anymore.

I knew this because that’s what I was told, not by my doctor (because he was old and who needed to listen to him?) but by the most important voices my teenage ears heard. I knew it because Courtney Cox went from being a lonely, dateless loser who breaks porch swings and didn’t have a prom date to a svelte and sexy crop top-wearing serial man-eater on Friends. I knew it because even though she was one of my favorite actresses, Sarah Rue didn’t get the cover of any magazines until she dropped five dress sizes. I knew it because books like Jemima J by Jane Green told me in their shiny chick-lit packaging that even if he notices how smart you are, even if he laughs at your jokes, even if he tells you that you have “such a pretty face,” he won’t admit he wants you until you lose your fat ass. Whether you are seeing it on the silver screen or network cable, on the cover of a magazine or in the pages of a novel, the weight loss Cinderella story you are told is always the same. Lose the fat — and Bibbity Bobbity Boo! — your life instantly becomes a fairy tale.

As someone who has been living as an “after” for the past three years, I can assure you that the fairy tale just isn’t true. Things didn’t suddenly become prime-time perfect when I lost 180 pounds. Yes, I am happier and healthier than I was before my journey started but if you think my life resembles anything like what you see on TV or in the movies you are sadly mistaken. So what does the life of an “after” entail? What’s the part you aren’t seeing in those glossy promotional photos from The Biggest Loser or on the billboards for lap-band surgery on the side of the highway? What does the reality of losing over 150 pounds actually look like? It looks like this:

You see, there is an art to living with a post-weight loss body. It starts every single morning, when I meticulously check myself for new wounds or rashes or sores, side effects of the twenty-some pounds of excess skin that hangs from my frame like a Sharpei. This skin is a road map of scars — incandescent and faded stretch marks from the fluctuations in my weight over the years, crossing the angry, red, raised scabs from my most recent round of infections. It’s skin that no matter how often I have to get medically treated, my health insurance won’t help pay to remove, calling the surgery “cosmetic in nature.” I separate the folds where my navel used to be, before the weight of my apron of excess flesh made it virtually collapse in on itself, and clean it with antibacterial wipes. I make sure I have enough to get me through the day because it is a process I will have to repeat at least once before I go to sleep. I use no fewer than five different ointments and talcums and lotions that are supposed to help keep my skin dry/aid in reducing my scarring/heal my current bedsores. Sometimes I get lucky and there are none. These times are few and far between.

After this initial scar-scanning and cleansing, I begin the process of folding and tucking and binding my body until it looks as tight and as lifted as possible. I put on the clothes I have painstakingly purchased, clothes that 300-pound Candice would have never dreamed of being able to wear. When I was big, this was the part of the fairy tale I fantasized about the most. For years, I had been relegated to the two or three stores that catered to plus-sized women, none of which I would call particularly fashion-forward, because the vast majority of retailers refused to carry my size. The thing is, while I now have virtually every store at my disposal, finding clothing to fit my body is actually harder in some ways. In an era of ultra-low rise, hip-hugging jeans, finding denim that fits my legs while still buttoning over the hang of empty, drooping skin on my stomach is an effort in futility. Shirts with shorter sleeves have to be purchased a size or two up to fit the sag of my bat-wing arms that won’t go away no matter how many bicep curls I do. That leaves the rest of the garment lying listless and sack-like on my now slender frame. Any hopes I had of finally being comfortable in the summertime were dashed the first time I looked for shorts in a size 2 that were long enough to cover the drapes of extra skin that pooled around my thighs. And trust me when I say that there is nothing more frustrating than attempting to find a one-piece bathing suit that is a) not some skirted monstrosity your grandmother would wear and b) not held together by tiny bits of string.

Even the undergarments that I rely on for both support and yes, vanity, stop at a size 4. Nobody with my body could possibly need Spanx, right? As a woman, your hemlines are higher, your fabric is thinner, and your pants are tighter when you dip below a certain size but none of these things work for someone who has pounds of skin to hide. While I would never in a million years pretend to have it as hard as I did when I was plus-sized, shopping did not turn out to be the joy I expected. Instead, it’s become a game of smoke and mirrors and magic tricks, one that I have become a master of over the last three years.

But the smoke and mirrors only go so far, and as a single woman in my early 30s, I’ve had to learn the most painful truth about the weight loss fairy tale: more than one Prince Charming has ridden off on his horse when the reality of my perfectly packaged body turned out not to be as perfect as he thought. Dating becomes less about connection and more about timing.

How many dates can you go on before you have to out yourself as having been fat? How long before they notice that your body doesn’t feel quite right even over your clothes? How long can you put off being seen naked?

You can never quite get comfortable with this secret over your head, this time bomb waiting to blow everything up. Where before you might have felt confident and sexy, you now fumble awkwardly because you are too hyper-focused on hiding your body to let yourself fully enjoy the moment. Yes, some men will tell you that it doesn’t matter. They will tell you that they like you for who you are, that you are beautiful regardless of what’s under your clothes. But that doesn’t stop you from noticing even the slightest hesitation in their touch or a flicker of doubt on their face. And when your relationship ends, like so many do, you are left wondering “what if?” What if you had a normal body? What if you had been the woman he expected based on all his preconceptions? Maybe he didn’t call you back because he didn’t like the way you talked about politics all the time, or perhaps the fact that you curse like a sailor was a turn off for him. Maybe the chemistry just wasn’t there. But in the back of your mind, you always know — or think you know — that it wasn’t any of those things.

Life as an “after” is not perfect. You won’t suddenly get the guy, the promotion, or the popularity you’ve always wanted just because you are thin. If you are looking for a fairytale ending, you won’t find it no matter how much weight you lose. And if you focus only on the aesthetics, your journey won’t ever really be complete. Why? Because you don’t suddenly develop self-esteem when you drop 10 pants sizes or fit into a small. It has taken me a few years, but I am learning how to accept this fact myself. I’m learning to not be ashamed of the physical manifestations of my hard work. Learning to trust that there is someone out there who will love me regardless of whether or not I can ever afford to pay for the reconstructive surgery I so desperately need.

I am not saying I get it right 100 percent of the time, or that I don’t sometimes look in the mirror at my naked body wondering why I am exhausting myself every day for results that I will never fully see. But then I walk up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath or tie my own shoes because I can reach my feet and I remember what my motivation was behind my weight loss to begin with. It wasn’t for a guy or a raise or to fit into some preconceived notion of beauty, but for my physical well-being. That’s the problem with our obsession with “before and afters.” They help sell you a fairytale where everything is perfect with the wave of a magic wand as long as your gown fits nicely. They’re all about what people see and not at all about what truly matters. They don’t tell you the truth: that regardless of what the Monica Gellar’s and Jemima J’s of the world try to tell you, your self-worth is not dependent on a number on the scale or a size tag sewn into the back of a cocktail dress.

You are the same person you were, just with slightly different packaging. And unless you learn to love the person that you see in the “before,” nobody will ever accept you as an “after.” Not even you.

Candice Russell is an activist and freelancer living in Dallas by way of Seattle. Read more of her writing on her blog

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Deer Ridge Golf Club – Brentwoods’ Most Popular Golf Course

Deer Ridge Golf Course could be the most friendly golf experience in all of Brentwood! Set among the picturesque foothills of Mount Diablo, Deer Ridge projects a stunning image for the eye and an incredibly well maintained playing surface for your game. The golf course hugs the curves and contours of Mount Diablo and winds its way through majestic oaks, creating breathtaking views and sharp contrasts of color and terrain.

But the incredible views and amazing conditions are not accompanied by penal and difficult playing conditions. In fact, Deer Ridge is one of the East Bay’s most popular golf courses because it is player-friendly yet provides a professional, 18-hole, championship layout for players of all abilities.The greens are always in very good shape and the green surrounds and fairways nothing short of breathtaking. Deer Ridge is proof positive that a course can be fun for everyone while being extremely well maintained and professionally run at the same time.

Want to work on your game or warm up before you play? Enjoy our extensive short game practice areas before you hit the links, or just come out to enjoy the atmosphere, hit some putts and join us for the afternoon.

Deer Ridge is fun, friendly, challenging and beautiful. The perfect golf course to relax with friends and enjoy a cool beverage while overlooking the lush panoramas that typify the East Bay, and Mt. Diablo.

The 2017 Players Program

Brentwood’s Best Golf Value. The Deer Ridge Player’s Card.

Save big every time you tee it up in 2017! Simply pick up your Players Program Card at the Deer Ridge proshop and begin receiving great savings on every round you play. How could it get any better? How about two free rounds* and year-round discounts every day?

Order your Players Program card in person, or call 925-516-6600 to order over the phone.

The Players Program card is the best deal on the best of Brentwood Golf. Pick one up for yourself and get one for a friend! The card makes a great gift!

*one weekday round and one weekend round included.


Brentwood’s Most Successful Events Begin at Deer Ridge The Most Excellent Events and Tournaments Made Easy Our Professional Team at Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes Golf Clubs is committed to the success of your event. From the planning to implementation; from on-course assistance to excellent food and beverage options, we are here to insure that your event is wrinkle free and worry free. In order to make this happen, we offer a variety of complete, turnkey event packages to choose from, or we’ll Read More


Gratis backup software – Back-ups maken van bestanden met FBackup #backup #software, #fbackup, #gratis #backup-software, #gratis #back-up, #back-up #software #gratis, #gratis #hulpprogramma #back-up, #back-up #vrij, #back-ups, #backup-programma, #backup-software #downloaden, #freebackup, #gratis #downloaden, #data #backup, #back-upbestanden, #gratis #data #backup, #image #back-up, #back-up, #back-up #van #bakcup, #data #backup #software, #back-up #spiegel, #een #volledige #back-up, #gratis, #backup #naar #usb, #backup #naar #firewire, #usb-backup, #firewire #backup, #netwerk #backup


Gratis backup software

Belangrijkste functies

Het is gratis voor persoonlijke en commerciële doeleinden.

FBackup is een GRATIS back-up software voor zowel commercieel als persoonlijk gebruik. Dit betekent dat u kunt besparen doordat u geen ander back-up programma hoeft aan te schaffen.

door automatische backups.

U definieert een back-up functie, stelt die in op automatisch, en u hoeft er niet meer aan te denken. FBackup zal dit automatisch uitvoeren op het geplande tijdstip, zo profiteer je 2x, u heeft automatisch uw bestanden beveiligd en er geen tijd voor moeten uittrekken.

Backup met standaard zip compressie.

Bij gebruik van het volledige back-up type, zullen de bronbestanden worden gearchiveerd met behulp van standaard zip compressie. FBackup gebruikt ZIP64 compressie, wat betekent dat het zip bestanden kan maken van meer dan 2GB groot. Bovendien kunt u het zip-bestand beschermen door middel van een wachtwoord welke achteraf nodig is voor de extractie van gegevens uit het zip bestand.

Start acties voor/na een backup.

Voor elke backup taak kunt u een actie laten uitvoeren voor of na de back-up. Als voorbeeld kunt u een “WIS back-up”-actie voor de back-up laten uitvoeren, zodat alle eerdere back-ups van bestanden zullen worden gewist voordat de nieuwe worden gemaakt. Als een na-actie, kunt u naar stand-by overschakelen, meldt u zich af, hibernate of zelfs afsluiten van de computer instellen zodra de back-up met succes voltooid is.

Exacte kopieën van bestanden.

Als u niet wilt dat de bestanden in een zip-bestand worden opgeslagen, kan FBackup een exacte kopie van de originele bronnen maken. Doordat FBackup ook een back-up maakt van lege mappen, kunt u met dit type back-up een volledige “Spiegel-kopie” maken naar de bestemming.

gemakkelijk te gebruiken.

De twee belangrijkste functies van een backup-programma zijn de backup en restore activiteiten. FBackup maakt ze eenvoudig voor u, door het aanbieden van gebruiksvriendelijke wizards. U start een nieuwe back-up wizard, u selecteert wat, waar, hoe en wanneer de back-up moet gebeuren en de back-up is klaar om te starten. Als u voor het herstel van bestanden kiest, kunt u de wizard herstellen selecteren en deze zal u vragen waar u wilt dat de bestanden terug geplaatst worden.

Automatische updates.

FBackup controleert wekelijks automatisch op updates, zodat u weet wanneer er een nieuwe versie is vrijgegeven. De optie om te controleren op updates kan worden uitgeschakeld, maar wij adviseren om deze ingeschakeld te laten zodat FBackup up-to-date blijft.

Meerdere backup bestemmingen.

Standaard is de locatie waar je back-ups worden opgeslagen de lokale Windows-partitie. Om zeker te zijn van een veilige back-up, moet u deze opslaan op een andere bestemming ondersteund door FBackup (zoals een externe USB / Firewire-schijf, of op een toegewezen netwerkstation). Op deze manier, als uw computer zou lijden aan een hardware storing, kunt u uw gegevens nog veilig van deze externe locatie terughalen.

Backup plugins.

U kunt plugins ophalen voor back-up of het herstel van specifieke programma’s instellingen of andere aangepaste gegevens (zoals spel posities, email gegevens, enz.). Eenmaal geladen in FBackup zullen deze plugins toegevoegd worden aan de Voorgedefinieerde Backup lijst met de bronnen die nodig zijn om een back-up voor dat programma te maken. U vind hier een lijst van alle beschikbare back-plugins: Gratis Backup Plugins.

Backup open files.

Als een bestand in gebruik is door een ander programma op het tijdstip van de back-up, dan kan FBackup toch nog een back-up van dat bestand maken, omdat het gebruik maakt van ‘Volume Shadow Service’ die Windows biedt. Dus, zolang je Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2012/2008/2003 Server (32/64-bit) gebruikt, zal FBackup een back-up van deze geopende bestanden maken. Als voorbeeld kunt u een back-up maken van uw Outlook e-mails en instellingen zonder het programma te sluiten.

Meerdere talen.

Kies een taal voor de gebruikersinterface uit de talen die momenteel worden ondersteund. Wilt u ons helpen met vertalen van de website of de interface naar een andere taal, dan kunt u dit doen door naar Talen pagina te gaan.

FBackup is een gratis file backup software, het is niet aanbevolen voor volledige systeem back-ups (image back-ups).

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Looking for a Luxury Cars For Sale inventory or a Exotic Cars lot in VIRGINIA BEACH? You’ve come to the right dealership! At IMAGE AUTO SALES we provide everything Luxury Cars, with great prices and customer service. We proudly serve the VIRGINIA BEACH, Fort Monroe, Norfolk areas. At IMAGE AUTO SALES, you’ll get a reliable luxury vehicle, European cars, luxury automobiles at prices you can afford. Call us at 757-216-8224 or stop by and see us in person.

While you’re visiting our dealership’s website, take a look at our VIRGINIA BEACH Luxury Cars For Sale inventory of the luxury vehicle, European cars, luxury automobiles for the VIRGINIA BEACH, Fort Monroe, Norfolk region. We’ve even had customers from the regions of Chesapeake, Fort Monroe, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach. IMAGE AUTO SALES is one of the leading providers of Exotic Cars inventory to VIRGINIA BEACH thanks to our quality Luxury Cars, low prices, and superior sales staff. We encourage you to come and visit us to view our selection in person, speak to a sales professional. Call us if you have any questions about Luxury Cars For Sale inventory.

Get a well-maintained, competitively-priced, Luxury Cars in VIRGINIA BEACH at IMAGE AUTO SALES. IMAGE AUTO SALES is a fantastic location to buy a luxury vehicle, European cars, luxury automobiles in VIRGINIA BEACH. Browse our Exotic Cars inventory online to view details about our Luxury Cars. Having problems locating Luxury Cars For Sale inventory in VIRGINIA BEACH? Complete our Car Finder form and we will alert you when your vehicle arrives at our VIRGINIA BEACH Luxury Cars For Sale lot. We also have a large selection of Exotic Cars in VIRGINIA BEACH so come see us today.

We hope that you find our website helpful to your needs. Although IMAGE AUTO SALES of VIRGINIA BEACH in VA doesn’t stay open 24 hours a day, our dealership website is always open all day, every day! On our website which serves VIRGINIA BEACH area customers, you can research our Luxury Cars For Sale, Exotic Cars, luxury vehicle, European cars, luxury automobiles. Search the extensive inventory of all the IMAGE AUTO SALES Luxury Cars that we offer at great prices, request a vehicle price quote, view pictures and data about the Exotic Cars or learn about our Luxury Cars that we currently have. Give us a call at 757-216-8224.

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A Brilliant Finish is Just the Beginning! – Call Today (248)349-3509

At Ultimate Image Auto Spa, you can be assured of getting the same superior quality service that Davis Auto Care customers have enjoyed for over 20 years. It was at the request of many of our customers that we expanded our automotive business to include appearance enhancement and protection services.

As with our mechanical repairs and maintenance services, we combine the finest quality products with the highest level of expertise to offer you a premiere experience. Your visit begins in our clean, comfortable office where you select the level of service you want for your vehicle. From a quick hand wash, to a complete interior and exterior detail with all the trimmings, we’ll customize your treatment at the spa. Our experienced detail professionals will work their magic on your car, light truck, SUV, or van. These experts truly love what they do, and the only thing they enjoy more than performing their craft, is seeing your joyful expression when you pick up your vehicle, Our caring staff takes pride in knowing they provide the “Ultimate” in detailing services.

Our brochure lists our most popular services and packages. We’ve indulged in a bit of humor in naming some of our “treatments” because making your car look its best is an exciting experience at Ultimate Image Auto Spa … anything else is Just Plain Dull!