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Nuclear Scanner Provides Inside Body View

A newly developed digital photon receptor is part of a new machine that combines nuclear medicine and CT imaging, allowing doctors to spot cancer, infections, and other diseases inside the body as well as study in detail the surrounding anatomy.

New Digital Company Attacks Hard-to-Kill Cancer with Software

New Digital Company Attacks Hard-to-Kill Cancer with Software

No one illustrates the promise of cell therapy better than a little girl named Emily Whitehead. She was just 5 years old when she got sick with a common type of childhood cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Find out how cell therapy and the use of software technology made her cancer-free.

Brain Changes Signal Alzheimer’s 20 Years Before Symptoms Appear

Brain Changes Signal Alzheimer’s 20 Years Before Symptoms Appear

The world may have just gotten an early warning alarm for Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers in Sweden have uncovered changes in the brain that foretell the development of the brain disorder up to two decades before symptoms occur.

How Magnetic Resonance Is Helping Doctors Diagnose Autism

How Magnetic Resonance Is Helping Doctors Diagnose Autism

Millions of people live with autism. Thousands of medical professionals seek to understand it, but the condition remains a mystery. MRI technology is helping doctors understand the underlying biology of the condition, and diagnose and determine the differences in brain biology that could unlock possible treatments.

Meet the Martyr Microbe: Killer Drug Resistant Bacteria

Meet the Martyr Microbe: Killer Drug Resistant Bacteria

Scientists were surprised recently when they trained a powerful new microscope on a colony of dangerous drug-resistant bacteria responsible for thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths in the U.S. alone annually. They watched microbes blow themselves up and rain the contents of their cells on their nearby kin.

Make Better Decisions for Better Patient Care

Benefit from insights that improve profitability, performance

Centricity Solutions allow you to leverage data to produce actionable insights across the healthcare system for better clinical and financial outcomes. With advanced monitoring and diagnostics, asset lifecycle management, predictive maintenance and operations intelligence, you can make the best decisions.


3.5% Cost to Collect
3.5% Cost to Collect
VCU Medical Center improved its financial performance by reducing A/R days, optimizing cash collections, and reducing the cost to collect in hospital and ambulatory settings.
Improve Financial and Operational Outcomes
Improve Financial and Operational Outcomes
In today’s value-based environment, it’s more critical than ever to improve your clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. With Centricity Solutions, we address the needs of caregivers in all areas of the hospital by delivering solutions that focus on improving productivity, increasing access to information, and helping to lower the overall cost of managing large volumes of images effectively and efficiently.
Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Next-generation healthcare revenue cycle solution

The Mindful Living Programs Team #stress #reduction, #mbsr, #mindfullness #based #stress #reduction #program, #mbsr #program, #stress #reduction #courses, #mindfulness #based #stress #reduction, #healthcare #professionals, #steve #flowers, #bob #stahl, #mindfulness-based #stress #reduction, #mindful #living #programs, #retreat, #meditation, #mindfulness, #online #class, #mindfulness #meditation, #mindfullness #retreat, #complementary #medicine, #alternative #medicine, #elana #rosenbaum, #cancer #care, #cancer, #here #for #now, #complimentary #medicine


The Mindful Living Programs Team

Steve Flowers, MS, MFT

Steve is the founder and director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Clinic at the Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California. Steve is a long time practitioner of meditation and has been teaching MBSR since 1997. He has provided training in mindfulness to thousands of people. He pioneered MBSR online programs that make full 8-week MBSR programs available to persons all over the world. As a licensed psychotherapist in private practice Steve specializes in the treatment of stress related conditions, anxiety and depressive disorders and couples therapy.

Steve provides training in mindfulness-based psychotherapy for mental health professionals and provides fully accredited mindfulness retreats for physicians and other health professionals in workshops, seminars and retreat settings with his dear friend and partner Bob Stahl, Ph.D. through Mindful Living Programs.

Through his corporate programs, Steve provides workshops and seminars for diverse corporations such as Genentech, Johns Manville, Blue Shield and Sierra Nevada Brewery and also provides these same resources to hospitals, businesses, universities, colleges and city, state and the federal government employee’s onsite at their places of employment as well as on retreat settings.

Steve is also sought out as a public speaker where he has offered numerous workshops and presentations for nationally and internationally acclaimed organizations such as Center for Mindfulness’ Annual International Scientific Conference on Mindfulness and the American Academy of Pain Management.

Steve invites you to explore the question: What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver in The Summer Day

Bob Stahl, Ph.D

Bob directs Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs at El Camino Hospital and O’Connor Hospital in Santa Clara County, and Dominican Hospital and the Santa Cruz Medical Foundation in Santa Cruz County. Bob has conducted numerous mindfulness programs for physicians and health care professionals. A long time practitioner of mindfulness meditation, Bob is the author of multiple well received books such as A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook and Calming the Rush of Panic. Bob spent over eight years living in a Buddhist monastery.

Both of our presenters have completed training with Jon-Kabat Zinn and are Certified MBSR teachers.

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Know Me

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey


Chairman- Max Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Chairman- Surgery and Allied Surgical Specialities

Executive Vice Chairman- Max Healthcare

  • Padmashree Awarded by the President of India
  • Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa)
  • Honorary Surgeon to The President of India
  • Honorary Surgeon to Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS)
  • Surgeon to His Holiness Dalai Lama

DMC Regd. No. 11827


  • Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Upper GI Endoscopic Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Appedicectomy and Bowel resection
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Anorectal surgery (Division Minimally Invasive Proctology)
  • Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery
  • Endoscopic Neck Surgery
  • Hand-assisted Endoscopic Surgery
  • Thoracoscopic Surgery (Decortications, Lung-nodule excision, Thymectomy)
  • Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery s (Surgery for Morbid Obesity Surgery)
  • Piles/Hemorrhoids Surgery

Why Dr. Pradeep Chowbey is unanimously considered the best?

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey is one of the best Laparoscopic surgeons of India and among the best few Bariatric surgeons of the world. He is highly qualified as a surgeon and throughout his career he has continuously honed his surgical skills. Highly eminent personalities like former President of India, K. R. Narayanan and His Holiness Dalai Lama preferred Dr. Chowbey for their surgical needs.

Dr. Chowbey other than being and acclaimed as the best Bariatric surgeon and Minimal Access Surgery expert is also a philanthropist. He has successfully initiated and nurtured various social initiatives with an aim to induce awareness among people about general health and medical problems. Enlighten – A support group for diabetic and obese patient is one of the latest examples of his social initiatives. He also likes to stroke colors on the canvas and his passion for art reflects now and then through his various initiatives in the field of painting and art.

  • Dr. Chowbey has successfully performed more than 70,000 surgeries till date.
  • List of people operated by him includes various eminent personalities. Some of them are as follows.

Mr. Devisingh Sekhawat

The list of achievements and positions that have been awarded to Dr. Pradeep Chowbey showcases the quality of surgical skills and experience, have been the main apex throughout his continued contribution towards the field of Medicine. He has achieved top notch positions and recognitions that exist in the field of Bariatric and Laparoscopic surgery. Some of the achievements are as follows:

  • President Asia Pacific Metabolic Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery Society (APMBSS) Oct. 2010
  • Chief Surgery Allied Specialties, Max Healthcare, New Delhi Nov 2009
  • President Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS) Sept. 2004
  • Founder Member Asia Pacific Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery Group Oct-04

Dr. Chowbey through his dedicated efforts and continually progressive approach towards elevating the standards of Bariatric, Laparoscopic and General Surgery has earned several noteworthy accreditations and affiliations. Some of the accreditations and affiliations earned by Dr. Chowbey are as follows:

Founder President Of Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS)

Doctor Of Science by Rani Durgawati Vishwvidyalaya, Jabalpur

Founding Designee Of International Centre Of Excellence

Doctor of Science (HonorisCausa)

2007, Jabalpur University, MP

Trained in the following Institutions

  • Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bombay Gastroenterological Surgery with Dr. P.B. Desai.
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer hospital, New York, USA Hepatobiliary Malignancy and Breast Diseases.
  • Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital London, U.K. Hepatobiliary Malignancy and Breast Diseases.
  • Singapore General Hospital, Singapore Laparoscopic Surgery with Prof. Mohan Chellappa.
  • University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Laparoscopic Surgery .
  • Siloah Hospital, Hannover, Germany Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery with Prof. Ludwig.
  • John Hopkins Institute, Baltimore, USA Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Gastric Bypass with Dr. Philip Schauer
  • Monarch University, Geelong, Australia Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeries with Dr. Paul Obrien
  • Mount Sinai Medical Centre, Miami Beach, Florida Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeries with Dr. Michel Gagner.

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey has extensively researched and written on topics covering the vast field of Bariatric, Minimal Access Surgery and general surgery. He has also edited several medical books and journals. He has been guest author and guest editor of several renowned publications both national and international. He has also written important chapters of various books on surgery. Some of his important published works are as follows:

  • Dr. Chowbey edited / authored a text book Endoscopic Repair of Abdominal Wall Hernias that crystallizes the enormous experience of a team of minimal access surgeons who are leaders in the field of Laparoscopic hernia repair. He also edited / authored a Monograph titled Mechanism of mishaps and risk reduction strategies exclusively focused on Safety Measures .
  • He is a Guest Editor of Advanced Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery Book which is the first series of books of Clinical Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation , modeled on Surgical Clinics of North America, and published by Elsevier.

Cary NC Medical Imaging #cary #healthcare #associates


Wake Radiology Cary

Wake Radiology – Cary Offices

Serving Cary, NC with Full-Spectrum Radiology Services Care

Wake Radiology proudly serves patients in Cary, NC from five outpatient medical imaging offices. All are located in the Medical Park of Cary at 300 Ashville Avenue next to WakeMed Cary Hospital. Each separate office specializes in one of the following forms of imaging care: diagnostic imaging, breast care, MRI or PET-CT, in addition to vein care and interventional services. Our team of skilled Cary radiologists and technologists are equipped to serve you with personalized patient care and state-of-the-art facilities, procedures and technology.

Cary Medical Imaging Services and Location Information

Contact us today for additional information on our radiology procedures and imaging offices. Our offices have varying hours of operation, so be sure to check out each location’s hours and available services and call 919-232-4700 to make an appointment. Patients new to Wake Radiology are encouraged to take a look at our general patient information for procedure prep, insurance information and other key considerations before coming in for an appointment. Wake Radiology offers a sophisticated range of imaging tools and technologies to patients across the NC Triangle. In addition to Cary, we proudly serve patients from conveniently located radiology offices inChapel Hill,Fuquay-Varina,Garner,Morrisville,North Hills,Raleigh, Smithfield, and Wake Forest.

Specialized in diagnostic imaging, our radiology professionals offer comprehensive medical imaging services to patients in Cary. These services include CT, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, Bone Densitometry (DXA), general x-ray and more.

300 Ashville Avenue, Ste. 100, Cary, NC 27518

Hours Appointments

Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm

Cary Breast Center patients are not required to have a signed physician referral for screening mammograms. We do require that they have seen a primary care doctor in the past 18 months. Our radiologists are proud to provide female patients with mammography, breast ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy among other imaging services. New! We re proud to offer 3D screening mammography in Cary. Learn more this revolutionary tool for breast cancer detection and watch our video that explains the difference between tradition and 3D mammograms.

300 Ashville Avenue, Ste. 260 Cary, NC 27518

Hours Appointments

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

Tuesday 7:45am – 6:00pm

Saturday 7:45am – 1:00pm

Our Cary MRI office location conducts imaging services for patients who need neuro, body and breast MRI, pediatric MRI, and orthopedic MRI.

300 Ashville Avenue, Ste. 180 Cary, NC 27518

Hours Appointments

Mon – Fri 7:00am 8:00pm

Saturday 7:00am 8:00pm

Sunday 8:00am 6:00pm

At our PET-CT office in Cary, our experienced radiologist and technologists perform brain and whole body PET scans, as well as Amyvid screenings to rule out Alzheimer’s disease.

300 Ashville Avenue, Ste. 180 Cary, NC 27518

Hours Appointments

Mon – Fri 8:00am 5:00pm

Our Vein Center offers a number of outpatient vein treatments for patients experiencing pain or discomfort from spider and varicose veins by true vascular specialists. Other interventional services offered include venous access (Port, PICC catheter placement) and superficial organ biopsy. To learn more about these or other interventional services contact our office.

300 Ashville Avenue, Ste. 160 Cary, NC 27518

Hours Appointments

Online Healthcare Administration Courses #online #healthcare #certificates


Free Online Lectures and Courses for Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration Content Navigation

A successful healthcare system relies on a the coordinated efforts of many professionals. Doctors, specialists, nurses, and individuals not directly involved in the delivery of healthcare — such as billing, coding, and finance professionals — provide intricately related services. Thankfully, the entire academic arena of healthcare administration is dedicated to organizing and continually improving the industry. Students can preview this dynamic field through an array of free online healthcare administration courses.

Administrators are charged with both day-to-day decisions and long-term business strategies. Some are responsible for policy decisions, others for department management and others take on human resources too, all wrapped into one job description. The nature of this dynamic profession ensures no two days will be the same.

The Princeton Review describes healthcare administrators as those who coordinate the delivery of care and assist in the management of health facilities. Sometimes called medical and health services managers or healthcare executives, the role of these professionals will vary depending on the size and type of the healthcare organization.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). healthcare administrators might manage an entire facility or oversee a specific clinical area or department, such as nursing, surgery, physical therapy, cardiology, or gerontology. A nursing home administrator might be tasked with staff management, admissions, finances, facility administration and providing care to residents. A bigger hospital will have subsets of managers or assistant administrators in specific departments.

The bachelor’s curriculum for a healthcare administration degree will encompass a breadth of classes relating to management for the practice, skills, and attitudes of healthcare organizations. Many programs also ask students to apply their newly acquired knowledge in an internship or practicum experience.

The following courses are required for healthcare administration bachelor’s programs around the country:

  • Healthcare Law
  • Healthcare Employment Law
  • Intro to Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Supervision
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Healthcare Human Resources
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement and Patient Care
  • Psychology of Aging
  • Healthcare for the Elderly
  • Ambulatory Care Services: Organization and Administration
  • Public and Community Health
  • Healthcare Ethics
  • Contemporary Issues in Public Safety
  • Concepts and Issues in Public Planning
  • Healthcare Administration History, Culture, and Language
  • Statistical Methods for Health Science Research

Students who pursue healthcare degrees at the graduate level will see increased options for specialization. Most often, students can focus in areas that match certain kinds of medical or healthcare facilities, such as mental health centers, group medical practices, or hospitals.

In addition, students at certain universities can pursue specialized master s degrees that combine healthcare administration with another complementary field. Master of Health Services Administration degrees are geared toward the organization, financing, marketing, and management of health care institutions. Those who enroll in Master of Public Health programs, which take a more holistic approach to all the factors that influence healthcare, often find work in the public sector. Some schools even offer an MBA in Healthcare Administration that incorporate much-needed business skills into the curriculum.

The BLS states that a bachelor’s in healthcare administration is typically the minimum requirement for positions in the healthcare sector, but most entry-level employees come equipped with at least a master s in healthcare administration. There are many different associate degrees with a focus in healthcare administration, but most entry-level positions would require the student to transfer their associate credits to obtain a four-year degree. A Ph.D. in healthcare administration enables administrators to pursue teaching, researcher, or consultant roles.

While a bachelor’s or master’s degree program is the most common educational pathway to the profession, those with healthcare experience may be able to advance into the profession through on-the-job experience, or experience coupled with an associate in healthcare administration or a certificate in the field. For example, a nurse or physical therapist might have a credential from the field, and then advance into a management position over-time.

Ideal Candidates for Healthcare

Professionals need a variety of skills to succeed in this fast-paced, complex industry. The BLS suggests strong analytical skills are important for understanding and adapting to changing regulations. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are critical since an administrator must work effectively with a variety of health professionals. Detail-oriented problem solvers will also have a leg up in the field.

Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020. Demand will be greatest in areas that serve the aging generation of baby boomers, such as nursing care administrators.

Pay varies a lot depending on organization size, but it is a generally well-paid profession: in May 2010, the median salary for medical and health services managers was $84,270. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $52,000 and the top 10 percent earned more than $144,000, according to the BLS.

Use this guide as a jumping off point in your research into the field. Shadow a professional, spend time volunteering and talk to university admissions or guidance counselors to figure out the best academic pathway for reaching your career goals.

24 Courses

Nurse Refresher Programs & Courses #nurse #refresher #course, #rn #refresher #course, #lpn #refresher #course, #refresher #course, #reenter #nursing, #return #to #nursing, #online #refresher #course, #online #learning, #nurse #education, #nurse #job, #nursing #job, #hospital #job, #healthcare #job, #find #a #job, #get #a #job


Refresher programs help nurses return to work

Are you ready to return to nursing after some time away, but feel you need to brush up on your skills before treating patients again? Many registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are finding the education and support they need to reenter nursing by enrolling in a refresher program.

Offered through colleges and hospitals, nurse refresher programs are designed for RNs and LPNs who have been out of the field for at least three years. Whether your current nursing license is inactive or lapsed, your state board of nursing requires you to take a nurse refresher course to return to active status.

There tends to be a lot of anxiety among nurses reentering the field, says Scott Gross, director of Science Technology and Professional Programs at Cal State San Marcos Extended Studies, which offers a 10-week RN refresher certificate. They are returning to a different world where many of their duties, such as dispensing medications and charting, are now computerized.

For Sue Kuhns, who had been out of nursing for 14 years, the San Marcos refresher program, which combines classroom instruction with a clinical practicum, was a chance to renew her skills and reconnect with other nurses.

We went through the program in a cohort group and supported each other every step of the way, says Kuhns, who worked as a nurse for 11 years before taking time off to raise her children.

The San Marcos program costs $2,399. Gross says the college and a local hospital are working out an agreement whereby the hospital will cover half the program expenses of students who accept jobs at the hospital. Students now meet tuition costs by taking out student loans or by using tuition reimbursement offered by their current employers. Other students use signing bonuses to recoup tuition costs.

The University of Delaware and South Carolina s Beaufort Memorial Hospital are two examples of colleges that allows students to take RN refresher courses from home, with the latter offering a four-month online refresher course for both RNs and LPNs.

Refreshers as recruitment tools

Like other medical centers across the country, Maui Memorial Medical Center uses a refresher program to help recruit and retain RNs and LPNs. The weeklong program, which was open to any nurse in the area, included training in wound care, respiratory and vascular therapies, infection control, pain management, dialysis patient care and documentation.

The medical part of nursing stays the same but the equipment, medications and therapies change every couple of years, says Marianne Vasquez, RN, BSN, MEd, CDE, the facility s clinical education coordinator.

As part of the program, the hospital set up various skill stations where nurses learned how to use new equipment. Vasquez says nurses gave the program, which cost $300 to attend, such high marks that the hospital is planning to offer the training again next year.

Ready for a refresh?

Here are some tips for finding a nurse refresher program:

  • Check with local nursing association chapters and your state board of nursing. As a state government agency, the board of nursing regulates the state s Nurse Practice Act, determines the requirements necessary to maintain active status and approves nurse refresher courses.
  • Contact state and community colleges.
  • Call area hospitals to see if they offer or can recommend a refresher program.

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RehabCare Group settles federal suit for $30 million #, #medicare, #rehabcare #group #inc., #nursing #home, #kindred #healthcare, #medicaid, #rehab #systems


RehabCare Group settles federal suit for $30 million

Updated with company’s statement at 10:15 a.m.

RehabCare Group Inc. has agreed to pay $30 million to resolve government allegations that it paid kickbacks to gain access to Medicare and Medicaid patients in Missouri nursing homes.

As part of the civil settlement, which the Justice Department announced Wednesday, RehabCare Group also agreed to restructure its business arrangement with certain business partners.

According to the Justice Department, between 2006 and 2011 RehabCare Group arranged to obtain Rehab Systems of Missouri’s contracts to provide therapy to patients residing in 60 nursing homes controlled by Rehab Systems majority-owner James Lincoln. In exchange for these referrals, RehabCare allegedly paid Rehab Systems $400,000 to $600,000 upfront and also allowed Rehab Systems to retain a percentage of the revenue generated by each referral.

Justice Department officials also accused RehabCare of filing false Medicare and Medicaid claims and of making or using false records or statements to support those claims.

The federal anti-kickback statute, which forbids paying others for referrals of Medicare and Medicaid patients, is used as a tool in fighting health care fraud and holding down costs in federal health programs.

Federal officials also say it encourages providers to make health care decisions based on what’s in the best interest of patients, rather than the best financial interests of a nursing home or therapy company.

RehabCare was previously based in Clayton. In 2011 RehabCare was purchased by Kindred Healthcare Inc. in Louisville, Ky.

The case began in 2007 as a whistle-blower lawsuit, filed under seal by a RehabCare competitor, Minnesota-based Health Dimensions Rehabilitation Inc. RehabCare had contracts with about 50 nursing homes in Minnesota.

After conducting an investigation, the Justice Department decided in December 2011 to join the lawsuit. The case was transferred to the U.S. District Court in St. Louis because most of the relevant events took place in Missouri and key witnesses were located here.

As part of the settlement, the whistle-blower will receive $700,000 as its share of the recovery in this case.

“As part of this agreement, RehabCare denies all liability but is pleased to have reached a compromise that allows all parties to put this issue behind them,” Kindred spokeswoman Susan Moss said in a written statement. “In Kindred’s previous SEC filings, this matter had been disclosed and the company had set aside appropriate reserves.”

Medical Assistant Certification Programs & Training in Houston Texas #medical #assistant #diploma #houston,medical #assistant #programs,healthcare #diploma,medical #assistant #diploma


Medical Assistant Program


Objective: The Medical Assistant Program is designed to provide the students with clinical and administrative skills, which will enable them to perform both front and back office procedures in medical offices. The administrative skills students will learn include: medical ethical issues, medical codes, how to deal with a variety of patients, schedule appointments, complete insurance forms, and completing electronic health records. Students will learn how to perform the following clinical skills: setup an examination room and assist with general examinations, take vital signs, injections, capillary punctures, venipunctures, perform and evaluate routine laboratory tests. Students will learn how to use these skills and procedures via classroom and clinical hands-on training. Students who successfully complete all the minimum and specific requirements as required by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and the Texas Nurse Aide Registry will receive a certificate for Nurse Aide and are eligible to register for the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation for certification administered by the State of Texas.

Class Schedule: Classes are offered at Texas Health School during the morning between 08:00AM-01:50PM Monday through Friday, and evening 06:00PM-09:50PM Monday through Thursday.

The Medical Assistant Program Includes the following: Medical Assisting

  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Law Ethics
  • Psychology
  • Anatomy Physiology
  • Phlebotomy
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) Procedures
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR Certification)
  • Basic Laboratory Procedures
  • Medical Records
  • Electronic Health Records

The Medical Assistant Graduates will be qualified for entry-level employment in Medical Offices, Various Hospital Departments, and Health-Care Clinics.

Medical Assistants will be able to sit for four (4-listed below) of the Nationally Registered Examinations through the National Association of Health Professionals, one month before their externship begins;

  • NRCMA Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant
  • NRCPT Nationally Registered Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  • NRCEKG Nationally Registered Certified EKG Technician
  • NRCAHA Nationally Registered Certified Administrative Health Asst.
  • NRCPCT* Nationally Registered Certified Patient Care Technician

* available for students completing Medical Assistant and Nurse Aide Program

Some of the classes you will take in the Medical Assistant Program at Texas Health School are:

Students will learn the value of drugs for therapeutic purposes, and the government regulations to be followed in prescribing, dispensing, and administering drugs. They will learn how to identify possible reactions to particular drugs and to recognize possible adverse reactions.

Hematological Procedures
Students will learn the elementary chemistry necessary to perform blood testing such as obtaining blood samples for hematocrits and differential counts from blood smears, staining procedures, and blood typing with extended lab time. Students will also learn how to use capillary sticks and perform venipuncture procedures.

Medical Laboratory Procedures
Students will learn how to perform and evaluate routine laboratory tests. These tests include sensorimotor tests, specimen collection, physical, chemical and microscopic examination of urine, throat cultures, diabetic testing, and pregnancy tests.

Anatomy Physiology
The students will learn how to identify the structures and functions of the human body. This includes the skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, special senses and the integumentary system. The students will learn how to identify the structures and functions of the reproductive system, immune system, endocrine system, urinary system, respiratory system, and digestive system.

Patient Healthcare Applications
The students will be introduced to the basic entry-level skills applicable to the allied healthcare clinical environment. Students will learn safety and infection control, communication skills, HIPAA guidelines, patient in-takes, preparing the patient for treatment, how to take vital signs, basic first aid application in response to emergencies, and CPR. Students will obtain CPR certification. The students will learn about the formation of ethics, legal terms, rules of conduct, and the various laws and regulatory agencies for all operational forms. They will also learn the importance of patient confidentiality, medical liability, and negligence.

Psychology of Human Relations
Students will learn how to deal with difficult patients with normal/abnormal behavior. They will learn how to treat patients with special and specific needs, and how to manage cancer and terminally ill patients. Students will learn about emotional crisis with the patient/family and how to work with them. They will learn about various treatment protocols.

Program Disclosure:

Medical Assistant Day Classes
Print Medical Assistant Day Classes

Medical Assistant Evening Classes
Print Medical Assistant Evening Classes

10 Best Schools for Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree Programs in the World #mba #in #healthcare #management #in #usa


10 Best Schools for Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree Programs in the World

Earn your MHA online from the George Washington University. Experienced health care professionals looking to advance into executive roles can now earn their MHA online from the world-renowned Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University. Study with top faculty, gain invaluable skills and network with health leaders. Learn more.

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University helps students succeed in advancing the health of population locally and globally. Request Information.

Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the United States and the world. Many professionals are reaching retirement age in the field, and the population is quickly aging. So, it is anticipated that there will be significant, growing demand for professionals in the health administration field. With a master’s degree in health administration (MHA), you can be assured of many exciting career opportunities in the future.

You can be even more assured of a strong career in health administration by attending one of these recommended universities below:

George Washington University

100% Online MHA Degree! George Washington University Executive Master of Health Administration- GW’s Executive Master of Health Administration is for aspiring leaders with at least 3 years of clinical or administrative experience in the health care industry. With the program’s interactive design, students learn from each other’s experience as much as they learn from faculty. The curriculum focuses on developing the leadership and ethical skills needed to create highly effective health care organizations, and core health care content areas including quality improvement, decision science, quantitative methods, and community health. Inquire with George Washington University.

University of Southern California

100% Online MHA Degree! The University of Southern California online Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) program is designed for both clinical and management mid-career professionals with at least five years of experience who aspire to manage the new landscape of health care delivery. If you have proven capabilities and are ready to move to executive level responsibilities in the field of healthcare, the USC EMHA program offers knowledge to help you. Inquire with University of Southern California.

Best Schools for Masters in Healthcare Administration continued

  1. Johns Hopkins University This is an accelerated, campus-based MHA program that will give you a comprehensive, rigorous graduate school experience with an exciting residency component that will help you to build your career. You will learn all of the conceptual, analytical and applied skills that you need to advance into the highest levels in hospitals, health systems, consulting firms and many other health care related businesses and organizations. This world-class program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, or CAHME.
  2. University of North Carolina The Executive Master of Healthcare Administration is ranked as one of the top MHA programs in the world by US News and World Report. You can take this program either on campus or fully online. Most students are able to complete this master’s degree in less than three years. Some of the classes that are required for this degree include Healthcare Statistics, Leadership and Workforce Management, Finance and Economic Analytics, Healthcare Policy and Economics of Healthcare Insurance, Advanced Analytics, and Health Law. This prestigious university offers an Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
  3. Harvard University You can earn a high quality Master of Health Policy and Management, which provides superior administrative skills to professionals who have leading positions in many types of health care organizations. This program department works to solve the most compelling and important problems in health care today. These can include making care delivery more efficient, expanding health care services to the most needy, and also improving the design of health systems.
  4. Georgetown University This nationally ranked program results in a Master of Science in Health Systems Administration. This is both a full time and part time, campus based program. The innovative curriculum will expose you to social, technical and economic policy forces that are shaping the delivery of health care today. You will learn how to understand how hospitals are organized and function; how to achieve quality of care; and how to become a leader of a dynamic, 21st century health care entity.
  5. University of Barcelona Located in Barcelona, Spain, you will earn your Master in Health Service Administration and Management. This exciting master’s program is taught in Madrid by the Gaspar Casal Foundation, in collaboration with the BSM Pompeu Fabra University. It is of particular interest to health care professionals who want to work overseas or gain overseas experience. It also is well suited to directors and executives in healthcare technology and the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. University of Southern California The Master of Health Administration program here has been in the business of training leading health management and policy professionals since 1980. This accredited program is taught both online and on campus, and will provide you with a highly focused health management and policy degree. The faculty here are recognized as the best in the field, with strong ties to the healthcare world. You will be required to complete a 1000 hour administrative residency, which will prepare you well to move quickly into the work world.
  7. University of Michigan The Masters of Health Services Administration is focused on the organization, financing, marketing, and management of many types of health care organizations in the US, as well as the effective delivery of health care services in the US. Many of the top competencies in this accredited graduate program are modeled on a leading MBA curriculum. You will be prepared to become a leader in health systems, clinics, hospitals and emergency services management.
  8. University of Washington The Master of Health Administration program here is fully accredited by the CAHME, and is ranked as one of the top programs in the nation in health care management. This campus-based program’s specialty is in training dynamic leaders who are well prepared to transform local, regional and national health care groups. Students in this program will develop the technical, conceptual and human leadership skills needed to thrive in the health care administration field.
  9. Hofstra University This Master of Health Administration provides you with an innovative curriculum that will train you to become a health care administration leader. This program is fully accredited and is located just outside of New York City. You will learn how to apply evidence based, critical thinking to health care service delivery. You will be able to rapidly analyze health care problems and come up with logical solutions to boost their quality while also reducing costs.
  10. Virginia Commonwealth University This accredited, on campus Master of Health Administration degree is ranked as one of the best health administration programs in the US today by US News and World Report. You will have the most rigorous business and management skills training and also you will learn everything that you need about both the nonprofit and healthcare sectors. Also, in your third year, you will do a 12 month, paid residency, where you will be mentored by top health care executives in one of many leading health care delivery organizations in the US.

If you choose one of these leading MHA programs, you can be confident that you will earn an MHA degree of the highest quality.

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Milwaukee VA Medical Center

VA Job Applications and Forms

Application instructions specific to each job posting can be found at the end of the announcement. Some positions require you to apply online, while others require that you submit a paper application directly to each VA facility where you desire employment.

VA has several different application forms based on your occupation type. Look in the table below to find the correct application for your occupation, as well as additional required forms.

Responding to a Job Announcement

Be sure to follow the application instructions given in the job announcement. They are your primary guide for responding to a posted opening. Here are additional reminders for submitting an application:

  1. Please send your signed, completed application and any other required forms to the Organization Contact at the Organization Address, both of which are listed at the end of the job announcement.
  2. Write the Announcement Number, also listed at the end of the job announcement, on your application.
  3. Keep a copy of the entire application package for your records.

The documents below are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded for free .

VA Job Applications and Forms