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Vehicles from McCarthy Call a Car

You can always depend on vehicles from McCarthy Call a Car whenever you are looking to buy pre-owned or commercial vehicles. McCarthy has an incredible website which allows you to search for cars of your choice. You can search online by region, by make or by series to ensure that you find the car you need. Whether you would like a Toyota, a Volkswagen, a BMW or a Land Rover there is something at McCarthy for your needs and tastes. They also have a large range of commercial vehicles on offer including trucks and vans.

When choosing vehicles from McCarthy Call a Car. you can rest assured that they will be safe and roadworthy. What’s more is that McCarthy offers you incredible services such as finance and insurance. Cars come with warranties for varying lengths of time. This means that even if you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you don’t have to worry that it will be sold to you voetstoets. McCarthy wants to make sure that you drive away in a car that is safe and usable. You are able to search online, using their huge list of cars to look for the Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Land Rover or any other type of vehicle you desire, adding options such as price range, transmission type and year. This means that you can try to find the new or second-hand car that you are looking for down to the last little detail. Whether new or pre-owned, you might just find what you are looking for.

Buying a car should be seen as an investment, and you shouldn’t have to worry about insurance or finance. By buying through McCarthy you don’t have to worry about anything. Vehicles from McCarthy Call a Car are vehicles that were sent from heaven, just for you!

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Get a Black Book Used Car Appraisal on Your Trade-In

In addition to your used car appraisal, get a free new car price quote.

Widely known and highly respected in the automotive industry, Black Book is an online leader in offering timely, independent and accurate used car values. Black Book pulls actual numbers that vehicles are fetching at wholesale auctions nationwide and uses them to find an accurate, up-to-date value for your used car or truck. To learn the Black Book appraisal value of your used vehicle, simply follow the directions below. It’s as easy as 1..2..3!

If you do not want a new car price quote, click here  to get your Black Book used car value.

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There’s no such thing as exact pricing when it comes to your used car trade-in. The exact appraisal amount will change based on where you live, the time of the month even who does the work-up. So to control the process, work with the used car appraisal system that more dealers count on.

Coming in with a Black Book appraisal gives you credibility with the dealer. After all, those are the numbers a majority of dealers use and those are the numbers you’ll be negotiating with. And make sure to print out your Black Book appraisal and bring it to the dealer. That way the dealer will know up front that you’ve done your homework.

Using Black Book to Appraise Your Used Car

One more thing. The Black Book appraisal you receive doesn’t replace the actual on-the-lot appraisal. The final price may be lower (or higher) on that day based on market trends and your used car’s condition. Good luck!

We take privacy seriously. By submitting your request, you agree that you are subject to our privacy policy and terms, and that an Internet dealer or their representatives may call you using an automated telephone dialing system or automated voice message. Your agreement is not a condition to the purchase of any goods or service.

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Trade Me Delivery Service Auckland and North Island

Call Smart Express Auckland Movers for your Trademe delivery service in Auckland Today!

Smart Express Movers are your ideal solution for your Trademe orders.

No packaging required, no address labels, no courier tickets, no documentation all you need to do is call us on 0800 MOVESMART.

You can use us to manage the whole trademe delivery service process without even having to leave your home or office, we do all the work for you!

Our office hours are Monday to Saturday, and we provide call out services on Sunday. So if the weekend is more convenient, then call us on 0800 MOVESMART to arrange delivery.

Our fleet range from small vans to large furniture trucks, and provide both one and two man vehicles to pickup and deliver any item across Auckland. Our service replicates your own vehicle, and once the item is picked up, it is driven directly across Auckland. Ideal for delivery, providing a service that is quick and convenient.

We have the capability to move any Trade Me order from a single box to a house lot of furniture.

An allocated vehicle can do multiple pickup and deliveries for you en route, so if you bought something on Trademe, then wanted to pick up something else from your mum’s or mate’s, with final delivery to you. We make trademe delivery service simple. In this case we recommend you send us an email with everyone’s contact details and address locations to ensure we manage this for you as efficiently as possible.

If you want to reduce your trademe delivery service costs, find out if the seller is willing to assist in loading.

Which means we can provide you with a one man vehicle, making even shipping small lots of furniture really cost effective, and cheaper than hiring a rental vehicle and with no effort.

We provide Carriers Insurance, as per the Carriage of Good Act, with each item insured to a maximum value of $1500, and a full load value to $100.000. All items are valued at market value. Please review our full terms and conditions page for full details.

We provide no obligation, free quotes and online bookings, and have a variety of payment options for all services provided.

Use our Quick Enquiry Form  or phone us for free on 0800 MOVESMART (0800 668 376) .

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Private Rail Cars Asia, Canada, Europe, North America, United States

Life’s a Journey – Travel in Luxury

Is there a better way to travel?

Fay says, “More than simply timeless elegance, or an extraordinary railroad journey, private rail cars give you one thing above all: the luxury of time alone with the people who matter the most.”

Dressed for dinner in a private rail car

About Private Rail Cars

There are various types of private rail car or carriage, broadly as follows:

1. Luxury or First Class private carriage attached to a public train.

2. Luxury carriage in a luxury train, hired for exclusive use.

3. First Class carriage in a public train, hired for exclusive use.

4. First Class carriage in a special or touring train, hired for exclusive use.

The above may apply to both day trains and trains with sleeping accommodation, and are generally limited to one or two cars for between 2 and 80 passengers.

How Much Is A Private Rail Car Rental?

The cost of private rail cars depends on many factors, but start from a minimum of around GBP 3,150 / USD 5,000 / EUR 3,850 per car per day, excluding catering and other on-board services. A more complex route or planning process will increase the cost.

Who Hires Private Rail Cars?

Overland Trail is a family-friendly private rail car

Family Trips Vacations

A private train carriage offers a spacious and comfortable environment for entire families – whether as a tour holiday in its own right or as part of a travel programme.

Private rail cars are ideal for grandparents who want quality time with rarely-seen grandchildren.

VIP Train Travel

Private rail cars provide complete privacy, plenty of space and a secure environment for VIPs and celebrities.

PR, Media Marketing

For PR events, press conferences and journeys with multiple stops, private train cars offer spectacular publicity opportunities along with secluded privacy as required.

An imaginative meeting venue helps creativity


For board meetings, business conferences and negotiations, private rail cars are a dynamic and unusual approach to securing quality time alone with the people who matter.

Medical or No-Fly Travel

In some instances, a private rail car may be the optimal means of comfortable travel between destinations where flights are not an option.

Where Are The Private Rail Cars?

Here are some of the countries in which private rail cars can be chartered, with a selection of rail cars. Contact the Luxury Train Club if you are seeking a carriage hire elsewhere.


Here is a useful overview of the different types of private rail car in the USA – Click here

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How to Import Cars From Japan

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Importing A Car From Japan

Research the customs policies of the country you are bringing the car into. Countries have various restrictions for importing vehicles. In the United States, all imported cars must conform to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act, and to the air pollution control standards of the Clean Air Act.

Moreover, most countries require additional documentation to clear customs. For example, the United States requires the original bill of lading, the bill of sale and foreign registration.

Find an exporter in Japan. Not all dealerships in Japan export their vehicles.

Be prepared to pay a duty when your vehicle arrives. Most countries charge a fee for imported vehicles. In the United States, the dutiable rate as of 2009 was 2.5 percent for automobiles and 25 percent for trucks. These rates can change, so it is best to check with your customs office before importing your car.

Register your car and buy car insurance when it arrives. Bear in mind that it is not unusual for insurance companies to charge extra for cars imported from Japan. Often, this amounts to three times what you would normally pay.

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Top 10 Car Leasing Deals

Prices From 99 .99 + VAT

Prices From 109 .99 + VAT

Prices From 119 .99 + VAT

Find Leasing Deals by Style

Vehicle Leasing Pays

Ever considered vehicle leasing? In recent years car leasing and van leasing have become a preferred means of acquiring transport over owning one’s own car. The reason being is that leasing a car not only provides a tax incentive for businesses, but it also allows a vehicle’s projected depreciation to be managed over a fixed term.

On top of this, vehicle leasing also provides you with freedom from the negotiation of part-exchange prices and lets you regularly change your vehicle every time you take out a new car lease . whilst avoiding the maintenance costs associated with running an older vehicle. The way vehicle leasing works is that you pay an agreed sum of money by way of monthly installments over an agreed period (usually two to four years) for the vehicle leasing, but do not actually own the car or van. At the end of the term, you simply hand the vehicle back; take out a new car lease (usually on a new vehicle); or pay an agreed sum to purchase the vehicle you’ve been leasing.

Depending on the contract, you may need to put down a deposit at the start of the car lease or van leasing or make a lump sum payment at the end.

How often have you dashed out of the house in the morning, rushing to get the children to school and then make your own way to work? And your car won’t start! Imagine stepping into a new car and simply turning the key, enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride. But you can’t afford a new car, right? Car leases represent new car ownership without the financial strain!

The Leasing Option

At Lease4Less we will open up your world a little to considering leasing a car on a personal contract hire as a genuine alternative to car ownership.

Car leases are so beneficial because you have full use of a new vehicle for the agreed period of time set out in the leasing contract, at the end of this period you simply hand the vehicle back and negotiate a new car lease . Car leases allow you to upgrade your car every few years when you renew your contract hire .

We offer various leasing schemes at Lease4Less suitable for both business and private drivers. Leasing a car with your company car allowance could mean gaining the ability to choose a car you actually like, instead of simply taking what is on offer from your company, you may even benefit from paying lower tax because leased vehicles are not classed as a benefit in kind!

Maintenance packages can be worked into the plan with most car leases, another reason why leasing is so popular with both businesses and private individuals.

Contract Hire

Instead of purchasing fleet vehicles, many businesses see leasing a car as a cheaper and more prudent alternative. By dealing with Lease4less for your company car leases and van leasing requirements, you gain the advantage of our purchasing power, and benefit from our car and van leasing options.

With the contract hire method of leasing a car, a business pays a set monthly fee for the vehicles they have chosen, this provides a business with far greater control over their monthly outgoings. Because of the fixed and predictable monthly payment, many companies find that they are able to invest more money into inventory or marketing, whereby they would have previously needed to hold those funds in reserve. Leasing a car also has many more advantages over ownership for the vast majority of businesses.

In the case of contract hire vehicle leasing, we can also take care of maintenance. It makes good business sense to fund a fleet of vehicles through contact hire, and leasing a car can certainly remove the problems normally associated with company car ownership.

All vehicles can be hired on a long term contract hire basis. The rates of such car leases will be fixed for the time frame you choose.

Van Leasing

Running your own fleet of vans just invites problems like wear and tear on the fleet, clocking up mileage and the obvious service and repair costs. The simple answer is to take out a van leasing scheme with us. Our van leasing schemes run for anything from two to five years. We give you fixed terms at the start of your van leasing agreement.

Certain types of van leasing schemes allow the company the option of buying the vehicles at the end of the van leasing term. The company will agree to pay us a fixed monthly fee for the duration of the van leasing agreement.

Vehicle leasing makes a lot of sense. Not only do companies and private individuals gain access to cars way above their normal price range if they take advantage of car leases or a vehicle leasing contract, but with leasing a car, costs are also kept to a minimum on maintenance,repairs and the general wear of the vehicle.

At Lease4Less you will get a professional service during your entire affiliation with us, whether you’re looking for individual car leasing . van leasing . company fleet car leases, or any type of vehicle leasing.

Unless otherwise stated all car leasing and van leasing examples are based on an initial payment per vehicle, followed by 35 monthly payments. Mileage 10,000 per annum; non-maintained. All Business User rentals are plus VAT. All Personal User rentals include VAT. All offers are subject to status and a credit acceptance fee. If example refers to a Finance Lease, then a residual payment may be applicable (Please contact us for details). All photographic images are for illustration purposes only and may not depict the relevant model. Alternative models and contract periods available. E & OE.

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The way car finance should be

Our specialist personal car finance team can assist you with the selection of competitive vehicle finance products tailored to suit your individual needs.

With terms available from one to seven years and flexible payment arrangements to suit your lifestyle we can be certain that we have a personal car finance product that will fit both your needs and budget.

Contact us today for further information and you will be surprised how easy it is to drive away in your new vehicle sooner with our fast application process. Your personal car finance will in most cases be approved in less than twenty four hours.

Finding the best personal car finance deals available in the market can be a time consuming and confusing exercise for many people. With so many different banks and finance companies trying to get your business, having too many options to choose from can make the process daunting and much more difficult than it needs to be. The team at allcredit are here for you to make this process of finding the best personal car loan offers easy, fast and most of all affordable. Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle privately or from a dealer, our professional auto finance officers will work with you to make the process easy. From getting you a pre approval so you can go car shopping with confidence to when you drive away in your new car we will be with you all the way. Get a Quick Quote today

Car Finance Calculator from Midland Credit #car #starters

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Representative Example. The Representative APR is 26.9% (fixed) so if you borrow £10,000

over 4 years at a flat rate of 13.86% p.a. (fixed) the total charge for credit will be £5,544.31

You will pay 47 monthly payments of £330.73 per month and repay £15,544.31 in total.

If you’re thinking of getting a car loan in the near future why not get an idea as to the possible monthly payment by using our Car Finance Calculator.

Just tell us if you have excellent, good, fair, poor or bad credit, decide what deposit you’re putting down and the value of the vehicle you intend to purchase – then press ‘calculate’.

Our Car Finance Calculator gives you a quick and easy way to approximately calculate what your monthly payments would be.

You can change the deposit, term and the amount until you get a monthly payment that you are comfortable with and that suits your budget.

Please remember that Midland Credit help customers with Excellent, Good, Fair, poor and Bad credit ratings and both Employed and Self Employed customers. The Car Loan Calculator will show you approximate monthly payments based on the credit rating that you enter.

*The figure that the Car Finance calculator gives is for guidance only, the actual payment will be advised once we have obtained finance approval based on your individual circumstances *

1 Complete our simple application or call us on03339 00 00 00

2 1 hour “> We review your application immediately and aim to get you accepted within 1 hour

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Things to do

Recommended for families, Argeles Plage in Languedoc-Rousillon in the Pyrenees is a long ribbon of sandy beach and blue waters that are frequented by French families; many tourists remain unaware of this gem. Paloma Plage on the French Rivera is the place to go for some celebrity spotting, according to ‘The Guardian’, on which sandy shores the likes of Brad and Angelina have been seen. Divers might like to head to L’lle de Riou in Marseilles, a small but carefully preserved beach from which many scuba divers begin their aquatic explorations of the Parc National des Calanques, which has been described as an ‘undersea forest’. Alternatively, those that might not want to travel too far south can always enjoy the waters in the Dordogne. The eponymous river allows for all manner of water sports which can occupy young children and grandparents alike.

For scenery

Provence remains a firm favourite with holiday-makers seeking beautiful surroundings – and with good reason. It comprises lots of charming little villages, undulating hills and the dramatic Gorges du Verdon – a huge canyon along which it’s possible to take walking tours, or voyage downstream in a pedalo. Those dreaming of snow-capped mountains might prefer the Savoy Alps region, which is home to Mont Blanc on the Italian border, the beautiful town of Annecy and Lake Geneva.

France is a country strewn with important architecture and incredible sights, but if iconic is what you’re going for, then Paris is naturally the place to head. With the Eiffel Tour, Champs Elysees, Louvre, Montmartre, the Seine and Notre Dame to choose from – to name but a few – you’ll need some study walking shoes.

As with any country, certain regions are famous for particular delicacies. Brittany is famous for oysters, Burgundy for wine, Alsace for its German-influenced strudels and Picardie for its fresh vegetables. If you’re a foodie, it’s well worth trying to catch a farmer’s market and sample the delicious local produce. These are held throughout the week and your local tourism office will no doubt have details. If you’ve got the use of a hire car, you may be able to attend one a bit further out or even try a night market, where there’s usually entertainment in addition to eating and socialising.

Further afield

Those with time of their hands might like to head to the south east island of Corsica, which combines both French and Italian influences. As the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean, Corsica has some stunning scenery that includes many forests but also some amazing beaches. Porto-Vecchio is one such area – a busy port with a white sandy beach and lots of lovely seafood restaurants. Nicknamed the San Tropez of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio is a ‘sexy resort’ that’s perfect for people watching but is difficult to reach without a hire car.

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Search for car hire in Geneva

As one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe, Geneva simply has to be seen to be believed. It has been described as a “dream” due to its unique setting on the shores of Western Europe’s largest lake and its stunning view of Mont-Blanc; you won’t find many cities nestled snugly between a lake and the highest peak in Europe!

However, Geneva is not just home to a significant amount of natural beauty; it acts as one of the world’s major centres of international diplomacy and has plenty of museums and restaurants for tourists to visit during their travels. Overall, it is a safe, clean and captivating city that you simply must visit.

Landing and getting around

After landing in Geneva International Airport, a quick taxi or bus ride will take you to your hotel or the centre of town. The public transportation in Geneva is quick, frequent and goes practically everywhere; buses, trams, ‘mouettes’ (boats) and train services can pick up holidaymakers from almost anywhere in the capital and much of the city’s public transport serves nearly every single block. You’ll certainly have no trouble getting around.

If you are flying in to going skiing at Morzine or Avoriaz hiring a car is often the most effective and relaxing way of getting to your destination. Busses through the mountains can be tiresome and packed and don’t give you the opportunity to pull over and experience the full Swiss countryside.

One of the best sights in the city and one of Geneva’s most famous landmarks is the Jet d’Eau, one of the largest fountains in the world. The fountain, situated where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River, can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. If you’re on a boat ride down the river near the fountain then make sure you bring your finest raincoat – any slight change in wind direction could leave you soaking wet!

Geneva is also home to a number of beautiful parks with great views and wonderful tourist spots. Par de la Grange on the south shore is definitely one of the best parks Geneva has to offer; acres of green grass, lush forestry and incredible architecture are just three of the sights you’ll find at Par de la Grange.

Geneva is not just a hotspot for natural beauty. Holidaymakers looking to spend a few Swiss francs would do well to head to L’Adresse, one of the best shopping and eating spots in the city. With a distinct urban feel, L’Adresse combines a contemporary bistro with a fashionable boutique; perfect for anyone looking to get a new outfit before a spot of brunch!

Away from Geneva

If you’re planning on renting a hire car during your stay, a short drive outside of Geneva will reveal a number of other attractions Switzerland has to offer.

For instance, a 40 minute drive north will bring you to Lausanne, the fourth-largest city in the country and host to the International Olympic Committee. Lausanne also has a strong student population but don’t let the swathes of students put you off; Lausanne has a lively arts community and great nightlife. For architecture fans, Lausanne’s Olympic Museum and one of the best preserved Gothic cathedrals in Switzerland deliver an insight into the history of the city.

In addition, Geneva’s proximity to the French border means France is only a short drive to the west with Lyon and Grenoble less than a two hour drive away. Furthermore, holidaymakers could make the trip to Marseille or Nice for the weekend in order to soak in the south French coast.

Whatever you do, Geneva is guaranteed to be a remarkable holiday. From the stunning natural beauty of the region to the remarkable parks and shopping districts – as well as its proximity to other major cities – Geneva is a world-class city.