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Формат вычисляемых документов

Использование и примеры формата

вычисляемых документов (CDF)

включающий примеры, видео и пр.

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    Позвольте вашим клиентам самостоятельно изучать возможные сценарии и заинтересоваться результатами с помощью интерактивных диаграмм на базе вычислений, осуществляемых в реальном времени.

  • How to Back Up and Restore a MySQL Database #tutorial,html,javascript,asp,vbscript,sql,php,authoring,programming,training,learning,beginner’s #guide,howto,reference,examples,samples,source #code,tags,demos,tips,links,faq,tag #list,forms,frames,color #table,webcheatsheet,active #server #pages,internet,database,development,web #building,webmaster,html #guide,php #hypertext #preprocessor, #structured #query #language


    How to Back Up and Restore a MySQL Database

    If you’re storing anything in MySQL databases that you do not want to lose, it is very important to make regular backups of your data to protect it from loss. This tutorial will show you two easy ways to backup and restore the data in your MySQL database. You can also use this process to move your data to a new web server.

    Back up From the Command Line (using mysqldump)

    If you have shell or telnet access to your web server, you can backup your MySQL data by using the mysqldump command. This command connects to the MySQL server and creates an SQL dump file. The dump file contains the SQL statements necessary to re-create the database. Here is the proper syntax:

    $ mysqldump –opt -u [uname] -p[pass] [dbname] [backupfile.sql]

    • [uname] Your database username
    • [pass] The password for your database (note there is no space between -p and the password)
    • [dbname] The name of your database
    • [backupfile.sql] The filename for your database backup
    • [–opt] The mysqldump option

    For example, to backup a database named ‘Tutorials’ with the username ‘root’ and with no password to a file tut_backup.sql, you should accomplish this command:

    $ mysqldump -u root -p Tutorials tut_backup.sql

    This command will backup the ‘Tutorials’ database into a file called tut_backup.sql which will contain all the SQL statements needed to re-create the database.

    With mysqldump command you can specify certain tables of your database you want to backup. For example, to back up only php_tutorials and asp_tutorials tables from the ‘Tutorials’ database accomplish the command below. Each table name has to be separated by space.

    $ mysqldump -u root -p Tutorials php_tutorials asp_tutorials tut_backup.sql

    Sometimes it is necessary to back up more that one database at once. In this case you can use the –database option followed by the list of databases you would like to backup. Each database name has to be separated by space.

    $ mysqldump -u root -p –databases Tutorials Articles Comments content_backup.sql

    If you want to back up all the databases in the server at one time you should use the –all-databases option. It tells MySQL to dump all the databases it has in storage.

    $ mysqldump -u root -p –all-databases alldb_backup.sql

    The mysqldump command has also some other useful options:

    –add-drop-table: Tells MySQL to add a DROP TABLE statement before each CREATE TABLE in the dump.

    –no-data: Dumps only the database structure, not the contents.

    –add-locks: Adds the LOCK TABLES and UNLOCK TABLES statements you can see in the dump file.

    The mysqldump command has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using mysqldump are that it is simple to use and it takes care of table locking issues for you. The disadvantage is that the command locks tables. If the size of your tables is very big mysqldump can lock out users for a long period of time.

    Back up your MySQL Database with Compress

    If your mysql database is very big, you might want to compress the output of mysqldump. Just use the mysql backup command below and pipe the output to gzip, then you will get the output as gzip file.

    $ mysqldump -u [uname] -p[pass] [dbname] | gzip -9 [backupfile.sql.gz]

    If you want to extract the .gz file, use the command below:

    Restoring your MySQL Database

    Above we backup the Tutorials database into tut_backup.sql file. To re-create the Tutorials database you should follow two steps:

    • Create an appropriately named database on the target machine
    • Load the file using the mysql command:

    $ mysql -u [uname] -p[pass] [db_to_restore] [backupfile.sql]

    Have a look how you can restore your tut_backup.sql file to the Tutorials database.

    $ mysql -u root -p Tutorials tut_backup.sql

    To restore compressed backup files you can do the following:

    gunzip [backupfile.sql.gz] | mysql -u [uname] -p[pass] [dbname]

    If you need to restore a database that already exists, you’ll need to use mysqlimport command. The syntax for mysqlimport is as follows:

    mysqlimport -u [uname] -p[pass] [dbname] [backupfile.sql]

    Backing Up and Restoring using PHPMyAdmin

    It is assumed that you have phpMyAdmin installed since a lot of web service providers use it. To backup your MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin just follow a couple of steps:

    • Open phpMyAdmin.
    • Select your database by clicking the database name in the list on the left of the screen.
    • Click the Export link. This should bring up a new screen that says View dump of database (or something similar).
    • In the Export area, click the Select All link to choose all of the tables in your database.
    • In the SQL options area, click the right options.
    • Click on the Save as file option and the corresponding compression option and then click the ‘Go’ button. A dialog box should appear prompting you to save the file locally.

    Restoring your database is easy as well as backing it up. Make the following:

    • Open phpMyAdmin.
    • Create an appropriately named database and select it by clicking the database name in the list on the left of the screen. If you would like to rewrite the backup over an existing database then click on the database name, select all the check boxes next to the table names and select Drop to delete all existing tables in the database.
    • Click the SQL link. This should bring up a new screen where you can either type in SQL commands, or upload your SQL file.
    • Use the browse button to find the database file.
    • Click Go button. This will upload the backup, execute the SQL commands and re-create your database.

    MySQL Backup software

    If you are administrating multiple MySQL servers, you can consider using a commercial solution for MySQL Backup. One solution could be Backup Bird. It is a full cloud server backup service, that monitor the progress of each backup and backup your files as well as your databases.

    School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study: Case Study 2, case study examples social work.#Case #study #examples #social #work


    School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study

    The Duty senior social worker is contacted by Police in East Lothian who have received information from the child s grandmother Mrs T.

    Mrs T told them that she cares for Jenny every weekend and at bedtime she noticed bruising to Jenny s foot that went from the top through to the sole. She asked Jenny how this had occurred and Jenny said that her father, William, did it to her.

    Mrs T explained that her daughter Shona and her partner William lived within Wester Hailes. Mrs T had never taken to William. Mrs T did not believe that William was Jenny s father, although the couple had reunited following Jenny s birth. Jenny had had a bruise to her face several weeks previously and Jenny had explained that she had fallen. Mrs T wished to remain anonymous.

    An Initial Referral Discussion took place between a Police Inspector, senior social worker and community paediatrician. A decision was made that the social worker and police officer should jointly interview the child. Following the interview a decision would be made regarding a medical examination of Jenny.

    The social worker contacted the mother, Shona, to tell her that a Child Protection Investigation was taking place, and what it would involve. Shona was angry that an investigation was taking place but said she would accompany her daughter to the interview.

    Jenny was interviewed at the social work centre. She said that her daddy had caused the bruising but it was an accident when they were playing football. Although the interview did not determine that the cause of the injury was deliberate, given the extent of the bruising, the social worker asked that a doctor examine the injury. Shona complied with this request. The examination was not conclusive – the GP felt that the injury could have happened as a result of an accident but was concerned that Shona had not sought medical advice as the bruising on the foot must have caused Jenny pain and difficulty in walking. Shona and William said that Jenny had been trying to get attention and had lied to her grandmother about the injury as she knew that Mrs T did not like William. Shona said Mrs T spoiled Jenny. Without further information the investigation did not proceed further. Mrs T was insistent that Jenny had told her that her father had caused the injury deliberately.


    1. Is there anything you need clarified, e.g. what is a Duty Social Worker?
    2. As regards what has been described above: what are you feeling? What are you thinking?
    3. What might worry you here? Is there anything that surprises you about the behaviour or actions taken?
    4. Could and would social workers make a difference here? If so, you may wish to break this down into:
      1. which social work agency (or agencies) might undertake the work?
      2. who might they work with
      3. how might they do this? And which resources are necessary and available? (no wish please)
      4. on a wider level what are the issues here? For example, the unrecognised role of Kinship Carers (Mrs T.).

    What next?

    Recommended reading on this course includes:

    • Adams, R. et al. (2002) Social Work: Themes, Issues and Critical Debates, 2nd edition.
    • Cree, V. (2003) Becoming A Social Worker.
    • Cree, V. and Davis, A. (2007) Social Work: Voices from the Inside.
    • Cree, V.E. and Myers, S. (2008) Social Work: Making a Difference
    • Davies, M. (1997) The Blackwell Companion to Social Work.
    • Davies, M. (1997) The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Social Work.
    • Hothersall, S. (2006) Social Work with Children, Young People and their Families in Scotland, 2nd edition.
    • Thompson, N. (2000) Understanding Social Work: Preparing for Practice.

    Recommended reading on this course includes:

    • Butler, I. and Drakeford, M. (2003) Social Policy, Social Welfare and Scandal. How British Public Policy is Made.
    • Cree, V.E. and Wallace, S.J. (2009) Risk and Protection in Adams, R., Payne, M. and Dominelli, (eds) Social Work Futures, 2nd edition.
    • Ferguson I. (2007) Increasing User Choice or Privatizing Risk? The Antinomies of Personalization , British Journal of Social Work, 37(3), 387-403.
    • Kemshall, H. (2002) Risk, Social Policy and Welfare.
    • Napier, L. and Fook, J. (2000) Breakthroughs in Practice. Theorising Critical Moments in Social Work.
    • Parsloe, P. (ed.) (1999) Risk Assessment in Social Care and Social Work.
    • Powell, F. (2001) The Politics of Social Work.
    • Trotter, C. (1999) Working With Involuntary Clients.
    • Tulloch, J. and Lupton, D. (2003) Risk and Everyday Life.
    • Webb, S. (2006) Social Work in a Risk Society. Social and Political Perspectives.

    Case study examples social work

    Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all material is copyright The University of Edinburgh 2013-2015.

    Technical Resume Examples to Showcase Your Technical Skills #technical #resume, #technical #resume #sample, #technical #resume #tip, #sample #resumes, #sample #resume, #resume, #resume #writing, #resume #examples, #resume #template, #write #a #resume, #printable #resumes


    Technical Resume

    Resume Technical Resume

    A technical resume should clearly show a candidate’s technical skills. To achieve this, add the Technical Summary or Technical Expertise section to your resume. Further, break this section into sub-categories for a quick scan of your knowledge of programs and applications.

    Fortunately, technical resumes have a very simple format. The key to writing an effective resume is to keep in mind the prospective hiring manager or human resources recruiter.

    Technical/computer or other qualification should consist course content in brief, the duration, the institute and also the result. This section could also consist of the projects done including platform used (front-end and backend), which add a value to the resume. Also mention other qualifications like personality development, marketing diploma or research study.

    For example include the following that is applicable to you:

    • Technical certifications
    • Hardware
    • Operating systems
    • Networking/protocols
    • Programming/Languages
    • Web applications
    • Database applications

    Highlight some of your soft skills in a Career Summary section to add a personality to your technical resume. Remember your resume should be short enough, yet should be able to effectively showcase your achievements. Do not make it excessively lengthy.

    Highlight your Achievements

    Show in your technical resume how your performance favored the company’s good. Highlight your initiatives and performances that enhanced efficiency, faster work, monetary savings etc. Focus on your most impressive technical projects/achievements.

    The keywords for any technical resume depends on the job target and experience. Specific programs and applications are often used as keywords in case of a technical resume.


    • Always format your experience in reversed chronological order from your most recent job to the earlier jobs.
    • Avoid elementary information like hobbies and interests. Instead, focus on strengths and to give a corporate look to the resume.

    Sample Technical Resume

    Checkout our sample Technical resumes below.

    Software Piracy dictionary definition #software #piracy, #online #dictionary, #thesaurus, #dictionary, #software #piracy #definition, #definition #of #software #piracy, #define #software #piracy, #software #piracy #meaning, #websters, #synonyms, #pronunciation, #usage #examples, #quotes


    Software piracy is defined as illegally copying software that does not belong to you in a manner that violates the copyright.

    A example of software piracy is when you download a copy of Microsoft Word from a file-sharing website without paying for it.

    Software Piracy – Computer Definition

    Unauthorized copying of some purchased software. Most software programs purchased are licensed for use by just one user or at just one computer site. Moreover, when someone buys software, he or she is known as a “licensed user” rather than as an owner of the software. As a licensed user, an individual is permitted to make copies of the software program for back-up purposes only. It is a violation of copyright laws in North America, in particular, to freely distribute software copies.

    Because software piracy is all but impossible to halt entirely, software companies now launch legal suits against individuals violating software copyright laws. Years ago, software companies attempted to prevent software piracy by copy-protecting software, but this strategy was neither foolproof nor convenient for users. Software companies typically require registration at the time of software purchase in an attempt to clamp down on the problem.

    See Also: Copyright Laws; Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

    Jupitermedia Corporation. What is Software Piracy? [Online, October 9, 2003.] http://www.pcwebopedia.com/TERM/S/software_piracy.html.

    The illegal copying of software for distribution within the organization, or to friends, clubs and other groups, or for duplication and resale. The software industry loses billions of dollars each year to piracy, and although it may seem innocent enough to install an application on a couple of additional machines (called “softloading” and “softlifting”), it may ultimately shatter the profitability of a small software company. Software piracy is a major issue in the U.S. and Europe, but it is rampant in the rest of the world where major applications are routinely copied by the thousands for resale. See warez. piracy investigator. NET Act and SIIA.

    Real Estate Sample Marketing Plan – Marketing Vision #marketing #dashboard #examples


    Marketing Vision

    Titicus Realtors seeks to make first-time home buyers comfortable, happy, and worry-free both during the home buying process and even after their closings. By doing this, Titicus hopes to build a reputation as THE real estate agent in southern Connecticut for first-time home buyers, effectively eliminating competition within their market.

    This marketing plan details the current and new marketing programs and practices of Titicus Realtors which will lead to establishing and consolidating this reputation.

    Get practical ideas and good models with dozens of examples of successful

    marketing plans with Sales and Marketing Pro.


    Titicus Realtors will pursue the following specific goals:

    Personal Goals for Earl Estates, owner of Titicus Realtors:

    • Hire an additional agent before workload cuts into time necessary for marketing and company direction
    • 20 invitations to area speaking engagements in 2012

    • Exceed $1 million in revenue in 2010, $1.3 million in 2011, $1.7 million in 2012
    • Exceed 900 leads in 2012

    • Be ranked in the top 5 real estate agencies for first-time home buyers in Fairfield County by Fairfield Homes Magazine
    • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction

    • Customer testimonials of at least three sentences written by 75% of successful home buyers
    • Increase number of agents employed by Titicus Realtors to four by the end of 2012


    Titicus Realtors seeks to make the process of buying a first home a relief for clients, offering them such great service that all of their fears associated with the process will disappear. Through this, Titicus Realtors hopes to make home ownership, and the financial, emotional, and psychological value that comes with it, happen for as many people as possible. Ideally, the ideas and process of how customers are treated at Titicus will be shared with similarly-minded real estate agents in other towns and states so that the reach of the company’s impact goes well beyond its locale.


    A couple signing up with Titicus Realtors will find themselves surprised from their first interaction about the level of care and thoroughness. Through simple language and some probing questions, the real estate agent will unearth the couple’s desires for their home as well as their fears. The Titicus agent seems to have seen it all before, yet does not come off as cocky or dismissive of these fears – such as the couple’s fear of being taken advantage of, of buying more home than they can afford, of learning about issues with the home only after the closing, or of spending more than they should. On the contrary, the Titicus agent will provide information and assistance that shows the couple from the start that there is no need to be exceedingly anxious through this process. That anxiety will slip away as the couple’s trust for their agent builds and it will be replaced by a feeling of excitement and adventure as the couple starts to see each home as a possibility.

    Gap Dashboard

    The Gap Dashboard represents the quantification of the key personal, business, strategic and tactical goals for Titicus Realtors. The results in all of these areas will be tabulated once a month based on the accumulation of the week’s key marketing metrics as well as other items which are not tracked by the company’s systems (such as the personal goals). Furthermore, rating by Fairfield Homes occurs on an annual basis only and will be entered when the ratings are released. Earl Estates is responsible for accumulating the data to check against the goals each month. He will note gaps and decide whether original goals were too lofty or whether the shortfalls were within the control of Titicus Realtors.

    Gap Dashboard

    Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Cheyenne Free HDTV Channels and Antennas #hdtv, #rf, #uhf, #vhf, #dtv, #digital, #channels, #cable, #satellite, #stations, #local #lists, #towers, #compass, #direction, #distance, #high-definition, #television, #outdoor, #rotor, #indoor, #antennas, #expert, #examples, #help, #free, #over-the-air, #off-air, #licensed, #transition, #tuners, #converter #box, #setups, #color #code #chart, #picture, #appearance, #multicasting, #multi-directional, #rooftop, #rabbit #ears, #consumer #data, #advanced, #installation, #links


    You might want to watch this 8-minute video created by the Consumer Electronics Association

    Getting the most from America’s New High-Definition Television System is simple and inexpensive. You just need an antenna for sets made after 2007, and a Converter Box if you have an older TV. No need to get cable, satellite or a new TV to enjoy America’s DTV Channels.

    “Multicasting” allows stations to broadcast up to six new channels in the space of their old one. Channel 9, for instance, is now DTV channel 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, etc. Cable and satellite would have you believe they carry most of these new channels, but they don’t.

    Cable and satellite strip and leave out most broadcast channels to save space for other $ervice$. To get genuine HDTV just add an antenna and converter to your existing setup. You’ll be amazed how many HDTV channels you can tune, and how much better everything looks over-the-air!

    Find the keys to complete your HDTV System!

    Denver Area HDTV Channels
    All of these new channels, and many more, are Free. No cable or satellite is needed for any of them. Just select an Antenna, using the information below, to receive crystal clear HDTV signals Free in the Denver, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Area.

    Antenna Selection Guide
    To find the perfect antenna, first list the RF Channels which you want to watch. The CEA. Consumer Electronics Association, and NAB. National Association of Broadcasters, created the AntennaWeb to help you with the rest. Free! An example of how it works is presented below.

    NOTE that all TV stations are transmitting on different channels now. To avoid confusion, however, the new tuners and converter boxes allow a station to keep its old channel number while automatically switching you to its new RF Channel. Some of the new RF Channels are VHF but most are UHF.

    RF Channels on your list numbered less than 14 are VHF. They need a broader antenna than UHF channels; the ones numbered 14 and up. Since HDTV is 91% UHF, you probably won’t need to use a broad antenna.

    Most need an Indoor Antenna. They work just fine with older TVs using a converter box, and with all new TVs. You’ll need to use an Outdoor Antenna if you’re more than 15 miles from stations’ towers, but most towers are clustered near town and are very powerful.

    We’ll use a site near Tampa, Florida
    Press AntennaWeb.org. then Press
    “Click Here to Start,” then Enter the
    ZIP Code 33772 and Press “Submit”

    A Station Tower Map will appear beside a list, as shown below. The strongest stations are at the top. Record the RF channels, and Antenna Color Codes, of the stations you want to watch. You’ll need that information to select the proper Antenna .
    To verify this Map and List. select TVFool.com using the same Zip Code, to get the following.

    What’s important is to get-a-feel for the distances and directions to desirable stations’ towers (under “Dist” and “Azimuth” above). Let’s select CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and PBS Networks, all of which are farther than 15 miles away. We’ll need to use an Outdoor Antenna to receive them. Fortunately, station towers are clustered in most cities – East of us in our example.

    Antenna Color Codes
    Color Codes represent an antenna’s reception strength. Within 15 miles of stations an Indoor Antenna can be used (in the Yellow, Green and Light Green Zones). Farther away you’ll need to use an Outdoor Antenna. Our Example calls for color codes blue and violet. The stronger violet type will work for both. Since four of our desirable stations’ RF channels are VHF (all but ABC are less than 14), we’ll need a broad UHF/VHF antenna.

    Small Multi-Directional Antennas

    Definition of telematics #aerodynamics, #online #dictionary, #english #dictionary, #aerodynamics #definition, #define #aerodynamics, #definition #of #aerodynamics, #aerodynamics #pronunciation, #aerodynamics #meaning, #aerodynamics #origin, #aerodynamics #examples



    The study of the movement of air and other gases. Aerodynamics includes the study of the interactions of air with moving objects, such as airplanes, and of the effects of moving air on stationary objects, such as buildings.

    Our Living Language . The two primary forces in aerodynamics are lift and drag. Lift refers to (usually upward) forces perpendicular to the direction of motion of an object traveling through the air. For example, airplane wings are designed so that their movement through the air creates an area of low pressure above the wing and an area of high pressure beneath it; the pressure difference produces the lift needed for flight. This effect is typical of airfoil design. Drag forces are parallel and opposite to the object’s direction of motion and are caused largely by friction. Large wings can create a significant amount of lift, but they do so with the expense of generating a great deal of drag. Spoilers that are extended on airplane wings upon the vehicle’s landing exploit this tradeoff by making the wings capable of high lift even at low speeds; low landing speeds then still provide enough lift for a gentle touchdown. Aeronautical engineers need to take into account such factors as the speed and altitude at which their designs will fly (lower air pressures at high altitudes reduce both lift and drag) in order to optimally balance lift and drag in varying conditions.

    The American Heritage® Science Dictionary
    Copyright © 2002. Published by Houghton Mifflin. All rights reserved.
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    aerodynamics in Culture Expand

    aerodynamics definition

    The branch of science devoted to the study of the flow of gas es around solid objects. It is especially important in the design of cars and airplanes, which move through the air.

    Note . A vehicle that has been built to minimize friction with the air is said to be aerodynamically designed.

    The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
    Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
    Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
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    Word of the Day

    VPN Remote Access Example #vpn #examples


    VPN Remote Access Example

    The remote access computer logs on to the Fabrikam, Inc. domain using a LAN connection to the Fabrikam, Inc. intranet and receives a client authentication certificate through auto-enrollment. Then, the New Connection Wizard is used to create a VPN connection with the following setting:

    • Host name or IP address: vpn.fabrikam.com

    The New Connection Wizard is used on client computers to create a VPN connection with the following settings:

    • Host name or IP address: vpn.fabrikam.com
  • On the Security tab, under Type of VPN. select Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

    The remote access computer logs on to the Fabrikam, Inc. domain using a LAN connection to the Fabrikam, Inc. intranet and receives a client authentication certificate through auto-enrollment. Then, the New Connection Wizard is used to create a VPN connection with the following setting:

    • Host name or IP address: vpn.fabrikam.com

    The VPN connection settings are modified as follows:

    • On the Networking tab, under Type of VPN. select Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPsec). The network administrator for Fabrikam, Inc. does not want remote access clients that are capable of establishing an L2TP connection to fall back to the PPTP connection.

    The remote access computer logs on to the Fabrikam, Inc. domain using a LAN connection to the Fabrikam, Inc. intranet and receives an SSL certificate through auto-enrollment. Then, the New Connection Wizard is used to create a VPN connection with the following setting:

    • Host name or IP address: vpn.fabrikam.com
  • On the Security tab, under Type of VPN. select Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) .

  • What Is – Research Data? Research Data Management #data #management #software #examples


    What Is Research Data ?

    Data are distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way. Strictly speaking, data is the plural of datum. a single piece of information. In practice, however, people use data as both the singular and plural form of the word. In database management systems, data files are the files that store the database information.

    Research data is data that is collected, observed, or created, for purposes of analysis to produce original research results. The word “data” is used throughout this site to refer to research data.

    Research data can be generated for different purposes and through different processes, and can be divided into different categories. Each category may require a different type of data management plan.

    • Observational. data captured in real-time, usually irreplaceable. For example, sensor data, survey data, sample data, neurological images.
    • Experimental. data from lab equipment, often reproducible, but can be expensive. For example, gene sequences, chromatograms, toroid magnetic field data.
    • Simulation. data generated from test models where model and metadata are more important than output data. For example, climate models, economic models.
    • Derived or compiled. data is reproducible but expensive. For example, text and data mining, compiled database, 3D models.
    • Reference or canonical. a (static or organic) conglomeration or collection of smaller (peer-reviewed) datasets, most probably published and curated. For example, gene sequence databanks, chemical structures, or spatial data portals.

    Research data may include all of the following:

    • Text or Word documents, spreadsheets
    • Laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
    • Questionnaires, transcripts, codebooks
    • Audiotapes, videotapes
    • Photographs, films
    • Test responses
    • Slides, artifacts, specimens, samples
    • Collection of digital objects acquired and generated during the process of research
    • Data files
    • Database contents including video, audio, text, images
    • Models, algorithms, scripts
    • Contents of an application such as input, output, log files for analysis software, simulation software, schemas
    • Methodologies and workflows
    • Standard operating procedures and protocols

    The following research records may also be important to manage during and beyond the life of a project:

    • Correspondence including electronic mail and paper-based correspondence
    • Project files
    • Grant applications
    • Ethics applications
    • Technical reports
    • Research reports
    • Master lists
    • Signed consent forms

    Data vs. Information

    Data are plain facts. When data are processed, organized, structured or presented in a given context so as to make them useful, they are called information .

    It is not enough to have data (such as statistics on the economy). Data in themselves are fairly useless. But when these data are interpreted and processed to determine their true meaning. they become useful and can be called information. Data is the computer s language. Information is our translation of this language.

    Data vs. Metadata

    Metadata is structured data about data, of any sort in any media, that imposes order on a disordered information universe. In database management systems, metadata are index files and data dictionaries that store administrative information.