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Car driving games

Car driving games Car driving games Car driving games Car driving games

Car driving games Car driving games Car driving games Car driving games

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  1. Car driving games

Test your car racing skills in this off-road rally adventure!

  • Car driving games

    Hit the track for some high-speed drift racing!

  • Car driving games

    Racing . after dark.

  • Car driving games

    Go racing on your desk!

  • Car driving games

    Get revved up for some colorful fun in this wild ride!

  • Car driving games

    No other race has ever been this deadly!

  • Car driving games

    Crush, destroy, explode and wreak havoc in your 4-wheeled mega machine!

  • Car driving games

    Drift through 40 levels in this fast-action racer that will drive you wild!

    Online Racing Games

    Car driving games

    Desktop Racing 2

    Go racing on your desk!

    Car driving games

    Lethal Race

    No other race has ever been this deadly!

    Car driving games


    Pick a rider and hit the road in this hardcore motorbike tournament!

    Car driving games

    Dusk Drive

    Racing . after dark.

    Car driving games

    International Rally Stage 2014

    Hardcore rally racing action!

    Car driving games

    Dirtbike Apocalypse

    Killer tricks and killer mutants.

    Car driving games

    Madmen Racing

    Race some of the craziest vehicles around!

    Car driving games

    Rally Point 2

    Test your car racing skills in this off-road rally adventure!

    Car driving games

    Space Punk Racer

    Fly to the finish to earn your diploma from the Space Racer Academy!

    Car driving games

    Grand Prix Go

    Speed across the finish line in this rollicking racing game!

    Car driving games

    Notebook Drift

    Get drifty in this unique racing game!

    Car driving games


    Drive and survive in this post-apocalyptic racer – now with a third chapter featuring new cars, new weapons, and 30 new missions!

    Car driving games


    All hands on deck for this exciting racing game that you can play alone or against a friend!

    Car driving games

    Monster Truck Demolisher

    Crush, destroy, explode and wreak havoc in your 4-wheeled mega machine!

    Car driving games

    Neon Race

    Get glowing in this vibrant racer featuring 8 tracks, cool power-ups, vehicle upgrades, and an unlockable Supercar!

    Featured Racing Game

    • Car driving games

    Pimp your ride and race it through the neighborhood to earn cash and the respect of your homies!

    99 Cent Sale

    • Car driving games

    Resolve a family squabble before the gates to the realm of the dead swing open!

  • Car driving games

    Play your cards right and you just might escape the zombie apocalypse!

  • Car driving games

    Use your searching skills to find your way out of hell in this spine-chilling sequel!

    Car driving games

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    Car Games

    Car driving games

    Car driving games

    Car driving games

    Car driving games

    Car driving games

    Mini JumpCar driving games

    Pimp my RideCar driving games

    Drift N Burn 365Car driving games

    On the WheelsCar driving games

    200 MPHCar driving games

    Car driving games

    Police RunCar driving games

    Unreal Bus DrivingCar driving games

    Dirt and Torque RacingCar driving games

    Zombies In The Shadow The Saviour 2Car driving games

    Skull Rider HellCar driving games

    Cars 3d Speed 2Car driving games

    Max Moto Ride 2Car driving games

    Mega Truck Crusher

    Car driving games

    Speed Demon 2Car driving games

    War FaceCar driving games

    Drift N Burn 3Car driving games

    SandStorm RacingCar driving games

    Squeezy RiderCar driving games

    Gaia Galactic RacingCar driving games

    Sift Heads 3Car driving games

    Zombies In Da House

    Car driving games

    NFS UndergroundCar driving games

    Drifting ChampionshipsCar driving games

    Burning Rubber 3Car driving games

    Drift N Burn 365Car driving games

    Tuner CityCar driving games

    18 Wheeler 3Car driving games

    Demolition DerbyCar driving games


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    Car Games

    Nowadays, playing is the trendiest if it’s done online. If you are a car fan or you love racing, there is an offer to play car games online. You don’t need any special gear, no play station, just a computer and a good Internet connection. So, sit in front of your computer and play car games. Go for a bunch of races on the famous tracks or on the street, off road or in the NASCAR competition. You can enjoy a wide variety of car games, from the very popular drifting games to other types or rally races, kart races and other driving games.

    The fun part about online racing games is that they are free and you learn how to play on them very quickly. And let’s not forget that new games come out almost daily, so it’s hard to get bored playing all these types of car games. Whether we’re talking about some fun kart games or some more “serious” driving games, one thing is clear: you can spend minutes or hours every day playing racing games.

    Among all sport games, car games and bike games are fast and furious, while racing games are full of thrill. Parking games are more strategic while tilty truck games require your balancing skills a little more. So go on and play car games and enjoy our entire collection of racing games right here on offers some of the best racing games for those who love to play online games. If riding a motorcycle is your passion, check out our bike games, but if you are a car fan, here is the place where you can play car games.

    City Car Driving – Car Driving Simulator, PC Game #europa #car #hire

    #car driving games

    Our company designs software and hardware products for car driving education and entertainment. smart AI systems, virtual models of cities, car simulators, special vehicle simulators, industrial car driving simulators etc. We also design car driving computer games, on the basis of our own technologies and experience.

    The car driving game named “City Car Driving” is a new car simulator, designed to help users experience car driving in а big city, the countryside and in different conditions or go just for a joy ride. Special stress in the “City Car Driving” simulator has been laid on a variety of different road situations and realistic car driving.

    Key features:

    • Multilingual support. Currently supported languages are: English. German. French. Italian. Spanish. Portuguese. Turkish. Czech. Chinese and Japanese. In future we plan to add more languages.
  • Support for both US and European traffic rules.
  • Support for both right-handed and left-handed driving modes.
  • Support for both right-handed and left-handed player cars.
  • Various time of day and weather conditions. Such as rain, ice, snow, conditions of poor visibility at night or in the fog. A road is more slippery in winter.
  • Sudden dangerous situations. Such as: a traffic car drives on the opposite lane or cutting the lane just in front of the player’s car, pedestrians crossing the road in wrong places, broken traffic lights, etc.
  • Random routes in free driving mode.
  • Record/playback function.
  • 2 different virtual cities.
  • Narrow tangled courtyards and multi level car parks with lots of parked cars.
  • Interactive detailed city map and navigator tips .
  • 11 different player cars.
  • 24 driving missions and special defensive driving exercises prepare you for the unexpected and extreme situations.
  • Accurate rules of road control system helps you examine the road situation. And the instructor will give you advices in time of driving .
  • Advanced physics engine.
  • Support for both manual and automatic transmission.
  • Smart traffic AI not always follows the rules as in life. Traffic cars are physical, they’re able to collide with player’s car or with each other.
  • Pedestrians look like alive and behave accordingly, sometimes crossing the road in the wrong places.
  • High-quality graphics is confirmed by the screenshots. Cars have shadows, highlights, reflections. Road becomes wet and greasy after rain. Asphalt is very realistic. You can see the screenshots here .
  • Damage. All cars get visible damage, when collide.
  • DirectX 11 support.
  • Sound effects are realistic and improve immersing in the driving process. There are such effects as the sound of the slipping wheels, etc.
  • Easy-to-use controls are intuitive, and the wide range of supported devices allows you use a keyboard, mouse, racing wheel, gamepad, joystick or multiple controllers simultaneously. And controlling of the driver’s sight with the mouse allows you track the dead zones even while not having of more advanced peripherals.
  • Support for the newest and the most advanced racing wheels allows you get maximum realism while driving. Supported: the force feedback, 900 degrees rotation angle, clutch pedal and all the other features of the most advanced and multifunction racing wheels such as “Logitech G27 / G29 / G920” and suchlike.
  • Oculus Rift support.
  • TrackIR support.
  • Mirror adjustment.
  • Third-party mods support allows you modding of the game and add almost any new car. There’re also other mods available at our forum . such as: tuning of the physics, road signs, license plates, etc. But you should be careful because correct program operation with any third-party mod installed is not guaranteed!

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    Driving in the UK on a non-UK licence #minivan

    #car insurance uk

    Driving in the UK on a non-UK licence

    Find out how to get insured to drive in the UK on an EU/EEC or international driving licence.

    The rules around driving in the UK on a foreign licence can be confusing, and getting insurance cover can make things even more complicated. Read our guide and find out when you can drive on a non-UK licence and how to get insurance cover.

    Get a quote

    Compare car insurance I don’t know my registration number

    Can I drive in the UK on my existing licence?

    If you have a full, valid driving licence issued in your own country, you will be able to drive in the UK for at least a year before you need to exchange your licence or take a UK driving test. See more information below based on each type of licence:

    EU/EEC licence:

    If you hold a full licence issued in a country within the European Union (EU) or European Economic Community (EEC), you can drive in the UK on your original licence until it expires, without having to exchange it or retake your driving test. Your licence will expire when you turn 70 or three years after you become a resident in the UK (whichever is longer).

    If you got your EU licence by exchanging a non-EU licence, you can drive in Great Britain for 12 months. You will need to pass a UK driving test if you want to carry on driving after this point.

    If you wish to continue driving in the UK after this period, you can exchange your international licence for a UK licence within five years of becoming a resident, without having to retake your driving test.

    International licence (non-exchangeable):

    If your licence was not issued in an EU/EEC or designated country, you are still permitted to drive in the UK for 12 months. If you want to continue driving in the UK after this point, you will need to apply for a provisional UK licence and pass the UK driving test to gain your full licence. You are not required to take any driving lessons in the UK before taking your test, but you may find it useful to brush up on your driving skills and knowledge of UK roads.

    International driving permit:

    You don’t need an international driving permit in addition to your licence, but it may come in useful for proving validity if your licence is not printed in English.

    Provisional licence

    If you don’t have a full licence yet and want to drive in the UK, you must apply for a provisional UK licence. You can take a UK driving test once you’ve been in the country for 185 days (six months).

    Do I need insurance?

    It’s a legal requirement to have valid car insurance in the UK, even if you only plan to drive occasionally or stay in the country for a short time. (You will not need to take out your own insurance cover for a hire car, as this will be included in the cost of the rental.)

    There are three levels of insurance cover available: The minimum legal requirement is third party cover, which only covers damage to other vehicles and property, and not any damage to your car; third party, fire and theft also covers fire damage and theft; comprehensive cover includes all of this as well as paying out for damage to your own car in the event of a claim.

    If you’re bringing your own car to the country your existing insurance policy should cover you for third party damage while you’re driving in the UK. You may be asked to provide evidence of your insurance cover, and your insurer may issue you a ‘green card’ document for this purpose. Find out more about temporarily importing your car here .

    You will need to take out a UK insurance policy if you’ve bought a car in this country. If you’re a visitor borrowing a friend’s or relative’s car while you’re in the UK, you must be added as a named driver to their policy — but be aware that this is likely to increase the policyholder’s car insurance premium.

    Car insurance costs for drivers with international licences

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult for drivers with non-UK licences to find affordable car insurance. Even if you have many years’ experience driving in your own country, holding a foreign licence could still affect your insurance costs. Insurers base their premiums on perceived risk, and you are considered to be at a higher risk of making a claim if you are not experienced on UK roads.

    Many well-known insurers will ignore any no-claims years accrued on your foreign licence. With a no-claims bonus being worth up to 75% discount, starting from scratch once you start driving in the UK can push your premiums up.

    Thankfully, there are ways to save on your car insurance if you’re a non-UK licence holder. First, be sure to shop around with specialist insurers. There are many providers that welcome foreign licence holders, and some will even transfer your no-claims years so you get a discount straight away.

    If you have a European licence or an exchangeable international licence, you can swap this for a UK licence once you’ve been resident in the UK for six months. Many providers will offer better deals to drivers with UK licences, so you may benefit from exchanging your licence as soon as you are able to (if you know you plan to stay in the UK for the long term).

    If you are currently driving on a non-exchangeable international licence you will eventually have to take a test to gain your full UK licence. Your insurance premiums should drop once you gain your licence, so you may benefit from taking your driving test sooner rather than later if you do plan on driving in the UK in the long term. You can apply for a provisional licence and take your test once you’ve been resident in the UK for six months.

    The level of insurance cover also has an effect on your costs. You may expect third party cover to be more affordable, as your insurer would only have to pay out for the other party’s repair costs in the event of a claim. However, insurers noted that third party cover was being used as a cost saving tactic by risky drivers, so some raised their prices accordingly. By considering a higher level of cover, such as comprehensive, you could save money while being better protected.

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    Compare car insurance I don’t know my registration number

    What is – left-hand driving – English Language & Usage Stack Exchange #cheapest #car #hire

    #left hand drive cars

    Vehicles are usually manufactured in left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) configurations, referring to the placement of the driving seat and controls within the vehicle.[7][8][9] Typically, the placement of the steering wheel is opposite to the rule of the road: LHT countries use RHD vehicles, and RHT countries use LHD vehicles. This is so that the driver’s line of sight is as long as possible down the road past leading vehicles, an important consideration for overtaking (passing) manœuvres.

    So, yes, a left-hand drive car means that it’s a car made for a country which drives on the right side of the road, and vice versa. Wikipedia also has a section dealing with wrong-hand drive vehicles.

    Post Office cars and vans in some countries such as the United States, Canada, Finland and Sweden have the steering wheel on the opposite side to normal vehicles. This is so drivers can easily drive up next to post boxes or get out straight onto the pavement without having to walk around their vehicles, or put post in boxes without getting out of their vehicles at all.

    Irish Car Rentals Guide to Driving in Ireland #car #leasing #special #offers

    #cars ireland

    Driving in Ireland

    Welcome to our Ireland Car Rental and Irish Information page. We have included here links to our Driving in Ireland pages which will provide all of the information you need to drive in Ireland. Roundabouts. Motorways. Safety Videos, Road Signs. Road Markings and general safety are all covered. Below we have itemised some useful information when renting your car with us. We are fully aware of the importance of your car rental to you. If you are travelling on business or for pleasure we want to ensure that you receive the very best service and vehicle possible. Please browse through the following Frequently asked questions if you are looking for further detail on your impending car rental. We look forward to assisting you.


    In Ireland all traffic drives on the LEFT side of the Road. The same applies to Northern Ireland as well. Most visitors to Ireland arrive in either Shannon or Dublin Airport. Neither airport is located in a City Centre and when you collect your rental vehicle you will have ample time to acclimatize to Driving conditions here before reaching some of the more built up area’s.

    In Ireland most cars are equipped with a Manual Transmission (Stick Shift). Automatic cars are available but are generally more expensive to rent. (You can specify which transmission you would prefer when making a quotation). If you are visiting us from the UK then many of our road signs, speed limits, road markings and roundabouts will be familiar to you. If you are visiting us from continental Europe or the USA then it may take you a little while to get used to our road layouts and driving on the other side of the road. Irish Car Rentals supply an excellent Road Map with each of their rental cars which will help you navigate your way around our many wonderful towns, villages and visitor attractions.

    Safety is our priority – please make it your priority also.

    Irish Car Rentals will make every effort to assist you in having a pleasant and safe driving experience. It is our priority to provide safe road worthy vehicles for your stay in Ireland. We ask all our clients to drive carefully on our roads which are very often narrow. The number of cars has increased on Irish roads in the last few years and it is now more important than ever that all drivers abide by the rules of the road and take great care when driving.


    The information given on our website is provided as is . Irish Car Rentals do not accept responsibility of ensuring the information provided is up to date or forms the basis of any agreement or is of a nature that can be used to verify any legal issue. Irish Car Rentals are not liable for any issue arising from the information contained in our website pages. The only agreement in force will be the rental agreement signed by the renter on collection of a vehicle. You accept these terms if you select to view or use the information provided on our website pages.

    First Year as a Truck Driver #truck #driving #lifestyle


    First Year as a Truck Driver

    What to expect as a First Year Truck Driver

    The ability to travel on a regular basis while making money doing something you love is a privilege and a dream for most. One of the few employment positions that have this privilege are truck drivers. Drivers deliver items from around the world throughout the U.S. and sometimes even Canada and Mexico. Truckers are an essential part of everyday life for almost every industry including, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and food and dining. First year truck drivers have the opportunity to see the country, but will also be developing their driving skills. There are both positive and negative aspects to driving a truck and in the first year of driving, each trucker is sure to become acclimated with these different situations.

    Are you ready to earn your CDL?

    Are you looking for a job?

    Understanding the Life of a Trucker

    Truck driving is a career choice like any, however trucking requires tailoring a lifestyle completely around a job. The schedule of a typical trucker is going out on the road for several weeks at time, and then having a few days home, which is called Hometime. This schedule is perhaps one of the hardest aspects for new truckers and his or her family. There are not many other jobs that require being away from family and friends on a daily basis during most weeks, aside from military or oilfield workers. So, truck driving is pretty much in a league of its own as a career choice for a family man or woman. The inability to participate in daily life and the solitude can take a toll on anyone; however, this is a part of the position as an Over-the-Road or OTR driver.

    Learning to control the truck and trailer that he or she will be operating may be one of the biggest physical challenges of the job. Training for a commercial driver’s license, or a CDL, takes just a month or more of courses and workshops. One great thing about the CDL training is that it is much easier than other trade schools and college courses. With a CDL, first year drivers can start driving after a few months and make a full time income similar to that of those who exit college.

    Though a CDL is considerably less expensive to obtain and in much less time, there is still a learning curve that comes along with being a long haul driver. Driving for eight to ten hours a day will be much more demanding than training for a CDL. The adjustment period of being on the road alone for the majority of the day or night will require determination and a love of the job. Setting up a proper daily work schedule according to his or her current load, with rests and work breaks, will aid first year drivers in making the change to an OTR driver far less challenging.

    Gaining Steam in Year One

    For the first year, many drivers may find themselves being assigned loads that are less than favorable. Many trucking and freight companies allow the drivers that have worked for the company for an extended amount of time to receive first choice in driving assignments. First year drivers may have to drive to desolate locations, into New York City or Canada, and have pickups or deliveries with undesirable schedules.

    This can be typical of trucking companies, as first year hires must work their way up in the company and prove his or her skills and reliability. Keeping to a delivery schedule is essential for trucking and freight companies to keep client contracts, so providing services in a timely and reliable manner will help the first year trucker build up a positive reputation, and possibly allow first years to be dispatched better assignments.

    The one highlight of receiving driving assignments is taking the road less traveled, literally. Driving is the one way to view the countryside, big cities, and hundreds of American suburbs all at once. Stopping in a variety of cities throughout the country will help gain a glimpse into life in different regions around the U.S. and is an experience that is like no other. No other career, other than anthropologists, travels the world and experiences other groups and their lives on a regular manner. Truck drivers receive one of the best crash-course educations on daily life around the U.S. through his or her freight routes.

    While on the road, it is easy to become detached from the daily life that he or she once knew. However, new technology makes it easier to keep in contact with family members, so having that much needed connection with them on a regular basis is entirely possible. Keeping a cellular phone is essential to the job for emergencies with the truck or delivery, contact with the dispatch room, and for contacting the shipper or consignee.

    So every driver should have a cellular phone within days of becoming a full time driver. Calling family while at a rest is a small, but important method to being there for family while in a different state. Many truck stops have several amenities like showers, dining areas, and wireless internet and using it for social media or video messaging is the next best thing to actually being able to go home at night. Messaging and phone calls will allow first year drivers to ease into their heavy driving schedule and fight feelings of homesickness.

    Making plans to integrate into family life during days off is also a requirement for a healthy transition into long term OTR driving. It is easy to want to rest on days off, but getting up and out with the rest of the family and re-adapting quickly will keep life running smoothly on off days while on Hometime.

    Long Term Long Haul Outlook

    CDL certified drivers who enter into the trucking business have the opportunity to make a full time, middle class income from the very beginning. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. most heavy and tractor tailor drivers will make a median income of $37,770 or $18.16 per hour. Trucking also has a higher than average rate of growth, with twenty-one percent rate of growth and millions of available jobs on the hauling market. In fact, there continues to be a driver shortage year after year. Driver’s wages are more than twice as high as the federal minimum wage and will allow most to provide for his or her family and live a comfortable lifestyle. Trucking is physically demanding and being away from family, friends, and familiar areas can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, but once drivers settle into their new life as professional drivers, the benefits can far outweigh the negatives.

    Understanding what is expected of the long haul truck driver, then integrating personal and family time into the job will make the work environment much simpler regarding acclimating. If trucking for a living truly appeals to you, seeking out a CDL and trying out long haul loads for a year is the only fool proof method towards figuring out if trucking is a career for you long term. Again, a trucking career has its challenges; however, the positive gains towards becoming successful, getting paid to see the country, and providing a good life for your family greatly overshadow the negatives of being an OTR driver.

    Trucking Companies – North Carolina #trucking #companies, #trucking, #companies, #transportation #companies, #transportation, #freight, #cargo, #shipping, #intermodal, #hauling, #refrigerated, #flabed, #loads, #owner #operators, #links, #truck #companies, #truck #driving, #trucker #links, #companies #online, #directory, #index, #search #companies, #company #list, #listing, #moving, #van, #trailer, #flatbed, #bulk, #hopper, #tanker


    Convoy Logistics 866-626-6869
    Full service transportation provider specializing in Truckload, LTL, and Intermodal shipments throughout the contiguous 48 states, Canada, and Mexico. We have representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    American Fleet Service Inc 757-488-8300
    Light to Heavy Truck and Trailer Repair and Maintenance, serving Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. We are an official Virginia State Inspection Station. We also service buses, liftgates, trailers of all sizes, yard jockeys, gasoline engines, armored trucks, APU�s, and PTO�s. Diesel Repair, Fleet Maintenance and Repair, Light Duty Trucks Repair, Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Repair, Pick Up and Van Fleet Service, State and Federal Inspection, General Auto Repair

    National Express Auto Transport
    Auto Transport Services for cars, trucks, SUV’s vans, boats, motorcycles and more. No Hidden Fees. Pay at Delivery. Door-to-Door Service MC# 935925

    Nationwide Transport Services
    Nationwide Transport provides trucking services to all 50 states. Dry van trailers, Refrigerated trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Step Decks, Lowboys/RGN’s, Conestoga’s, Car Carriers, Boat trailers, Hot
    shots, Drive away services, Power only services, Inter modal, Railroad. Give us a call for a free quote! 800-352-8475

    Nationwide Transport Services Inc
    We service the fifty United States, the Canadian Provinces, and Mexico. We ship via flatbeds, vans, reefers, stepdecks, lowboys RGN’s, conestogas, hot shots, and more. We do full truck loads, LTL, and over dimensional loads. MC #276972

    ByExpress Logistics 866-744-7122
    Canada, USA, and Mexico BYEXPRESS offers logistics solution services, whether it’s a Domestic, Trans-border, or International shipment. We also offer Full Load, Shunting, Intermodal, Warehousing, High Value Freight, LTL, Short Haul, Dedicated Logistics Management, Specialized and Over-sized Equipment, Heated/Refrigerated Service, Long Haul, Customs Clearance, Expedited, Hazardous, Air Cargo, and Ocean Cargo.

    Auto Transport Quote Services 866-594-3187
    Auto Transport Quote Services is an auto transport organization that gives premium auto transport services with affordable quotes anywhere in the United States. Get a FREE auto transport quote and we can show you how easy shipping your car can be.

    Car Shipping Carriers 866-744-2540
    We transport vehicles in every city and state in the United States. We offer auto transport services to customers anywhere in the United States that are cheap, reliable and safe. Get a great price a great car shipping service.

    Highway Permits Company 888-731-0312
    HIGHWAY PERMITS specializes in getting your permits fast, accurate, and hassle-free. As a truck driver on the road, you don’t have time to go back and forth with an unreliable company, so we employ experienced agents that are as accurate as they are helpful. Providing excellent service is a commitment we make to every customer we speak with.

    Crow Wing Transport Inc 800-221-3944
    Crow Wing Transport is a full service Landstar Global Logistics agent specializing in Flatbed, International Freight Forwarding and local container drayage/transloading. Truckload or LTL, Heavy Haul /Specialized, Global Air or Ocean Freight, Border Crossing, Expedited, Project Cargo, Rail Intermodal, Outsourced Logistics

    Auto Transporters Online (866) 556-6468
    Mission Viejo, CA MC556240 Nationwide auto shipping. Established 15 years, A+ rated with BBB Angie’s list. Door to door, open enclosed transport. Never pay a deposit until your car is shipped. Give us a call for the best rate and to understand your shipping options. Military, Senior, Student and multiple car discounts offered. Call today for a quick quote.

    C.R. England 800-453-8826
    C.R. England is the world�s largest refrigerated trucking company, and has been providing transportation services and truck driving jobs since 1920, as well as operating the most prestigious truck driving schools and CDL training facilities in the nation. C.R. England hires qualified individuals with no previous driving experience, as well as experienced drivers, independent contractors, and graduates from other truck driving schools.

    Drivv powered by Courierboard 800-220-5998
    Drivv powered by Courierboard is the Online Delivery Network connecting shippers and companies needing delivery and courier services to hundreds of courier companies with over 2,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Free Shipper Exchange account features RFP posting platform, freight quote posting platform and in depth searchable database of courier company profiles. Your online resource to find courier companies anywhere in the U.S. and Canada meeting your delivery requirements.

    All Around Moving Svcs Co Inc 800.290.1190
    Long distance moving services from New York City, NJ, FL, CT, GA, MD, W.DC, TX, CA and states in between of household goods boxes, commercial office furniture, including desks, cabinets and other office items. Get customized long distance move quote based upon your specific moving and shipping needs. Company arranges also for international shipping services needs, with door to door services to worldwide destinations using ocean container loads. Call to speak with a company rep. Get local movers in New York City for local moves within Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx and Tri state area. Mention this site and receive additional coupon off. Big or small, we do it all! Visit us online at for information about our moving and shipping services and Take A Load Off! 800-220-5998 is the Online Delivery Network connecting shippers and companies needing delivery and courier services to hundreds of courier companies with over 2,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Free Shipper Exchange account features RFP posting platform, freight quote posting platform and in depth searchable database of courier company profiles. Your online resource to find courier companies anywhere in the U.S. and Canada meeting your delivery requirements.

    Cummings Transport (661) 758-0841
    1401 5th Street Wasco, CA Cummings Transport is a full service logistics company serving our customer’s needs in special commodity shipping. We are not brokers; we are agents that utilize our quality company equipment. Authorized agent for Packard Transport, Admiral Merchants, Trans United, Dallas Mavis, RFX

    AKW Transport – Wilmington NC Auto Transport