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How to Become a Dental Hygienist

Complete your high school studies. Most dental hygiene programs require that you possess a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate before applying. While in high school try to take a variety of science classes, such as biology. Studying a foreign language may make it easier to interact with your future patients. [1]

  • In your senior year, sign up to take the ACT or SAT exams. These scores will be used as part of your dental school admissions application.
  • Keep your grades as high as you can. Some schools will require a “C” or better average, especially in science classes.

Volunteer at a dental clinic. While you are in high school, see if you can get a position as a volunteer or intern with a local dentist. This will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in a dentist’s office. It’s even better if the dentist or one of the hygienists will agree to act as a mentor figure and answer your questions about that career path. [2]

Apply and attend a 2-year certificate or associate’s program with a technical school if you want to get to work quickly. Look for a program that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). This is the most common educational path for future hygienists. You can expect to split your time in the program between classroom studies and clinical experience. [3]

  • After you graduate, you’ll receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in dental hygiene.

Obtain a 4-year degree if you want more job options. After high school you can head directly into a Bachelor’s of Applied Science program at a community college or technical college, or you can get your associate’s degree – which is necessary – first. Pursuing a B.A.S degree gives you a chance to explore more varied career opportunities for hygienists, such as lab positions. [4]

  • Some B.A.S programs actually require at least two years of prior education for applicants. Make sure to check with your school of interest prior to applying. [5]
  • B.A.S programs often offer flexible class schedules in order to accommodate people who are currently working full-time as hygienists, but who want to advance their education.

Pursue a master’s degree in the applied sciences if you are interested in research. You can find work in a dental office without an advanced degree. But, if you want a position in program direction or public health, then going after your M.A.S. is a good investment. These programs will often require that you submit a capstone project. They may provide you with additional job placement support as well. [6]

Be aware of the job outlook and pay scale. Before you start applying for positions, it is a good idea to know what kind of pay and work conditions to expect. Currently, the field of dental hygiene is expected to continue to grow and many hygienists are taking on larger and larger roles in dental offices. The pay varies depending on full or part-time status, but most RDH’s earning an annual salary make more than $70,000 a year. [13]

Network with your local dental community. Attend conferences and job fairs that will put you in touch with other dental professionals in your area. Contact nearby dental offices and ask them to keep your resume on file in case of future openings. Get a hold of your dental program and see if they have a career center or counselor to help prior graduates. [14]

  • It’s also a good idea to search through online and classified ads.

Land multiple part-time spots as a stepping stone to full-time. When you first get licensed it is likely that you will need to take a number of shifts with different dentists before finding a salaried position. You should expect to work evenings and weekends if this is the case. [15]

  • One of the issues with working part-time is that you’ll often go without benefits.
  • Some dental offices will also want you to sell additional ‘products,’ like teeth whitening. You’ll order a commission for these purchases, but it can create some pressure. [16]

Work as a corporate RDH if you enjoy sales. These RDH’s work for oral health industry businesses and are responsible for pitching and selling their products to the dental community. The more clinical experience you have, the more credibility you’ll have when selling to others. Other corporate RDH positions include product research and corporate education. [17]

Work as a public health RDH if you want to help others. These RDH positions are usually funded by the government or nonprofits. They aim to educate the general public about dental health and to expand access to treatment. You might work in a clinic setting, a government reservation, or even a school. [18]

Work as a researcher or instructor in a university setting. These positions are usually reserved for RDHs with advanced degrees and research experience. They may conduct quantitative research involving breaking down dental survey results. Or, qualitative research talking with dental patients about their experiences with a procedure or product. [19]

Sleep Dentistry, Dental Implants, Oral Surgery, Sedation Dentistry Perth #dental #implants, #dental #sedation, #pain #free #dentistry, #sedation #dentistry, #sleep #dentistry, #wisdom #teeth #removal, #cosmetic #dentistry, #oral #surgery, #dental #clinic, #dentist #perth, #dentist #wa, #teeth #whitening


Welcome to Perth Implant, Surgical Sedation Dentistry

Your Surgical, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Sleep Dentistry Centre

Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry excel at managing patients with extensive treatment requirements, dental phobias or those who experience anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist.

Our qualified, compassionate team use sleep dentistry to eliminate or minimise any pain and discomfort associated with your treatment, and where appropriate enable busy people to have multiple procedures in a single (or minimal) session(s).

What is Sleep or Sedation Dentistry ?

Sleep dentistry (also called conscious or twilight sedation) is an advanced form of dental sedation. It uses a combination of calming and pain relieving drugs to make patients feel comfortable during dental procedures or oral (dentoalveolar) surgery.

The effects of the sedative make you feel as if you have had a relaxing sleep and you are left with no (or very little) memory of the actual procedure.

You re in Experienced Hands

Practice principal Dr Misagh Habibi is an endorsed IV sedation provider and has safely administered sedation for thousands of patients, providing patient comfort during their oral surgical or dental treatments.

Dr Habibi s professional focus is on complex implant, surgical and reconstructive procedures under sedation. He restricts his practice to implantology and oral (dento-alveolar and periodontal plastic) surgery and is an educator and researcher in this field.

At Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry centre you are in a purpose equipped clinic with state-of-the-art monitoring systems, ensuring sleep dentistry at our practice is a safe and restful experience.

Our team includes an endorsed dental sedation practitioner, a registered GP anaesthetist, and a registered nurse experienced in anaesthesia. Our practice has particular expertise and experience in minor oral surgery procedures (such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implants) and rehabilitative dentistry for patients with complex treatment needs or those who suffer from dental phobia.

Treatment Services

Surgical procedures we generally perform using IV sedation for patient comfort include:

  • Dental implants from replacing single teeth to advanced full mouth reconstructions
  • All-on-4 immediate teeth replacements
  • Bone and gum regeneration and grafting procedures
  • Cosmetic smile makeovers
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Extraction
  • Pre-prosthetic dental surgery
  • Bone grafts and guided bone regeneration
  • Retrograde endodontic surgery (apicectomy)
  • Treatment of peri-implantitis
  • Soft tissue grafting to build receded or deficient gums
  • Frenectomy
  • Maxillary sinus elevation and grafting

Why Choose Us

Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry has built a solid reputation for compassionate patient care and professional treatment services. We regularly receive referrals from other dentists in Perth to carry out dental implant surgery, oral (dentoalveolar) surgery and cosmetic/reconstructive dental procedures using sleep dentistry. We believe that their ongoing support is testament to the quality of care we provide.

  • Skills, setup and experience We are a niche practice that performs multiple sedation and surgical procedures every day, including dental implants, wisdom teeth removals and sleep dentistry. Our practice has successfully performed thousands of such procedures in Perth.
  • Training Our Perth dentists bring expertise from training programs conducted worldwide and they remain committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field. A wide range of techniques are offered for optimal patient care.
  • Small practice commitment Decisions regarding treatments are made in consultation with each patient. We explain your various treatment options and recommend the most appropriate for your requirements.
  • Service excellence Fully qualified and experienced practitioners perform sedation and surgical procedures every day in a purpose equipped clinic ensuring you get the best possible care.
  • Uncompromising value Patients are eligible for rebates on treatment regardless of their chosen health fund.

We ll Put You at Ease

Let our Perth dentists put you at ease with sleep or sedation dentistry and professional, compassionate dental care. Call us today to find out more or to book an assessment. Telephone +61 8 6380 5899. our staff look forward to meeting you.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants #dental #implants #austin #tx


The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants can revolutionize a person’s smile and improve his or her overall oral health, but they’re not the right choice for everyone .

While the majority of implant patients are pleased with the results, it’s important to remember that this is not a perfect fix for your problems. Before you decide this procedure is right for you, take a moment to look at some of the pros and cons of dental implants.


Dental implants typically feel more comfortable than other dental devices, such as dentures. Most patients report that implants have a natural feel to them and pose no problems when it comes to eating and chewing.

Easy Maintenance
Dental implants can easily be cared for with brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups.

When properly maintained, dental implants can sometimes last for decades without repairs or replacements needed.

Clarity of Speech
When patients choose dentures, this can cause speech problems such as mumbling or slurring words, since this type of dental device can slip out of place. However, dental implants are secured to the jawbone, which means they won’t slip and cause these sorts of problems.


Dental implants require surgery to install, which means that the total price for them tends to be higher than with other dental devices that are not quite as invasive. Additionally, many insurance plans do not cover implants, which means that all costs will be out-of-pocket for the patient.

Procedure Length
Installing dental implants requires multiple surgeries across a significant period of time. After the first surgery in which an artificial root is attached to the jawbone, patients must wait one to three months for it to fuse properly before the actual new tooth can be attached.

Procedure Complications
As with any surgery, there are risks associated with dental implants. These include mild to moderate pain during and after the procedure, as well bleeding or infection at the surgical site.

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Dental Hygiene

AWARD OFFERED Associate in Applied Science

Important Announcement

Due to the large number of people interested in the Dental Hygiene program we would like you to attend an information session to provide you with the most current and comprehensive information. During these sessions, the application process, program requirements, and the competitive ranking criteria will be discussed. We encourage you to attend one of these sessions as soon as possible. Reservations are required. You can make your reservation by calling 256-352-8300.

Spring/Summer 2017 Information Sessions:

Location – Health Science Building, Room 208
April 12, 2017 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
June 15, 2017 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
July 20, 2017 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

About the Program

As a practicing member of the dental health team, the dental hygienist acts as an educator and motivator in maintenance of oral health and prevention of dental disease.

Hygienists are in demand in general dental practices, as well as in specialty practices such as periodontics or pediatric dentistry. Hygienists may also be employed to provide dental hygiene services for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and public health clinics. Dental hygienists remove soft and hard deposits from teeth, teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene, and provide other preventive dental care. Hygienists examine patients’ teeth and gums, recording the presence of diseases or abnormalities. They remove tartar, stains, and plaque from teeth; perform root planing as a periodontal therapy; take and develop dental x-rays; and apply cavity-preventive agents such as fluorides and pit and fissure sealants. In some states, hygienists administer anesthetics; place and carve filling materials, temporary fillings, and periodontal dressings; remove sutures; and smooth and polish metal restorations. Although hygienists may not diagnose diseases, they can prepare clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests for the dentist to interpret. Hygienists sometimes work chairside with the dentist during treatment.

Career Outlook

Flexible scheduling is a distinctive feature of this job. Full-time, part-time, evening, and weekend schedules are widely available. Dentists frequently hire hygienists to work only 2 or 3 days a week, so hygienists may hold jobs in more than one dental office.

Employment of dental hygienists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2012, in response to increasing demand for dental care and the greater utilization of hygienists to perform services previously performed by dentists. Median annual earnings of dental hygienists were $70,210 in May 2012, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $96,280 per year. Earnings vary by geographic location, employment setting, and years of experience. (Source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Finish on Time

Sample Plan of Study

Program Prerequisites
3 MTH 116 Mathematical Applications (or higher level – MTH 100, 110, 112, 113)
4 BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
4 BIO 220 General Microbiology
1 ORI 110 Freshman Seminar
12 Total

1st Semester
2 DHY 110 Dental Hygiene Theory
3 DHY 112 Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene
3 DHY 114 Dental Radiology
2 DHY 116 Dental Anatomy, Histology ?>

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dental hygienist in spanish

Dr. Barton was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Cincinnati. For 10 years, he worked as a research scientist, primarily at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he studied the genetic basis of disease to ultimately help develop drugs for their treatment. While working at Wyeth, Dr. Barton attended Harvard University’s Extension School and earned a Master’s Degree in Biology. Dr. Barton then attended dental school at Temple University and was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine. He worked as an associate at two offices before joining Lebanon Family Dental in 2009. Dr. Barton lives in Lebanon and has two children, Joshua and Laura. Dr. Barton enjoys the outdoors, but his favorite pastime is spending time with his family. They especially enjoy trips to Hershey Park, Ohio to see family, and Great Wolf Lodge!

Dental hygienist in spanish

Dental hygienist in spanish

Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt is a Hershey native and a graduate of Hershey High School. She attended Penn State for her undergraduate studies and earned a BS in Biology. She attended the University of Pittsburgh for her dental education where she graduated in 1981. Dr. Brandt has been an associate at Lebanon Family Dental in 2005. In addition to working as an associate an another office, Dr. Brandt is also faculty at HACC’s Dental Hygiene Program and is the school dentist for Central Dauphin and Lebanon City school districts. When Dr. Brandt is not working she enjoys gardening and is a volunteer with Penn State Master Gardeners of Dauphin County. She also enjoys restoring her 116 year old home in Hummelstown and recently took up sailing on the Chesapeake.

Dental hygienist in spanish

Dental hygienist in spanish

Dr. Chapman

Dr. Chapman is a native of Lebanon. He received a BS in Engineering from Penn State and served four years in The Navy. He attended Temple University, earning his DDS, an EdM, and a certificate in Oral Pediatrics. After teaching at Temple for 18 years he opened a practice in East Petersburg. Since selling his practice he continues to teach at a Dental Hygiene School and works part time at Lebanon Family Dental. Dr. Chapman is the proud PopPop of eight grandchildren! His primary hobby is vocal and instrumental music.

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Alpine Dental Health in Downtown Fort Collins

Our friendly staff are ready to make your visit go smoothly!

Dr. Michael Mick McDill and Dr. Todd Rosenzweig in our Downtown Fort Collins office are truly dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you as they help you attain the highest level of comfort, health and beauty!

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Fort Collins, across from the CSU campus. We’re on the east side of South College Avenue one-half block south of Laurel Street. We offer a convenient parking area in the back of our building as well as a front walk-in entrance off South College Avenue.

We re happy to answer any questions you may have! Please call us at (970) 484-5297.

Need to reschedule? Kindly notify us 48 hours in advance. Learn more about scheduling.

Alpine Dental Health Downtown Fort Collins Location

718 South College Avenue

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Monday Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We close for lunch between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

After-Hours Emergency Pager: If you are currently a patient of ours who is experiencing an after-hours dental emergency, you can reach us 24 hours-a-day through our emergency number, (970) 658-0049. Learn more about our emergency services.

General Driving Directions Parking:

Our convenient downtown Fort Collins location makes us easily accessible from Colorado State University (CSU), Old Town Fort Collins, and many Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming areas. Our parking area is located in the back of our building, via the alley.

From Downtown, Old Town, and Northern Fort Collins

  • Take College Avenue South
  • Turn Left (east) onto Laurel Street
  • Take immediate Right (south) into the alley next to Thai Pepper Restaurant
  • Half way down the alley look for the chain link fence (just past the covered garage) and turn Right to enter the Alpine Dental Health parking area in the back of our building.
  • From the parking area, enter through the door below the Alpine Dental Health sign

From Southern Fort Collins and Loveland

  • Take College Avenue (US-287) North
  • Turn Right (east) onto Plum Street
  • Take immediate Left (north) into the alley
  • Half way down the alley at the chain link fence turn Left to enter the Alpine Dental Health parking area in the back of our building
  • From the parking area, enter through the door below the Alpine Dental Health sign
  • Take I-25 North
  • Exit #269B (E. Mulberry Street) towards Fort Collins and continue approximately 4 miles
  • Turn Left onto Remington Street
  • Turn Right onto Plum Street
  • Take immediate Right (north) into the alley
  • Half way down the alley at the chain link fence turn Left to enter the Alpine Dental Health parking area in the back of our building
  • From the parking area, enter through the door below the Alpine Dental Health sign

From Cheyenne, Laramie, and Southern Wyoming

  • Take I-25 South
  • Exit #269B (E. Mulberry Street) towards Fort Collins and continue approximately 4 miles
  • Turn Left onto Remington Street
  • Turn Right onto Plum Street
  • Take immediate Right (north) into the alley
  • Half way down the alley at the chain link fence turn Left to enter the Alpine Dental Health parking area in the back of our building
  • From the parking area, enter through the door below the Alpine Dental Health sign

2017 Alpine Dental Health, All Rights Reserved. 718 South College Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80524 970-484-5297 Facebook Google+ Site Map

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Colorado Health, Auto, Home, Dental and Business Insurance

With our exclusive and totally objective Colorado Health Insurance Analyzers . you compare the rates and plan designs of EVERY major health insurance company in Colorado. It’s the perfect tool for comparing individual health insurance. group health insurance and Medicare insurance plans as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), auto and car insurance, home, motorcycle, ATV, RV, renters, and business insurance. We even have pet health insurance.

We have been Colorado’s insurance superstore since 1984, serving as an insurance exchange. or marketplace, where consumers can compare and shop for all of their insurance needs. In our role as insurance navigators. we help consumers navigate their way through the maze of insurance companies and plans to find the one that best fit their needs at the lowest possible price. Consumers can comparison shop and purchase all in one place, and still get the personal service they deserve.

At Group Insurance Analysts, Inc. (GIA), our brokers have no allegiance to any particular Colorado health, auto or home insurance company, and we do not exact fees from our clients. Take advantage of our experience, expertise, and exceptional client service. We’ll help you find a health, auto, home, dental or business insurance package that fits both your needs and your budget. You will see insurance quotes from:

Group Insurance Analysts, Inc. (GIA) is an independent insurance agency located in Colorado (Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Denver area) since 1984. We provide no obligation Colorado health insurance, auto, home, dental, Medicare and business insurance quotes from many insurance companies in Colorado to individuals and Colorado businesses.

We specialize in individual insurance products, as well as commercial and business insurance. We handle insurance for individuals/families and businesses of every size – large corporations, partnerships, small business and even sole proprietorships.

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GIA is licensed in Colorado, Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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Founders Veterinary Clinic – Full service holistic veterinarians in Brea, CA serving Orange county La Habra Fullerton Placentia Yorba Linda Anaheim Diamond Bar Rowland Heights La Mirada Chino, new age dental la mirada.#New #age #dental #la #mirada


new age dental la mirada

New age dental la mirada

Sign Up for DOG-Breath!

Get our free Special Report: How to Protect Your Dog from a Vaccine Junkie . Learn how to safely limit your pet s need for vaccines and get more health tips to keep your pet healthy!

New age dental la mirada

New age dental la mirada

Get quality pet products and the convenience of pre-approved prescriptions by our doctors

mailed directly to you.

Now Featuring Laser Therapy!

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We blog on a variety of topics, from pet health care tips to funny things that happen to us at work. We add new postings weekly. Please leave comments and tell us what you think!

For blog updates and other important pet health alerts, join our mailing list. Email us at [email protected] and we will add you to our VIP mailing list.

Founders Veterinary Clinic

Holistic Veterinarians Serving Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

We specialize in providing the highest quality veterinary New age dental la mirada

care possible for dogs and cats. Our services have been

tailored to meet the expectations of pet owners who

believe their pets are an important part of their lives.

As holistic veterinarians, we stress the importance of

disease prevention. We believe that nutrition is the

cornerstone to good health. That’s why every one of our

clients receives a nutritional consultation as part of our exams. We want to be sure that your pet is eating the best diet possible.

Because pet vaccinations are often being over used and many are unnecessary, we adhere to a more

conservative policy on the use of vaccines based on age, risk factors , and exposure.

To get a special report detailling the revised vaccine guidelines put forth by the American

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We are experts on nutrition and the use of nutritional supplements. Our goal is to help your pet live a

long and healthy life with fewer visits to the veterinarian!

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Working Across North America

JoeArchitect is a full service architectural and interior design firm located in Denver s Lower Downtown (LoDo), just across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art. We are the established leader in dental, orthodontic and dental specialty office design in North America, combining award winning design with our broad knowledge of the various technical systems. The firm has worked extensively along the Colorado Front Range and has completed over 250 dental projects across the US and Canada. Reciprocal licensing allows us to work throughout North America and beyond.

We currently have projects that are active or completed in the following states/provinces: Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, the Principality of Monaco, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nuevo León, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Saskatchewan, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. In 2013 JoeArchitect made its first foray outside the continent, working with dental professionals in the Principality of Monaco and Australia.

Our foundation




At JoeArchitect. we pride ourselves on our ability to guide the doctor seamlessly through the process of designing and building a dental office. Most of our clients have never experienced the design construction process and look to us to lead them through the challenges. Like most dental professionals, their free time is scarce so they rely on us to communicate with them in a clear and succinct manner and to be respectful of their time. We achieve this by working with our Project Development Schedule, a well honed tool that helps keep the team on-time and on-track.

Successful design construction is a result of unselfish collaboration. JoeArchitect will assist the doctor in assembling a team of like-minded organizations with a shared focus on serving the client. With our experience on over 250 dental offices, we have learned that mutual respect is the ingredient that separates a good team from a great one.

In addition to the doctor and his/her staff, a successful dental project involves a team of dedicated professionals working in concert to create a first class facility. Typically, this collaborative effort will include the architect, lender, tenant representative, general contractor, dental equipment specialist and IT vendor among others. JoeArchitect will provide leadership and will serve as your advocate throughout the process, ensuring that your best interest is Priority No. 1.

The Process

Simply stated, every dental project involves 3 basic steps in the following sequence: 1-Discovery, 2-Design and 3-Construction. To jump ahead in the sequence without completing the previous step is putting the cart before the horse. It is this investment of time spent during the Discovery and Design phases that will determine the success of the project in Construction.


JoeArchitect starts every project with a Dental Office Design Questionnaire. It is a tool that we have developed, and utilize with great success, to better understand the doctor s goals for their new office. It addresses all the programmatic functions of a dental and dental specialty facility, from front-of-house to the clinical areas, and allows us to tailor the design to the needs and wishes of the end-user. This information also allows us to provide the doctor with an accurate proposal for our services based on the size and complexity of their project.


Good design is not synonymous with expensive design. Good design is a function of proper planning in advance of construction. By assembling the proper team, and providing them the tools to do what they do best, you give yourself and your practice the best opportunity for success. At JoeArchitect we are a seasoned group of architects and interior designers who can address all of your dental design needs. While each of our design professionals has dozens of successful offices under their belt, every office is designed specifically to that doctor s unique vision.


Quality of construction and attention to detail mean nothing without a thoughtful design and a thorough set of construction drawings. That being said, JoeArchitect has had the distinct pleasure to work with some of the top commercial general contractors in the United States and Canada. In cities where we have worked many times, we are familiar with the construction talent on-the-ground. In regions where we are working for the first time, we work closely with the doctor to identify qualified local general contractors in order to determine the best fit for a specific client or a particular project.

Contact Us

Have a question about JoeArchitect or just want to chat about your future office project? Take a moment to provide us some basic information and we ll get back to you promptly.

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Newton Centre Dentist | Dentist in Newton Centre | Newton, MA Dental Implants | Watertown | General Dentist

Welcome to our practice, Ellen Harrison, DMD. We strive to provide our patients the best dental care in a warm and caring environment. When you have dental problems, you need to turn to a dentist who listens and respond – an experienced dentist who can effectively diagnose and treat your dental needs. Dr. Harrison prides herself on giving personal attention to each and every patient. With over 25 years of practicing in the Newton area, she believes in a “getting to know one another” and “putting the patient first” philosophy. Dr. Harrison performs routine hygiene appointments herself so you get ample time at every visit to speak directly with her. She will address any of your questions or concerns, whether it is about everyday maintenance or a more complicated future dental treatment.

Dr. Harrison’s goal is that all her patients enjoy a bright smile but more importantly a healthy mouth. We offer a full range of services for the entire family. If a specialist is necessary to resolve any problems, she will refer you to a colleague with whom she has developed an excellent and long-lasting relationship.

At our Newton practice, you will be treated with respect. With her appoachable style, Dr. Harrison provides individualized attention along with state-of-the-art service. She will respond personally and promptly to a patient having a dental emergency.

Convenience is also important in selecting a dentist. Dr. Harrison is located in a street level office with convenient parking near Newton Centre on Commonwealth Avenue. We hope you’ll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for in a dentist!