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First Aid Annual Refresher Course for First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders. Half day course

Although it is not mandatory, the HSE strongly recommend that HSE qualified First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders undertake an first aid annual refresher course in order to keep their skills up-to-date and refreshed.

The qualification period for both groups of First Aiders is 3-years. It was felt that this period was too long without any additional training.


A range of subjects are covered including:

  • Action for vomit
  • Chain of Survival
  • Wounds and bleeding
  • Bandaging and Hygiene


    A certificate of attendance will be issued.


    It is recommended that no more than 16 students attend this course. Students from the age of 14 can attend this course.


    We are able to deliver this course on your site, subject to a pre-course assessment of your premises, reducing your costs in respect of additional time out and travelling. For individual course places please see our Course Finder facility, or for group bookings, please contact us for an On-Site Training quote.

    In-House / On-site courses

    If you have several employees that you wish to train as a First Aid Instructor why not consider an onsite course. With qualified lead instructors based throughout the UK, Nuco Training are able to provide training at your premises, at a time and date to suit your requirements, for our full range of courses that we have to offer. Should you require a number of courses, we can offer you corporate rate discounts. We currently deliver courses for many national and international companies throughout the UK and abroad. To learn more why not visit our ON-SITE TRAINING page.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® – Project Management Course, project management professional course.#Project #management #professional #course


    Project Management Professional (PMP) ® exam prep project management course

    10 day class spread over 10-11 weeks

    Classic Seminars backs this project management class with a first time pass guarantee (or we pay for your exam retake).*

    Project management professional course

    Benefits: According to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey, Seventh Edition (USA), PMP professionals earned 16% more than their colleagues who did not have PMP certification

    Pre-requisites for PMP certification:

    Each exam candidate must be able to demonstrate 35 contact hours of project management education in the year before the writing of the PMP exam. This project management class exceeds the requirement.

    If you hold a Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, you will need to be able to prove a minimum of 3 years’ worth of project management experience or 4500 hours.

    If you DO NOT hold a Bachelor’s degree, you will need to demonstrate a minimum of 7500 hours of experience over 5 years.

    Your experience should cover Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring Controlling, and Closing out a project.

    More information regarding pre-requisites for the PMP certification can be obtained

    This Classic Seminars project management course prepares the learner for PMP certification:

    • It satisfies the 35 contact training hours that are necessary in order to write the exam
    • It includes a 2-day Project Management alignment class with an integrated case study.
    • Comprehensive academic material covering each area of the exam are given to each delegate.
    • The formulae and maths (required in the exam) are covered in depth, with worked examples for each.
    • Each area is tested after training. An identical simulated trial exam is administered at the end of this class. This exam is marked and a comprehensive assessment on areas to improve is issued, prior to taking the actual exam.
    • Personal one-on-one coaching and assistance is available for all exam related issues right up to taking the exam.*

    * Provided all exams are concluded within 60 days of the completion date of PMP training.

    Chiropractic Degrees: Doctorate, Training – Online Course Info #chiropractic #degrees: #doctorate, #training # # #online #course #info


    Chiropractic Degrees: Doctorate, Training & Online Course Info

    View available schools

    Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) at a Glance

    Chiropractors are primary healthcare providers who work with patients with ailments of the musculoskeletal system. They treat people through manipulation of the bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Specifically, they manipulate the spine and perform related work to relieve pain in the neck and back.

    Because chiropractors are considered primary healthcare providers, no referral is generally necessary for those in managed health plans to go to a chiropractor. Becoming a chiropractor requires completion of a 4-year professional degree in an accredited chiropractic program, an internship, and professional licensing at the state level. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that during the years 2010-2020, chiropractor jobs will increase 28% ( ).

    Doctor of Chiropractic

    Who is this degree for?

    Doctor of Chiropractic degree programs offer professional degrees that prepare people to work as healthcare providers who use non-invasive musculoskeletal manipulations to improve health and relieve symptoms of pain

    Chiropractors looking to specialize in certain areas may choose to attend formal residency programs for further training beyond the D.C.

    Common Career Paths (with approximate median annual salary)

    – Chiropractors ($66,000)* May specialize in a number of areas of treatment:
    – Sport chiropractor
    – Wellness chiropractor
    – Pediatric chiropractor

    Residency may be available for certain specialties, such as:
    – Diagnostic imaging
    – Family practice
    – Chiropractic research

    Time to Completion

    4 years full-time

    2-3 years full time

    Common Graduation Requirements

    – Varies depending on institution type; can be roughly 80-90 graduate-level courses or about 4,000-5,000 clock hours
    – Generally includes clinical course-hours

    – Completion of the program coursework and practice-hours
    – Completion of additional coursework that may be required for required concurrent master’s degree programs

    Generally a minimum of 90 credits of undergraduate classes
    Increasingly, completion of a bachelor’s degree

    Completion of a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) program

    Online options are available only for continuing education credits

    Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2011 figures).

    Doctor of Chiropractic

    A Doctor of Chiropractic degree program is the basic professional degree for licensed chiropractors. These programs generally take four years to complete and prepare the chiropractor for both licensing requirements and opening and maintaining their own practices.

    Pros and Cons Subsection


    • Many chiropractors run their own practices. As small-business owners, they set their own hours.
    • A successful chiropractor has significant income potential.
    • Good chiropractors will gain the benefit of the satisfaction from helping people.


    • Committing to the years of schooling as an out-of-pocket expense is a serious hurdle to those interested in the field.
    • Chiropractors lack the social standing of medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy.
    • Earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree is no guarantee of a successful practice.

    Courses and Training Requirements

    The training requirements for completing a D.C. degree program are extensive. Students take a broad range of courses, studying topics such as anatomy and physiology, pathology, biochemistry, public health, pharmacology and herbology, and chiropractic physical manipulation techniques, as well as courses that prepare chiropractors to run their own businesses, such as marketing, finance, and ethics. Because chiropractors can act as the first contact point for the medical system, they’re trained to have some understanding of pathology so that they will be able to refer those who need it to other doctors or specialists. Additionally, students are required to perform clinical hours, during which lessons are solidified and put into practice.

    Online Degree Options

    At this time, there are no accredited Doctor of Chiropractic degree programs available online. Because of the hands-on nature of chiropractic programs, it seems unlikely that such programs will develop. In these programs, students study both anatomy and therapeutic manipulation techniques requiring demonstration and practice in intensive programs throughout their training. Advanced students are required to attend clinic hours as part of their coursework.

    As part of continued licensing, chiropractors in some states are required to earn a number of continuing education credits. These credits can be earned online through some schools.

    Getting Ahead with This Degree

    If you’re looking to excel as a professional chiropractor, you can take a number of steps during and after your program. Developing relationships with mentors and colleagues who teach in your school can create opportunities for growth beyond coursework, practice, and clinical hours. Finding positions working in the chiropractic field, whether before enrolling or during the program, can provide valuable experience and skills, even if the positions are entry-level. Success as a chiropractor is a combination of professional ability and business skills, and these early formative experiences can create a sound understanding of what is needed not only to help people, but also how to run a successful practice. Developing these skills before opening your own practice means not making learning mistakes during the critical period when you’re developing your practice and professional reputation.

    Chiropractic Residency

    If you’re interested in going beyond the standard Doctor of Chiropractic degree, there are some programs that allow for a residency of several years after completion of the initial program. These residency programs are designed to develop students in a number of subspecialties. Programs are generally full-time, and they can take from two to three years to complete. Specialties include sports medicine, diagnostic imaging, family practice, and research. Some of these programs require concurrent enrollment in an appropriate master’s degree program, as dictated by the school.

    Pros and Cons


    • Chiropractors develop a subspecialty as well as deeper clinical experience early in their careers.
    • Compared to general practice chiropractors who might choose to specialize in certain areas of the profession, these specialists have more extensive formal training.
    • Completing a residency in chiropractic exposes students to more advanced techniques, and it may allow for careers outside of private practice, in areas such as research.


    • As chiropractors in general must pay for their own professional educations, delaying opening a practice by several years for further training extends the period of debt.
    • Additional years of training out-of-pocket may or may not pay off financially.
    • As with the basic chiropractic degree, completion is no guarantee of financial success in the long-run.

    Common Courses and Requirements

    The course requirements for residency programs will vary greatly by specialty. Nonetheless, students should expect to take courses both in chiropractic and in associated fields. A degree in chiropractic research, for instance, may require public health courses, while a radiology program would require more advanced physics as well as specific anatomy courses. The concurrent master’s degree program may, as with many master’s degree programs, require specific research or projects as part of completion requirements.

    Online Degree Options

    There are no online residency programs available in chiropractic. Post-graduate residency programs in chiropractic, unlike some other medical fields, aren’t required for licensing except in the field of diagnostic imaging. Even non-online programs are thus fairly rare.

    Getting Ahead with This Degree

    The Doctor of Chiropractic is a professional degree with only one outcome: become a chiropractor. Developing a successful chiropractic practice is a combination of effective training and careful management. In order to successfully compete in the chiropractic market, you should be able to pull three sets of skills should together. The first, of course, is chiropractic proficiency. In order to prepare yourself for opening a practice, getting hands-on clinical experience beyond what is required by the program can be helpful. Second, business skills are necessary for succeeding as an independent business owner. Some business or practice management coursework will be available in chiropractic programs, but any other experience you can gain will be to your benefit. Third, skills in interacting with people, including but not limited to excellent listening skills, will benefit the chiropractor. In developing a new practice, networking with both colleagues and potential clients may be beneficial to your chances of success.

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    What will you learn in a Master of Arts or Master of Business Administration (MBA) communications degree program? Read about degree requirements.

    Popular Schools

    Newark Undergraduate Areas of Study #rutgers #course #planner


    Newark Undergraduate Areas of Study

    Major in Accounting

    Accounting involves the examination, organization, management and design of accurate recording and reporting procedures of financial and business transactions. Some major specializations include public accounting, tax accounting, cost accounting, government accounting, budget accounting and internal auditing.

    Major in Finance

    Finance focuses on all aspects of money management, such as investment, collection, disbursement, borrowing, and fund-raising. These individuals prepare financial reports needed to conduct operations and to satisfy tax and regulatory requirements. Finance graduates also oversee the flow of cash and investments and develop information to assess the present and future financial status of an organization.

    Major in Leadership and Management

    Leadership and Management focuses on the areas of negotiations, cross-cultural management, international trade, and other issues occurring in the global environment.

    Major in Management Information Systems

    This major is intended to develop analytical and information management skills that are useful in business as well as in public administration. Students will develop an ability to analyze quantitatively complex business situations and manage information systems.

    The rapid growth of the use of the computer within organizations has created strong and growing demand for information technology professionals trained in all aspects of computer usage. Virtually all organizations make extensive use of computers, and the employment market for students with combined business and information systems training is expected to continue to experience major growth over the next decade and beyond.

    Marketing is a broad area with many career opportunities. This concentration helps students to develop skills that enable them to function in many different marketing roles while working closely and effectively with other business functions. This program provides high quality education for marketing major at an affordable expense and allows students to access the exciting job market in the NY, NJ and CT tri-state area.

    Supply Chain Management

    This is a newly-established undergraduate program for the Rutgers Newark and New Brunswick campuses. It focuses on the areas of strategic sourcing, procurement management, logistics, quality management, and supply chain technologies. This program has a strong corporate sponsorship that provides excellent intern and job placement opportunities, as well as scholarships in the form of honors track.

    MBA Oil and Gas Management Degree Course #oil #and #gas #mba, #oil #mba, #energy #mba, #gas #mba, #oil #and #gas #management, #energy #industry, #amba, #amba #accredited, #oil #and #gas #degree, #energy #course


    MBA Oil and Gas Management MBA

    This AMBA accredited course offers a strategic management MBA qualification with a specialist emphasis on oil and gas.

    The energy sector is facing some profound changes due to factors such as climate change and environmental issues, changing patterns of viability in exploration and development, fragmentation of the value chain and the diversification of activities within organisations.

    Competition is forcing all organisations to concentrate on developing strong management competencies and this qualification will ensure you are ready to meet these challenges.

    Studying on this AMBA accredited course also provides students with the opportunity to meet a diverse group of students from around the world.

    2. What you will study

    Choose 1 option module from the following group:

    Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

    The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

    3. How you will learn

    Full-time Study
    In full time mode, you will learn through a combination of lectures, seminars and workshop sessions. These comprise of a mix of group study, discussion, simulation and presentations of findings by teams and individuals. You will work as an individual and also as part of a team on case studies, team activities, presentations and discussions.

    Access to our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle. is also provided giving you access from home to learning materials (including videos, e-books and journals).

    During the course of your degree you are required to attend a 10 day leadership week which takes place in the last week of May in your second year.

    You will need to factor in the cost for travel, accommodation and subsistence for these 10 days.

    This event brings together a number of speakers from academia and industry. During the event there will be a mix of academic and practical workshops. Each session will explore a different aspect of leadership and aims to enhance students skills and provide an opportunity to network.

    The event will be hosted in the modern facilities at Aberdeen Business School, Garthdee.

    4. Entry requirements

    • hold a 2:2 undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent in any subject discipline.
    • have at least 3 years of full-time professional work experience.

    Applicants with a lower degree classification and/or relevant work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

    Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

    We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

    * All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

    5. Placements and accreditations

    AMBA is regarded as the international authority on the development of business leaders and the guardian of MBA quality standards. It plays a unique role in supporting business schools to develop business leaders and provides a network for MBAs, business schools and employer. Robert Gordon University is one of only a handful of institutions worldwide that have been accredited in respect of every form of the MBA.

    Energy Institute accreditation indicates the Institute’s support of this energy-related course and ‘. involves a thorough assessment of the course content, its assessment procedures, its teaching staff and facilities by a panel of EI experts’ (EI website).

    6. Student Funding

    Postgraduate Funding

    Applicants (Scottish domiciled and EU) to this course may be eligible for a Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan (PTFL). Full-time students can apply for a PTFL up to 3400. Part-time students can apply for up to 1700. The tuition fee loan is only available to part-time students who are undertaking at least 50% of a full-time course, and therefore, complete their qualification in 2 years. Information on funding for postgraduate students can be seen under Postgraduate Student Finance .

    Alumni Discount

    Robert Gordon University is delighted to offer a 20% loyalty discount on course fees for all alumni who have graduated from RGU, further information available via the Alumni page.

    7. Course Fees

    Nurse Refresher Programs & Courses #nurse #refresher #course, #rn #refresher #course, #lpn #refresher #course, #refresher #course, #reenter #nursing, #return #to #nursing, #online #refresher #course, #online #learning, #nurse #education, #nurse #job, #nursing #job, #hospital #job, #healthcare #job, #find #a #job, #get #a #job


    Refresher programs help nurses return to work

    Are you ready to return to nursing after some time away, but feel you need to brush up on your skills before treating patients again? Many registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are finding the education and support they need to reenter nursing by enrolling in a refresher program.

    Offered through colleges and hospitals, nurse refresher programs are designed for RNs and LPNs who have been out of the field for at least three years. Whether your current nursing license is inactive or lapsed, your state board of nursing requires you to take a nurse refresher course to return to active status.

    There tends to be a lot of anxiety among nurses reentering the field, says Scott Gross, director of Science Technology and Professional Programs at Cal State San Marcos Extended Studies, which offers a 10-week RN refresher certificate. They are returning to a different world where many of their duties, such as dispensing medications and charting, are now computerized.

    For Sue Kuhns, who had been out of nursing for 14 years, the San Marcos refresher program, which combines classroom instruction with a clinical practicum, was a chance to renew her skills and reconnect with other nurses.

    We went through the program in a cohort group and supported each other every step of the way, says Kuhns, who worked as a nurse for 11 years before taking time off to raise her children.

    The San Marcos program costs $2,399. Gross says the college and a local hospital are working out an agreement whereby the hospital will cover half the program expenses of students who accept jobs at the hospital. Students now meet tuition costs by taking out student loans or by using tuition reimbursement offered by their current employers. Other students use signing bonuses to recoup tuition costs.

    The University of Delaware and South Carolina s Beaufort Memorial Hospital are two examples of colleges that allows students to take RN refresher courses from home, with the latter offering a four-month online refresher course for both RNs and LPNs.

    Refreshers as recruitment tools

    Like other medical centers across the country, Maui Memorial Medical Center uses a refresher program to help recruit and retain RNs and LPNs. The weeklong program, which was open to any nurse in the area, included training in wound care, respiratory and vascular therapies, infection control, pain management, dialysis patient care and documentation.

    The medical part of nursing stays the same but the equipment, medications and therapies change every couple of years, says Marianne Vasquez, RN, BSN, MEd, CDE, the facility s clinical education coordinator.

    As part of the program, the hospital set up various skill stations where nurses learned how to use new equipment. Vasquez says nurses gave the program, which cost $300 to attend, such high marks that the hospital is planning to offer the training again next year.

    Ready for a refresh?

    Here are some tips for finding a nurse refresher program:

    • Check with local nursing association chapters and your state board of nursing. As a state government agency, the board of nursing regulates the state s Nurse Practice Act, determines the requirements necessary to maintain active status and approves nurse refresher courses.
    • Contact state and community colleges.
    • Call area hospitals to see if they offer or can recommend a refresher program.

    Articles in This Feature:

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    Medical Terminology Ver #accredited #online #medical #terminology #course, #medical #terminology #terms #anatomy #medical #learning #free #flashcards #physiology #allied #health #nursing #assistant #online #course #free-ed


    About This Course

    This is a complete and self-contained course in modern medical terminology. It is suitable for all students of the health occupations who will have a need to communicate with physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals. Little prior knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology is required.

    The actual content of the study units is presented in a flash card format. Some of the flash cards present factual material, while others test your recall of the facts.

    You can begin the course at your own convenience, and study at your own pace. You are, however, solely accountable for your own standard of achievement.

    Your Proof of

    (Select one)

    Lesson 1 How to Use Programmed Instruction
    Lesson 2 Introduction to Stems, Prefixes, and Suffixes

    Lesson 3 Basic Components of Medical Terms
    Lesson 4 Stems Pertaining to the Musculoskeletal System
    Lesson 5 Stems Pertaining to the Integumentary System
    Lesson 6 Stems Pertaining to the Respiratory System
    Lesson 7 Stems Pertaining to the Digestive System
    Lesson 8 Stems Pertaining to the Accessory Organs of Digestion
    Lesson 9 Stems Pertaining to the Cardiovascular System
    Lesson 10 Stems Pertaining to the Hematopoietic and Lymphatic Systems
    Lesson 11 Stems Pertaining to the Endocrine System
    Lesson 12 Stems Pertaining to the Nervous System and Psychiatric Disorders
    Lesson 13 Stems Pertaining to the Genitourinary System
    Lesson 14 Stems Pertaining to Gynecology and Obstetrics
    Lesson 15 Stems Pertaining to the Sensory Organs
    Lesson 16 Miscellaneous Stems

    Lesson 17 Prefixes — General Information
    Lesson 18 Prefixes Pertaining to Location
    Lesson 19 Prefixes Pertaining to Time
    Lesson 20 Prefixes Pertaining to Negation
    Lesson 21 Prefixes Pertaining to Amount or Comparison
    Lesson 22 Prefixes Pertaining to Color
    Lesson 23 Prefixes Pertaining to Size and Position
    Lesson 24 Prefixes Pertaining to Miscellaneous Items

    Lesson 25 Suffixes–General Information and Diseases
    Lesson 26 Suffixes Pertaining to Diagnosis
    Lesson 27 Suffixes Pertaining to Operative Procedures
    Lesson 28 Suffixes Pertaining to Symptoms

    Imperial Global Online MBA #high-tech, #connected, #tailored, #part #time, #engaging, #engagement, #technology, #world #class, #teaching, #research, #imagine, #innovate, #inspire, #projects, #distance #learning, #distance #learning #courses, #london, #program, #tanaka, #south #kensington, #correspondence, #education, #university, #degree, #mba #course, #uk #online #mba, #accredited #online #mba, #best #online #degree, #online #degree #programs, #university, #mba #distance #learning, #online #study, #mba #education, #master #degree #online, #business #management, #master #on #line, #master #in #business #management, #postgraduate, #what #is #mba #


    Global Online MBA

    Imperial’s Global Online MBA brings our outstanding MBA experience to you in a flexible online format

    Just launched: trial version of our bespoke,
    online learning platform, The Hub – trial now ve recently been ranked 8th in the QS World University Rankings.

    Our cutting-edge educational technology, The Hub, designed by our award-winning Edtech Lab provides a dynamic, flexible online experience.

    Cohort and community

    The programme offers the best of both worlds. Our innovative online community-based approach allows you to study flexibly and from wherever you are in the world. During the programme, you ll spend time in London meeting your classmates and building a truly global network.

    Fusion of business and technology

    We combine innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop practical solutions to real world issues, benefiting business and improving society.

    Upcoming information sessions

    We hold online information sessions throughout the year, along with international information sessions in major cities.

    To find out more about the Global Online MBA programme via our webinars or info sessions in a city near you, please visit our meet us page .

    Degree in Singapore #part #time #degree, #part #time #degree #course, #part #time #degree #in #singapore, #part #time #degree #singapore, #singapore #part #time #degree, #degree #in #singapore, #degree #singapore, #singapore #degree, #degrees #singapore, #singapore #degrees, #degrees #in #singapore


    Murdoch University

    Murdoch University

    Structure and Content

    Students have the option to enrol in either single or double majors.

    Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)

    Human Resource Management
    BUS 297 Principles of Human Resources Management
    BUS 293 Organisational Theory and Behaviour
    BSL 202 Workplace Law
    BUS 332 Employment Relations
    BUS 301 Human Resource Economics
    BUS 340 Advanced Human Resource Perspectives
    * Students will be required to complete two general electives.

    Students are required to complete the following common units:
    BBS200 Understanding Business Research: An Introductory Approach
    BBS300 Empirical Research Methods for Business OR BBS301 Applying Mixed Methods Research to Business
    BRD209 Creativity and Innovation
    BRD251 Wellbeing

    Students with Polytechnic Diplomas, Kaplan Diplomas or Murdoch University-recognised Kaplan Diplomas will be given exemptions and gain entry to Year 2 of the programme. They can complete the course in 16 months instead of 28 months.

    The Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management accepts a wide range of qualifications with advanced standing:

    • Polytechnic Diploma
    • Advanced Diploma
    • Kaplan Diploma
    • Private Diploma will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

    Additional Entry Requirements:

    • Applicants admitted to the Bachelor of Business programme may be required to undertake bridging units in order to fulfil the required prerequisite knowledge. The final decision rests with Murdoch University.
    • Successful completion of a recognised approved Diploma qualification of higher, where the language of instruction was English.

    English requirement for International students:

    Delivery and assessment methods

    Delivery Method

    Students will attend a combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops in this programme. Students have the flexibility to plan their study schedule and attend classes once or twice a week depending on their study load. Classes are conducted on weekday evenings or weekends to suit the busy schedules of students enrolled in this programme. Each unit is supported with 24 contact hours. The Dean from Murdoch University is based in Singapore to oversee all academic aspects and ensure a high standard of academic delivery here.

    Assessment Methods

    Each unit is assessed by any combination of class participation, written assignments, project or examinations. Assessment methods may vary according to individual unit requirements.

    Graduation and Degree

    Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structure will be awarded the Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management from Murdoch University. The degree award will be the same as that awarded to on-campus graduates in Australia.

    Tuition Fees

    The tuition fee covers university registration, study guides, intensive seminars and workshops, assignments, examination (if applicable), projects, degree (if earned) and transcript.

    • Programme fee:
      • S$18,489.60 (Single Major*) payable in 4 instalments
    • Receive S$300 referral bursary when you recommend your friend to join our degree programme. T Cs apply.

    Education Loan

    Education loans are available, subject to meeting the bank’s loan requirements. Please click here for more information.

    Amex 0% interest on instalment payment effective 1st June 2017 (for instalments ranging 6 – 24 months)

    Non-tuition Fees

    Non-refundable application fees are as follows:

    All prices are inclusive of 7% Goods Services Tax (GST). Please refer to the official price list for a detailed breakdown.

    *Note: All fees are subject to change annually. The fees above have been updated and are accurate as of 22 September 2016. For more information about the programme, please contact our course consultant.

    Application Instructions

    How to apply

    Considerable care is taken by the university and the school in the selection of students. Usually, the university / school takes about 3 weeks to process each application. Therefore, it is advisable that all applications must be submitted to Kaplan Higher Education Institute at least 8 weeks before the start of each intake.
    Documents required for programme application:

    • Duly completed application form
    • Certified copy of all academic qualifications transcripts
    • Photocopy of passport or NRIC
    • Programme application fee

    All fees are payable to Kaplan Higher Education Institute Pte Ltd in accordance with the fee schedule.

    The full application package can be submitted personally at any of the Kaplan City Campuses or mail to:

    Kaplan Higher Education Institute

    For enquiries on application process, click here .

    Fee Protection Scheme

    Under the Fee Protection Scheme, Kaplan Higher Education Institution has put in place an insurance arrangement that ensures fees paid by students to the school are insured by Lonpac Insurance Bhd, a Council for Private Education (CPE) appointed service provider. The insurance protection serves to protect the students’ fees in the event a private education institution (PEI) is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. Furthermore, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the student arising from judgments made against it by the Singapore courts. The FPS is compulsory for all local and international students taking programmes at PEIs seeking EduTrust certification. FPS applies to all programmes with duration of more than 1 month or 50 hours.

    Course Consultant

    WIU – Higher Values in Higher Education – Western Illinois University, online university course.#Online #university #course


    Western Illinois University

    Online university course Online university course Online university course Online university course Online university course Online university course Online university course Online university course Online university course

    Discover why Western is the right choice for your success! Our Discover Western open houses allow you to tour campus, meet with faculty staff, talk with current students and more. Register online for our Sept. 16 open house!

    Welcome to the WIU Class of 2021!

    Your #SuccessStory Starts at Western Illinois University – The Right Choice for Your Success!

    Best in the Midwest!

    Our Quad Cities campus in Moline offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study to students from Illinois, across the nation, and around the world. Schedule a visit today!

    Tradition of Tough

    Leatherneck Football returns to Macomb on September 30 for Homecoming weekend! Visit for schedules, news and action from WIU Leatherneck Athletics!

    Storybook Homecoming: A Tale of Leatherneck Pride

    Celebrate the WIU story during the annual Homecoming celebration Friday-Saturday, Sept. 29-30.

    Up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon!

    Celebrate the annual Macomb Balloon Rally on WIU’s beautiful Macomb campus this September 8-9.


    Online university course

    Online university course

    WIU Founders’ Day Sept. 25: New Format to Feature Guest Speaker

    Online university course

    Application Fee Waiver Continues for Local Students

    Online university course

    College Choice Ranks WIU Nursing Program Among Best Online Programs

    Phoenix Alumni Friends Social

    Anime Club

    Guest Recital: Aaron Brask, horn

    WIU vs. Northern Arizona Pregame Social Football Game

    Dress for Success: College of Business and Technology Professional.

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    Apply Now for Admission to Western!

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    Discover Western Open House – Sept. 16

    Discover Western open houses allow you to tour the Macomb campus, meet with academic and student services staff, talk with current WIU students and more – a great way for you to experience campus life and picture yourself at WIU. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.В

    “Meet the Firms” Career Fair – Sept. 20

    Presented by Beta Alpha Psi, “Meet the Firms” is a unique career fair in which students majoring in accountancy, finance, and information systems are invited to speak with employers specifically looking to fill job openings and internships in these areas of interest. Visit from 1-4pm in the University Union Brattain Lounge.

    Supply Chain Management Day – Sept. 20

    Supply Chain Management Day fosters interaction between employers, current and prospective SCM majors, and WIU faculty and staff. The SCM Career Fair will be from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the University Union Grand Ballroom. A dinner with employer representatives, students, faculty/staff will follow from 5-7 p.m.

    Men’s Soccer Home Opener – Sept. 20

    Catch the Leathernecks home opener as they take on the Drake Bulldogs at John MacKenzie Alumni Field in Macomb at 4:00 p.m. on September 20. This year the Department of Athletics celebrates the 50th anniversary of WIU men’s soccer!

    Lodge Libations – Sept. 23

    Please join Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration on September 23 for a fundraiser for the Frank Lupton Outdoor Education Building project. Cocktails and appetizers at 5:00 p.m., program at 6:00 p.m.

    Storybook Homecoming: A Tale of Leatherneck Pride – Sept. 29-30

    Create your own storybook adventure as Western Illinois University hosts its annual Homecoming celebration on Sept. 29-30. Homecoming 2017 will feature reunions for the classes of 1967, 1977 and 1992, but alumni of all years are welcome to celebrate being a Leatherneck.

    $0 Application Fee for Local Students

    For the fourth consecutive year, Western Illinois University is waiving the $30 application fee for area high school students who apply to WIU. Graduating seniors who apply for admission to Western for the Fall 2018 semester will have the University’s application fee waived.

    4-Year Scholarships Available to Qualified Students

    WIU wants to reward you for your academic ability in high school by offering 4-year scholarships towards the cost of attendance. New freshmen who submit all application materials for admission are automatically considered, so apply today!

    The Sky is the Limit at WIU

    “Here at Western, students should remember that you are somebody. You are unique and you have a great opportunity here at Western. The sky is the limit to what you can do.” – WIU President Jack Thomas

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    # of times/day Amtrak trains run to and from Chicago, Macomb and Quincy