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If you need assistance with a bankruptcy or other legal matter, contact our Guam bankruptcy attorney. Our lawyer has over 23 years of experience as a trial lawyer. He is a Guam bankruptcy lawyer that can help you overcome the challenges you face during a particularly difficult time. He is the Guam bankruptcy attorney you can trust.

Areas of Practice related to Bankruptcy

Our Guam bankruptcy attorney focuses his practice in a variety of legal areas, including:

  • Personal Injury. If you have been injured in an accident, you will need the assistance of counsel to represent your rights against opposing parties and uncooperative insurance companies.
  • Bankruptcy. Those going through financial difficulties may be faced with overbearing creditors and banks. A Guam bankruptcy lawyer can advocate for your rights and protect your assets.
  • Immigration. Immigration laws can be extremely confusing and complex. Given the high stakes of many immigration cases, you may want professional assistance.
  • Criminal. You may have been falsely accused of a crime. Our attorney is a former federal prosecutor and understands how unfair the criminal justice system may be.
  • Employment. If you have been discriminated against at work, wrongly terminated, or not paid the salary you are owed, you will want to contact an attorney.
  • Estate Planning. Prepare for the distribution of your assets with a trust, will, or other estate planning instrument.
  • Small Business Law. Small businesses may be particularly vulnerable to personal liability claims. Depending upon your business, you may also face unique challenges such as those relating to contracts, compliance, and other issues.

Our attorney is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality legal services. He works hard to ensure that his clients receive the representation they need and fairest chance. To learn more about the particular legal issue you are facing, contact a Guam bankruptcy attorney.

Contact a Guam bankruptcy attorney. You may be at a severe disadvantage in your legal matter. That is why it is important to work with a Guam bankruptcy lawyer. The legal issues related to bankruptcy or other legal matters can be extremely complicated and a Guam bankruptcy attorney can help explain to you options and strategies to overcome the problem.

Experience. Knowledge. Commitment.

Defense Strategy in Criminal Cases #defense #strategy #in #criminal #cases, #defense #strategy #criminal,criminal #cases #lawyers,strategy #criminal #cases,defense #strategy,criminal #law,criminal #cases,version #events,law,lawyer,criminal,defense,lawyers,strategy,legal,case,defendant,evidence,version,script,truth,private


Defense Strategy in Criminal Cases

You and your criminal defense lawyer work together when you create your defense strategy. This strategy usually emerges when the lawyer finds out what evidence the prosecution has along with your version of the event.

How is a Defense Strategy Formed?

You should always tell your lawyer the whole true story so he/she can help you adequately. A defense strategy is formed when you and your lawyer fit together the version of events that is more likely to produce a satisfactory outcome for you. For example, you are not guilty because you acted in self-defense. It is up to the attorney and you to develop the most legally helpful, accurate version of events that is relevant to the case and is consistent with physical evidence.

Are there Other Reasons to Tell the Truth to my Lawyer?

Yes, the truth might reveal that you are guilty, but only of a less-serious offense. If the defendant lies and insists on complete innocence and the evidence is against him/her, the lawyer can’t arrive at a realistic plea bargain, or ask the jury to convict on the lesser offense. A defendant’s truthful story might reveal facts that suggest such a result. The defense attorney can also use such facts to argue for minimum punishments if you are convicted. For example, the defendant was duped into committing the crime.

What Kind of Defense Strategies are there?

Every defense will be different based upon the details of the case. However, most defenses will fall into one of three categories:

  • Denial the defendant will claim that he or she is completely innocent. Such defenses utilize alibis and the fact that a jury must be beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a defendant.
  • Admission the defendant will admit that some facts cited by the prosecution are true, but that the outcome is different then what the prosecution believes. For example, if fingerprints are present at the scene of a robbery, then an admission defense would say that the defendant was indeed at the scene, but that the defendant was a customer, not a criminal.
  • Confession the defendant admits to guilt, but there may be mitigating factors which might lessen the sentence. Insanity is an example of such defenses.
    Remember that the defense attorney cannot lie nor can the defense attorney encourage others to lie. The type of defense strategy will rely on the type of evidence that the prosecution can bring to the case.

What If I Prefer A Different Defense Strategy To The One My Attorney Wants To Use?

The attorney, via fiduciary duty. is suppose to gather the client s support as much as possible. During the trial the attorney is the one in charge, as ruled by the Federal Supreme Court. Prior to the trial though, the client should raise his or her concerns about the case. If the client is truly unhappy with the way the attorney is directing the case, the client may ask for another attorney if the current attorney is a public defender or hire a new attorney.

Keep in mind, however, that circumstances must be very bad for a court to assign a new public defender to a criminal defendant who cannot afford to hire a new lawyer. Although the attorney is expected to make all the tactical decisions, the client is one whose fate is being decided and as such has the right to voice his or her concerns.

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Criminal Defense

The Criminal Defense Department of Silverman Thompson Slutkin White is widely considered one of the top criminal defense practices in Maryland. Our lawyers have represented thousands of individuals and corporate defendants at all trial and appellate levels in State and Federal Court. Although we are based in Baltimore, Maryland, our criminal defense lawyers regularly handle criminal cases throughout all of Maryland, Washington, D.C. and the United States.

Our criminal defense team is comprised of six former state and federal prosecutors and two former felony Assistant Public Defenders. Our ranks also include a former Maryland Court of Appeals Judge (our highest court) and a constitutional law expert who served as the Dean of two law schools. We have over one hundred and fifty years of combined criminal trial and appellate experience.

Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting task. According to the American Bar Association. there are 22,477 lawyers licensed to practice in Maryland. Throw in another 51,271 in neighboring Washington D. C. and the numbers become overwhelming. Although independent accolades should not be the end-all in hiring a law firm or criminal defense attorney, they certainly provide some degree of separation worthy of consideration. Here are some recognitions that may help you distinguish us from the masses when making a decision:

Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin White: Top Law Firm in United States, US News World Report

We author several leading treatises including:

We are convinced that in order to be successful for our criminal clients our attorneys need to be engaged in the judicial system above and beyond appearing in court everyday. As a result we take on several important roles to increase our presence in the legal community. Brian Thompson, for example, was appointed by Governor O Malley and currently serves on the Trial Courts Judicial Nominating Commission

Steve Silverman was appointed by Governors of both parties and served on the Commission on Judicial Disabilities for the maximum two terms and now actively represents Maryland Judges facing disciplinary charges.

Andy White was appointed by the Judges of the United States District Court to serve on the United States Magistrate Judge Selection Panel .

Meet some of our defenders:

Andrew White. nationally known for his achievements as a former Assistant United States Attorney and as Special Assistant to the Whitewater Independent Counsel. is regularly retained to represent individuals and corporations throughout the United States. He also is sought after to conduct internal investigations. During his tenure as a federal prosecutor, Mr. White received awards including Federal Prosecutor from the Year from the U.S. Secret Service. Treasury Department. FBI and International Association of Federal Crimes Investigators.

Brian G. Thompson. former Baltimore County Assistant State s Attorney. manages the firm’s state court criminal practice, which is one of the most qualified and accomplished in Maryland. Mr. Thompson is a perennial Maryland Super Lawyer in the area of criminal defense and appears in criminal court on a daily basis.

Steve Silverman is often the first choice of high-profile defendants to handle their cases due to his extraordinary trial record and experience with the media. Ranked as a top 10 criminal defense attorney in the Northeast United States, Mr. Silverman s cases have been profiled on 60 Minutes . CNN. ESPN. BBC and countless other news organizations. He has not lost a criminal jury trial in nearly two decades.

Honorable Joseph F. Murphy Jr.. is a retired judge of Maryland s highest Court. He has served as a trial and appellate court judge for nearly 30 years. He authors the Maryland Evidence Handbook, teaches evidence and Trial Advocacy at two law Schools and is widely viewed as Maryland s foremost expert in appellate advocacy and evidence.

Creston Smith. a former felony trial lawyer with the Public Defender s Office for Baltimore City is widely viewed as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable trial lawyers in Baltimore. He has a distinguished trial record including a string of acquittals on the most serious of charges including Murder in the First Degree.

Erin Murphy. is an appellate advocate and exceptional brief writer. She is responsible for writing the firm s criminal briefs for both trial and appellate courts. She has over 15 years experience researching and briefing constitutional criminal issues including challenging the seizure of evidence, warrants and confessions.

Together our experienced and talented team work to ensure the firm’s clients receive the best possible result. STSW also devotes a full time criminal appeals lawyer and law school professor who review all cases prior to trial to expose and brief any legal and procedural errors made by law enforcement or the prosecutor.

We will aggressively attack the government’s case from every possible angle. As one of Baltimore, Maryland s largest criminal defense firms, our attorneys are experienced in all felonies, misdemeanors, white-collar offenses, serious traffic/DUI, appeals, forfeitures, post convictions, violations of probation and more.

All initial consultations are complimentary. Contact us by email or call our office at (410) 385-2225 or 1-800-385-2243 for a free case evaluation.

1104 Kenilworth Dr

Towson. MD 21204

Phone: (410) 385-2225

We serve the following Maryland localities: Baltimore City Circuit Court including Patapsco, Wabash and North Avenue Courts; Baltimore County Circuit court including Towson, Catonsville and Essex Courts; Anne Arundel County Circuit Court including Annapolis and Glen Burnie Courts; Harford County Circuit Court including Bel Air; Howard County Circuit Court including Columbia and Ellicott City; Prince George’s County including Hyattsville and Upper Marlboro Courts; Montgomery County including Rockville and Silver Spring courts; all Maryland federal courts including both Baltimore and Greenbelt, the Maryland Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis and Washington DC.

Criminal Defense. Baltimore, Maryland Criminal Attorney Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White LLC

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits for Misdiagnosis of Cancer #medical #malpractice #lawsuits #cases


Medical Malpractice Lawsuits for Misdiagnosis of Cancer

A doctor’s failure to properly diagnose cancer may or may not give rise to a viable medical malpractice lawsuit. This article discusses what does (and what does not) lead to liability for a patient who has suffered harm in such cases.

Did the Doctor Breach the Professional Standard of Care?

One of the key questions in a medical malpractice case is the doctor’s professional standard of care. A doctor is required to do what a reasonable doctor would do in the same circumstances.

As with most medical malpractice cases, a case based on failing to diagnose cancer (or making an incorrect diagnosis) will require the plaintiff and the defendant to present testimony from an expert regarding what a reasonable doctor would have done.

Simply because the doctor’s diagnosis later turned out to be incorrect does not necessarily mean the doctor breached the professional standard of care, or behaved unreasonably under the circumstances. Some cancers can be quite difficult to detect or distinguish at various stages, and some benign conditions like cysts can sometimes reasonably be mistaken for cancer. Mistakes happen, but unreasonable mistakes may rise to the level of medical malpractice .

Were the Consequences of the Misdiagnosis Avoidable?

For a doctor to be found liable for malpractice, the plaintiff must suffer an injury that would not have occurred without the doctor’s breach of professional care. This requirement can be complicated in a cancer misdiagnosis case: although a doctor may have been unreasonable in failing to diagnose or misdiagnosing cancer, the consequences for the plaintiff might be statistically the same as with a proper diagnosis.

This is particularly true for cancer types with a high fatality rate. Generally speaking, if the patient had a less than fifty percent chance of surviving regardless of diagnosis and treatment, even a doctor that breached a duty of professional care will not be held liable because the breach is not considered the real cause of death.

The plaintiff (or the plaintiff’s surviving family members) can also argue that the duration of the plaintiff’s life was shortened, the quality of the patient’s remaining life was degraded, or the plaintiff suffered a diminished or lost chance of survival. Some states agree that these kind of “lost chance” cases can be brought while the plaintiff-patient is still alive. In fact, the cancer misdiagnosis does not necessarily need to be fatal — some states allow the plaintiff to be compensated for living under the threat of cancer if it is more likely than not a proper diagnosis would have removed the threat.

While these types of arguments can be successful, they can also lose for being too speculative and for being unaccompanied by convincing medical proof. Of course, modern cancer treatments have greatly increased cancer patients’ odds of living longer or recovering completely, so it is not necessarily true that a majority of medical malpractice cases based on cancer misdiagnosis are successfully defended for being too speculative. As with most areas of law, the outcome depends entirely on the circumstances of the case.

Liability For Incorrectly Diagnosing a Patient With Cancer

Another type of cancer misdiagnosis occurs when a doctor incorrectly determines a patient has cancer when he or she actually does not. If the misdiagnosis was a breach of the professional standard of care, the doctor will be liable for any damages caused by unnecessary surgeries or other treatment. The doctor might also be found liable for the fear and anguish the patient suffers while under the false impression that he or she has a potentially fatal disease.

An Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney is Key

There are some kinds of personal injury cases that you can handle without a lawyer, but a medical malpractice case is not one. Both sides in any given medical malpractice case will require an experienced medical malpractice attorney. This is especially true for cancer misdiagnosis cases.

These type of cases have an extra layer of complication — above and beyond the already very complex requirements for medical malpractice cases — due to the difficulty of proving causation and the variety of different approaches taken by the various states. A plaintiff/patient should consult a local and experienced medical malpractice attorney instead of trying to evaluate the case on his or her own.

Get the compensation you deserve.

New York Car Accident Attorney #car #accidents #new #york,truck #accidents,motorcycle #accidents,pedestrian #injuries,boating #accidents,premises #liability,product #liability,construction #accidents,prescription #drug #injuries,toxic #tort #cases,medical #malpractice



Free Consultation – Home or Hospital Visits

New York Car Accident Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer New York

Our New York Car Accident Attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience handling motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Most of the cases accepted by our auto accident attorneys involve injuries relating to car accidents and large truck collisions with automobiles which occur in New York City. We also represent clients involved in motorcycle, bus and pedestrian accidents. In addition, we accept a variety of premises liability cases, and very serious medical malpractice or product liability matters.

Most of our clients represented by our car accident attorneys are injured in auto accidents in New York City where we have offices and you can contact us. However, some of our clients are U.S. Citizens injured while traveling abroad or foreign citizens injured while visiting in the United States. Our law firm normally accepts motor vehicle accident cases where the potential client suffers a severe brain injury, broken bones, knees, wrists and elbows or back and herniated disk injuries. Also, auto, bus, motorcycle and pedestrian accident cases involving serious scarring or death are almost always accepted by our firm.

Our office is dedicated to providing personal service with the understanding that the client s best interest is the most important factor in representation. We will aggressively seek relief in your accident case. Attorney Michael Youngs has over 35 years experience handling car accident litigation in private practice and as an FBI Special Agent Attorney representing the government.

If you are injured in a car accident, suffer a serious fall or are injured in a motorcycle, bus, pedestrian, airplane, boat or truck accident we invite you to please call our office immediately for a free consultation. We will visit you or your relative in the hospital if necessary.

If injured in a motor vehicle accident it is important not speak to insurance representatives or sign any documentation without consulting our firm. If you have suffered an injury due to a serious fall where the property owner appears to have been negligent in some manner which caused the fall please call our office for a free consultation. Our attorneys have handled numerous car accidents and other personal injury cases over a period of 35 years and we will gladly demonstrate the results to you upon request.

Our pledge to each client is to represent you aggressively and zealously within the bounds of the law. Our firm goal is to give every case the personal attention that is needed. For that reason, we will not accept all auto accidents with injuries or other personal injury cases without discussing the matter extensively with a potential client following the accident resulting in injury.

Working With Experienced Attorneys

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