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DVSA strike action tomorrow may effect Chelmsford driving tests

Learner drivers in Chelmsford and across Essex may well find themselves unable to take their driving test on Thursday and Friday as examiners join a DVSA.

Essex highways boss unveils 15 million scheme to alleviate.

TRAFFIC chiefs have outlined a blueprint for the future of Chelmsford’s horrendous road network as the city’s roads hit 96 per cent capacity .

Volvo Dealership Waterhouse launches LifePaint safety spray that.

A Chelmsford car dealership is on the verge of launching a new initiative which could potentially save thousands of lives.Volvo Dealership Waterhouse, based in.

More permit parking and higher car park charges proposed for.

Shoppers and commuters planning on parking in Chelmsford city centre may need to rethink where to leave their cars, as new parking regulations and charges are.

VIDEO: Essex’s worst drivers caught on camera

Dashcam footage taken across Essex has revealed just how bad some of our driving actually is. Here, we have compiled some of the dodgiest driving incidents.

Cars for Sale – Essex Mustang Centre

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Cars for Sale

We ve always got cars either up for sale or being prepared for sale in our workshop.  If you don t see anything you like below, it doesn t mean we don t have the right car for you.  Keep an eye on this page as all vehicles ready for sale will be listed here.

Being Essex Mustang Centre , we usually stick to classic American Ford Mustangs, however we sometimes break the pattern and stock different classic cars too.  We usually have around three to six classic Ford Mustangs for sale even if they aren t yet listed on this page.  Only fully completed vehicles get listed here.

Anna  1965 Ford Mustang 289 V8 Auto Coupe

The body is vintage burgundy with a beautiful black interior. Freshly imported from Texas she comes with upgraded 4V carburettor adding an extra 30HP. She has power steering and wooden Shelby style steering wheel.

The interior has been totally restored with new paint to all metalwork and reupholstered seats back and front.

The exterior has been refinished in vintage burgundy complimented by new and refurbished chrome.

To finish she wears, Magnum 500 style alloy wheels with good tyres all round.

She starts right up, runs and drives as a 65 Mustang should.

Will come with a years MOT, 12 months tax and on UK number plates with a UK V5 document.

  • V8
  • 4V carb upgrade
  • New trim
  • Full body re-paint
  • Magnum 500 style wheels
  • New mot


“Lisa” 1966 Ford Mustang 289 V8 Auto Coupe

Lisa is a 1966 V8 Auto Coupe, finished in bright red with contrasting graphite grey Shelby stripes.  She wears refurbished Magnum 500 wheels with brand new Pirelli tyres all round.

To finish off the sporty look on the exterior, a set of factory fitted rocker panel mouldings have been fitted.

Under the hood is finished in satin black and the engine wears Cobra aluminium rocker covers and Edelbrock air filter sitting on a four barrel carburettor adding approximately 35-40 HP.

Being a Southern State car, she also has a larger radiator therefore, cooling in the UK is not an issue.

The interior has a GT dashboard with 5 gauges, as with all 66 cars.  She also has the addition of a Shelby style sports steering wheel and centre console.  The interior is finished in black with black door cards and carpet.  Factory air conditioning is also present (untested).

The trunk (boot) is finished with plaid overmat, spare wheel and wheel cover.

Overall, she is a good representation of a 66 Mustang.  Comes with full MOT, UK registered (V5) and ready to drive away.

  • Fully UK registered
  • 1 year MOT
  • 1 year road tax
  • Brand new tyres
  • Fully refurbished Magnum 500 wheels

Main Features:

  • Bright red with graphite Shelby stripes
  • Magnum 500 wheels with new Pirelli tyres
  • Shelby style steering wheel
  • Four barrel carburettor adding extra horsepower
  • Larger radiator
  • Factory Air conditioning present

Cars for sale in northern ireland

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How To Save A Fortune On Car Repairs

It Helps When You Know How To Save A Fortune On Car Repairs

Do you know what it is like something stops working in your car and you are wondering what do I do now?  Who will be able to fix it? Will they charge me an absolute fortune, because I have no idea what needs done to fix it.

Well if you are someone who doesn t mind a little light tinkering and don t mind getting your hands a little dirty.  Or you just want to know exactly what the problem is with your car then this is what you need to do.

Although it is very simple there are still many people who don t do it yet.   You could Google the problem but sometimes Google doesn t come up with the right answers or there are too many adverts for big companies.

So all you do is head over to YouTube.Com and type in the year make model and problem you are having in your car if it doesn t get you the right answer try a few combinations so far there seems to be an answer for most questions.

I was taking my Mercedes124 Diesel for an MOT Tomorrow and took it to get valeted when I went out to check the lights this evening I noticed the dashboard lights where off even if the lights outside where working perfectly.  So first I checked the fuses in case any of them had blown a fuse and then when they where all good it was time to check out You Tube.

I typed into You Tube Mercedes 124 Dashboard lights nor working and up popped the video below.

Turned out when the woman was cleaning the dashboard she must have hit the switch and turned the dashboard lights off by mistake.

But thanks to You Tube once again I found the answer quickly and easily.    Of course we all like to be able to trust everyone but there are some unscrupulous people out there.  If you have no idea what is wrong with your car. your house or anything else in many cases some of them may take advantage of you and overcharge you.  The great thing about You Tube is you can find out what the problem is what you need or how to fix it and then your local autoparts supplier and get a price for the part and also quototations to do it or if it simple like many of them are.  Then you can do it yourself and probably save yourself a fortune in the process.

How To Save A Fortune On Car Repairs

Cars by owner in USA – Second hand cars for sale, Cheap second hand cars

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Second hand cars for sale, Cheap second hand cars

Cars for sale can be described and narrated as the business which is not only making the people moved in the direction where they are heading but also to make the people straightened in getting the targets of theirs speedier. These cars are quite demonstrative and are offering lots of options to the car seekers. The cars are available in different types like the new cars, second hand cars and also in the form of cheap used cars. These cheap used cars are the source of adjusting the cars even in the lower budgets. The second hand cars are defined as the cars which are having huge benefits to get offered to the buyers and to make the buyers enriched of getting different things and different targets. The second hand cars benefits are described as under.

* Reasonable deals

The Second hand cars are the reasonable car options. They are offered at the rates which are having unbelievable benefits and also are offering the rates which are making the deals easier and smarter. The second hand cars are normally offered at half of the rates of the new cars. These cars are the most reasonable and fascinating deals of the world and are making the car buyers more flourishing and finer. The benefits of second hand cars are many but this is the leading reason. The reasonable deals are having great motivation and inspiration to the cars for sale business.

* Better for the beginners

The second hand cars for sale are quite better for the beginners. In the initial phases of car driving the cheap second hand cars are quite interesting and intense. These beginners are having exclusive and extensive features of making the cars for sale business strengthened and stronger. Second hand cars can make the buyers better dealt and also better served. In the initial case of driving, the care and driving features are quite carelessly taken considered and they are made accordingly. To avoid heavier losses and to gain perfect worth for the starting periods, the second hand cars for sale are the best measures to have.

The depreciation ratio of the second hand cars is quite lower compare to the new cars and therefore these cars are preferred more by the buyers. The second hand cars for sale are having exclusive and extensive share of making the buyers safer and secured in the financial terms also. The low depreciation factor is truly the important advantage of second hand cars for sale.

These are some of the benefits of getting the second hand cars for sale and cheap second hand cars for sale beneficial and advantageous.

Toy Cars UK – Die-Cast Toy Cars, Planes, Tractors, Trains and Other Toy Vehicles

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Toy Cars Vehicles

Toy cars and vehicles may be small but that is no indication of the huge amounts of fun that they can bring! Although the latest models often come with built in electronics and light or sound features, the timeless love for racing, speed, power and control remains the overriding pleasure to be gained from toy cars, trains, boats, planes and lorries as well as buses, diggers and other vehicles.

This toy category covers all means of transport from basic plastic vehicles for very young children, push along die-cast vehicles from Hot Wheels, to the latest and most sophisticated train set or digital motor racing set. As well as containing the staple childhood favourites such as Thomas & Friends trains and JCB diggers, there’s always plenty of interesting and new products being regularly released from all the major manufacturers.

Many toy vehicles are created from those seen in TV shows or films like Batman and James Bond. Boys in particular are fascinated by toy model vehicles, and many go on to build substantial and sometimes valuable collections. Whether your passion is for the latest Automoblox vehicle, or the newest Corgi die-cast toy vehicle, our list of recommended shops selling toy cars and vehicles should be able to help you.

CarAndBike – Cars and Bikes in India, New, Upcoming, Used Cars, Compare Cars – NDTV

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About CarAndBike

CarAndBike is not merely another name in the world of automotive web sites. We bring together the best from the world of both, cars and bikes. New cars, used cars, new bikes, – we endeavour to help you with all of that. Additionally, CarAndBike also strives to keep its users updated with the latest from the global automotive industry. Car price, car reviews, car dealers, new bikes, and everything in between, CarAndBike is happy to help! More

New Cars

CarAndBike lists over 42 manufacturers and 336 models to help users to make an informed choice. Users can not only browse new cars, upcoming cars, car price, car dealers, car reviews, and compare cars, but also use our car recommendation section and total cost ownership section. Our recommendations are based on a sophisticated algorithm that also combines user preference with expert ratings.

To further ease the process of buying a new car, CarAndBike’s total ownership cost tool estimates the total cost to own a car over 5 years. This cost includes quotidian expenses such as fuel and insurance and the depreciation of the car’s value.

Used Cars

Users can not only buy second-hand cars, but also valuate and sell their old cars here. With CarAndBike, selling your old car is now as easy as it gets. You only have to fill in your details – we will take care of the rest.

New Bikes

At CarAndBike, you not only get to study new bikes specs, reviews, and compare them, but also buy bikes online.

CarAndBike also keeps its users up to speed with the automotive industry via latest news, comprehensive reviews, pictures, and videos. However, that’s not all – CarAndBike also provides a platform for enthusiasts and the curious minds to come together to ask, answer, and discuss.

CAR SHIPPING TO NAMIBIA – Uk Cars To NamibiaUk Cars To Namibia

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Uk’s Leading Logistics Specialists

We are an independent car shipping company offering a variety of services under one roof eg vehicle inspection, collection, purchasing and shipping services to Namibia. We have offices in Walvis Bay for local secure transaction. We give outstanding value for money. We keep our promises. The most frequent reason that clients give us when asked what makes them come back to us time after time is that they like dealing with us. We are always friendly and helpful. Easy to deal with. We keep things simple and always provide honest and straightforward advice.

Vehicle Shipping

Our commercial buying power with all the major shipping lines allows us to pass on considerable savings to you, offering you greater savings when importing a vehicle from the United Kingdom. All vehicles are fully insured during transit. We can ship any type of vehicle eg cars, trucks, trailers, boats, caravans, coaches etc.

RoRo Shipping

RoRo Method is the most cost effective, safest and easiest.The car has to be able to go up the ramp (Roll on) and down the ramp (Roll off). Once your car is aboard the ship, it is secured to the deck with straps and braces. This prevents your car from moving if the ship is rocking at sea. We basically roll your car on and off the ship. There is no crane or lifting of vehicles. We have weekly departures so you don’t have to wait too long for your car to arrive.

All vehicles are driven on to the ship using the ships integral loading ramps that are lowered down to the quayside when the vessel is in port to make for fast and easy loading.

Container Car Shipping

The vehicle is loaded into a container and securely loaded and lashed to the container hooks ensuring no movement during transit.

If you have a car or auto that does not run you may still be able to ship your car on a roll on roll off (Ro Ro) service however, there will be additional charges for handling a non-running car at the port and loading to and from the ship.

If you have a non-running vehicle that is perhaps an incomplete restoration project you may also have some spare parts that need to be shipped with the car or, you may simply have some personal items that you would like to ship at the same time.

Prepurchase Vehicle Inspection

Our expertise enables us to carry out inspections on all types of vehicles. Quality vehicles guaranteed, physical inspection includes engine perfomance, undercarriage, interior, exterior, gearbox, test drive etc.

We are experts in moving motor vehicles and we understand that car transport is a job requiring expert services that will guarantee the safe and smooth arrival of your vehicle to the Uk ports and to your nearest city or border, no matter what the size or value may be.

Our vehicle transportation services have been in operation for many years and we have much experience under our belt.

Car Sales Around the World – What Countries Are Buying Which Cars?

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Car Sales Around the World – What Countries Are Buying Which Cars?

Car Rental Hawaii – Discount rental cars in Hawaii – Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai

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Car Rental Hawaii

Compare & Save up to 28% on All


  • Bargain rates for late model cars with all major Rental Car Companies
  • Guaranteed reservation, no credit card required
  • No Cancellation Fee – Unlimited Mileage
  • Reservations confirmed and guaranteed by the rental car company
  • Airport pick up! (All Agencies are at the airports)
  • Additional driver is free. Click for details.
  • 15 Pax Vans is available on special request only. Please email us .
  • GPS System available for $11.99 per day or $69.95 per week
  • Cruise Ship Passengers: click here for special instructions.
  • Child car seats are available for $11.99 per day.
  • No credit card needed to reserve a car!

Compare & Save up to 28% on All Major Brand Rental Cars in Hawaii

** Due to a shortage in rental cars throughout Hawaii (read article from The Maui News ) we strongly suggest that you book your car earlier rather than later – you can always cancel at no charge! **

Check for Best Car Rental Rate

If you’re thinking about a Hawaiian vacation, you can do it at your own pace with Car Rental Hawaii. Whether you want to surf, fish, shop till you drop, or just take in the sights, the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island offer some of the world’s best vacation locations. Car rental in Hawaii is an affordable and practical way to see the sights – you can go where you want, when you want!

From the hundreds of miles of amazingly picturesque beaches, unspoiled rainforests and lush, tropical countryside, to cultural centers for shopping, dining and relaxation, there’s something in Hawaii for everyone’s taste.

Jump in your choice of vehicle from Alamo car rental Hawaii and take a drive out to the stunning Waimea Canyon, stopping on the way to enjoy the scenery and have a picnic at one of the many beachside parks on the beautiful island of Kauai .

Enjoy colorful sunsets and exquisite cuisines as you explore Hawaii’s Big Island or visit Maui for scores of parks, hiking and riding trails, and – of course – sport fishing and some hardcore surfing action.

If hawaiian cultural and historical sites are more to your liking you’ll have plenty to choose from. Why not visit the Bishop Museum on Oahu . the cultural cornucopia along the bustling Waikiki oceanfront strip, or the historic Pearl Harbor military monuments?

Hawaii has something to offer everyone – singles, couples, and families alike. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable vacation experience you’ll find plenty to thrill your senses on the wonderfull Hawaiian Islands, and Car Rental Hawaii will get you there!

Car Lease, Rent a Car Dubai, Hire or Car Rental Dubai – Amex Cars

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Toyota Innova

Amex makes Dubai car rental easy with fully insured cars at your door.

Amex Cars provides a premium service in car lease Dubai. Our aim is to take the stress out of the whole process – from your arrival in the city to when you hand back the keys, we provide a friendly, efficient and affordable service that our customers can count on.

Whether you are a resident needing a monthly rent a car or a visitor who only needs a rental car during a brief stay in Dubai, we provide a full service to handle your demands. This can include everything from picking you up from the airport to dealing with your insurance company, and is all designed to have you on your way quickly.

Our large and diverse fleet offers a wide range that caters to any taste, style and budget. We offer both short and long-term car hire Dubai services to our clients. When you choose Amex Rent a car Dubai . you are also spoilt for choice with fuel-efficient hybrids, luxury models, high-end convertibles, SUVs, sports cars, specialty cars and more. We also offer regular online deals on our website for both short-term and monthly car rental .

At Amex, the quality of our luxury vehicles is matched only by the quality of our service. It is our dedication to providing a highly personalized service to each individual customer that really sets us apart when it comes to companies offering premium car rentals in Dubai .

Whether you want a car for a week or to rent a car in Dubai on monthly basis – our experienced staff can cater to your needs. We take the time to answer all your questions and ensure you are fully equipped for your time in the city. This commitment to the customer has seen us forge long-term relationships with many of the people who use our car rental and car lease Dubai services .

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions about your short or long-term car hire in Dubai. Rent a car with us and experience the difference!