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Japanese Modified Cars For Sale

  • a native or inhabitant of Japan

    VX Shovit HDRi

    The Vauxhall Chevette

    The Chevette was designed to fit into the Vauxhall range below the Viva, and was initially presented as a hatchback, a style that soared in popularity during the 1970s. The Chevette was the first British-built hatchback of this size, with Ford not responding with a similar product until the following year. From 1975 until 1978, the Chevette was, in fact, the UK s best selling hatchback as UK branded rivals failed to respond to the challenge of the Peugeot 104 until the arrival of Ford s Fiesta at the end of 1976. Chrysler UK did not launch its Chrysler Sunbeam for two years, while it was five years before British Leyland came up with the Austin Metro.

    The Vauxhall Chevette s shovel-nose resembled that of its stateside cousin

    In 1976 the range was extended through the introduction of saloon and estate versions, each based on the equivalent Opel Kadett.

    A minimalist facelift in 1979 saw protruding headlight covers applied to the front of the car and plastic trims to highlight the extractor vents on the rear pillars of the saloon Chevette.

    Vauxhall Chevette, a rare HSR rally model in road-going trim

    Vauxhall Chevette 4-door saloon (pre-facelift)

    It was launched in the UK using Vauxhall s slogan and musical jingle : It s whatever you want it to be! A sporty coupe, a family saloon, a handy estate . [1] It was made at the purpose built factory in Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, under a government initiative to bring employment to the area.

    More conventional 2- and 4-door saloons, and 3-door estate variants (essentially the Opel Kadett with Vauxhall front sheetmetal and engines) were also offered from June 1976.[1]

    The Viva remained on sale until the end of 1979, when the Opel Kadett D-based Vauxhall Astra was launched, while the Chevette remained on sale until 1984, itself being replaced by the slightly smaller Vauxhall Nova that was launched in 1983, with Chevette production being reduced in November 1981, when Astra production was moved to the Ellesmere Port factory.

    This longevity led to the Chevette being exported to Germany after 1979, following the discontinuation of the Kadett C; here the Chevette was an unusual small car in that it still featured rear wheel drive. A further 12,332 of the cars were sold as Opels in Germany where with effect from October 1980 the car was badged as the Opel Chevette. By this time, it was the only Vauxhall badged car to be sold in in markets such as Mauritius and New Zealand: successor models assembled in the UK for sale in mainland Europe, such as the Astra, have been badged as Opels.

    A van version, based on the estate and called the Bedford Chevanne was also built, and badged as part of GM s Bedford commercial vehicles marque.

    Although the Chevette was largely a rebadged Opel Kadett C with revised front-end (detailed below), it did use the 1256 cc overhead valve (OHV) engine of the Viva instead of the Kadett s units, which were produced by Opel. The Kadett s double wishbone front suspension, rear-wheel drive and rear suspension with Panhard rod, torque tube and coil sprung live axle were carried over unaltered. Inside, the two cars differed only in terms of their dashboard and switchgear: the Chevette stuck to the British Japanese right-hand drive tradition of having the indicator switch on the right-hand side of the steering column, while the Kadett had the mainland European left-hand drive custom of the flasher stalk being on the left. The Chevette also had a much more angular instrument binnacle, although the instrumentation within was similar (though in imperial rather than metric measurements).

    The Chevette s front end featured a more aerodynamic-looking nose treatment than the Kadett, based loosely on the design of the droopsnoot Firenza. In contrast the Kadett had a more conventional flat-fronted design. In 1980, the Chevette underwent a facelift with flush fitting headlights, giving it a family look alongside the larger Vauxhall Cavalier. It also received new wheel designs, revised C-pillar vent covers and revamped interior trim with re-designed front seats to increase rear knee room marginally. However, it was effectively the beginning of a phase-out in favour of the newer Astra, Vauxhall s version of the front wheel drive Kadett, which was launched in January 1980.

    Production finally finished in January 1984, approximately one year after the launch of the Spanish-built Nova.

    The Chevette was a successful model for Vauxhall, with around 415,000 units produced in just under nine years.

    Porsche 930 Turbo

    The Porsche 930 Turbo, simply badged Turbo (although early U.S. units were badged as Turbo Carrera) debuted at the Paris Auto Show in October 1974 before being put on sale in the spring of 1975; export to the United States began in 1976.

    The 930 proved very fast but also very demanding. The 911 was prone to oversteer because of its rear engine layout and short wheelbase; combining those traits with the power of the turbocharged motor, which exhibited significant turbo-lag, made the problem more prevalent. Even though the rear engine layout provided superior traction, sudden bursts of power to the rear wheels in mid-corner could break the tires loose, causing the car to literally spin out of control. This effect was amplified if an unexperienced driver would instinctively lift the throttle in reaction. The vehicle needed to be kept at high revs during spirited driving to minimise the turbo lag. Skilled drivers quickly learned how to drive the 930 properly, and with that knowledge came the ability to drive the car above and beyond the levels of most other sports cars. Nevertheless, some fatal accidents resulted in product liability law suits brought against Porsche in the US.

    Porsche made its first and most significant upgrades to the 930 for 1978, enlarging the engine to 3.3 litres and adding an air-to-air intercooler. By cooling the pressurized air charge, the intercooler helped increase power output to 300 hp; the rear whale tail spoiler was re-profiled and raised slightly to make room for the intercooler. Porsche also upgraded the brakes to units similar to those used on the 917 racecar.

    Porsche cut-back spending on the model, and changing emissions regulations in Japan and the U.S. forced Porsche to withdraw the 930 from those markets in 1980 as they believed the 928 would eventually replace the 911.

    The 930 remained available in Europe, and for 1983 a 330 hp performance option became available on a build-to-order basis from Porsche. With the add-on came a 4-pipe exhaust system and an additional oil-cooler requiring a remodelled front spoiler and units bearing the add-on often featured additional ventilation holes in the rear fenders and modified rockers.

    Porsche offered a Slantnose 930 under the special order programme beginning in 1981. It was an otherwise normal 930 with a 935-style slantnose instead of the normal 911 front end.

    928 sales had risen slightly by the 1985 model year, but there was still some question as to if it were truly capable of superseding the 911 as the company s premier model, and for 1986 Porsche re-introduced the 930 to the Japanese and U.S. markets, now featuring an emission-controlled engine producing 282 hp. At the same time Porsche introduced the Targa and Cabriolet variants, both of which proved popular.

    Porsche discontinued the 930 after model year 1989 when its underlying G-Series platform was being replaced by the 964. 89 models were the only versions of the 930 to feature a 5-speed transmission. A turbo version of the 964 officially succeeded the 930 in 1991 with a modified version of the same 3.3 litre flat-6 engine and a 5-speed transmission.


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    Tuning Nissan Skyline GTR, R32, R33, R34,Toyota corolla GT coupe AE86 Twincam,Modified or JDM car, Mazda RX7 Drift Car from Japan.

    Japanese Used Car Exporter

    We are Japanese Dealer’s who specialize in modified sports cars. Here at ‘CAR ON TRACK’ we are experience in sourcing and selling modified cars such as Toyota Corolla Gt Coupe Twin cam Ae86, Nissan Skyline GTR R32 / R33 / R34, Nissan Silvia S13 / S14 / S15, Honda Civic EK9, Mazda RX7 FD3S and many more. We can find a car to suit you desire whether Drifting, Racing or just using it as a street car. We have a wide source of places through the many auctions in Japan to find the car for you.

    Important Notice

    Our Business is to create a special car under your choice, Please do not hesitate to order, We can supply you new or used good brand drift parts very cheap at any time. (Supply for fixing NOT sending as a parts)

    Japan Cars Blog – Japanese Cars, Performance and General Info

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    Japan Cars Blog

    New Look Of Infiniti G37 From Nissan

    On the special closed action in Beverly Hills the Japanese company Infiniti has presented sedan G37 2010 modeling years which premiere will take place this week within the limits of the international motor show in Los Angeles.

    Nissan presents Infiniti M

    Infiniti, luxury division Nissan, within the next ten years will let out on the market at once some hybrid models to make competition Lexus which took for a long time hybrids in turn . Sports sedan Infiniti M. becomes first swallow Infiniti in area new to the company

    Next year the hybrid version of a sedan of business class Infiniti M will start to submit the world market, Japanese newspaper Nikkei confirms. The car will receive hybrid installation which will be completely developed by engineers Nissan. We will remind, today the Japanese concern has one hybrid model Altima, however, in it Toyota green technologies are used, that Nissan, of course, does not arrange.

    In the market sedan Infiniti the M begins to compete to hybrid model Lexus GS 450h which is equipped by the small electric engine and 3,5-litre gasoline engine V8.

    Electric Car Nissan Cube

    Company Nissan will present the first variant of model with an electric motor at exhibition Kanagawa Electric Vehicle (EV) Festa 2009.

    The Supercars – Reviews of Fast, New – Used Cars

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    Under the hood is a 3.0 liter V6 Biturbo engine that delivers up to 496 horsepower. The 2014 GTI Roadster Concept is capable of going 0 – 62mph in 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 192 mph.

    The car is fitted with a 7 speed DSG gearbox and four motion all-wheel drive mechanism. With 413 lbs ft of torque, this car is arguably one of the most powerful machines.

    The body is aerodynamically optimized by a number of modifications. At the rear is the large wing which creates a strong downforce. This transfers extreme engine power to the road in a controlled way through an all wheel drive system.

    The design features the honeycomb grille and headlamps with aggressive carbon fiber blades. Another visible feature is the floating C pillars that double up as a roll-over protection bar.

    Additionally the car features over-sized 20 inch alloy wheels wrapped in a glide of low-profile rubber and carbon sills turning it into a pure fantasy. Inside the 20 inch alloys are ceramic brakes that raise the flying VW.

    Inside, passengers are cocooned in a twin carbon fiber monocoque. They are able to sit low in hip-hugging racing seats. A fire extinguisher has been fitted to give it a complete race car feel.

    The carbon fiber and the Alcantara trim design enhance the interior of the car. The design elements of the 2014 GTI Roadster Concept are portrayed as vibrant, dynamic and emotional as possible. The seats and the steering wheel are all swathed in faux suede.

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    2015 Audi RS7 Sportback

    In the UK: Buy used cars

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    105,704 New and Used Cars on Sale, UK

    Welcome to UK-Cars-for-sale

    UK Cars For Sale is a leading used car search web site with listings available from more than 4,500 car dealers all over the UK, including London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

    The full range and variety of secondhand and new cars are available from all the major manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Volvo and Volkswagen to name but a few. In addition you will find information to help you get the best possible deal from your next car change, this could range from insurance to finance and hpi checks.

    Car Reviews and News

    15/08/2012 The new Range Rover will raise the efficiency stakes The All new Range Rover is expected to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September. The biggest change will be the all new aluminium body structure instead of the old steel construction. This change is likely to shed nearly half a tonne in body weight and opens the door to new engine choices and previously unimagined efficiency from the Range Rover marque. Keep an eye out for sub 200g/km CO2 emmssions.

    24/12/2010 Toyota Hilux is the vehicle of choice for a trip to the South Pole Few people will forget the Top Gear special where Jeremy Clarkson and James May drove to the North Pole in a Toyota Hilux. Well it seems that there is no stopping the Hilux and a convoy of these vehicles recently completed a trip to the South Pole, shrugging of temperatures of -56 o C and climbing to altitudes of 3,400m. If you need a 4×4 to see you through the snows this winter, then one of the Toyota Hilux listed on our website may very well be just the ticket!

    Import cars from japan

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    import cars from japan

    Import Cars From Japan To America Easily

    It truly is sad that there are a few those who are unwilling in order to importance cars and trucks coming from The japanese in order to America. Many people feel that this is a waste of your time, cash, and also hard work given it is probably the most non-traditional items they’ve already observed. Given that they nevertheless have to dispatch and also pay out a number of contract price income taxes, they idea that this is the really not practical solution to acquire a vehicle – import cars from japan. Nonetheless, if you will definitely ponder over it, this is really regarded as being one of many simplest techniques.

    Firstly it is usually really helpful if you will definitely importance cars and trucks coming from The japanese in order to America. This is because it will be easy to avoid wasting cash if you will definitely obtain a automobile through this method. And in some cases if you will definitely put your expenses for that delivery and also income taxes, most of these items remain 30% less costly compared to the in your area accessible a single.

    This can be also precisely why there are lots of businessmen who’re in this method. Given that they can simply have to utilize a tiny investment capital, they can make much larger earnings, cheap cars from japan. If you decide to really are a business-minded man or women, you may want to wish to importance cars and trucks coming from The japanese in order to America.

    You just need to ensure that you will definitely do it the correct way. Firstly, you need to be certain that you’re managing a reliable vendor. As much as possible, it is best to stay clear of those who are extremely unethical and also suspicious with their deals.

    You may want to wish to work with a private seller understand what twang to follow along with the traditional means. This is really an exceptionally lenient technique since you are simply settling with a private specific.

    If you’re truly not looking for a brand new brand name, and then you may want to wish to look at looking for an market web site. In lots of techniques, this is really essentially the most useful approaches since you are usually confident that the vehicles are actually cost effective.

    Nonetheless, there exists nevertheless la need that you should make sure that you’ll truly receive lots. In order to importance cars and trucks coming from, Japanese used car exporter. The japanese in order to America, you have to make sure likely truly affordable and also within good condition.

    And also to steer clear of any issues, you should be certain that you’re informed about the particular legal guidelines connected with the two countries. In this way, it will be easy in order to importance cars and trucks coming from The japanese in order to America without any hassle at all.

    How to Find Used 4×4 Cars for Sale Online

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    How to Find Used 4×4 Cars for Sale Online

    Buyers looking for used 4×4 cars are more likely to find cars that are all wheel drive (AWD) instead of four wheel drive (4×4). Generally speaking, AWD and 4×4 vehicles are similar in nature. In fact, many dealerships use the terms interchangeably when describing a vehicle on their lot. There are, however, differences between the two that make each a unique vehicle drivetrain.

    Depending on the vehicle, 4×4 is either part-time or full-time. An AWD, on the other hand, drives all four wheels all the time. Additionally, a 4×4 vehicle allows the driver to select 4×4 low mode, which sends extra torque to the wheels for more difficult driving conditions. AWD does not have a “low” option. Typically, 4×4 is used to describe the drivetrain on trucks and truck-based SUVs, while AWD is reserved more for cars, minivans, and car-based SUVs.

    AWD cars are a more recent phenomenon, as cars have historically used either rear wheel drive or front wheel drive architecture. However, buyers should be able to find a good selection of used AWD cars by using the following tips:

    • Search for Subaru vehicles. Every Subaru vehicle sold in the United States since 1996 has featured AWD. In fact, AWD is one of the things Subaru is best known for. Subaru vehicles generally have above-average reliability ratings, too. Certainly, many other manufacturers offer AWD variants of their vehicles, but Subaru is the only manufacturer to offer only AWD vehicles.
    • Narrow your options. Before spending a significant amount of time researching, determine what model year you want to purchase. Once that has been determined, a simple Google search should provide a list of the AWD cars available for that specific model year.
    • Research reliability ratings. After a list of potential AWD cars has been created, research each car’s reliability ratings to determine which AWD cars are considered to be the most reliable.
    • Perform a search. Using the CarsDirect website or your local classified ads, you can locate used AWD cars in your geographic area.

    AWD systems are already a popular feature on many SUVs, and auto manufacturers are introducing them in more cars. As manufacturers bring AWD cars to the market, a buyer’s purchase options will continue to grow with each passing year.

    What to Look for When Buying a Used 4×4

    As you begin the research process, there are certain things you should be mindful of. The following is a list of considerations all used 4×4 buyers should keep in mind.

    • Mileage. A primary concern among used 4×4 buyers is the amount of mileage on the vehicle. While most people tend to shy away from high mileage used cars, it shouldn’t necessarily be a detrimental factor. Depending on the year, make, and model of the used car, high mileage may not affect a vehicle’s long-term durability. Honda and Toyota are two examples of brands with very reliable track records.
    • A functional four wheel drive system. As four wheel drive has become more prevalent on various vehicle body styles, the drivetrain itself has taken many different forms. Part-time four wheel drive, full-time four wheel drive, and all wheel drive (AWD) are common in the automotive marketplace. An in-depth mechanical appraisal should only be completed by a licensed mechanic, but buyers can perform a high-level evaluation while still at the dealership. For part-time 4×4 vehicles, the driver can operate the four wheel drive from a knob or lever inside the vehicle, and it can be driven in two wheel drive (2WD) if selected. Buyers should toggle through each drivetrain option (usually 2WD, 4HI, and 4LO) and drive the vehicle while in each setting. Pay close attention to how it drives and any noises or smells it may emit. For full-time 4x4s and AWD vehicles, all four wheels are permanently driven. Buyers should pay attention to similar items as in part-time 4x4s.
    • Signs of abuse. The added functionality of a four wheel drive drivetrain brings with it the potential for owner abuse. While most 4×4 owners don’t ever venture too far off the beaten path, certain owners with vehicles that are more adept off-road are not afraid to get the car dirty, so to speak. Buyers should look for specific signs to help identify potentially abused used 4x4s. A significant amount of scratches on the side or underbody of a four wheel drive vehicle may signal past off-road abuse. Trucks or SUVs with lift kits and knobby tires may also have seen a potentially good amount of off-road time. Additionally, modifications such as these may void any remaining manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Price. The three factors above may or may not affect the driveability of a used 4×4. Depending on the price of the vehicle, they may be deal breakers or things that can be overcome. Many times, a used 4×4’s price can be a good indicator of its condition and possible past mistreatment.

    These are just a handful of the many considerations buyers should keep in mind when shopping for a used 4×4. Ultimately, buyers need to be comfortable with what they’re purchasing by confidently researching all available options.

    Related Questions and Answers

    What Does Certified Mean when You Buy a Certified Used Car?

    When you buy a certified used car. you are purchasing a car that has an extended warranty from the manufacturer. It means that your car has been tested by a reliable source. Also, the manufacturer has decided that the condition of the car is good and worth extending the warranty of it, providing buyers with additional security on their purchase. When you buy certified used cars, your warranty will usually last a certain number of miles or a certain length of time. Find this out prior to purchase. People who buy certified used cars can also guarantee that all of the faults have been repaired prior to purchase.

    What Is Required for a Used Car to Become Certified?

    For a car to become certified it must have a manufacturer’s guarantee for the required used car. This warranty must extend beyond the original warranty offered when the car was purchased. To do this, the manufacturer will use a well known and reliable source to inspect the car to identify whether it is in a good enough condition to offer an additional warranty. The car is generally accepted if it has no faults or has repairable faults that will not cost a great deal to fix. The required used car criteria provide buyers with additional assurance and guarantee with their purchase.

    Which of All 4×4 Off Road Trucks is the Most Popular to Build Up?

    The most popular 4×4 off road truck to build up is the hybrid. If you can find one as they are scarce offer much better fuel economy and they also help to cut emissions, because many of them can run on alternative fuels that are help to lower emissions. For example, a hybrid that burns 15 percent ethanol not only helps to keep emissions cleaner, but it also helps to increase the fuel economy of the vehicle as it is an octane-enhancer. Further, hybrids, since they run, much of the time on their battery power, offer no emissions at all when in electric mode. This makes them the most popular to build up.

    Will Driving in 4×4 Mode Lower Your Mileage?

    Yes, driving in 4×4 mode will lower your mileage. On average, if your SUV’s mileage is in the mid-teens when you are driving in two-wheel-drive mode, driving in 4×4 mode will likely take at least 4 or more mpg off your fuel economy. The reason is simple. You are driving a second set of wheels with a second drive shaft and differential, and this costs you substantially at the fuel pump. Also, driving on a smooth surface in four-wheel-drive, you will find the steering resistance is higher. Even with power steering, because all of the driving wheels are trying to turn the vehicle.

    What Subaru Models Are Not 4×4?

    You will not find any vehicles in the current lineup of Subaru that are not 4X4s. Since the 1980s, Subaru has been offering its famed Boxer horizontally opposed engine (4 cylinders in a square configuration where the firing pattern is broadly speaking in 1-3-2-4), and its asymmetrical all-wheel-drive system, where a viscous coupling in its differential equalizes traction across the drivetrain. In other words, if a wheel begins to lose traction, the system senses this loss and applies light braking force to that wheel, while increasing power proportionally to the other three wheels to keep the Subaru platform very stable. Subaru’s Forester won IIHS Top Safety honors for 2010.

    The Ultimate List of Places to Sell Your Car – Cash for Cars Selling Tips

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    If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and want to sell your car online, Craigslist is a good option to start with. Sellers can place an ad for free on the Craigslist.com website which is then viewed by anyone searching their classifieds for used cars.

    The submission form is simple and allows sellers to enter an asking price, a posting title and they supply a substantial area for car description.

    Growing in popularity, Craigslist has made a name for itself through housing and job markets, the traffic they generate means that your used car ad will have plenty of views. This in turn gives you a better chance of finding the right buyer.


    Ebay has been a hit since it s humble beginnings. A place where a consumer can buy almost anything and conversley a place where anything can be sold. It stands to reason that they are a good place to sell your car as well.

    Sellers are required to register as an Ebay user, then they must set up a seller s account. The beauty of this site is that they will walk you through the entire process. Their vehicle checklist, car photo tips and help with descriptions and pricing makes it a no-brainer.

    However, there is a catch. Ebay charges the seller a fee to place the ad, then takes a percentage of the final value. The help they offer is solid, but it is not free.


    As its name implies, the Auto Trader is a place built specifically to buy and sell cars, and to some sellers that is enough to make them an attractive option.

    There is a nominal fee to sell with them, but they offer several different packages, one to suit any budget. The fee is small when you consider that Autotrader.com lists you with other big names like Edmunds and Yahoo autos.


    The KBB has been pricing cars for a long time, so if it s longevity in the market you want, KBB is a good place to sell your used car.

    A quick segway to the next name on the list, The Kelley Blue Book uses Cars.com for their used car classifieds.

    They offer three different priced packages, based on the length of time the ad runs, the amount of photos the seller can use, and a few enhanced options for the most expensive package.

    Like Autotrader, they will list your car on some of the other big sites in the industry for maximun exposure. Plus they offer in-depth information on placing effective ads, closing sales and a large FAQ section.


    KBB uses them to sell the cars they list, so it makes sense that Cars.com is a good place to sell your used car.

    Enter your zip code and select one of two options, an online-only ad or an ad paired with your local newspaper, then you are taken to another page which offers their package options.

    The options vary by length of ad run time, amount of photos seller can display and a few extra features offered to the higher priced packages.

    Same as above with KBB, Cars.com will run your ad with up to 175 of their affiliates, allowing for more views and more offers.


    An newer name on the scene Edmunds.com has made quite a name for themselves within the automotive industry.

    Developed as an online service, they offer great information on almost any make and model you fancy.

    If you want to sell a car through them however you will be redirected to the Autotrader.com website to do it.

    We can help too

    The bottom line is this, if you want to sell your car the easy way, call us 1-800-946-7700 or fill out our online form and let us handle the rest.

    How to Find a Cheap Car, Even Cars Under $1000

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    How to Find Cars Under $1000

    It cost my Mom and Dad around a thousand dollars, I think.

    That even included a new cherry red paint job.

    It wasn t the prettiest, fastest truck on the road. But it got me back and forth to school each day just fine. It didn t break my parents bank account either.

    Plus, having that truck taught me a lot about how cars work and how to properly maintain a vehicle (I was under the hood quite a few times making minor repairs).

    There are plenty of reasons to own a car that costs under $1000. Maybe you only have $1000 to spend. Maybe you are buying your kid s first car. $1000 seems like a reasonable amount to spend on a spazzy, texting, speeding teenager.

    Maybe you are on the Dave Ramsey total money makeover plan. Dave recommends getting out of all consumer debt except the house. What quicker way to get rid of debts than to dump your expensive (but financed) car and look for a car under $1000 that you can pay cash for?

    Today I m going to try and answer two questions:

    • How do you find cars under $1000 that aren t completely disgusting?
    • How do you ensure you are getting a good value (i.e. the car won t cost you more in repairs).

    Where to Look for Cars Under $1000?

    If you re sitting in front of your computer, likely the best place to start your car search is at craigslist. Here you can find individuals who are desperate to get an old car out of their driveway.

    They aren t in the business of selling cars, and may not have even priced it properly. Look for the car+truck section in the for sale area of your local craigslist.

    Be sure to limit your price to a maximum of $1000. You can also limit the search to by-owners, by-dealer, or both. I ve found the best results by sorting by highest price and looking within the by-owner results.

    Remember to negotiate the price once you find the one you want. Use KBB.com and Edmunds.com to ensure you aren t paying too much.

    Ebay Motors is another place to look online to find cars under $1000. They have a really good search feature that lets you narrow your search down to your local area and limit it to a max price.

    I tend not to like Ebay motors for this though because Ebay is going to give the car a nationwide audience. This is good for the seller. But not so good for you.

    Here s a great video on finding cars under $1,000. The speaker suggests browsing car forums as well

    If you don t like the results you are getting online, it s time to take your search offline. Find a local paper and scan the classifieds. There may be something available there that you missed in your online search.

    Ask your friends. Post on your Facebook wall that you are looking for a used car. Ask people at your Church or school. Tell everyone you know about your goal to get a car for under $1000.

    Other places to look are with your local bank (they may be disposing of repossessed cars), or at car repossession auctions. You could also go to a dealership and inquire about cars they intend to sell for scrap. If someone drove it to the dealership for trade in, odds are it s in good enough condition to drive out.

    Finally, understand that a car worth less than $1000 often isn t worth the time that it takes to clean up and list for sale. So some of the best deals out there aren t publicized. Keep an eye out for cars in your neighborhood that you see parked for long periods of time.

    Inquire with your neighbors about any old cars they may be looking to get rid of. You may even be able to get a free car just for taking it off of their hands.

    How to Ensure You Aren t Buying a Lemon

    The scariest thing about buying a car for less than $1000 is the chance that the car will be unreliable and need several expensive repairs shortly after you make the purchase. No one wants a $1000 yard ornament.

    For starters, you can have a Carfax report ran on the vehicle using the VIN. This will tell you if the car has title problems, major repairs, etc. It might also clue you into any tinkering with the odometer.

    Be sure to ask the seller as much as you can about the vehicle. For example: how many owners has the car had?; has it ever been in an accident?; has it had any repairs or replacements?; do they have maintenance logs? If you have a car savvy friend, bring them along to look at the car with you.

    Inspect the car for signs of an accident. Look for oil leaks. Is the driveway stained where the car is sitting? Test drive the car and listen for odd noises. Feel the smoothness of the suspension and transmission. Look at the tags. Ask about any failed inspections.

    Once you have a car picked out, my best advice here is to invest $50 to $100 with a local mechanic to have the car inspected. Tell the mechanic the reason you need this car (e.g. get to work and back each day) and have him give you his expert opinion whether this is a good car for your purposes or not.

    Have you ever purchased a car for under $1000? What was your experience like?

    About Philip Taylor

    Philip Taylor, aka “PT”, is a CPA, financial writer, FinCon CEO, and husband and father of three. He created PT Money back in 2007 to share his thoughts on money and to meet others passionate about managing their finances. All the content on this blog is original, and created or edited by PT. Read more about Philip Taylor. and be sure to connect with him on Twitter. Facebook. or view the Philip Taylor+ Google profile.


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    The United States Of Used Cars

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    The United States Of Used Cars

    The United States of Used Cars v2

    There are more than 250 million used cars on the road in the United States and every year, close to 40 million of those used cars change hands. Used-car sales volumes typically dwarf new-car sales. But how does the fleet of used cars for sale look in different parts of the country? We analyzed our database of more than 3 million current classifieds from different providers plus outside data sources to create this snapshot–the United States of Used Cars.

    New versus used: While the new-car market is averaging about 14 million units over the past five years (and is on pace for 16 million sales this year, based on recent volumes), the used-car market towers above it, with roughly 40 million cars sold each year. Of those, many are sold by private parties, but a sizable percentage are sold through some of the 45,000 independent used-car dealerships–or sold as certified pre-owned vehicles through the nearly 18,000 new-car dealers in the U.S.

    Used-car prices: In our snapshot, the average list price of a used car is $19,741.44. By state, you may find better bargains in Michigan, where the average price is lowest, at $16,489.

    Where you’ll find the oldest–and newest–used cars: The average car on America’s roads today is more than 11 years old. When it comes time to buy a used car, that becomes an important fact, since used-car ages and prices are at a high. You’ll find the oldest used cars in the District of Columbia, where the average used car is 8 years old; the youngest used cars come from West Virginia and Arkansas, at 3.9 years old.

    Average mileage, by state: In some states, long commuting and traveling distances mean a lot of miles racked up quickly. The states with the highest average miles on used cars are in the west: South Dakota tops the list, at nearly 80,000 miles average for all used cars on sale. The lowest-mileage cars? They’re found in Alaska, which has few roads to connect its major cities, and a state capital best reached by air or by boat.

    Most popular brands: The nameplates you’ll see on used cars most often are no mystery. The best-selling vehicle in America for the past 33 years, the Ford F-150. is also the best-selling used vehicle in 22 states. The Chevy Silverado is the best seller in 10 other states, while the Honda Accord tops the used-car sales charts in seven states. By brand, Ford is the leader in used-car sales in 22 states.

    Chevrolet Silverado Tops The List In These 10 States:

    Ford F-150 Tops The List In These 22 States:

    • South Dakota
    • Washington
    • Montana
    • Oregon
    • Idaho
    • Tennessee
    • Utah
    • Alabama
    • Kansas
    • Mississippi
    • Arizona
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Colorado
    • Louisiana
    • Georgia
    • Missouri
    • Texas
    • New Mexico
    • Pennsylvania
    • Arkansas
    • Alaska

    Chevrolet Impala Tops The List In These 4 States: