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Buying vs. Leasing (A Brief Overview)

In making the decision on whether to buy or lease your new car, it is helpful to understand the primary differences between the two options. As follows is a brief overview for your consideration.

When you buy a car, you pay for the whole vehicle. You will usually make a down payment, pay the sales tax in cash or roll them into your auto loan and pay an interest rate on the balance of the loan. Generally, your first payment is due a month after you sign your contract. This option may fit those who plan to keep their car for a long period of time and have a need to put unlimited miles on the vehicle.

When you lease, you are paying for only what you use of the vehicle. You do not have to put money down and sales tax will be included as part of your monthly lease payment. Your lease payment is determined in part on a money factor that is similar to the interest rate on a loan. You make your first lease payment at the time you sign your contract.

We hope this is helpful to determine which option best fits your situation. Our trained finance staff is available to give you further information about leasing or financing your next vehicle.

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Trade In Value Used Cars Phoenix Toyota Dealer

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Trade-in Estimate

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What’s the difference between Prequalifying and Applying for Credit?

If you have credit concerns, we can help! Prequalify first to determine if there are financing options that work for you.

Get An Edmunds Quote | Trade In Value

In just a few minutes, you can receive an online appraisal of your vehicle! Using Value Your Trade Appraisal Tool, Camelback Toyota is making it easy for you to find the true trade in value of your car right from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you fill out this simple online form, you will be contacted shortly with a great trade in price on your vehicle!

Complete a tradein value form now – we know you’re dying to see what we can offer! The process is simple: accurately fill out the online form, receive your tradein price and bring your vehicle into Camelback Toyota to have one of our specialists verify your vehicle’s condition. Then, trade it in for cold hard cash or a new or used car!

Not happy with the tradein price that other dealers have quoted you? Use Camelback Toyota’s online trade in form to get a used car value assessment that may offer you hundreds or even thousands more!

Car 4 sale in Cape Town, cars.

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Car 4 sale in Cape Town, cars

2015 Toyota Rav 4 2.0 GX Auto for sale in Western Cape

R 289,900

Mileage 19 256 Km Year 2015 Colour SILVER Transmission Automatic Fuel Type Petrol Options 5yr / 90 000km service plan You Can.

2015 – Toyota – 19,256 KM – Western Cape

2015 Toyota Rav 4 2.0 GX Auto for sale in Western Cape

R 289,900

Mileage 23 733 Km Year 2015 Colour SILVER Transmission Automatic Fuel Type Petrol Options 5yr / 90 000km Service Plan You Can.

2015 Toyota Rav 4 2.0 GX Auto for sale in Western Cape

R 289,900

Mileage 17 435 Km Year 2015 Colour White Transmission Automatic Fuel Type Petrol Options 5yr / 90 000km Service Plan You Can.

2015 Honda Ballade 1.5 Elegance for sale in Western Cape

R 175,900

Mileage 24 980 Km Year 2015 Colour BEIGE Transmission Manual Fuel Type Petrol Options AVAILABLE AT WYNBERG-CAPE TOWN.

Mazda MX-6 Coupe.Push Button ignition,self closing Windows,Very Attractive Car

R 69,000

–MX-6 Mazda COUPE, Sporty / power V-2,5 engine / Leather seats / sport button gear selection / HID lights. In a excellent.

1991 Fiat Uno Hatchback

R 10,000

Selling my uno 1100 very light on fuel car is in everyday use its not a new car iam looking 4 10k if intrested please contact.

2015 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI DSG Comfortline, Blue with 31000km available now!

R 239,900

Car like new still,sunroof,DSG,PDC front rear,mags,aircon,power steering,Cd player,Call Ridah 0828867070 anytime!First.

2011 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

R 99,000

2011 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan for sale. Very low KM s Very fuel efficient. Used as a daily car to and from work Never been in an.


R 175,900

AVAILABLE AT WYNBERG-CAPE TOWN. Features include: Air conditioner, power-steering, central locking, airbags, radio/CD/MP3/USB.

1992 cti Volkswagen Golf Hatchback selling my golf mk1 cti 92 model. it has a 2 liter ady motor bort at mikes place 4 months ago.running a dictator.

2014 Citroen C1 1.2 VTi Feel Airscape, White with 11400km available now!

R 179,900

Beautiful condition. As good as new demo. Comes with 60 Kw 1.2 liter engine. The car has 5 speed gearbox/Reverse camera/10.


AVAILABLE AT WYNBERG-CAPE TOWN. Features include: Air conditioner, Power-steering, Central locking, Front electric windows.

1999 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

R 30,000

1999 Vw Golf 4 1800 Non turbo 20v-Towbar/aircon/pwersteering/central locking/radio/electric windows.Very light on fuel.Needs.

2014 Suzuki Jimny 1.3 4×4 – Facelift – Immaculate Condition – Only 12,000km.

R 189,500

Silver ; Only 12,000 Kms ; Accident Free ; Aircon ; P/Steering ; E/W ; E/M ; Remote C/Locking ; 2 Airbags ; ABS Brakes ; High.

Toyota Twincam 20v

R 39,999

Toyota Twin Cam 20v Conquest For Sale. The car is in working order and drives well. I am selling the car because I bought.

2004 Toyota Tazz Hatchback

R 58,000

Executive 2004 Toyota Tazz XE – R 58,000neg Factory fitted ( Air Conditioner / Immobilised / Remote Central Locking / Smash .

Golf 4, R48,500 (Neg)

R 48,500

I am selling a 1.6litre Golf 4 (2004 Model) all about the car is in order. Car is in daily us, am selling coz I want to.

2005 Daihatsu Charade 4 Door Hatchback

R 33,000

2005 Daihatsu Charade. In good condition. 1 owner since new. A well maintained and reliable car. Extremely light on petrol.

2003 VW Golf 4 1.9 TDi Estate Trendline

R 69,995

VW Golf 4 1.9 TDi Estate Trendline 2003 The perfect family car – young or old – all the extras. Full House. Excellent.

Mazda MX-6 Coupe.Push Button ignition,self closing Windows,Very Attractive Car

R 45,000

–MX-6 Mazda COUPE, Sporty / power V-2,5 engine / Leather seats / sport button gear selection / HID lights: In a excellent.

1996 BMW 3-Series Sedan

R 11,000

Hi I have a complete BMW m43 316i breaking up 4 spares or complete car for sale .my selling price is R11000 for complete car.

1995 Honda Ballade Sedan

R 25,000

Car in good running condition. all in order. fuel efficient. selling coz looking to move to toyota..swap also possible

2015 Toyota Rav 4 2.0 GX Auto for sale in Western Cape

R 289,900

Mileage 28 327 Km Year 2015 Colour White Transmission Automatic Fuel Type Petrol Options AVAILABLE AT WYNBERG-CAPE TOWN.

2015 Toyota Rav 4 2.0 GX Auto for sale in Western Cape

Callaway Cars Inc.

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JavaScript is disabled. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have JavaScript enabled.

For instructions on how to enable JavaScript, please see the help section of your browser. Once JavaScript is enabled please refresh the current page .

Cookies are disabled. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have cookies enabled.

For instructions on how to enable cookies, please see the help section of your browser. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page .

Welcome to Callaway Cars Online Store!

Here are the latest Callaway performance products for your Corvette or Camaro. Most of these “Powerfully Engineered” components were designed and manufactured as original equipment for Callaway cars and trucks.

We’ve also listed NOS (new old stock) and replacement parts for C4 Callaway TwinTurbo Corvettes and SuperNatural Corvettes, Camaros and Impalas. MAZDASPEED Proteg turbocharger system replacement parts are offered here, as well; Callaway was Mazda’s original equipment manufacturer for these systems.

We recognize the value of your privacy. Please rest assured that the latest security features are incorporated into Callaway’s Online Store. Your charge card information is not retained; it is deleted immediately after you enter your order and the charge is applied. No account information is released to any third party.

Buying cars online from Japan

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Buying cars online from Japan

Buying cars online from Japan is still a challenge

With all enormous popularity of the Internet – buying cars online from Japan is still a challenge. Why? There are several reasons for it where trust, way of doing business in japan, language challenges and lack of a good advise are prevalent.

Trust – one of the largest issues that the customer has while buying a car that he didn’t see with his/her own eyes. This aspect could be farther divided into company trust -since all online car exporters from Japan require 100% advance payment and confidence that the car described on the web-site is in the same condition as the site says.

Regarding the due-diligence on company’s legitimacy – there are several ways how you can check. The easiest one – just pay attention to the company site and such facts as frequency of stock updates, professionalism and clearly defined procedure how to order your car and steps necessary (please check for the details How to order section at Japan Partner Inc.). Also a good check would be to see if the company owns the domain it sells the cars from and the site is not being hosted for free (you can tell it if there is abundance of advertising). There is nothing wrong with free hosting however if the company is serious about selling cars online in Japan they would definitely need 300-1000 MB of hosting space that is never given for free.

More thorough checks can be conducted through the proper official channels. Company status is probably one of the most important factors while checking for its trustworthiness and legitimacy. There are 3 main forms of conducting business in Japan:

  1. Personal business (kojin) is least regulated and least accountable for its practices here in Japan
  2. Houjin Limited ownership (Ltd.) in Japanese (yuugen gaisya)
  3. Houjin Incorporated (Inc.) in Japanese (kabushiki gaisya)

The most prevailing form of business is Ltd. so if the company you are about to buy car online from Japan is either Ltd or Inc. then they should be legitimate and legally operate in Japan. As personal form of business (Kojin) there is nothing wrong with it but it must be transparent and do not claim that it is the “the largest exporter” in Japan and etc. There are a number of personal businesses, which are in export business, and if somebody used that koujin company before and was happy you can also use it .

Another way to check if the company that sells used cars online in Japan is whether they are registered (have registration number) with Foreign Trade Chamber. This registration number is awarded to the companies, which had trading/export history and properly equipped/staffed to conduct export business (For the format you can check our Export registration number on our company profile page ). So if the company that you are about to buy a used or damaged cars online from, has such registration number – it is a good sign of its legitimacy.

And the last but not the least – bank account. Japanese banking laws are rather strict when it concerns “monetary movements” and bank accounts. All registered (houjin businesses LTD and INC require to have their banking accounts exactly under the name that they registered their companies. So if you are buying a used car online from Japan and name on the bank account is different than the name of the trading company (or even worth belongs to an individual) then you need to investigate more before transferring the payment.

Language challenges

Even though most of Japanese study or studies English – very few can speak (even if they can write English, most of them have difficulty speaking). Make sure when you speak on the phone with your Japanese agent or dealer that you are about to buy a car from, that he/she understands what you want.

Way of doing business in Japan

Japanese business is heavily dependent on “middle men”. It wasn’t until 90s when both under the influence of depression and foreign competition Japan economy started getting more efficient and direct while doing business. Regular way of selling cars in Japan is to go through the number of middlemen before it actually comes to a company or individual abroad. So if you decide to shop before choosing your online used car company – you won’t have lots to chose from, most of the reliable but rather expensive online car traders can be counted by one hand with stock really exceeding 20-30 cars.

OK, now you did all the homework with choosing the local (Japanese) company to buy a car from and ready for the action BUT� Not so fast.

“MUST DO” before deciding on the car

You will need to check with your country import rules to make sure that the car you want to get does not fall under any restrictions. Most of the countries have liberal laws on importing used and damaged cars and when they do they mostly relate to production year or gas emissions. Also make sure you check and know what export related documents you need from Japan. The regular package is B margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />

Getting your car back home

Once you bought your car online in Japan – it is natural you want it fast as soon as you can. If shipments are frequent to your port – and deregistration certificate is already issued – then you can have your car on board of a car ferry within a week (provided your agent could get a spot on it with no lead time). Usually it takes about 2 -3 weeks to ship your car (with frequent connection) or full 4 weeks if deregistration certificate has to be issued. When you buy from the auction, or the car is being purchased directly from an individual – they usually ask for 10 days to have your deregistration certificate ready. Once your payment is confirmed, shipping arrangement are conducted and once the car leaves Japan a package with your car related documents is expressed mail to you.

Picking up your car at the port

Now it is easy. You check your closest shipping agent, contact him/her and bring your export related documents to your agent. For a small fee, he will arrange your car off-loading and other (if any) custom related paper work. After that – the car is YOURS!

* Please note that this is a general and non-specific to any country flow. It is for illustrative purposes only. Check with your local authorities and shipping agency for complete details.

Buying Second Hand Cars in Bacolod City

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Buying Second Hand Cars in Bacolod City

Buying second hand cars in Bacolod City is often a topic that comes up among expats who have moved to this area of the Philippines or who are thinking about it. There are many surplus vehicles made in this area of the Philippines from Japanese and/or Korean parts. The body of the vehicle is custom made here locally and they are usually the pickup truck style or a minivan style. However, I have seen replicas of a Rolls Royce, a BMW, monster pickup trucks, a dune buggy and two seater sports cars with the VW engine in the back. Nice!

We own a Suzuki Rusco pickup, which many refer to as a multi-cab. Ours is used on our farm in the Province, located south of Bacolod. P150,000 or about $3,600 U$D will put you behind the wheel of a surplus made multi-cab with a customized new body. The parts are cheap to replace on these vehicles and they are great for local driving.

Some people want a more traditional type vehicle, so I will share what I have discovered lately about the pricing of some models of second hand vehicles in Bacolod. These vehicles are all automatics, which are more expensive than the manual transmission vehicles. No, I don t own a car lot! These are not my cars for sale.

Buy little used small automatic cars for sale in Exeter, Devon

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Established in 1995, Exeter Small Automatics are the largest specialist retailers of high quality previously owned small automatic cars in the UK.

Our customers now come from across the South and West of England, including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Hampshire, plus an increasing number from as far afield as Wales, London, the South East and the Midlands. Situated as we are, close to the M5 junction with the A30, we are easily accessible via good direct road connections from the Plymouth, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Yeovil and Bournemouth areas.

So as to give our customers the widest possible choice we endeavour to keep on-site at least one example of almost every make and model sold in the UK within the last eight years.

With our comprehensive specialist stock we can usually satisfy our customers particular requirements without delay. In the event that we cannot, then we will locate and secure that car for you via Autosearch .

Most makes and models of small automatic cars are usually available immediately, many with detailed service history and low mileage. Our stock changes daily. Please see our car finder stock list for current details. If you cannot find the car you are seeking, please telephone, write or email with your request. Many of our cars are suitable for adaptation to the special requirements of those drivers who have disability needs. These modifications are undertaken by qualified specialists.

Our very special Parts Labour Warranties are, we believe, the best in the business as they cover almost everything, excluding driver abuse and accidental damage. For further details see under Buying .

Good allowances are offered for part exchange vehicles, particularly for auto models similar to those which we sell. Please see Makes and Models. and also Selling .

All usual dealer facilities are available including competitive finance plans, details of which are available upon request (more. ). We are happy to arrange vehicle modifications for customers with special needs. All cars are sold with a twelve month MOT certificate and extended warranty, and for your peace of mind are checked and cleared on the HPI Identity, Outstanding Finance, Condition Alert Stolen Vehicle Registers.

At all times we endeavour to meet our customers individual requirements, offer free, helpful advice and provide a professional, courteous service.

We are situated in an easy to find and reach, central West Country location, just off the new A30 near Exeter Airport in Devon. For directions and a map please see How To Find Us .

Our usual opening hours are 9.30 am until 5 pm Monday to Saturday. We will be closed on some bank holidays. We are of course happy to meet customers at other times by prior appointment.

Buy cars uk

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Nearly New Cars and Luxury Used Cars at Affordable Prices | Premium cars at affordable prices (part of Manheim) is the home of premium used cars. where you’ll find the highest quality used and nearly new cars from franchised dealers in the UK. Carmony is designed with the premium car buyer in mind, offering thousands of used vehicles from brands like Audi. BMW and Mercedes-Benz at affordable prices. It also includes a search feature to help you narrow down results by make, model and location. Each of the cars we list is dealer approved to give you peace of mind as you browse.

You’ll find our News Section packed full of the latest reviews and articles from the UK’s leading premium car experts.


3,625 miles, Manual, Hatchback, Glacier White, metallic Brilliant Black, 2015, 15 plate, Petrol


726 miles, Manual, Hatchback, Cadmium Red Metallic, 2015, 15 plate, Petrol


4,454 miles, Manual, Hatchback, Black, 2015, 15 plate, Diesel

How to find your dream luxury car

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to luxury cars there s also quite a lot of subjectivity around defining what this elusive quality really is.

The British Effect of Luxury Car Br.

Famed for style and class, Britain s effect on the global market has been enormous throughout the years. The likes of designer labels, celebrities and even television shows have cre.

Aston Martin makes waves with luxur.

Luxury car brand Aston Martin hardly needs an introduction. A giant in the automotive world, this is a brand renowned for performance, beauty and quality of the highest calibre. Their str.

Volkswagen overhauls Sharan people.

Buy Cars Online: Scams to Avoid.

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Buy Cars Online: Scams to Avoid

Everyone loves a good deal, and online shopping can be a great way to do get one, but there are certain dangers to look out for when you buy cars online. Beware of ads that aren t as descriptive as they should be, the too good to be true car ad, and pay extra attention to any deals that involve shipping a car to you.

Some of these things are obvious, while others seem like they would be good deals, but one thing you should always look for is a fair description of the car or truck you are buying. A knowledgeable seller will make your experience miles better; it s better to deal with someone that tells you The head gasket needs to be replaced than it is to deal with someone that says That thin thing under the big metal thing in the hood. Try and find a car for sale by someone who knows what they re talking about.

Another bad sign when you re buying a car online is the ad that seems like everything is in order while they only want an insanely low asking price for their car. Remember: nobody would give away a Corvette with 10,000 miles on it for $600. Sometimes low-price ads are legit, but when calling on these, make sure to ask why the vehicle is priced so low. There s an old cliché that comes to mind in this situation: If it sounds too good to be true; it probably is.

The biggest car scams online are ones involving shipping vehicles, wire transfers and long-distances. Beware of any deals where someone asks you to wire them money before you receive the vehicle; this is a common avenue for online scammers. Speak to the seller one-on-one when you arrange terms of shipping and buying your new car. It could save you a lot of headaches (and money) later.

Buying a car online isn t all bad though. There are many deals that exist in many different forms all over the Internet. Just be sure to do your research, and shop with your mind, not your emotions.