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* We have reviewed the cheap car insurance and other insurance quotation requests generated on quotezone’s comparison service between Oct and Dec 2013. We took the cheapest from the median (halfway) quote returned to each customer to produce a ‘representative’ saving. 50% + achieved a saving of this amount or more. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

How to save £113 on your insurance: don t be daft

Wondering about the best ways to save some cash on your motor car insurance? Here s a foolproof way to save at least £113: don t be so bloody daft.

Health workers biggest liability when it comes to insurance

When it comes to the biggest liabilities out there, health workers like GPs are apparently the most prone to making claims on their motor car insurance.

Car insurance costs are back on the increase once again

The honeymoon s over: car insurance costs on the rise again

No mercy for motorists, no matter what they do

The motoring landscape is set to change

Are you willing to trade privacy for cheap car insurance?

When it comes to insurance everyone lies, including insurers

Premiums set to rise, car insurance companies to blame?


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    SUV for Sporty Trips

    Island Trek Cars Self Drive and Chauffeur Rental

    Welcome to Island Trek Cars, a company that offers quality and affordable rent a car Cebu. If you happen to visiting Cebu for the first time or travelling with a friend, then let us help you choose the right car for you.

    There’s nothing better than exploring Cebu and travelling in style. The best way to experience it first hand is to have your own car. Here at, we have lots of different cars for you to choose from. They are well taken care of and you can be sure that it is reliable, safe and affordable for your budget.

    Do you have any questions or inquiries? Feel free to contact us via contact page or call us through the phone numbers posted. Or you can make an online reservation TODAY!

    Why Island Trek Cars?

    With our affordable rates, you’ll get the most out of your money compared to other car rentals in Cebu City. We provide exceptional car rental services that will accommodate all of your transportation needs. Rest assured that we are always on-time from arrival till your departure. See you soon and have a fun experience here in Cebu.

    Certified Used Car – Consumer Reports

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    These help give buyers peace of mind

    Most automakers and some dealerships have developed certification systems that are intended to give buyers greater peace of mind when buying a used car. Certified used cars are billed as the cream of the crop, inspected and recon­ditioned according to stringent guide­lines. But they can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more than noncert­ified vehicles.

    Programs usually require candidates for certification be no more than five years old and have less than 60,000 or 70,000 miles. Manufacturer pro­grams also routinely exclude cars that have a suspicious title history or other seri­ous flaws.

    Typically, the dealership screens, inspects, and reconditions the vehicle. The automaker then certifies that the car is sound and gives it a manufacturer-backed warranty. The warranty terms can differ significantly from one brand to another. Some start coverage from the date the car was first sold. Others begin when you buy the certified vehicle.

    Certification programs also typi­cally throw in enhancements such as road­side assistance and trip interruption insurance. Since those items are gen­erally available through an auto-club membership, and shouldn’t be a decid­ing factor.

    The term “certified” doesn’t mean much. CPO programs vary among manufacturers, and there is no industry standard definition of what “certified really means. Any used-car dealer can call a car certified. As a result, you’ll sometimes see a car labeled “certified” that has not undergone any reconditioning. It may carry only a service contract, the cost of which is rolled into the vehi­cle’s price.

    Some aftermarket warran­ty programs that look like a manu­facturer’s certification. These “dealer certification” programs are underwrit­ten by warranty companies, insurers that sell a program to dealers who then resell it to consumers. Because the quality and terms of such contracts vary widely, it’s especially im­portant to read the fine print care­fully. Unscrupulous dealers can mislead car shoppers about the certification status of a given car, so it’s important to be wary.

    Don’t assume that a certified car is worth the pre­mi­um price. You should expect a late-model, low-mileage car, you should expect it to be in good condition, anyway. Negotiate the price as you would any other used car.

    When considering any certified car, ask the dealer specific questions:

    • Is the vehicle covered by a manufacturer-certified program or by a third-party plan sold by the dealer? Non-manufacturer plans are wild cards because they can vary greatly in quality.
    • What does the warranty cover, and for how long? Ask to see a copy of the warranty contract, not just a glossy brochure. Read the fine print.
    • Is there a deductible? If there is a charge for service, find out how much it is and whether you must pay it for each item serviced or for each service call. Ask about other fees, such as a “diagnostic” fee that’s added to the deductible.
    • Who provides the service? Ask whether you have to bring the car back to the orig­inal dealership for warranty work, or whether any same-brand dealership is fine. Ask what you’re required to do in an emergency.

    If you are buying a well-maintained car with a good record of reliability, you aren’t taking much of a risk if you skip the certification route. But the real key for your peace of mind when buying a used vehicle is to have it thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic.

    Certified Used Cars, Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale – Enterprise Car Sales

    #certified used cars

    Certified Used Cars

    The Facts Behind Certified Used Vehicles

    Certified is stamped on most everything these days. It s also the latest buzzword – and big business – in used cars.

    Buying a pre-owned certified used vehicle provides peace of mind to a buyer, as it signifies that the used vehicle was inspected and repaired (where necessary) to be in optimal condition before being offered as a certified used vehicle for sale.

    The Process – How Used Cars are Certified

    The used car certification process begins when a vehicle is removed from a rental fleet, the lease on a vehicle expires, a used auto is traded in, or a dealer purchases a vehicle via wholesale auction for resale to consumers.

    The pre-owned vehicles are then sent through a rigorous and comprehensive inspection – usually 100 points or more, including all major systems and components such as brakes, steering, suspension, transmission, electrical, and air conditioning and heating.Vehicle components that do not pass are either repaired or replaced.

    The Questions

    Certification doesn t always ensure the quality of used vehicles, so be sure to verify the details of the auto dealer used car certification process by asking these questions:

    • Can I have a copy of the vehicle inspection checklist? An auto dealer should acknowledge what they inspected.
    • How long did the vehicle inspection take? To properly evaluate an automobile is a time-consuming procedure.
    • Who, exactly, inspected the vehicle? Ensure the inspection is performed by a technician who has passed industry standard qualifications, such as an ASE-Certified technician.

    The Perks of Certified Used Cars

    Make the most of your next used vehicle purchase by ensuring your auto dealer follows a thorough process for certified pre-owned vehicles, answers all of your questions and offers the added perks that contribute to your peace of mind at the point of purchase and for miles down the road.

    Car Wax Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations.

    #car reviews and ratings

    Car Wax Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations

    Car wax ratings give you a very clear idea of which car waxes work best and give the greatest value for money. The car wax ratings can help guide you when you re looking for the very best car wax. Car wax ratings work on 3 different factors. The first is how well the wax performs, which is the ultimate criterion for most people. The second is popularity, although this might not always be the best indicator. The last is price. For those in search of a really good car wax, this will be the least important element.

    Where to Find Reviews

    There are two main sources for car wax ratings. The easiest place to seek them out is online, where a simple search will bring up a number of sites that all offer car wax ratings and reviews.

    The problem with these is that you don t know who s behind these ratings and how impartial they are. Although some waxes show up in most reviews and ratings, there will also be a great deal of variation between the different sites. Without knowing about the writers of these car wax ratings you should be careful about seeing them as authoritative.

    The other important source are car magazines. Here it s much easier to see the ratings and reviews as impartial, as the magazine s reputation rests on good journalism. The more prestigious the magazine, the more you ll be able to trust it.

    Interpreting Ratings

    The car wax ratings you read might not be appropriate for your car and needs. To form an opinion of the type of wax that s important for you, first you have to identify what you want a wax to do. Do you want a very high shine that only lasts for a short time, or do you want good protection that doesn t need to be renewed every few weeks?

    Car wax ratings often look for specific things in a car wax. Once you see exactly the focus of the reviews and ratings you ll be in a better position to interpret how useful the ratings are for you.

    Selecting Car Wax

    Car wax ratings and reviews can tell you a great deal, but they can t inform you about everything. You should also talk to car-loving friends and ask what types of car wax they recommend. These can be of greater value than anything you read.

    You can also look at the results of the car wax on the vehicles owned by your friends, and this is also exceptionally valuable when it comes to selecting the right car wax for you.

    Be Cautious

    Don t believe everything you read in car wax ratings and reviews. Ratings from real people are far more candid. You can find these on sites where the products are sold. The mix will be of those who are exceptionally happy with the product and those who are extremely disappointed.

    Balance all the factors before you make your decision on a car wax. Car wax ratings can be useful, but don t rely on them to tell the whole story.

    Car valuations by registration

    #car valuations by registration

    Find a car for valuation

    Get a Car Valuation for Free

    Sourcing realistic car valuations which accurately reflect the value of a particular vehicle can be a complex process, to say the least. Guesswork and various conflicting opinions may leave you confused; not knowing where to turn simply to get the clued-up advice you’re looking for.

    If you are looking to uncover the true value of the car you want to buy or sell, look no further than Glass’s free car valuation guide. At Glass’s, we are dedicated to providing our users with all of the information they need to ensure they are getting the most value possible from a vehicle, and specialise in providing free car valuations to UK dealers and buyers.

    We can give you a free car valuation which offers a ranged estimation of your vehicle’s worth using data on the car’s the average mileage – whether you’re looking to trade it in, or buy it from a dealer.

    Nine out of ten car dealers currently use Glass’s car valuations to find out what a vehicle is really worth. We have over 80 years’ experience in providing convenient valuations based on various wide-ranging factors – from the effects of the recession to the mileage of the car in question – in order to offer you a true, real-world estimation.

    So, if you are looking for an informed and reliable free car valuation in the UK, look no further than Glass’s. To get your car valuation for free, just fill out our simple Free Valuation form.

    Car Window Tint Prices and Quality

    #car window tinting prices

    Car window tinting prices

    How do you know which the right one for you

    Car window tinting prices can vary so much from store to store, number of film names, so how do you know which the right one for you is and how do you know you aren t overpaying?

    Firstly there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting film. As car window tinting prices do vary the most important process is to make sure that you looking at films that are in your budget. Car film prices vary from $200 to $400 depending on the make of vehicle and the quality of film used.

    It can be very confusing all the names that tinted films are given, you need to look past this and see the film for what it really is. At the end of the day there are only 4 types of ways to currently make window tint film and the car window tinting prices reflect these methods of construction.

    The cheapest tinted film for your car on the market

    The cheapest tinted film for your car on the market is Dyed film, and the car window tinting price that you can expect to pay for this product is between $200 to 250. After this there are 3 other forms and they are all of a higher quality and last the lifetime of the car or close too. The car window tinting prices for these films vary from $250 to $400 once again this depends on the size of your vehicle and the complexity of the application.

    We at Tinting Australia have retailers that will always look to provide you with a product that meets your needs. As you can see car window tinting prices are not just the only factor when considering which film is right for you.

    Car Transport & Auto Shipping Quotes

    #shipping cars

    Get Shipping Rates Instantly

    We purchased a 1968 Firebird on ebay and needed to have it shipped to Montana from South Carolina. I decided to try uship. I ended up with 3 bids and chose the one I thought would be the best for us, taking into account feedback and pricing. I would definately use this service again. I also had an independent bid (not from uship) and from what they were going to charge compared to what I paid from USHIP, we saved $550. The car was picked up on a Thursday and was delivered on Monday. We were happy with USHIP. – Lori R.

    How to Transport your Vehicle

    uShip saves you time and money by quickly connecting you with auto shipping providers. Transporting your car, truck, or van is easy with uShip. Start by entering in the make, model, and year of your vehicle above and clicking the yellow continue button. You will then receive instant rates from transporters that you can choose to book, or if you prefer, you can choose to create a listing by continuing through our listing process. Once you’ve listed your vehicle shipment, auto transport companies will bid on your listing. You can then negotiate the details of any bid you receive and choose to accept or deny their bid if it does not fit your needs. This gives you control over the entire process and allows you to choose a transporter that can best accommodate your shipment’s specific needs, like price, timeframe, and service level. Whether you book instantly or create a listing, it is completely free. If you’re curious about what it costs to ship a car, truck, or van you can visit our “Cost to Ship ” section which includes hundreds of completed uShip vehicle shipments to all over US.

    It’s also important to research transporters before you book your shipment. uShip provides customer written feedback for thousands of auto transport providers. Consider their feedback, check into their insurance coverage, and research more about the transporters via their profile page.

    You will also want to know what type of shipping service you will need. Shipping a used car via open transport may be the easiest / cheapest option, but you certainly wouldn’t want to ship your vintage Ferrari that way. An enclosed trailer is a good option to consider for high value vehicles that you don��t want exposed to the elements.

    Prior to shipping your car you will want to prepare it for the voyage. You will need to use as much of the fuel in the tank as possible. Next, if your vehicle is leaking fluids you should let the transporter know so that the fluids don’t drip onto another car or cause a fire or safety hazard. Coolant and oil are very slippery substances. Finally, clean out all of your items from the car and make sure that any loose items / panels are secured. It is also wise to take photos of all sides of the car just prior to shipping.

    Is your car exceptionally low? Race cars and sports cars alike can be damaged during the loading and unloaded process. It’s wise to list your car as modified and make note of the ground clearance including the front bumper, undercarriage, and rear bumper / exhaust. Steps can be taken to properly load and unload the vehicle by experienced car transporters to avoid damage. As an owner you can also do things to reduce damage such as, removing the front bumper or any low hanging lip spoilers / splitters, raising the ride height via the suspension (if adjustable), and stiffening the shock dampening.

    uShip Auto Shipping Guides: