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#economy cars

2012 Ford Fusion

92,157 Miles

Special $11,995

2012 Chevrolet Colorado

54,768 Miles

Special $12,795

2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

88,432 Miles

Special $10,600

2007 Ford Ranger

93,907 Miles

Special $13,995

2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD

128,489 Miles

Special $14,695

Special $10,995

Special $13,495

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

112,899 Miles

Special $11,640

2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

107,930 Miles

Special $12,995

2008 Kia Optima

84,828 Miles

Special $7,595

2008 Chevrolet Express Passenger

74,222 Miles

Special $13,250

2013 Ford Focus

38,500 Miles

Special $11,995

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

74,594 Miles

Special $11,995

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

112,037 Miles

Special $8,995

2005 Honda Accord

134,812 Miles

Special $7,995

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2008 Ford Explorer

113,524 Miles

Special $9,879

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500

92,830 Miles

Special $9,995

2005 Toyota RAV4

85,460 Miles

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

81,294 Miles

Special $12,795

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

103,085 Miles

Special $8,995

2006 Ford F-450 Super Duty

91,606 Miles

Special $15,995

2010 Chevrolet Colorado

151,810 Miles

Special $10,995

2010 Ford Edge

98,534 Miles

Special $11,995

2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500

97,476 Miles

Special $23,995

Special $6,995

2013 Ford Escape

85,706 Miles

Special $13,650

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

116,202 Miles

Special $9,679

2013 Hyundai Sonata

48,420 Miles

Special $11,995

2011 Chevrolet Colorado

122,655 Miles

Special $10,651

2011 Nissan Sentra

69,443 Miles

Special $9,679

2006 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

76,650 Miles

Special $17,995

2012 Ford Fusion

77,598 Miles

Special $10,650

2011 Ford Expedition

2005 Ford Explorer

101,870 Miles

Special $7,995

2011 Chevrolet Colorado

133,761 Miles

Special $11,995

2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

45,021 Miles

Special $12,995

Los Angeles, CA Government and Police Car Auctions #sell #car #online

#car auctions in los angeles

Los Angeles, CA Government and Police Car Auctions

The people of Los Angeles, CA are becoming more and more interested in buying cars from government and police car auctions. These government auctions are viable means for middle class Americans to buy their favorite luxury cars. Though used cars are sold at these vehicle auctions, the popularity of the local auctions has increased because of the fact that cheap cars can be bought easily. Los Angeles, CA is the largest city in the state of California. It is one the US states where diversified population can be found.

The Los Angeles police auctions are local auctions in which only the locals can participate. If you live in Los Angeles, you have to enquire at your nearest police station about the car auctions. A number of cars are seized and repossessed by the police department everyday. Unclaimed cars are also stored in the vehicle garage. The police department has to maintain these cars and auctioning them at low prices is the only source of revenue for the police with these cars. The police auctions are not commercially advertised, as the department cannot afford the extra cost. The competition will be less in the local auctions and so, there are high chances that you drive away your favorite car from one of these auctions.

Various government departments such as fire services, hospitals, and military accumulate used cars and unclaimed cars. The government wants to sell these cars quickly and so, the starting price of cars in these auctions is very low. If the competition is less, you can even buy a luxury car at 10% of its actual market value. As people become aware of the government vehicle auctions, many Los Angeles residents prefer to buy their cars from these auctions.

Nowadays, government auctions are held as online auctions. In these online auctions, anyone who has a computer with internet connection can participate in the auction. Here also, the price of the cars will be low and you can buy cheap cars at the comfort of your home. You have to pay extra shipping charge if you want the car to be shipped to your residence. Before accepting the car purchased from online auctions, you must inspect the car.

Used car auctions and seized car auctions are also held as public auctions. When some auction company takes the responsibility of conducting these auctions, then you can find advertisements in local papers. New bidders have to watch the auction closely if the competition is fierce. If some big companies and institutions bid on the cars, it is better to stay away from bidding because these companies will be ready to pay anything to buy the cars from the live auctions.

When you decide to buy cheap cars from Los Angeles government auctions, you must do some homework to locate the auction sites with less competition. You have to take a mechanic along with you to know the worth of the car. Be ready to put aside some money for car repair though many of the cars sold in police auctions will be in good working condition.

Unlimited Solar Energy from the Ocean? #solar #panels #fresno #ca


Unlimited Solar Energy from the Ocean?

OTEC is based on the idea of exploiting the differences in temperature between deep waters and surface waters in order to generate electric power. Shallow ocean waters can heat up to a temperature of 29C in the tropics. Only one kilometer below these warm waters, temperatures are significantly lower, often falling below 5C. These extreme temperature differences are used to operate vapor turbines, which drive generators to produce electricity. Experts estimate that on an average day, 60 million square kilometers of tropical seas absorb an amount of solar radiation that is equal in heat content to about 250 billion barrels of oil. To get a better perspective on these numbers, this actually means that less than 0.001% of this energy converted into electric power would be sufficient to supply over 20 times the electricity consumed daily in the United States.

Throughout the years, a number of attempts were made to refine the technology and construct a practical prototype of an OTEC plant. D’Arsonval’s student, Georges Claude. was the first to succeed in building an OTEC plant in Cuba in 1930, which was capable of generating 22 kW of electricity using a low-pressure turbine. This experiment proved the viability of such a system or, in Claude’s words “Made my virulent opponents hold their tongues.” Five years later, Claude constructed another OTEC plant aboard a cargo vessel. Unfortunately, it was destroyed shortly after the vessel departed due to poor weather conditions. The appearance of large amounts of cheap oil in the mid-twentieth century eventually brought OTEC research to a halt.

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Ocean Thermal
Energy Conversion
(Credit: National Renewable
Energy Laboratory)

A team of British architects, including Dominic Michaelis, Alex Michaelis, and Trevor Cooper-Chadwick, are currently working on a project they hope will bring the century-old idea back to life. They have proposed to construct a network of “floating platforms”, which in addition to being OTEC power generators, will be equipped with wind and wave turbines. In this way, the platforms will simultaneously exploit a number of natural energy sources to provide ‘around the clock’ electricity. The scientists say that a single “island” of this design will be able to produce around 250MW, while 50,000 of these islands will be able to meet the daily energy requirements of the entire world s population.

The architects say that an OTEC plant will not only be a supplier of green energy, but due to its unique conversion process, will also provide desalinated water as a byproduct. In addition to about 300,000 liters of fresh water each day, the OTEC plant may also be used to produce hydrogen fuel by using electrolysis. Alex Michaelis envisions the islands themselves as home to workers, who will operate and maintain the plants. Michaelis envisions the inhabitants will be able to grow seafood and vegetables, living and working in rotations on the islands.

Sea solar power plant concept
(Credit: Sea Solar Power International)

Many critics have questioned the viability of the 50,000 artificial islands system, saying it is unlikely that the project can be implemented cost-efficiently. In response to this criticism, Michaelis says that If we consider that we are at war to find a new form of clean energy, wartime effort in World War II produced vast numbers of planes, tanks, ships and other armaments on both warring sides. 20,300 Spitfires alone were built, making the construction of more than 50,000 of these plants seem a reasonable number.

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TFOT previously covered a number of unique renewable energy technologies, including “EnviroMission’s” Solar Tower and JAXA’s project to build the world’s first space-based power generation system. You can also check out our article about “nano flakes” – a newly discovered material, capable of converting solar energy into electricity almost twice as efficiently as traditional solar cells.

More information on the project, as well as the latest news on OTEC, can be found here .

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951) 788-1321 Plumber Riverside, Corona, Redlands, Moreno Valley CA #plumbers #in #riverside #ca


You Can Trust Best Plumbing Services in Riverside, CA

Best Plumbing Services is a Riverside, CA based plumbing contractor that also services communities such as Redlands and Moreno Valley. Rely on our experienced and courteous team for dependable and comprehensive plumbing repair and service. We want to earn your loyalty for life, whether you initially hire us for a toilet repair or problem with your water heater.

From Drain Cleaning to the Installation of Hot Water Heaters, We Can Help

Regardless of if you need a plumber to provide sink repair for a leaky faucet or would like advice about which models of hot water heaters would most appropriately accommodate the needs of your family, we’re ready to offer assistance that fits your lifestyle. We can also remodel your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re ready to give one of those rooms an updated look, trust our expertise for a pleasing outcome.

Emergency Plumbers at Your Service

Sometimes you may find yourself requiring plumbing repair and service during urgent situations. We understand how frustrating that can be, and are proud to offer emergency plumbers seven days a week and 24 hours a day. We serve communities including Redlands, Moreno Valley, and Riverside. If you need our help, we’ll come to you to sort out the problem.

Hire an Affordable Plumbing Contractor

When you work with a technician from Best Plumbing Services, you can rest assured that person will provide professional assistance without unpleasant and costly surprises. Once a technician arrives at your residence, you’ll be given a complimentary estimate. We also accept credit cards and regularly announce special offers. Those advantages could help you manage the necessary payments and even save money.

Contact us now to get help with issues related to drain cleaning, sink repair, toilet repair, and more. We are a full-service provider strives to provide prompt and quality service.

Jason Best, Owner
Best Plumbing Services, Inc.

Beautiful work! Best Plumbing Services was at our home as promised and got the job done when they said they would. And, I didn t have to clean up after them, they left everything looking the same as when they got there.

Sandra G. Corona, CA

I ve used Jason at Best Plumbing Services for several years. Best Plumbing is quick to respond, knowledgeable, reasonable and completes their work in a clean, professional manner. I have recommended his company to several of my friends.

Michael Madeline W. Riverside, CA

After my Husband got a hold of the Shower Handle and broke it in the wall I didnt think it could be an easy fix. Thanks to Best Plumbing Services, my Husband is still living at home.

Julie M. Redlands, CA

* $65 special- *valid on secondary drain lines with 2″-3″ accessible cleanout. Residential properties only. Valid within 15 miles of 92506.
* $99 special – *valid on main line drains with 3″-4″ accessible cleanout. Residential properties only. Valid within 15 miles of 92506.
* Valid proof of employment is required for Enforcement Agent Special.
* Discounts cannot be combined.

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Pro Bono – The Fresno California Law Offices of Lang, Richert and Patch #bankruptcy #attorney #fresno #ca


You are here: Home / Pro Bono

Pro Bono

For us, Pro Bono is not a “do it on your own time” hobby, it is at the very core of who we are. Our firm’s Pro Bono Coordinator works with local legal services organizations to create partnerships that allow us to help protect the most vulnerable in our community. In 2010, then California Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ronald George issued the Central Valley Pro Bono Challenge. The Challenge sought to encourage attorneys in the Central Valley to provide Pro Bono services to the underserved. Lang, Richert Patch is proud that it was the first firm to sign on.

Currently, every attorney at this firm is required to provide a minimum number of hours to pro-bono legal services each year. The firm far exceeds this “minimum” requirement by participating and/or co-sponsoring Senior Clinics, Workers’ Rights Clinics, Central Valley Veterans Stand Down, and providing trainings to staff attorneys at local legal services organizations on a myriad of topics ranging from the basics of civil litigation to specific topics such as elder abuse, wage and hour, and bankruptcy.

Recent accolades and awards in this area include: Fresno County Bar Association s Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year (2011); OneJustice s Opening Doors to Justice award (2011); Central California Legal Services, Inc.’s Champions of Justice award (2012); Legal Services Corporation Award for Extraordinary Commitment to Providing Equal Access to Justice (2012); Fresno County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Attorney of the Year (2012); and the California Young Lawyers Association s Jack Berman Award for Distinguished Service to the Public and Profession (2012).

At Lang, Richert Patch, providing pro bono assistance is not something we undertake lightly, it is part of who we are.

Ana de Alba is a passionate advocate, one of her strongest passions is providing Pro Bono services for the small rural areas in the California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Click here to read the Super Lawyer profile about Ana’s Pro Bono passion. [Read more. ]

January 22, 2015

The Pro Bono Services Section supports the FCBA’s Pro Bono Resolution, which “urges all attorneys to devote a reasonable amount of time to provide. legal services without expectation of compensation.” The Section encourages pro bono casework, organizes MCLE training luncheons, and publicly recognizes individuals and organizations that help increase access to justice for the underserved. [Read more. ]

December 5, 2013

by Laura Impellizzeri, California Lawyer, December 2013 Ana de Alba, who grew up working on farms west of Fresno alongside her parents, starkly recalls the time her mother was stiffed out of pay for a whole summer’s work. “She was crying in the bathroom, and she thought we didn’t know,” says attorney de Alba, a two-time UC Berkeley grad. “I remember her being so upset and me thinking, ‘How unfair.’ ” Her mother didn’t learn she’d been overheard until two years ago, when de Alba was practicing [Read more. ]

October 18, 2013

Last month, Charles Trudrung Taylor was honored as a recipient of a 2013 President’s Pro Bono Service Award from the State Bar of California for his unrelenting commitment to ensuring access to justice for the underserved. The award has been given to California attorneys for the past 30 years who go above and beyond to provide free legal services to the poor. In addition to heading the employment department at Lang, Richert Patch, Mr. Taylor has served as a supervising attorney at the [Read more. ]

The Annual California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) Individual Award of Achievement for Distinguished Service to the Profession and the Public was established in 1992 to recognize the substantial achievements of a young lawyer. In 1993, the CYLA Board of Directors renamed the award in memory of Jack Berman who was killed in the 101 California Street (San Francisco) shooting earlier that year. Mr. Berman was a young lawyer who demonstrated outstanding service to the profession and the public, [Read more. ]

The Central Calfornia Legal Services is honoring Mark L. Creede as a Champion of Justice. The Champions of Justice honors individuals who demonstrate a faithful dedication to ensuring all people have equal and meaningful access to justice. Mr. Creede was selected because under his leadership, Lang, Richert & Patch has become the most well known and respected firm in the Central Valley committed to providing pro bono legal assistance. It is an especially fitting award as Lang, Richert & Patch [Read more. ]

February 16, 2012

The Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) honored volunteer lawyers and organizations for their pro bono contributions to LSC-funded legal aid programs in California during the Board’s meeting in San Diego. Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner for the State of California, and Jon Streeter, President of the State Bar of California, were among the speakers at the event honoring the pro bono volunteers. Ana de Alba was honored at this event for her extraordinary commitment [Read more. ]

September 23, 2011

On July 13 more than 350 attorneys, judges, law students, business, and community leaders were on hand when California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye presented Ana de Alba with an award for her tireless work to promote pro-bono in the Central Valley. Ms. de Alba was one of two attorneys state-wide to be recognized at this event. Ms. de Alba’s acceptance comments brought tears to the eyes of many as she talked about her experiences as the daughter of immigrant farm workers in the Central [Read more. ]

November 13, 2010

In 1989, the California State Bar established the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services. The award was established to honor the memory of Honorable Wiley W. Manuel, a distinguished Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court from 1977 until his death in 1981. The award is presented to attorneys who provide a minimum of 50 hours in pro bono services in one year. Ana de Alba was bestowed this honor at the Central California Legal Services’ 2010 Champions of Justice Fall Reception [Read more. ]

November 1, 2010

Managing Partner and Construction Attorney, Mark L. Creede, Employment Law Specialist, Charles T. Taylor, and Commercial and Business Transactions Attorney, Victoria J. Salisch provided voluntary legal services to our local veterans at this year’s Central Valley Veterans Stand Down which took place September 22nd through 24th. The purpose of Operation Stand Down is to assist disadvantaged veterans who are having difficult times. The goal is to assist veterans who are homeless turn their lives [Read more. ]

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  • Jury Duty #jury #duty #ca


    Online Jury Portal

    Welcome to the Superior Court of Placer County’s New Online Jury Portal.

    I have already read this page, including the disclaimers, and I am ready to log-in to the Online Jury Portal.

    Using the Online Jury Portal – What You Need to Know

    If this is your first time visiting the new Online Jury Portal, please read the below in its entirety for important information about your jury service.

    What can I do in the Jury Online Portal?

    • Check the status of your service
    • Confirm when you need to come to the courthouse
    • Request deferrals to a future date
    • Request excusal from service
    • Print your attendance information for your employer or your records
    • The first time you log in each time after you have been summoned, you will also be asked a series of questions to confirm you are qualified to serve as a juror in Placer County. This should take no more than five (5) minutes to complete.

    I just received my jury summons, what do I do first?

    • Click on Online Jury Services Link
    • Log in using your
    • Juror ID
    • Zip code
    • Date of birth
    • The first time you log in, you will be required to provide an email address.
    • You will be presented with the Ability to Serve Questionnaire. At the conclusion of that questionnaire, you will be asked to “confirm your service.” Once you confirm, you will be directed to the Online Jury Portal main page. From this page, you can check your jury status or request a deferral or excusal and other services.

    Why do you need my email address?

    • The Office of the Jury Commissioner uses your email to respond to any requests you submit via the Online Jury Portal. For example, if you request a deferral (you want to postpone your service) through the Online Jury Portal, we will send an email response to your request. We also use your email leading up to and during your jury service to update you on when you need to come to the courthouse. If you want to receive text message reminders in addition to email, you can update your Profile and add your cell phone number. Providing your phone number via the Jury Online Portal is entirely optional. Please note that any message or data rates charged by your mobile service provider will apply.

    My jury service starts next week, what do I do?

    • Jury summons are for jury service for an entire week.
    • Check Reporting status after 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before your service week
    • You can do this via the Jury Online Portal (link is below) or via our automated phone system (916-408-6002). When using the Jury Online Portal, after you have answered a brief Ability to Serve Questionnaire, click on the “Profile/Status” button. Review the “Status” and the “Scheduled” fields to see the following:
    • Status: Confirmed – This means you have completed the ability to serve questionnaire and are eligible to serve. If you see this status, then check the “Reporting Date” field for further instructions.
    • Status: Confirmed – Report on – This means you have been scheduled for a reporting time and should refer to the “Reporting Date” line.
    • Status: Confirmed (Service Complete) – Your service for this summons is complete. You do not need to check back again until and unless you receive a new summons in the mail in the future. The “Reporting Date” line will also say your service is complete.
    • Status: Selected – Check the Reporting Date field for further instructions.
    • Reporting Date: Date and Time – If a date and time are listed, you must report on the indicated date and time at the location listed in the “Location” field.
    • Reporting Date: Check Back – See Summons – You currently do not need to report to the courthouse but must check back each business day after 4:30 p.m. during your summons week
    • Reporting Date. Service Complete – Your jury service is complete for the week

    It says I have to report in the morning, do I need to do anything else?

    • Please familiarize yourself with parking by clicking here .
    • Bring your jury summons with you when you report.

    It says I have to report in the afternoon, do I need to do anything else?

    • Yes. Sometimes our needs change and we do not need the afternoon jurors. If you have a scheduled time in the afternoon, please check your status again two (2) hours prior to your scheduled time. If it still indicates an afternoon schedule, report as instructed. If it indicates you are Confirmed (Service Complete) then your service is complete. Thank you! If you are not needed for the afternoon, you will receive an email and/or a text message indicating your service is complete.

    I am seated as a juror; do I still need to use the Online Jury Portal?

    • The Court will provide you with instructions once you are seated as a juror.
    • Please keep your contact information current in the Online Jury Portal, however, in the event something changes and we need to notify you of a change in the trial schedule
    • You can also use the system to print your attendance for your employer or your records.

    The Jury Online Portal isn’t working for me!

    • You are welcome to try our automated phone system at 916-408-6002 or call the Office of the Jury Commissioner to speak with one of our staff at 916-408-6003.

    The Online Jury Portal says I can add my telephone number. Why would I do that?

    • The Office of the Jury Commissioner has the ability to send text message updates to your phone.
    • If you have provided us with your cell phone number, we will send a text message in addition to an email to notify you of your reporting instructions or any other important updates.
    • Providing your phone number via the Jury Online Portal is entirely optional. Please note that any message or data rates charged by your mobile service provider will apply.

    I’ve heard about a jury duty scam, what do I need to know?

    • The Office of the Jury Commissioner will never ask you for your financial information over the phone or via email. If you need to report such an incident, you can obtain more information by clicking here .

    I am ready to go to the Jury Online Portal.

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