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Low Book sales is the place to buy a used car – why. Aside from having over a thousand vehicles in our Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Lindon used car network, we back our used cars with a 45-day worry free guarantee. We’ll even give you 7 days after you purchase one of our ‘like-new’ cars, trucks & SUVs to return to us. That’s right – if your not 100% satisfied, bring it back!

What are you waiting for? Finding your next dream car is easy: You can shop our entire collection of used cars by Chevy, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Honda. and many other brands online right now. Find the perfect used car you’ve been looking for in Nevada or Utah. Low Book Sales will make your friends think you dropped a bundle on a brand new vehicle, while you enjoy the cash you saved and cruise the streets in style. If you’re looking to sell your current vehicle, we even buy cars! We’ll beat any other dealer’s written price by $250. If we can’t, we’ll give you the cash (see our Sell My Car page for details).

More Reasons to Visit our Salt Lake City, Lindon & Las Vegas Used Car Dealerships Today.

Low Book Sales has the best used car loan rates in town. We guarantee it, and give you 5 days to shop around for a better offer after your purchase. Salt Lake City, Las Vegas. and Lindon customers are raving about our finance plans so much because we’ll finance any car, even if it’s not ours.  Sit down with a finance professional today, we’ll explain everything in everyday lingo so that there is no confusion as to what you’re signing on for and you realize just how good a deal we got you.

We also provide top-notch auto service & repair for our Salt Lake City, Lindon, Las Vegas and all Utah and Nevada customers. Click here to schedule a service appointment or swing into one of our many professional service locations in: 3371 South State Street Salt Lake City, Utah, or 590 North State Street, Lindon, Utah or 3250 East Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada during our regular service business hours.

We are excited you are visiting our used car website! At Low Book Sales we will do whatever we can to help you purchase the pre-owned car of your dreams. We ask you to visit us at 3371 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah or 590 North State Street, Lindon, Utah or 3250 East Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada and also learn more about us here. We are proud to serve customers from all over Salt Lake City, Lindon, as well as Las Vegas, NV with our auto services.

Kelley Blue Book – Appraisal

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Kelley Blue Book & Appraisal


New and used car buyers and sellers alike want to get the fairest bang for their buck, and the Kelley Blue Book—perhaps one of the automotive industry’s most well-known vehicle appraisal tools—is available to help them do just that.

What Is the Kelley Blue Book?

The Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is rich with history ; is a highly reputable resource for automotive research and vehicle valuation.

Simply put, the KBB can provide both car buyers and sellers with information ranging from the “blue book value” of a used car to reviews of the latest models to hit the lots.

New Cars the Kelley Blue Book

The KBB can help new car buyers find valuable information such as the Fair Market Range (including the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP) of the vehicles in which they’re interested.

So, let’s say you’re shopping for a specific new car. There are a few different ways you can utilize the site. but let’s go with the following example.

  • Choose one of the options to price a new car .
  • Enter that vehicle’s specific make, model, and year .
  • Choose the vehicle’s “style.”
  • For example, if you’re shopping for a new Ford Fusion, you might choose an “SE Hybrid” or “Titanium.” Don’t worry; all the available options are there for you.
  • Either choose to get the price for the vehicle with standard options or choose from an array of additional options .
    • Generally, these additional options range from options related to the vehicle’s color, interior, powertrain, emissions, additional packages, and even fees and incentives.
  • Once you make these selections, the KBB will provide you with a Fair Market Range for that vehicle in your area which can include the:

    • MSRP. A basic starting point for negotiations and higher than the other price points. Generally, buyers don’t pay the full MSRP.
    • Factory Invoice. This is the price the dealership paid the auto manufacturer, including the destination charge.
    • Fair Purchase Price. The KBB updates this information frequently, and it’s based on what others have recently paid for the vehicle as well as availability, demand, and other buying trends.

    Knowing this Fair Market Range gives you some serious price negotiation leverage.

    NOTE . The KBB is careful to point out that some of the prices it shows are dealer-suggested retail prices and because dealers can set their own labor rates and other prices, costs can vary by dealer and region. Also, the KBB doesn’t include prices associated with title, registration, and license fees; any applicable taxes; or document fees.

    Used Cars the KBB

    The KBB is a helpful resource for both used car buyers and sellers, mostly because it helps determine used car value (thus making it easier for sellers to price their used cars and buyers to know when they’re getting a fair price).


    As you’re appraising your used car, be prepared to provide the KBB with the vehicle’s:

    • For example, is it a sedan? A wagon? The KBB will provide you with options.
  • Style .
    • Again, the KBB will provide options based on your answers thus far.
  • Options and/or standard equipment .
    • These might include categories such as:
      • Engine, transmission, drivetrain, braking and traction, and steering type.
      • Safety and security (such as air bags).
      • Comfort and convenience (such as air conditioning and power windows).
      • Entertainment options or packages.
      • Seating details.
      • Roof and glass information.
      • Wheels and tire details.
      • Exterior information (including the color and any extras such as spoilers).
  • Once you’ve entered all this information, the KBB will ask you what sort of condition the vehicle is in (for example: excellent, good, etc. all based on specific criteria) and then provide you with an official Kelley Blue Book value.


    Whether you’re shopping with a private seller or a dealership, you can search for the Kelley Blue Book value of a used car; however, you’ll need some specific information (see “Sellers ” above) about the vehicle in order to get the most accurate Blue Book value.

    Once you’ve entered all this information, you can find out the value of the vehicle if you plan to trade it in with a dealership or purchase it from a private party. This value will help you determine whether you’re getting a fair deal, and possibly even give you a starting point for price negotiation.

    Additional Resources

    While the KBB is a great resource for estimating the value of a car, it shouldn’t be your only resource when buying or selling your car.

    We have composed helpful guides on:

    Free Classic Car Blue Book

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    Do Kelley Blue Book Or Edmunds Publish Classic Car Values

    Kelley Blue Book

    Kelly Blue Book does provide blue book values for classic cars under the title “Early Model Guide”, but these prices are not published online at [www.kbb.com]. You may be able to find a copy of the latest classic car blue book published at your local bookstore or library.

    The Kelley Blue Book Early Model Guide provides suggested retail values of cars manufactured between 1946 to 1988 based on fair, good and excellent condition. This book is published twice a year in January and July and costs $60.00 per year for a subscription.

    Edmunds only publishes used car pricing online dating back to 1990, and provides appraisels for cars from 1980 to 1989. Edmunds does not publish values for old or classic cars beyond these years.

    Does Anyone Provide Used Blue Book Values Of Collector Cars

    Provides pricing of classic cars from 1946 to 1979. Select manufacturer, then year and model. You will then be provided a webpage with pricing based on scale of 1 to 5. See [Conditions Guide ] for assistance with scale of blue book values. Used prices are available for collector cars manufactured from 1946 to 2010.

    Select collectible car manufacturer then year and model to view prices. Blue book values are available for collector cars manufactured from 1946 to 2010.

    2015-16 New Car Buyer s Guide – Kelley Blue Book

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    Auto News

    2015-16 New Car Buyer s Guide

    Posted: 11/18/2015 11:28:28 AM

    Our New Car and SUV Buyer’s Guides make it easy to become an instant expert on a variety of segments, from small cars to luxury cars and all the SUVs, minivans and trucks in between. Find out what’s new, what’s next and see all your options together in one place.

    The 10 popular segments below account for more than 70% of all new cars sold in a year, so there’s a good chance your next car is just a click away. Our Buyer’s Guides are updated weekly and make it easy to become an instant expert on all your choices, including a valuable look at what’s new and what’s next. They’re listed here in order of average transaction price.

    They’re as quiet and comfortable as yesterday’s midsize cars, while packing even more cool features.

    Average price: $20,000

    The biggest vehicle segment in the country and arguably the most car for the money.

    Average price: $25,000

    Versatile and high-riding but not too big or thirsty, the small SUV segment is growing fast.

    Average price: $26,000

    These purpose-built people movers are addictive to the whole family.

    Average price: $32,000

    Three rows of seats, available all-wheel drive and a place in history as the quintessential family car of our generation.

    Average price: $33,000

    Fun to drive, well-appointed and a satisfying sense of exclusivity.

    Average price: $39,000

    An increasing focus on fuel-efficiency and creature comforts is broadening the appeal of pickup trucks.

    Average price: $41,000

    Another growing segment, offering an appealing combination of luxury and practicality.

    Average price: $42,000

    Most offer three rows, all offer varying levels of opulence inside.

    Average price: $51,000

    Significantly more attainable than their flagship luxury sedan big brothers, and luxurious enough for anyone.

    First Pics: New 2016 Models

    Compact Car Buyer s Guide – Kelley Blue Book

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    Auto News

    Compact Car Buyer s Guide

    Posted: 7/31/2015 4:48:07 PM

    Today’s compact cars might not be quite as roomy, quiet or comfortable as their midsize counterparts, but the fit, finish and features are increasingly comparable. And even if they’ll always be smaller by definition, compact cars continue to get roomier, quieter and more comfortable, making them increasingly intriguing alternatives to many larger and pricier options. It’s hard to make a smarter car purchase than to go with an efficient, affordable small car.

    Explore all 12 of your options right here — listed in order of sales through the first half of 2015 — and keep reading below to see what’s new, what’s next, and to find out who’s winning all the awards.

    Toyota’s famously affordable, reliable compact sedan now has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

    Starts at $17,785

    Honda’s venerable compact car has been completely redesigned for 2016, and now it almost outclasses the class.

    Starts at $19,475

    Explore Civic

    The sculpted Elantra adds a heavy dose of style to the familiar value equation.

    Starts at $18,075

    It isn’t the roomiest compact car you can buy, but it’s definitely one of the quietest and most comfortable.

    Starts at $16,995

    There are roomier and more affordable compact cars, but few are as sporty or as stylish as the European-rooted Focus.

    Starts at $17,995

    The Sentra’s roomy, refined interior and smooth styling qualify it as one of the segment’s grown-ups.

    Starts at $17,305

    The segment’s only European entry manages to be both more fun and more refined than most other compact cars.

    Starts at $17,035

    The fun and stylish Mazda3 has earned a spot on our list of 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 for 12 years in a row.

    Starts at $17,765

    Sporty looks, a rich interior and one of our favorite infotainment systems.

    Starts at $17,690

    Standard all-wheel drive remains the Impreza’s key competitive advantage.

    Starts at $18,990

    It looks sportIer than it drives, but the Forte boasts European-like interior styling and offers loads of cool tech.

    Starts at $16,715

    The oldest entry in the group, we still love that grille and the impressive warranty.

    Starts at $18,210

    What’s New

    The 2016 model year is bringing us totally new versions of the Chevy Cruze and Hyundai Elantra, plus a new Honda Civic that already claimed our biggest award of the year, the Kelley Blue Book Overall Best Buy Award of 2016. The Nissan Sentra won’t be all-new for 2016, but receives a number of enhancements.

    10 Best

    The compact car segment is well-represented on our most recent lists of 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000, 10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000 and 10 Best Sedans Under $25,000.

    Compact Comparison

    For this year’s compact car comparison test we put 400 miles on each of seven small cars to confirm past conclusions and solidify some new ones.

    The Specialists

    The Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer are the only cars in this group to offer all-wheel drive, the Jetta is the only one offered with a hybrid powertrain, and only the Focus is offered as a (much pricier) all-electric car.

    Actual Price

    Most compact cars start under $18,000, but most buyers upgrade to an automatic transmission and other popular equipment, making the average price paid for a compact car right about $20,000. The average price paid for a midsize sedan, for reference, is closer to $25,000.

    This Year’s Winners

    The redesigned 2016 Honda Civic isn’t just our Small Car Best Buy of 2016, its impressive redesigned earned it this year’s Overall Best Buy Award. The Toyota Corolla is the category’s most recent 5-Year Cost to Own Award winner, and the Subaru Impreza took home our most recent Best Resale Value Award in the compact car category.

    More New Cars at KBB.com

    10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000

    First Pics: New 2016 Models

    New Car Buyer’s Guides

    10 Best CPO Luxury Cars Under $30,000

    Car Hire Canada: Book Car Rental with Hertz- CA

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    Car Hire Canada

    Whether you’re visiting Canada for business or leisure, Hertz car hire Canada will help you make the most of your travels. You can easily pick a car from any of the Hertz locations across the country.

    Canada is a beautiful country with a diverse range of attractions. Right from the scenic beauty to architectural masterpieces, serene beaches, wonderful eateries, bustling nightlife, beautiful resorts and contemporary hotels, the country has something to suit everyone’s taste. Car hire Canada makes it convenient for you to discover all these locations and explore the local customs and traditions.

    The cities in Canada reflect diverse cultures and traditions. The surprising fact is that it is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Home to people from all corners of the world, it presents a unique blend of different religions in the world. Explore diverse attractions Take advantage of car hire Canada to grab every bit of fun and adventure.

    There are numerous car hire locations in various cities across Canada. Right from economy to luxury cars, you can hire a car of your choice. Hertz also offers you with an online car hire facility, Simply take advantage of it and book car hire Canada online prior to your visit to the country.



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    Kelley Blue Book Value Information

    KBB.com – This is the book most people go for when they want to learn a vehicle’s market value, both financed and cash.


    It’s the vehicle’s present value, which is the cost minus the accrued devaluation (devaluation meaning the drop in a vehicle’s useful life because of its use. Companies will use the book value to come up with a price that recovers the cost of the vehicle.

    Many people who shop on the Internet for their vehicles feel they are better deals to be had. For the most part, they are right. It’s much easier to apply and get an auto loan through the Internet. However, reality in this thinking is that Internet vehicle shoppers can get lots of information about the vehicle blue book values and hard to find invoice prices from years before. Oftentimes, these shoppers can get a better deal because of the knowledge they possess especially when they’re trying to get an auto loan.

    It doesn’t have to be a stressful time – buying a vehicle. All you need to do is some your research and go to the dealership prepared to make the whole experience much better for you. When you do this, you save yourself a lot of time and grief. Plus, most dealers who have been in business for many years will know when someone is telling them the truth about knowing a vehicle’s book value. +

    You might be wondering which book you need to look at when determining what a vehicle’s actual value is. Well, the best idea is to use both. The KBB book will list vehicle’s makes and models a little higher than what you see in the NADA book. So, using both means you can get a less biased and better feeling for the present market trends.

    It’s important to note that the book value is only a tool to determine what your present vehicle’s value is. It’s not set completely in stone. Your car is only worth what somebody wants to pay for it right now or how much you want to finance the vehicle for. Both books are just guidelines to help you accurately figure out the price of your vehicle; it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is.

    Blue Book Vs. Black Book Auto Value

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    Blue Book Vs. Black Book Auto Value


    Shares & Saves

    The Kelley Blue Book and Black Book are both price guides for used vehicles, but they’re used in radically different ways. Consumers are apt to run across Black Book values only when they sell their cars to vehicle resellers. Blue Book is directed squarely at consumers.

    For decades, the two guides were sold by subscription to automotive industry professionals, but the companies took different paths in the mid-1990s. Black Book continued to sell by subscription to “industry qualified users,” as the company puts it. Blue Book, however, became a consumer reference in the 1990s and makes its money from web advertising.

    While Blue Book and Black Book don’t compete directly, Blue Book does compete with Edmunds.com. Edmunds originally published information booklets for car buyers and started its website the same year Blue Book did, in 1995. Both include valuations for new cars as well.

    Other People Are Reading

    Insider’s Guide

    Black Book, which is part of the Hearst Business Media Corporation, gets its data from used-car auctions across the country — auctions where bulk-volume vehicle buyers get their stock. It captures and sorts out the selling prices to get usable data on specific vehicles’ values.

    Some Black Book users invest in portfolios of vehicles to spruce up and ship to a different region of the country or the world. Other subscribers include insurers tracking vehicle replacement values and car-lease companies that calculate their rates based on the value of the vehicle when it is returned to them.

    Then there are Black Book subscribers who buy cars like yours and resell them at auction and elsewhere. You won’t get the Black Book data directly when you sell your car, but it’s reflected in the valuations you get from car-purchasing businesses. These companies advertise that their quotes are based on Black Book values.

    If you assume that preliminary quotes from such firms are high but binding quotes are low, those valuations can serve as guidance for pricing your own private transactions. That’s about the only use consumers can make of Black Book.

    Local Deals

    Kelley Blue Book says its valuations are based on “actual transactions,” and its print version covers values nationwide. Nevertheless, Blue Book valuations are emphatically local. You cannot get a price for selling your car or buying one without specifying your zip code.

    Blue Book wants your zip because local car dealers want your dollars, and Blue Book wants theirs. Every valuation comes with listings of cars available from dealers in your area.

    Blue Book values are updated weekly, the company says. Its valuations reportedly run higher than valuations on Edmunds.com, but you’ll want to check both whether you’re buying or selling.

    Selling Price

    If you’re buying a used car, you’ll start with the Blue Book search button labeled “Price New/Used Cars.” Although buyers can use a browse feature for car-model shopping, valuations hinge on precise information that you enter about make, model, trim, options, mileage, and even interior and exterior color.

    Fill in the search details and the site gives you the fair market value for that specific car. The value is a range, and the specific dollar value for your car is pinpointed on that range based on vehicle condition. The results page also tells you the number of dealers’ vehicles for sale that meet your precise search criteria, and even points out vehicles priced above or below market value.

    Asking Price

    If you’re selling a car, click on “Check My Car’s Value.” You’ll go through a series of valuation indicators, just as you do for valuing a car you want to buy. You can get trade-in values and private-sale values. Private sellers can list cars for sale just as dealers can.

    Black book car values

    #black book car values

    Black Book. About

    Additional Information

    Since 1955 Black Book has been delivering quality products and services to multiple automotive industry segments.

    Car People Sharing What We Know

    The auto industry is evolving. How vehicles are bought, sold and financed is also changing. One constant: the industry and its various markets continue to trust Black Book insight and its innovative delivery systems to make the right business decisions faster.

    Since 1955, we ve been sharing what we know with other car people. It all began with three Georgia businessmen pooling their notes on local auto auctions. These sessions became a weekly publication made available to other dealers.

    Today, Black Book is a division of the Hearst Business Media Corporation. Our line-up of innovative products and services includes new and used vehicle value services, custom data licensing solutions, as well as lender origination and risk analysis.

    In recent history, the rapid pace of industry change can be evidenced at the dealership level, where information access has forever transformed the way car-shoppers approach the buying process. As online and mobile technologies have reshaped the overall dealership business model, Black Book has remained a step ahead offering pioneering tools that enhance the customer experience while simultaneously generating the highest quality lead generation solutions for dealerships nationwide.

    A Formula for Success

    The formula for our shared success is simple, but never duplicated:

    Get under the industry s hood to understand the forces that shape it. Attend more auctions than anyone else in the industry. Use the latest technology to gather additional data from online auctions, electronic feeds, and an ever increasing number of relevant sources. Have the industry s best editors analyze and add value to the data through insight driven by experience. And quickly get that data into the hands of the people who use it in the format they need it.

    Data Driving Innovation Drives Results

    Lenders use Black Book data to identify risk within their existing portfolios and act on opportunity. Industry insiders and third-party vendors license our data to evaluate trends. OEMs rely on our data and insight to fully engage more customers. Their dealerships subscribe to our data services to evaluate pricing and book vehicles. And retail locations leverage Black Book s technology solutions to turn their websites, mobile sites and Facebook pages into the industry s best lead-generating solution.

    Black Book continues to evolve with meaningful innovation. Our custom applications and cutting-edge mobile applications provide insight that saves time, builds portfolios and facilitates sales.

    Your language is our language. Your success is our success. We re car people serving car people. We re Black Book.

    Thanks for your visit. Please learn more about Black Book by visiting our News section. And please click here to Contact us should you need more information or want to speak with a member of our team.

    Black Book is a registered trademark of Hearst Business Media Corporation.

    Black Book

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    New and Used Car Values from Black Book