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Everything Face and Body Art

July 2017 Specials of the Month

FAB, an acronym for face and body make up is the ultimate in quality face and body paint. The FAB line is brought to you by Silly Farm. FAB is vivid, bold, versatile paint that is not only superior for face painting, but impressive for body painting as well. The FAB line features smooth, creamy, easily blendable colors that include glitter paint, shimmer pigments and rich classic colors.

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Product ID. FBP_FAB-163

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-223

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-065

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-161

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-140

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-105

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-018

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-101

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-001

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-062

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-035

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-128

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-240

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-136

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-040

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-033

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-061

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

Product ID. FBP_FAB-058

Available in 16gm and 45gm sizes.

About Silly Farm Supplies

We carry the LARGEST selection of face and body art supplies. Our range of products covers everyone from beginner painters to seasoned professionals. Each of our products are hand picked and tested by the Silly Farm staff to ensure quality and reliable use. If you have any questions relating to brands, which palettes to start with, or what is the best shade of red, we encourage you to ask us! Live Chat with Us! Call 954.472.5000 Mon-Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm ET

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The Truth About – Before and After – Weight Loss Photos #women #weight #loss,relationships,dating,body #image,before #and #after #photo,weight #loss,weight #loss #before #and #after #body #image,women #before #after #photo


The Truth About ‘Before and After’ Weight Loss Photos

I am the girl on the billboard, the amazing transformation you see on the cover of People magazine, the “before and after” ad for the new diet pill with an asterisk next to my name, the small print reading: *Results not typical. It’s pictures like mine that had a high school version of me spending all of her allowance on Metabolife because if the girl in the magazine could do it, then surely I could, too. And I knew back then that everything in my life would be better, easier, perfect even. if I could just not be fat anymore.

I knew this because that’s what I was told, not by my doctor (because he was old and who needed to listen to him?) but by the most important voices my teenage ears heard. I knew it because Courtney Cox went from being a lonely, dateless loser who breaks porch swings and didn’t have a prom date to a svelte and sexy crop top-wearing serial man-eater on Friends. I knew it because even though she was one of my favorite actresses, Sarah Rue didn’t get the cover of any magazines until she dropped five dress sizes. I knew it because books like Jemima J by Jane Green told me in their shiny chick-lit packaging that even if he notices how smart you are, even if he laughs at your jokes, even if he tells you that you have “such a pretty face,” he won’t admit he wants you until you lose your fat ass. Whether you are seeing it on the silver screen or network cable, on the cover of a magazine or in the pages of a novel, the weight loss Cinderella story you are told is always the same. Lose the fat — and Bibbity Bobbity Boo! — your life instantly becomes a fairy tale.

As someone who has been living as an “after” for the past three years, I can assure you that the fairy tale just isn’t true. Things didn’t suddenly become prime-time perfect when I lost 180 pounds. Yes, I am happier and healthier than I was before my journey started but if you think my life resembles anything like what you see on TV or in the movies you are sadly mistaken. So what does the life of an “after” entail? What’s the part you aren’t seeing in those glossy promotional photos from The Biggest Loser or on the billboards for lap-band surgery on the side of the highway? What does the reality of losing over 150 pounds actually look like? It looks like this:

You see, there is an art to living with a post-weight loss body. It starts every single morning, when I meticulously check myself for new wounds or rashes or sores, side effects of the twenty-some pounds of excess skin that hangs from my frame like a Sharpei. This skin is a road map of scars — incandescent and faded stretch marks from the fluctuations in my weight over the years, crossing the angry, red, raised scabs from my most recent round of infections. It’s skin that no matter how often I have to get medically treated, my health insurance won’t help pay to remove, calling the surgery “cosmetic in nature.” I separate the folds where my navel used to be, before the weight of my apron of excess flesh made it virtually collapse in on itself, and clean it with antibacterial wipes. I make sure I have enough to get me through the day because it is a process I will have to repeat at least once before I go to sleep. I use no fewer than five different ointments and talcums and lotions that are supposed to help keep my skin dry/aid in reducing my scarring/heal my current bedsores. Sometimes I get lucky and there are none. These times are few and far between.

After this initial scar-scanning and cleansing, I begin the process of folding and tucking and binding my body until it looks as tight and as lifted as possible. I put on the clothes I have painstakingly purchased, clothes that 300-pound Candice would have never dreamed of being able to wear. When I was big, this was the part of the fairy tale I fantasized about the most. For years, I had been relegated to the two or three stores that catered to plus-sized women, none of which I would call particularly fashion-forward, because the vast majority of retailers refused to carry my size. The thing is, while I now have virtually every store at my disposal, finding clothing to fit my body is actually harder in some ways. In an era of ultra-low rise, hip-hugging jeans, finding denim that fits my legs while still buttoning over the hang of empty, drooping skin on my stomach is an effort in futility. Shirts with shorter sleeves have to be purchased a size or two up to fit the sag of my bat-wing arms that won’t go away no matter how many bicep curls I do. That leaves the rest of the garment lying listless and sack-like on my now slender frame. Any hopes I had of finally being comfortable in the summertime were dashed the first time I looked for shorts in a size 2 that were long enough to cover the drapes of extra skin that pooled around my thighs. And trust me when I say that there is nothing more frustrating than attempting to find a one-piece bathing suit that is a) not some skirted monstrosity your grandmother would wear and b) not held together by tiny bits of string.

Even the undergarments that I rely on for both support and yes, vanity, stop at a size 4. Nobody with my body could possibly need Spanx, right? As a woman, your hemlines are higher, your fabric is thinner, and your pants are tighter when you dip below a certain size but none of these things work for someone who has pounds of skin to hide. While I would never in a million years pretend to have it as hard as I did when I was plus-sized, shopping did not turn out to be the joy I expected. Instead, it’s become a game of smoke and mirrors and magic tricks, one that I have become a master of over the last three years.

But the smoke and mirrors only go so far, and as a single woman in my early 30s, I’ve had to learn the most painful truth about the weight loss fairy tale: more than one Prince Charming has ridden off on his horse when the reality of my perfectly packaged body turned out not to be as perfect as he thought. Dating becomes less about connection and more about timing.

How many dates can you go on before you have to out yourself as having been fat? How long before they notice that your body doesn’t feel quite right even over your clothes? How long can you put off being seen naked?

You can never quite get comfortable with this secret over your head, this time bomb waiting to blow everything up. Where before you might have felt confident and sexy, you now fumble awkwardly because you are too hyper-focused on hiding your body to let yourself fully enjoy the moment. Yes, some men will tell you that it doesn’t matter. They will tell you that they like you for who you are, that you are beautiful regardless of what’s under your clothes. But that doesn’t stop you from noticing even the slightest hesitation in their touch or a flicker of doubt on their face. And when your relationship ends, like so many do, you are left wondering “what if?” What if you had a normal body? What if you had been the woman he expected based on all his preconceptions? Maybe he didn’t call you back because he didn’t like the way you talked about politics all the time, or perhaps the fact that you curse like a sailor was a turn off for him. Maybe the chemistry just wasn’t there. But in the back of your mind, you always know — or think you know — that it wasn’t any of those things.

Life as an “after” is not perfect. You won’t suddenly get the guy, the promotion, or the popularity you’ve always wanted just because you are thin. If you are looking for a fairytale ending, you won’t find it no matter how much weight you lose. And if you focus only on the aesthetics, your journey won’t ever really be complete. Why? Because you don’t suddenly develop self-esteem when you drop 10 pants sizes or fit into a small. It has taken me a few years, but I am learning how to accept this fact myself. I’m learning to not be ashamed of the physical manifestations of my hard work. Learning to trust that there is someone out there who will love me regardless of whether or not I can ever afford to pay for the reconstructive surgery I so desperately need.

I am not saying I get it right 100 percent of the time, or that I don’t sometimes look in the mirror at my naked body wondering why I am exhausting myself every day for results that I will never fully see. But then I walk up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath or tie my own shoes because I can reach my feet and I remember what my motivation was behind my weight loss to begin with. It wasn’t for a guy or a raise or to fit into some preconceived notion of beauty, but for my physical well-being. That’s the problem with our obsession with “before and afters.” They help sell you a fairytale where everything is perfect with the wave of a magic wand as long as your gown fits nicely. They’re all about what people see and not at all about what truly matters. They don’t tell you the truth: that regardless of what the Monica Gellar’s and Jemima J’s of the world try to tell you, your self-worth is not dependent on a number on the scale or a size tag sewn into the back of a cocktail dress.

You are the same person you were, just with slightly different packaging. And unless you learn to love the person that you see in the “before,” nobody will ever accept you as an “after.” Not even you.

Candice Russell is an activist and freelancer living in Dallas by way of Seattle. Read more of her writing on her blog www.dear-internet.com

Onasis First Body To Body Massage in Bali #how #to #do #a #full #body #massage


OMG. Finally Bali has this body to body / body slide massage! The legend is called ONASIS. It’s located in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. near the airport. I’ve updated the Bali X Map also..

I’ve heard about Onasis about 1-2 month ago. When arrived there for the first time. I got lost. I looked at the big onasis signage. nothing like a sexy massage. normal tourist spa. I went inside. they explained the services. stone. scrub. etc etc. normal stuff. then I asked “which one is the 600K service”. then they told me I was in the wrong entrance. ayaa. same name. same location. but different entrance. So. when you see the big onasis signage. you go around. you’ll see the entrace at the back. or. just go in. ask them about the 600K service like what I did.

There was only 3 girls that day. they just opened like 1 or 2 weeks. these all three are the trainer I guess. kinda old. big. sexpert kinda look haha. receptionist told new girls will arrive next week. so I leaved. they all. ahhh.

So last week was my second time. I went at night around 9 PM. more girls. about 8 girls available. well. OK look. the trainer still there. there was this one charming girl. I chose her. no 7. balinese. Kuta Bugar alumni.

The place is really really good. none similar type of massage can compete with this. a real double bed size. outdoor bathup and shower. it’s clean. just excelent. it’s more like hotel room I suppose..

So what you got for 600K. 4 things I was told. First, normal massage. Second, body slide or body to body or boob massage. Third, petik mangga (picking manggo from the tree). the hand moves like picking manggo from the tree. the manggo is the dicky. laying down. the butt position a little up. the hand moves between the legs to pick the manggo. got it. Forth, blow job by cold and hot water. Please complain if you don’t have these four services. (the girl told me)

The service begun with soaking in a hot water round bathup with the girl. she cleaned me inside the water. specially in the ass and dicky area. feel so good. after we showered. and started the normal massage with laying down. the girl was naked. they used honey + water. after a short while. started with body slide. then begun the petik mangga. turned over. continued with body slide + little kiss here and there. next. blowed job with cold water. just a short time. continued with hot water. I liked the hot water better.

Then she asked if I wanna fak. she asked for additional 200K. sound good isn’t it. took it and it was so so good. it was her first in that day. so she said. but it looked like it.

The only thing I didn’t really like was the honey and water. it got sticky after the water gone. why they use honey anyway. we don’t really care about our skin, do we? or. it might because of the blow job and licking after the massage. they don’t want to lick the oil.

come back? definitely!

Body Arum, ReFreeze and others. you guys have serious competitor! keep innovativing. love this competiton. we just gonna get better and better sexy massage here in Bali.

Car Body Kits #car #search



We offer free shipping on all parts in the 48 United States! We also ship every order fully insured for FREE!


From picking out a part on our website, to finding a qualified body shop in your area – our In-House Experts are here to help you with your project.

We offer a huge selection of front bumpers, rear bumpers, wings, hoods, side skirts and many other parts manufactured from the latest in FRP Composites, Duraflex, Carbon Fiber or Polyurethane. We offer an overall price-match guarantee so that you can ensure you are getting the best price guaranteed!


FRP Composite, Duraflex, Polyurethane, Carbon Fiber, or Vfiber – Which car body kits material is right for me?

An example might be where the body kit is being used for a car involved in auto racing or where it is essential as part of a performance upgrade project. In these cases, the car owner would be prudent to go with the option with the lightest density material available that has the highest rigidity. This will provide the best aerodynamic performance at high speed — Carbon fiber car body parts are an ideal choice for such applications.

Although more difficult to paint and comparatively denser, poly-urethane body kits and ground effects are extremely durable. When outright performance is not an issue, urethane can be a great choice when considering installation costs (easier fitment) and the long term ownership costs. Poly-urethane car body kits are a common choice for those whose vehicles are driven often. Also, most urethane body kits we sell qualify for our lifetime limited warranty

Choosing one particular body kit material over another?

Those looking to simply update the aesthetic effect of their vehicle might prefer the product with the best finish; the FRP composite or Duraflex (Dura Flex) materials might be the best choice, offering superior paint adherence in addition to very high rigidity.

This means that protective clear coatings will be effective whilst great paintwork underneath will not flake or chip. This is ideal for higher end performance vehicles where the vehicle has to look great as well as perform well.

MOSAIC Children s Therapy Seattle – Seattle, WA #therapy,mosaic,physical,therapist,therapists,massage,rehabilitation,treatment,treatments,materials,patient,patients,training,tissue,tissues,body,bodies,injury,injuries,eastside,kirkland,redmond,education,educational,pain,pains,sports,work,working,personal,health,muscle,muscles,technique,techniques,clinic,email,hand,hands,license,licensed,mosaic,mosaic #rehabilitation,mosaic #bellevue,mosaic #seattle,mosaic #mountlake #terrace,occupational #therapy,mosaic #children,occupational #therapist,occupational #therpy,speech #therapy,occupational #therapist,lynnwood,edmonds,everett,north #king #county,south #snohomish #county


Bettering the Lives of Those We Serve.

Monday – Friday
8am – 6pm

  • MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Seattle
    Birth-Young Adult

MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Seattle, specializes in providing evidence-based, cutting-edge physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, behavioral consultation and psychological services for children from birth through young adult. We have NDT certified therapists, Advanced iLS (Integrated Listening System) Clinicians, Masters and Doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Licensed Child Psychologists. Our clinics collaborate with each other to provide a full range of specialized programs including feeding therapy, handwriting and social skills.

Our goal is to help the individuals we serve reach their full potential. In order to meet these goals, our team of experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, behavioral consultants, and child psychologists perform specialized evaluations and develop treatment plans that meet each individual’s unique needs. Additionally, we collaborate with family members and caregivers to select goals, assess progress, and support positive change.

MOSAIC Children’s Therapy serves individuals in need of therapy due to congenital disability, developmental delay, trauma, disease, surgery or acquired neurological conditions.

Our Seattle clinic was opened in the fall of 2010, in the U. Village area above the Seattle Children’s Autism Center. In July 2015 we merged with West Coast Behavioral and now offer a wider range of behavioral and mental health services. October 2015 we relocated to the Northgate area in the Northgate Meridian Building. Our clinic, features a gross motor gym, fine motor and sensory room, kitchen and several private treatment areas. Our clinic floor plan allows our therapy team to easily work together to set goals and plan treatment sessions.

Conditions we serve include:

  • Apraxia
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD, Rett Syndrome)
  • Brain Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Cleft Palate and Related Disorders
  • Delayed Speech and Language Development
  • Developmental Delays
  • Down Syndrome
  • Dysphagia
  • Gait Disturbances
  • Hemiplegia
  • Motor Speech Disorders
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Non-Verbal Learning Disorder
  • Oral-Motor Deficits
  • Orthopedic Needs
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction
  • Social/Pragmatic Language Disorders
  • Static Encephalopathy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Tonal Deficits
  • Torticollis
  • Voice Disorders

“MOSAIC has been an amazing resource for the families I work with at Seattle Children’s Autism Center. The fact that MOSAIC offers a variety of services all under one roof is a huge advantage. With a family centered approach, you know the providers are communicating and coordinating their treatments, which makes a big difference when treating challenging neurodevelopmental conditions. Even more important, the quality of services provided by MOSAIC has always been stellar. I have a high confidence level when I know a family is working with providers from MOSAIC.”

Gary Stobbe, MD
Director, Adult Transition Program | Autism Center
Seattle Children’s

MOSAIC is growing. Job Opportunities

Energy Action Scotland #energy, #fuel, #scotland, #national #body, #poverty, #campaigns


It is often stated in policy circles that fuel poverty is a matter devolved to each of the UK nations, but it is important to note that energy policy is a matter reserved to the UK Government. Moreover, the major main energy efficiency programme delivered via the energy companies is set by the UK Government. In addition, many social security benefits and other initiatives – such as the Warm Home Discount – that provide essential financial support to people on low incomes are reserved to Westminster. EAS, the national fuel poverty charity in Scotland, therefore calls for the these actions at a UK level.

Warm and Healthy Homes Fund Video

EAS received funding to deliver the Warm and Healthy Homes Fund in Scotland, part of a 26.2 million Health and Innovation Programme, which brought affordable warmth to over 6,000 fuel poor and vulnerable households in Scotland, Wales and England.

EAS worked with THAW in Orkney, TIG in the Western Isles and Glasgow City Council. This is a video of the project in the Western Isles. More information can be seen on the Projects section of the website.

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Latest News


EDF Energy Price Rise – Energy Action Scotland Reaction


Response to the news today (13 March) that SSE is increasing its standard electricity prices but holding its gas prices for domestic customers


Energy Action Scotland Welcomes New Commitment to Eradicating Fuel Poverty

EAS on Twitter

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If you are already a member of EAS and you would like to view our Members’ Area then please click below to login.

If you are not already a member or you are interested in knowing more click the link below.

Lawyer says family of Aaron Hernandez wants to donate his brain to science #aaron #hernandez, #new #england #patriots, #death, #hanged, #prison #cell, #jail #cell, #autopsy, #body #released, #convicted, #murder, #odin #lloyd, #brain, #research, #concussion, #donate, #nfl, #new #england #patriots


Lawyer: Medical examiner has not released Aaron Hernandez’s brain

BOSTON — Aaron Hernandez’s family wants to donate his brain to science, but Massachusetts officials are refusing to release it despite turning over the rest of his body to a funeral home, the former NFL star’s lawyer said Thursday.

Hernandez was serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez’s death was ruled a suicide Thursday, according to the Worcester County district attorney and Massachusetts authorities. Hernandez was found hanging from a bedsheet in his cell shortly after 3 a.m. on Wednesday. He was 27.

Hernandez attorney Jose Baez said the family had arranged for Boston University researchers looking at brain trauma in athletes to take possession of Hernandez’s brain following the autopsy.

The medical examiner released Hernandez’s body Thursday, but Baez says the office has not yet given them back the brain, as promised.

“There’s no reason to withhold the brain,” he said in front of the state medical examiner’s office in Boston. “It is literally a destruction of evidence.”

A top state official responded that brain will be released by the medical examiner as soon as the investigation into his death is complete.

“No one is going to stand in the way of the family’s wishes,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Security Dan Bennett, whose office oversees the medical examiner.

Baez said the family retained Dr. Michael Baden, a former chief medical examiner for New York City, to perform an independent autopsy. Baden, who didn’t immediately comment, has performed autopsies in numerous high-profile cases, including the death of Michael Brown, who was black and was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. Brown was 18.

Baez declined to say whether he or the family believed brain damage from Hernandez’s playing days led the former New England Patriots player to kill himself.

It’s generally best for researchers to get access to a brain within hours of death to determine the presence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy or other neurodegenerative diseases, said Dr. Lee Goldstein, a CTE researcher at Boston University.

Authorities on Thursday clamped down on releasing more details about Hernandez’s death.

They have said Hernandez hanged himself in his cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley. Guards found Hernandez shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Hernandez apparently jammed the door to prevent officers from entering and wasn’t on suicide watch because he didn’t appear to be at risk, according to prison officials.

Authorities have yet to release the incident report, officers’ logs, video footage from the area around Hernandez’s cell or other details about prison protocol, despite repeated requests from The Associated Press.

Correction Department spokesman Christopher Fallon said the agency won’t comment until the investigation was completed. State police spokesman Dave Procopio also cited the “active” investigation in not releasing more information. The state medical examiner’s office declined to comment on the status of its autopsy or the release of Hernandez’s body.

The Faggas Funeral Home in Watertown, Massachusetts, confirmed to the AP that it received the body but that funeral services will likely be held elsewhere for the Connecticut native.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he wasn’t drawing any conclusions about Hernandez’s apparent suicide until the investigation was completed.

“Anytime someone kills themselves in prison, something clearly went wrong,” he said, adding that he had full confidence in prison officials and was unaware of any staff being reprimanded.

Baker also warned against jumping to any conclusions: “There are a million rumors flying out there. None of them have been substantiated.”

Summary of Women – s Health After Abortion #abortion #after #effects #body


The deVeber Institute
for Bioethics and Social Research

1. Suicide

· Within 12 months of the abortion or live delivery, Scandinavian women who aborted experienced a suicide rate of 34.9 per 1000, compared to a suicide rate of 5.9 per 1000 for women who delivered their babies. This is a suicide rate nearly six times greater. (Gissler et al. British Medical Journal, 1996) [WHAA. 193)

· A similar study in Wales discovered that women who aborted experienced a suicide rate 3.25 times greater (Morgan et al. BMJ. 1987) [WHAA. 196-7]

· A similar study in the U.S. found a suicide rate 2.6 times greater (Reardon et al. Archives of Women’s Mental Health. 2001) [WHAA. 197]

2. Mental Health

· A study sponsored by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario found that after three months, aborted women had a rate of 5.2 per thousand hospitalizations for psychiatric problems, compared to a rate of 1.1 per thousand for the control group. (Ostbye et al. American Journal of Medical Quality. 2001) [WHAA. 3]

· Recently (Nov. 2006), a rigorously neutral study from New Zealand has uncovered a strong correlation between induced abortion and subsequent mental health problems. By every measure, whether it is major depression, anxiety disorder, suicidal ideation, alcohol dependence, illicit drug dependence, or mean number of mental health problems, those who terminated their pregnancy by abortion suffered much higher rates of disorder than those who were never pregnant, and those who were pregnant but did not abort. After ‘covariate adjustment’, they found that those in the ‘not pregnant’ and ‘pregnant no abortion’ categories ran far lower risks of suffering various disorders.

Table: Percentage lower risks experienced by Not pregnant and Pregnant No Abortion, compared to Pregnant Abortion
Measure P ercentage lower risk than Pregnant Abortion subjects
Not pregnant Pregnant no abortion
Major depression 52 65
Anxiety disorder 48 56
Suicidal ideation 58 76
Illicit drug dependence 80 85
Number of mental
Health problems 34 42

(Source: Fergusson et al. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 2006; 47(1): 16-24, Table 3)

3. Prematurity

· Induced abortion was associated with an 86% increased risk of very preterm birth (under 33 weeks’ gestation) among women with previous first-trimester abortions, and a 267% increased risk among women with previous second-trimester abortions. (Ancel, Papiernik et al. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 1999) [WHAA. 46]

· Two large multi-centre case-control studies were conducted in Europe. Both studies revealed that previous induced abortion was associated with increased risk for very preterm delivery. (Moreau et. Al. International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2005. Ancel et. Al. Human Reproduction. 2004)

· The risk of prematurity following an induced abortion is the same as the risk of prematurity if the woman smokes a pack of cigarettes a day when pregnant. (Moreau et. Al. International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2005.)

· Prematurity in turn is associated with an enormous increase in the risk of cerebral palsy and other health problems.

4. Lower fertility after abortion

· Women who have abortions experience 6% lower fertility than women who do not have abortions. (Frank et al. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 1993) [WHAA. 64]

5. Abortion and STDs

· Women with a history of induced abortion were found to be 3.15 times more likely than women without a history of induced abortion to be seropositive for the organism causing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). (Jonsson et al. Sexually Transmitted Disease. 1995) [WHAA. 67]

· Chlamydia is a major cause of post-abortion PID (Giertz et al. Acta Obstetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 1987) [WHAA. 68]

6. Abortion and breast cancer

· Out of 37 studies up to the year 2003 of the link between induced abortion and subsequent breast cancer, 23 showed a 30% increased risk of breast cancer for women who experienced induced abortion. [WHAA. 26-8].

· Since 2003 five studies have been published showing no link between abortion and breast cancer. However, these studies are either underpowered or use a control group with the same risk characteristics as the women who have had induced abortions.

· The National Cancer Institute denies any link between induced abortion and breast cancer

· However, the National Cancer Institute has itself sponsored two major studies which discovered a 50% greater risk and 137% greater risk respectively of breast cancer among women who aborted their pregnancy. (Daling et al. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1994; Pike et al. British Journal of Cancer. 1981) [WHAA. 19]

7. Complication rates

· A study conducted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario shows that after induced abortion there is a 4 times increase in medical admissions and a 5 times increase in surgical admissions to the hospital. (Ostbye T, Wenghofer EF, Woodward CA. American Journal of Medical Quality 2001.)

Auto Body Parts #bad #credit #car #loan


Car Body Parts N’ Truck Body Parts Store


We want you to think of us, as YOUR entrusted, reliable sourcing resource and automotive parts industry expert. We are committed to consistently providing quality, high-grade, aftermarket (OEM replacement), exterior car body parts and lights, for most makes and models.

Our globally sourced, quality manufactured OEM product offerings and options, include part categories and part names, for your ease-of-use, convenience and reference.

Most Popular Auto Part types

Proficient Auto Body Parts Supplier

We are here to care for all of your auto body parts, aftermarket car parts and all related aftermarket auto body parts needs, specialty requirements or upgrades and automotive detailing. Routine care and maintenance, repair and/or replacement auto body parts are a sector almost onto itself, ever expanding and with lots to offer your every need.

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L – M Mobile Car Touch Up – 19 Photos – Body Shops – 2938 Crocker Ave – Redwood City, CA – Reviews #safest #cars

#touch up paint for cars

Recommended Reviews

L M is a brother/sister team.  That s cool.  I like that.

I had a five star experience with L M.

I had a few scratches on my new BMW that were really bugging me.

I didn t want to spend big bucks and do the whole auto body thing, repainting whole panels etc.  L M sounded like the perfect fix, and it was.

They came out to me, parked in my driveway, and I pointed out the scratches in question. They had the job done in less than two hours.  I literally couldn t see any evidence of the repair work anywhere on my car.  Seriously, like magic, the scratches were gone and I couldn t even find the problem area.  They did an excellent job.

They were on time, they were friendly, and they gave me a great price.  Couldn t be happier with their service and performance.

L M is a huge find for me.  I will use them to repair all minor scratches in the future.

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